October 96 Week 3

October 14 Summary by Eeyore (Quoted from the Cityline)
On Monday, Franco is on the beach, and in his hand is a bloody knife. Nearby on the sand is a dead Andre. [However, for what it's worth, the person who killed Andre was wearing gloves.] Suddenly, Franco hears Billie calling his name. Franco glances up and down the beach, searching desperately for a place to hide before Billie stumbles upon Andre's body. [He manages to catch up to Billie before she gets to the beach, and the two return to the cabin for some food. Afterwards, Bo notices Franco is acting a bit strangely. First he suggests they leave soon since it is getting late, and then he resists the idea of building a fire on the beach. He stops Bo from going out to get more firewood, and says it's "his turn". Billie accompanies him against his wishes, so he tells her to gather wood in a certain area while he looks elsewhere. She defies him and heads to the beach, where (after the obligatory insertion of Bo/ Billie flashbacks and Billie sighing "Will I ever get over Bo?") she sees the body and screams. The others come running. Bo confirms that the guy is dead, and Hope calls for a coroner. Bo questions everyone, and no one recognizes the man, including Franco who says "I've never seen this man before in my life."] Jennifer is just about to ask Jack to stay in Salem [because "Abby will miss him"] when Peter arrives. He asks Jenn to please give him a chance to defend himself against Daniel's accusations. When Jenn gives him the go-ahead, Peter declares "Everything Daniel said about me is a lie; it's as simple as that." Jack thinks this is a complete waste of time, but Jennifer agrees to hear what Peter has to say. Grateful for the second chance, Peter only hopes he can talk himself out of the jam. [He expertly twists things around and says Jack paid Daniel to say what he did. Jack can't deny paying off Daniel's debts, and then Peter calls in Daniel to back up his claims. As for his dealings with Jude St. Clair, while he did know the man, Peter says he didn't do any business with him. Laura can't believe her ears, and now that Rachel isn't around to give her side of the story, Peter explains to Jennifer that Laura probably exaggerated things for Jack's sake, since she is still in love with him.] Lucas tells Sami that it's time to get a grip because Austin is going to get the anullment and marry Carrie. But Sami has another plan, and this time nothing will stop her. Then a process server arrives with the anullment papers for Sami. [She pretends to be the baby's nanny, and says "Mrs. Reed" is out for the day, and he should try again tomorrow. Meanwhile, Carrie is sweating over her big presentation at Titan. She knows these potential clients have very conservative values, and even fired a model because she was divorced. Austin tries to reassure her, saying they'll be married on the day that the anullment is final, and these businesspeople will never have to know about their situation. Things go very well until Sami barges in with baby Will in tow and serves Carrie with papers. She's suing her for loss of affection from her husband, and reveals to all in the room that Carrie seduced her husband and is trying to take him away from her and their baby.]

October 15 Summary by Dustin
Peter claims that Laura is supporting Jack's accusations against him because she is still in love with him. Jack and Peter begin to argue and Jen says she wants to hear the truth from Laura. Laura is silent for awhile but eventually tells Jen that she still loves Jack. Laura apologizes and swears she has never acted on her feelings once she found out who he was. She tells Jen that Jack has never returned her love and never will and she has accepted that. Peter then pulls out papers which "document" his relationship with Jude which show he only loaned Jude money and was never involved in anything illegal with him. Jennifer becomes fed up with Jack and Peter flinging accusations and demanding she chooses between them. Jen tells them that right now she is disgusted with them both and leaves the room.

Kate meets with Lucas to discuss their relationship but Lucas still believes she loves Austin more than him. They get into an argument about Carrie and Austin which Kate eventually ends because she called him to her office for another reason as well. She tells Lucas she is making him Senior Vice President of Titan which puts a smile on Lucas' face. Before they can begin celebrating Kate's secretary comes in and tells them that raised voices are coming from the board room.

In the board room the board that Austin and Carrie are presenting a campaign for is shocked when Sami announces her lawsuit against Carrie for stealing the affection of her husband. They are appalled at Carrie and walk out but Carrie stops them to explain. Kate and Lucas enter Kate explains them the situation but Sami twists everything around and the board is appalled with both Carrie and Austin's sense of family values. When Kate says they should be appalled with Sami Lucas defends her. Carrie offers to step down and hand the project over to someone else but Lucas throws in the suggestion that he as the new Senior Vice President would be happy to oversee the project. The board wants Lucas to take over the whole project but Kate forbids it and the board decides to take their account elsewhere. Kate tells Sami she has crossed the line this time and will pay for it. Kate also gets into an argument with Lucas in her office because Lucas took sides with Sami in the board room. She tells Lucas that he was immature and doesn't deserve to be a Senior Vice President and retracts her decision. After Kate has left Lucas says she has made a BIG mistake. In the board room Carrie asks Sami why she hates her so much and Sami tells her she doesn't hate Carrie, she just loves Austin. Sami believes that deep down Austin loves her and just hasn't realized it. Austin tells her that Sami has lost it and will never love her.

