October 2002 Week 1


September 30
At Heartly House, Cynthia sends Shawn to Belle’s room, claiming she is still sleeping, but all the while knowing Phillip spent the night. Shawn knocks on Belle’s door and is shocked when Phillip answers in his underwear. Shawn is furious and yells at Phillip for sleeping with Belle. Belle and Mimi show up, they were at class, and he asks Belle how she could sleep with Phillip! Belle says Phillip had no place to stay last night, Phillip adds that he was kicked out of his house, and Belle says she let him stay here. Phillip and Mimi leave so that Belle and Shawn can talk in private, and Belle says unlike him she has never given him a reason to not trust her! They begin going at it, once again about the Jan issue. Shawn says he thought she was over it, but Belle says she may never get over it! Belle then makes a stunning realization, he doesn’t trust her and he never has. Shawn says he does trust her, but Belle says he didn’t trust her today or then to tell her about Jan. Belle begins to wonder that if this is what love is, she may not want it. Shawn says he knows they can work this out, but Belle says they can’t without trust. Suddenly, Mimi shows up and shows Belle the Intruder. She realizes she has to go to the hospital, but Shawn says that will only put herself in danger!

Meanwhile, Cynthia talks to Mimi, and decides to make sure Belle Black is never named Heartly House Heartbreaker. Cynthia runs after Phillip and asks him if he’s moved on from Chloe to Belle? Phillip tells her to get a life, and leaves. Cynthia says she hasn’t begun to pay him and his buddies back for high school, and she vows to make their lives hell.

Chloe and Brady return to Salem, and they drop by Brady’s place first. Brady asks Chloe if she is going to tell her parents what happened? Chloe thinks about their kiss, and Brady says they don’t have to tell them everything. Craig shows up to pick up Chloe, and ignores his pages from his secretary. Craig knows about them tracking down Sykes, and he asks them how they did it? Chloe says Brady is the one who tracked him down, and they say that he left town when his cover was blown, not telling him what Phillip did. Craig fears the drug ring may have found him, and Chloe wonders if he’s already dead. Brady tells her not to jump to the worst case scenario. Craig learns Sykes may have a son, so he says he’ll let Nancy know what is going on. Chloe then asks why Nancy is so set on her not meeting her father? Why all the secrecy? Craig says it brings up her mom’s past, and it upsets her. He asks her not to mention this to Nancy just yet, let her celebrate her birthday and homecoming first. Craig eventually heads back to the hospital, and Isabella shows up and urges Brady to tell Chloe how he feels. Brady wants to talk about the kiss she gave him, which he thinks was a thank you kiss, but she says it wasn’t. He asks her where they go from here? Chloe and Brady both admit they liked the kiss and it felt right, but that they should put things on hold until they get her a bone marrow donor.

At the DiMera mansion, Tony vows to get the twins and the key John stole from him under his control as soon as possible. When Jack shows up, Tony decides to use Jack to find out as much about the Twins as possible. Later, Tony and Collin take off, and Jack follows them.

At the hospital, Sami meets with the reporter and helps him escape the hospital. She gets her money from him, and he leaves. Meanwhile, John and Spector review the hospital surveillance tape and catch Sami on it! They realize she leaked the story on the aliens. Jen shows up at the hospital, and she runs into Sami to speak to her about what happened at the park. Sami asks if there is a problem? Jen can’t believe Lucas didn’t tell her, so she talks about it with her. Jen accuses Will of hurting Abby on purpose, but Sami thinks Will would never do such a thing. Suddenly, John shows up and demands to talk to Sami now, and tells Jen that her problem will have to wait. John asks Sami if she did or did not leak the story about the aliens? He tells her not to lie, they have her on tape. Sami says she was delivering papers to the morgue and got lost, but even if she did find out what was going on, she wouldn’t have reported it to a tabloid and risk her job! John says she is going to have to explain her actions to other people in the project. Tony shows up and overhears Sami asking John if there are aliens in the basement, and he asks the same thing. John says of course not, and he claims he is here because the board called him in to deal with this sleaze story. John leaves and goes to see Spector, when Tony finds his way to the basement! John deals with Tony and tells him this is a restricted area. Tony demands to know what is going on down here, and he says not to lie to him because he knows about the twins. He says he knows they are connected to his father, and he thinks they should just work together on this and find out how and why. Tony claims what information he has he would be willing to share, and together they may find the key to unlock this mystery.

