October 2002- Week 5


October 28
At the penthouse, John wants Marlena to use her connection to the twins to spy on Tony and learn what the twins are all about. Marlena agrees to do it. John decides to take Marlena to spy school, and he reveals all the equipment he has for her to use. The first gadgets are diamond earrings, which of course are bugged. He also gives her a lipstick camera, but Marlena says she has no idea where to find any evidence to photograph, or even what to look for. John says that is her next lesson, lock-picking! After that lesson, he gives her a lesson in self defense.

At the DiMera mansion, Abe stops by to see Lexie. She hopes he is here to talk about their future, and he says in a way he is. Abe says he can’t begin to make promises to her if she isn’t going to be honest with him about what she knows about Hope and Zack. Lexie swears she does not know where Hope and Zack are, and her not running has to prove something. Lexie says she would give anything to know Zack was safe, even knowing he was safe in Hope’s home. Abe still thinks Lexie knows something, he even says she’s has practically admitted it, but he doesn’t know why she won’t tell him. He says time is running out, so if she’s not going to do this for him or for herself, she should do it for Isaac. Lexie refuses to say anything, so Abe leaves. Lexie wishes she could trust Abe to believe her. Later, LExie corners Bart and demands to know what he knows about Hope and Isaac! She demands to know if he, his father, or anyone in this house has anything to do with the kidnapping! Bart says he knows nothing, and Lexie ends up screaming at him to get out of her sight. Lexie begins to wonder if she’s not being set up, perhaps Tony is trying to let her know he has Isaac.

At the station, Bo becomes suspicious when he finds Billie with Hope’s itinerary. She says she is just trying to help find Hope, but Bo wonders if she is the one who wants Hope out of his life for good. Billie can’t believe he is talking like this. Roman shows up and asks what is going on? Billie says she offered her help to Bo, but he is suspicious. Roman says her effort is appreciated, but she should stick to the cases she was assigned to. Billie says fine, but the offer to help will remain open. Roman tells Bo that if he suspects Billie, then they need hard proof. Roman says the only way they can prove it is to bring her into the investigation. He says even if she isn’t involved, she has good instincts and could help. Roman tells Bo that Abe went to see LExie again because he feels she knows something. Abe suddenly returns and says Lexie claims she doesn’t know where Isaac is, and he believes her. Bo refuses to believe Lexie is innocent and demands she be interrogated until she confesses. Abe demands Bo stand down, and he says if LExie is behind the kidnapping, they know that the boy is safe. He says Lexie could be their only lead right now, and he won’t let Bo scare her away! Bo calms down, and Abe assures him that he will find Hope and Zack.

Lucas and Kate are shopping in Salem Place. Lucas bought a costume for Will, and he hopes Sami brings Will home in time to wear it. Kate tells Lucas that she’s sorry Will and Sami are in Colorado, but her trip has given her some new ideas. Lucas wishes his mom would let this vendetta against Victor go, but she says she can’t anymore than he can let his feud with Sami go. Kate refuses to let Nicole become Mrs. Kiriakis and ruin her life, and she says she has a scheme to ruin both Sami and Nicole at the same time. Later Billie shows up, and vents about Bo and Roman. When Kate defends Roman, Lucas wonders what is going on. Billie tells Lucas that their mom is seeing Roman Brady. They all start to argue, and Lucas and Kate both end up ganging up on Billie. They want to know what is bothering Billie, what is she really doing here? Kate says she wants to be here for her now because she couldn’t be there when she was a child. Billie lashes out and says she is sorry she didn’t get to play mother to her when she was little, but at least she has a second chance which is more than she will ever get with her little girl Georgia. Billie wonders why Kate sent Lucas off to school after losing her and Austin, and she says maybe because it was it gave her more time to climb the corporate ladder. Kate says at the time she didn’t think she had any other choice, and she want to set a good example, but she failed them all. Lucas tells her not to say that, she didn’t fail them. Kate tells Billie that she is her flesh and blood, and once upon a time, she depended on her for everything. Kate tells Billie that she is her little girl, and she will always know when something is wrong with her, so she begs her to allow someone to help her. Billie says all she wants is to make a fresh start, and she runs off. Lucas tells Kate that Billie does take after her, she always has a secret and is good about keeping it. Lucas gets a call and learns that Sami and Will are back, and Kate begs Lucas not to let Sami know that she is secretly working against her. Lucas says he won’t do that to her, besides he doesn’t know what she is up to.

