October01 Week 4


October 22
Not proofed. Still sick and exhausted :( At Greta's place, Greta has a surprise for Jack. She is playing club music and is getting ready for a night out. Jack asks what is with the music? Greta says it is club music to set the mood. Greta then unveils her club kitten look to Jack, who is wowed. Greta is wearing a tight tanktop cut above the belly button, and a zebra looking mini-skirt. Greta tells Jack that if she didn't know any better, she would think he was straight. Jack asks her why she never dressed like this before. Greta says she's never been asked to go to Vegas and mingle with dirty minded executives. Greta then sits on Jack lap and starts telling him how they can pretend to be the future Mr. and Mrs. Jack Devereaux, or they can just be lovers. Jack suggests they just play it by ear. Greta begins necking and nibbling on Jack's ears. Jack becomes uncomfortable, but Greta says they have to rehearse. Jack ends up standing up, and causing Greta to fall to the floor. JAck says he was making her crazy, and she jokes around that she has cured him! She tells him she was kidding, and that he doesn't need to be cured, he is who he is. Jack mumbles that he just needs to get Jen back, which Greta hears. Greta tells Jack that he must get over this infatuation with Jen because a sexually satisfying relationship isn't in the stars for them. Greta tells JAck that he must get over her, and move on with his life. She then suggests they continue practicing for Vegas. Jack thinks she wants them to sleep together, but Greta says she wants them to go out on a date.

At the hospital, Jen thinks about all of Jack's word to her about moving on with their lives. Brandon shows up and touches Jen's shoulder. She asks him what he's doing, and he says he is flirting with her. Jen invites him to sit down and tells him to flirt away. Jen realizes Brandon is in a good mood. Brandon says he got some good news today, but he would rather keep it to himself. Brandon asks Jen what brings her here? She says she came to visit her grandmother who volunteers today, but then remembered she was home with a cold. Jen plans to go over and visit her grandmother, which Brandon thinks sounds kinda dull. He asks her about her love life, because she deserves to have one. Jen says she would have to find a sexy, single, guy in order to have a love life. Brandon clears his throat, and Jen tells him that he is a shameless flirt. Jen decides to get them some coffee, but ends up banging her knee. After a sensual massage from Brandon, Brandon goes to get their coffee. Jen then remembers banging her knee in Africa and being treated by Collin. Brandon returns with the coffee, and Brandon continues flirting with her. He says she seems like the kind of woman who deserves to be taken care of and protected. Jen asks why he would think that? Brandon says it was her response to his flirting. Jen says that he is wrong, she doesn't need a man to protect her. She says that no man has, and she's not going to start relying on one now. Brandon then asks Jen to go out with him again.

Jan, who has borrowed one of Sami's hat and glasses disguises, goes to see Dr. Collin about her problem. Jan tells Collin that she is 17, snuck out to come here, and needs to know if this can be kept confidential. Collin says that depends, if a crime has been committed he has to tell the authorities and her parents. Jan relives the rape, and tells Collin there wasn't a crime. Jan says she is having a sexual problem. Collin asks if she thinks she's pregnant? Jan says no, it's worse, much worse. Jan tells Collin that she just got back from Puerto Rico and she got gonorrhea while she was there, and she is afraid she might have been exposed to something worse. Collin says that he can't determine that until he does a lab work-up. Jan asks if she can not give her name? Collin tells her not to worry about that now, let's just worry about her. Collin examines Jan, and makes sure there is no paper trails left behind. Dr. Collin returns and says she shows no signs of any other infections, but she should have an HIV test in six months. Jan thanks him and decides to leave, but he says they aren't finished. Jan thinks he is going to rat her out and says nobody can know about this! Collin knows that someone forced themselves on her, and asks if she was sexually assaulted. Jan says there was no crime, and she doesn't want to think about it. Collin knows something is wrong and asks her to tell him what happened to her. Collin says if someone attacked her, they must be punished. Jan remembers shooting Paul, and and she tells Collin that the man will never touch her or someone else again. Jan says she's been through enough, and Collin agrees. Collin thinks he should call her parents. Jan refuses to let her mother find out about this and runs off. She decides to go find Shawn, because she can't go home.