Lucas shows up and Sami is furious that he did not tell her what happened with Will and Abbey. Sami is furious with Lucas, but Lucas claims this is her fault and Will will be better off the sooner he cuts her out of his life for good! They begin to argue, and Sami drops her purse and out falls her wad of money. Lucas wonders where she got that cash. She says she cashed her paycheck, not that it is his business.

Meanwhile, Jen and Jack snoop around the hospital trying to find out what is going on with the story. Jack says Collin and Tony hightailed it over hear after reading the story, so he thinks something is going on. Jen follows Collin, while Jack follows Tony. Jen asks Collin if he knows what is going on in the basement? Collin says he does, and if she is nice maybe he’ll give her an exclusive! Collin says there is construction going on in the basement, and a government agent is posing as a doctor.

In Craig’s office, Nancy learns about the Intruder Story from the hospital publicist, and she says this is crazy! She says she’ll take care of this. Nancy catches Jack snooping around in the basement, and she finds out about what is going on in the basement, and she is furious. She demands the police be called, and people will pay for invading her hospital! Craig shows up and makes a statement and says there are no aliens here, there are two special agents here being observed and isolated, that is all. Meanwhile, Jen gets a delivery from the office, and she is shocked. Collin sees her and Jack run off, and realize Tony’s plan is working, whatever it is (we do not know). We soon learn that Tony sent Jack and Jen an exclusive, everything they want to know about the twins but were afraid to ask! Later, Craig tells Nancy that Chloe is back. Nancy becomes excited and says she has to get ready.


October 1
At the hospital, Kate spies on Nicole and Victor. Nicole is getting ready to leave the hospital, and Victor invites her to move back into the mansion. When Victor leaves the room for a moment, Kate goes to see Nicole. She says that once she’s married to Victor he won’t let her sleep with the clients, so her days of stealing accounts from Basic Black will be over! Collin shows up and kicks Kate out, and then gives Nicole grim news. When Victor returns, Nicole is in tears. Victor demands to know what Collin has done to Nicole. Collin says he was called into consul on Nicole’s case, there has been a complication from the surgery. Collin says the bullet grazed one of her fallopian tubes, and somehow some kind of physical strain has aggravated it. Nicole thinks about her struggle with Sami in the morgue. Collin says Nicole will have to stay another day or two, and that without surgical intervention, Nicole may never conceive a child. Victor comforts Nicole, and she tells him if he doesn’t want to marry her now she will understand. Victor says he loves her, and he does want to marry her. He says this wasn’t her fault, and she should get some rest. Victor leaves, and Nicole blames Sami for this. Kate returns later, after she learns about Nicole’s condition, and eggs her on about it. She thinks Victor will dump Nicole over this, and she says it is best she not have child anyways, she shouldn’t be allowed to raise one. Nicole tells Kate that she couldn’t even carry a child for Victor, and if Vivian had raised Phillip, he might have turned out better! She tells Kate that she doesn’t have the greatest record raising children. Nicole assures Kate that she will marry Victor, and she will win everything! Kate says once she is married to Victor she’ll see what the prize she has won really is! Kate, however, knows that Victor does not hold onto damaged goods, so he will soon cut her loose!

Victor meets Phillip in the cafeteria, and he says the job at Dot.Com is still open if he wants it. Phillip says no thanks, he can take care of himself. Phillip decides to leave, but before he does, Victor tells Phillip that Nicole is moving back in. Phillip thinks he was kicked out because of Nicole, but Victor says it was for his own good. Phillip warns his father that the more he pushes, the more he doesn’t want to go to college.