Roman goes to Salem Place and runs into an upset Billie. He wants to take her back to the station, but she says she’s not going there right now and takes off.

Victor is on the phone with Nico demanding he find out all he can about Hope and Zack, and whether Tony was involved. Meanwhile, Nicole is whining about how she may never get to marry him, but he promises that her divorce will be finalized and this is the last obstacle anyone will place before them. Nico calls back, but has no new information. Nicole tells Victor not to worry about the wedding until this is over, but Victor thinks the wedding will do them good right about now. Victor then decides to let Nicole in on his plans for Kate and Sami. He says he plans to make sure they spend eternity together!

In the basement, Larry plans to take Zack from Hope. Hope begs Larry to talk to her, so he goes into the room to see Hope. Hope has a proposal for Larry. She says his vendetta is against her, not her son. Hope begs him to let Zack go, but Larry says Zack is the flesh and blood of her, Bo, and Victor, all of whom he hates. He tells her no way, and leaves her and Zack locked in the room again. Later, Billie calls Larry and tells him nobody still has a clue what is really going on. Larry tells Billie that he wants to know every move Salem PD makes.


October 29
Brady shows up at Salem U to meet Chloe. All the girls ooooh and aaaah over Brady, but he has eyes only for Chloe. Brady came to give her a book she left in his jeep. Suddenly, Phillip charges full steam ahead and runs into Brady and Chloe. Phillip apologizes, and leaves Brady and Chloe to continue their conversation. Brady finds a note on the floor with the rest of Chloe’s things, and it is an invite to start a romantic scavenger hunt at the Java Cafe.

At Heartly House, Belle comforts Shawn, who is still worried about his mom and Zack. Suddenly, the heater begins rattling, so Shawn tried to fix it, not realizing the Blue Key is down there. Meanwhile, Cynthia and her groupie try to come up with a way to scare Rex and Cassie off. Suddenly, Mimi appears, in a cloud of smoke, dressed as Genie! She thinks she has the wrong day, and frets. Later, Shawn and Belle come downstairs and Belle tells Cassie and Rex that she has some sweatshirts she is making for them for. Shawn and Belle, as well as the twins head to class, and Cynthia and her crony head upstairs to do some dirty work. Back in Belle’s room, a man in black breaks in and tries to locate the Blue Key! His plan is foiled when Cynthia and her freaky-deaky show up to doctor the sweatshirts Belle bought for them. Cynthia and her friend leave, and the man in black comes back out of the closet where he hid. He gets the Blue Key, and we learn he is none other than Rolfe! Rolfe says mission accomplished, the phoenix has risen!

Mimi meets up with Chloe and tells her that Cassie and Rex have major crushes on Belle and Shawn, and they have to do something about it! Later the kids all meet up and try and explain Halloween to the twins. Chloe eventually realizes Mimi is right about the twins’ crushes, and she thinks they can use Phillip to squash this problem. Later, Cynthia and her friend show up with the sweatshirts Belle made them, and she tells them that it will be a nice surprise for Belle. They go to change, and Mimi and Chloe try to get Phillip to help them get the twins over their crushes on Belle and Shawn. Chloe asks Phillip to ask Cassie to the party, and Mimi says she’s asking Rex. Phillip says he had other plans, and asks Chloe who she’s attending the party with? Chloe says she doesn’t even know if she’s going. Phillip eventually agrees to do this for Belle and Shawn. Chloe then gets a call from Brady, and they plan to meet at the Java Café for drinks. Chloe also plans to investigate her mystery note while there. Meanwhile, the twins get into their outfits, and end up being laughed at. Cynthia doctored the shirts so they said Salem UFO! Everyone goes into class, and Rolfe shows up as their new professor!

Chloe heads to the Java Café. Brady is no where to be found, but Chloe receives a dress from the waitress! She is stunned, and unaware that Phillip is spying on her!