At Dot.Com, Belle tells SHawn that she is so proud of him, Mrs. Horton was thrilled to have her ruby back. Suddenly, Mimi shows up and says she's been looking all over for them. Mimi asks where they ran off to? Belle says they just went to see Mrs. Horton, what's the big deal. Mimi says they scared her half to death by disappearing on her. Shawn and Belle tell her to chill, but Mimi won't because they are her best friends and she wants them to know how much she loves them. Belle tells her that they love her to. They all have some Dot.Com shakes, and talk about their ordeal. Later, Mimi is so glad they are still her friends after the whole ordeal with Jan and the pictures of Chloe. Shawn asks if anyone has heard from Jan lately? Mimi says no, but she did hear that her charming mother dragged Jan home from the airport by her hair. Shawn says he hopes she is okay, which prompts Mimi to ask what is this thing with her and Jan. Shawn says he's just trying to help Jan through a rough time, but Mimi doesn't buy it and wants to hear the truth.

At the Wesley's, Phillip is shocked when Brady sticks his head out of Chloe's window. Phillip asks him what he is doing in his girlfriends room? Brady asks Phillip where Chloe is, and that is what he would like to know. CHloe shows up behind Phillip and says she is right here. Phillip goes to embrace Chloe, but she stops him and tells him not to do that. Meanwhile, back upstairs, Nancy and Craig return and tell Brady that his tea is getting cold. Brady says that Chloe is back and is outside. Nancy attempt to race down to her, but Brady stops her and says she is with Phillip right now, and they don't want to interrupt them. Nancy wants to go yell at Chloe, but Brady convinces the Wesley's to let him see what is going on first. Back outside, Phillip tells Chloe he came here to serenade her, only to find Brady in her room. He demands to know what is going on with them! Chloe is furious and tells Phillip that he still hasn't learned his lesson. Chloe tells Phillip that he still doesn't trust her. Phillip doesn't get Chloe at all, he thought she cared about him, she did come to see him. Chloe says of course she cares about him, but now that they are back in Salem she feels they need to go their separate ways. Brady shows up right as CHloe tells Phillip that he is no longer her boyfriend. Phillip asks why not? Chloe says they both know why, and goes to walk away. Phillip grabs her and refuses to let her walk away. Brady steps out and tells Phillip to let her go, and offers to take Chloe inside. Phillip tells CHloe not to listen to Brady, he's just trying to poison her mind against him. CHloe says there is nothing anyone can say to poison her mind against him, he did enough damage at the dance. Phillip says fine, and tells Brady that he's one, she is all his! Chloe tells Phillip that she doesn't belong to him or Brady, and leaves. Phillip tries to follow, but Brady refuses to let him and tells him to go home! An angry Phillip grabs his guitar and stomps off. Chloe rushes inside and up to her room as usual, ignoring Nancy and Craig. Chloe looks out her window, and Brady asks her if she'd like to go for a drive in his hot set of wheels?


October 23
At the Wesley's, Brady asks Chloe to go for a spin with him, but she says some other time. Brady asks her if she plans to stay in her room and cry over Phillip all day? Chloe says maybe she will. Brady asks her to please come out and hangout for awhile. CHloe asks him what he has in mind? Brady says they could go for a drive in the country. Chloe says okay, but then realizes Nancy and Craig are going to be a problem, they are angry with her for running off. Brady tells her to climb out the window and they can just hang out down here, but she says she'll take the stairs. Chloe goes outside and talks to Brady. Chloe tells Brady that Phillip changed her, she began feeling powerful things that she had never felt before. Chloe then begins to sing so she doesn't have to talk to Brady. Brady asks her what she is doing? Chloe says she doesn't want to bring him down. CHloe says everything is going to change soon, she'll be back in school, and they won't be hanging out as much. Brady says they can make time. Chloe tells Brady that if they are going to be friend, he needs to start telling her how he feels about things. Brady asks her what she wants to know? Chloe asks him how he feels about love, specifically his love life? Brady says he's had crushes, but nothing that ever lasted. Chloe asks him if he wants to be in a relationship? Brady says yes, with the right girl. Chloe offers to set him up with someone, but he says that is okay. He says when love is meant to happen, it will happen. Chloe thinks Brady is afraid to tell her about himself, but he says there is nothing to tell, what you see is what you get. Chloe touches Brady's cheek, and tells him that she is glad he is her friend. She then goes back inside.

