October 97 Week 5


October 27
I hope this makes sense, I didn't have time to proof it
At Jen's house Travis answers Jen's phone when he hears T.C. leaving a message on her machine. Both men are confused and don't know what is going on, until Travis sees Jen's prison name tag on the floor! Travis tells T.C. what is going on! T.C. and Travis put the clues together and figures out what Jen and Jack are up to. At the prison Jack is trying to convince Jen to quit her job but she refuses. Jen gives Jack a kiss and runs off. Jen goes to the wardens office and attempts to break into the warden's computer. She eventually figure out that the password is lockdown. Meanwhile Travis gives T.C. some orders and T.C. says he understands the plan, and is going to have one hell of a time doing it. Jen returns to Jack's cell and tells him the password is lockdown lockdown. Jack doesn't understand, he thinks there is going to be a lockdown. Suddenly T.C. shows up and exposes Jen! T.C. tells them that they are in big trouble but Jen and Jack try to play it cool, until T.C. yanks Jen's wig off. T.C. tells them it's over, he has friends who are watching them and know everything they do. Jen threatens to expose T.C. to the warden for what he's done, but T.C. tells Jen that if she does he'll make Jack pay. T.C. then drags Jen off to her car. T.C. returns to Jack's cell and tells him that the warden was very unhappy and cut off his phone calls, visitors, and any contact with the outside world! Jack tells T.C. to leave Jennifer alone, but T.C. says Jen is in as much trouble as he is! Back at Jen's house Travis looks at a picture of Jen and tells her she will pay the price. Outside Jen approaches her front door and begins to unlock it. Jen goes inside and tells Trent about what happened. Jen says she needs to talk to Jack, there is something he needs to know (the password). Jen thanks Trent for fixing the alarm and he leaves. Outside Trent says that it's time for the next stage of the plan.

In the jungle Dr. Rolfe is still working on this cure. Suddenly an alarm goes off and Stefano realizes someone is breaking into the storage closets, and knows it's John and Hope. John and Hope are picking the lock to the storage closet, Hope knows what is in there will trigger memories of Maison Blanche and possibly destroy Stefano. Just as John is about to pop the lock, Stefano shows up and yells at them to get away from the door! Stefano tells them what is in there is none of their business but Hope says that what is in there is her business because it could unlock the secrets to her past. Stefano says she has a vivid imagination and John tells Stefano to just fess up as to what is in there. Stefano tells John he's right, he is hiding something in that closet. John and Stefano argue, Stefano says they have no time for this but John wants to help Hope. Suddenly a guard tells Stefano that the natives are about to break in and kill them all. Stefano tells John he has a choice, he can open the door or he can help keep the natives at bay so that Rolfe can finish the cure. John tells Hope that he has to go and she understands, but John promises her they will solve the secrets. Everyone leaves and Stefano laughs, knowing what John would do the whole time. Stefano and Kristen return to the lab where Rolfe is still working on the cure, he thinks it will work. John and Hope are working to hold off the natives, inside Stefano tells Kristen if John is hit with another dart he will die, the tea cure only works once! Outside the natives are shooting darts at John and Hope, but they continue to try and hold the natives off by securing the wall. Back inside Rolfe finishes the cure, but there is no time to test it. As Rolfe puts the cure into the cooler Stefano signals the helicopter that they are ready to leave. Stefano and Kristen go out to the landing place, but John has gone to check the back wall. Stefano damns him and says they have to leave now! John returns and they climb into the helicopter. As Hope climbs the ladder John promises her they will return for the secrets.

