October 2002 - Week 4


October 21
At Basic Black, Brady goes into Kate’s office to yell at her for the crummy job she’s done while he’s been gone, only to find Billie sitting in her chair! She asks who he is barking at? Brady says hello to Billie, who scolds him for thinking he is in charge just because this is his daddy’s company. Brady tells Billie that just because she is a cop doesn’t give her the right to come up here and police his behavior. They both get down and nasty, and Brady accuses Billie of becoming a cop just to get close to his uncle Bo. Billie says she has had enough of these accusations, and she says Bo has enough problems as is. Billie informs Brady about Hope and Zack’s kidnapping. Brady apologizes for acting like a jerk, and she also apologizes. They shake and make-up.

Roman runs into Kate at Basic Black, and tells her that this isn’t gunna happen. She asks what he means? Roman says they can’t have lunch as planned, he has to work. Roman tells her that Hope and her son have been kidnapped. Kate tells Roman how sorry she is, and goes to comfort him but stops. Roman has to take off, and Billie shows up and wonders if she is interrupting anything. Kate goes back into her office, and Billie asks if she is dating Roman? Kate says they are seeing one another, but they aren’t dating. Billie can’t believe this, and Kate asks if she has a problem with it because she has a thing for the boss? Billie insists she is not attracted to Roman, she just doesn’t think he is the right man for her. Kate admits he’s not the usual rich and powerful type she goes for. Kate asks Billie how her social life is going, but Billie says she is too involved in work right now. Billie vents that she wishes she could help Bo with the Hope and Zack case, but nobody will let her. Kate is sick of Billie’s secrets, and wants some answers. Kate wants to know why she came back to Salem and what she is up to. Billie insists she is over Bo and wishes people would understand that! Kate apologizes, and tells Billie that she believes her. Kate has to take a call, so Billie calls Mr. Knuckles. She tells him that she is being kept out the investigation, and she thinks she should go help Bo. Mr. Knuckles tells her no, and says he has enough problems on this end to deal with. He orders Billie to stay in Salem and clear of Bo. She understands, unaware that Brady has been spying on her!

At Dot.Com, Chloe shows up to see Phillip. She asks him to hang out with her so they can spend some time together alone. Phillip gets all excited, and he tells her that if they can spend time alone together they can work through everything. Chloe tells Phillip to stop, they aren’t going to get back together again. Chloe says she wants to try and make things more peaceful between all of them. She says he and Brady are family, and she doesn’t want to come between them, and she doesn’t like how Belle and Shawn are being effected by this as well. Chloe tells Phillip that she also cares about him, and even though their not together, she still wants . . . . Phillip tells her to stop, he doesn’t want her to say it. Phillip knows she wants them to just be friends, because he loves her and he knows it isn’t really over. Phillip says he knows she thinks he’s not the right one for her, but he thinks that is because she got sick and questioned her life. Phillip tells her that once she gets better and accepts that she’s going to live a long life, things will change again for them. Brady suddenly calls, and she says she is hanging out and will talk to him later. Brady wonders what is going on, and Phillip asks why Chloe didn’t tell Brady that she was with him.

At the Dimera mansion, the twins tell MArlena that they want to go to college and live with Shawn and Belle. MArlena isn’t sure this is wise, which upsets the twins. Suddenly, John grabs Marlena and drags her out to see Tony, who is still in a state. Tony asks Marlena to help him unlock his dreams! Marlena and John discuss what is going on. John thinks it is a setup, but Marlena doesn’t. Marlena thinks she should talk to Tony and see if they can find out anything. Marlena talks to Tony and asks how she can help him. Tony says “he” said she would help unlock his dreams. Marlena asks who told him that, was it Stefano? Tony says the man was all in white, and he also told him that he is not the man he was! Marlena asks him where the man was, and he says on the island where his destiny would be fulfilled! Tony eventually comes out of the episode, and he asks what he said? John says he knows damn well what he said. Tony says he doesn’t, and asks what he said. John says he didn’t say a damn thing. John thinks he was faking it so he didn’t have to answer questions about Hope and Zack. Meanwhile, Cassie and Rex are upset that people keep telling them what they can and cannot do, so they steal Tony’s car!

