October 2002 - Week 3


October 14, 2002
From NBC. Dustin got a new VCR, and unfortunately didn't realize this VCR has a timer button that has to be pushed! (How old fashion, I didn't know they made those anymore!)
It's clear that Victor and Nicole's wedding will have to be postponed as Gene Briscoe confirms that Lucas and Nicole's divorce papers were signed but never processed. Victor is certain Kate did this deliberately and both he and Brandon think Sami is involved in some way, too. Fay, Philip, and Brady leave once they realize the wedding is off and Kate amd Sami are left to deal with Victor, Nicole and Brandon. Sami feels the walls closing in and abruptly decides to take Will to Colorado to visit Eric and her grandparents, leaving Kate to take the fall and deal with Victor. Kate comes up with an idea that will stop the wedding and she's delighted because Sami will absolutely hate it... Jennifer and Colin arrive for their dinner date at Tuscany; they hear about the foiled wedding and Colin mistakenly assumes that Sami stopped the wedding with pictures of him kissing Nicole. He slips and is forced to confess everything to Jennifer, but he lays the blame of the photos on Sami, convincing Jennifer that he was breaking things off with Nicole when he kissed her. Jennifer confronts Sami about the pictures and blames her for stopping the wedding. Sami reveals the real reason the wedding was cancelled and Colin is upset that he told Jennifer everything. She asks if things are really over between Colin and Nicole and he swears they are through... Chloe's circumspect when Mimi asks about her relationship with Brady; Philip arrives and Chloe's concerned about Philip crashing with Belle. Brady comes to talk to Belle and Chloe gets him to leave with her, wanting to avoid a confrontation. Mimi convinces Philip to learn from his mistakes and start over, while Brady gives Chloe a present: a trophy cup inscribed with "World's Greatest Big Sister" on it. Brady encourages her not to wait for a bone marrow match and start doing what she wants... Bo is unsettled when he discovers that Hope and Zack missed their flight. He calls Glen and learns that he was with them all the way to the security gate; none of the family has heard from her either and she doesn't answer her cell phone. He doesn't start to panic until the next flight from Cedar Rapids arrives and Hope isn't on it. Meanwhile, the mystery man has kidnapped Hope and Zack...


October 15
John meets with Spector to discuss the twins. Spector assures John that the DiMera household is under constant surveillance, and John is shocked to learn that Belle and Shawn visited the twins there. John says he never dreamed Belle would do this, but Spector says they left safely, and he thinks Belle and Shawn’s friendship with the twins could be to their advantage. John says no way, those twins are Stefano’s pawns and he will not involve Belle in this. Spector says Belle won’t involved officially, but if she finds out something useful it could help them. Spector also says Marlena has access to the twins and the DiMera residence, so nothing will happen to Belle.

At Heartly House, Shawn is upset with Belle for promising the twins that they can come live here with them. She says they are their friends and they can’t abandon them. Shawn asks why she is making these twins her personal crusade? Belle says she doesn’t want them living with the Adams family, and she thinks everything will be okay. Shawn says he doesn’t have time to hold the twins hands and teach them about college, but Belle asks him to just trust her and have some faith in her. Shawn realizes he has something to take care of, and rushes off. He returns later, and Caprice shows up as Shawn requested. Belle thinks Shawn is trying to turn Caprice against her plan, but he says he was hoping Caprice could pull her magic strings again and get the twins in. She says she’ll help, and Belle gives Shawn a big hug. Shawn then says he has something for her, an anklet with two hearts intertwined. They end up talking about the twins once again, and how they really need to introduce them to other kids so they can find their own boyfriend and girlfriends. Shawn also tells Belle not to get her hopes up about the twins moving in, and he says he still has some concerns about their connection to Stefano. Belle says her dad was a DiMera plant, and he is a good guy, so she has no doubt the twins will beat whatever DiMera had planned for them.

