October 96 Week 4


October 21Summary by Dustin
Dr. Bader arrives to see Kristen and Marlena suggests she give Kristen an exam right there. Kristen replies that it's not necessary but Dr. Bader is concerned that she is not gaining weight anywhere but her tummy and thinks an exam may be a good idea. Peter and Kristen both try and stall her so that Stefano can arrange a diversion. Eventually Kristen, John, and Dr Bader go up to her room to begin the exam when Marlena knocks on the door to tell Dr. Bader that her mother has been taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation because her house caught on fire. Stefano has managed to save Kristen for now but Marlena is becoming suspicious of Kristen's irrational behavior.

Jen confronts Daniel for answers but Daniel denies everything. Jen sees the plane ticket in his hand and recalls seeing Peter purchase a ticket from a woman from the airport. She tell him that he doesn't have to pretend wit her, that she knows everything. She claims she was just testing his loyalties to Peter. Daniel buys Jen's lie and reveals everything, the lies, the threats, and the gaslighting Peter did on Laura. Daniel eventually leaves and Jen sits down and says "Jack was right, Peter is a monster."

Billie is thinking of leaving town because she feels she is creating tension between Bo and Hope. Franco tells her she can't leave because it would ruin his plans. When Billie asks him what plans he covers up by saying the plans he had in store for the two of them to get closer. Billie is touched but thinks it would be best if she left. Franco talks her into staying by telling her if she left Bo might think it was because Hope made her feel uncomfortable and that would make things more tense between Bo and Hope. Billie sees how that could pose a problem and agrees to stay till the wedding.

Meanwhile Bo has come up with a plan to prove Franco is the man who killed Andre and attacked Jill. Bo and Hope go to see Jill and Bo explains to her he believes her attacker wore blue contacts and that he is planning a lineup of men all wearing blue contacts and wants to know if she will try and ID her attacker, which she agrees to. Bo and Hope then leave to go find Franco. Franco is still with Billie and spots Bo and Hope before they see him. Franco begins to kiss Billie and when Bo spots Franco and Billie kissing he becomes tense making Hope worry. They approach Franco and Bo asks him if he will wear blue contacts and stand in a line up and Franco tells him that he will not.


October 22 Summary by Dustin
Lexie, Abe, and Celeste meet with Mickey to decide jewels left to Lexie by Stefano are legal. Mickey takes the jewels and sees what he can find and it turns out that the jewels are not stolen.

Jonah is persistent to find out why Benjamin was not picked the most beautiful baby but Wendy wants Jonah to drop it. When Jonah asks why she is so dead set against dropping it she says that if someone messed up at the paper they could loose their job. After Jonah has left Maggie wants to know what is going on with Wendy and this baby contest. Wendy assures her that nothing is going on but Maggie doesn't believe it. Jonah ignores Wendy's wishes and gets the picture of Wendy and Benjamin in the Salem Spectator as a contestant in the Most Beautiful Baby in Salem contest. Wendy pretends she s okay with it but Maggie notices from a distance that something is troubling Wendy.

Jonah returns to the hospital and informs Lexie that he is going to ask Wendy to marry him, however he can't afford a ring. Lexie decides she would like to give Jonah one of the rings from the jewels Stefano gave her but Celeste is dead against it. As the talk it over they are unaware that Stefano is listening in the background, hearing everything they say. Later Lexie tells Celeste that she will not open the box which has been placed in a bank safety deposit box. She throws the key away, but it is retrieved by Stefano

Sami publishes another newspaper article to smear Carrie's reputation and flaunts it in her face. Meanwhile Kate is busy hiring Honest Al from under Sami's nose. Unknown to Kate Vivian has overheard her meeting with Al and has decided to help Sami herself. Vivian pays a visit to Sami and informs her of what Kate has done but has agreed to help her. Lucas and Sami agree to accept Vivian's help on the condition that they help her in the future.

Franco tells Bo that he can't be in the lineup because contacts irritate his eyes. He says he wears them for work, and in fact that he was wearing them for a shoot the other night which is how he explains why Bo saw him with blue eyes the other night. Bo proposes that Franco only has to wear the contacts for 1 minuet and that a doctor will be standing by to treat his eyes afterwards and Franco agrees. Bo asks him to do it immediately and Franco is okay with it but he needs to make a phone call to rearrange his schedule. Franco calls his boss and Bo catches him on the phone but Franco gets his way out of it by pretending he's talking with his model agency.

Later at the station Abe informs Bo that Hope is feeling neglected because of this case and that she feels that the only reason that he is after Franco is because he is dating Billie. At the pub Hope admits to Caroline that she is disappointed that Bo is paying to much attention to the case and not the wedding. She tells Caroline the case is special because Billie is involved. Unkown to Hope Billie walked in the pub just as Hope said that and becomes worried.

Franco shows up at Jill's apartment


October 23Summary by Dustin
Peter is in high hopes that he is back on track with Jennifer but he is dead wrong. At home Jack has returned because he left his ticket and Jen tells him not to leave. She tells Jack he was right about Peter, that he is a monster and that he tried to drive her mother insane. Upon hearing that Laura drops a dish and goes into shock. Jen and Jack try to calm her down but she is clearly disturbed by this bit of news.

Kristen and Stefano have a talk upstairs about his plan, and he advises Kristen to marry John as soon as possible. Downstairs John and Marlena are talking with Peter about his situation and how he believes everything is on track again. Marlena wonders if Peter can be trusted since he was raised by Stefano but John tells her Kristen was too and she turned out to be a loving caring woman.

