October 2002 Week 2



October 7
At the hospital, Tony produces a court order giving him custody of the twins! John tells him to get out of here, he’s not going to get them. Tony says the law is on his side, but Marlena says the twins are under her care so she won’t let him take them! She tells Tony that he is the same controlling monster his father was. Tony says he only has their best interests at heart, but John and Marlena refuse to let him to get near the twins. Marlena goes to see the twins and asks them to stay in their room a little longer. They ask who that man is, and she tells them that they need not worry about him. She tells them to stay here, they are safe here. Marlena goes back outside, and Tony tells them if they keep the twins from him then they are breaking the law! Spector, unfortunately, says they have to abide by the court order. He decides to go find out what is going on, and John accuses Tony of knowing about this all along. He thinks the twins are Stefano’s last weapons, and he is here to prepare them. John says no more Dimera terrorism, and tells Tony to get out of here! Tony claims he didn’t learn about the twins from his father, he learned about them in the Spectator, and he only deduced they were connected to his father. John and Marlena are shocked by the Spectator’s article. Tony says they can work together to find out how the twins are connected to his father, but John says no way are the twins going with him! The twins show up and greet Tony, and ask if he is the guardian who will give them a home? Tony seems mesmerized by Cassie, and Cassie by him, but Rex doesn’t seem to like Tony. Tony introduces himself to Cassie and Rex, and Cassie shows him her tattoo and says people think they are connected to a bad man because of them. Rex asks Tony if he is a bad man? Tony says he is not, and his father is a dead. Tony wants to give them a home. John shows up and says the court order he got from the judge he bribed has been null and void! Cassie and Rex say they want a home now! Marlena assures them that they will get a home.

Brady meets up with Roman at the Cheatin’ Heart to talk about Dry Creek. Brady apologizes and says he just got back into town and meant to call him. Roman says he has a hell of a lot of explaining to do! Brady asks if the mob got Sykes? Roman says no, and he is safe. Brady tries to take the blame, but Roman knows Phillip is the one who blew it. Brady says he is to blame because he asked Roman for the favor, and he tells Roman that he is sorry for everything, including the way he treated him over the past few months. Roman tells him it is okay, and they make nice. Roman compliments Brady and says he has become a nice young man. Brady says he is going to go to Dry Creek again and look for any leads, and Roman says he can’t stop him and wishes him luck.

At the Wesley’s, Chloe is in a great mood, and Craig is happy to see her happy. Craig asks if Brady has anything to do with her good mood. Chloe says he’s been a good friend, but Craig can’t help but notice he is a friend who has her singing again. Craig tells Chloe that it would be okay if she told Brady about the baby. Chloe tells Craig that she feels so protected by Brady, and Craig says he understands. Craig tells Chloe that he loves her, and that it sounds like she has found someone she can love in Brady. Chloe says things have changed between her and Brady, but she doesn’t know if it is love. Chloe says she does have feelings, but she doesn’t want things to turn out the way they did with Phillip. Chloe says she thought she loved him, but it wasn’t real, Phillip made her feel special and like she belonged. Chloe asks Craig how he knew he loved Nancy, and he says one night she made him laugh, and that was the moment he knew that he wanted to share everything with her. Chloe ends up calling Brady and asks to speak with him. Brady shows up to see Chloe, and she tells him about the baby. Brady is thrilled, and the two hug. The two then end up in a kiss!