At the hospital Eric tells Marlena that Roman wants to marry her before he dies. Eric asks if she could marry him again and Marlena is shocked. Eric tells Marlena that Roman mad him promise not to tell her, but he felt it was too important to keep from her. Marlena tells Eric she's glad he told her and now she has some thinking to do. In Roman's room, Caroline is talking with Roman about how precious life is, and she tells him that he made her and his father very proud. Roman says he's made a lot of mistakes, and wishes he had the time to correct all the hurt he caused Marlena. Eric comes into the room and Caroline leaves to get some tea. Eric tells Roman that he told Marlena about his wish. Roman tells Eric he forgives him, but love is a complicated thing and he's to young to understand it fully. Laura comes up to Marlena and asks her what is wrong. Marlena tells Laura about Roman's wish to remarry her. Marlena admits that she loves Roman, but John is her future. Marlena knows Roman is dying, and she thinks that John has lost the cure, so there is no way to save him. Marlena tells Laura that she has the ability to make Roman happy before he dies and says she can't deny his last wish. Marlena walks into Roman's room just as Roman asked Eric what Marlena's reaction. Eric leaves and Marlena talks to Roman, who is very uncomfortable. Roman tells Marlena he knows what Eric did and he tells Marlena to forget about it, it was just a dream. Roman says he's just happy to have her in his life anyway he can. Laura comes into the room and tells Marlena that someone needs to see her. Marlena doesn't want to leave, but Roman tells her it's okay. Marlena leaves the room and talks to one of Roman's doctors. The doctor says Roman's condition is growing worse and they should begin to make the necessary arrangements. Marlena thinks about John and Roman, and how both of them want to marry her. Marlena knows what she has to do, she goes into Roman's room and tells him that she will marry him.


October 28
Today's Summary is by Tracy
In Rome it's morning and Billie and Bo are just waking (she has a dark blue sheet around her and Bo has a cream one - whatsupwiththat?!). He says I love you in his sleep and Billie wonders if he is dreaming about Hope. He wakes and tells her that he loves her and will spend the rest of his life with her. She is happy and they talk about knowing each other's thoughts and that they want to rent a car and go into the country side and find a quiet inn to spend the night. (hey they now are both under the cream sheet). Bo leaves to go get a car and runs into Mike having breakfast. They talk about Bo being able to put Hope behind him and move on with Billie as Mike tells him it didn't work out with Debra. He explains that he just can't get over this other woman like Bo did and that she does not know he loves her which is even harder to get over her. In the meantime Carrie had a weird dream and she tells Austin about it. It involved Mike, Debra him and her but she's not sure why is was bad. He tells her to dismiss it that dreams don't always make sense but she says hers usually do. They talk about everyone is in love and decide to forget the dream but Carrie has that look on her face like she's not convinced of Austin's words. He leaves to see Billie and she heads for the shower and when she is done she turns the radio on in the room just in time for "the song" to begin playing. She can't understand why it bothers her so and has flashbacks of her and Mike. She tries to call Mike's room but gets no answer and thinks he and Debra have headed out for the day. Outside Sami and Franco are still lurking (yep she's still in the nun outfit) and arguing about the fact that Franco thinks she should give up. He's a good match for her as he doesn't take much crap off her. She says she is going to keep pushing until Carrie realizes she loves Mike but Franco warns her she is going to push too hard one day and Sami seems bothered by his words. He leaves and calls Kate in Salem to tell her where he is and what's going on. Kate tells him to be careful as he tells her that he understands why she is leery of Sami and that she is pure evil. Franco is telling her what Sami is up to and that he is helping Sami - well sort of he says - at least that's what Sami thinks. All of a sudden from behind Sami grabs the phone and spits out some rough words to Kate threatening her and then hanging up the phone. She then threatens Frankie (as she calls him) and says he better not do that again. He does not back down and I think Sami realizes she can't push him around. She says she has figured out the perfect person to tell Carrie that Mike loves her just as Debra walks up and gazes at Mike from a distance. She approaches Debra and asks if she is an American and explains that she is too. She says she can see she's in pain and asks if it is about love. Sami says that she knows about that kind of pain but Debra says she is too young and besides she's a nun to have that pain. Sami tells her that she just became a nun recently (that's true) and that she had a great love and lost it and that's when she became a nun. She says to have faith and asks to hear Debra's story maybe she can help.

