October01 Week 5


October 29
Jan comes into Dot.Com, and Jason goes over to talk to her. Jason tries to joke around with Jan, but she's not in the mood to laugh and brushes him off. Meanwhile, Mimi runs into Kevin at Dot.Com and tells him that they need to talk, but he brushes her off to play a game with Jason. Jason and Kevin play one another, and Mimi sits by Kevin and watches him play. She cheers him on, and Jason tells Jan it would be nice if she would route for him. However, all Jan can think about is Shawn. Jan eventually tells Mimi that she is getting on her nerves. Jason doesn't know what Jan's problem is. Kevin beats Jason, and Jan wants to leave, but Jason tells her to chill out. JAson tells Kevin that his hands maybe good with a joystick, but that is all they ever touch. He decides to show Kevin what he's going to miss out on, and kisses Jan, who flashes back to the rape. Jan pushes Jason away from her and tells him never to grab her like that again! Jason calls her a psycho, but she says that he makes her sick! She says that life isn't the same anymore for her, she killed someone! Jan says that nobody understands except for Shawn! Jason says he's sorry what she went through, but Paul was pond scum and deserved it. Jason thought she was dealing with it, and he doesn't know what to do or say. Jan tells him that he is so clueless! Jason blows Jan off and walks out of Dot.Com. Kevin tells Jan that sometimes you pick the wrong person to be with, she picked a looser. Jan tells Kevin that he is more clueless than Jason is. She sees Shawn with Belle, and decides this is not where she wants to be and leaves. Later, Mimi demands Kevin stay and talk with her. He asks if her he no longer finds her appealing, or if his only interest in her horizontally? Kevin tells her that she is very sexy and sweet. Kevin kisses Mimi, ad later Mimi sees Jan is bugging Shawn and worries. Kevin tells her that Shawn can take care of himself, which he does. Mimi starts feeling up Kevin's body, and they kiss again.

Belle meets up with Shawn at Dot.Com, and tells him that she's totally had it with her mom. Belle says that her mom thinks they are doing more than they are, and she refused to tell her the truth. Shawn asks why she is letting her mom think the worst? Belle thinks Shawn is taking her mom's side, but Shawn says he's not. Shawn and Belle chit-chat, and eventually kiss. Later, Belle continues to bitch about her mom being so nosey. Shawn thinks she should tell her mom the truth, and Belle says she will, just not yet. Belle and SHawn begin talking about what happened on the island, and she asks him "don't you want me?" Shawn says of course he does, so she asks him why he doesn't just go for it. She says most guys and girls are doing ti. Shawn says they are not like most guys and girls, and he wants their first time to be special. Shawn says he wants them to make love when the time is right, and they kiss again, until Jan interrupts him and asks to talk to Shawn. Shawn says now isn't the best time, so he'll talk to her later. Belle becomes annoyed that Jan keeps bothering her boyfriend. SHawn says that Jan just needs a friend, and all they are are friends. Belle says that everyone is getting suspicious about what is going on between him and Jan, and then she realizes she is acting jealous. She thinks about Phillip and Chloe, and then realizes she was supposed to meet Chloe at her place! Belle kisses Shawn and then runs off. Shawn leaves, and Jan meets him outside to talk to him. Shawn asks how it went to the counselor. Jan says it didn't go good, she needs to talk to him. Shawn says he is late getting home, and they can talk at school. Jan says sure, no problem. Shawn leaves, and Jan thinks maybe she can't count on Shawn after all.