At Heartly House, the kids return from the Salem U game, and Belle gives a speech congratulating their house, their team, and to Dozer. Meanwhile, Cynthia tells Dozer that if he wants her, he has to help Belle break Shawn’s heart! Elsewhere, Belle goes upstairs to get her camera, and is grabbed by Phillip. She freaks out, and wonders what he is doing here? Phillip says he went over to apologize to Brady (as a way to get Chloe back, per Phillip’s words), and he saw how close Chloe and Brady are getting. He says Brady and Chloe are more than just friends, and he hates it. Phillip tells Belle that he’s lost Chloe for good. Phillip is angry about them lying about only being friends, and he says he has to make Chloe remember their love, she is his whole life. Belle tells Phillip that she has learned the hard way you can’t make someone your whole life, and he says Brady is killing him and their love. Belle comforts Phillip and says he doesn’t have to go through this alone. Back downstairs, Dozer gets plastered, and Cynthia sends him to find Belle, and then Shawn to find Dozer! Dozer ends up talking to Shawn about how Belle and Phillip are scoring more field goals than him, so Shawn decks him! Dozer falls to the floor, and Belle shoves Shawn in her room to yell at him. Shawn says Dozer said things about him and Phillip, and it bothered him. Belle tries to explain what happened, and Phillip comes in to explain things to them as well. Meanwhile, Cynthia congratulates Dozer, who says his head really hurts. They go back downstairs, where Cynthia begins spreading lies about Belle being alone with Phillip in her underwear. Cynthia gets everyone mad and angry, and Belle tells them all to stop fighting and enjoy the party. Dozer tries to start a fight with Shawn, but Belle and Cynthia stop them. Cynthia assures Dozer to make Shawn pay, wreck Belle’s rep! Belle goes looking for Shawn, and ends up crawling into bed. Dozer shows up and ends up falling on top of Belle! Shawn then walks into the room, and finds Belle apparently kissing Dozer!


October 8
At Heartly House, Shawn walks in on Belle apparently kissing Dozer, who is lying in her bed. He asks what is going on? Belle was giving Dozer CPR because he passed out and had no pulse and wasn’t breathing, and she tells Shawn to call 911. Phillip shows up, and Belle and Phillip give him CPR while Shawn calls the paramedics. Caprice is furious with Shawn for not ratting on Dozer earlier, and she says him and all of them who knew about Dozer’s binge drinking should have reported it, he needed their help, not their silence. Caprice goes with Dozer to the ER and says she’ll call back with updates, and they are all to clean up the house. Shawn confronts Cynthia about Dozer and what she’s been up to? She tells him not to blame her for this! Belle is upset, and tells Phillip and Shawn what happened with Dozer. She says Dozer showed up and said something about having fun, and then he past out. Belle asks Shawn what he thought was going on? She accuses him of jumping to conclusions again, and tells him that he obviously doesn’t trust her! Belle runs out, and Phillip stops Shawn from chasing after her. He says they might say something they can’t take back, so Phillip says he’ll go after her. Shawn stays behind and talks to Mimi, who tells him that things are just happening so fast to them no because they are growing up, so things will be okay and he should stop beating himself up. Shawn just can’t help but wonder if he and Belle will be okay. Meanwhile, Phillip talks to Belle, who is feeling horrible. She says in spite of everything, the Jan issue is still causing problems for their relationship. She says she thought she could forgive Shawn and trust him again, but she can’t, and now Shawn doesn’t trust her. She wonders what is wrong with her? Phillip says nothing is wrong with her, and perhaps her problem is that she takes care of everyone else but herself. Phillip tells her what a great person she is, and how they all love her. He tells her that he loves her and always will. Of course Shawn walks in on them at this moment, but he doesn’t overreact. Belle and Shawn work things out, and agree that they need time to adjust to college life and the changes in one another. He asks if they can go back to like they were in high school? Belle says they can’t go back to the way they were, they can never go back. She hugs Shawn, and he hugs her.

At the hospital, Victor asks Nicole to take off his ring and give it back to him. She asks why, and he tells her to just do it, and to close her eyes. She does as he says, and he wheels her to a room where he’s set up a romantic dinner for her. He tells her, as a violinist plays, that he loves her and always will. He officially proposes to her, and she accepts.

Sami goes to the Cheatin’ Heart and plans on getting drunk over her Nicole problems. It turns out that Kate is also there doing the exact same thing Sami is. Sami goes over to talk to her, and they end up in a word war with one another over the state of their lives. They soon end up on the topic of Victor and Nicole, and Sami gets a call from a friend at the hospital about Victor and Nicole’s romantic dinner. They wonder what the two are planning now, and Sami suggests they spy on them using the hospital’s new intercom system!