In Salem, Marlena is in with Roman and says she will marry him but he asks her if she would say that if he was healthy and had a long life ahead of him. Before she can answer his question there's a knock at the door and it's Kimmy!!!!! After talking to Pop yesterday she just had to get the first flight to Salem. She told Pop it was not what he said it was what he didn't say and then she spots Eric - my goodness she says you were just a child last time I saw you and know you are a full grown human being - haha why didn't she say man?! While in with Roman he has a coughing spell but Marlena helps him with it and everyone leaves for Kim and him to catch up. Outside the room Kate and Laura have been around making snide remarks and looks at each other and Kate rubs in the fact that Austin and Carrie are having such a wonderful time on their honeymoon. They do talk to each other nicely long enough to express their concern for Roman and his family. Abe and Lexie come by to check on Roman and let Marlena know that the governor agreed to Stef' pardon but with the condition that John return alive and there's a cure for Roman. Marlena says there is on cure and Abe says he knew Stef was lying but she says that no there was a cure but something happened which makes Lexie happy that Stef was not lying. All of a sudden nurses and a doctor come around the corner with machines and head into Roman's room. Kim comes out crying saying that they were talking and he just passed out. She is very upset as the doctors are trying to bring him back. They manage to get him back but the doctor tells Marlena that he probably won't survive the next arrest. Kim says well we will just have to pray extra hard for the cure. Kate suggest they call the kids (she wants to get Sami out of Rome) but Marlena says NO she promised Roman she wouldn't do that. Laura if she has thought about Roman's other wish and Kim asks what that is. Marlena explains that she agreed to marry Roman but he wants to know that she would marry him if he were healthy and she can't lie to him being that her true love is John. Kim says she knows all about what is gong on but she wants to make one comment. She hates to be crude but she says how long will Roman be her husband - a couple of hours maybe a day or two and then he would die a happy man. She thinks that John would understand Marlena telling Roman a lie and marrying him as the credits roll.


October 29
Today's Summary is by Linda (Dustin is attempting to finish his grad school applications)
Bo and Billie are in hot springs talking about poor Mike as they cuddle up. Having a little water fight in the hot tub, Bo sees a vision of Hope in danger (in the jet). He tells Billie and she said that Kate told her Hope and Franco went off together and how nice Franco is (nice going Billie being YOU know they're in danger!!!) While they're kissing in the hot tub drinking wine, an Italian lady walks up with apples and gives them one apple to share. The legend of the hot springs is for lovers to share an apple in the hot springs and their marriage will last forever (hope the apple falls in the water) Bo puts the apple in his mouth (like a roasting pig) and Billie takes a bite out of it. They laugh and kiss.

Carrie and Austin watch Mike waiting for Debra. Austin suggests they double and plan a BIG evening together, but Carrie said no. She feels they might want to be alone. Instead Austin suggests they go shopping to buy presents to take home and she agrees. As they leave, Mike watches with his puppy dog looks. (sorry Laney ;-) Meanwhile, Debra is pouring her heart out to Sister Sami. Those who seek shall find and those who ask shall receive (Sami's words to Debra) and she'll help her. Sami spouts something about walk while you have the light or darkness will find you dribble and Debra thinking about it, walks away.

Carrie goes to pick up a wallet and someone else is too, guess who? Yup, Dr. Mike. She remembers THE SONG (which still should be LeAnn's song, not that old one). Mike walks up to Debra's table and joins her. He apologizes about last night, bad timing. She tells him she thinks she could make him happy, but he has to get over Carrie first. Debra says that Carrie herself is the only one who can help him now. He apologizes for being slow, but how can CARRIE help him get over her? She suggests he tell Carrie so he won't spend the rest of his life wondering what never would bes. Mike would like to try to stay friends, how about lunch? Mike goes off to book flight home. Sami and Franco are dissappointed, but then Carrie walks up. Carrie asks if Debra knows the name of who Mike loves, with Sami and Franco silently encouraging her to tell Carrie it's her. Before Debra says anything, Mike and Austin come around the corner and tell her that they have to go home, her father doesn't have much longer to live. Sami cries out NO in the bushes (ROFL). They all look at the bushes.

