October 98 Week 1


September 28
This is TV Guide's summary, my VCR didn't record the show :(. I'll do the rest of the weeks summaries.
Roman returns to Lucas' hospital room and almost overhears Kate explaining to Lucas why he must lie to the police. Roman asks what she is doing but Kate quickly covers. As they stare at an unconscious Will, Austin assures a worried Sami that he will take care of Will during her legal mess. He takes her hand and starts praying. As he does so, the little boy suddenly opens his eyes. Jay hides at the Titan photo lab when he hears Nicole and Eric. He spies on them to see how close they really are. Eric suggests to Nicole that they spend the night at her place. Realizing that Jay is there listening, she explains that she's too tired to do anything. Disappointed and somewhat confused, Eric offers to take her home. Later, Nicole is upset when Jay arrives at her apartment. On Stefano's plane back to Salem, Vivian is surprised by Hope's claims that Lili Faversham was on the train and that she intends to visit Salem soon. Vivian reacts by fainting and when she comes to, Stefano tells Vivian how much he cares for her. He again makes a plea for her to sign the Power of Attorney. Billie, Bo and Greta head back to Salem and stop at a diner. Greta's embarrassed when she sees customers staring at her because of the way she's noisily inhaling her food. After she runs out, Bo assures her that there is nothing wrong. When they arrive in Salem, Bo suggests they stay at a motel. He then leaves to visit Alice where he is thrilled to see Hope.


September 29
Hmmm, the show today was actually the one that TV Guide had shortly summarized as yesterday's. It must be due to the Clinton stuff, TV Guide must not have bumped their summaries back a day I guess.

Jay confronts Nicole in the photo lab and threatens her. Nicole threatens to call security, which causes Jay to back down. Jay leaves and Eric finds Nicole crying. Nicole says she thinks she has a cold and her eyes are just scratchy. Eric suggests they get some take-out and just go back to her place, however, Nicole says she is really tired and would like to take a rain-check on the dinner. Eric thinks Nicole is acting oddly and asks her if she's having second thoughts about their relationship. Nicole tells Eric that she just needs a good night's sleep. Eric accepts her answer and takes her home. Jay, who was hiding in the closet, heard every word and swears to teach Nicole a lesson. Eric takes Nicole home and then decides to go to the hospital to check on Will. Nicole tells herself that she has to get Jay out of her life for good when suddenly, Jay shows up. Jay barges his way in and tells Nicole that he thinks they should hang out together like old times and then forces a kiss on her.

In his room, Lucas tells Kate that it's wrong to let Sami go to jail for killing Franco. Kate says that Sami is guilty for so many other crimes and it is up to them to stop her because they'll never have another chance like this. Roman walks in and asks Kate what chance she's talking about. Kate says they were talking business, which Roman doesn't believe. Kate and Roman end up in a fight about Lucas' drunk driving accident and Roman finally tells Kate that he doesn't give a damn about Lucas' feelings or hers. Roman says Will could die because of Lucas and then walks out. Lucas begins to cry and asks his mom why she didn't tell him that Will may die.

Sami and Austin are still by Will's side. Sami begins to cry that Will may not make it, but Austin tells her that Will will make it. Austin decides to pray to God to bring Will out of his coma and heal him. Roman and Carrie show up and Roman says a prayer as well. Suddenly, Will comes out of his coma and calls to his mommy. Everyone rejoices. Carrie asks her dad if Lucas could give him any clues to help Sami, but Roman says no. Kate begins to worry when she hears Roman tell the family that he is going to investigate Franco because he believes Franco was hiding more secrets than they knew about.

Kate goes to see Lucas and tells him that Will has come out of his coma. Kate tells Lucas that he can have a future with Will now, but Lucas says he doesn't deserve to live. Kate tells Lucas not to think that way and that he can have a future with Will if he keeps quiet about how Franco really died. Lucas goes to see Will, but Austin stops him and tells him that he will never let him see Will again.

Alice tells Carrie that she's very proud of her for taking so many measures with the press to protect Sami. Carrie leaves to make some calls and Alice tells Mike that she can sense the tension in him from being around Carrie all the time. Mike tells Alice he can handle it and assures his grandma that he will find happiness one day. Alice leaves and Carrie returns. Carrie has some fund-raiser proposals for Mike to look over.

