October 96 Week 2

October 7Summary by Dustin
Kristin tries to escape the examination room, but the doctor catches her. He tells her to please change into a gown and he will be back in a few minuets. He returns and asks her what is wrong. She tells him she's fine and would rather wait till she gets home and see her own doctor. The doctor tells her he must examine her or tell John and Marlena she refused to be examined. Eventually she tells him the truth and shows him the pad. He says he must tell John the truth, but she stops him and tries using the DiMera name to scare him. He tells her that Stefano is dead, his empire is in ruins, and he is not scared. He leaves the room and Kristen begins to cry. Jack tells Jen he will take care of her and Abby now, and she calls him a bastard and how he could think she'd run back to him. She tells him that she feels there is still good left in Peter, but for now she just wants to go back to Salem and spend time with Abby. Jack tells her he will call Maggie and tell her not to come to Paris with Abby, and he will make arrangements for them to get the first flight back to Salem. Laura tells Jen she is sorry for not telling her the truth, but that she really believed Daniel was blackmailing Peter with wrong information. Jen just wants to be alone, and she asks Laura to leave to. Stefano confronts Peter and offers to help him get Jen back, but Peter just wants to kill Stefano. Stefano tells him that he did not kill Rachel, that Rachel was trying to kill him. He explains everything to Peter, and tells him that with his help they can bring power back to the DiMera name. Peter tells him that the DiMera name and ways cost him Jennifer and Kristen John. Peter tells Stefano that Kristen lost the baby and has been lying to John, but her scam will be over tonight. Stefano says he will find a way to help both of them, and that then he will have both his children back with him. Abe wants Lexie to open the box, but Celeste does not. Lexie takes a walk to think about it and ends up on a bridge over the Seine. She's about to throw the box over, but Stefano who is hiding in the shadows says no. She hears it and asks whose there. When nobody answers she's about to drop it back into the river when a police officer stops her and tells her it's illegal to throw anything in the Seine. Lexie thinks it is fate that is keeping the box with her. Stefano says once she opens it she will be a step closer to her destiny. She returns to her hotel room, where she is opening the box. Celeste has managed to convince Abe the box is evil, but they arrive to late. The box has been opened, and they gasp at the contents. As the doctor is about to tell John the truth when the nurse calls him to his private office. John enters the room and asks Kristen what is wrong. When she figures out he doesn't know she tells him everything is fine, and that they can leave. Right as they are about to depart The doctor returns. He tells them everything is as it should be. Kristen doesn't understand until she looks into his office and see Stefano standing there. She gasps and John asks what's wrong, she just says she's tired and wants to leave. Peter returns to the hotel and pleads with Jen to work this out. Jack returns with plane tickets, and Peter and Jack almost get into another fight. Jen says she has not made up her mind about what she will do. She says if Peter really is as corrupt as Jack says, she'll leave him. But if Jack has made most of this up, she will never speak to him again.

October 8Summary by Dustin
Inside the box left to Lexie are rings, broaches, necklaces, and more jewelry, which Lexie can't believe. Celeste tells her that Stefano is trying to buy her love, however Lexie is thrilled with the gifts and says he must have loved her a lot to leave her this. Celeste says Stefano trying to pull her into his world. Lexie says she can't love him and he is dead. Celeste tells her if she doesn't get rid of the jewels she is condemning herself. They are interrupted when Abe gets a call from Renee about Vivian escaping from prison, and they all comment how they forgot she was in Paris. After Abe leaves Lexie discovers a Video Tape in the case with the jewels. Vivan, Ivan, and Andre escape from the prison as the alarm sounds in the background and the dogs are let loose after them. After awhile Vivian and Andre split up go there separate ways. Ivan and Vivian decide to hide in the Eiffel Tower. Vivian makes it to the Tower, but Ivan is caught. Abe and Renee ask where Vivian is but Ivan won't betray her. Ivan get's away and runs to aid his Madam. Bo and Hope are making the final touches on the wedding reception they have planned for Carrie and Austin when Billie and Franco show up together. Austin and Carrie arrive home, and Austin wants Sami to stay with him until he finds them a safer place to live. As they are about to go into their apartment they find a note telling them to come to a certain address as soon as they get home. Not knowing what it means Carrie and Austin leave, and Sami follows them. When they arrive everyone cheers them, but Sami can only stand back and look at the extravaganza. Everyone congratulates them but they don't give them a chance to explain. As Jonah presents Mr. and Mrs. Austin Reed Carrie steps back and Sami steps up and announces she is Mrs. Austin Reed. Mickey then explains the whole mess to everyone. Everyone is shocked, but they turn the party into a Welcome back Will one. Kate and Lucas go to the party, but Lucas is not thrilled about it. On the way there he tells Kate the only thing that could make him happy if a miracle occurred that kept them from marrying. After the announcement Lucas is all smiles, and he congratulates Sami on a job well done. Later Lucas tries to express his sympathy, but she doesn't by it. Sami, Austin, Carrie, and Will are tired and they decide to leave. Sami is upset when Austin leaves her and Will in his apartment and sleeps in Carries. Billie introduces Franco as her new boyfriend to everyone. Everyone looks down on Sami for acting so happy. Hope still feels insecure when she sees Bo and Billie looking at each other as there song plays. Jonah can't understand why Benjamin was picked as the Cutest Baby in Salem. He doesn't know that Wendy withdrew him from the contest. Franco has a mysterious call later on the docks. He tells the person he doesn't like it, but he'll do it. Then he removes a contact lens case and puts in some blue contacts. Little does he know that Billie is also on the docks not far from where he is.