Father Jansen gives last rights to Roman and tells Kim that he knows her brother is comforted by her presence, and then leads her out of the room (huh?). Roman stutters to Abe that he loves him like a brother and always has. He tells Abe he's going to miss him (?) and he also tells Marlena he can't die til she answer his question, would she marry him if he weren't dying. Eric tells Roman that Mom loves him and would marry him, no matter what. Abe suggests he and Eric wait outside. Eric & Roman say they love each other and he steps outside. Not to be put off, Marlena tells Roman it's not a fair question. He asks her if she loves him and starts a coughing fit. She injects some more drugs into his iv and tells him to rest as he falls asleep. Marlena tells Abe she has to talk with John first before answering Roman. Abe tells Marlena to follow her heart. The Dr. tells Father Jansen that Roman does not have long and he goes in and sees Roman. Roman thanks him for his prayers and Father tells him he senses Roman has something on his mind, want to talk about it? Roman tells him how blessed he is with wonderful parents. He has also made mistakes and sinned. There is one sin that he can't forgive himself for (gasp, cough). Marlena listens at the door and hears Roman tells him it's for divorcing Marlena. She's been the one true love in his life. He should have tryed harder to understand and should have stayed to work things out. His pride got in the way though and he left Salem. Instead he blamed John for stealing his wife and for Marlena for breaking their vows, but it was Stephano who was responsible. He should have had the faith and charity to forgive both John and Marlena. He hurt his children even more and made their lives even harder due to what he did. He can't forgive himself, but he can show her how much he loves her and give his kids the gift of seeing their parents married before he dies. Father asks if Marlena agrees and Roman said, yes, but out of pity, not love.

Kim joins Abe, Caroline and Shawn. She is upset and says it's cruel to just get her brother back and then lose him again. S&C feel at least they were able to say goodbye. They tell Eric about the letters Roman sent John and Marlena forgiving them. Eric hopes that Mom will marry Dad. Shawn holds Eric's shoulders and reassures him that Marlena will make the right decision. Marlena decides to do what's best for Roman and goes to tell him. She tells him let's stop TALKING about getting married, and let's do it, right now!

Apparently the copter ran into a tree (a nasty storm showed up awful quickly). John's losing his patience (must be feeling better now) wanting to know when the plane will arrive to take them back to Salem. Guess Rolf didn't survive the crash as he's no longer with them. As they argue over who has more invested in Roman's staying alive, the plane lands outside (sounds like a 747). The jungle crew are jetting back to Salem and John tells Hope he's sorry she didn't learn more about her past while they were there. John goes to talk with the pilot and Kristen and Stephano talk. (why does Stephano have a bath towel wrapped around his neck? John brings back the flight map and learns they're going to fly thru the Bermuda Triangle. Stephano hears that and orders the pilot to change their course (a little superstitious Steph?) John doesn't want to sleep so he can watch Stephano, who is having a drink with Kristen. Stephano trys to call Abe on cell phone, but too much interference (reality at last!!). The plane bounces around and Hope falls on John. Do they buckle up, nah! Lightning strikes and the lights go out...John get up and thrown down as the plane jerks again. The plane is going down! The plane must've crashed as the next scene we see them in their life vests floating. Guess the pilots didn't make it either, but the Salem crew isn't worried about that. Stephano's leg was hurt, but otherwise the four of them are all ok. Stephano still has the cooler in his hands and John swims a few feet to get the life raft. (hope Stephano has insurance..a helicopter AND a jet both downed in one evening). Stephano pulls Kristen in the life raft, but dropped the cooler in the process of getting in the raft. John is too busy looking for Hope, but Stephano keeps yelling to find the cooler.....and the credits roll.........


Summary by Tracy (Dustin should be back writing summaries next week)