Harold shows up, and Jack tells him that the information he sent over was excellent. Jack asks Harold to go to Salem Place and investigate the teens that got in trouble for shoplifting awhile ago because they could be the same teens. Meanwhile, Sami looks at Nicole’s file and smiles. Jack shows up and tells Sami that she seems to be in a good mood. Belle and Shawn show up, and Jack sees them and wonders what they are up to. He asks Sami about what is going on in the basement, but she says she doesn’t know anything. She ends up talking all about getting back together with Brandon, planning a trip, and Nicole trying to kill her in the morgue. Jack figures it out, and accuses Sami of selling the story to the intruder! Sami denies it, but he knows better. Jack and Sami run off, and Kate gets a glimpse of Nicole’s file and learns about her condition as well. Meanwhile, Sami finally admits to Jack that he is right, and she did it. Jack agrees to keep her secret, as long as he gives her some information. Sami says as long as he doesn’t use her name. Sami begins spilling the beans to Jack.

Bo is also at the hospital, and he takes the kids outside to talk. Belle asks how this could happen, she wants answers because her dad won’t let her see the twins, and she can’t talk to her mom. Bo assures Belle that the twins are fine. She wonders how this happened, and Bo asks if she said anything to anyone who could have leaked it to the press? Belle thinks about it, and begins wondering if Shawn said anything. Shawn says he didn’t say anything, and they begin fighting again. Bo learns that Phillip has been kicked out, and he has no place to live. Shawn asks his dad if Phillip can move in their house? Suddenly, Phillip shows up and thinks Shawn can’t wait to get rid of him. Phillip is hurt and leaves, and the kids follow him. Victor shows up and talks to Bo about the Phillip situation. Victor is positive that they will get through this. Bo congratulates Victor on his engagement, but secretly feels Nicole can’t make anyone happy for so long. Meanwhile, Belle and Shawn see Sami talking to Jack, and they learn Sami was the one who blabbed. Jack says Sami didn’t tell him anything, he was just questioning her. Sami says she was just telling him no comment, she has been talking to a lot of press. She jokes that the whole thing is so ridiculous. Belle eventually believes Sami, and she and Shawn leave to get back to school. Jack begins to realize Belle is the one who he should be talking to. Later, Jack runs into Kate, who vents to Jack about her problems with Nicole. Jack is bored stiff, but tells her if she wants to vent it is okay. Kate does vent, and they soon begin talking about Billie. Kate fears Billie will always be hooked on Bo, so she’s glad she’s not working at the station anymore. Jack ends up venting to Kate about Collin and Jennifer. He then tells Kate that if she wants to help herself with the battle against Nicole, she should investigate Collin and Nicole’s relationship.

Meanwhile, Bo questions Collin about a security breach made by Tony into the basement, and that they think it was an inside job. Collin asks if he is being accused of something? Bo asks if he is a Dimera spy? Collin says the only spy in their family is most likely Samantha! Bo goes to see Jack and tells him this is off record, he thinks Collin and Tony know a lot more than they are telling them and so he should get back to the mansion and see what he can find out. He also tells him to keep an eye on Sami as well! Jack makes a phonecall to Jen and tells her that everything is beginning to make sense!

Belle and Shawn return to the dorm, and Phillip tries to get them to work things out. They apologize to one another, and Phillip decides to try and straighten out his life. Cynthia shows up trying to get votes for house heartbreaker, and she is not thrilled to see Shawn and Belle back together. Belle tells Cynthia that freshmen never win the heartbreaker. Dozer ends up sneaking more booze into the dorm, and Shawn and Belle go to study in Belle’s room, but end up making out instead. Back downstairs, Cynthia pressures Phillip into drinking a beer, with Dozer’s help.


