October 96 Week 5


October 28Summary by Dustin
At the party for Bo and Hope one of the cops informs Bo that she saw Jill this morning, and she was beaten pretty badly. The cop says that she was lying about her ex-boyfriend because her ex moved away two years ago. Bo can't accuse Franco without solid proof, and he can't get re-involved in the case without upsetting Hope. Later Bo and Hope do the Macarena at the party with all their guests (PUKE!). Hope is than taken aside to open presents with the girls and Bo ponders whether to get re-involved with Jill's case.

Billie continues to watch the video's of her and Bo together, happy and in love. Franco has a chat with his boss (on the phone) outside of Billies apartment. He tells his boss that everything is set, and that Bo may be in love with two women, but after tonight he will have none. As Billie continues to watch the tape Franco calls the police and claims to have seen an intruder enter her apartment.

The cops at the party get news of the break in attempt and report it to Bo. Most of the cops there are drunk so Bo takes the call. Since Hope is busy with the girls Bo decides to leave a message with one of the guests and runs to Billie's. Bo enters the apartment to find Billie asleep on the couch and the tapes of them together still playing. Later when Hope hears the report she also goes to Billie's and finds Bo already there comforting a sleeping Billie.

As Carrie enters her's and Austin's room at Green Mountain lodge she finds it all full of candles and flowers. Austin returns to the room with a rose for Carrie and he tells her their love will never die. Austin leaves once more to get some strawberries and Carrie begins looking for her negligee. As she is searching Sami strolls out of the bathroom in the negligee and commenting on how it's such a turn on, but not as much of a turn on as making love with Austin. Sami tells Carrie that Austin brought her there to tell her that Sami has a new lawyer that will wreck the annulment. Sami continues to taunt Carrie until Carrie slaps her. They get into a drop down drag out fight and Lucas downstairs calls the cops on them claiming a huge fight is going on (which it is). Carrie leaves the room and runs into Austin in the hall. Austin goes to interfere but Carrie asks him not to, so they go out for air. Inside Sami is busy trashing the apartment to put on a show for the police. As Carrie and Austin return they find the police there, and Sami is on the floor acting like she has been brutally attacked. Sami tells the police that Carrie attacked her but Austin and Carrie claim that she is faking. Lucas then shows up and pretends that he drove Sami to the lodge to see Austin. Sami says she came to work out problems but found Carrie in her husbands room, and that Carrie attacked her like a wild animal. The cops have no choice but to arrest Carrie, and as she is taken away Sami has a joyful smile on her face. As Carrie is put in the cell Austin tells Sami he will make her pay. Sami says to herself that this is only the beginning for Carrie.

John wants to have a talk Marlena in private and Kristen is sure that he is going to reveal their plans to elope. Kristen follows them and finds out that John has had a nursery made up in secret to surprise her. Kristen becomes upset and begins to cry, she also commented under her breath that it was such a waste. John leaves to get a tissue for Kristen and Kristen tells Marlena to stop staring at her. Marlena heard the "what a waste" comment, and Kristen says she meant he could have waited till they found out if it was a boy or a girl before decorating. Kristen leaves as John returns, and asks him not to mention their elopement plans. John is worried about Kristen, and Marlena wants to know what is going on. Marlena schedules an appointment for Kristen to see another Doctor in the morning.


October 29Summary by Dustin
Marlena knows something is wrong with Kristen, but she doesn't know what. Marlena talks about her concerns with John but John feels her behavior is just because she is feeling unattractive. Marlena feels it's more, but before she can tell John she get's a call from the police saying Carrie is in jail for assaulting Sami. Kristen goes to take a bubble bath when John decides to joins her. Kristen claims to have heard Brady and when John leaves she gets out of the tub to put the pad back on, but John comes back to soon. She wraps the towel around her stomach and kicks the pad under the tub and claims she is tired and want's to go to bed. John begins to suspect something is wrong.

Marlena comforts Carrie at the police station. Austin asks Sami to drop the charges, but Sami refuses. She says she won't let him through their life together away and Austin tells her she's crazy. Marlena asks how she can do this to Carrie but Sami only accuses of Marlena of loving Carrie more than her. Mickey gets Carrie out of jail, but Carrie still has the hearing to go to. Meanwhile Sami is planning her next move for the hearing tomorrow.