Kate and Sami arrive at the hospital and listen in as Nicole asks Victor how he’s going to destroy Kate and Sami? Victor refuses to say anything because he wants her hands clean, plus he doesn’t know who could be listening in. He tells her as soon as they are married, Kate and Sami will be destroyed. Nicole says she is being released tomorrow, so the sooner the better. Kate and Sami vow not to let the wedding happen. Meanwhile, Nicole, Kate, and Sami all have this vision of Nicole marrying Victor as Sami and Kate are tied up and gagged at their side! They then end up being sucked up into the phonograph, which is playing the wedding march! Kate and Sami try to figure out a way to get Nicole where it hurts. Sami tells Kate about her tape and pictures of Collin, but how Nicole blackmailed her into giving them over. Kate says they’ll just have to dig up something else on the bitch, and Sami is like “We?” Kate tells her that the only way they can stop Nicole and Victor is by working together. She says she can dig up good dirt, but not holding onto it; and she (Kate) is good at negotiating and using information to crush people. Sami realizes Kate is her only hope of destroying Nicole, and they form an alliance!

Bo goes shopping for jewelry for Hope, and happens to run into a very nicely dressed Billie in the shop, she is shopping for a dress. She says hi to Bo, and says this dress is for the mayor, he’s having a black tie function and doesn’t want her to stand out as a cop. Billie ends up telling Bo how boring her job is, and there is no action. Soon, they spot a shoplifter at the counter, and together they nab him. Bo is impressed by Billie, and also lets it slip that Hope is coming home tomorrow. Billie says she’s happy for him, and he apologizes to her for always being so suspicious of her motives for becoming a cop when she is obviously a good one. She thanks him, and leaves for her real job. Billie walks outside, and finds a message written on the mirror in lipstick that says “It’s time, Lock in on Bo!” Billie calls up her boss and says she can’t work the party tonight, and she needs time off for personal reasons.


October 9
Bad migraine, quickly proofed, hope it makes sense!
John, Marlena, Tony, and the twins arrive at the courthouse for the custody hearing of the twins. Cassie is excited about living with Tony, but Rex knows John and Marlena don’t want them with Tony. Tony tells the twins about his home, and the rooms he’s having made for them, as well as the fact that Marlena and anyone else can come visit with them. Marlena talks to the twins about living with Tony, and they say that he is giving them their freedom and that is all they want. The hearing begins, and Marlena testifies that even though the twins are eighteen, they should remain under guardianship until they are able to take care of themselves. The judge says she met with the twins and agrees, they should be put in an institution or under a guardianship. The judge then says that Count DiMera applied for and was granted guardianship of the twins, but Mr. Black is contesting it. She asks why Mr. Black is objecting to the agreement. John goes off talking about Stefano brainwashing them and using them for some unknown deadly task (you get the impression the judge thinks he is off his rocker). She ask Tony about his, and Tony says the twins are marked with the phoenix, and it is his father’s symbol, and that makes him want to offer them a home all the more. The judge can’t imagine why he would want to take these children in, so he gives a speech about how he just recovered from a long illness and stay in a hospital, and he knows how these twins must feel, they want a home and their freedom. Tony asks to be judged for who he is, not for being Stefano’s son. The judge says he can provide for their financial needs of course, but what about their emotional needs? She asks what qualifies him to take care of them when he has no experience with young people? Tony says he wants to assist these children in recovering their memories, with MArlena’s help, and he wants to get them a tutor to help them adjust to life. The judge asks Marlena if she will continue working with Cassie and Rex wherever they are placed? Marlena says she will, she cares for them and they are close to her daughter. The judge asks Mr. Black if he and Dr. Evans would want to be named guardians? John does a turnaround and claims it is not possible, and ends up losing custody of the twins to Tony! The twins go with Tony, and Marlena says she has a bad feeling about this. John thinks Marlena blames him for this, and she tells him that the judge gave him a chance to stop all of this! John says he just can’t have them living with them because they could be a danger, but Marlena says she cares about the twins and wants to protect them, and this hurts her. She says she feels they are in danger, and God help them! John says no, God help us all! Meanwhile, Tony takes the twins to their new home, and they all share a group hug.