October 2
At Hearlty house, Phillip, who is on the couch, overhears Caprice telling the kids about Chloe’s birthday party this afternoon. Phillip spies on the teens and gets angry when Belle says that she can’t wait to hear Brady’s version of what happened with Chloe. Phillip confronts them and asks if his word isn’t good enough? Belle and Phillip get into it over him messing up things over and over again, and Belle and the others eventually leave for Chloe’s party. Meanwhile, Cynthia continues to try and win homecoming heartbreaker, and Mimi tells her that no freshman has ever won, so she should get over it! Later, Cynthia gets Dozer to get Phillip totally drunk.

At the loft, Chloe finds Brady listening to his messages, which he claims were work related, but Chloe thinks he is lying. She thinks something has happened with the search for her father. Brady says it was just Craig, and Nancy is anxious to see her.

At the Wesley’s, Nancy and Craig get ready for Chloe’s 18th birthday party. Brady brings Chloe home, and Nancy is happy to see her. Later the rest of the kids show up for her party. Chloe can’t believe how they decorated the place, and she thanks them so much. The presents come rolling in for Chloe, and she thanks them all. She asks them why they all didn’t go away, and hopes it wasn’t because of her. Belle says that was part of it, but the other part had to do with the twins. Chloe asks about the dorm, and they tell her about it. Belle then asks Chloe and Brady what is going on between them. Before they can answer, a drunk Phillip crashes the party, drunk, and with a bunch of dead flowers. He sings happy birthday to Chloe, and everyone is stunned. Brady is about to throw Phillip out, but Chloe stops him. Chloe tells everyone that it is true she and Phillip aren’t together anymore, but if he is here to apologize, she is willing to hear him out and accept his apology. Phillip says he is sorry, he always seems to do the wrong thing. Phillip says he means to do the right thing, but he always screws things up. Phillip then starts talking about how perfect, brave, and sweet Chloe is; then he begins begging her to take him back. Brady tries to tell Phillip to leave, but he becomes upset with him. Brady tells Phillip that he is smashed, and they are here for Chloe’s birthday and he is not going to ruin this for her. Phillip ends up grabbing Chloe’s birthday cake, and sings “Take me back” to Chloe to the tune of happy birthday. Shawn and Belle grab Phillip and decide to take him home. After the party winds down, Nancy asks Chloe and Brady about New York. Chloe tells Nancy that when she got sick she wasn’t ready to face up to it, and neither could Phillip, so she fell into his fantasy world. Chloe says she has realized she can’t live in denial anymore, and that is why she couldn’t be with Phillip and Brady helped her see that. Chloe says Brady said things she didn’t want to hear, but he was the one who always supported her. Nancy asks Chloe if she and Brady are couple? Chloe says Brady is an incredible friend who has given her hope. Nancy, Craig, Chloe, and Brady all make wishes over Chloe’s birthday cake, and Chloe blows out the candles. She tells them that they have all made this birthday so special. Brady eventually leaves, and Nancy tells Craig that they should tell Chloe about the baby. They agree to tell her tomorrow. Meanwhile, Chloe asks Brady if he waited till she was 18 to kiss her? Brady says that kiss just kinda happened, and he tells her how beautiful she looks tonight. Brady tells her happy birthday, and leaves.

Belle and Shawn take Phillip back to Hearlty House, and they learn Dozer gave him the booze. Dozer is out cold, so Shawn takes Phillip up there to let him sleep in his room. Shawn says he’ll sleep on the couch, so Belle lets Shawn use her empty bed. Shawn, however, soon ends up in Belle’s bed, and the two make out! Belle eventually sends Shawn back to his bed, and tells him that she loves him. Meanwhile, Phillip goes downstairs where Cynthia is, and she tells him that he’s so blinded by Opera Girl that he doesn’t even realize anyone else exists. He calls her a bitch, and she calls him a loser because he has no girl, no school, no money, and no house!