Hope sees Bo at Billies apartment gently stroking her hair and talking to her apologizing for hurting her. Hope comes in and Billie wakes up, but pretends to be asleep. Bo wants to explain what happened but Hope asks how he can explain the look on his face? He explains to her the situation when he arrived and that he tells her that he came because he thought Franco was going to attack Billie which Hope is even more upset about. Bo tells her there is new information placing suspicion back on Franco. Hope says this isn't about Franco it's about his feelings for Billie which are still there. Hope leaves to have some time alone and Bo goes back into the apartment and wonders if Hope is right about his feelings for Billie.

After Bo leaves Franco shows up and Billie tells him what happened. She begins to cry and feels guilty. After Franco leaves she continues to watch the tapes. At the boat Hope tells Bo that before they move on with the wedding plans he has a lot more thinking to do.


October 30Summary by Dustin
As Carrie, Will, and Austin are having a good time together Mickey shows up to inform them that the hearing has been moved up to today, thanks to Vivian. Carrie and Austin go to the court and Mickey goes to get Marlena and John. Unfortunately Marlena and John have to take Kristen to her doctors appointment, but Kristen says she can go by herself, that Carrie needs them.

Jen calls Peter over to the house to serve him with divorce papers. A broken hearted Peter goes to pay Kristen a visit just in the nick of time. Kristen says that Peter can take her to the doctors appointment and that now Marlena and John can go be with Carrie. After Marlena and John leave Peter informs Kristen of the situation and that he plans to kidnap Jennifer. Miss Morals tells him if he does Jennifer will never forgive him and neither will she. Peter promises her he won't kidnap Jennifer. Peter drops Kristen off at the doctors and heads out as Kristen is called into the exam room.

Marlena and John arrive at court to comfort Carrie. After Carrie returns to her seat Sami approaches them. Sami tells John that he is not family and has no right to be here, and he is the reason her family is in pieces. Marlena tells Sami not to talk to John like that and Sami accuses Marlena of still having the hots for John. Marlena tells her it's time to stop pointing fingers and start taking responsibility, and Sami assures her that is what she is doing and she has the law on her side. After the two sides have given their arguments the judge decides to assign a social worker to the case for two weeks and orders a restraining order put on Carrie forbidding her to come within 100 feet of Sami and Will.

Marlena and John arrive home and decide to call the doctor to see how things are going when Kristen bursts into the room and stops the call. She says she is fine and has something important to tell them. (Note this Kristen is probably the clone since the other Kristen went into the office moments before).

Carrie returns home and is greeted by a police officer who informs her she is violating the restraining order.

Jen and Jack work on a story for their show on the trial between Carrie and Sami determined to show the true side of it to their viewers. They are unaware that Peter is lurking outside their house watching them.


October 31Summary by Dustin
Carrie is almost arrested for violating the restraining order when Austin tells the officer that this apartment is Carrie's legal home and the apartment where Sami is staying isn't her legal home so it's not Carries fault. Austin tells the officer he will take Sami and Will to her grandparents house and the officer agrees not to arrest Carrie. However being the good person Carrie is she decides to leave because she doesn't want to take Will away from the only home he's really known. Austin decides he'll go with Carrie and they move into Marlena's penthouse for the time being. However when Jonah informs Austin that Sami and Will are gone and the door is ajar Austin comes running back. Carrie tells Austin that he should just stay there in the building otherwise Sami will continue to pull these stunts and make their lives worse. Austin reluctantly agrees to stay and Carrie begins to wonder if they'll ever be together again.

Jonah, Wendy, Abe, Lexie, and Celeste are all at a party at the Salem Club. Little do they know they are all being watched by Stefano who is there in disguise. At the table Jonah makes a point to show everyone the paper clipping of Wendy and Benjamin from the Most Beautiful Baby contest. Celeste picks up on Wendy's unease about the subject and questions her privately. Wendy says she has nothing to hide but Celeste warns her if she has any secret about her or Benjamin's past she should tell Jonah because secrets will come out, she knows that better than anyone. Later Stefano shows pictures of all of them to another masked man at the club and asks him to watch Lexie carefully, he wants to know every little thing she does. Before he leaves he asks the man if anyone in Salem could recognize him, and he says no. After Stefano leaves he looks at a picture of Wendy, then at Wendy and says "I'm right here Wendy".