At the hospital, Nicole dreams about Sami and Kate being laid up in the hospital after Victor had them beaten and broken, and they are being tortured by nurse Brenda. Victor watches her sleep and promises to make her dreams come true! Nicole wakes up, and finds Victor has brought her roses and a diamond bracelet! He also tells her about the honeymoon he is planning for her.

Meanwhile, Kate and Sami are trying to come up with a way to stop Nicole and Victor, and are caught together by a surprised Roman. Sami says she and Kate are trying to work out a visitation schedule for Will since she and Lucas now have joint custody. They end up in a fight, which is basically staged, and Kate leaves to get coffee. Sami tells her dad that he needs to stay away from Kate, but Roman wonders what is really going on between them. He says he knows that Will excuse was made up, and he wants to know what this powwow is really about. Kate returns, and Kate insists that she and Sami have realized that they are going to just try and co-exist if “they” are to have a relationship at all. Roman ends up buying Kate’s excuse, and leaves them to talk amongst themselves. Sami snaps at Kate for using her father like that and making him think they have a relationship! Kate tells Sami that if they are going to work together to bring Nicole and Victor down, she’s going to have to stop being so suspicious, and that means backing off of her and “daddy!” as well as letting her spend time with Will! Kate and Sami end up arguing about Will, and Kate says she wants more time with Will, and she thinks her daddy would agree with her. Sami asks why she suddenly became interested in her father anyways? Kate tells her maybe her tastes have changed, and she tells Sami if they don’t come to an agreement they will both be six feet under thanks to Victor and Nicole. Suddenly, Victor and Nicole show up, and Kate warns Victor to save himself and dump Nicole. Victor tells her that jealousy doesn’t become her, and she wheel Nicole out of the hospital and announces a big celebration at Tuscany tonight. Kate tells Sami that they have to find a way to stop this wedding!

At the station, Bo calls the airlines to check on Hope’s flight, and is shocked to see Billie come into the station. Billie says she has a meeting with Abe. Billie goes in to meet with Abe, and says this job is not something she can be proud of. Abe says she has a very prestigious job, but Billie says if she wanted prestige she would have stayed at Countess Willamena. Billie says if she isn’t allowed to come back and be a cop, she is going to quit all together. Abe says she wasn’t assigned to the mayor’s force, he was ordered to hand her over. She begs him to try and do something, if not for her then for Bo! Abe asks how this will help Bo? Billie says Bo is going to want to spend some time with Hope, so someone will need to work the task force. Abe is furious Billie for trying to do his job and assign tasks, and he tells her to get out of his office! Meanwhile, Roman returns and asks Bo what Billie is doing back here? Bo says he doesn’t know. Roman thinks she’s fishing for her old job, but Bo doubts that will happen. Billie returns, and Bo asks her why she is insisting on staying close to him? Billie blasts Bo for suspecting her of trying to steal him back from Hope, and he says he’s not accusing her of anything. He says this career she seems to want is only going to happen by putting in her time, and if she works as hard for the mayor as she did for them, she will be a detective in no time. Billie tells herself that Bo has no idea what she wants, at least not yet. Billie makes a call to her mystery boss and says her job may end up in jeopardy because of this, but so be it. She then gives him the info on Hope’s flight! Meanwhile, Bo calls his mom up and has her baby sit for Zack tonight so he and Hope can have some time together.