Greta rushes out of the restaurant because her make-up has warn off and people were staring at her. Bo and Billie rush after her and Billie tells her they just need to touch up her make-up. Greta and Billie go into the ladies room and they fix up her make-up. Greta tells Billie how much Bo talks about Hope and how much he must love her. Billie says he does love her, but Hope left Salem and she doesn't think she'll be returning anytime soon. Billie and Greta go back to the restaurant where Bo is busy scarfing down food. Greta starts slurping her soup from her bowl and Billie and Bo do the same to make her feel comfortable. A guy wants to dance with Greta, but she refuses and almost breaks his arm when he won't take no for an answer.

Billie and Bo check Greta into a hotel and Bo asks Billie not to tell anyone about her yet and he asks her if she can stay with Greta while he goes to visit Shawn D. Billie decides to take a shower and Greta runs out of the room. Billie hears her leave and follows her.

At the Venice airport, Hope learns she can't get a plane back to Salem for awhile. Stefano approaches her and tells her that he will fly her back in his plane. Hope accepts his offer and on the plane she talks with Vivian, who is still recovering from the train accident. Vivian asks Hope what was with the Princess Gina thing and Hope explains it all to her. Stefano walks in on their conversation and Hope makes no attempt to hide what they were talking about. Stefano tells Vivian that Hope is confused, but Hope doesn't believe so. Hope mentions Lily Faversham and Vivian's blood begins to boil. Hope tells Vivian that Lily is coming to Salem for a visit, which upsets Vivian even more. Stefano, however, is intrigued that Vivian knows Lily somehow. Vivian passes out, which concerns Hope, but Stefano says she will be okay and Vivian wakes back up. Stefano once again tells her how concerned he is for her and her finances, which is why she should give him power of attorney. Vivian finally agrees to sign and Stefano pulls out the legal documents. As she is about to sign, Vivian remembers Jonsey's warnings and tells Stefano that she can't sign. Hope gets Vivian some water, but she falls back asleep before Hope can give her the water. Hope tells Stefano that Vivian needs a doctor, but Stefano says he can care for Vivian. Hope and Stefano begin to argue about her being Gina. Hope mentions that she is remembering more and more and that she will reclaim her past back and bring him down. Stefano says he doesn't like being threatened and Hope replies if she did nothing wrong, why should he feel threatened? Stefano tells himself that if Hope continues on her quest to find the truth, she may end up being more use to him now then she was before. Hope begins thinking about Bo and how maybe they can solve the rest of her past together. Meanwhile, Vivian has a horrible dream that she has died and Celeste is preparing her funeral. The plane lands and Vivian wakes up. She tells Stefano that she is dying and has to go to the hospital.

Bo arrives at Alice's house to see Shawn D., but he's at a friends house. Alice asks Bo how he's doing and Bo tells her that he's learning to deal with the loss of the baby. Bo asks about Hope and Alice says John may know where exactly she is. Alice knows Bo still loves Hope, but Bo tells Alice that he doesn't think she feels the same about him and he knows things will never be the same between them. Alice says that they belong together and believes they will be together again one day. Suddenly, Hope runs through the door and into Bo's arms. Alice gives a subtle "Yes!" as the two embrace.


September 30
At the hospital, Austin refuses to let Lucas get near Will. Lucas says he has rights, but Austin says he gave up those rights when he planned to kidnap Will. Austin walks off and Lucas tells Sami she finally got him out of Will's life. Meanwhile, Carrie can't believe the way Austin is treating Lucas. Roman tells Carrie that Austin is just protecting Will and that she may be a parent sooner than she thinks. Carrie talks with Mike about her feelings about the way Austin is treating Lucas, and Mike agrees with Carrie. Carrie doesn't know what she is going to do and Mike tells her to just believe in the love she and Austin have.

