October 97 Week 2


October 6
Jack is thrown back in his cell by some guards, despite his demands to see the warden. In the Warden's office T.C. has found Jen and he tells her it's okay, it will be there little secret. T.C. tells Jen that she's the type of girl that would do anything to get ahead, and he knows a way to do that. T.C. begins to kiss Jennifer and she pushes him away. Jen warns T.C. if he tries anything she'll go to the warden, but T.C. says he'll turn her in for breaking into his office. Jen knees T.C. in the groin and tries to run away but he catches her before she can get out the door. Jack continues to scream for a guard and when he gets ones attention he offers him money to take him to the wardens office. Back in the office T.C. throws Jen on a table and tells her she wants it, she's always wanted it. Suddenly Jack bursts into the warden's office and T.C. and Jack fight. Jack beats T.C. up when the guard Jack bribed comes in and breaks up the fight. Jen tells that T.C. was trying to rape her and that this prisoner saved him. Jen tells T.C. if he punishes that prisoner she will go to the warden and scream sexual harassment. T.C. tells Jen to go home and then he tells Jack he will pay for this.

Jack returns to his cell and cleans up when Jen shows up to help him. Jack tells Jen she has to quit, but all she does is kiss him. Suddenly the prison locksdown and Jen is trapped in Jack's cell for the night! T.C. comes and Jen quickly hides under Jack's bed.

In Rome, Carrie is talking to Mike about friendship turning to love. Mike thinks she's talking about herself and he tells her he already has feelings of love for a friend. Mike is so glad he can express his feelings, and then Carrie says "for Debra!" Mike doesn't know what to say when Debra shows up, she overheard everything. Carrie tells Mike that she spoke to him on Debra's behalf. To cover his own butt Mike tells Debra he would like to keep seeing her. Carrie decides to leave them to talk and Debra tells Mike she's not trying to push a relationship on him, but she thought that Carrie might be able to help him open up about his feelings. Mike tells Debra he's put his feelings for the other woman behind him and he's ready to move on. Debra and Mike agree to take things slow for awhile.

Bo is beginning to have feelings that someone he loves is in danger, but he doesn't think it can be Hope since she's off on a vacation with Franco. Suddenly Billie becomes agitated and calls for Bo. Austin asks Bo what his intentions towards his sister are, after she gets well. Austin wonders if Bo still loves Billie but Bo tells Austin that Hope is the woman he loves and wants to be with. Austin still thinks Bo loves his sister and says that deep down inside himself he loves Billie, and Austin is asks Bo to give that love a chance. Austin tells Bo he's already lost Hope's love, will he risk losing Billie's as well? Carrie shows up to see Austin and they leave to take a walk. Bo recalls telling Hope about his undercover relationship with Billie and how Hope just told him it was over. Bo realizes that it is over with Hope and then he remembers his past with Billie. Billie wakes up and tells Bo she had the most wonderful dream, she dreamt that she was expecting Bo's baby! Billie looks around and asks where Austin is. Bo tells her that Austin left and that he knows she didn't turn back to drugs on her own. Billie tells Bo soon he'll be able to go back to Hope, the woman he wants, but Bo says he's not so sure what he wants anymore. Billie doesn't understand and Bo tells her about his conversation with Austin and how it reminded him how much he once loved her. Bo tells Billie that maybe they can rekindle their romance. Billie says she'd like that very much but she doesn't understand what happened to his love for Hope? Bo tells her that Hope is with Franco now and for some reason their love is different now. Bo tells Billie that maybe they should give their relationship another chance. Billie is eager to take a chance and she doesn't really care what Bo's reasoning is. Bo tells Billie that her love has always been constant for him, never changing, he won't walk away from it again. That is why Bo wants to try and get back together and Billie hugs him and tells him she loves him. Bo begins to think that the feelings he had for someone in danger, and how the someone may be Billie, and the danger is her emotional state.

Austin and Carrie spot Mike with Debra and Carrie thinks her matchmaking has worked. Mike gives Debra some flowers and he then sees Austin and Carrie in the background kissing. Carrie approaches Debra and they talk, Debra tells Carrie whoever the women Mike loved in Salem was a fool to let Mike go. Austin talks to Mike and he tells him that Carrie won't be happy until Mike has found the woman of his dreams.

