October 96 Week 1

September 30 Summary by Dustin
Bo decides to go bring Franco in for a line up but Hope tells him she will not let him do it. They start to argue and Jill panics and runs off. She tells Bo to call her when he has the guy. Hope tries to persuade Bo not to do this, but his mind is made up. Meanwhile Billie and Franco have gone to the Cheating Heart where they are playing pool, but all Billie can do is remember about the good times with Bo. Franco excuses himself to make a call, and calls his mysterious boss. He informs his boss about the situation, and that Billie has no idea what's in store for her. Just then Bo and Hope arrive, and Bo noticed the bandage on Franco's wrist. Billie explains he cut himself on the thorns of some roses he picked for her, but Bo doesn't believe him. Just as Bo is about to tell Franco why he's there Hopes phone rings, and it's Jill. Jill has remembered something about her attacker and she HAS to see Bo NOW. Bo and Hope leave and go to the boat to meet Jill. There she tells them she remembered her attacker had intense blue eyes. After Jill leaves Hope tells Bo he was wrong (Franco has green eyes) and she wants him to drop it. Bo and Hope return to the pub and Bo acts all buddy with Franco. Jonah, Wendy, and Benjamin are having a fun day in the park. Maggie comes along and starts talking with Wendy, and Jonah and Benjamin go off to play. As they are talking Maggie says something about Benjamin and Jonah looking like father and son , then she realizes that was rude and apologizes. Wendy says as far as she's concerned Jonah is the only father Benjamin has. When Jonah and Benjamin return Jonah tells Wendy he entered Benjamin in the Cutest Salem Baby Contest. Maggie says she heard about that, and that the wining baby will get national exposure as will the Mother. Wendy acts happy about this, but is definitely not. Later she slips away and finds the booth were Jonah entered Benjamin. She asks for the entry form back, and quickly throws it away. Sami tells the judge a big sob story about how long it's taken her and Austin to finally find their way to each other, and that their son means more to them than anything. The judge is impressed by her honesty (Ha!) and tells her she has shed some new light on the case and he will take it into great consideration. When Sami returns to the Hotel everyone is steamed at her and wants to know where she's been. She tells them that she went sight seeing because she couldn't bear to be there waiting around for the social workers to show up. The social workers then show up and Sami and Austin play the sad couple while they take Will away. The social workers tell Sami and Austin that the judge would like to see them AND Carrie. Sami isn't pleased about this and becomes worried. In the judges chambers he tells Sami and Austin that he has thought long and hard about this case, and that Sami's visit helped him come to a decision, which is final. The show ends with Austin and Carrie looking at Sami.

October 1 Summary by Dustin
Just as the judge is about to give his verdict a phone call interrupts and he must leave to take care of something urgent. Marlena shows up and sneaks into the chamber. Austin, Sami, and Carrie get into a fight over Sami's visit to the judge. Marlena tells Sami she loves her, but can't understand how she can be so hurtful to Carrie and Austin. Sami claim she is only doing what she needs to keep her family together, and she doesn't really care what anyone else thinks. The judge returns and tells them that Sami's words truely convinced him that she and Austin love each other, and he sees no reason why they can't take Will back to Salem. Carrie throws it back in Sami's face when she apologizes to Sami and she thanks her because without her little scheme the judge may not have made the decision he did. Kristen, John, Jen, and Peter have lunch at the Paris cafe. Jennifer brings up the hearing with Austin and Carrie, and John says Marlena has gone to be with them. Jennifer says how caring Marlena is. Kristen slips and says she wants a white wine, and everyone looks at her. Then she says it's the pressure, and of course she can't have wine. John and Jennifer go off and leave Peter and Kristen alone for awhile. John asks Jen how she will explain to Abby why she and Jack aren't together (he claims to be curious as to what he will tell Belle in the future). Jen says Abby is to young to understand, and that sometime she doesn't understand. John asks rhetorical that she still loves Jack. Jen brushes it off, but he says she should accept it and move on, then Jen asks if he is talking about Marlena. Jen tells John how much she misses Abby, but Maggi is coming to Paris tomorrow to visit Mickey, and she is brining Abby and then Jen, Peter, and Abby are going on a 6 month cruise. Peter and Kristen wallow in self pity about how they had to scheme to keep the ones they love John takes Kristen back to the room where she takes a nap. John calls Marlena about the trial, and Marlena gives him the good news. Marlena is concerned and feels Kristen needs to see a doctor. The phone call ends and Kristen begins talking in her sleep. She says the baby is dead, and John hears it. Daniel has been running from goons all day in Paris but is eventually caught. Jack finds out where Daniel is. Daniel is in his hotel room, tied up, and being beaten senseless by some the goons. Jacks offers to pay his debts if he tells him what he wants to know about Peter. Daniel tells him a bunch of useless crap about how Peter is involved with some shady business deals and Jack refuses to pay him for it. Jack leaves and Laura tells him that he can't leave Daniel there, that those men will kill him. Jack goes back into the room and Daniel tells him he gives up, that he will tell Jack what he needs to turn Jen against Peter for good.