Lucas goes back to his room and tells his mom that maybe Austin is right, maybe he doesn't deserve to be Will's father. Kate tells him not to think that way because he will build a relationship with Will once his legal troubles are over and when Sami goes to jail. Lucas doesn't think it's right to let Sami go to jail and possibly die, but Kate says that Sami deserves what she's going to get. Roman walks in and asks Lucas what he just said. Kate says that Lucas said it's not Sami's decision as to whether he should see Sami or not. Roman tells Lucas he better get a lawyer. Lucas says that all that matters right now is Will. Roman agrees and then asks Lucas to come forward with anything else he remembers about the night Franco was shot. Kate tells Roman that Lucas already told him what he knows and asks him to stop badgering her son. Roman leaves and Kate tells Lucas to keep his mouth shut from now on. Lucas says that Roman will never give up on finding the truth and he doesn't know how long he can keep lying. Kate tells him they will lie until Sami is out of the way and Austin realizes he can't keep Will from him. Kate asks Lucas if he wants a relationship with Will or not. Lucas says he does, so Kate tells him to keep his mouth shut about who killed Franco. Kate leaves to get Lucas some cloths for physical therapy and Lucas says he can't send Franco to death row.

Austin and Sami go back to Will's room and Sami begins to cry and Austin comforts her Carrie sees them embracing through the window of Will's room. Carrie tells Mike that Sami needs Austin more than she does, but she will stick by Austin's side. Sami comes out to ask Mike for some water for Will and she and Sami begin to argue about Lucas. Sami informs her sister that she's already taking steps to keep Lucas out of Will's life forever. Roman shows up and tells Sami that she should focus on remembering what happened the night Franco was killed instead of worrying about Lucas.

Carrie offers to get some take-out for herself and Mike, but Mike says maybe she should have it with her husband. Carrie tells Mike that she doesn't think anything will get Austin's attention away from Will. Lucas goes back to where Will is and hears Austin thank the doctor who saved "his son."

Roman meets up with an agent and learns that Franco was in danger of being deported.

Sami goes back to the Kiriakis Mansion to see if she can remember anything about Franco's murder. Kate shows up and tells Sami it must be true what they say, a killer always returns to the scene of the crime. Sami tells Kate that she will remember what happened and will prove herself innocent.

Billie chases after Greta and finds her hiding behind a dumpster. Billie asks what is wrong and Greta says she felt like the walls were closing in on her. Greta says Bo has been so good to her, but Billie quickly reminds her that Bo's life is Hope, it always has been and always will be. Billie and Greta go back to the hotel room and Greta doesn't understand why Billie doesn't tell Bo about the baby. Greta then figures it out and tells Billie that Bo has the right to know where his daughter is buried. Billie says she loves Bo with all her heart and she doesn't want to see him hurt, but Greta says that it would give him closure. Greta tells Billie that Bo said he will never love anyone like he loves Hope. Billie realizes that bringing Greta back to Salem was a bad idea. Billie tells Greta it's storytime and tells Greta about what happened between her and Bo in Rome, and about Bo's promise to her there and how they conceived a baby. However, the second they returned to Salem, Bo dumped her for Hope. Greta doesn't understand because Billie told her that she could trust Bo, but now she's saying otherwise. Billie says that Bo broke his promise to her and she'd hate to see Bo hurt her as well, because when Bo is with Hope, he forgets about everyone else. Billie goes off about her baby and why the compact is so important to her. Greta says it is important to her and Billie says she can have the compact as long as she doesn't tell Bo the truth. Greta doesn't know if she can lie to hope, so Billie tells her maybe she'll tell Bo that she stole the compact from Hope. Greta admits to stealing it because it looks like. . . ., then she stops and says she thought the G stood for Greta, so she took it. Billie says the compact is a lot like Bo, no matter how much they want or need him, Bo, like the compact, will always belong to Hope.