At the hospital, Abe meets with Faye to go out to eat, but Faye has to cancel because of Nicole’s complications. She tells Abe what is going on, and he comforts her. Lexie shows up and is furious to see them together, but Celeste stops her from doing anything. Celeste tells Lexie that making a scene in a public place won’t score her any points with Abe. Lexie still wants to confront that two-bit waitress, but Celeste says shaming them will only make things worse. Lexie says okay, and she came here to find Brandon anyways. She says she’ll need his he to make up with Abe. Meanwhile, Abe continues to talk to Faye. He tells her about his problems with Lexie, and eventually asks Faye out to dinner tonight. Faye accepts, and Abe says it is a date.

Brandon visits Nicole’s room to tell her that he is so sorry about the test results. Nicole says she never wanted kids anyway, and she is going to use this news to get exactly what she wants. Brandon knows she is hurting, and he asks what this physical strain was that caused the fertility problem? He wonders if it has something to do with Sami. Nicole tells him Sami will only hurt him! Brandon realizes it was her attacking Sami that caused this. She begs Brandon not to let Victor know too much, because she could tell by the look on Victor’s face that he was counting on her having a child for him. Nicole wonders if Victor is going to dump her now because she can’t have a child. Brandon tells Nicole that she is scared of the love off a man or giving love to a child, so she is willing to sell herself into a loveless marriage. He tells her that without love in her life, she has nothing. Nicole refuses to hold out for true love like their mother supposedly did, and she says they are scared and whenever their radar says true love is coming, they should run! Victor says at least with Victor she knows what she’ll be getting. Brandon eventually gives up and leaves, and Nicole goes to the maternity ward and looks at the babies. She runs into Celeste there, and Celeste tells her what a great gift a child is. Nicole says she can’t have a child, which is probably a good thing. Celeste tells Nicole that she had to give up her daughter to be with a very rich and powerful man, but later he (Stefano) claimed his daughter and infected her with his poison. She tells Nicole that when she looks at her, she sees herself. Nicole says Victor is no Stefano, and Celeste says no he isn’t, but if their relationship is strictly financial, one of the parties involved will begin to feel they are prisoner. Nicole returns to her room, and gets a visit from Faye. Nicole vents to her mom about and her father’s abuse, when Brandon walks in and tells Nicole to stop this! Faye leaves, and Brandon tells Nicole to stop taking things out on their mother. Nicole tells Brandon to stop worrying about her and focus on mommy’s relationship with Abe! Brandon says that will never happen, and takes off. Nicole then vows to keep Brandon and Sami apart.

Lexie finds Brandon and tells him about Abe and his mom, and she asks him what they will do about it. LExie begs Brandon not to tell anyone about their night of luv, and agree that it never happened. Brandon says he won’t advertise that they had apparently meaningless sex, and he wishes her all the luck in the world with Abe. Later, Lexie and Brandon run into Abe. Abe tells LExie that he is tired of her trying to delay their divorce, and he accuses Brandon and LExie of being lovers! LExie fears Brandon is going to blow everything for her, but he doesn’t. Brandon tells Abe that he has tried to persuade Lexie not to waste her time on him, but she won’t listen, so he has wished her luck. Brandon leaves, and Abe tells Lexie that Brandon is a time bomb and he hopes she is not around him when he goes off. Lexie pleades for another chance, but he says no way. He says he will get this divorce with or without her cooperation. Faye shows up, and she and Abe leave for dinner.