October 10
Not proofed, really tired, bad day (that crazy sniper hit my home town!)
At the hospital, Jack and Jen investigate the twins, and Jen tells Jack she just got some juicy info from a credible source on Tony DiMera! Jen tells Jack about the court hearing on the twins, and that John suspects it was Tony who sent them the information on the twins! Jen and Jack realize Tony used them in order to get to the twins. Jack ends up accusing Collin of helping Tony get the info on the twins, and Jen wonders. Jack tries to convince her how it all makes sense, but Jen sticks up for Collin. She asks Jack to lighten up and give Collin a break! Collin turns up and is happy to hear Jen sticking up for him, but Jack blasts him and blames him for Jen not being able to reach him the day Abby was hurt. Jack ends up leaving to check in with Harold, and Jen talks to Collin about the twins. She asks him if he has seen or met these twins? Collin asks Jen to be straight with him and ask what she really wants to know? Jen says she is asking as a civilian, not a reporter. Collin lies and says he hasn’t seen them, and Jen goes on and on about how she is curious to know what they look like and how they speak. Jen says she is just a big sci-fi geek, and she can’t help it. Collin thinks it is cute, and asks when he can take him out on a proper date? They end up setting a date, and Collin promises her a night she won’t forget!

Meanwhile, as Jack is on hold with Harold, he sees Lexie walking around and decides to see if she can give him any info on Tony and the twins. Jack insists he is still working on the article on her family, but now the Twins are involved in the article. Lexie knows what Jack is up to, and she says Tony only wants to help the twins, that is all. Jack asks her how she feels about having amnesiac time bombs living with her? Lexie says they are not time bombs, and thanks to her brother they will have a good life. She also tells Jack when he quotes her he is to use the name Lexie Carver! Jack asks her if she is contesting the divorce, but Lexie says there will be no divorce! Jack returns to Jen, and ends up freaking out about her date with Collin. He wonders if it is about work, or something more. Jen says she has to get to work, and they will talk about this later.

Lexie finds Brandon and wants to talk to him. Brandon says no he didn’t tell her husband the truth, but Lexie says that isn’t the reason she came to see him. As Lexie talks to him, he sees Kate and Sami conversing on the balcony. As Sami talks on the phone about her getaway with Brandon, Kate shows up, hangs up Sami’s phone, and tells her that she ain’t going anywhere! They begin a powwow about Nicole, and Brandon shows up and asks what they are doing out here, and why are they whispering about Nicole? Sami says she and Kate were just arguing about how their weekend has been ruined because Kate and Lucas are not watching Will this weekend, they are letting him go on some rock climbing excursion! Brandon says this has nothing to do with Nicole, so Kate says she was just saying how much of a better mother Nicole was to Will than she has ever been. Kate eventually leaves, and Sami tells Brandon that she can’t go away with him this weekend, and he’s sorry. Brandon tells her not to worry, Will should be her first priority. He also asks what else is going on, is Nicole threatening her again? He asks her to tell him the truth. Sami says the truth is, she hopes Nicole and Victor rot in hell for what they did to her! Brandon says not to talk like that about his sister, but Sami says she had to be honest with him. Sami wants Nicole to be happy for him, but she just can’t help but feel angry about what she did to them. Sami says once she knows they will be together for good, she will stop feeling this way. Sami says there is something else going on in her life, her grandmother (Marlena’s mom) is sick and she’s worried about her. Brandon and Sami end up making dinner plans, and Brandon is beeped and has to leave. Sami realizes she needs help dealing with Nicole, and knows who to call. Sami calls Tony for his help, but he turns her down! He even tells her that from now on, she is on her own! Later, Brandon finds Sami and says he just got a call from Victor inviting him to a surprise engagement party for Nikki tomorrow at Tuscany. Sami asks Brandon to take her as his date! Brandon doesn’t know, but agrees when Sami begs.