Bo runs into Billie in the park who explains that Shawn D brought her the tapes and that she never should have watched them. Later Shawn D. tells Bo what he did and that he didn't think it was wrong and neither did Franco. This news infuriates Bo who goes back to the boat. Meanwhile Hope is taking a walk when she runs into Franco. They talk about what happened (he says Billie told him) and asks her if she is going to stop the wedding. Hope is shocked at the suggestion because the idea never occurred to her. Franco walks hope back to the boat and when they arrive Bo punches Franco. When he tells Hope that Franco told Shawn D. to give the tapes to Billie Shawn D. comes up from the boat and says that it was all Shawn D.'s idea to give the tapes to Billie. Bo apologizes and Franco accuses Bo of being jealous because he still has feelings for Billie and doesn't want to see her with another man. After Franco leaves Hope thinks what Franco said is right, and she asks Bo if he still loves Billie. Bo says Billie is the past, you are my future. Hope becomes upset because all Bo had to say was "no" but he couldn't. She says until she is sure she is the only one in his heart there won't be a wedding.


November 1Summary by Dustin
Kristen tells Peter on the phone that Stefano didn't come through for her and she had to run out of the office. When Marlena comes into the room she hangs up and Marlena wonders what is wrong. Kristen says that it is just mood swings. The phone rings and John picks it up. The call is from Shawn and asks him to run an errand before going to the party. John asks Marlena if she will take Kristen to the party and comments it's no problem, she enjoys keeping an eye on Kristen. After John leaves Kristen tells Marlena to just go back to the Penthouse but Marlena responds by saying she is here for John and to protect her future with him. Kristen goes to her room to take a bath and get ready for the party and as she is bathing her phone begins to ring. Marlena yells for her but she doesn't answer. As Marlena is about to leave Kristen's answering machine kicks in and a nurse leaves a message from a nurse wondering if she is okay after running out of the doctor's office before the exam yesterday. Kristen comes out from the bathroom and yells at Marlena for being in her room and Marlena confronts her with the message. Kristen tells her she didn't like the doctor so she left but Marlena doesn't buy it. She tells Kristen will see the doctor or Marlena will tell John the truth. Marlena makes an appointment to see the doctor right away but Kristen says she is going to the party. Marlena tells her if she doesn't go now she will call John. Kristen agrees and Marlena drives her to the doctor and tells her she will be there for her exam this time.

John goes to the airport and meets Kim and her kids. They have a joy full reunion and Kimmy tells him she will always think of him as her brother. Kim says Kayla won't be coming but that she is fine. They return to the party and surprise everyone. Other surprise guests are Marie and Melissa.

Billie tells Kate she feels that she has caused problems between Bo and Hope and Kate tells her if they are that much in love her being around would not be any problem. Franco then shows up to talk Billie out of leaving Salem. He tells her it's not her fault if they don't marry, it's Bo's because he still loves her. Franco then tells her he will leave Salem that way Billie can stay and Bo won't feel threatened by him.

Hope wants to call off the wedding. She tells Bo that she loves him with all her heart and as no doubts, but she doesn't think Bo loves her with all his heart and asks him to try and prove he is no longer in love with Billie. Bo tells Hope he did love Billie, and that when he saw Billie watching those tapes he felt sad that he was the cause of her pain. Hope says she saw more than sadness on his face and asks him if he is engaged to the right woman. Bo tells her of course he is engaged to the right person and Hope just wondered because of how long it took Bo to return to her when she realized she was Hope. He says his love for her was buried away and he couldn't see it but Billie could. Hope says that as long as Billie is upset by Billie being with Franco or any other man she can't marry him.

Billie and Franco drop by the boat to tell them that Franco is leaving Salem which Bo is delighted to hear. After the two of them leave Bo gets down on his knees and asks Hope to marry him which she happily accepts.

Billie sees Franco off at the airport. Bo has guards at the airport watching to make sure Franco gets on the plane. Franco phones his boss and assures him the guards will be convinced that he has gotten on the plane for New York.

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