Belle comes to visit Shawn at his house. It is surrounded by FBI agents, both outside and inside. Belle brought Shawn some notes for class for him. Shawn asks one of the FBI agents to give them a moment alone, so he goes into the other room. Shawn and Belle hold one another. Later, Bo calls Shawn and reports in what he knows about Hope’s abduction. Shawn still suspects Lexie and Tony, and Belle wonders if her dad has been right all along and Tony is planning to do something horrible with the twins. Belle calls the twins, but they don’t answer. Suddenly, there is a huge crash outside! Belle and Shawn, as well as the FBI agents, investigate and find Cassie and Rex have crashed Tony’s car into a tree! The cops show up, and Belle and Shawn defend the twins to the cops as well as the FBI. They leave, and the twins say they came here to help Shawn with his family problem. Shawn explains what is going on, and Cassie says she knows where they are! Shawn asks where? Cassie says they are wherever her mother and father are. She begins speaking about how she hopes one day they will return to her. She talks in circles, and Belle and Shawn realize Cassie doesn’t get the gist of the situation. Belle thinks Cassie getting her hopes up about her parents returning is a bad idea, but Cassie says Shawn is hoping his family returns to him. Cassie asks if Shawn is mad at them? He says no, and he explains why he thinks Tony and Lexie are behind all of this. Cassie and Rex say they will keep their eyes and ears open in regards to Tony in the future and let them know if he says anything about Hope and Zack. Roman shows up and finally meets the Gemini twins. Roman questions the twins about the car accident, and they admit Tony does not know they took his car because he was too busy with John and Marlena. Roman asks what they mean, and they explain. Roman runs out, and Belle suggests they pray for help. Rex and Cassie have read about praying, but never seen it done. Belle instructs them how to pray.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Roman walks in on John demanding answers from Tony. Roman tells tony that he doesn’t have to answer those questions because John has no right to ask them. Roman lectures John later about his actions, and John agrees to stay behind the scenes and concentrate on finding Hope, and the island Tony was held on. Roman asks what island, and John and Marlena explain what they have learned. John thinks if he can find the island they can bring down the house of DiMera for good! Meanwhile, Tony looks for some pills, and a photograph of the island falls out of the desk drawer.


October 22
The show was interrupted halfway through for a news conference about the Metro-Area sniper for a good ten minutes or so.
Lucas drops by Dot.Com and gives Phillip keys to his apartment. Phillip thanks Lucas for giving him a place to stay, and he assures him it will only be until he saves enough money to get his own place. Lucas tells Phillip that their mom tried the same thing with him and it backfired big time. Lucas also says how sorry he is about Chloe. Phillip says Chloe will beat the odds, and they will get back together. Lucas tries to give Phillip some advice and tells him about his obsession with Carrie and how it made him give up other opportunities. Lucas suggests he move on and date around. Phillip tells Lucas no offense, but he is the last person he would take dating advice from. Phillip goes back to work, and Lucas wishes Phillip would realize nothing is forever, especially when it comes to women.

At Hartly House, Belle talks to Shawn on the phone and gives him her wishes. Belle then talks with Chloe about how she doesn’t know how to act and say around Shawn. She also fears Bo is coming back with bad news. Chloe wishes there was something she could do, and Belle says she knows the feeling. Belle says she feels disloyal for going on with her life while Shawn is going through this. Chloe gives her a pep-talk and tells her that Shawn is strong and lucky to have them to support him. Belle is amazed that she is able to make her feel better when she (Chloe) is the one going through a difficult struggle. Chloe says she is just repaying what she has been doing for her, and she assures Belle that Shawn does need her. Later, (after the news break) Belle questions Chloe about her feelings for Phillip and if she has moved on. Chloe says they are supposed to be talking about her and Shawn, not her and Phillip. As they talk about classes and stuff, Phillip shows up. Belle tells Phillip the latest news about Hope and Zack. Phillip comforts Belle, which touches Chloe. Belle and Phillip take off for their history class, and Chloe begins to wonder if she is over Phillip.