At the DiMera house, the twins are still asking about college when Lexie and Celeste arrive home. Celeste gets a strange feeling from them, as if she knew them. Tony introduces Celeste and LExie, and Celeste is so disturbed by them she turns away. She acts like she was struck with a great pain, and she claims she is just a little dizzy from the second glass of wine. Cassie and Rex talk to LExie about their rooms, and they ask Tony if Celeste is his mother? Tony says no, he and Alexandra only share the same father. The twins go back to their rooms, and Celeste thinks about what Stefano left her in his will, “something she may have missed more than she realized,” and she received some paper dolls. Lexie asks her mom what is wrong? Celeste talks to herself, and recalls a message Stefano sent her to reclaim their youth. She says the same message was in her envelope with the paper dolls. Tony asks Celeste to tell her what she is thinking. Celeste says she doesn’t know the twins, but she feels they are connected to Stefano. Tony says he also believes that, and he tells them about the phoenix tattoos the twins have. Tony also tells them about the twins DNA, and Celeste remembers that her paper dolls were all marked with the letter C. She says she thought it stood for Celeste, but maybe it was for Cassie. Tony says no, Belle black named the twins, nobody knew their names. Meanwhile, the twins continue walking around the mansion. Cassie says this place is there home, but Rex says moving here was a mistake! Cassie says she likes this place, and she likes Tony. Rex says Marlena doesn’t like him, and he reminds her of the feeling she got from touching the urn. Cassie says that was Stefano, and Tony is not Stefano. Later, the twins walk in on Tony’s meeting with Celeste and Lexie. Celeste decides to leave, and continues to have a bad feeling that these twins will bring heartache to many people. Meanwhile, Rex and Cassie confront Tony about going to see Shawn and Belle, and going to college. Tony says he will look into it, but for now they need to stay here. Rex agrees to stay here for now, which pleases Cassie. After they all leave, Lexie rants to her father’s ashes about how he promised her love and a family, and now she has nothing! She says at least she has her brother, and the twins, but can’t help but feel Stefano is still running things. She ends up leaning on Tony’s shoulder, and he promises her that they will get whatever they want! Elsewhere, Rex and Cassie continue to argue about whether this mansion is their home. Cassie wants it to be, but Rex does not.

Celeste goes to Dot.Com and checks out a book on astrological signs. She ends up running into Caprice, who for some reason has a vision of the dolls! Celeste asks Caprice if she knows her? Caprice says no she doesn’t, but she knows her, and then she calls her Frankie (Celeste’s real name)! Celeste ends up tearing out of Dot.com!

At Brady’s place, Isabella shows up and Brady asks her if Chloe’s brother or sister will be a match? She ends up talking in riddles, and it upsets Brady. He asks her to be straight with him, so she asks the same of him. She wants to know if he was hoping Chloe’s big news was a confession of love. Brady says of course not, the news Chloe gave him was the best she could have. Isabella tells Brady that he needs to seize the day and make the best of every moment. He asks her how to do that, but she says that is something she cannot teach him. Brady says he wants to help Chloe, but he doesn’t know how to, and he needs her. She tells him that he’s on his way to helping Chloe already. John drops by, and could have sworn he was talking to someone. Brady asks if he has any news for him, and John says the judge and sheriff in Dry Creek are out of a job. Brady thanks his dad. John is also impressed by how well he and Roman are getting along, and he tells him that he is proud of him. John also tells Brady that both he and Roman are still looking for Sykes. John then asks Brady to help him with Belle. Brady asks what Phillip did now? John asks what Phillip has to do with this? Brady tells him about Phillip being kicked out, and Phillip had been crashing in Belle’s room until he put a stop to it. John says what he needed his help with was Belle’s 18th birthday party.

Billie calls Mr. Knuckles and reports in. She says she will keep an eye on Bo. Meanwhile, Mr. Knuckles drives Zack and a blindfolded and gagged Hope somewhere. The man refers to Hope as sweetie, and says they have a long way to go tonight. He continues to talk to Hope, and tells Zack that his mother is more beautiful now then when he first knew her. He then tells Zack that his daddy will never see the two of them again!