Meanwhile, Kate hires a private eye to dig up dirt on Nicole. Suddenly, Lexie shows up and tells Kate that it is time they had a little talk. Lexie demands to know about the kippers, but Kate says what went on between her and Stefano is nobodies business. They begin arguing, and Lexie reveals that she knows she was left something else, but she doesn’t know what because it was a sealed bequest. Kate tells her that the bequest was sealed at Stefano’s request, so she should honor it! Kate leaves, and Lexie vows to find out what happened between her father and Kate. Later, Kate talks to Collin about his adventures around the world, and how she would like to talk to him about an interview for John’s magazine. Kate soon works Nicole into the conversation, and tells him that if he cares about Nicole he will get her away from Victor. Collin wonders what is in this for Kate. Kate says they are a problem for her business, and that is the truth. Collin tells Kate he no longer cares about Nicole, so Victor can have her!

Lexie once again goes after Brandon, and he assures her he won’t open his mouth about their night of sex, so she can go right on and destroy her life by going back to Abe. Lexie tells Brandon he is one to talk, he is back with Sami the guttersnipe who dumped him for Austin. Brandon says at least when he and Sami make love, she won’t ask him to lie about it! Meanwhile, Kate and Sami continues to talk about Nicole and Victor, and the upcoming engagement party he has planned for her.

At Heartly House, Shawn and Belle talk about moving forward. Belle asks Shawn if he has heard about Dozer, and he says no. Suddenly, Caprice shows up and says she has some bad news. Caprice says Dozer is okay, but he has been pulled out of school. However, the bad news is really about their friends the twins, they have moved out of the hospital and in with Tony DiMera! Belle calls her dad, and then plans to give Cassie and Rex exactly what they want.

At the Dimera mansion, Tony has the twins dressed in the most expensive clothes money can buy, an elegant dress for Cassie and a suit for Rex. Tony tells Collin, via the phone, that he thinks the twins will be a perfect fit. The twin thank Tony for everything he has done for them. Cassie ends up drawn to Stefano’s urn, and she begins freaking out when she touches it. Tony says this is his father’s urn, it holds the remains of his father. Tony then shows them his phoenix ring, and Cassie asks if they are connected to his father. Tony says he’s not sure yet. Rex thinks Stefano engineered them, and he asks if Stefano will return to life like the Pheonix? Tony says his father is dead, and he came back to Salem to take his place as the head of the Dimera family. Tony tells Cassie and Rex that they are part of his family now. Later, Shawn and Belle show up to see the twins. They see the twins, who seem very pleased with their home. Belle and Shawn tell them that they don’t belong here, and he is trying to buy them. Tony tells belle that she is being rude in his house, and she treats him with respect or she leaves! Shawn apologizes for Belle, and Tony insists that he is only looking after the twins best interest, and he is interested in knowing their connection to his father. Rex and Cassie tell Belle and Shawn that Tony is good to them, and they like him. Belle ask if Marlena will still work with the twins, and Tony says yes, and they hope to unravel their DNA. Belle tells him that if he really wants to help Cassie and Rex, he should allow them to go to Salem University and maybe they could even room with them! Shawn thinks this is a mistake, but the Twins says they want to go to school with Belle and Shawn. Tony asks them if this is what they want, and they say yes. Tony says he’ll so what he can do, and he then asks Belle and Shawn to please excuse them as they are going to have dinner now. Belle and Shawn leave, and Shawn ends up telling Belle that she just made the biggest mistake of her life!


October 11
Shorter than usual due to part of it was typed after I saw the show!
At Bo and Hope’s, Caroline comes over to help Bo clean up the house and pack for his romantic trip with Hope. Bo has planned a getaway for him and Hope at Green Mountain Lodge. Hope calls, Glen is driving her and JT to the airport, and she is so happy to finally be coming home. Bo tells her that he has a romantic surprise waiting for her once she gets home. Later, Bo and Caroline continue to get things ready for Hope, and Bo suggests that this weekend when he and Hope come back they through a huge party, and it will be a good excuse for Shawn to come home for the weekend. Bo and Caroline continue to hang welcome home decorations, and Bo has bought a tricycle for Zack. Bo heads to the airport, and eagerly awaits for Hope to arrive. The flight arrives, and the passengers debark, but to Bo’s surprise, Hope ain’t aboard!