At Dot.Com, Mimi and Belle want to know what is going on with Shawn and Jan. Meanwhile, Jan is standing outside and is about to take her last antibiotic, but Phillip races into the place and knocks into her, causing her to drop it. She freaks out and begins to search for it. Back inside, Shawn sees something is wrong with Jan and decides to help her. On the way out, he scolds Phillip for running into Jan, but Phillip doesn't care. Belle tells Mimi that she trusts Shawn, but Mimi says Jan is using Shawn and she shouldn't trust Jan at all. Phillip interrupts and says he has to talk to Belle, alone. Mimi leaves, and runs into Kevin. She is happy to see him and hugs him. Kevin is cold to Mimi, telling her that she is obviously back with the A-list crowd, Shawn and Belle, so it would be bad for her rep to be seen with him. Kevin takes off, but Mimi runs after him and stops him. Kevin says he has to go meet his parents for lunch. Mimi says she'd love to meet his parents, but Kevin says they aren't up to her rich standards. Mimi says she is homeless girl, remember? Kevin says now that she is back with the rich kids, her standards will become higher. Kevin tells her to face it, now that they are back in Salem, things will go back to normal, they have nothing in common! Mimi begins to think that she was just an island fling.

Meanwhile, Phillip asks Belle if Brady is in love with CHloe? Belle asks what happened to make him think this? Phillip tells her the whole story. Belle tells Phillip that despite what CHloe says, she does care about him, and she tells him that she threw herself on him when they pulled him out of that hole and begged him not to leave her. This gives Phillip hope, and he says he will do whatever it takes to get Chloe back.

Back outside, Shawn helps Jan look for her pill. Shawn finds the pill, and Jan decides to leave. Shawn tells her that she shouldn't be alone right now, and suggests she see a counselor. Jan says she killed someone, no one can make her forget that. Shawn holds Jan, and she tells him that he is the only one she can count on. Shawn asks Jan what the pill is for? Jan tells him that Paul gave her gonorrhea, that is what the pill is for. Later, Belle shows up and sees Jan in Shawn's arms, and the two of them walking off. She begins to wonder if she and Phillip have a problem in common.

Nicole drives back to work and is still upset. She says she has to put this whole nightmare behind her, and hopes nobody messes with her today. At Titan, Sami shows up to surprise Austin. Austin tells Sami now isn't a good time, he has been working a project that Nicole dumped on her. Sami wants him to take a break because she brought him a special sub from the shop. Austin has to run and get some paper from his office, he's in Nicole's, and he tells Sami that she does has to leave when he returns. Sami sits at the big desk and begins to plot to have Nicole fired from Titan, so Austin can assume head of Titan, a position he deserves. Suddenly, Nicole walks in and asks Sami what in the hell she thinks she's doing? Sami says she is waiting for Austin, she is just waiting to have lunch with Austin. Nicole accuses Sami of snooping, and tells her to get out! She warns her to get out and stay away from Titan, or she will fire Austin! Sami asks what is with her, what happened to the Nicole Walker who offered to help her? Nicole says she offered to help her get Will back only to further her own cause, because it is all about her. Sami accuses Nicole of selling out for power and money, but Nicole tells Sami that they are both out for number one, so she should drop the act. Austin returns, but learns from Marie that Nicole is in there with Sami and doesn't want to be disturbed. Back inside, Nicole tells Sami that Austin will eventually dump her, and she says the only reason he is with her is because of Will. Sami warns Nicole to stay away from Austin or she will give Victor an earrfull about her past that will cause him to dump her in a second. Sami tries to leave, but Nicole grabs her and tells her that she's not going anywhere! As they really start to argue, Austin bursts in and demands to know what is going on in here? Sami and Nicole refuse to talk about what was going on, and Sami leaves. Austin promises Nicole that won't happen again, he told Sami not to show up during business hours. Nicole says Sami has a bad habit of showing up where she's not wanted, and she asks Austin if he really wants this job?