October 2Summary by Eeyore
On Wednesday, Hope is alone on the boat preparing for her upcoming wedding [meaning going through stuff and tossing things out -- whatever that has to do with preparing for a wedding] when she comes across an old video of Bo and Billie. Unable to resist, Hope takes a look. Hope is surprised to see how happy and very much in love they were. Although she tries not to let it bother her, Hope can't help but wonder if unattached Billie could be a threat. [Hope has a heart-to-heart with Alice, who is not sure that inviting Billie to the wedding is such a good idea.] Meanwhile, Kate is not convinced that Billie has moved on in her life. She still has those unresolved feelings for Bo. [Kate is surprised to hear that the man in Billie's life is Franco Kelly. He stops by to show Kate his portfolio, and ends up visiting with Billie and going down to Victor's stables, where he tries to teach her how to ride a horse. Things get steamy as Franco tells Billie how to mount, and helps to show her how to move in the saddle. Bo (who came to see Victor) and Kate walk in at an inopportune moment. Hope arrives shortly afterwards to deliver the wedding invitations. Kate is not certain that Franco is the man for Billie, but she is impressed with his work, including a striking photo of Franco with blue eyes. He explains that sometimes he wears contact lenses during photo shoots to achieve a different look.] Jack finally gets the information from Daniel that will prove to Jennifer that Peter is a DiMera through and through [he forces Daniel to put it in writing before he pays off his debts]. Jack immediately passes the information along to Jennifer [who was about to spend a final evening in Paris with Peter before they leave on their cruise], and of course she doesn't want to believe it. Jack tells Jennifer that he has proof, and then he brings in Daniel. [Daniel tells her every word is true. Peter tries to discount Jack's attempt to discredit him, but he's sweating bullets and wonders if his time is up.] Vivian demands that Ivan get her out of prison *now* [and she tunnels over to Ivan's cell because she can't stand to be in this place any longer.] Before Ivan can explain the situation to Vivian, Ivan's new cellmate gives an exciting twist to the situation [he insists on escaping with them, or he'll turn them in], with some interesting information about someone in Salem [sounds like he knows someone there.]