At Bo and Hope’s, Cassie shows back up to see Shawn. Cassie doesn’t think Shawn should be alone right now. Suddenly, Bo bursts in, with Abe, and tells Shawn that he’s sorry but he’s found nothing new. Shawn knows it is the DiMeras, and he asks why they don’t go question them? Bo says it is not that simple. Bo says he and Abe will handle this, and he tells Shawn to go back to school to occupy his mind with something else, it is what his mom would want. Bo promises Shawn that this will all be over soon. Later, Shawn tries to get ready for school, and when Cassie sees his bioethics book she tells him that she and Rex are going to take that course. Shawn doesn’t think he’ll be able to catch up as is and he has only missed a few days. Cassie looks at his books and thinks they are easy, and she says she’d like to help him. Cassie offers to tutor Shawn, but he doesn’t think she wants to be stuck tutoring him. Cassie says it will be fun, and she will make sure he aces everything.

Brandon and Lexie are in the car still discussing whether Stefano has kidnapped Hope and Zack. LExie knows of one place they haven’t checked, and they head to search the secret room. Brandon suspects Tony, and says he has heard nothing good about the man except from her. Lexie tells Brandon that he and Tony are the only two people she can trust right now, and as she screams that they have to find Isaac, she becomes dizzy. Brandon wants to take her to the doctor, but she refuses. Later (after the news break) Bo and Abe show up to question Lexie and Tony. Bo goes to search Lexie’s car, and she panics because Hope’s wallet was in the car. Abe knows Lexie is hiding something, and she insists she is hiding nothing. Abe questions her about her activities on the day Hope disappeared, so she tells him everything she did. Bo and Abe decide to go into the house after they got nothing from the car or out of Lexie. LExie thanks Brandon for covering for her and taking the wallet. Lexie says she has no idea how Hope’s wallet got in her car, but she does know that someone is trying to set her up!

In the basement room, Hope comes to and wonders how all this happened. She says “he” was supposed to be gone from their lives forever, and she promises Zack that she will get them out of here. Suddenly, in walks Larry Welch! Larry threatens Hope to cooperate or else he’ll have to drug her again, which will leave Zack without his only caregiver. Hope says he was supposed to be in jail! Larry claims he made some powerful connections, and got an early release. He says once he takes care of her, he can start his life over again. Hope asks what he is planning to do to her and her son? Hope thinks this is about money, power, and prestige. Hope says she can help him, but Larry says no. Larry says last time she led him on when she thought she couldn’t have Bo. We see some flashbacks of Hope accepting Larry’s proposal after a fight with Bo, and Larry tells Hope that she never meant to marry him. Hope says she was a kid, and she doubts she left him brokenhearted. Hope says his real downfall were his illegal activities, not her. Hope says Bo will find her, but Larry says he has already framed someone else to take the fall. Hope says of course, that is his MO, he set her up for Megan’s death. Larry says he was framed by Victor, and he was not given the deal he was promised! Larry says he had twenty years to plan his revenge on her. Hope asks why he has to punish Zack, he has done nothing to him. Larry says Zack could have been their child, and he tells Hope that she is a liar and a destroyer of dreams and now it is payback time!


October 23
Once again, Sniper related news conference interrupted the show
Chloe runs into Brady at Dot.Com, and they discuss Hope and Zack. Brady says they have to stay positive for Shawn's sake. Brady knows something else is bothering Chloe. Chloe says this isn't going to work, she's not going to make it. Brady asks what she means, what has happened? Chloe says she just had her first class and doesn't know if she can do this. Brady can't believe that is what she meant, and he says the old pessimistic Chloe is back, she is alive and well. During the news break, Brady apparently tells Chloe that he loves her. When he realizes she is not ready to hear that or say it back to him, he claims he was saying that he loves having the old Chloe back. Chloe and Brady reminisce about their times before she got sick, and later they discuss Hope and Zack's kidnapping. Chloe understands how not knowing leaves one feeling so powerless. Chloe wishes there was something they could do for Shawn. Brady says the only thing they can do for Shawn is to be there for him, help him through the days, and not allowing him to give up. Chloe thanks Brady for the pep-talk, and she decides to go hit the books. Suddenly, Chloe's phone rings and it is Phillip. Chloe has to race off to help Phillip in some way, and Brady worries.

