October 97 Week 1


September 29
In Rome, Carrie and Austin are still in bed and begin to have a pillow fight. Suddenly a flier is slipped under their door about a costume festival in the piazza today. Austin says perhaps Bo and Billie would like to go as well.

Meanwhile Mike is wandering the hotel halls when he bumps into a hotel staff member who tells Mike he should be in Rome with someone he loves, but Mike came to forget about that someone. Mike goes to his room and calls his mom and talks about his broken heart when Mike also receives a flier for the costume festival. Laura tells Mike that it sounds like fun and he should go. Laura starts to go off on how he could meet someone when Mike decides he has to go and ends the conversation.

Austin and Carrie go down to the Piazza and search for costumes. Austin and Carrie returns to their room with costumes and Austin leaves a message with Bo and Billie about the festival and hopes they will join them.

Meanwhile Mike goes to the Piazza as well and is surprised by Debrah, and old friend from Israel. Debrah tells Mike that she's sorry things didn't work out for him and Robin and she asks if he's found a new woman. Mike and Debrah return to his room, which is right across from Carrie and Austin! Debrah asks Mike once again if he his seeing anybody, but Mike says no. Mike tells her he was in love with someone, but she married someone else. Debrah suggests they go to the festival in the piazza and eat fattening food, and Mike tells her he'll join her later. Mike goes inside to work on his paper and Debrah goes down to the festival to get costumes for them.

At the carnival both Mike and Austin are dressed in the same outfits. While Austin is talking to a man about playing a love song for his wife, Carrie mistakes Mike for Austin and kisses him right in front of Austin!

At Jen's place Trent shows up and Laura invites him in for some ice tea. Trent tries to pry some information about Jen from Laura and Laura wonders if Trent could talk Jen out of this crazy scheme. However, before Laura can tell Trent, Alice shows up with Abbey. Abbey goes upstairs and Laura tells Alice she was just about to tell Trent about Jen, but Alice says no! Before Trent can convince Alice to tell him he is beeped by Stefano.

In the prison showers Jack is afraid someone will find them but Jen tells him that they are completely alone. Jen wants to be with Jack but Jen doesn't think it would be fair to her. Jen says she doesn't care about fair, she wants to be with him. Jack tells her once they make love it's forever, no turning back. Jen wouldn't have it any other way but when Jack stops she intentionally pushes him into making love to her by saying he must not love her as much as she loves him. Meanwhile T.C. is looking for Hope (Jen) but is called away to deal with a fight in a rec room. When he returns to the shower to get Jack he is distracted by another guard about some classes new guards must take. Jack and Jen manage to slip out and Jen tells Jack she is more confident that ever that they will find a way to set him free.

Jen returns home and Trent comes over to see Jen, but she tells him she wants to spend some time alone with Abbey. Jen then tells her mom that she had the most wonderful visit with Jack and they are more in love then ever. Back in prison T.C. tells Jack he will have his way with the new guard, one way or another.

At Marlena's penthouse Sister Mary is scolding her sister for being lead into trouble by Vivian. Susan tells her sissy she's right. Susan picks up little Elvis and Susan and Mary argue over the father of her boy. Susan is sure Elvis is the father of her baby and that he is going to return for her and little Elvis. Susan then has a fantasy that Elvis (Stefano) returns for her and little Elvis and takes them back to Graceland to Shake, Rattle, and Roll. Sister Mary turns off Susan's Elvis music and tells Susan that she must face reality!

Travis comes to see Susan and tells her that he has a message from Elvis, Elvis has been detained, but he promises to return for Susan and their baby. Susan is thrilled with the news and Trent leaves. Suddenly Mary jumps out and asks Susan what this perverted game she is playing is. Susan tells Mary this is not a game, Elvis is coming for her and their son!