At the station, Bo tells Abe that Glen watched Hope and Zack walk onto the plane, but their luggage was removed because they weren’t aboard! Abe asks if he is sure they weren’t bumped, but Bo says they weren’t on it. Bo hasn’t told anyone else in case this is some stupid screw up. Suddenly Billie shows up and announces that she is back! Bo says they don’t have time for this, and she asks what is wrong with them. Abe and Roman tell her that Hope and Zack are missing, and she plays dumb but it is obvious she knows more than she’s saying. Later, Roman questions Billie about where she disappeared for twenty-four hours, which is why she was bounced off the mayor’s team. Billie says she was under the weather, and she says it’s hard to fit into a fancy dress and wear dress shoes when your about to hurl! Roman thinks she faked being sick to get back to work here, which Billie denies. Later, Bo returns and says he knows who is to blame for Hope’s kidnapping. Billie asks why they are all looking at her? Bo remembers Stefano’s will, and he thinks this is about Zack, and the DiMera’s have done this. He says he’s going there to beat the truth out of them if he has to. Roman says he can’t do that, and Abe makes calls and has surveillance stationed around the DiMera house. Billie asks what she can do, and Bo tells her to get her son and wife back. Billie says to herself that she doesn’t know if she can do that!


October 16
Typed right after watching the show, not as detailed as usual
At Heartly House, Shawn wakes up and finds Bo in his room. He asks what is wrong, and Bo tells him about Hope and Zack. Shawn immediately blames Lexie, and wants to go confront her, but Bo says no. Bo says he had the same reaction, but Roman and Abe stopped him. He says confronting them now would just put them on guard and make it harder for them to gather evidence. Bo says he’s getting on a plane to go to Iowa to meet with the people at the airport and to see Glen. Shawn wants to go, but Bo tells him that he needs him to stay here and be at home in case Hope calls. Shawn also knows Bo wants him home in case someone calls for ransom. Bo admits that is another reason. Bo has to take off, and Shawn feels there must be something he can do.

At the hospital, Chloe, Nancy, and Craig all wait for Chloe’s test results. Nancy is a mess because of nerves and her mourning sickness. She ends up talking to Chloe about her feelings for Brady. Chloe admits she is afraid to tell him how she feels and have him return them, because if they fall in love and she leaves him just like his mother did, he’ll once again be alone with a broken heart. Later, Chloe meets a young woman also waiting for her results. They begin talking, and the woman says she has Hodgkin’s disease and was in remission for a year but recently came out of it. She is here for chemo. They begin talking, and Chloe says she was supposed to go to Julliard but had to defer when she got sick. The girl said she dropped out of highschool at first, but soon realized she had to try and lead a normal life and went back. She says she’s studying for her SATs now, and is hoping to go to Harvard. Later, Chloe goes for her results, and learns she is still in remission. Chloe takes off to tell Brady, and Nancy suddenly begins to get weird food cravings which make Craig sick!

At Dot.Com, Brady walks in and finds Belle talking to Phillip. He flips out and tells Phillip to stay away from his sister. Belle says Phillip is still one of her best friends, so Brady asks if she knows about Dry Creek? Belle says yes, but it turns out Phillip didn’t tell her the whole story. Brady pressures Phillip into telling Belle about having him arrested. She is furious with Phillip and tells him that she doesn’t want to speak to him ever again! Belle takes off, and Phillip is furious with Brady. He accuses him of turning everyone against him, and says perhaps Brady is the one who is jealous and threatened by him! Brady laughs, but Phillip says Chloe did love him, and she will realize she still does, but he doubts she has never told Brady that she loves him! Brady sits and begins to worry about how Chloe feels about him. Chloe soon shows up and tells Brady the good news. He is thrilled for her, and they talk about how worried the other one was. Brady admits how he just took his edginess out on Phillip by exposing him to Belle. Chloe is shocked to see Phillip working here, and wishes they could all just get along. Later, Phillip spies on Chloe and Brady as Chloe tells Brady about a decision she’s made. She says she is going to school, a girl at the hospital inspired her. Brady thinks she’s going away, but she says no, she’s going to go to Salem U. She says there is a course in the music department she is interested in taking. Brady is happy, and Phillip once again schemes. He makes a call to Salem U and registers himself for the same class Chloe wants to take! Back at Heartly House, Shawn gets ready to leave when Belle shows up. She rants about Phillip, causing Shawn to yell that he doesn’t give a damn about Phillip! She asks him what is wrong, but he can’t tell her and just says he’ll tell her later. He gives her a kiss and takes off.