Octber 24
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Outside of Dot.Com, Shawn talks with Jan, and when he tries to comfort her, she freaks out. She appologizes, and says she doesn't know what came over her. She begins freaking out, saying how she feels dirty all the time and constantly hears Paul's voice in her head. Shawn suggests that Jan get counseling, but she refuses to tell anyone else what happened to her. Later, Shawn asks Jan an important question,

Meanwhile, Belle thinks Shawn might have had sex with Jan on the island, and that is why he didn't want to have sex with her. Mimi argues that Shawn adores Belle and would never cheat on her. Mimi says Shawn didn't have sex with her because he didn't want to ruin her life by getting her pregnant. Still, Belle is unsure and is afraid that she might be losing Shawn...

At the hospital, Jennifer initially thinks Brandon is joking about asking her out, but he is serious. She is shocked, and he thinks that means no so walks off. She runs after him yelling his name, which alerts Collin. Collin looks for Jen, but can't find her. Jen finds Brandon and agrees to go out with Brandon. After initially balking at giving him her phone number, Jennifer gives in and gives it to him. SHe then realizes that she hasn't been on a date in ages. Meanwhile, Sami sees this and realizes that Brandon is getting on with his life, and it makes her a bit jealous that he is doing so with Jen. Larry calls Sami on her jealousy, but she denies it, even though it's clear that she's in love with two guys at once. Later, Nurse Brenda sees the newspaper article about Jan and realizes Colin lied about her. Colin realizes why Jan probably shot Paul and tells Brenda to mind her own business...

Greta wants to practice being sexy with Jack, but he can't because he's too turned on. Greta jokes with Jack that they should just get naked and start a nudist colony, because they have nothing to fear from one another since she is straight and he is gay. Jack says no, and begs her to stop talking about taking clothes off. Greta thinks Jack is frustrated because he doesn't have a "special someone" in his life. She suggests that she set him up with a guy. Jack says no, and begs her not to talk about him dating men again, he only wants to get back with Jen. Jack leaves and feels terrible that he's had to lie to Greta, but he vows to keep the truth from her no matter what. Meanwhile, Greta decides to find Jack a guy whether he says no or not, because everyone needs love.

Nicole blasts Austin for letting Sami into her office. He swears he won't let it happen again. Austin shows Nicole a little mistake that she made while she was away and how he covered for her. Impressed, Nicole realizes that she could use a loyal guy like Austin in the office, so she lets him off the hook, but not without warning him that Sami better not ever show up there again.


October 25
At the hospital, Belle shows up to see her mom at her office. Marlena asks Belle about the island and what happened. Marlena thinks Belle might want to seek counseling, because she went through a traumatic experience. Belle says it wasn't all bad, she had some great times with SHawn. Marlena says they should talk about that too. Belle says that she can't describe how he makes her feel, and everything they went through on the island has brought them closer. Marlena says that feelings can be very powerful, she just shouldn't get swept away by them. Belle tells her mom that she doesn't understand, she loves Shawn. Marlena tells Belle that he is the first boy she has been involved with. Belle asks her mom about her first boyfriend, and Marlena tells her about him. Belle asks if they made love? Marlena says they made out, but they didn't make love. Marlena says she wasn't ready, and she was too young. Belle says nowadays, sixteen is not too young. Marlena says she is old enough physically to be having sex, but not emotionally. Belle disagrees and thinks she is ready to be having sex. Marlena asks Belle if she and Shawn have slept together? Belle says that is none of her business. Marlena doesn't like that Belle expects her to answer questions, but she isn't willing to answer the same questions. Belle tells her mom that she loves Shawn, and she is ready to have sex. Marlena thinks that means Belle has slept with Shawn already. Belle says she isn't saying she hasn't, but what goes on between her and Shawn is private. One of Marlena's patients arrives, and Marlena tells Belle that they will finish this conversation tonight.

Elsewhere, Collin meets with a counselor to talk about a problem with young patient. He tells her about Jan, and how she ran off before he could talk to her. Collin says he wants to know what he can do to help her. The counselor tells Collin that they can't do anything until the girl comes back on her own, they can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped. Later, Collin goes to see Marlena for some advice about dealing with Jan. Marlena tells Collin that he should see Peggy at the center, but Collin says he spoke to her and said there was nothing they could do unless she wanted help. Marlena says she agrees, they can't help those who don't want help. Later, they begin talking about the Horton family, and Marlena tells Collin that Jennifer, Bill's daughter, is back in Salem. Marlena says Jen is living with Jack, her ex, and is raising their daughter. Collin gets the wrong idea, and thinks Jen and Jack are getting back together.