In the jungle Stefano offers any man who will retrieve the flowers 20,000 dollars. Nobody will take Stefano's offer so John says he will get the flowers. Kristen and Hope tell John no way, he will be killed the minute he leaves the compound. John argues with Kristen and Hope but John is positive he can get the cure. Hope tells John if he is going to do this then she's going with him. John tells Hope no way and Stefano tells John that he will have equipment gathered for him. John begins to study a map and Hope pulls Kristen aside. Hope tells Kristen that she has no right to tell John what to do, only Marlena has that right. Hope tells her all they can do is be strong and supportive. Suddenly Stefano gets a phone call from someone and he asks them to get a hold of Travis for him. Kristen tries to convince Stefano to talk John out of going into the jungle but Stefano tells her if John doesn't do this then Roman will die. Kristen offers to go with John but Stefano tells her she is not trained for this, but Hope is. John tells Stefano this is a one man operation, end of discussion. As John begins to pack Stefano swipes his compass. John tells Hope to use this time to find out what Stefano is hiding form her. Before leaving John asks Hope to give Dock his love, just in case he doesn't come back. As John goes into the jungle Stefano makes sure to drop John's compass where Hope will find it.

Kristen is in tears but Stefano tells her everything is going to be all right. Suddenly Hope finds John's compass on the ground and Hope and Kristen argue over who will take the compass to him. Stefano tells Kristen that Hope is trained for this, she should go. Hope notices that the natives are rustling in the bushes. to create a diversion she throws a smoke bomb outside the compound and runs for it.

Decked in camouflage, Johnbo is venturing into the jungle when a native comes up from behind him. The native shoots a blow dart at Johnbo, who manages to duck just in time!


September 30
Today's Summary is by Tracy
In Salem, Sami is humming the wedding march as she thumbs through a picture album. Kate walks in (without knocking much to Sami's dislike) to tell her that the nanny has taken Phillip and Will to the park (oh now she has the nanny taking care of her son). Kate asks if she is looking at the wedding pictures and comments that Austin married the woman he loves when she sees that the pics are of Sami and Austin. She tells her she is sick (how true) and that she is living in a fantasy world. She comments that at least she can't ruin the honeymoon when Sami drops the bomb that she knows they are in Rome. Kate tries to pretend that they are not there but Sami tells her that no Eric did not tell her but her new ally - Kate herself. She proceeds to tell her about the redial button on the phone. Kate is not worried though until Sami proceeds to tell her that she works for Mike and that he is in Rome on a medical conference and even staying at the same hotel as Carrie and Austin. Kate says she is going to call them and warn them but they are not in their room. Sami tells her that if she is smart she will not call them later because Sami will spill the beans about Franco (who thank goodness has disappeared for now) being used to break up Bo & Hope. Sami also tells Kate that Mike loves Carrie and when Carrie finds out she will realize she loves him too and she and Austin will break up. Kate says no way but you can tell she has doubts.

Also in Salem, Roman and Marlena come to visit Abe (who also has Lexie visiting) so that maybe he can find out how Stef got out. Roman has noticed that Kristen is missing and asks them if they know where she may be. They all play dumb when Roman says he knows where she is - he bets she went to get Shane's help in finding John. Abe says no that he has talked to Shane but he didn't mention Kristen. So for now Roman drops it. He asks to see the cell that Stef escaped from so they leave Lexie and Marlena alone. Marlena says how hard it is to be lying to Roman and that he would fell betrayed if he knew what was going on (do you think he won't eventually find out?!). Roman wonders how Stef got the number and questions Abe if he is sure he is the only one with the code. He assures him he was. Roman goes in the cell and notices a queen missing from the chess game and says that Stef plans to come back for Marlena. Abe's cell phone rings and it's Stef. He tells Roman he needs to take the call and that he will meet him back at the office. Abe demands to speak to John but Stef tells him that he is not there and the reason for his call is that when he returns with the cure he wants a full pardon of all crimes!!! Abe says no way and that he does not have the power to do that as Stef says that he will not bring back the cure if that is true. Roman walks back into the office just as Marlena is saying that the man she loves is in danger and she can not do anything about it. Thinking she meant him, Roman says he has wanted to hear her says that she loves him (he just mentioned to Abe that he hoped she loved him). She doesn't say anything as he hugs her. Abe comes back and she and Roman leave (Abe is able to tell her that Stef called when Roman leaves the room first and that he believes that Stef will return with the cure) and Lexie is so happy that Stef is doing as he said. But when they are alone he tells her he does not believe Stef - he was lying to protect Marlena and that Stef has demanded a full pardon. He says if John and Roman both die he will hunt Stef down like an animal til he finds him. In the park Roman finds a four leaf clover and makes a wish that he and Marlena will be together if a cure should be found and he lives and that John will return to be with Kristen too (gag me).