October 3
Belle wakes up and finds Shawn in her bed. He claims he was in his bed, but he woke up and she was so far from him. They start kissing, but they are interrupted by Phillip who has a hangover. Belle gives him some water, and Phillip wonders if Chloe wasn’t sick if they would still be together. Phillip thinks Chloe doesn’t care about him anymore since he wasn’t invited to her party. Phillip says he can’t do this anymore, he’s going to quit drinking and Chloe cold turkey! Unfortunately it turns out to be just another plan of Phillip’s, he’s hoping if he doesn’t go to see Chloe, she will start to miss him and come back to him. He says he won’t make the same mistakes again when Chloe takes him back, and she will take him back. Belle says they should all go downstairs and get some food, but Phillip says it is a madhouse down there because everyone is arguing about the heartbreaker votes. Downstairs, everyone waits for the results, and Dozer flirts with Cynthia and asks her out. The president of Heartly House announces the Heartbreaker for Homecoming 2002, and the winner is Belle Black. She is stunned that she won, and Cynthia is pissed! Belle is given a paper heart and she is told she has to rip it in half. Belle remembers tearing the heart Shawn made for her in half, and she says she’d rather not rip this. Margo tells her that she has to, so she does. Cynthia says she has lost to Belle Black for the last time! Cynthia demands to know what is up, she knows for a fact that twenty people voted for her! Margo says two people voted for her, one being herself, the other she can’t imagine who (it was dozer). Margo tells Cynthia that people have already been complaining about her, this is college, so she should act like she’s in college! People laugh at her, and Cynthia says Belle will do her title proud, she’s sure to break at least one heart before the year is over! Later, as everyone gets ready to go to the game, Cynthia tells Dozer that if he wants to date her, he’s going to have to make sure Belle breaks someone’s heart!

At Basic Black, Kate tries woo her clients from Titan over to Basic Black, but they aren’t budging. John actually comes into work, and apologizes to Kate for leaving her with so much responsibility, and he says he has noticed a loss in accounts to Titan. John demands and explanation from her. Kate says it is just a recession based panic, and she will have all the accounts back in a month. John thanks her, and says he will be back here as soon as possible. Kate begins asking questions about the Gemini twins when Marlena calls John. She tells him that she has some good news for him, and she’d like to give it to him in person. John says he will be right over right away. John says goodbye to Kay, and he says he’ll be back this afternoon. John leaves, and Lucas shows up. Kate smashes a flower pot as she thinks what Nicole has done to her. Kate says it is time she take care of Nicole once and for all, and she races out of the office.

At the hospital, MArlena shows up to check on the twins, who are playing chess with Spector. Cassie whispers something to Marlena, and she says yes they will get their wish, and she will get hers too! John shows up, and he is reunited with Marlena. MArlena tells John that she finally gets to go home. John asks if she had a huge breakthrough with the twins, or are they shutting this whole thing down? MArlena says the twins are much better now, and there is no need for intense daily therapy. Marlena tells John that when she looks into the twins eyes, she remembers what she saw when she looked into his eyes for the first time. John suggests they get out of here and enjoy the day, but MArlena says there is something she must do first. Marlena tells John that the twins have a wish she wants to make true. The twins show up, and MArlena tells them to tell her husband and Spector their wish. Rex and Cassie say they have cooperated with them, and now they want to be let go. John and Spector are shocked, and Spector says he does not have the authority to release them. Marlena tells the twins to go to their room and pack, she will take care of this. The twins leave, and Marlena tells Spector that they will never get the answers they seek if they keep them locked up here. She says their amnesia is trauma based, and if they don’t get exposed to the outside world, they will never remember! John says the twins seem better than they were originally, so this place can’t be all that bad. Marlena thinks John wants to keep them here because he thinks someone should pay for Stefano’s sins, and he’s decided that should be Cassie and Rex. John can’t believe she thinks that, and says he just doesn’t want to see anyone hurt. Marlena demands Spector call someone and get the twins released, or she’ll be calling a civil rights attorney! The twins show up and say they are ready, but Marlena says they aren’t ready yet. She says they are trying to get them released now. Rex tells John that they know he thinks they are bad because of their tattoos, so he tells him to take them off so he will think they are good. John says removing the tattoo would be painful, and it wouldn’t make a difference since he has one just like theirs. Rex thinks John thinks they are bad inside, but Marlena says nobody thinks that. Marlena speaks to John alone, and Spector shows up and says the twins can be released, but only to guardians. Marlena asks John to let the twins come home with them and live in Belle and Brady’s room. John says over his dead body!