In the jungle, the Hope and John are stuck on a cliff. Above them is a fire and angry natives, below is nothing but rocks. John thinks maybe they can climb down but Hope tells him that it's over for them. They argue and Hope finally tells John that unless a miracle happens they are both dead. John finally admits that they are most likely going to die, and they both tell each other who they'd like to say goodbye to, and that they are both proud to have known each other. Bo takes off his shirt and rips it up so he and Hope can cover their mouths and stop inhaling the smoke. Hope and John find a small cave but can't move the boulder away from the entrance so that they can both get in safely. John tell Hope to get inside the cave, but she refuses to go in without John. Hope tells John to pull and they manage to pull the boulder away, but once inside a rock slide occurs and John and Hope are hit. John is fine, but he finds Hope unconscious on the cave floor. John tells Hope they are safe here, and he will get them out alive. The show ends with a native watching John and Hope from inside the cave!


October 7
Sorry, no time to proof this today
Roman and Marlena are going up to the cabin to spend some time together, Roman's idea. Roman tells Marlena they never talked about what he over her say at the police station the other day (Marlena talking to Lexie about the man she loves). Roman assumed that she was talking about him and he hopes one day she can look him in the eyes and tell him that she loves him. Roman then begins to ramble on about a some memories of times they shared together. We then see a fake flashback of Marlena and Roman at the cabin. The ferry arrives and Roman pops some pills behind Marlena's back and then they board. Once at the island Marlena and Roman continue to reminisce about the past, and their differences of taste in food, music, and just about everything. Roman excuses himself to fire up the grill, he's brought a surprise for Marlena, salmon steaks, hot dogs, beer, and champaign! Roman and Marlena eat their dinner and Marlena is happy to see Roman's appetite has returned. Roman tells Marlena he hopes he can hang on until a cure is found, because he wants to ask Marlena to share her life with him. Marlena says she really needs to go out and get some air and they both go outside. Roman and Marlena sit outside under the stars and Roman remembers the first time they came to the cabin. Roman then tells Marlena how he contracted this disease. He tells her he was captured by terrorists, tortured, and injected with the disease. Roman says that the only thing that kept him same was remembering their special night out on this island and when he realized he was in love with her. Roman says the reason he wants to make it is because he hopes for a chance that they can be together again. Roman and Marlena go back into the cabin and Roman has an attack. Marlena learns Roman has been doubling his medication and she tells him he needs to be honest with him about how much extra medication he's taking. Marlena tells Roman that they need to go home but Roman says no, he just needs to rest for awhile. Marlena begins to cry and wonders if her tears are for Roman, or for John.

In the jungle John slaps Hope awake while a native watches from inside the cave! John starts questioning Hope to make sure she is okay and she remembers everything, but has a bad headache. John tells Hop he needs to check some things out and leaves her for a couple minutes. As John explores the cave the native hiding in there pulls out a knife. John goes off to find some water to clean Hope up and returns to Hope, there doesn't seem to be a way out. John tells Hope that even if they make it back to the compound he has a feeling that Stefano isn't done toying with their lives yet. Hope and John both realize that DiMera planned to have Hope go into the jungle with John all along, hoping she wouldn't return. John and Hope decide to rest, they both need the sleep. Suddenly we see John sleeping alone in the cave, and Hope is tied to a poll in the jungle!

At the compound Kristen is whining and moaning about going to find John and Hope. Stefano gets a call about Judge Cameron's disappearance and it's in all the newspaper. Stefano is angry because he didn't want anything linking the judge who sentenced Jack to him, he hoped the judge would disappear quietly. Kristen tells Stefano that Jen and Jack are going to team up and figure out the truth, but Stefano believes that Jen hasn't seen Jack for some time. Doctor Rolfe comes to see Stefano and tells him the other elements are breaking down, they cure will be lost within 48 hours. Stefano is angry and says if this happens his plans will be destroyed. Kristen then screams "What plans!" Stefano once again tells her not to worry and says they need to plan their escape, but Kristen refuses to go anywhere without John. Kristen tells Stefano she must know what has happened to John so Stefano asks Dr. Rolfe to tell the helicopter pilot and search for John and Hope. Kristen says that if they see them to pick them up, but Stefano tells her NO! If the helicopter lands the natives will attack it. Stefano says if John and Hope are still alive they are on their own. Dr. Rolfe returns and tells Stefano that the natives have set the northern ridge on fire, and the pilot doesn't believe anyone could have survived.