At Tuscany, Brady and Phillip end up seated together, and they aren’t happy about it. They end up in an argument about Chloe, same old same old. Phillip accusses Brady of going after Chloe all along, and Brady tells Phillip he is concerned about Chloe right now, not himself. Meanwhile, Nicole, Victor, and Fay arrive for the party, Brandon and Sami are already at Tuscany. Sami has been on and off the phone all night reporting into Kate. They all meet up with Gene, who tells Victor everything is ready. Nicole tells Victor that he better not spoil this night by producing a pre-nup, and he says that is not it at all, and they already have their agreement. Brandon wonders what that means, and thinks it sounds like some kind of threat. Meanwhile, the mayor is also at Tuscany, and he’s pissed over Billie Reed. The head of his security detail says Billie was a no show last night, and she didn’t report for role call this morning. The mayor says he knows Billie wants to be back on the force, and if she continues this poor performance, she will get her wish! Meanwhile, Victor mentions some things to Maggie, and she says she will get everything ready. Victor gathers everyone together and makes an important announcement. He says that he’s tired of waiting, and he wants to marry Nicole tonight! He says Gene has drawn up all the wedding legalities, and their mayor has been kind enough to wave the formal waiting period for such legalities! Nicole tells Victor that this is the most romantic thing anyone’s ever done for her, and she’d be happy to marry him.

At Lucas’ apartment, Kate continues to try and dig up dirt on Nicole. Lucas walks in, and he refuses to help his mom hurt Victor, because he likes him! Lucas says Victor has been great to him, and it is Victor who got him joint custody of Will. Kate says Victor and Nicole are trying to destroy her life, so if he won’t help, he should get out of her way! Kate comes up with an idea, and begins searching for Lucas’ marriage records. Lucas says she’ll never find them because they don’t exist, they went up in ashes with Victor’s old mansion! Sami calls Kate and tells her that they are in big trouble, Victor has turned the party into a wedding! Lucas is flabbergasted to learn his mom is actually working with Sami. Kate continues searching for Lucas’ wedding papers, which he thinks are dust, but she says they aren’t. She says they were in a fireproof lock box, and Henderson brought them over here. Lucas says that is in his bedroom, and he never thought to see what was in it. He gives it to Kate, and she asks where the key is? He is clueless, and she ends up grabbing a letter opener and picking the lock.

Back at Tuscany, everyone gets ready for the wedding. Maggie ends up insisting that Nicole be walked in by Brandon, and she needs someone to stand up for her. Victor says Faye can do that, and Nicole reluctantly agrees. Kate calls Sami and tells her that she is on her way over, and Sami tells her to hurry! Kate says she’s going to have to stall them, she should do whatever it takes including stripping! The mayor presides over the ceremony, and Sami ends up tripping a waiter to cause a ruckus and interrupt the ceremony. Maggie ends up finding Sami hanging around, the restaurant is supposed to be closed. Victor is furious, and Brandon says he knew Sami was here, he asked her to wait at the bar. Victor is angry with Brandon, and he demands Sami leave. Brandon says he goes if Sami goes, and Victor says fine. Nicole says no, she wants Sami to stay and witness her life begin as Victor Kiriakis. Sami says she will stay, and makes a speech about how it is time they bury the hatchet. Victor asks Nicole if she is sure, and Nicole says yes, she wants to see Victor squash her after they are married. The mayor continues, and asks for anyone to speak now if they know why these two should not be married. Kate and Lucas arrive, and she tells them to stop! Victor asks her to be thrown out, but Kate says she heard her cue to speak. He wonders how she even knew about this wedding, and Lucas pipes up that Sami told her. Everyone is shocked to learn Sami and Kate are working together. Kate claims Lucas called Sami about Will, and she told him where she was and what was going on. Kate says she felt it was her duty to rush right over because Victor can’t marry Nicole. Kate tells Lucas to tell him, but Lucas says he doesn’t want to do this! Kate tells him to do it, and Victor asks Lucas what is going on? Lucas announces that Nicole is still married to him!

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