At the Spectator, Jen is working around the clock to help Hope and Zack. Nobody has seen Jack, and Jen wonders where he could be. She knows exactly who is behind this kidnapping, and Collin shows up and knows she suspects the DiMeras. They talk, and Collin is called to the mansion by Tony. Collin says he has to go, and he realizes that Jen still doesn't trust him. She tells him that when he walks away from the DiMeras then she will trust him. Collin promises to prove his loyalty to Jen because she means the world to him. Collin takes off, and Jack shows up. Jen demands to know where in the hell he has been. Jen asks him if he knows what has happened, and if he even cares. Jack says he has been in cedar rapids, and after the news break, Jen thanks Jack for everything he's been doing to help. They share a passionate embrace, and Jen ends up telling him to go home and get some rest. Jack refuses, so Jen gets him a sugar fix to keep him awake. Jen and Jack become emotional, and Jack comforts Jen, which soon leads to a kiss!

At the DiMera mansion, Bo and Abe search the mansion for clues, and tell Tony that Rolfe is wanted for questioning. Tony says Rolfe no longer works for his family, and nobody has seen or heard from him in months. Tony demands Bo and Abe leave since they have found nothing to incriminate him or his sister. Suddenly, Bo looses it and goes after Tony. He grabs him and demands the psychopath tell him where Hope and his son are! Abe pulls Bo off Tony and tells him to stand down. Tony warns Bo that if he continues to threaten him then his search for his son and wife will come to an abrupt end! Bo and Abe apparently take off (during the news breaks) and Tony calls Collin and orders him to get to the mansion ASAP. Collin shows up, and Tony is furious with Bo, the Brady's, and the rest of the lynch mob in this town that suspects them. Tony says they will all pay, he's taking the plan to a new level and the action begins now! Collin says he wants out of this, and Tony laughs at him. Collin says too many things have changed since he signed on for this. Tony realizes this is all about Jennifer, and he refuses to allow Collin to leave him. Tony tells Collin that if he leaves him now, he will make sure he loses Jennifer forever! Collin agrees not to leave, and Tony says that it is time the people of Salem learn what real power can do! Tony says they will start with John's beloved Marlena!

At Brandon's place, Lexie tries to figure out who planted Hope's wallet in her car, and Brandon suspects Tony. Lexie says Tony would never do this to her, so Brandon asks Lexie to be honest with her and herself, where was she when Hope disappeared. Lexie swears she has no idea how Hope's wallet got into her car, and then she realizes that Brandon thinks she is nuts and set this whole thing up, including framing herself. Brandon says he's only trying to protect her. Suddenly, Abe shows up and demands Brandon open the door. Lexie hides the wallet, and Abe says he has come to talk to Lexie, alone. Brandon refuses to allow Abe inside to question Lexie, and slams the door in his face! LExie can't believe this, and he says she wants to see her husband. Brandon finally gives up and tells her that they can talk here, but to be careful what she says because he could be laying a trap. Brandon lets Abe in, and leaves them to talk. Abe tells LExie that he wants to apologize to her, and tries to soften her up by calling her his wife.

Bo returns home and calls Shawn. He promises to find them, and tells him to just keep concentrating on school. Bo realizes his front door is unlocked, and he wonders what is going on. It turns out that Alice is in the intruder; she was let in by the FBI agents. Alice talks to Bo, and encourages him to pray for Hope and Zack. After Alice leaves, Bo takes her advice and begins to pray.