At the station, Lexie shows up and demands Abe tell her why she is being followed. He tells her about Hope and Zack, and she is honestly worried. She then realizes she is suspect, and she swears to Abe that she had nothing to do with this. She says she’s lost enough as is, and speaks about how him and Zack are her whole life. She begs to be allowed to help, but he says no. He warns her if she interferes at all, it will just make people suspect her even more. As she asks who else suspects her, Bo walks in and says he does! He warns her that if he doesn’t get some kind of answers in Cedar Rapids, he’s coming back here and he’s coming after her!


October 17
The show was constantly interrupted today for a local murder trial (Ira Einhorn case) as well as cable/NBC problems!
At the hospital, Nicole chocks Lucas and holds him over the balcony! She asks him how he could have done this to her. He swears that the papers just must not have gone through, he signed them but someone must have made a mistake! She lets him go, and he tells her that she is a raving lunatic! Nicole accuses Lucas, Kate, and Sami of being jealous of her! Lucas tells her that once she marries Victor she will find out what true misery is! Later, Collin ends up grabbing Nicole, who came for a prescription refill, and gives her his brand of medicine, a kiss! She pushes him away and calls him a bastard. Collin tells her that he is the only one who can give her what she craves, and even if she does marry Victor, he’ll still make time for her!

Elsewhere, Jack and Jen bring Abby in to have her cut looked at. Collin apparently disappeared on them, and Jen wonders if Jack did or said something to him. He says nothing happened, and asks her what happened on her date with Collin. She tells him about crashing Victor and Nicole’s wedding, and how it was crashed by Lucas and Kate, who ruined it! Jack wonders how long Jen will keep dating Collin to try and solve the mystery of him. He says he sees the way she looks at him, she used to look at him that way. Jen tries to deny it, but Jack says he knows her and how she works. Jack says Collin will never reveal the mystery to her, because then she would have to turn him into the cops! Later, Jen gets a call from Roman about Hope and Zack’s kidnapping.

Billie pulls Shawn over before he busts into the DiMera mansion and searches for his mother and Zack. Billie says the department has a strategy planned, and she won’t let him interfere. Billie ends up cuffing Shawn and threatening to arrest him. She tells him that he can’t go after the DiMeras on his own, that is something his dad and Abe already know, and she bets his dad already told him not to do this. Shawn says his dad told him to wait at home to help out when needed, so Billie suggests he do as his dad asked and not add to his problems. Shawn promises not to go to the DiMera’s, he will go sit home by the phone. Billie lets Shawn go, but warns him that she’s going to let the cops watching his house know to expect him, and if he doesn’t show, they will come looking for him! After Shawn takes off, Billie calls Mr. Knuckles to report on Bo’s trip to Iowa.