Nicole meets Brandon in Salem place, and she warns him to put as much distance between him and Sami before it is too late! Brandon can’t believe this, but Nicole says this isn’t about love, it is about his safety. Brandon says if Sami is in danger then she should tell him what she knows.

Meanwhile, Kate makes plans to bring Eric back to Salem, but Sami shows up and ruins her little plan. Sami refuses to allow Kate to bring Eric back. Later, Lucas and Will show up, and Will overhears Sami telling Kate to think of something else to keep them out of prison. Will asks why she is going to jail, and Lucas wonders what she’s done now? Sami says she is not going to jail, she and grandma were just kidding around. Will goes to bob for apples, and Lucas tells Sami and Kate that he has finalized his and Nicole’s divorce. Kate asks whose side is he on? Lucas says he is on Victor’s, he will not stand by and watch them stab him in the back! Suddenly, Nicole shows up and gloats to them that she and Victor will be married very soon! She asks them if they are going to give up and accept defeat? Brandon also shows up, and he pulls Sami away. Kate and Nicole continue their nasty little war of words, and Nicole tells Kate that nobody will be able to save her from the fate she deserves! Meanwhile, Sami tries to talk Brandon into going someplace romantic, but he wants to know if something is bothering her? Sami says nothing, and later Nicole warns Brandon once again to stay away from Sami because she is trouble. Brandon is sick of playing this game with Nicole, but Nicole says Sami is the one playing games. Elsewhere, Kate comes up with a new plan and lets Sami in on it. Kate tells Sami that they need to make sure Victor catches Nicole cheating!

At the hospital, Jen can’t stop thinking about the kiss she and Jack shared. Jack shows up and tells Jen that he thinks he knows what happened to her cousin Hope. Jack says that he has found out that this kidnapping is about a personal agenda, not ransom. Jen says the cops checked the mansion out and found nothing, but Jack suspects Tony had Collin pull this off. Jack wants to question Collin, but Jen tells him no way. Jen says she told Collin she wouldn’t have anything to do with him until he quit his associations with Tony, and he said he would. Jack says you can’t leave the DiMeras anymore than you can leave the mob. Maggie shows up to see Jen, and Jack takes off. Jack trails Collin, who ends up making a call and tells someone that there is nothing standing in their way, so they should go full steam ahead with the plan. He follows Collin all the way back to Jen and Maggie. Collin says hello to Jen, and then leaves. Maggie asks Jen if she is still seeing Collin? Jack pops up and says he’d like to know the answer to that question as well. Maggie ends up leaving this time, and Jen says they have more important things to worry about than Collin. Jen says she needs to go, but Jack says there is something she needs to hear. Jack plays Collin’s phone conversation, which he taped, for Jen. He tells Jen that Collin is using her, and he is helping the Dimeras bring down her family. Jen is furious after hearing the tape, and she goes to talk with Collin in private. Collin asks what is up, and she demands to know if he is still working with Tony. Jack shows up, despite Jen’s instance she talk to Collin alone. Collin says if they believe he is still involved with the DiMeras then they have nothing else to talk about. Jack demands to know what his call was about, and Collin says they can see for themselves. Some men in costumes show up, and Collin says he hired them to entertain the kids. Collin is furious that Jen doubted him, and she apologizes. Collin tells Jen that she has to make a decision between him and her ex.