The scene is replayed where Debra is about to tell Carrie Mike loves her and is interrupted by Austin and Mike with the news of Roman and Sami saying Oh-no outloud. Mike goes to check the noise out but finds no one as Franco grabbed Sami and got her away before they were spotted. She is very upset with this news about Roman and all she can think about is getting home to him before he dies. Austin says that a flight will be leaving in a couple of hours and he will get them on it. As he goes Carrie says she need to pack but remembered that Debra was about to tell her something. She starts to speak but Mike figured out what Debra was about to do and stops her. He tells Carrie to just worry about Roman and he will see her at the airport. Yep he says he's going home too. As Carrie leaves to check on Austin Mike tells Debra that he will get over Carrie but Debra reminds him that Carrie may have chosen him over Austin if she had just known that Mike loved her. He says they will keep in touch and she says yea we can email each, call and write. Mike apologizes that it did not work out for them. Sami is visibly upset by this news and can only think of returning to Salem when Franco comments that she really does have a heart. She says yes she does she is not the evil person everyone says she is and she just wants to get home to Daddy - he was the only person that loved her unconditionally. She arrives at the airport and is ready to leave when she spots C & A and realizes they are on the same flight - oh my gosh she says what am I going to do? If Carrie sees me she will realize I have been manipulating her and causing her to think of Mike and then she will forget the feelings just to spite her. Franco tells her she has to decided what is most important but don't forget there deal she will help him get Hope and also never reveal the thing with Kate. Sami tries to balk on the part of revealing Kate but Franco tells her that she WILL NOT reveal this one secret of Kate's. Debra and Mike have arrived and Debra says her good-byes and tells Carrie to always follow her heart it will lead her in the right direction. (Carrie has been looking at Mike in a different way). Debra also tells Mike the same thing and they all board the plane. Austin asks the flight attendant when the flight is leaving and she says they are waiting on one more passenger - it is a special case. We then see Sami putting her glasses on and has the nun outfit back on. She enters and sits on the last row (why do they board from the rear on TV and we board from the front in real life?). Carrie spots the nun and tells Austin she reminds her of the nun that Billie spoke to but he says it's just probably because they have the same habit on. He hugs her as Mike looks on with puppy dog eyes and Sami prays that she gets home in time to see her Daddy.


John is hollering for Hope and all Stef is worried about it getting the damn cure. John says he must find Hope as Stef just keeps on hollering for John to find the cure or it is all for nothing. John is frantically searching for Hope and finally finds her and the cure. He grabs them both and gets them to the boat and aboard safely. Stef is happy and Hope is not breathing. John starts mouth to mouth on her but she is not responding. He tells her to think of Bo and Shawn-D and keeps giving her mouth to mouth. She has a flashback of her, Bo and S-D on the boat and finally responds to John. He is relieved as she asks about the cure. He tells her he got it too and that she saved Roman's life. She tells John he saved her life and they are even now. Kristen is acting like a spoiled brat and you can see she is jealous of the closeness of John and Hope right now - even Stef tells her to blow it off. Hope tells John she heard him tell her to think of Bo and S-D and that got her through. He says don't give up on Bo. Kristen says yea never give up just as John tells Hope to look at him and Doc they got back together and thanks to her and hanging on to the cure they can begin their life together when they return to Salem. Stef is just glad he has the cure but will someone find them. John pulls off a couple of flares and finally Hope spots a light - it must be a boat - as all are relieved they will be rescued. Stef says now his plan will unfold and no one will be the same. Kristen acting like a baby hollers at him to tell her his plan but he refuses just saying that people will look at him differently.


Marlena is in with Roman and says she will marry him but he asks her again if he is saying yes out of pity or does she love him. She manages to avoid a direct answer by saying that the trip to the Horton Cabin resurfaced a lot of feelings she had for him and he agreed with her. So she never actually said yes or no but he was convinced she was marrying him because of love. They call the family in and tell the good news. Caroline is so happy. Eric tells her she is doing the right thing. Marlena says they can be married right there but Roman says no so she says OK we get married in the church chapel but he says no to that too. He says he is going to get out of this bed and marry her at St Lukes. All are surprised but hurry to get things going to grant him his last dying wish. He knows that the kids were called but that Sami could not be reached. He wishes she could be there to but knows there is not much time to wait. He also says that after the wedding he wants to go home to Ma and Pop's and die surrounded by his family. Marlena heads over to the church and Eric stays to chat with Dad. He tells him is now glad Eric told Marlena and he is getting his wish. He asks Eric to be his best man. Eric is happy and heads off to get the tuxes. (Mickey has been called to get an emergency license). At the church Marlena goes to pray and remembers her almost wedding to John when Kristen arrived with Roman and then her asking John is it was over for them and he saying no. She prays that John will understand and that Roman die a happy man. She says that she loves John so and wants to be with him but wants to grant Roman is wish. Kim comes in to say that things are getting in order and tells Marlena that she is doing the right thing and John will understand why she did this. They comment that Roman may not even be alive when John returns. They head back to the hospital and Eric comes out to say that Roman has his tux on and is ready. Marlena goes in to check on him and is speechless when she walks in and sees his looking so good. He says that he loves her so much and she is making him a very happy man. Doesn't he notice that she never says I love you? Credits roll.