Marlena comes home to the penthouse, and John invites her up to the bedroom to have an appetizer before dinner. Marlena tells John they have a problem, and go into their room. Marlena tells John about discovering Belle and Shawn in the closet at the hospital. John tells MArlena not to over-react, they were just kissing, not shacking up. Marlena says you can do the same thing in the closet that you can in a motel room. John says Belle wouldn't . . . she isn't that irresponsible and neither is Shawn. Marlena asks John what he thinks boys Shawn's age are doing these days? John doesn't think Belle is doing it yet, and she just didn't tell Marlena the truth because she pressed her on the issue. Marlena tells John that he is turning a blind eye to the issue, and she says that Belle told her that if she was having sex it was none of her business, and if she was so concerned about her (Marlena's) reputation as a good mother, she (Belle) would have sex someplace where she wasn't around. John says that if Shawn is having sex with his daughter, he will break his scrawny little neck! Marlena says that kind of comment isn't helpful, and they need to come up with a solution to this problem. Marlena suggests they limit Belle's exposure to Shawn, but John says they should just put her in private school. Marlena says "well why not boarding school!" John says that is out of the question, and she says of course it is, she was just making a point. John decides to talk to Belle, but Marlena says she probably won't open up to him because he is a man. Marlena says she will try and talk to Belle one more time.

Chloe shows up at the penthouse, and Brady teasers her and says that she just can't get enough of him. Chloe says she came to see Belle, but Brady says she isn't here. Chloe says she borrowed some of Belle's CDs, and she demands she put them back into Belle's CD collection instead of just leaving them on the table. Brady follows Chloe up to Belle's room, and tells her to hang out until Belle returns home. He begins questioning her about Phillip and how they are doing. Chloe says nothing has happened between her and Phillip. Brady thinks they should call old Phil up and let him know they are in Belle's bedroom, which CHloe thinks is mean. Brady admits he gets a kick out of Phillip thinking they are up to something every time they are in a bedroom alone. Chloe says Phillip does have a problem with jealousy. Chloe says that he is convinced there is something going on between them. Brady says so what if people think something is going on between them just because they hung out this summer, and then adds she should be lucky he made time for her! Chloe says he is just a spoiled brat one year out of his teens! Brady says that she enjoys teasing him, and Chloe, in her weakest link voice, says "You are a spoiled brat, goodbye!" They both have a laugh at Anne Robinson, who Chloe thinks is a dominatrix. Brady says she is one too, and says she has Phillip dangling by a puppet string. Suddenly, Brady and Chloe hear John and Marlena yelling, and wonder what is wrong. They eavesdrop, and Brady becomes upset when he hears Marlena mention boarding school, as it brings back painful memories. Brady says he thought Marlena had changed, she is not sending Belle to boarding school! Brady wonders what Belle could have done to anger Marlena. He and CHloe decide to sneak off, but Chloe knocks over a lamp, which Marlena and John hear. They think it is Belle, and decide to go confront her. Brady and Chloe quickly leave before Marlena and John come downstairs and see them. Brady and Chloe run into Belle in the hall, and warn her that she is in big trouble. Belle knows, and goes inside to face the music. Marlena tells Belle to sit down, because they need to talk.


October 30
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At the penthouse, Marlena talks to Belle. Marlena tells Belle that she was worried about her and is glad she is home. Belle is snotty, and says yes she was with SHawn, no they were not shacking up, and then asks if she'd like to check her to make sure she's not damaged goods? Marlena and Belle begin to argue about what Belle and Shawn did today. Belle doesn't think it is that big of a deal, but MArlena says it is. Belle tells her mom fine, she won't go back to her hospital again, ever! Marlena can't believe she is talking like this. Marlena and Belle argue about her behavior, which Belle thinks is just fine and none of her mom's business. MArlena says they used to be able to talk, but Belle says that she can't force her to tell her anything. Marlena tells Belle that as long as she lives under this roof, she will never speak to her this way again! Belle tells her mom that she just needs some space, and that nothing is that same now, they can't be the way they were. Marlena tells Belle that they can solve anything as long as she doesn't shut her out. Belle says ever since she got back from the island things were different, and when she was questioning her she felt trapped. MArlena says she was trying to protect her. Belle says she just needs her to be her friend. Marlena says she is. Belle apologizes for hurting her mom, and they hug. They talk calmly, and Marlena says she just worries about her getting hurt by acting impulsively on her feelings for Shawn. Marlena tells Belle that if they continue to talk like this, openly, then there is no problem they can't solve. Belle says she feels so safe with her when they talk like this. Marlena says she is safe with her, and she asks Belle if something happened in Puerto Rico that made her feel out of control emotionally? Belle says she is just going through some post-traumatic stress. Belle tells her mom that she is having trouble with Shawn, he won't tell her how he feels about her. Belle says one minute he is warm and caring, the next he is pulling away from her. Marlena says that maybe he is just on the same emotional roller coaster she is, and boys have a harder time talking about their feelings. Belle says she wishes that was the problem. Marlena asks Belle what is going on? Belle says that is between her and Shawn, and this has to remain private.