Sami runs into Brandon and surprises him with a weekend getaway trip. Brandon is shocked, but says it looks expensive. Sami says it’s all been paid for, and he agrees to go with her. Sami says this will be a weekend they both remember. As they hug, Victor wheels Nicole out of her room and she steams up when she sees Sami with her brother. She overhears Brandon tells Sami he wants to go with her, but he can’t leave Nicole. Nicole insists Brandon go, but she does want to talk to Sami in private. Brandon rather they not be left alone, but Nicole says she won’t get physical with her again. Nicole says she may not be able to have children, so she wants Brandon to have the happy family he’s wanted, and she is sorry. Sami is shocked, and goes to talk with Nicole in private. Once alone, Nicole becomes nasty towards Sami once again, and accuses her of being infertile. Nicole tells Sami that once Victor learns about this, he will kill her! Nicole says because of her, she can’t give him a child! Sami tells Nicole that if she tells Victor any of these lies, she’ll tell Victor about her and Collin. Nicole tells Sami that she is in a much stronger bargaining position than her, and she demands Sami hand over the pictures and the tape, or say goodbye to Brandon! Sami becomes upset, and storms off. Brandon demands to know what happened between her and Nicole? Sami says she feels bad for Nicole and what she’s going through. Meanwhile, Victor asks Nicole what happened? Nicole cries and says she’d really rather not talk about it right now. Sami ends up running out of the hospital, possibly to give into Nicole’s blackmail. As she is leaving she runs into Lucas and Kate. Lucas wonders what trouble Sami is running from now. Sami ends up stepping on Lucas foot, because he grabbed her, and that causes him to let her go so she can leave. Lucas goes up to Brandon and gets in his face. Brandon thinks Lucas makes one of the best case studies he’s ever met. Meanwhile, Kate confronts Victor and Nicole and demands they give her back the accounts they stole from her. Victor says Nicole has the accounts because she is more competent than she is! Kate says Nicole has only gotten what she wants by lying on her back! Kate warns Nicole that when she is finished with her, she will barely exist! Victor assures Nicole that Kate will pay if she tries to hurt her. Victor takes Nicole back to her room, and Nicole wonders where Sami is because she should be here with those pictures and that tape. Nicole sees Sami outside, and asks Victor to go to the gift shop and buy her something soft and cuddly. He leaves, and Sami returns and hangs over the goods to Nicole. Nicole tears the photos up, and destroys the tape, and then throws them in the garbage can. Sami asks Nicole if she is going to leave her alone now, and Nicole says she will. Sami leaves, and Nicole does a “had my figures crossed!” Nicole says she is just getting started with Sami! Victor returns with a teddy bear for Nicole, and Nicole thinks about the baby she wanted to give him. Victor says the only thing he cares about is if she is okay. Nicole says Kate told her that he’d leave her if she couldn’t have her baby. Victor promises Nicole that he will take care of Kate and Sami. Nicole lies to Victor about how much Kate and Sami hate her and are trying to destroy her. Victor tells Nicole that he knows what the perfect gift for her wedding is. Meanwhile, Sami and Kate run into one another, and begin wondering why the other hates Nicole. They both say Nicole is making their lives miserable, and neither of them really knows why. They both realize they have something in common, they hate Nicole more than they hate one another! They spy on Victor and Nicole together, as Victor promises Nicole that he will destroy Kate and Sami on the day they are married!


October 4
My local NBC seems to be having problems, at the half way point of the show, they restarted it from the beginning! This has happened 2 days in a row, but today they didn’t correct the error until the show was almost over! Due to this the plot summaries just sorta leap to the end of the show, Sorry!