At the Horton house, Bo and Hope are finally reunited. Alice mysteriously disappears and Bo tells Hope that he still believes they belong together. Hope and Bo both notice the new changes in the other. Bo tells her she looks like a Princess. Hope wants to see Shawn D., but Bo tells her that he is staying as a buddy's. Hope asks Bo if he's come to peace with the baby and Bo says he has. He also tells Hope that he has news for her that will change their lives forever. Hope asks what news he has and he tells her that he found the Swamp Girl down in the bayou. Bo tells Hope that the girl was in an explosion that scarred her face, which is why she wore the mud. Bo says that for a time he thought she was her because of what she knew about the explosion. Before Bo can tell her about the explosion, Hope says that she knows she was never burned. Hope tells Bo all about her friendship with Lily Faversham and how they decided to go to an art festival. Hope goes on to tell him that she met a plastic surgeon on the train who told her she never had plastic surgery. Hope says that the one thing she doesn't understand is what happened to her in the cage. Bo says that he can answer that question. Bo tells Hope about Greta and her involvement with Ernesto and how she took her place in the cage. Hope realizes that she never remembers being in the cage with Ernesto, and Bo says that's because she wasn't. Hope asks Bo what he thinks happened to her afterwards and Bo says he thinks Stefano took her. Bo goes on to tell Hope how Stefano helped Greta, but on the condition that she never tell the truth. Bo then tells Hope that Greta is in Salem, which causes Hope to worry for her safety now that Stefano is back in town. Bo says he will protect Greta from Stefano. Hope begins to talk about how Stefano stole both her and Greta's future, but Bo swears to Hope that they will get their future back and will solve this mystery together. Hope goes back to Bo's princess comment and tells Bo that Gina was a princess, Princess Gina. Hope tells Bo about all her adventures as Princess Gina and the exciting life she lead. Bo says that wasn't the life she was meant to lead and then damns Stefano for making their life a living hell. Hope looks at Bo and says it's far from over, in fact, their hell maybe just beginning.


October 1
Note: large portions of today's show were interrupted due to a local murder trial

At Nicole's place, Jay slaps Nicole after she tells him nothing is going on between her and Eric. Nicole picks up the phone and threatens to call the police, but Jay says that Eric's daddy will learn the truth about her if she does. Nicole asks why he can't go back to LA and forget about her? Jay answers that she knows he can't do that. Jay apologizes for hitting her and says it was due to jealousy. Nicole tells Jay that it is over between them, but Jay says it will never be over and forces himself on her. Nicole breaks away and tells him to get out. Jay tells her that once Eric learns the truth he'll dump her. Nicole says if Eric learns the truth about her old life, her modeling job is over and so is the cash flow. So, Nicole tells Jay to go back to LA and leave her here to make the money. Jay refuses and says they still have some unfinished business to take care of. Jay says he won't tell Eric the truth, but only if she proves he's still her main man. Jay begins to kiss her and check to see if she still has the tattoo.

Eric is walking through the park after leaving Nicole's and he stops at a payphone to call his mom to see how Sami and Will are doing. Marlena, who is with John, tells him that Will has come out of his coma. After his call, Eric sees Taylor at a prayer group and he talks with her afterwards. Taylor says she lead a prayer for his sister and nephew and Eric tells her it must have worked because Will is ok. Taylor asks Eric what happened to his plans and Eric says they fell through. Eric then treats Taylor to some ice cream. They talk about relationships and Eric says that the most important thing in a girl is honesty. Taylor says she wishes everyone valued honesty as much as he does. Taylor tells Eric that he's really lucky to have it all, but Eric says he's missing someone to share his life with.

Stefano takes Vivian home and refuses to take her to the hospital because he thinks she is fine. He tells Vivian that he is very concerned for her affairs and points out Kristen as an example. Vivian refuses to sign over power of attorney without talking to a lawyer or a doctor, so Stefano uses his device.

John and Marlena are out on a dinner date. John is worried about Vivian and tells Marlena his concerns about Vivian and Stefano's odd relationship. John hopes if he can find out what Stefano is up to then he can stop him from destroying anymore lives. Marlena is afraid for John, but knows that he has to help Vivian and offers to help in any way she can. John tells Marlena that there may be a way and asks her to talk to Vivian and see if she needs psychiatric help. Stefano and a very happy Vivian show up and Stefano tells John that Hope returned with them on a plane after the train derailed. Vivian then gets the urge to dance when she hears some rumba music and drags Stefano onto the dance floor. John asks Marlena what she thinks and Marlena says she'll look into it. John and Marlena then decided to dance as well. John watches Vivian grab a waiter to dance with and realizes something is wrong. Stefano puts Vivian into a down mood and she races to the bathroom, and Marlena follows. John asks Stefano to tell him about his trip with Vivian and Gina. Stefano says that Hope's transformation into Gina was amazing. John starts questioning Stefano about being Rudolpho. He tells Stefano that he and Hope will find out the truth about their pasts very soon.