Meanwhile, Shawn asks Jan if anyone thought to do a pregnancy test on her? Jan asks what is with all the questions? Shawn says he just cares about her, and that she needs to make sure she isn't pregnant. Jan says she knows her own cycle, she knows she is not pregnant. Jan says she just wants it all to be over, but Shawn says the memories won't go away for her. Shawn feels guilty because the only reason Paul was there was because of him, but Jan says he isn't to blame. Jan says she was the one who killed Paul. Shawn says she did it to save lives. Shawn says he doesn't know how to help her, and she needs to start trusting someone other than him. Jan thinks Shawn is trying to pass her onto someone else so he doesn't have to deal with her anymore. Jan tells Shawn to just go home, go back to his friends. SHawn refuses and tells Jan that if she won't go get help, then he will tell someone. Jan freaks out and tells Shawn that he promised not to tell anyone! Shawn says okay, but they can't go on like this. Shawn tells her that he won't be able to focus on anything until she gets help. He asks her to go to the crisis center at the hospital. Jan fears they will tell her parents, but he says it is confidential. He tells her that if she won't do it for herself, she should do it for him. He even offers to go with her.

Shawn brings Jan to the hospital, and she tells Shawn that she wants to go in alone. Shawn makes sure Jan goes into the counseling center, and after she is inside, Belle spots Shawn. Shawn apologizes for running out on her, but Jan needed him. Belle becomes suspicious, but Shawn says Jan just needs a friend. Shawn tells Belle that now that they are back together, maybe they can go somewhere a little more private. Shawn then leads Belle off by the hand. Shawn takes her to a supply closet, where they begin making out. Later, they get caught by Marlena, who is not pleased! She demands to know what they were doing in that closet? Shawn's phone begins to ring, and he goes to answer it. Marlena scolds Belle for pulling a stunt like this here! Shawn has to go, and Marlena demands Belle get into her office now!

Jan meets with Peggy, and she asks if she has to tell her her name? Peggy says not if she doesn't want to. Jan says she is here for her friend, he wanted her to get counseling. Peggy asks her why he thought she should get some help? Jan begins hearing Paul's voice in her head, and she starts freaking out on Peggy. Peggy tries to sure her that she is okay here, and nothing said here will leave this room. Peggy gives Jan a bag, because she begins hyperventilating. Peggy says she has remembered something that is hurting her, and until she lets it out, it will keep hurting her. Jan eventually says she was raped. Jan is afraid she may die from HIV, and then says maybe she describes to die. Peggy holds Jan and tells her that she will help her, because she is a very brave young woman.

Greta goes to Barons and begins looking for the guy she wants to fix Jack up with. She meets up with a guy named Ivan, who is in the back with another guy named Harold, who is fawning over sparkley dresses for women. Greta tells herself that this guy is perfect! Greta says hello to both Ivan and Harold, and then asks to speak with Ivan in private. Harold makes himself scarce, but doesn't go too far away. Greta tells Ivan that she wants to set him up with a guy she knows. Ivan tells Greta no way, fix-ups never works out. Ivan talks to Greta about her friend, and he tells her that until her friend is comfortable with who he is, he isn't good relationship material for anyone. Ivan says he is comfortable with who he is, and if people have a problem with him being gay, too bad for them. Greta says that is the kind of thing her friend needs to her, and she produces a picture of Jack to show Ivan. Ivan asks Greta to tell her about this guy before she shows him the picture. As she describes Jack, Harlod eavesdrops. As she describes Jack, both Harlod and Ivan realize that Greta is in love with him. Greta says no, she just loves him as a friend, and she just wants to help him find a guy. Ivan says he'll pass, so she offers him a chance to see what he is missing, and holds out the photo. Ivan and Harlod look, but Ivan says he's not his type. Harlod, however, thinks Jack is gorgeous! Harold asks Greta for Jack's name and number, because he'll go out with him!