October 30
At Salem U, the kids are all in class with their new professor, Dr. Putnam AKA Rolfe. Rex and Cassie know all the answers, and Cynthia and her crony make fun of the twins. Dr. Rolfe comes to the end of class, and says he will be replacing their former teacher and they should know why. Rolfe says he is here because of Cassie and Rex. He says that he has been following their story in the news. He lectures the class on Cassie and Rex and tells them that they should welcome them instead of ridicule them. After class, Belle confronts Cynthia about the prank she pulled on the twins. Mimi also scolds Cynthia, and calls her trash! Dr. Rolfe asks to speak with Cassie and Rex alone, so they remain behind. Belle doesn’t like it, so Rolfe assures Belle that he just wants to get to know the twins better and help them adjust to university life. Belle stares at Rolfe and realizes he looks familiar, and she asks if they have met before. Rolfe claims he doesn’t know her, but he’s been mistaken for Shawn Connery and Omar Sharif before. Rolfe and the twins go to his office to talk while Belle and Shawn head to the mall. In Rolfe’s office, Rex and Cassie begin to become suspicious of Rolfe because he doesn’t seem to know much about Boston, where he claims he came from. Rex thinks Rolfe’s diploma is a forgery, and asks the professor if he is a fraud? Rolfe is shocked by how much the twins have grown since he last saw them. Rolfe opens his briefcase, and inside are the twins bracelets! He puts the bracelets on them, and they go into trances. Rolfe tells them that they must still make the DiMera dream come true. Rolfe checks the twins over to make sure they are okay, and says now they are together again. Rolfe says they should continue with their training, and to learn about their mission. Rolfe tells them that they must be strong, and they must bring anyone down who tries to stop them. Rolfe tells them that if certain students ridicule them again, those students should be punished! He tells them to use their abilities to take charge and overpower them! Rolfe tells them that he will remove their bands, and they recall none of this. He says if anyone asks, they will claim they have been discussing bioethics with him. Rolfe then brings them out of their state.

At the Java Café, Chloe gets a mask from her secret admirer, and is instructed to go to Ballistics next. She wonders who sent this to her. Meanwhile, Brady catches Phillip watching Chloe and confronts him. Brady and Phillip end up in an argument over Chloe. Phillip claims he was just walking through the mall, but Brady knows he was spying on Chloe. Brady says Phillip only enrolled in Salem U to get closer to Chloe, and is using Belle to do it. Phillip tells Brady that he is the one acting like a jealous idiot! Meanwhile, Chloe picks up her dress from Ballistics, which is black lace. Next Chloe is sent to a candle vendor for a torch to light her way. Brady calls Chloe and says he can’t make it to meet her because he’s caught up at work. She says it is okay, she has stuff to do. Chloe takes off, and Phillip continues to follow. Chloe picks up her candle, and is told to go and wait for her admirer at the pier. Chloe sees someone behind her, and she thinks she knows who her admirer is. Chloe changes into her outfit and heads to the docks. She says she has figured out who he is, there is only one person who could dream up something like this. She asks Phillip to come on out. However, she is stunned when Brady comes out!

Belle and Shawn arrive at the mall, and Belle knows Shawn isn’t into this. She tells him that he doesn’t have to go, but Shawn says he should go to this party because there is nothing else he can do. Belle picks out some costumes for everyone, and then begins to worry when Cassie and Rex don’t show up. They return to school and meet up with Cassie and Rex in Rolfe’s office. They say it is time to get into their costumes and head to the party.

At the Dimera house, Tony meets with Collin and they talk about Marlena. Tony thinks Marlena has the answers to his past and his future, and he wants to get them today. Collin gives Tony some truth serum to give to Marlena. Tony feels there is a connection between him, Marlena, and the island his father kept them on. Collin ends up leaving, and Tony says he and Marlena have such work to do!

Outside, John and Marlena are in a pest control van where John is all dressed up like an exterminator. She laughs at him, and he tells her that she is far too giddy to be an effective spy! John and Marlena test out the gadgets John gave her, the pest control van is just a cover and is really spy central.