In jail T.C. comes to Jack's cell and tells Jack that he's in for some trouble. Jack tells T.C. to leave Jen/Hope alone and T.C. asks what he and Jen/Hope have going on. Jack says he was just protecting a woman he was assaulting, that's the type of guy he is. T.C. then starts to taunt Jack about killing Peter Blake in cold blood. T.C. tells Jack that Hope/Jen is his and now he's going to work him over real good. T.C. goes to lift Jack's bed, which Jen is under, and Jack yells at him to stop and picks a fight. Another guard comes in and hold's Jack while T.C. beats him up. Jen wants to come out and help him, but Jacks yells no at her. However before T.C. can mess up Jack's face real good another guard stops T.C. and tells T.C. that the Warden is back and he wants to see T.C.. The other guard warns Jack that he may not be around to stop T.C. next time. When the coast is clear Jen comes out from under Jack's cot and tells him that she is spending the night with him. Jen tells Jack maybe they should try using Jack's laptop to find some info on Judge Cameron or his ex-cell-mate but Jack says maybe later. Jen is forced to hide when T.C. returns, the warden bought T.C.'s line of bull. T.C. tells Jack he will get him, and he will get Jen/Hope as well. T.C. leaves and Jack asks Jen about something T.C. said before, about so many guys being interested in her (Jack's ex). Jack asks what that means and Jen says she doesn't know. Jack begins to worry about Jen but she assures him she'll be okay, nobody will find her. Jack and Jen lie down on Jack's cot and tell each other they love him/her.


October 8
Today's Summary is by Laney
The show opens with Jack and Jen huddled together on his cot, both worried about the other's welfare. Jack doesn't want her taking any more risks like going into the warden's office and reminds her that if she gets caught, she could wind up in a little cell of her own! He admits to her that he now has hope that they may finally be together again someday. They discuss their mission to prove Peter is still alive and that Stephano is involved with the judge's disappearance. Jacks suggests they try his laptop to access the warden's computer now. They hit a dead end when they are prompted for a password (Duh, did they not expect this?) Jen says the password is probably something simple and plans to sneak back into his office tomorrow and look around, maybe it's written down somewhere. Jack tries to discourage her, but she is determined. They hear a slamming door...Jack tells her it is a bed check and Jen dives under the cot. After the guard leaves, Jen gets back in the bed with Jack and asks him to make love to her (on that TINY cot?) Geez, Jen...are you just daring them to catch you or what? Jack wants to, but says it's too dangerous, but Jen is one horny little toad and is all over him (as we see a guard preparing to make a surprise bed check). We later see J&J naked under the blanket and they hear a noise. Jen hides under the covers behind Jack and the guard doesn't see her.

Kate is furious to find Sami going through her mail. Sami wants to know what's the big deal, she knows all her secrets anyway. (Actually, Sami wanted to make sure Kate was secretly communicating with C&A). Kate notices that Sami is wearing the sapphire necklace and Sami says it's her declaration that she WILL get Austin back. (I would have ripped it off her neck). Kate orders her to take it off, it is for someone in her family. Sami reminds her that she IS family. Kate tells her that she has lost and C&A are married. Sami tells her it is just a minor setback and that sending Mike to Rome was the first step. Kate says no way that Mike would cause trouble, but Sami says Mike loves Carrie and likewise for Carrie, she just doesn't realize it yet. They argue some more and Kate reminds her that she has reached the bottom of her bag of tricks...she doesn't even have Will to use anymore. But Sami, reminds her of the dirt she has on HER. Kate says yes, it will destroy her, but it will not break up C&A, but Sami says Mike is her trump card and she is playing him right now. Kate gets a call from Bo (looking for Hope) but Kate tells him she is off with Franco having a wonderful time. (Kate lies and says she just spoke with them). Sami forces her to ask about A&C and puts Bo on the speaker phone. Bo says A&C are having a wonderful time. When she asks about Mike, Bo tells them about Debra, which does NOT thrill Sami. After they get off the phone, Kate tells her that she needs to get it through her "sick little head" that love must be earned...not stolen (EXCUSE ME!!...this coming from a woman who hired Franco to break up B&H?) Sami snarls at her. She is really PO'd and threatens to call Bo back and tell him about all that Kate has done, but then she has a better idea...she plans to go to Rome!