Later Sami puts the second part of her plan into action at Salem Place where Carrie and Austin are eating lunch. Everyone begins staring at them and they notice that Carrie is plastered on the front of a tabloid with the headline "Woman steals Sister's Husband and Baby".

Vivian is back in Salem and in Victors home. She barges into Victors room where Victor is in a wheelchair with a nurse attending to him. The nurse is outraged and asks her to leave. Vivian tells her she will do no such thing because she is Victor's wife and this is her house. Vivian tells the nurse to go and tells Victor that they belong together and when Victor is better he will realize he belongs with her. When Kate comes home she is shocked to find Vivian there. Vivian tells her she is back to claim what is hers and Kate vows to make her pay.

October 16
On Wednesday, Bo suspects Franco is somehow involved in the death of that John Doe found on the island the other day [actually it is still the same day, and they haven't left the island]. Franco swears that he isn't but to appease Bo, he agrees to have another look at the body. After taking that look, Franco says again that he has never seen the man before. Bo was about to accuse him anyway, but Hope stops him. After Franco leaves, Bo turns to Hope. "We've searched the island," says Bo impatiently, "and Franco was the only person alone that night." "No, someone else was also alone that night," says Hope. "And," she adds, "that someone is Billie." [Actually it was Abe who pointed out to Bo that neither Billie nor Franco have an alibi. Hope is just still upset that Bo is still so suspicious of Franco, and it doesn't help that he seems even more so now that Franco is involved with Billie. Hope is continually reminded of the time Bo and Billie spent on the island together and the relationship they shared, and it upsets her. Bo and Abe talk to the ferry captain, and he recognizes the dead man as one he brought to the island. As they did not converse at all, he can't supply any further information. The search for the murder weapon begins. Bo and Billie notice that one of the knives from the set Mrs. Horton gave them for their wedding is missing from the cabin. It is Franco who has the knife, and he calls his boss to assure him/ her that Bo has absolutely no evidence against him, and he will hide the knife where no one will find it. Unfortunately, Billie finds Franco before he can do so. She would like to leave the island now. He is sorry that their 'special day' was ruined. Bo hesitates to let Franco and Billie leave, but Abe says they should go since they need to wait for the coroner. Abe respects Bo's gut feelings, but there is no hard evidence against Franco. Billie looks at the body once again before leaving, and announces that she recognizes him. She saw him on the phone at Salem Place, and he wrote something. Abe finds no paper on the body, but finds a phone number written in his hand. It's for the Brady Pub. Bo glares at Franco and asks if this man was trying to reach him. After Laura reiterates to Jennifer that Jack has always loved Jenn and only her, mother and daughter make up and] Jennifer tells Jack, Peter, and Laura that she needs time alone to figure out what to do with her life. Jack is worried that Jennifer is so confused that she might take Peter back. Or maybe Jack will get lucky and Jennifer will choose to reconcile with him [insert fantasy of Jenn/Jack reunion. Jack runs into Daniel, who claims that he was only saving his own butt. And for what it's worth (though he says he will deny it in front of Peter), Jack was right about Peter. He's a DiMera through and through. Daniel has no desire to take Peter on - Jack is far braver than he. Daniel's parting words: "Watch your back." When Jenn goes out for some air after thinking so hard for all of ten minutes, she sees Laura, and then Peter catches up to her. She doesn't want to see him, but he says he desperately needs to know if there is still a chance for him. Jennifer admits that there is. Jack comes running over and tells Peter to leave her alone, and claims that he's not so concerned about being back with Jennifer than he is about her getting back together with someone like Peter. He tells Peter he'll kill him before that happens. Great, another Tony/ Kristen/John scenario.]