Later Marlena takes her diary out of her briefcase and sets it down and walks out of the room. While she is gone Kristen expresses her grief to John about being an unwed mother and John agrees to marry her ASAP. When Marlena returns to get her diary John wants to tell her about the wedding but Kristen stops him and makes up a story about naming the baby Marlena if it is a girl. Later she tells John she is ashamed about being an unwed mother and John believes her.

Peter return home and is punched by an angry Jack. Jennifer explains how she tricked Daniel into telling her everything and she wants him gone. He tries to explain but Jen doesn't want to hear it. Peter leaves and is later comforted by Stefano who tells him to take what he wants, namely Jennifer.

At the station Bo and Hope get into an argument because Bo has not had the tuxedos fitted for the wedding. As they argue Jill calls the station to tell them she will not be coming in for the lineup. Everyone goes to Jill's place where a note on the door explains that she had been lying about the attacks because it was her ex-boyfriend and she was embarrassed to say so.

As Franco and Billie are shopping for nightgowns for Hope, Billie becomes upset because she remembers picking out hers. Franco mumbles that Billie need not worry because Hope will never get to wear hers because their won't be a wedding night.


October 24Summary by Dustin
Vivian is working on a plan to stop Austin and Sami's divorce. Austin sends Carrie goes shopping for a wedding gown so he can meet with Mickey and Sami to discuss the divorce. As Sami is about to sign the papers Norma Redgrave bursts into the apartment telling Sami not to sign anything without her new lawyer presence. She calls off the meeting and assures Sami they will win this case. (Hello? It's a divorce, not a murder trial, how do you win a divorce?). Later Sami thanks Viv for the lawyer and Vivian reminds Sami she owes her. Vivian tells her not to get excited, because Austin is suing for custody of Will. Sami thinks this is Carrie's doing and she will do whatever it takes, no matter how nasty.

Alice consoles Jennifer in her time of grief. Jack is confused about Jennifer's feelings about him. Billie comes over to talk with Jack. Jack tells Billie about what happened but he still is going to take the job in China. Billie tells him if he doesn't talk to Jen before leaving he may loose his last chance to be with her and Abby again. Jen decides to go talk to Jen and tell her how he feels. He asks that if there is no chance for them he would leave because it would be to painful for him to stay in Salem. Jen tells him she doesn't know, but it would probably be best if he left.

Stefano tells Peter he can help him get Jennifer back. Peter tells Stefano that it's the DiMera way of thinking that got him in this mess and he will not accept his help. Peter decides to go to Jennifer's to beg for forgiveness, but Stefano knows he will be back for his help.

Peter comes to Jen's door and Billie answers it. Billie tells him to leave but he barges his way in and claims he will not leave until he has seen Jen. Jack comes downstairs and threatens to kill Peter he tries to talk to Jennifer. Jennifer comes down and tells him it is over for good, but Peter claims that what he did to her mother was because she was trying to get between them and because he thinks she is not well and needs help. He claims that everyone would be better off if Laura had been locked away for good and Laura who is standing behind him calls him a bastard. Peter tries to persuade that Laura is at fault as much as he is because she has been manipulating Jen away from Jack as much as he has and that she belongs in a loony bin and will be back in one someday soon. Jen orders him out of her house and out of her life and Peter leaves but assures her he'll be back.

Billie rides with Jack to the airport to see him off. Back at home Alice tells Jen that if she lets Jack leave it could be the biggest mistake of her life. Billie convinces Jack that Peter is a danger to Jen and he can't leave her no matter what Jen says.

Peter returns to Stefano who offers to help him, but the actions he will have to take are drastic. Peter says he will sell her soul for her and Stefano tells him he must kidnap Jen and Peter agrees if he must he must.

Laura has nightmares about being sent back to the sanitarium.


October 25Summary by Dustin
Hope, Bo, and Shawn D. take a walk in the park and Bo asks Shawn D. to be his best man. On their walk they see Billie and Franco kissing in the park and Bo still can't shake the feeling Franco is no good. They meet up and invite them to an engagement party the force is throwing for them but Billie says they already have plans. Later Shawn D. asks Bo if it bothered him to see Billie kissing Franco but before Bo can say anything Hope whisks him away. Back at the boat Bo tells Shawn D. that they shouldn't talk to about Billie around Hope because it upsets her.

Meanwhile Billie tells Franco she isn't feeling well and would like to take a walk home alone. This put a cramp into Franco's plans to get Bo and Billie together. Shawn D. runs into Franco as he is riding his bike to his Grandparents and they talk about Hope and how she is upset with all the reminders of Billie, especially some old videotapes. Shawn D. says he is going to tape over them but Franco suggests he give them to someone who might want them, and Shawn D. says he will give them to Billie. Soon after Shawn D. drops them off Franco comes over and sits down to watch the tapes with Billie (who does not know what is on them). Billie becomes upset over the tapes and decides to just go to bed but after Franco leaves Billie continues to watch the tapes.

Austin and Carrie plan to take a weekend trip to Green Mountain Lodge but Austin hasn't told her about the problems with Sami's new lawyer. Meanwhile Vivian's master plan is to make Carrie angry enough to kill Sami because If the judge sees Carrie as a violent person the judge won't give custody to Austin if he is marrying her. Before they can put the plan into action Vivian tells Sami that she must find out where Austin is taking Carrie. Sami sees Kate tell Billie that she left the number where Austin and Carrie would be in her apartment. Sami breaks in using an old key and retrieves the number.

As Carrie and Austin are relaxing in a hot tub Sami and Lucas arrives at Green Mountain lodge and make their way into the room. Sami begins to prepare the room and Lucas goes downstairs to get ready for his part in Vivian's plan. Austin tells Carrie he has a surprise for her and leaves to get a surprise and tells Carrie to wait in the room where Sami has laid her trap.

At the party Bo learns from another cop who saw Jill this morning and said she looked like she had been beat up again.

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