Inside the mansion, LExie demands to know from Tony if their family was involved with Zack’s kidnapping. She asks if this is some plan her father set in motion? Tony says no, of course not. Lexie says they must prove they are innocent, but Tony says that is not a good idea, they need to play it cool otherwise they will look guiltier. Lexie ends up passing out, and Tony takes her to the hospital. Brandon sees them and offers his help, and Lexie accepts despite tony’s objection that he is not a doctor. LExie tells Brandon what has happened, and how nobody will help her find Isaac. She swears she wasn’t involved, and begs him to help her. Tony eavesdrops and overhears Lexie that she shouldn’t trust his brother because he has an agenda and has since he came back to Salem. LExie defends her brother and tells him that he is just as pompous as the rest of the people in Salem. She tells him that she’s tired of him constantly not giving her credit and thinking everything she does is a mistake. Brandon says he still cares for her and thinks of her as a friend, but he won’t root for her and Abe. Lexie lashes out at Brandon and tells him to shut up! She apologizes to him, and assures him that she Tony is a good guy and that he has her best interests at heart. Brandon says that is what she said about her father. Tony eventually comes around the corner and asks Lexie to go see her doctor, and she finally agrees to be checked out. She also says Brandon can see her home. Lexie leaves, and Tony tells Brandon that he heard the garbage he just poured into his sister’s ear. He also says he knows Brandon took advantage of her, and he will not let him turn LExie against him. Tony warns Brandon to stay away from Lexie, or else! Tony takes off, and Lexie returns. She canceled her appointment with her doctor because she thinks Tony over reacted. She then begs Brandon to help her once again. As she hugs Brandon, he thinks about their night of luv. Lucas shows up and thinks Sami picked a bad time to go out of town! Meanwhile, Tony talks to Collin about Hope and Zack’s disappearance, and how they can’t let Lexie gets implicated.

At Hearlty House, Phillip and Belle have apparently made up. Belle is worried about Shawn, because he raced out earlier and no one can seem to find him. Phillip assures her that Shawn can take care of himself, but Belle feels something is really wrong. Phillip tells Belle about how he is trying to take charge of his life and will be going to Salem U. However, Belle soon realizes Phillip’s motives are to get closer to Chloe. Phillip admits he overheard Chloe register for the same class he wants to take, so Belle tells him that this won’t work. She tells him if he wants a chance with Chloe then he has to put his life in order for real! She suggests he take a history course, and he agrees. They hug, and Phillip is glad to have her back as a friend. Later, Shawn returns and explains everything to Belle, both about his mother and Zack and about being pulled over by the cops. Belle gives Shawn a hug, and he feels guilty for the hell he put his mom through and for treating Zack as second best. Belle assures Shawn that his dad and the police will find Hope and Zack.


October 18
Not proofed at all due to time, sorry
At the penthouse, Marlena talks to her mom, Eric, and Sami. John wishes Eric and Sami a happy birthday, and that Marlena picked out the gifts in case they hate them! Roman shows up, and asks John for his help. Marlena and John ask what is wrong, and Roman tells them that Hope and Zack appear to have been kidnapped. John knows the DiMera’s are behind this, and he will do anything he can. Roman wants John to use his mysterious contacts to try and find out where Hope and Zack went to after they left the airport. John says he’ll do what he can. Roman ends up leaving, and John tells Marlena to get her coat because they are going to the DiMera house! Marlena says they can’t go over there and accuse Tony, but John says she is going to visit the twins, he is going to snoop and no one will be the wiser!

At the hospital, Tony tells Collin that Hope and her son have disappeared, and he wants to make sure Lexie is not implicated. Collin says they have to make sure none of them are implicated. Collin and Tony begin arguing about what to do, and how much Brandon knows. Tony says Brandon knows nothing, and Bo is soon to come after him for revenge. Tony says his house is already under surveillance, so it is only a matter of time before they question him. Collin says there is one person who could say too much a ruin everything. Tony asks who, and Collin tells him “you!” Collin says if he goes into one of his states in front of someone, he could blow everything! Tony realizes he’s going to be careful around Marlena especially. Later, Roman shows up to talk to cousin Collin, and he asks him how Tony and Lexie pulled this little stunt off? Collin asks Roman what makes him think he’d know anything about it? Roman is called by Bo, and Bo fills Roman in on everything he has found out (see below). Bo thinks the DiMeras did this, so Roman puts the pressure on Collin. Roman warns him that if he has betrayed the Brady’s in anyway, there will be a while lot of hell to play!