October 31
Today's Summary is by Linda (Dustin's life should return to normal by Monday)
Pacing in his cell, Jack remembers TC when he pulled off Jen's wig. He can't realize how Jen didn't realize she was being watched. Not knowing when it's time to quit, Jack quizzes TC about which DiMera he's working for, Stephano or Peter. TC said he doesn't know what he's talking about and walks away. Jack asks Harry to use his cellphone and when Jack said name your price, Harry goes off to get his phone. Meanwhile, in Salem, Jen, Laura, Alice and Maggie are celebrating Halloween. Alice mentions about Jen may have a way for Jack to be released when Travis asks how, Abby comes downstairs dressed as a fairy (what a cutie pie). Does Jen take her trick or treating, heck no, Aunt Maggie does. Travis warns out the door to watch out for all the wierd people out there. When the subject comes up about Jack being close to being released, Travis' beeper goes off. He calls TC and tells him he'll call Stephano for instructions. Jen got a call about Roman and Marlena's upcoming wedding in an hour and after discussing why Marlena's marrying Roman, go to St. Lukes. Alice asks what happens if all their prayers for Roman are granted, but Laura said it's too late for a miracle for Roman.

Jen tells Alice and Laura that the warden was very angry about her disguise and they can even take away Jack's computer and phone privileges (oh no! not in prison!!) She's lucky she wasn't arrested. Jen gets a call from Kim telling about the location change for the wedding and to come right away.

On the way out the door (Maggie can leave Abby's at the neighbor's when they get back), Jack calls Jen. He warns her to be careful, but didn't get the password. Just as Jen's telling him LOCKDOWN again, TC grabs the phone. He hears lockdown and tells Jen that's right, that's what is going on right now. He tells Jen that this phone call will get Jack into trouble too. After hanging up, he tells Jack that the call just got him solitary and he'll be away from everyone where he can beat him up. Jack said when he gets out of jail he'll be sorry. TC gets a call from Travis and after hearing Travis couldn't get hold of Stephano, that Jack is a timebomb ready to go off. Travis tells TC to take him out and he'll take care of Jennifer. TC warns Travis not to hurt Jen.

Celeste and Susan are standing outside THE house Celeste was drawn to while sleep walking.Susan is wearing a knit hat with her hair all up inside it. Susan pulls Celeste down the street. Later we see them as Susan is dressed as a ghost with her glasses on the outside. Viv is dressed as a witch Big hat, red hair and low cut black dress?

Ironically, Viv and Ivan walk up in front of the house and talk about Jonesy. Halloween is his favorite holiday and although Viv swore she'd never dress up in another costume, she will for Jonesy. Viv and Ivan beg for him not to kill them. Jonesy laughs and says the knife is rubber and it's his best costume. He tells them they can't open that door though and remembers his conversation warning him not to let anyone in the house. The doorbell rings and it's trick or treaters and Susan and Celeste walk in with them (how many of you have trick or treaters waltz thru your house?). Viv asks them aren't they a little BIG for trick or treating and Susan in her witchy voice says you're never too big for Halloween and keeps walking.

Jonsey has the house decked out for Halloween. ROFL as Viv is dressed as a bumble bee and Ivan as a catepillar with all his arms connected. Even their makeup is great! They talk about the door they want to look inside of and Ivan warns her Jonesy said NOT to open it. Just as Viv heads for it, Jonesy comes running in yelling DON'T OPEN THAT DOOR and is dressed as the guy in Psycho's in his mother's outfit with a knife in the air (music of course accompanies his entrance.) The kid's mother asks if the house is decorated as good as last year and he said better, and takes everyone on a tour. Viv offers to wait and open the door for other goblins, but he said the kids in that neighborhood know how to wait. Susan and Celeste hide under a Halloween statue (Dracula), but Viv and Ivan go looking for them. Jonesy is soooooo sleepy and asks his Flora Dora to finish the tour. She complains to Ivan that not only is she dressed as a giant bug, but a tour guide. Susan finds a pair of sunglasses that she says are Elvis' and he must be there. (hmm Stephano wears those kind too, right?)