October 9Summary by Dustin
Upon returning to the hotel Kristen receives a phone call from Stefano. She asks if her mother is still alive and he says he doesn't know, but he doesn't think so. During their conversation John walks in and she plays it off as if it was a florist. She tells him she no longer needs his services and hangs up. Kristen then tells John she wants to leave for Salem immediately. John tells her he'll make arrangements for them to leave first thing in the morning. Just then a call comes in from Abe about Vivian, John tells Abe he will be there to help. After he leaves Stefano pays Kristen a visit. She tells him she hates him and wants him gone. He then drops to the floor and Kristen rushes to him He gets up, and Kristen gives him a Brandy (???). He tells Kristen that he has a plan that will allow her to keep John, but if he helps her she must agree to help him when the time comes. Swearing that this is her last deception she agrees and then Stefano leaves. Lexi pops in the tape which contains Stefano professing his love for her, and pleading with her not to destroy the lovely jewels, but to put them aside and think about her heritage. Lexie is moved to tears by the tape but Celeste says he is messing with her mind. When Lexie takes another look at the jewels she discovers a mysterious letter. John arrives at the Eiffel Tower to discover Vivian on the railing threatening to jump. John agrees to strap himself in a harness and be airlifted up to save Vivian. Vivian refuses to come down unless John can promise to keep her out of jail. He tells her he'll do what he can, but that isn't good enough for Vivian. Suddenly a gust of wind causes Vivian to loose her balance and fall, but is caught by John. After reaching the ground Abe informs Vivian she is free. Lexie showed up with the letter, which was actually a letter from Stefano clearing her. Vivian returns to her hotel to soak in a tub. A man approaches her from the back and messages her shoulders. She thinks it's Ivan, but it's really Stefano. Later when Ivan returns and Stefano slips out she realizes someone other than her and Ivan was in the room. When she finds the phoenix crest by the tub she flips out and tells Ivan to pack, because they are leaving immediately. Bo makes arrangements to have a special task force patrol the docks and parks for Jill's attacker. When Hope and Bo stop by Shawn and Caroline's later on they learn that Franco has moved back in. Meanwhile Billie is on the pier when a cop grabs her from behind. She yells at him and he apologizes, but explains how dangerous it is for her to be there alone. He tells her to watch out for a good looking, dark haired man with blue eyes, because he is very dangerous. She thanks him but says she will be fine. Later she spots someone in the shadows, it's Franco. She calls out Franco's name, and he emerges from the shadows wearing a pair of sun glasses. He claims he has a night shoot and is trying to get used to the dark. They talk for awhile and run into Bo and Hope. They chit chat but then go their separate ways. Bo seems troubled by Franco and looks back at him as he and Billie walk away. Franco turns to Bo and tilts down his sun glasses, revealing his blue eyes to Bo for a split second.