At the DiMera Mansion, Rex is using the computer to hack into Salem University while Cassie dances around to calm her nerves. Rex gets in, and they look at Belle and Shawn’s roster. They see Belle is taking a bioethics class, and Cassie becomes upset because she remembers how everyone says Stefano bioengineered them. Rex tells her that was the past, they have to move forward now. Cassie begins to wonder if Stefano is really dead or not, and Rex tells her to forget it. Rex says he has registered t hem for bioethics, and he promises Cassie that they will never get caught. Rex tells her they will live their lives their way. They soon begin talking about John and Marlena, and Cassie says she hates John. Rex tells her not to get worked up about it, they don’t have to deal with him anymore. Rex says they have a home and a future, nothing can stop them. Cassie and Rex begin playing chess, and Tony comes in and tells them how his father loves this game. They talk, and Cassie asks Tony about college again. She says they really want to go, and he says they will discuss this later. He says he’ll have to contact Salem University about the possibility of enrolling them, and he says in spite of the fact that they are very bright, they don’t have the formal education needed for university. Rex and Cassie go to change for lunch, and Rex hates how Cassie acts like Tony is their master. The twins go upstairs, and Marlena shows up to check on the twins. John ends up sneaking in through his own private entrance, and shocks Tony. John says he knows why he is here! John asks to speak with Tony alone, so Marlena goes to be with the twins. Marlena talks to the twins, and she tells them that Shawn has moved back home do to a problem, but Belle is still at school. Rex and Cassie tell MArlena that they will be going to Salem U with belle and Shawn, and they will live in the same dorm with them. Cassie says Mr. DiMera will arrange for it all! Meanwhile, John talks to Tony about Hope and Zack. Tony insists he and Lexie had nothing to do with this, so John asks if his old man did this? Tony tells John to leave, but he refuses. John upsets Tony, which sends him into one of his trances. Tony begins saying Marlena’s name.

In Iowa, Bo meets with Glen and JT. Bo talks to Glen about Hope and Zack going missing. Glen says he walked Hope and Zack all the way to security, and the last time he saw them they were headed towards the gate. Glen wants to know what he can do to help. Bo tells him to just stick by his phone, he’ll be in touch. Bo heads to the airport, and meets with some FBI agents. The ticket agent said that his wife received a cell phone call, and she looked upset and ran out of the airport. Bo asks when they can get records of the call, and the FBI say they are working on it. Later, a flight attendant shows up and tells Bo and the FBI that she knows what happened to Hope. The woman says she bumped into Hope and her son as she was fleeing the terminal, and she said something had happened to JT, she got a call and was expecting to be picked up. Bo realizes Hope has been set up by someone who knows her well, and he thinks he knows who that person is. Bo knows tony did this. The cell phone records come back, and they learn the call to Hope’s cell phone was made from a payphone within the airport!

The mystery man locks Hope and Zack up in a basement somewhere. JT sits in a crib and cries while Hope remains blindfolded, tied up, and gagged. Hope eventually comes to, and struggles to break her bonds. Hope breaks out and gets to Zack to comfort him. She wonders where they are, and she realizes she must have been drugged. Hope suspects LExie and tony have had them kidnapped. Hope begins snooping around, and she then realizes if the DiMeras wanted Zack, why did they take her, or just kill her? Hope is reminded of the blindfold she was given in Stefano’s will, and the warning to keep her eyes open despite the darkness. She wonders if Stefano did this to her. Hope realizes there is only one way out of here, and she grabs one of the ropes that was used to tie her up. Hope reties herself up and waits for her kidnapper to return, which he eventually does. She jumps him and rips off his mask, and is shocked by his identity. She says “it can’t be!”

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