At the hospital, Collin thinks about Jen and how the two of them could run into one another at any time. Suddenly, someone covers Collin's eyes and says "guess who!" It turns out to be Nancy, who decides to keep Collin company while he finishes his coffee. Nancy tells Collin that the whole hospital is talking about him, and she asks him if he and his fiancee have set a date yet? Collin says they are still working on it. Nancy says that Elizabeth is obviously crazy about him, but he doesn't seem very happy. Nancy asks him if everything is okay between them? Collin says that is personal, but Nancy says she feels responsible for all the doctors happiness, and he is not happy. Nancy knows there is a woman haunting him, and he cannot fully commit to Elizabeth until he resolves this past relationship.

At Barons, Greta continues talking to Harold and Ivan. They plan how to get Harold and Jack together. Greta begins to think that this might be a mistake. Harold says that he is fated to meet this man. Greta thinks about it, and agrees to do it because she knows Jack will never go out and meet someone on his own. Greta tells Harold that she'll go out to dinner with Jack, and then he can show up and she'll introduce them. Greta says they can claim they are old friends, from before her coronation. Harold becomes all flustered and says he thought princess was a term of endearment. He then asks if she has her coronation robe and tiara? Ivan tells Harold to focus on logistics. Greta decides to go meet with Jack, and she says she'll give them a call.

In Salem Place, Jack calls up Jen and begs her not to go out on the date with Brandon. He says it will be the biggest mistake of her life, and he won't be responsible for the consequences! Jen is shocked, but Jack says he hates the thought of her with another man. However, he knows he can't stop her, and he says her happiness means everything to him, he just hopes she comes back to him on her own. Jennifer tells Jack that when she talks like this, she begins to think there may be hope for them. Jen says she can't think about the future right now, she has to live in the present, and going out with Brandon is part of that. Jack says okay, he can do that too, and says he is actually late for a meeting with Greta. Jen becomes a little jealous, which Jack picks up on.

Jack meets up with Greta, and he thinks she is up to something by the look she has. Greta says she is just anticipating their date tonight. Jack tells Greta about his new Jen problem, she is dating Brandon tonight! Greta says she doesn't blame Jen for looking for love, because she has needs that he cannot fulfill. Jack says that he loves her, but Greta says that Jen needs a man, and so does he. Jack tells Greta that there is something he needs to tell her about himself. Greta says whatever it is, it can wait until after their trip to Vegas. Jack tells her that is what he likes about her, she understands him. Jack says after he gets this job he wants to have a serious talk with her, and he says he values his friendship more than she knows. He asks her if she is okay with this Vegas trip, and she says she is. Greta says if they are going to do this, they have to go all the way for appearances sake. Greta says she thinks she can handle pretending to be his girlfriend and living out her fantasies. Jack responds "Fantasies?" Greta tells him that if he was straight, she doesn't know what would happen if they ended up together, alone in a hotel room. Greta says she doesn't have a great track record with men, and he is the first guy she has had a successful relationship with, and he is gay. Greta suggests they go on a practice date, so she and Jack make a date to have dinner at Tuscany. Jack proposes a toast to their first real date, but secretly Greta knows this is really a date for Jack and Harold.

Later, Greta goes back to Barrons and tells Ivan and Harold that they are good to go. However, when Harold learns they are going to Tuscany, he gets "prom night jitters." Ivan tells Harold that he will be fine. Greta says that Jack's life is about to change, he will finally be able to be who he really is!