October 24
Sorry the summary is so late today! Also, it hasn’t been proofed!
At Hartly house, Phillip and Mimi are planning a surprise for Shawn and Belle. Cassie and Rex arrive, and Mimi tells them that they look really fancy. Belle and Shawn show up, and everyone welcomes Shawn back. Belle realizes something is going on when Cassie says this is supposed to be a surprise. Brady and Chloe show up, Brady has been filled in, and he doesn’t like this at all because this isn’t what Belle wants. Belle demands to know what is going on, and Phillip claims he invited everyone here to relax because its midterm time. Brady watches Chloe as Chloe watches Phillip, and he realizes she is still hung up on him. Phillip surprises Belle with a gift, and she says she told him she didn’t want to celebrate her birthday. She says Shawn has forgotten it in light of the crises, and she doesn’t want him to feel bad. Phillip says nobody will remind him, and everyone is under orders to make this a very very un-birthday. Brady continues to be upset with what Phillip is doing, but Chloe thinks it is sweet. Meanwhile, Shawn continues to wait for a phonecall about his mom and Zack. He asks the twins why they are so dressed up, and Cassie says it is a surprise, an un-birthday party for Belle. Shawn realizes he has forgotten Belle’s birthday, and he feels horrible. Belle tells him that it is okay, but he says it is not, and they should be celebrating her birthday. Shawn says he may not have a present for her, but he does have something for her. Shawn tells Belle how much she means to him, and how she gives him hope. He says he wants her to believe in “us” again, the way she did before their problems started last year. Shawn says he is swearing to her now that he will never hurt her or give her any reason to distrust him again. Belle says she believes him, and they kiss, which seems to upset Cassie. Chloe tells Phillip that she’s proud of what he did for Belle, and she gives him a hug. Mimi decides to continue this tribute to Belle Black, and she talks about how Belle has always been her friend in spite of the horrible things she did to people in high school. Mimi gives Belle a friendship ring which matches one she wears. Brady goes next, he got Belle a digital camera. Chloe follows Brady and gives her a faux-fur cap, and Phillip gives Belle a bracelet with a bell on it. Phillip says it is a bell for a Belle. Cassie and Rex go next, they announce they are moving in with them today! Belle and Shawn are thrilled, and Mimi is a little disturbed by the hug Rex gives Belle. Brady can’t believe Belle is okay with this, but Belle says dad doesn’t know. Brady says dad will hit the ceiling when he finds out. Meanwhile, Cassie comes onto Shawn and tells him that she can help him study whenever he wants now that she is living here. Shawn says he’ll take her up on her offer, and to let him know if there is anything he can do for her. Mimi realizes Cassie has it bad for Shawn, and she doesn’t like this at all. Mimi realizes she has to put an end to these crushes the twins have. Later, Brady confronts Chloe and he says he knows she is not okay, and that Phillip is the reason. She asks if he is jealous, but he says no. Phillip suddenly shows up with a birthday cake for Belle, and Mimi takes a picture of them all.

At Brandon’s loft, Abe talks to Lexie. He softens up to her by saying he’s sorry for treating her like a criminal before. They begin to talk about Zack/Isaac, and Abe hopes that Lexie will admit to something. Lexie says she wants to help find Zack, and if she was a part of the search she could. Abe asks Lexie if she has any leads? Lexie looks at her purse, which has Hope’s wallet in it. Lexie doesn’t know, and says if she did have something how does she know he wouldn’t turn on her again? Abe says he won’t, so Lexie wants him to prove it by telling her that he still loves her and won’t go through with the divorce. Lexie says she will give Abe time to think about this. Lexie tells Abe that she wants to trust him, but she needs to know he is committed to them.