At the mansion, Jack is looking for the DiMera’s, but none are at home. He begins wondering if he is on camera, and then ends up pushing some keys on Tony’s PC to see if any alarms go off. Nothing happens, so he decides to see if he can dig up some dirt. Meanwhile, Tony and Collin arrive outside and continue talking about the twins. Tony goes inside, Collin uses the side entrance, and Tony asks Jack if he found anything interesting? Jack says his email is acting up and needed to send one to the paper so he borrowed his PC. Tony doesn’t believe Jack and wants to know what he really found in his computer files. Jack says he doesn’t need a computer to get the snoop on him. Tony knows why Jack is here, to get the scoop on him and perhaps Collin Murphy, but so far he has failed miserably! Tony says the reason he has failed is because there are no secrets to find here, and then he kicks Jack out of his house! Jack says he’s sorry for the misunderstanding, and then on his way out asks Bart to pack up his stuff. Bart says if he is missing some of his stuff Collin probably has it, he took his cell phone the other day. Jack says he knew it, and heads out. Suddenly, Collin comes out of the shadows, and meets with Tony. Tony claims he is closing in on the twins’ secret, but refuses to say what he knows. Tony leaves, and Collin ends up warning Bart to stop making trouble for him!

Jack meets up with Bo to tell him about Collin and Tony, but Bo says they need concrete proof the two are in cahoots. The conversation soon turns to Billie, and Bo insists they are only just friends. Jack ends up leaving when Bo gets a call from Hope. Hope tells him that she and Zack are coming home!

At the hospital, John refuses to allow the twins to come home with them. Marlena doesn’t think they could hurt a fly, and she doesn’t think they are lying. Marlena says the twins don’t know who they are, or where they are from. John says they still could be programmed without their knowledge, and a trigger could set them off. MArlena is upset with John, and she says she is not giving up on the twins. MArlena goes to see the twins, and they say they can’t wait to get out to Salem. They start talking about how they know they need a place to live, but they don’t want to be separated from one another. They also say they won’t run, or be afraid like they were before, because they have friends now, and friends are all one needs. John is disturbed, and ends up excusing himself. Marlena continues to try and convince John to take these twins into their home by saying that way they could keep a close eye on them to make sure some DiMera plan isn’t put into action? John says watching the twins is a priority, but keeping them in their house is out. Suddenly, Spector shows up and tells them there has been a development, and neither one of them will like it. It seems, Tony DiMera wants custody of the twins!

At the Wesley’s, the phone rings and they let the machine get it because Nancy and Craig have something important to tell her. She asks if this has to do with her getting a donor? They say yes, and tell Chloe that Nancy is pregnant. Chloe is shocked because she didn’t know they wanted kids. Craig says they didn’t, until she came along. Chloe wants to be a part of this and help with everything. Nancy is grateful, and she says they are going to have a test done to determine if the baby will be a bone marrow match for her. Chloe says she is just excited to have a baby, and she wants to tell Brady. They ask her to keep this under wraps for awhile, and she agrees. Chloe runs off, and Nancy stuffs her face with food galore, which makes craig sick to watch.

At Brady’s place, Isabella shows up and knows Brady is angry. HE says that journey was a bust, nothing changed. Isabella doesn’t believe that, and says something has changed, they got somewhere with each other. Brady says that won’t save Chloe’s life. Suddenly, Bo shows up and asks Brady who he is talking to? Brady says he is just muttering to himself. Bo remembers living her with Hope, but he really came here to see Brady about blowing Syke’s cover. Bo says he knows his intentions are good, but he is too emotionally involved and that is why he screwed up. Brady says he didn’t screw up, they have Phillip to thank for that. Bo says Phillip hasn’t had very good role models, and he needs to take some of the blame too because he should have given the information to Pete. Brady says he doesn’t trust Pete, and he feels like he needs to help Chloe for his mother. Isabella shows up and touches Bo, and he says he knows what it is like to be the one to want to run to the rescue. Bo tells Brady to keep doing what he needs to do, and call if he needs help. Bo ends up walking through Isabella, and he says there are good vibes in this place. Brady knows Isabella changed Bo’s mind. She says she just helped him listen to his heart. She tells him to have faith in love, and takes off when Chloe shows up. Chloe is happy, and he wonders what happened to her. She says only the most amazing miracle in the world. Chloe says she has found hope, and that their trip was good because where there is love there is hope. Brady realizes that is what his mother said.

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