Marlena goes to the mansion and meets with Tony. Marlena talks to Tony about the twins, and how they are doing at Salem U. Tony pours them some water, and drugs Marlena’s. Marlena asks Tony how he is, and if he is still having his episodes. Tony asks her why she is so curious? Marlena says he does call out her name in these states, and she would like to help him. Tony talks to Marlena about how they do have a lot in common, the missing years they both have while they were in Stefano’s care. Tony begins talking about the pillow his father left her, and how he thinks the constellation on the back speaks of a connection between her and the twins. Marlena doesn’t like this, and asks him what could be keeping the twins. Tony says he’ll go to his office and call them, and she should relax and drink her water. Tony leaves, and Marlena snoops. She sees Tony has a new desk, and picks the lock. Inside Marlena finds the photos of the island, and she begins photographing them. As she is doing so, Marlena begins hearing odd things. Something begins to happen to Marlena, it seems she is hearing the ocean or what sounds like waves. She ends up in pain, and drops one of her earrings in the glass of water. She then hears a man commanding her to sleep! Tony returns and asks Marlena what is wrong. She says “he” is making her sleep, but when asked who, she says she doesn’t know. Marlena says “he” needs her to save the future, to save the DiMeras. Tony asks her how? MArlena snaps out of it, and wonders what happened and where her earring is. Tony says it is in the glass of water. Tony says he can’t find the twins, and when he came in she seemed disoriented. Suddenly, John bursts in and asks if everything is all right? Tony is furious that John is in his house, and Marlena says she is fine. John claims he was driving by and saw her car here, and he thought he told her not to come here. Marlena says she is tired and they should go home. John and Marlena leave, and John asks what happened? Marlena says she scored! They go back to the van, and Marlena says she heard all sorts of noises and knocked the earring off. He asks about the noises, and she says she doesn’t recall. He asks her if she blacked out, but she is sure she didn’t. They pull up the pictures of the island, and John says he will have to find out where it is located.

Back in the mansion, Tony talks to Collin. He says Marlena didn’t drink the serum, but while here Marlena had an episode similar to his. Tony says if he’s going to use Marlena he needs to get John out of the way.


October 31
At the station, Bo has had it with Abe trusting Lexie, and he wants to find out what she knows. Bo even says he’s going to go to the commissioner and have Abe removed for being too personally involved! Roman tells Bo to stop this, Abe is the best cop here. Abe says LExie will only talk to him, and he is going to see her now and if she won’t talk then he will bring her in this time. Abe leaves, and Roman tells Bo that they have to let Abe do this. Bo says if Abe isn’t back in an hour with Lexie, he will go to the commissioner.

At the mansion, Lexie is about to leave when she finds Brandon at her door. He asks where she is going, and she says to see Abe. Brandon tells her that she can’t do this, she can’t tell Abe what she knows because Abe won’t believe her. LExie says so be it if it will help find Isaac. Lexie says someone wants her caught, so she needs to stop this person. Brandon tells Lexie that the person setting her up is Abe! Brandon tries to make her realize she doesn’t need Abe, when Abe suddenly shows up to see Lexie. Lexie confesses everything to Abe, she tells him how she found Hope’s wallet and her itinerary, and how she has no idea how they came to be in her possession. She thinks she is being set up, and she hopes she believes him. She says she is willing to risk her own freedom if this can help Isaac. Abe tells Lexie that he believes her, and she hugs him. Abe leaves, and Brandon warns Lexie that if she stays here, Abe and Bo will return and arrest her!

Abe goes to the station and tells Bo and Roman what is up, and she feels someone in her family is trying to send her a message that they have Hope and Zack, or that she is being framed.

In Salem Place, Belle is in costume as Olivia from Greece. She was picking up a few extras when she runs into Phillip. She asks him what is wrong? Phillip says Brady and Chloe are together right now. Phillip says he knows he did a lot of things wrong, but he can’t believe she has fallen for her brother! Belle asks how he knows what Chloe and her brother are doing? Phillip says he ran into them, he wasn’t stalking them. Phillip says he saw Chloe’s face and how excited she was as she was on the scavenger hunt Brady sent her on.

On the pier, Chloe thinks Phillip has set this all up, but is stunned to learn is was Brady. Brady asks her if she is disappointed? Did she want it to be Phillip? Chloe says no, but she saw Phillip following her, and she didn’t think this was something he would do. Brady asks Chloe to wait here, and he disappears. When Brady returns he is dressed in a zoro outfit! He reminds her of their first meeting, Halloween two years ago, when he was dressed in a zoro outfit then. They end up dancing a dance to “Hero.” Chloe ends up taking off Brady’s mask, and the two kiss. Brady talks to Chloe about their feelings for one another, and how this is turning into something more than just friendship. Chloe ends up in tears and says she doesn’t want him to go through what he did with his mother again, she doesn’t want him to love her and her end up dying.