In Salem Place at a jewelry store, Collin runs into Nicole, who accuses the good doctor of following her. Collin says he is doing no such thing, and the two argue, and Collin eventually goes back to ring shopping, and Nicole knows the ring is for Jennifer. Collin decides to buy a ring, and Nicole tells him that Jen is a big tease. Collin refuses to discus Jennifer with him. Nicole doesn’t get what he sees in Jen, and then she realizes Collin thinks Jen will make him a better man and give him respect in Salem. Nicole laughs at him and his attempt to find true love with Jennifer. Collin tells Nicole off and tells him that he intends to marry Jennifer, and he will be very happy, something she’ll never know. Collin then walks out of the store and out on Nicole.

At the Spectator, Jack and Jen share a hot kiss, but Jen ends up pushing Jack away. She tells him that she is sorry, but Jack says he is not. Jen says she can’t keep sending him these mixed messages because it isn’t fair. Jack thinks Jen still loves him, but she tells him that he has no idea what she is feeling. Jack thinks he does, and he says he will not let her down or leave her again, and she has to trust what they are both feeling. Jen says things are just too complicated, and Jack knows she is talking about Collin. Jen says there are times when she doesn’t trust Collin, but she doesn’t think he is all that bad. Jack thinks she is just dating Collin to investigate him, but Jen admits to Jack that she is attracted to him. Jack is of course crushed. Jen tells Jack that her attraction for Collin has grown over time, and she has feelings for him. Collin shows up at this point and overhears Jen tell Jack that she can’t shake these feelings she has for Collin, and she isn’t sure if she wants to! Jen runs out of the room in tears, and Collin is pleased as punch.

At Bo and Hope’s, Bo prays to God to watch over Hope and Zack. He hears something and turns around, only to find Billie standing over him. Billie says she wants to help him, but he says he doesn’t need her help. She asks what he did to his hand, and he says he did it going after Tony. Bo knows Tony knows where Hope and Zack are, and he begins trashing his place. Billie stops him, and she tells him that she knows what it is like to lose a child, and that this is a test for him. She says he has to call on his inner strength to get through this. Doug and Caroline show up to comfort Bo. Bo promises Doug that they will find Hope and Zack. Doug ends up finding a picture of Hope and Zack that accidentally got smashed during Bo’s tantrum, and he begins to crumble. Bo suggests they all take off for a while and get some work done, so they all leave. Once alone, Billie makes a call to Larry. Billie says she can’t do this anymore!


October 25
At the penthouse, Marlena gets off the phone with Caprice and has to tell John that the twins are now rooming with Belle and Shawn. John refuses to allow this to happen. He refuses to allow Tony to do this, and he says Belle may be 18, but she will listen to him and not go along with this. Marlena suggests she go over to Tony’s and pretend to be paying the twins a visit in order to get some information. John doesn’t like the idea, but allows her to go. After she leaves, John makes a phone call and takes off himself.

At Hartly house, Belle tells the twins that they should go to Salem Place and get them some winter clothes and supplies. Everyone decides to go, except Shawn who has to head home. Nancy calls Chloe and asks her to join her and Craig at the hospital for the first ultrasound. Chloe says she’ll be right there, and Brady offers to drive her. Brady asks Belle if she will be okay with the twins alone? Belle says of course, she trusts them and will not abandon them, no matter what dad says.

Chloe arrives at the hospital, and Nancy has her ultrasound. The doctor can’t determine whether the baby is a boy or a girl, but she says they’ll know when they do the amnio. Nancy asks when they can do that, and Dr. Bader says right away so they should schedule it. Chloe says even if the baby isn’t a bone marrow match, he or she is still a miracle. Once alone, Nancy asks Craig what they will do if the baby isn’t a match? Craig asks Nancy if there is anything else she is holding back from him? He says if there is anything she knows that can help Chloe, now is the time to tell him. Nancy tells Craig that other than Fredrick Sykes, she’s never been with any other man.