Viv escorts the kids out the door and Susan goes to open THE door, but an alarm goes off. Jonesy wakes up on the couch shouting death, danger and Viv and Ivan have a paniced look on their face.


Eric comes out of Roman's room saying Roman's all ready for the wedding. Mom, Pop, Eric and Kim talk about how hard it is on Marlena being she loves John, but it IS Roman's dying wish. Inside the room, Marlena helps Roman off the bed, but he collapses on the floor. Marlena calls out for help. Eric and Marlena watch thru the window as the Doctors check out Roman. Lexie comes out and says Roman is very weak, just getting dressed exhausted him. She doesn't know if he'll make the wedding, even though it's important to him. Marlena and Eric go into Roman's room and she tells him she's going to call the church and cancel the wedding and Roman said no. They decide to move the wedding to the chapel and said they'll call and let everyone know, including Father Jansen. Shaun goes to get Marlena's dress from the car. Marlena asks Eric to get something from the apt. and gives him a key. It's in a little box on her dresser (their rings?).

Marlena is now dressed in a white suit and Eric comes in with their rings..apparently they both had kept them and Roman is touched that she had kept hers too. He feels it's symbolic that neither had given up hope and that their love is as strong today as the day they first said their vows. He tells her he loves her very much and she replies by saying she'll get his wheelchair, they need to get to the chapel.

Marlena tells Roman that Carrie, Austin and Mike are enroute back, but won't be there before the wedding. He's okay with that as they won't have to watch him die.

Lexie is dressed up now (in black) and the nurse questions if they should move him now and Marlena tells her it's important to take them to the chapel. Father Jansen pulls Marlena off to the corner and tells her that she needs to take this marriage seriously. Her marriage to John was interrupted not that long ago when Roman came in to the church. He warns her that should Roman live, he can't sanctify this union unless she's prepared to stay with him for the rest of his life. She tells him she is marrying Roman and will put the rest into God's hands to do what's best. He agrees to marry them after hearing that. Marlena asks Kim to be her maid of honor being Carrie's not there and she agrees.

Roman says he still would like to get marryed at St. Luke's, but she says it's too risky and taking his hand, goes off to the chapel.


The 4 rafters are on a boat in fresh dry clothes. Hope announced that the pilot will be alright? (oh yeah, where was he? floating on a log somewhere?) Kristen called Iliana on the cellphone (it stayed dry while they swimming around?) Kristen tells them that Roman was taken to the hospital and is not doing well. John said luckily they aren't that far from Salem and when the boat docks, they can get that cure to Roman. (Salem's on the ocean?) John asked for the phone and Kristen said no, she's not going to allow him to call Marlena right now. (Stephano is freshly shaven, couldn't they lend a razor to John? looks like a beard in the works there folks) Kristen said if they call home and tell them they have the cure and don't get back there in time, it will haunt everyone for a long time, they should just get back there asap. John asks Hope what she thinks and she agrees. Stephano said he still needs to find out about his pardon. John gets mad saying he and Hope risked their lives for that cure, but he will personally promise his pardon if they get the cure to Roman. John tells Hope that Kristen was right, they can't tell her they have the cure now as it will haunt her (they don't know if it IS the cure yet either). John checks to make sure the cure is ok and hopes that Roman makes it to get it. Hope gives him encouragement that Roman will make it and they he and Marlena can be together (gee, her hair and makeup look great!) When Stephano refuses again to tell Kristen his plan, in a snotty tone says if she can help to let her know and he snickers. Apparently his arm that was laced thru the cooler got hurt as he has it in a sling, must have been clutching it too hard in the boat. A crewman comes to tell Mr. Black that the boat will be docking in 10 minutes and they head up to the deck.

John, Hope, Stephano and Kristen rush into Roman's room to find it empty. The nurse tells them that Roman's family took him to the chapel and they rush off for the chapel. They get there, but it's empty. Next scene is in St. Luke's where Roman insisted on getting married. He tells Marlena he doesn't want to go back to the hospital, but home where he can die in her arms (which home, the penthouse of their house?). Marlena flashes back to mental pictures of her and John kissing and Kim saying that John will understand. The wedding starts with Father Jansen asking them if they came there freely and without reservation to give themselves to each other and they both answer they have.......

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