At Bo and Hope's, Hope and JT return with a pumpkin. Bo and Shawn are working on washing the truck. Bo and Hope talk about JT for a bit, and Shawn asks them if they are thinking about having another baby? Shawn and Bo would like their own Brady Clan, and Hope is a bit shocked. Bo and Hope kiss, and Shawn thinks he may get another baby brother or sister very soon. Later, Jen calls and speaks with Hope. Jen asks Hope if she could come over and talk? Hope says sure, so Jen says she'll be over to chat, she really needs her advice. Jen shows up, and tells Hope that she thinks she has driven Jack into Greta's arms. Jen says that she thinks Jack is going to sleep with Greta! Hope doubts that, but Jen says Jack flipped out when she agreed to go out with Brandon Walker. Hope tells Jen to back up, she is going out with Brandon? Jen thinks Hope is judging her, and she realizes this was a bad idea. Jen decides to call Brandon and cancel their date. Hope stops her and tells her no, Jack is a big boy and can handle this. Jen disagrees and thinks that JAck sees this as a sign that she wants nothing to do with him. Hope says perhaps Jen is meant to be with another guy! Jen doesn't know, but Hope tells her to go out with him, it's just a date, not marriage! Hope urges Jen to call Brandon and find out where they are going so they can plan a look for her.

Meanwhile, Shawn has a man-to-man talk with his dad about MArlena catching him and Belle at the hospital. Bo and Shawn begin talking about sex, but Shawn says he knows everything from sex-ed. Bo tells him that he has some things to add that he's not going to learn in sex-ed. Bo says that sex is a wonderful thing, but you can still get in trouble. Shawn says he already has. Bo asks if Belle is pregnant? Shawn says no, and that they haven't even had sex. Bo also says that he shouldn't pressure Belle. Shawn says Belle is the one pressuring him, she thinks his wanting to wait means he doesn't want her. Bo asks if he is misreading her? Shawn says no, she is acting like they are engaged and has their whole future mapped out. Shawn says he begins to think guilty for not wanting what she wants. Shawn says he does care about her, but Bo tells him that he has to do what is best for him. SHawn says he just doesn't want to hurt Belle. Bo suggests he tells her how he feels, but Shawn says he has. Bo says to keep telling her then. Shawn asks his dad how he knew mom was the one? Bo says he always thought about her, no matter who he was with. Shawn hopes it will be like that for him and Belle, but he just wants to wait to have sex.


october 31
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Marlena returns from shopping and is confronted by an angry Brady over her comment to send Belle to boarding school. She admits she said that in anger, and he is shocked to hear Dr. Evans admit she made a mistake. He is caught off guard when she pulls a gift for him out of her bags. It's the action hero Dark Defender, Brady had lost when he was 10 and that she had promised to replace. He can't believe that she remembered. He calls her "mom" and we're left to wonder if maybe this is a new beginning. Belle and Mimi talk about Shawn. Belle is still confused as to why Shawn didn't have sex with her on the island. She is afraid maybe he only sees her as a friend. Mimi has seen the way Shawn looks at Belle and insists that's not true. She tells Belle that maybe she should play hard to get. Jason is upset with Jan for her current behavior, he thinks something more is going on with her and Shawn so he goes to confront Shawn. Shawn assures him that Jan only has eyes for Jason. Jan leaves and Shawn tells Jason to take it easy on her, she has been through a lot. Jason says he thinks something more went on between Jan and Paul. Jan storms to the bathroom and gets stuck in a stall, Susan tries to help. She is scared to death as to why she is so sick. Philip returns to school, and tells Shawn he still has a long way to go to resolve things with Chloe. Shawn tells him to give her space, but Philip doesn't listen, and makes a beeline for Chloe's locker. He apologizes for flipping out at her house, and asks that they get a chance to talk things out. She forgives him for that night, but nothing else. She is no longer his girlfriend. He accuses her of being in love with Brady. Chloe points out that Philip's doing it again, and he apologizes, begging her to go to coffee with him. Shawn is confused when Belle gives him the brush off, and welcomes Philip back to school. Chloe taunts Mimi about cleaning the bathrooms. Mimi is suspicious when she hears Shawn is searching for Jan.