In Salem Place, Celeste realizes something is bothering Lexie. Lexie says someone is out to frame her for kidnapping Isaac and Hope. Lexie soon starts talking about Abe, and she knows if he would admit he still loved her things would be fine. Celeste tells Lexie that to stop this divorce she needs to prove her commitment by cutting off any relations with Brandon walker. Lexie asks if she’s not allowed to have any male friends? Celeste tells lexie that Abe and Brandon hate one another, and she has confided things to Brandon that she has not told Abe, and that is not how it is supposed to be. Lexie says the ball is in Abe’s court right now, so they should see how things go. Lexie takes off, and is stunned when she finds Hope’s travel itinerary in her purse. Lexie returns home and wonders who is trying to frame her and why. She runs into Tony, who knows Lexie is keeping something from him. He wishes she would trust him, and he tells himself she will learn to regret it if she doesn’t.

Belle and the twins hit Salem Place, and later Brady shows up. Belle doesn’t know how she is going to tell dad about this. The twins take off to get some money from Tony, and later John shows up looking for Belle and those damn twins. HE runs into Brady and learns what is going on. He tells Brady not to say anything to Belle, he needs some time.

At the DiMera mansion, Tony goes over the photos of the island, and the drawing of the key the twins made. Tony tells Bart that he will be as powerful as his father was as soon as he stops John Black, and he must look to his Achilles heel, Marlena. Marlena shows up to see the twins, and Tony says they are not here, they have moved in with Belle and Shawn at school. He says the judge has already approved of it, and if she has a problem she needs to talk to Belle, because it was her idea. The twins show up to get some money from Tony, and he gives them some credit cards. Rex and Cassie tell Marlena what good friends Belle and Shawn are, and soon they will be more than just friends. MArlena asks what they mean? Cassie and Rex say they will be roommates and classmates. The twins take off to buy stuff for school, and Marlena leaves as well.

The twins head back to Salem Place and see John and Brady talking. They worry they are talking about them, and Rex says they can’t allow Shawn and Belle to be taken away from them because it would ruin everything. The Twins meet up with Belle, and soon Shawn shows up. He asks what they bought, and Cassie ended up buying lingerie! She holds it up and asks Shawn if he likes it? Belle says they will return that, and she also tells them that she and Shawn are boyfriend and girlfriend, so flirting is not acceptable behavior. Meanwhile, Chloe heads to Salem Place and meets back up with Brady. She tells him about the ultrasound and how great it was to see Craig and Nancy so happy. Chloe and Brady show up, and Belle has just finished explaining how she and Shawn are boyfriend and girlfriend. Cassie says “Like Brady and Chloe, I can tell they are in love.”

Marlena returns home, and she tells John that Tony and the Twins weren’t up to the move, it was all Belle’s idea. Marlena warns John not to order Belle around on this subject because he will come out looking like the bad guy. John decides to help Marlena get closer to the twins, and through them to Tony and all his secrets.

At the station, Billie finds Bo searching for leads on the DiMeras, and he tells him that is not the way to find his wife and son. Billie says he won’t find the answer on the computer, and did he ever think that perhaps someone else did this for revenge against him? Bo realizes Billie is right, and she says she’ll help him go through the record. Shawn shows up, and when his dad tells him about Billie’s suggestion, he is skeptical because he doubts Billie wants them to find mom and Zack. Bo understands his trust issues, and he says they need all the help they can get right now. Shawn thinks Billie is still to blame, but Bo defends her. Billie gets a call from Larry, and takes off to meet with him. She says she has to stop this, no matter what it costs her.

Hope gives Zack some food, but not too much because she’s rationing it. She’s unsure if Larry is ever coming back for them. Hope realizes she has to convince Larry to let Zack go, because then she’ll be able to take the risks she needs in order to get out of here and back to Bo and Shawn.

Larry goes to the pier to meet with Billie, and he’s armed with a gun. He says if Billie insists on getting out, Hope and Zack won’t be the only ones to never see their precious Bo again! Larry meets with Billie, and she says she wants out. Larry tells her that she is in too deep, so she will go through with t he plan or else! Billie agrees to continue with the plan. Larry tells her to get back to work and do what comes next on the list. Billie heads back to work, where she is caught by Bo with Hope’s itinerary. Meanwhile, Larry looks in on Hope and Zack and says Hope should cherish these moments with Zack, because she won’t be with him much longer!

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