In the bathroom, Vivian has another vision of Jonsey in the mirror. Jonsey reminds Vivian about the advice he gave her and tells her to be strong and not to trust anyone. Vivian doesn't understand and Jonsey tells her that he is the only one she can put her faith into to protect her. Jonsey's image fades away and the camera pans over to Marlena, who is hiding around the corner and listening.

Billie and Greta are still arguing about Billie's lying to Bo about Georgia. Billie says that Bo's life is so full of guilt and conflict, which is why she doesn't want him to know the truth. Greta is suspicious and asks if there is another reason, perhaps Hope. Billie says that Hope is the reason she lost her baby and Bo and by telling Bo the truth, Bo will run back to Hope. Greta says that from what she's told her, nothing can stop that from happening. Billie says she's wrong there, she knows something that can stop Bo and Hope from getting back together. Greta asks what will keep them apart. Billie says that while Bo was in the bayou, Hope went to Europe to find the truth and isn't the same woman anymore. Greta is confused and doesn't understand why she won't accept that Bo wants to be with Hope. Billie asks Greta if she's willing to accept that as well? Billie tells Greta that she knows how she feels right now and if she doesn't want to end up with a broken heart, she'll keep her secret. Later, Greta looks at her scars and says nothing Bo can do will ever change who she really is.

Bo tells Hope all about Greta and then he asks her about her trip. Hope tells Bo that her trip was amazing and tells him all about her magnificent adventures. Bo mentions that this Princess Gina sounds like a real person and Hope says she is, but she's only scratched at the surface of her life. Hope says she wants to remember everything about Gina before it eludes her. Bo tells her that he won't let her forget her real identity because he doesn't want to lose her again. Hope assures Bo that she'll never let Stefano rob her of her identity ever again. Bo tells her that he is going to help her anyway he can, and Hope tells him he already did help her by finding Greta. The topic then switches to Kate's hiring Franco and Hope doesn't believe that Billie had nothing to do with it. Hope tells Bo it doesn't matter because they can't recapture what they lost and the baby is still standing between them reconciling. Bo tells Hope that he never blamed her, he blames himself for neglecting Billie. Hope says she was the one who upset her and caused her to go into premature labor. Bo says what is done is done, but he never stopped loving her. Bo also says that he refuses to believe it is to late for them and hugs Hope.


October 2
At the Kiriakis mansion, Sami packs her stuff and Kate tells her to enjoy her freedom while it lasts. Sami and Kate talk and Kate tells Sami that she never wanted to see her in this position, she was hoping she and Franco would be married and happy. Sami doesn't believe her and says she's wanted to see her suffer for a long time. Kate says that isn't true because she doesn't want to be the one to tell Will that his mommy is in jail because she killed Franco. Sami says she doesn't even know if she killed Franco. Kate tells Sami that she killed Franco and nobody will fall for another amnesia trick. Kate tells Sami she can tell her exactly how she killed Franco. Sami is interested in hearing Kate's story, but then she asks her how she knows so much about the crime? Kate says she just knows that Austin told her that Franco was being unfaithful to her. She went to find her gun, then she went to the living room and found Franco there. She pulled the gun on him and told him she knew what he had done and then fired the gun. Afterwards, she fainted when she realized what she did. (As Kate's story plays out, we see a fake re-enactment). Sami says she knows it didn't happen that way. However, Kate has succeeded in putting doubts in Sami's head. Kate gets pleasure out of telling her that the ironic thing about this is that she killed Franco with the gun he gave her to protect herself. They end up in a huge argument and tells her that everything is her fault, including Will ending up in the hospital. Kate says Will will recover physically, but he'll never recover from the shame of what he did. That hits home and Sami runs out of the mansion.