In Rome, Austin walks over and calls Carrie's name and she realizes she is not kissing him. She is embarrassed and says this man had on the same outfit as him and Mike reveals his identity. They are all relieved and ask what is he doing there. He explains about the conference and swears he had no idea they were in Rome. Carrie tells him she believes him as Kate and Eric are the only ones that know. Then Debra walks up and is introduced as a medical college from Israel. Debra recognized Austin from the hall and realizes that they are the honeymoon couple - wow what a small world. Carrie and Austin asks them to join them but Mike doesn't want to intrude. They insist and say if they wanted to be alone they would have stayed in their room. Mike says he heard Bo & Billie are there and that leads to tell Debra a little about the Sami involvement. Carrie says that Sami tried to make Austin believe that she was in love with Mike but said they are just friends. Austin says that Mike is a great friend and helped them get together but exposing Sami and that he was even the best man. Carrie tells Mike she heard he was going to sell the car and that he better not - he said he didn't have time for it. She remembers how much fun it was going for a ride in it (Mike flashes back to when he got the car and Carrie hugging him) and tells Debra if she is ever in Salem she has to go for a ride in it. A song they heard when they arrived in Rome plays (ah Austin requested it) and they all dance. Debra comments to Mike that C & A make the perfect couple (now how does she know that) as you see the heartbreak in his eyes. A & C come over and he says the women are hungry and will Mike go with him to get food. After they leave Carrie asks Debra is she ever dated Mike. She says no that Mike was involved with Robin at the time (then what was the camping trip they talked about?). Carrie asks her if she is interested in him and she says yes but he's in love with someone - don't you know who - Mike says she's from Salem. Carrie says no but to tell her whatever Mike told her about the woman so that maybe she can figure out who she is.

In the jungle, Kristen is putting a backpack on and is about to sneak out when Stef stops her. He tells her that she can't go. She moans and groans and says that if she had taken the compass to John he would realized how much she loved him because she was risking her life for him (she is saying this to Stef back and he is making faces - ROTF). He tells her that John has to return as it is part of his plan. Kristen comments that he doesn't care if Hope returns though because she knows a secret about him. He denies she knows anything about him but doesn't say that he wants her to return. Kristen is being a pain and you can tell Stef is annoyed with her. He places a guard at the door to prevent anyone from leaving without his approval. He says that Roman will help him in Salem and makes the call to Abe. Kristen hears his demands and can't believe that he will get away with his demands. John runs off through the jungle and Hope is close behind when she sees a body in the bushes. She thinks it is John but finds it is the lab tech that dropped the vial. Gosh she says that's how Stef punishes his people. Then she is grabbed from behind. Yep it's John telling her it is him and not to scream. He had a few minutes earlier discovered his compass missing. She explains that Stef removed it and he tells her she is going back. Naturally she argues with him and tells him she is staying. After disagreeing some more he gives in and calls her partner as he smears mud on her face. They talk some strategy and he says that when they make it to a small lake they will rest there. Hope leaves ahead of John when he tells her to FREEZE. She says what is wrong but her tells her it is best she not know. Then we see him pull out a machete (sp?) and a tarantula on Hope's back as the credits roll.


October 1
In Rome, Debra tells Carrie that Mike is in love with a woman back in Salem, and that this woman is married. Mike and Austin return and Carrie just stares at Mike. Carrie asks Debra to dance with Austin so she can talk to Mike. Carrie confronts Mike about his perfect woman and Mike tells her he didn't want her to know. Carrie tells him that she feels really terrible about trying to push him towards this woman. Austin and Debra return, they need to have their photo before the photographer leaves. Austin, Mike, Carrie, and Debra all pose and have their picture taken. Later Austin buys them all some commemorative medals. Austin and Carrie dance and kiss but Carrie and Austin don't see Mike and Debra dancing. Debra says she Mike didn't ask her to dance and Carrie tells Debra that sometimes you have to ask Mike to do things. Carrie asks Mike to dance and Austin dances with Debra.