October 17 Summary by Eeyore
On Thursday, after finding the phone number of the Brady Pub on the dead body, Bo pays Franco another visit [they haven't actually left the island yet.] This time, Bo is more aggressive when it comes to getting Franco to give him an explanation. Franco defends himself, swearing that he is no killer. Again Bo is not convinced, and he's not about to let Franco off the hook until he gets some answers. Billie and Hope arrive on the scene, and they continue to insist that Franco is innocent. Bo gets angry, and it's not long before the three of them are arguing about Franco. They have no idea that Franco has the murder weapon. [Franco excuses himself (to take a walk), and uses the opportunity to rid himself of the knife. He tosses it into the water. Meanwhile, Bo stands by his belief that Franco is the number one suspect. Though there is no hard evidence now, forensics will pick up on the slightest clues left behind. Hope catches up with Franco and apologizes for Bo's behavior, but Franco says he knows Bo is only trying to do his job. He casually plants the idea in Hope's mind that perhaps Bo is so upset because he still has feelings for Billie. He also mentions this to Billie, who insists that she and Bo are just friends now, but privately wonders if since Franco noticed, maybe Hope has noticed also. Back in Salem, Abe listens to Bo and Hope's arguments for and against Franco as a suspect. Both have valid points, and Abe tells Hope he's going to assign her part-time to the case. Franco is confident that Hope will help to clear him, and then gets disturbing orders from his boss. Franco then disguises himself and gains access to the morgue, where he uncovers Andre's body and hopes he doesn't get caught before he makes sure no one finds out who the killer is. Carrie is fuming about what Sami did to her and Austin, but he tries to convince her to forget about Sami and focus on the impending annulment.] Sami comes up with another brilliant idea to up the stakes in her 'stay married to Austin' game. When Carrie finds out that Sami has avoided the process server, she heads over to her sister's [secretly, with the documents to be signed] to have it out with Sami once and for all. Poor Carrie has no idea that she is walking into another one of Sami's traps. [When Mickey wants the papers and Austin can't find them, he realizes what Carrie has done. He races to Salem Place (where he knows Sami is) just in time to see Carrie shove the anullment papers into Sami's hands. Various tabloid reporters record the confrontation, making Sami look like the poor innocent victim.]

October 18Summary by Dustin
Billie drops by Jack and Jen's house to tell Jack about the body and finds Jack ready to leave Salem. Billie tries to persuade Jack to stay until Jen has made her decision but Jack has made up his mind. Abby and Jack take a walk to discuss Jack's leaving and Billie stays behind to talk with Jen. She tells Jen that Jack is leaving tonight and she needs to make up her mind. Jen is confused and doesn't know what to do and Billie tells her to make her decision as if this was a story she is working on. Jen takes Billie's advice and goes to question Daniel Scott. Jen finds Daniel in Salem Place and tells him she wants answers.

Kristen has a nightmare that Marlena has found out she is not pregnant and exposes him to John. Peter comes over to talk Kristen. Kristen tells him she has created a no win situation and doesn't know how anyone will get him out of it. Little does Kristen know Stefano has arrived in Salem and is in her back yard disguised as the gardener. As Stefano clips away at the shrubs John, Marlena, and the kids play in the back yard nearby. While Kristen and Peter discuss their situation Marlena enters and suggests she makes an appointment for a sonagram (sp?) and amniocentesis. John follows Marlena and says he is looking forward to learning the sex of the baby. Kristen and Peter go into the gardens to take a walk and run into Stefano. Stefano tells Kristen he is working on a way to get her out of the tests and tells her not to go see her doctor in the next few days. Unfortunately for Kristen Dr. Bader shows up at the mansion because she heard that Kristen is home and she would like to see her right away.

As the medical examiner calls Abe that he is ready to perform the autopsy on Andre, Franco is in the morgue disguised as a coroner and is placing the blue contacts into Andre's eyes. Bo, Hope, and Abe arrive as Franco is inside. As they talk with the coroner Franco is discovered inside by a a woman who works at the morgue. She is about to call security but Franco convinces her he is the new intern Hal Green and she doesn't call security. Bo, Hope, Abe, and the coroner go into the room to begin the autopsy and the coroner asks Franco to assist him with the autopsy but Franco manages to slip out without anyone noticing. The coroner discovers that Andre has had some dental work done with techniques that are common in Europe. Bo thinks he has his link between Andre and Franco, however the coroner then discovers the blue contacts that Franco placed in Andre's eyes. Abe receives a call IDing the man as Andre Somer. They learn that he had been in prison in Paris for 3 years and busted out October 8th, meaning he could not have been Jill's attacker. Bo comes up with proof that he believes will catch the true murderer and Jill's attacker. Bo discovers the contacts in Andre's eyes and hypothesizes that Jill's attacker killed Andre and placed the contacts in him to throw them off track. Bo tells Abe he knows someone who had vibrant blue eyes, Franco.

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