Austin & Carrie, Mike & Debra talk about Mike's performance at the medical conference (oh, you mean he actually went?) and Carrie tells him that Dr. Tom would be proud as she hugs him. Carrie suggests a celebration. He agrees, but only after he goes and checks on Billie. Mike & Debra watch C&A kiss and Debra comments THAT's the kind of love she wants, to which Mike responds "Don't we all?" Mike and Austin take off to go see Billie, leaving Carrie and Debra alone to discuss Mike. Debra laughs that the way Carrie goes on and on about him, one would think that SHE's in love with him. Carrie poo-poo's the idea, but Debra says her eyes just light up when she talks about him. Carrie tells her about her teenage crush, but now, she thinks of him as a brother. Carrie suggests that they go buy some outfits that would knock M&A's eyes out (What, pray tell is wrong with the one that Debra has on now?) and they scurry off. When they return, Debra has on a short black number and Carrie a long burgandy one (both, BTW, very clingy) and wait for the guys.

Billie (the cat) is sitting in bed slurping something out of a bowl as Bo comments "Well, guess you have your appetite back!" (ROFL) She confirms that she is feeling better (thanks to Dr. Mike and his miracle pills). Bo assures her that the worst is over and she tells him that he gave her added incentive. (Bo then hears Hope calling for help.) Billie asks him if he really meant what he said about them working things out. She tells him that it's okay if he wants to call Hope, but he doesn't and they kiss. Austin and Mike walk in (what? no locks on the doors?) Mike comments on how she looks much better and Billie says she has found the best cure...LOVE. Mike checks her over and gives her his seal of approval. Privately Mike and Bo talk about the drug addiction. (Bo doesn't want Mike to tell Carrie the truth about Billie's illness...the fewer people that know, the better). Mike asks Bo how he made the transition from Hope to Billie. ( I can't believe that Mike is asking Bo for love advice...LOL!) Mike says he needs to do the same thing and wants to move from one love to another. Bo tells him he must accept that the first love is over. Mike agrees, but says he doesn't want to just settle. Bo wishes him luck. Inside, Billie fills Austin in on the Bo/Billie situation. Mike & Bo return and Mike reminds Austin that Debra & Carrie are waiting on them. On the way out, Austin thanks Bo for taking his advice. After they leave, Bo thinks "How can I commit to Billie, when I can't let go of Hope?" (So much for taking your own advice, Bo) Bo watches Billie sleep and reflects on what everyone has said to him about Hope and says he must accept the fact that he has lost his Fancy Face. Billie wakes up and he tells her that he spoke to Kate. Billie knows that he called Salem to check on Hope and asks him if he wants to change his mind. He tells her of the premonitions about someone being in trouble. He thought it was Hope, but he must be wrong...she is happy with Franco. Bo, once again assures her that he wants to try their love again. She promises him that she can make him happy.

Mike & Austin return and Mike suggests they do something really romantic for the girls. When they return, they are stunned by the girls (Austin tells them they both are drop-dead gorgeous agree) Mike pulls out 2 coins and tells them that whoever throws them into the fountain will end up with the one they are destined to be with (as he daydreams about him and Carrie) He gives one to Debra and keeps one. Austin also has 2 and gives one to Carrie. After dinner the four of them dance to "You are So Beautiful" as Carrie & Austin discuss how Sami worked on their feelings and how they are enjoying a well-deserved rest from her scheming. Meanwhile, we see Sami on the phone making arrangements...first class plane tickets, best hotel, $10,000 travel expenses. The Titan travel agent wants to get Kate's approval first. Kate refuses, but Sami reminds her of the info, so Kate caves. After she gets off the phone, Sami scurries off to pack and Kate mutters "Oh, God...I'm sending the Devil to Rome...please protect Carrie & Austin as well as Bo & Billie."