In Bo and Billie's room Bo is dreaming of Hope calling out to him, but she keeps vanishing when he gets near her. Bo wakes up and then looks at Billie and then decides to call Alice. Bo asks about Shawn D and Alice tells him that Shawn D is at a friends house. Bo then asks if Hope is there but Alice no, she's still vacationing with Franco. Bo and Alice talk about running into Carrie and Austin and then they talk about little ole Sami. Alice hopes Sami finds happiness but Bo could care less about Sami after what she's done. Bo asks Alice to tell Shawn D he called and loves him and they say goodbye. Bo looks out the window at the carnival and fantasizes about being with Hope. Suddenly Billie begins to scream in pain.

Debra, Mike, Austin, and Carrie all return to Carrie and Austin's honeymoon suite. Austin wants to check on Billie and leaves. Mike has this fantasy about marrying Carrie and Carrie hugs him because she's so proud of him. Carrie wants to go celebrate Mike's brilliance tomorrow night but he tells her he can't, he's leaving Rome tomorrow. Debra and Carrie try to change Mike's mind but he refuses. Debra excuses herself to make a phone call and Carrie tells Mike that Debra likes him, maybe if he stayed she could help him forget about the other woman.

Austin comes to Bo and Billie's room and Bo tries to get him to leave but he refuses. Austin tells his sister she looks terrible and decides to get her a doctor. Austin leaves and Billie begs Bo not to bring a doctor, they will report her to the police. Bo decides to call Petra in hopes she can help Billie somehow, but Petra is on vacation.

Austin returns to his room and asks Mike to please come look at Billie. Mike and Austin return to Bo and Billie's room. Mike goes to see Billie and Bo tells Austin that Mike should be alone with Billie and Austin goes back to his room. Mike is confused and Billie is afraid. Bo explains to Mike that Billie is in withdrawal from heroine. Mike tells her she needs help, trying to do this on her own is very dangerous. Bo explains Billie's circumstances and Mike tells her that he'll get her the required drug that can help her. Billie tells him no, she doesn't Mike to lie for her. Mike tells her she is not only a friend, but a patient in need. Billie thanks Mike, who then calls some doctors and gets her some medication. Mike tells Billie she has a long way to go, but he has faith in her.

Back at Austin and Carrie's room the room service delivers another fruit basket, but this time it's from Alice Horton. Debra leaves and asks Carrie to let her know if Mike needs her. Austin and Carrie decide to call Alice and thank her for the basket. Carrie then tells Alice that Mike is here as well and she discusses Mike's love with Alice. Carrie tells Alice she wishes Mike could be happy and maybe he will find happiness with Debra. Carrie thanks Alice once again and says goodbye. Carrie decides to play matchmaker for Mike and Debra, after all, who wouldn't love Mike? Carrie tells Austin they need to think of a way to keep Mike in Rome.

In the jungle a tarantula is climbing on Hope's back and John tells her not to move! John quickly flicks the tarantula off of Hope's back, John tells her it was a pink toed bird spider. Hope and John then argue about whether she will go back to the compound and John gives up arguing when she refuses to return. Hope looks at the picture of the orchid and John tells her that perhaps this orchid grows anywhere near water and they decide to venture to a nearby lagoon. When they finally get to the lagoon they set up camp and John sets up a high fashion laser fence to protect them. Hope wants to take a swim in the lagoon but first she gathers some rocks to build a fire. Hope ventures into a nearby cave and we see a native enter the lagoon. Hope starts a fire and then decides to take a swim because it's so hot. While swimming Hope spots an orchid and wonders if this is the special orchid. Hope takes the orchid and returns to camp, but is followed by a native. Meanwhile John continues to set up the laser detection fence when he hears suspicious activity nearby. John looks around and discovers the suspicious sounds were Monkeys. John finishes setting up the laser fence and then activates it. Hope has now returned to the cave and compares the picture to the orchid she found and realizes that it's not the correct flower. When John returns to the cave Hope is gone and it appears to John that someone has been dragged out of the cave. John finds Hope, she's fine and has caught some fish for dinner and has also found some bananas. John and Hope then take a swim in the lagoon. Hope and John decide to leave their camp exactly as they left it so they don't anger the natives. Hope is still wondering about her mysterious past and then they take another swim. John finds something in the lagoon and says it would make a good necklace and Hope decides to search for one for herself. When Hope doesn't resurface John starts to worry. John pulls Hope from the lagoon and gives her mouth to mouth to bring her back. Hope says she found some stones on the bottom of the lagoon and got tangled in some vines. John realizes that he never knew this side of her, and this side is giving him a heart attack every five minutes. Later that evening as John sharpens his machete Hope admits that she wants to forget Bo and move on. John tells her that he knows she's trying to forget about Bo by throwing herself into the search for this cure. They decide to rest and when John offers to take the first watch Hope tell him the laser will protect them so they should both gets some rest. John and Hope lie down to sleep with their loaded guns, meanwhile a native examines the laser fence.