At Hartly House, Shawn is John from Greece, and he talks to Caprice while waiting for Belle to return. Suddenly, Cassie and Rex burst in with an axe and machete and play serial killers! They ask if they won the contest, but Shawn says it hasn’t started yet. They go upstairs to put on their costumes, and Caprice starts the party. Cynthia shows up as Marylyn Monroe and flirts with Shawn, but he blows her off. Later, Cassie and Rex return as a Vampire and a Werewolf. They also get really nasty with Cynthia! Later, Belle and Phillip show up, and Phillip claims he is the invisible man and they should pretend he’s not here. Rex and Cassie try to talk with their dates Mimi and Phillip, and practice the dating etiquette they studied. Mimi is taken with Rex, while Cassie wants to get it on with Phillip! Meanwhile, Rolfe, dresses as a killer clown, spies and says they are supposed to be attacking, not dating. He presses a button on a remote, and Rex and Cassie suddenly begin staring into space. When Rex and Cassie snap to, “Ghostbusters” begins playing so everyone dances. Rex and Cassie, and their dates, become the stars of the show with their sexy dance moves. When Cynthia calls them freaks, Cassie and Rex freeze again. They end up storming out of the party, and nobody can figure out what is going on. They go outside, and Rolfe tells them to do what they were programmed to do! Meanwhile, the official scare contest starts at Hartly House. As it begins, Cassie heads to the basement and cuts off the power, sending the party into darkness. Caprice says whoever did this better turn the lights back on right now, because this is not safe! She heads downstairs to check the circuit breakers, while Belle and the others light candles. Cynthia continues to rag on Cassie and Rex, which upsets Belle. Belle wonders where the missing twins are, as they never returned after running out. Unfortunately, the candles catch the curtains on fire, and Cassie and Rex save the day. Cynthia realizes her dress is on fire, and tears it off. The lights come back on and everyone sees that Cynthia is in her birthday suit! Cassie gives Cynthia her cape to cover up, and Caprice says if this is their doing they better start being afraid of her! The firemen arrive, and they learn the fire was just an accident. Belle asks the twins where they went, and they don’t remember themselves!

Meanwhile, in the basement prison, Larry drugs Hope, and when she wakes up, Zack is gone! Larry, dressed in a jesters mask, takes Zack, who is in a pumpkin outfit, and heads to Salem Place.


November 1
Not proofed
At Hartly House, Belle is still wondering about where the twins ran off to, and they think they should go look for them. Shawn blows up and says no, he cannot do this anymore! Shawn says he can’t worry about Phillip, or the twins anymore. Belle says she is sorry, she realizes he has bigger things to worry about. Shawn says he wanted to take his brother trick-or-treating, and he says he has to do something to find his mom and brother. Belle wants to help, but Shawn says he has to do this alone, and he rushes off.

At the station, Bo is furious and tells Abe that nobody planted those things on LExie, she is the kidnapper. Abe says Lexie risked everything to turn this evidence over to him. Bo tells Abe that he is a love sick fool for believing her. Abe threatens to throw Bo off the case, but Bo refuses to let Abe risk his family once again for his liar of a wife, and he threatens to once again go to the commissioner. Abe warns him that if he walks out of this office he will have him chucked off the force for insubordination. The two continue to bicker until Shawn shows up and asks what is wrong. Bo says they have proof that Lexie is the kidnapper, but Abe won’t arrest her. Shawn is furious as well and tells Abe that he will never forgive him for this! Shawn wants to go to the mansion, but Bo says no. Bo says he will find them, even if it costs him his badge. Bo goes back to Abe and once again says if Abe doesn’t get an arrest warrant for Lexie, then he will. Abe says he has had trails on Tony and LExie, and if they arrest Lexie now and she is behind this, then they may never find Hope and Zack!

At the mansion, Lexie paces around nervously. She becomes dizzy, and her vision blurs. She wonders what is happening to her. Tony shows up and realizes something is wrong with LExie. She cries that she is not involved in the kidnapping. He says he knows that, but he asks what she is afraid of? Lexie thinks about the wallet and itinerary, and Tony asks her to tell him what it is. Trick-or-treaters show up, and Lexie begins thinking about how when she, Abe, and Isaac were a family. Tony realizes something is bothering Lexie and she doesn’t trust him enough to tell him. Lexie says of course she trusts him, so he asks what is wrong? Lexie says guilt is eating her alive. Lexie feels like she should be doing something to help find Zack, but Tony says they need to leave this to the police. Lexie says Abe no longer thinks they are guilty, but Tony says Bo and Roman still do. Lexie says she is trying to convince Abe of her innocence, and Lexie decides to leave and go to Salem Place to watch the kids trick-or-treating.