November 1
At Jack and Jen's, Jack talks to Greta on his cell phone while Jen talks to Brandon on the regular phone. Jack eavesdrops on Jen's call, and learns that Brandon can't go out with Jen tomorrow night because he has to work, so he asks if they can go out tonight to the Blue Note. Jen decides to check to see if it is okay, so Jack tells Greta that they should go out to dinner tonight to Tuscany. Jen overhears Jack asking Greta out, and tells Brandon that she'll see him tonight at eight. After they both get off the phone, Jen and Jack fight about who will stay home with Abby. JAck says he made his date first, but Jen says she did. Jen eventually suggests they just call Monica. They continue to argue, and Jack says forget this and decides to leave to go to Greta's now and start his date early! Later, Jen tries to put together an outfit for tonight. Jen eventually gives up and says she can't go out on this date. Jen has a conversation with herself about whether she should go out with Brandon or not, and decides to go out with Brandon and explore her options. Jen gets all pertied up, and hopes this isn't a mistake.

At the hospital, Lexie overhears Brandon talking to Jen about their date. Lexie is not thrilled, and he asks her if she does not approve. Lexie says it is none of her business, but Brandon wants to know what she thinks. LExie says his father just died, that is all. Brandon says he is not in mourning, if that is what she is concerned about. Brandon asks Lexie what she wanted to see him about? Lexie says the party is going to be soon, and she needs him there. Brandon isn't sure, but Lexie pleads with him to come. She says he needs him to monitor Hope at the party and watch for the change. Brandon doesn't like this, she is messing with people's lives. Brandon asks if she really wants to do this to her best friend? LExie says Hope is desperate to find out about her life as Gina, so she is just helping her. Lexie says she needs his help and support, because Abe isn't giving it to her. Brandon asks when is this party? Lexie says it isn't just a party, it's the biggest social event of the season! Brandon asks if he gets to bring a date, but she says no! She says he can't be distracted, and Jen is Hope's cousin!

Greta calls up Harold and tells him that they are on for tonight. Harold says that is impossible, he doesn't have time to go home, shower, do his hair, and figure out what he wants to wear! Greta tells him it is now or never, so Harold agrees. Greta hopes this plan works. Later, Jack shows up at Greta's place. Greta is in her slip and bra, and is in the middle of teasing her hair. Jack is uncomfortable that she is in her undies, but Greta doesn't mind because Jack is "gay." Jack gives her a rose and she tells him that he is so sweet, he'll make a guy very happy one day. Jack tells her to stop that. Greta asks what she should wear, so he tells her something sexy. Greta says sexy isn't appropriate for Tuscany, but Jack says there has been a change of plans, they are going to the Blue Note. Greta panics and says they can't go to the Blue Note, they have to go to Tuscany! Greta tells Jack it is Tuscany or nothing! Jack begs her to go to the Blue Note, and she agrees. Greta goes into the bathroom and calls Harold, who is at the beauty parlor, to tell him about the change of plans. However, the line goes dead, and Harold is left hanging, thinking Jack has cancelled. Greta goes out and begs Jack to go to Tuscany, but he says he is going to the Blue Note with or without her. Greta agrees to go to the Blue Note.

Jen meets up with Brandon at the Blue Note. Outside the Blue Note, Greta's phone rings, and she fumbles over it. Jack gets it and Harold quickly says "Greta darling!" JAck says "Hello? Maggie?" Harold panics. Greta grabs the phone and tells Harold that they aren't going to be at Tuscany anymore, they are going to the Blue Note. As she explains it to him, Jack wonders why she is explaining all of this to Maggie? Greta and Jack go in and see Brandon with Jen, and Greta is furious. She can't believe Jack is using her like this!

At the mansion, Rofle and Bart continue to plan to give Hope Princess Gina's memories. Later, LExie shows up and tells Rolfe and Bart that Brandon is on bored, and she asks Rolfe to swear that Hope won't be hurt. Rolfe swears that Hope will not be hurt.