October 3Summary by Dustin
John thinks Kristen is having a nightmare when she murmurs "My baby is dead" so he wakes her up. John asks if they baby is fine, she says yes. When John tells her what she said she tells him it was only a dream, but John thinks it's something more because she was so emotional when she was saying it. Kristen tells him that it was just her fears talking. John suspects something is wrong and calls Marlena to talk about Kristen. Marlena stops by when Kristen is in the shower. He tells her what she said in her sleep. Marlena tells him her fears are justifiable. Kristen finds them together and wants to know what's going on. John wants Kristen to see a doctor now, and Marlena set up an appointment for her with a doctor. Daniel tells Jen that everything he says is true. Jen panics and can't believes what she is hearing. Jack tells Jen that if she wants he will make arrange with Mickey to start divorce papers. Peter and Jack get into a huge argument and Jennifer screams at them to stop it. Peter assures that Daniel was lying about it all, that Jack pressured him into this some how. Jack says Jen needs to decide with her heart, and Laura returns to the room after escorting Daniel out. Jen questions Laura about Daniel and if Jack pressured him. Laura says nothing, but then speaks up about Peter's involvement with Jude. Jen doesn't believe Laura. Peter calls Laura a liar, but Peter admits his connection to Jude, and gets a nice hearty slap from Jen (YES!). Peter begs for a chance to explain, but Jen tells him not to come near her, touch her, or talk to her about love. She tells Peter she will never forgive him then runs out of the room. Peter turns to Jack and tells him he won't have a chance to enjoy his victory, because he's going to kill him. Peter reaches over and begins strangling Jack. Sami finds Marlena, Carrie, and Austin all celebrating at the Paris Cafe. She becomes upset that Austin is in public with Carrie, and becomes even more upset when she notices the social workers watching them. Marlena suggests that they play along until they are out of Paris, but watching them together hurts Carrie. Austin bursts her happy bubble by telling her that they are all leaving Paris tonight. Sami tries to talk them out of leaving tonight but it doesn't work and Sami and Austin get into a fight. The social workers overhear them and tell them that they are having doubts about of them. They tell them that if Will's parents can't have a happy dinner together maybe they shouldn't have custody of Will. Austin tells them about the judges decision but they say that they can talk to the judge and have it changed so they can observe them as a family in Paris a little while longer. Sami tells them that they are fine, they were just arguing about whether to stay in Paris or return to Salem. On the flight home Austin and Carrie sit together while Sami is left down the isle with Will. Austin tells Carrie that he has made arrangements to start divorce proceedings once they reach Salem. The stewardess announces that they have left French territory and Austin makes a public pledge of his love and devotion to Carrie.

October 4Summary by Dustin
Lexie doesn't want to open the safety deposit box Stefano left to her but Abe encourages her to do so, because it's the only way she will get over her fears. Lexie and Abe go to the bank, and as Lexie goes to open the box Celeste comes in and tells her not to open it, that if she does she will bring a curse upon all of them. Lexie asks if she knows what's in it, and she says no. She tells Lexie he is reaching for her from beyond the grave, and that he may still be alive. However, Abe convinces Lexie to open the box, though Lexie tries she is unable to do it. Lexie tries to donate it to the bank, but they can not accept it legally. Celeste suggests they throw it in the river, and Lexie agrees. Jennifer swears to Peter she will never forgive her and runs out of the room. Peter blames Jack and begins strangling him. They get into a huge fight and Laura gets to guys to break up the fight. Peter tells him it isn't over and leaves. Later Laura becomes angry when Jack wants to celebrate, but Jack also realizes how much he must have hurt her. Jack wants to go find her, but Laura tells him that she is still in love with Peter, and if he tries to comfort her she might turn away from Jack as well. She convinces Jack to let Jen come to her. Meanwhile Jen is wandering the streets of Paris thinking everything over in her head. She begins to cry when a mysterious stranger peers at her through some bushes, when he turns his head we see that it is Stefano. He overhears Jennifer talking aloud to herself about what happened and he begins to walk towards her, but a Frenchman approaches her and asks her why she is crying, so Stefano backs away. The man tells him everything will work out, but she tells him no it won't. He asks her if there is anyone in her life she trusts and loves her unconditionally, and that she should talk to that person. Jennifer thanks him and says she needs to go speak with him. Jen returns to the hotel room to talk to Jack. Marlena tells John that the doctor will be able to see Kristen that night if they bring her by. Kristen panics and tries to figure a way to get out of it, but is unable to. Then Kristen tells John she is NOT going to see the doctor. When John asks her why she claims it's not necessary. They are interrupted when Peter shows up battered and bruised and asks to speak with Kristen alone. Kristen tells him about the doctors appointment and Peter tells him about Jen finding out about his past. Peter and Kristen discuss Stefano's influence on them, and how it has corrupted them. Kristen tells Peter he has to try and convince Jennifer to take him back, and Peter leaves to try. Shortly after Marlena and John take Kristen to the doctor. Kristen tries to think up a way to fool the doctor, but when she is called into the exam room she knows she's done for. Peter goes looking for Jennifer, but finds Stefano, who says he can help Peter get Jennifer back.

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