Jack drives home and thinks about Greta wanting to fix him up with a guy. At Jack and Jen's, Jen is very nervous about her date with sexy Brandon Walker. She wonders how she is going to break this to Jack. Jack eventually arrives home, and he and Jen begin arguing. Jack knows something is wrong, but Jen says nothing is wrong. Jen says she has something to tell him, but she doesn't know how to tell him without causing a huge scene. Jack tells her to just relax and let it out. Jen is still nervous, and she eventually tells Jack that Brandon Walker asked her out on a date, and she is going. Jack is not shocked, because she went out with Brandon before. Jen says this is different, this is a real date with a sexy man! Jack is hurt by that comment, because he feels that she is saying he is not sexy. Jen tells Jack that she never ment to hurt him, but he says she has. They soon begin argueing when Jack tells her she can't date Brandon, and he begs her for a chance to work things out betweem them. Jen says that she has to go out with Brandon, it is something she has to do for herself.


October 26
Unfortunately, I do not have time to watch both soaps at the moment, as I have meetings at school, and am supposed to go out to dinner tonight. For the time being I'm using Laney's write-up from yesterday until I see the show late tonight Marlena escorts Belle into her office where they argue. Belle is really mad at her mom and refuses to discuss what happened with her. Belle is sure that Marlena is concerned about her because of what happened to Sami, but assures her she isn't going down that same road. Belle threatens to leave and Marlena stops her and lays her out for potentially embarrassing her at work. She accuses Marlena of just being nosey. Belle resents being interrogated and Marlena tries to smooth things over and assure her that she is just concerned for her well being. Belle informs her that she intends to continue seeing Shawn and if/when they decide to have sex, she will just make sure that Marlena doesn't find out. She insists that she is a woman now and storms off. In the hallway, she calls Shawn, needing to see him immediately.

The councelor questions Jan about the rape, as Jan assures her that the one who did it will never hurt anyone again, but refuses to give details. The counselor tells her about being attacked and raped herself in college and how she handled it. Jan listens to her advice and finally breaks down and tells her she killed Paul. Realizing she isn't qualified to handle the situation, suggests that she talk to her parents and seek help. Jan gets upset at this idea, thinking no one cares about here. She rips into her mother and the counselor tells her that she has other issues to deal with as well, but her parents must be informed. Jan gets upset and rushes out.

Austin & Nicole are looking at a slide presentation that Austin put together. She is impressed and wants him to make the presentation to Victor. She discusses Sami and Kate but Austin defends them. They talk about her father as Austin questions her about what he did to her (as she has flashbacks of the events leading to his death). The talk a bit about their respective fathers and comfort each other. Austin gets a call from Sami (see below) and Nicole dismisses him after thanking him for all his work and for his support. After he leaves, she sees Jan's picture in the paper and hopes that Jan will come to her for help.

At the Hospital Cafeteria, Brandon is having flashbacks of asking Jenn out, when Sami prances in. Tells him not to go out with Jenn, citing that Jenn is too sweet for him. Almost to the point of being saccharine, she says. She says that the Hortons won't approve of him either. She asks Brandon to intervene with Nurse Brenda on her behalf. She says she needs her job, but is unqualified to do anything else. He suggests she go back to school, but she makes excuses. She calls Austin about picking up Will and when she gets off the phone, Brandon tells her about Paul being dead. She questions him about it but he offers no details. After he leaves (to call Jenn), she says he is making a huge mistake to persue her.

Greta is still at Barron's Department Store, looking for a date for Jack. Ivan isn't interested, but Harold sure is. She won't give up Jack's phone number and they accuse her of being in love with Jack herself. She admits she IS attracted, but he isn't. She feels that Ivan is a bit more suited for Jack instead of Harold (who Ivan describes as a bit too out of the closet). Yes, he is the flaming type (even in describing himself). She makes them promise not to tell she was involved and agrees to give Harold the number. (as he does a little happy dance to celebrate).

Meanwhile Jen refuses to cancel her date with Brandon, which upsets Jack. He accuses her of breaking Abby's heart as she tries to justify her actions. She says that she isn't ready for a commitment with Jack and wants to broaden her horizons. They continue to argue (do they HAVE to do that all the time?). She tells him that Greta told her that Jack was doing all that to make her jealous and it was working, because she was seeing Marlena over it. She swears she never stopped caring about him. (bla, bla, bla...same old, same old conversation). So, now, she is determined to go on this date. Well, then...he intends on continuing to see Greta. The phone rings (Brandon) and she confirms her date. Jack overhears and gets angry and leaves without a word. Outside, he is more determined than ever to win Jennifer back. He says that he must fight fire with a volcano...and his flame will be Greta...as the credits roll.


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