October 10Summary by Dustin
Hope and Billie meet up at the Salem Place. Billie is shopping for a swimsuit and Hope is meeting her wedding planner. The planner arrives and announces who she is to Billie and asks if she'd care to join them. Billie tells her she won't be joining them. Billie tells Hope she loves her for trying to protect her, but she is happy for her and Bo. However when one of Bo and Billies songs plays Hope sees how much it hurts her, and wonder if Bo and Billie are really over each other. Jen arrives home and Jack follows her. He tells her she has to tell him that she wants him out of her life, but Jen isn't sure that's what she wants. Jack tells her that he won't let it happen, and he'll take it into his own hands if need be. He tells her that he loves her, and he hopes someday she'll give him another chance, and asks if it's possible. Jen says she really doesn't know right now how she feels about Jack or Peter. Alice spent the night with Abby. Alice comes down the steps and tells Jen that she is sorry about Peter. Jen goes upstairs to see Abby to tell her the bad news, and Alice talks with Jack. She tells him Jen is in pain, and to give her time. Jack is about to leave for a walk when Alice gives him a letter that was hand delivered. Jen tells Abby the trip is canceled, but she doesn't say anything about Peter. Hope comes over to see Jen tells her everything will be okay. Jen tells Hope that if her and Jack ever got together again they'd realize that it was just not meant to be. Hope asks her that despite of everything, is she still in love with Jack. Jen says she has feelings for Jack, but she doesn't know what they are. Later Hope admit she's concerned about Billie's feelings for Bo, and whether Bo is over Billie. Later Hope asks Jen to be her matron of honor, and Jen accepts. Billie bumps into Jack at Salem Place and they talk. Jack tells Billie he has been offered a position in China, and is thinking of taking it. Hope runs into Billie again, as does the wedding coordinator who has a stash of Veils for Hope to look for. The wedding coordinator asks if Billie is going to be in the wedding, but Hope says she hadn't asked. Hope feels now is better than never and asks if she'd be in the wedding, and Billie agrees. Later Jack returns home, and shows Jen the job offer, to get her reaction. However it's not the reaction Jack wanted, and he says he's going to go upstairs and begin packing. Jen stops him and tries to say something to him, but all that comes out is "nothing", and Jack goes to pack. Alice comes into the room after Jack has gone upstairs and asks Jennifer if she's going to let him walk out of her life just like that. Austin and Carrie are snuggling bed when "here comes the bride" comes blaring over a stereo Sami is playing in Austin's apartment. An angry Austin calls his mother to get help with a speedy annulment. Meanwhile Sami is waiting for Austin to run over, but Lucas arrives at her door. Lucas tells her that Austin is going dump her, but Sami says is she closer to getting what they want than ever before. Austin comes barging in, and tells her that if she tries this stunt again the tape is history. Austin tells her that he is going to see Kate and Mickey today to get an annulment. Carrie comes in the apartment, and Sami warns her sister not to try and steal her husband from her. The meeting with Mickey goes off well, but Carrie can't help but wonder what Sami is planning next. Back at the apartment Lucas is reading a trashy rag and finds an add for a shady lawyer, who Sami actually hires.

October 11Summary by Dustin
John, Marlena, and Kristen arrive home and Caroline is there to greet them at the DiMera Mansion with Belle and Brady. Hope is trying on wedding veils and Billie ,who is watching, can only remember trying on wedding veils herself and her marriage to Bo. Hope goes off to the back to look at a new shipment, and Billie picks up a veil and tries it on. Bo comes in thinking she is Hope and Billie becomes upset and leaves. Bo picks up the veil and looks at it and also remembers his wedding to Billie. Outside the wedding shop Franco runs into Andre (The prisoner from France, my he travels quickly for an escape convict). Andre threatens to ruin Franco's plans if he doesn't cut him on the deal. Franco tells him to leave Salem now, but Andre knows who Franco's employer is. Franco tells him that this information could get him killed and he should forget it and get out of town. Later Franco calls his boss and tells him what's up, and wants to know what to do. However, Billie runs into him and he says it was just his agent. Bo, Billie, Franco, and Hope head out to the island and Andre follows them. When they get there old memories of her and Bo surface and Franco says that maybe they can make some new memories today. Bo is still uneasy about leaving Billie with Franco, but Hope assures him Franco is perfectly harmless. Bo and Hope do the traditional shower thing, and Billie hears them from the cabin. Meanwhile Franco has disappeared and Andre has been with a knife murdered by a mysterious figure. Jack tells Jen he is going upstairs to pack but will come back down to say goodbye. Alice comes out from the kitchen and asks is she is really going to let him just walk out of her life. Jen tells Alice that she can't do anything about Jack, and that if he wants to leave it's his decision. Later Alice tells Laura that she needs a mother direction but Laura doesn't know if she can be objective because of her feelings for Jack. Laura tries to talk Jen into changing her mind about Jack but Jen says she is still connected to Peter. She wishes she had time to figure everything out, but Jack comes down the stairs ready to leave and Laura tells her she has to make a decision now. Jack says goodbye and he gives her a kiss, but Jen mutters "Wait, I don't want". Peter is flying back to Salem with a mystery man (Daniel perhaps) who has agreed to help Peter get Jen back. He tells Daniel that his life depends on his performance today. When they reach Salem Peter comes to visit Kristen. They both talk about Stefano and Peter receives a call from someone. He has to leave to go to Jennifer's and he tells Kristen to stay calm and that everything will work out. Marlena decides to move in with John and Kristen to look after Kristen and the baby. Franco stumbles across Andre's body on the beach, and picks up the knife.

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