As we join Hope she is tied up (yes, STILL asleep). Looks like the natives have her all sauteed and prepared for a meal of "Hope on a Stick". She finally wakes up calling for John. She panics and realizes that she'll never see Shawn-D or Bo again. She is pleading for someone to help her and calls out for Bo. Someone cuts the ropes and she turns to face them and says "You" (Any bets?) Yes, it's a fantasy and it's Bo come to her rescue. They profess their love for each other and she snaps to. She begins to call out for help again, but no one comes...and the credits roll.


October 9
Today's Summary is by Tracy (Dustin was taking GREs)
Ivan and Viv are packing to go to Jonesy's a long with the help of Bertha. Viv can't help because she has a bad back - hahaha. Ivan is still trying to convince Viv to stay at the apt and earn an honest living but Viv says she will be earning an honest living - inheriting it. He and Bertha start to pack the food when Viv says stop - Ivan thinks she has changed her mind and she has - she is not planning to eat another baked bean again and offers the food to Bertha. Bertha says if they ever need anything just call as they head out the door. Viv called Jonesy to say they were on the way and just after he hung up with her the phone rang again and he told the man that he has been protecting his things for years (hum?) They stop by the pub (and Susan hollers Liars as they come in) to get 3 blue plate specials (meatloaf and garlic mashed potatoes - yum yum) and some Brady chowder that Viv plans to pass off as her cooking being that Jonesy said that Flora was such a good cook. Celeste is there and she and Susan approach Viv about the seance and Susan said that Celeste said that the spirit did not like her messing with them and that she is in danger. Ivan gets worried but Viv just blows it off. After they leave Susan comes over and ask Celeste to read her tea leaves to see if there was any thing about big Elvis and ask she is looking in there Susan leans over and looks too getting right in Celeste face and C says Boo and scares poor Susan (too funny). Celeste says she doesn't see anything as Viv and Ivan are interfering with her concentration - she says they are in danger. In the meantime Viv & Ivan have arrived at the house and she has feed Jonesy and put Ivan to work cleaning and vacuuming (poor guy) as she snoops. She has a chest of silver utensils and says she should get enough money to pay for the redecorating and some jewelry and clothes for her too huh Ivan asks. She wants to snoop some more and forces Ivan to follow. They are about to open the basement door when Ivan mentions that maybe that's were all the bodies are and they should just leave. Viv says don't be silly Jonesy is a nice man to which Ivan replies that that is what they always say about a person just after they find dead bodies - hahaha. Just as she grabs the doorknob Jonesy hollers stop don't open that door. (maybe there are dead bodies in there - hahaha).

Marlena has more memories of her and Roman (it was raining at the cabin and they are stuck inside without TV or anything and he says he knows what they can do - hum wonder what that was!?) and looks at him as he is resting on the bed (when did he move?). He wakes up and she asks if he wants more pills - he says no. When she suggests they go he says no he just wants to lie their a little longer. He starts a coughing spell and gasping for breath. Marlena gives him an injection but apparently it didn't work because next thing we know someone tells Caroline at the pub that Roman has been taken to the hospital. (Celeste, Lexie and her were talking about Marlena and Roman's love and C thinks that M is in danger emotionally due to her past love for Roman and her current love for John). Caroline arrives at the hospital and Marlena is upset that she couldn't get him under control with the injection. Laura arrives for comfort and talks to Marlena about her love for both John and Roman. She mentions that Marlena had a great love for Roman and thinks that that could come back (so does she want M with Roman now?) but M says that she loves John. Abe stops by and he tells M that Stef called again earlier and wants a pardon. This makes her believe there really is a cure and M says if it means John coming home safe and Roman living then she can live with Stef being set free - not that she wants that. She goes in to see Roman and he tells her he is very weak and he enjoyed the day and remembering. He just wishes they had more time to make more memories. Marlena says there is time but he says no it's time for him to go as she wonders if he can hang on til the cure arrives.