October 2
Today's Summary is by Tracy
Gran is at Jen's (watch Abby while Jen studied for the sensitivity test). She remembers the shower scene as she tells Gran how great it is to be so close to Jack. Jack in the meantime is worrying that Jen is taking too many risks to help him and pays a guard to use his cell phone (why would a prisoner have money on them - oh to bribe a guard!) He gets Gran as Jen has already left for the prison. He says he has to convince her to quit but Gran tells him she is determined to help and loves him. He says he loves them too but is worried for her. TC and Travis are at a strange house (I don't recognize it - maybe Stef's place?) waiting on a call. They have done what Stef asked so that there is no way that Jack will get free. TC is scared and wants to cut out when the phone finally rings - Travis tells Stef (I assume) that the job has been done and he is told that the money will be delivered tonight. TC can't understand why they had to take care of the judge when Travis explains that Stef was worried he would have feel guilty and spill the beans about Jack trial. Jen has arrived at Jack's cell and they argue about her quitting when the magazine cart stops in front of his cell. Jen looks at the Spectator and says Oh my - look Jack. It's an article saying the judge has disappeared without a trace or reasoning. Jen figures that Stef got to the judge and that Jack was set-up. She is even more determined to prove Jack's innocence. Travis thinks he can look after Jen and TC says Jack is no problem he has a laptop but no access to the internet or anything else but guess what - Jack shows Jen a disk that if loaded into the warden's computer will allow him wireless access to the computer system. She wants to help but he says no and lays the disk down. Naturally Jen grabs the disk without Jack knowing it and leaves. Jack realizes what she has done but thinks she has left only she is hiding just around the corner. She heads to the warden's office and when the warden leaves she tries to pick the lock but so far today she is having no luck. TC comes to see Jack and rubs in the fact that he can't be with a woman but tells him he will give him all the details about the new woman guard when he has his way with here. Jack with his back to him gets very upset. In the hallway TC calls Travis to make sure Jen is staying out of Jack's business and heads to find the new guard.

Viv has Ivan up to more tricks today - ROTF. She is upset that Mary screwed up the seance and now she has now money. Ivan says they can get more jobs when Big Bertha shows up. She has a job - for Viv. Seems some girls get together for poker and would like Viv to entertain them. Viv says she is sure they would rather have Ivan but Bertha says no they want her to do the Elvis impersonation and maybe even perform the "Jailhouse Rock" - hahahaha. Hey she says it pays $70 - wow!!! When she leaves Viv says she has to find a way to get in Jonesy good graces and heads over to see him with Ivan following behind. They arrive to be greeted by Jonesy calling Ivan his Flora Dora. She offers to fix tea as he falls asleep on the couch. She gets Ivan to pick his pocket and discover a pic of a boy with a sheep - OH my she says that's his baa-baa. She has an idea to which Ivan is not too pleased about when she tells him to practice his best sheep imitations and she leaves. She returns with a sheep and dressed in a little boo peep get up and they have slightly drugged Jonesy. She arouses him with the sheep and he is SO happy to see his baa baa. He asks him how he is and Ivan says oh just fiiiiinnnneeee (too funny). They have a conversation and baa baa tells Jonesy it's OK to let Flora Dora in his life. He says he has to go back to heaven but not before Jonesy asks to sing their song. So there is Jonesy, Viv and Ivan singing Baa Baa Black Sheep (hilarious!). When Jonesy is awaken later by Viv he says he dreamed of Baa Baa. He tells her it's OK for her to be around and asks her to move in with him right away. She agrees and as he leaves the room he comments that he is not a rich man (uh-oh). While Viv is telling Ivan they have to inventory everything the phone rings. They wonder about that as Jonesy said he had no friends but apparently he answered the phone because we see Jonesy telling someone that everything is OK and that he is staying there by himself. Sometime during the show Ivan comments that Jonesy is old enough to be Viv's father and she comments no grandfather - is this a hint?