In the basement, Hope wakes up and finds that Zack is gone! Larry has taken Zack, who is dressed like a pumpkin, out to Salem Place. Elswhere in Salem Place, Abby is out trick-or-treating with Jen. Abby asks her mom how much she likes Dr. Murphy? Jen doesn’t know how to answer when Abby asks if she likes Collin enough to marry him. Meanwhile, Jack is bumped into by Larry, who is pushing Zack. He yells at him to stop! Jack says he dropped something, but Larry keeps on moving. Jack meets up with Jen and Abby, and Abby ends up running off with a friend and the friend’s mom. Jack and Jen begin bickering about Collin, and Jack refuses to admit he is wrong about Collin. Jack says he will give her the space she needs to decide between him and Collin, but he will prove that Collin is still working with the DiMeras. Abby returns and says she plans to give half of her candy to Zack when he comes home. Meanwhile, Larry spots the whole Horton gang out in Salem Place and keeps a low profile. Suddenly, Zack calls out “grandpa!” Doug and Julie hear him, and Larry takes Zack and runs. Another kid yells out grandpa, and everyone thinks it was just a false alarm. Later, Lexie shows up and Larry is pleased to see her. Someone else sees her, Shawn! Shawn storms up to Lexie and demands he tell her where they are! When Doug and Julie learn about Lexie having Hope’s things, everyone begins to think she is guilty. Lexie says she is being framed and runs off. Shawn runs off to call his dad, while Larry dumps Zack and makes sure Lexie is found with him! Lexie hears Zack crying out “mommy” and ends up locked in a warehouse. The cry was on tape, Larry set it up, but Lexie does find Zack in the warehouse. Unfortunately, she and Zack are locked in! Right on cue, Bo and Abe burst in and find Lexie with Zack. Bo demands she hand over Zack and tell him where his wife is!

Back in Hope’s prison, Hope tries to pick the door’s lock and find Zack. When Larry returns, Hope attacks him! Larry ends up smashing Hope against the wall, and she falls unconscious after hitting her head.

At Salem U, Rex and Cassie show up to see Rolfe and ask him to tell them everything he knows about them. Rolfe asks if something is wrong, they seem upset. Rex and Cassie says they don’t remember things, and they don’t remember where they came from. Rolfe says he only knows what he has read in the paper. Rex and Cassie think he can explain to them about their engineered DNA. They know they were designed for special skills, but they don’t know what. Rolfe says they shall work together to find out what their purpose is, and to help them achieve special goals. The twins says they are already working with Dr. Marlena to recover their past. Rolfe asks if they have remembered anything, but they say no. The twins think they must have a mother and father somewhere. Rolfe says he will be helping them too, and says they should probably head home. After they leave, Rolfe becomes furious and says he must stop MArlena. Rolfe decides to go back to the secret room and find out what has been happening while he is gone.

The twins return to the Hartly House, and Belle asks where they have been? They say they went to see Dr. Putnam (Rolfe) about their DNA. They ask where Shawn is, and she says he is out looking for his mom and brother. The twins sympathize with Shawn because they know what it is like to miss something.

Rolfe goes to the mansion and sneaks into the secret room where he meets up with Bart. Bart says he thought he was dead, and asks where he has been? Rolfe says he has been here and there, and he says he needs information and no one must know he is alive! Suddenly, Tony walks in and demands to know why. Tony asks who this is, and Bart introduces Rolfe to Tony. Tony says he has heard of him, and Bart ends up talking too much and says Rolfe probably knows about the key he is searching for. Tony tells Bart to take a hike, and Tony wants answers from Rolfe. Rolfe says he knows nothing about the key or his father’s plans, but Tony doesn’t believe him. Tony tells him that if he wants to leave this room alive he will start talking.

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