In the jungle, a native comes up to Hope and puts wood at her feet and paints some stripes on her face. She thinks she is going to die when John wakes up and realizes she is gone. He calls for her and realizes she is gone so he goes looking for her. The natives are gathering (looks like 4 or 5 now but all we see are feet) and starting to circle Hope. No one speaks. John is sneaking around under the bushes when he spots Hope. She sees him too but he can't get to her just yet. He finds his knife and backpack under a bush and grabs it. There is a device that Stef had in it that allows John to make it go off and pull the natives away from Hope so he is able to cut her free. They head to the river and he says they will head back to the compound and see if there is another way to get to the flower. At the compound Kristen comes up to Stef just as he is informed that Hope has been captured and there is no sign of John. They get into an argument and Kristen says John is the only man she has ever loved (uh-oh Daddy might not like you saying that - remember you were supposed to have loved Tony his dear dear son). He tells her he doesn't know that John is dead and instructs the pilot to be on guard in case the natives attack and they have to leave. K says she will not leave without John and Stef says don't be stupid but then he hears that Hope got free and figures that she and John are still alive. He goes inside to pack some things (stuff that Hope knows about him K says to him) and K decides to kidnap the pilot and helicopter but before they take off Stef comes back out and stops them. Hope and John are in the river swimming under the water (heading back to the compound) as much as possible to hide from the natives. They seem to be making good time when all of a sudden they surface and hear a waterfall. They get out of the water and John pulls out his map to see where they are. He realizes they have been swimming north and not south and are farther from the compound. He gets his night vision binoculars out to see if any natives are near by when he looks up and spots a flower up on the cliff. He has Hope look too and they realize it's the flower they need for the cure. Hope is all ready to go but John realizes they cliff is very steep and they won't be able to get back to the compound before daybreak and will have to watch out for the natives as the credits roll.


Today's Summary is by Linda, Dustin will be back at work next week
Surprise, Austin and Carrie are actually SLEEPING!!!, but not for long when Austin rolls over and wakes Carrie up by kissing her. (I think she would have preferred to sleep in) but she tells Austin she was just remembering the most wonderful kiss. We next see Mike remembering it too and after a few flashback scenes, he's verbally kicking himself for not telling her it was HIM who kissed her. Debra comes up and lays a wet one on Mike. Carrie tells Austin about her and Mike's adventure in California. She tells him he helped her via her dreams and the kiss was what brought her back from being unconscious. Carrie asks for another kiss like the one in her dream. Austin accepts the challenge and kisses her. She said it's a dream come true (me think she's lying) and Austin hops off to take a shower (yeah, that kiss really got to him too!). Carrie says to herself that kiss was wonderful, but NOT like the one in her dreams. Mike is surprised at Debra's kiss, and still remembering his kiss with Carrie, makes it a wet and passionate one. Debra is surprised at the passionate kiss too. She gives Mike a handful of messages from medical journals who want to interview him. Debra tells him she's leaving tomorrow. Mike asks Debra to go explore the catacombs (sp?) and she suggests that maybe the 4 of them can explore them together. Mike reminds her Carrie and Austin are on their honeymoon, but Debra says they'll go as she and Carrie talked yesterday about it. All of a sudden Austin and Carrie show up and ask if the four of them can go major site seeing together (her hair's finally combed back and in the wide band barrette). Carrie senses Mike's not happy with the arrangement (thinking he'd rather be with Debra alone), but he said no, let's go. Holding candles, the four of them go into the catacombs and Mike's reading the Rome tour book reading what it says about it. The legend is a young man is buried there. Claudius was a young man who lived without his true love. He hands the tour book to Carrie and she continues on about the young woman that Claudius loved and she fell for the blacksmith. She chose the blacksmith, but it was an ill fated relationship and they never got together. Claudius built the catacomb for her so they could be together in death, if not in life. Mike is totally relating to good old Claudius.

Now at lunch, Mike and Carrie talk. She tells him if he doesn't tell the woman he loves the truth, to find someone else. Debra will be leaving tomorrow, he'd better move quick. Carrie trys to make Mike promise to move on, but the waiter and Austin bring Cappucino before he can say anything. Debra comes up looking sad and says it's her last day in Rome. Mike asks her to stay, no guarantees, but he'd like to show her a good time. Carrie and Austin are happy about that.