In the jungle John is dreaming of Marlena and Hope is dreaming of Bo when they roll toward each other. They place their arms around each other and are about to kiss when the lasers go off. They both jump to their feet and rush out to protect themselves. They don't find any natives but do find a doll with a dart in it's chest. They are trying to send them a message John says. They head back to the cave (we see someone's eye from behind a bush - is it Peter?) and John apologizes about earlier - he explains that he was dreaming of Doc and Hope explains she was dreaming of Bo (in her dream Bo lays her on the bed with her head hanging off boy I bet that was uncomfortable!). They talk about John being back with Marlena and John mentions Bo again - oops he says I'm sorry didn't mean to do that. He tells her to never give up after all look at him and Doc. He even mentions Jack and Jen have rekindled their love to which they agree to go looking for Peter when they get this mission done - they shake hands on the next mission (is a new team to fight crime?). They need to head out to the falls and agree to go by the cliffs - it's a little riskier but faster. They are hot when they come upon water. They decide to jump in to cool off and leave their stuff on the ground (is that safe?). After both dreaming of being with Doc and Bo in the water they get out to find that their weapons have been taken. They realize that was stupid to leave their weapons but John says hey they could have killed us but didn't. They head on toward the falls and have reached the cliffs. John is barefoot (isn't that painful?) as they are making their way. He almost slips but is OK then they hear a noise and both duck just as a dart heads toward them. Unfortunately John falls toward the cliff and Hope is screaming for him as the credits roll.


Today's Summary is by Linda, Dustin didn't get in on the soap until it was half over
The drugs Mike gave Billie helped her to rest. He told Bo he was going to stay and look after Billie for a while, if there was something he wanted to do, to go ahead. After Bo left, and using that magic Salem phone card?, Mike picked up the phone in Billie's room and calls Laura (what's with this new umbilical cord attachment to mom?) He tells Laura about running into Austin and Carrie and they're staying at the same hotel. Laura calls in fate because she believes they belong together. He tells Laura to give it up, he doesn't have a future with Carrie, she's married (then why does he keep calling Laura about it? He knows what he'll hear). He cuts the conversation short when Austin walks in (doesn't knock, glad Billie wasn't changing) to check on Billie. She wakes up and asks where Bo is.

Out in the courtyard we see Austin, Carrie and Debra walking around. He decides to go check on Billie. Again, Debra is in her mini slinky red dress and coifed hair, while Carrie is in her mousy dress and frumpy hair...some honeymoon outfits! Carrie encourages Debra to go for it if she's interested in Mike. Bo runs into them and Carrie introduces them. He tells them he saw a fishing rod he wants to get for Shaun D and wants to call him about it. He pops around the corner and pulls out his cell phone to call his son. Shaun D answers and asks how things are going. He says ok and tells him he's going to bring him some Italian fishing stuff. S.D. says he's ok with Alice, but misses the old times. When Bo asks how Hope is, S.D. says I think she's off having a good time with Franco. (How many parents would not even CALL their kids while away? You would think Bo was be suspicious if Hope hadn't called lately?) S.D. said he's ok, but misses him and Mom. After they hang us he wanders around and remembers him and Hope when he surprised her with the Fancy Face (their old boat they lived on for newbies, and some old scenes during the Gina/Billie scenario when he asked her if she's willing to give their love another chance (wow, does he look different there!) He wonders where she is and if she's thinking about him, but then tells himself she's too busy with Franco to be worried about him. Bo senses someone he loves is in danger, but who? He keeps getting this feeling as he goes back to his hotel room.