At Bo and Hope's, Bo comes home early and finds Hope looking through stuff about Princess Gina which she got off the internet. Bo isn't happy about this, so Hope suggest they talk about something else. Hope changes to topic to the party, and shows him the dress she bought. Bo isn't thrilled about going to the DiMera mansion, because he fears Stefano might show up and turn the party into a surprise party. Hope doesn't think he'll do that because he'll upset Lexie. Bo says that won't stop Stefano, he does whatever he wants, and he also warns Hope to watch out for Lexie, she is acting more like DiMera every day. Later, Bo switches the subject to Belle and Shawn, and he asks her if Shawn has talked to her about them. Hope says no, and wants to know what is going on. Bo tells her that they just had a talk about sex, which causes Hope to freak out. Hope wants to know everything. Bo says that Shawn says they aren't having sex, but he thinks that there son maybe sexually active. Hope says if not with Belle, then who? Bo says he doesn't know, but it is not Belle, and that Belle is pressuring Shawn to have sex with them. Hope is shocked, because she didn't think that was the type of girl Belle was at all. Hope is concerned about Shawn and what he is going through, so she wants to talk to him. Bo says no, this conversation was in confidence. Hope says she'll let it go, for now. Bo says he will talk to her when he is ready. Bo and Hope end up kissing, and Bo says it maybe time to bring another baby into this world. Hope agrees and asks Bo to sweep her off her feet and take her down the hall to the bedroom. Bo does exactly what Hope tells him to. Bo and Hope then make love, and possibly a baby.

Somewhere outside of Salem, Barb and Glen lay in bed. Barb is talking about getting pregnant, but Glen doesn't seem to be there. Glen says a lot of guys at work have been laid off, and he doesn't think this is the greatest time for her to be pregnant. Barb asks if this is really about expenses, or something else? Glen says he can't stop thinking about Marlo's kid. Glen is positive that kid is his, he just wishes there was some way to prove it. Barb becomes upset and says she is sick of hearing about Marlo and that kid! Marlos says they can have their own baby and move on, but Glen says he can't stop wondering about that little boy. Barb tells Glen if he doesn't get over it, it will destroy them. Glen says he needs a beer and heads to the kitchen. Barb vows to get the money to have their own baby, and plans to blackmail rich Lexie Carver. Glen returns and tells Barb that he's sorry he hurt her, and the two kiss. Barb then tells Glen that she's going to have to go out of town for a few days. Glen asks her where she is going? Barb says she has to go see her uncle Morty, and Glen buys her excuse.


November 2
Jen meets Brandon for their date at the Blue Note. As they sit at the table, Jen squeezes her lime in her drink and manages to squirt juice right in Brandon's eye! Jen feels horrible, but he tells her not to worry about it. Brandon asks Jen to tell him all about herself. Jen starts talking about how nervous she is, and then remembers being nervous in school. Jen starts talking about school and a book she had to read, and how she became a very rebellious teenager. She soon begins talking about Jack and working with him, and then she stops herself from talking about Jack while on a date with another guy. They start talking about kids, and Brandon's job.

Meanwhile, Greta is furious with Jack and refuses to be a pawn in his game to make Jennifer jealous. JAck refuses to let Greta leave and tells her that she means so much to him, and he tries to convince her to stay with him. He tells her that if she sticks it out a little longer, everything will make sense. Greta agrees, and Jack and Greta say hello to Brandon. Jen is furious and asks Jack what kind of game he is playing? Jen says she thought he was going to Tuscany? Jack says their reservations fell through. Jen begs them to go somewhere else, but GReta says they can't change their plans, and this is for the best. Brandon says this is the most unusual kick off to a date he's ever had. Jack and Greta leave, and Brandon tells Jen that JAck is still in love with her. Brandon also wonders why Greta insisted that she and JAck stay at the Blue Note. Brandon and Jen chit chat, and Brandon tells her that he feels that something is happening between them. Jen says that no man has ever been so direct with her before. Brandon hopes this will be the first of many dates.