Carrie and Austin have partyed, been to bed and just woke up, but Kate and Sami are still in the sitting room arguing (?!?) Sami asks Kate for $1 bills, as all she has is $20's. No offense Sami, but that jacket and the necklace (and the hairdo to boot) are uggglllyyy. Kate throws one last zinger to Sami, that nothing matters to her besides her selfish needs, not even her dying father (oohhh, that one got to her) as we venture off to the hospital. We see Marlena and Eric standing over Roman's bed. He's unconscious and monitors are abeeping. Sami says she loves her father more than anything in the world, but he's under medication that will hold him over til John brings back the cure. Sami accuses Kate of using her father to hold her in Salem and calls to check on him. She finds out he's back in the hospital (nice of Marlena or Eric to call her, huh?).

Roman wakes up, the medicine they gave him helped and asks for some tea (what else?). Eric rushes off to get some and Marlena asks Roman for the truth. He says yes, he can't hide it from her, and doesn't think he'll be able to hold out for the cure. Moaning to her, Roman asks Marlena to unhook the monitor as he doesn't want to be attached to any machines. Eric brings in the cup of tea and offers to read the sports page to his dad. Marlena said he needs to rest and they leave the room. Sami comes up and asks how Roman is. Using all the strength he can muster, Roman hops out of bed and walks around and tells Sami to go on her trip that she tells him about. He said she needs to get away from her memories of Austin and move on with her life. Marlena agrees with him. He tells Sami should look at Marlena as a role model, check out her strength, yada yada yada. Sami lays her head on Roman's chest and says to herself, yeah, she moved on with John! Marlena said she thinks Roman needs to rest. Eric asks Sami where she's going and she doesn't say. Roman asks Sami if she needs any money and she said no. (aren't they suspicious about THAT? where did she get any money, and what about Will?) Kate calls to check on Roman and Sami said it's just a minor problem and for her to have her ticket and luggage brought to the hospital. Roman tells Marlena he doesn't want his kids hanging around for him to die. He wants Sami to get on with her life and Carrie/Austin to enjoy their honeymoon. Marlena prays that John's alright and for him to bring back the cure for Roman before it's too late. On her way out the door, Sami throws a zinger at Marlena about missing her boyfriend.

Kate brings the tickets herself, and tells Sami the only way she'll get Austin is to be the sweet Austin. Sami threatens she's going to cause major damage to Austin and Carrie's relationship. Marlena assures Eric that John won't let Roman down and bring the cure. Barely able to hold her eyes open, Marlena tells Eric to get a few hours of sleep. She glances back and sees Roman's asleep. To herself, she tells Roman that John won't let him die.

In the dark jungle, John spots THE flower with his night goggles. They jump back in the river and swim and chat. He wants her to swim back to the compound and he'll go for the flower. In the helicopter, Kristen is still holding the gun and demands they take off. Natch, Hope denies leaving John and they swim off. Kristen threatens to shoot Stephano if he tries anything (guess he knows who she'd choose..him or John). She said he'd do the exact same thing if it involved saving his beloved Marlena. Stephano agrees, and demands to fly the helicopter (when did HE learn to fly?) At the base of the falls, we see John and Hope in the bush. At the base of the waterfalls, Hope asks John to get off her foot (ROFL) and wincing they head off. Back in the water (hey, turn down the waterfall, it's hard to hear), John and Hope duck underwater as she yells seeing someone shooting a dart at them. The dart hits the base of the flower. John thanks her for saving his life. Stepano assures Kristen he's a good pilot and she lets him fly the helicopter. Out of breath, they chuckle over how hard both of their hearts were beating after that close encounter. They were holding each other so hard they could hear and feel each other's hearts beating.

Kristen is looking outside the helicopter yelling for John to let them know where they are. The search light hits the pond and Hope and John swim into the middle of it. Ray (my husband) laughs as it looks like Stephano is looking out the door and doesn't appear to be flying the helicopter. Stephano tells Kristen to throw down the ladder for Hope and John. They swim to the ladder and argue about the orchid (my, Stephano is a great pilot as that ladder holds sooo still) Do they climb up, NO. John said they have to go cuz if they stay they won't be able to make it back out of the jungle.

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