With hands full of bags, Carrie and Debra sit down and talk about whether or not Debra is right for Mike. Carrie said she'll ask Mike right out if Debra is right for him, but Mike hears her say she'll ask Mike something and asks her what. She asks Debra to have time alone with Mike and Carrie tells him she wants to talk with him about relationships and love. Mike remembers Laura's words of wisdom that he should keep an open mind and look for any signs from Carrie of any interest. He tells himself Mom was right, Carrie does have feelings for him after Carrie suggests the married woman might have feelings for him too. Carrie tells him love is tricky and when you think you're madly in love with someone as the passion is so strong, but then you have friendship with someone else and realizes the friendship is stronger, is it possible he could return those feelings. Holding Carries hands, he tells her he does have those feelings and can't believe his ears. Meanwhile Debra is nearby listening. (come on Carrie, get a clue and use that executive Titan brain you have to figure it out!).

Austin notices the needle tracks on Billie's arm after hugging her. He and Billie argue. She tells him the marriage isn't real, Bo took pity on her and she hates what's going on.. Austin tells Billie he doesn't understand (she must know to talk s l o w e r with Austin) She explains about King's involvement with Bo, Hope and her and how he got her back on drugs so she couldn't testify. Austin threatens to kill Max, but she tells him that he's in jail too. She tells him that Bo only loves Hope and she knows he never will (sounds like the drugs cleared her brain finally). They talk about Curtis and how Bo fought Curtis for her soul and Bo won. Austin tells her about him and Carrie praying for her in the church.

Bo returns to the room and he and Austin talk about what happened to Billie and how Austin sensed the danger. Bo said he's sensing that same feeling right now.

Abby shows Laura a picture of the family tree she drew and Laura suggests that take it over to Daddy. Laura tells Maggie, who's there, it's a good way to check on Jen as she's worried about her.

Jack remembers Jen and his discussion about the computer disk and about TC's saying the new guard is all his. Meanwhile, Jen's trying to get into the Warden's office. Sneaky as she is, she needs more equipment and turns to her trusty toolbox in the hallway. She remembers Jack helping her to break in on a previous occasion and tries something else while TC rounds the corner. Another female guard said she hasn't seen Williams lately, but another guards Mother maid homemade lasagna and garlic bread and it's in the break room..so they venture off to the break room. (gee the guards in the prison movies sure look busier than they do in Salem Prison) Abby, Maggie and Laura visit Jack. Surprisingly enough Abby recognized her NEW daddy and the new Jack was very animated with her. Laura asks Abby to go paint some more leaves for Daddy on her picture and then asks him about Jen. We see Jen sitting at the warden's computer while TC's shadow goes past the door outside. Jack tells Laura about the judge who presided over his trial. He tells Laura about TC and asks Laura to warn Jen about him. Meanwhile, TC walks in and finds Jen on the computer. She trys to cover and says the warden gave her permission to use it for research and he said no he didn't, he's miles away at a governor's conference. uh oh. Jack overhears two guards talking about TC being near the governors office and his looking for Williams. Jack tells them he needs to go to the warden's office, but learns the warden isn't there.

John falls off the cliff, but is still conscious while on his back. He tells Hope not to try and get to him and sounds in pain. Hope tries to pull John up, but his foot is lodged under the boulder. He keeps telling her to give it up because he doesn't want her to fall. He tells her to leave him there, go back to the compound and try to figure out how to help him, and come back when the natives are gone (and when will THAT be?). He is obviously in pain with his foot lodged. John is remembering when he delivered Belle and how happy he and Marlena were. He also remembers when he walked into Marlena's room the first night they were together after the wedding fiasco with Susan and Kristen. He apologizes to Belle (to himself outloud) for not pulling it off and tells Marlena he's always going to love her. He says he's not giving up without a fight and when he hears a noise, picks up a rock and encourages them to come for him. Hope pops her head over the cliff and throws something over to John. It's a rope she made out of vines, she learned how to do it when S.D. was in scouts. She climbs down the rope (a little tarzan music please) and checks on John's foot. She helps him free it but squirting lotion all over his foot and pulling it out. He asks her if it was another boy scout trick, haha. They go to climb up the vine and find someone had cut it, leaving them stranded on the ledge. They smell smoke and look up to find the whole ridge on fire and it's heading straight for them.

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