Jack and Greta get their own table and talk. Jack starts talking about his adventures in Africa. Jack can't believe Jen isn't looking over at him, but Greta says that she is with a great looking guy, he should be able to appreciate that. Jack says not everyone is attracted to muscle men, he values intelligence, class, and a good sense of humor. Greta says that is good to know. Jack notices Greta looking at her watch, and wonders what is going on with her. Greta says nothing. Meanwhile, Harold shows up at the Blue Note to see Jack. Harold looks around and loves what Salem has to offer. He then sees Jacque Devereaux, and gets all flustered. Harold approaches Greta and Jack's table, only to trip! Greta asks Harold to join them.

As Phillip sleeps, he has erotic dreams about CHloe. He remembers how close they came to making love the time in the barn. Phillip wakes up, and can't stop thinking about Chloe. Phillip refuses to stay in bed and decides to go see Chloe.

Brady takes Chloe out to meet up with her friends at the highschool game. BRady wants to go see Belle, but Chloe doesn't seem to be thrilled about Brady going into her school. Chloe decides to walk in on her own, and Brady thinks she doesn't want Phillip to see them together. Chloe says Phillip is supposed to be home in bed, she is here to support Belle and Shawn. Chloe and Brady go into the school.

Inside, Belle is the belle of the basketball game. Everyone fawns over Belle, and she flirts with Hawk in order to make Shawn jealous. HAwk asks Belle if she might go out with him sometime? Belle tells him to focus on his game, the second half is coming up.

Susan and Penelope see Chloe and Brady together, and think Chloe is out on a date with him. Later Kevin shows up and decides to try and impress Mimi. Kevin takes off his dressy nerdy shirt and glasses, and walks over to Mimi in jeans and a tank-top. However, Mimi is so focused on what Belle is up to, she doesn't see Kevin. Susan approaches Kevin and talks to him. She was hoping they could hang out together. However, Kevin sees Mimi, and blows Susan off. Susan is not happy at all about Kevin's attraction to Mimi.

Mimi talks to Shawn, who is not pleased that Belle is flirting with all the guys. Mimi says that Belle has always been popular with the guys. Shawn approaches Belle and asks what is going on, he heard Hawk ask her out. Belle says he did ask her out, but Hawk knows that he (Shawn) is her boyfriend. When Belle tries to get fresh with Shawn in the hall, Shawn becomes uncomfortable and tells her to stop. Belle gets an attitude with Shawn, but he says he doesn't want to get turned on with all these people around! Shawn says he does have a game to finish, and takes off. Mimi comes over and tells Belle to ease up on the gas pedal or she's going to get into a wreck. Belle says she knows, but she fears something is wrong with Shawn. Belle says something is going through Shawn's head that he's not telling her, so she will find out even if it means going out with Hawk to find out the truth. Later, Mimi warns Belle that SHawn and Belle are hanging out together again.

Shawn meets up with Jason, and Jason thanks him for helping him understand what Jan is going through. Jason takes off, and Shawn talks to Jan. He urges her to go back to the counselor, and says they will talk later. Belle sees Shawn with Jan, and she is not happy.

Brady and CHloe see Shawn with Jan, and Brady is not happy about that. Suddenly, Phillip shows up and is furious when he sees Chloe with Brady. Chloe tells Phillip to change the CD! Chloe refuses to listen to Phillip and walks off. Brady tells Phillip that he sure has the velvet touch. Phillip tells Brady to stop screwing with his life, so Brady tells him to get one first! Phillip chases after Chloe and tells her that he always sticks his foot in his mouth when he opens it, so he'll just show her how he feels. Phillip takes CHloe's hand and kisses it. Chloe tells Phillip that he should be at home, but Phillip says he had to see her. Phillip apologizes for losing it, and asks CHloe if she can forgive him? Phillip says if he acts like a jerk it is only because he loves her so much. Chloe believes him. Phillip asks if they can sit together for the second half of the game? Chloe says only as friends. Meanwhile, Brady confronts Shawn and asks if he is two- timing Belle? Shawn says "yeah, right" and runs off. Brady thinks something is definitely going on. Later, Brady becomes upset when he sees Phillip heading into the game with Chloe. He says they are all wrong for one another, and he will prove it!

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