At the station, Abe tells Roman that he's been looking at the report on Franco for hours and it's not going to change. Roman says he just hopes he can find something to help Sami. Abe decides to leave for the day when Agent Raskin shows up to see Roman. Raskin tells Roman about Franco's fake greencard and how he kept himself from being deported by marrying Sami. Raskin says that he believes Sami may have loved Franco so much she may have been helping him. Roman asks where he learned this and Raskin tells him that he spoke to Kate about it all. Roman goes over to the Kiriakis Mansion to have a little talk with Kate about his talk with Agent Raskin.

Eric is walking around Salem and gets a bad feeling about Nicole. He decides to get some chicken soup and go over to Nicole's. At Nicole's place, Jay grabs a knife and tells Nicole if she doesn't do as he says, he'll mess up her pretty face, which will end her career. Nicole gets away from Jay, throws a lamp at him, and then grabs his knife and threatens to kill him. Jay manages to grab Nicole and get the knife away from her. Eric shows up and a man in the hall tells Eric that something is going on in Nicole's apartment. Eric knocks on the door and Jay forces Nicole to get rid of him. Jay pushes Nicole down on the couch and proceeds to rape her. Nicole screams and Eric breaks down the door and gets into a fight with Jay. Eric asks Nicole if she what is really going on with her and Jay. Nicole asks Eric to just hold her.

At the hospital, a nurse comes in to check on Lucas. Lucas says he's in pain and asks for something, but the nurse says she can't give him another shot for a half-hour. Maggie comes in to see Lucas and Lucas tells her he knows what she's going to say, he's substituting one drug for another. Maggie says that's not what she was going to say and that she'll talk to Mike about the pain medication. Lucas thanks her, but says he doesn't deserve anything good. Lucas thinks nobody understands the hell he's going through, but Maggie does and reminds him how she lost her daughter Janice because of her drinking. Maggie asks Lucas if he wants the pain medication for the pain, or to dull the ache in his heart. Lucas tells his aunt Maggie that he wants to forget everything. Maggie tells Lucas that he didn't die in that car crash because God gave him a second chance to do the right thing and he shouldn't let God down. Maggie tells Lucas the first thing he needs to do is apologize to everyone he's hurt. Lucas thanks her and as she leaves Maggie tells him "the truth will set you free," one of Alice's favorite Bible quotes. The nurse returns and Lucas learns from her that Will is alone right now. Lucas makes his way out of his bed and to Will's room. Lucas asks Will to forgive him and decides he has to tell the truth about Sami. Sami shows up at the hospital to see Will and finds Lucas in Will's room thanking God for saving Will and praying for forgivingness. Sami begins to cry and says she's going to prison, but Lucas says he won't let it happen.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Austin thanks Mike for taking care of Will. Austin says that hopefully Sami can get some rest now. Carrie asks where Sami is and Austin says she went to get clothes to stay with Marlena. Carrie sees Rose, the head nurse, and learns that she may be retiring. Ali overhears their conversation and gets an idea. Abe shows up to get Lexie and Ali tells them she wants to throw Mike a birthday party. Nancy hears this and tells Craig that this is a great chance to do some scheming. Nancy goes to find Carrie and tells her about the big surprise party for Mike at the hospital. Carrie says Mike would hate that and Nancy tells Carrie perhaps she should keep Ali for making a huge mistake. Carrie leaves and Nancy begins to put doubts in Austin's head about how well Carrie knows Mike. Carrie finds Ali, who is still with Abe and Lexie, and she tells Ali what Mike would like, an nice small dinner party at the Penthouse Grill. Mike shows up and Ali tells Mike that she'd like to invite him and her friends out to celebrate his birthday. Ali tells Mike it will be an elegant party and Mike eventually agrees. Mike says that he likes her idea because he hates surprise party. Ali tells Mike that she knew he'd love her idea.

Mike and company go to the Penthouse Grill for Mike's party. Austin makes a toast to both Mike and Craig for saving Will's life. As Mike and Ali dance, Carrie fantasizes about dancing with Mike. Austin brings Carrie back from her fantasy and tells her that he saw her watching Mike and Ali and knows what she's thinking. Carrie asks what he think and Austin says he's annoyed that Ali took credit for the party. Carrie says that's it. Meanwhile, Craig tells Nancy that he's going to find a way to get Ali to help them oust Mike.

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