October01 Week 3


October 15
The show was interrupted for a bit about another anthrax scare. Additionally, I'm posting it without proofing it, because it is getting late and I keep getting complaints about the summaries being so late.

In Puerto Rico, Kate tells Victor that she believes Phillip came back to them to bring them together as a family. Kate tells Victor that they owe it to Phillip to try and work things out. Victor tells Kate that she is a piece of work, and there is not a chance in hell they will get back together. Kate says she is not trying to use Phillip's condition, he is the one who promised Phillip that they would work things out. Kate tells Victor that they are both to blame for what has happened to both Phillip and Lucas, not just her, and she wants him to admit it! I missed part of the conversation do to the new, but when the show returned, Kate tells Victor that she never loved another man like she loved him. Kate asks Victor if they can at least try and get along for Phillip?

In Phillip's room, Chloe tells Phillip that she cares about him, he was her first boyfriend. Chloe tells Phillip that he needs to rest, but Phillip needs to know if she'll ever be his girlfriend again. Chloe says it is too soon to be talking about this, and she doesn't want him to get upset. Phillip thinks that means the answer is no. Phillip begs Chloe for another chance, to prove that he has learned something. Phillip tells her that the whole time they were apart he remembered the way she looked at the last blast when he hurt her. Chloe tells Phillip that he doesn't really know who she is, but he says he does, and he has been examining who he is because of it. Chloe says they shouldn't be talking about this now, but Phillip says he has to know how she is feeling. After the news interruption, Phillip is very happy and in a good mood.

Brady, John, and Belle are sitting around a table. Belle is wiped out, and John wants to take her back to the hotel, but she refuses to go without Shawn. Brady tells Belle that they already know she is brave. John is angry because this was supposed to be a supervised school trip. Belle says they did learns stuff, and Brady says yeah how to stay alive. Belle asks if Paul will die? Brady says he hopes not, for Jan's sake. John says that Paul deserves to live to pay for what he's done. Belle asks what has been going on with Brady? Brady says he bought a car, which she isn't going to get to drive. Belle asks him who the new girlfriend is that he's showing off for? John blurts out that Chloe doesn't count, which embarrasses John. Belle can't believe that he is seeing Chloe, but Brady says it isn't that way at all! Brady says he just wanted to help Chloe out because she was lonely. However, Belle is positive that something is going on between him and CHloe. They switch the subject, and Brady wonders what is going on between Shawn and Jan? Belle doesn't know, but she suspects something happened between Jan and Paul that she isn't talking about. John says that Jan will need someone to be there for her is Paul dies. The waitress finally brings Belle the food she has been waiting for, and she tries to rush off. However, John tells her that she can't go just yet, there is something they have to do on this special day. Belle says she totally forgot! I didn't get to see what the special day was, but Brady and Belle both called Marlena to talk to her. After the call, Belle tells Brady that Marlena says thank you, it meant a lot to her that he called her and wished her a happy birthday (that is what the special day was). John tells Brady that he is proud of him for reaching out to Marlena the way he did.

In the ER, Nicole yells that Paul deserves to die, and she refuses to leave until he is dead! Jan says that if he dies, she will be a murderer! Shawn comforts Jan as the police stand around and discuss how Jan is guilty of at least attempted murder. As Paul is on his deathbed, Nicole yells at him that she hopes he dies! Paul goes nuts, wrips all his wires, and goes after Nicole, which is exactly what she wants. Nicole eggs him on in order to get Paul to do himself in by fighting the doctors who are attempting to save his life. Jan freaks out when Paul gets up, because she thinks Paul is coming to get her. The cops think Jan is going to run, and try and cuff her, but SHawn protects her. Paul then grabs Nicole and says he is not going to die, she is! He then begins strangling her! Nicole begins screaming for help, but Paul just shoves everyone away and continues to strangle Nicole. Paul eventually collapses, and dies. Nicole is okay, but shaken. Nicole goes to Jan and Shawn and says that Paul is dead, and will never hurt anyone again. John, Brady, and Belle are there and saw everything. John tells Jan that they saw everything, and she is not guilty of a thing. Jan says that she never wanted him to die, but John says that she has saved many lives and should not worry. Unfortunately, the police don't agree. John tells the cops they don't have all the facts, but the police say all they need to know is that Jan shot him and he is dead! Nicole suddenly breaks down because she thinks she willed her father to die. Brady comforts Nicole, and the police arrest Jan! John tells the police that what they are doing is wrong, this girl saved them! The police don't care and begin dragging Jan away. John yells at them to back off!

Back in Salem, at the hospital Marlena wonders why John hasn't called her. Craig shows up, and Marlena asks him what he is doing here so late? Craig says he is catching up on paper work just like her. Marlena admits to Craig that John hasn't called, and she's getting worried. Craig asks if everything is okay? Marlena says as far as she knows, Phillip was the only one in danger, and now he is out of the coma. Marlena asks Craig if he got to know Phillip? Craig says he didn't, and he and Nancy didn't like how it ended between Chloe and Phillip and what he did to her. He then wonders how Phillip will react when he learns what has been going on between Chloe and Brady. Marlena continues to believe nothing is really going on between the two, though Brady's mood has improved since he began spending time with CHloe. Later, Brady gives Marlena a call, and she talks to him and Belle, who both wish her a happy birthday. Marlena is touched by Brady's call, and talks to Craig about having a breakthrough in her relationship with him. Craig wishes he could understand, breakthrough are few and far between with him, Nancy, and Chloe. Marlena gives Craig some advice, which is to give Chloe freedom, she knows they love her. Marlena tells Craig about her breakthrough just now with her son, Brady. She says she wished she hadn't referred to him as her step-son earlier, because he is not. Marlena says she is the only mother he has known, and she thinks today they have a new beginning. Craig can imagine how she must be feeling. Craig tells her that just when their family is starting to feel good, Chloe changes her attitude for no understandable reason. Craig says that he and Nancy try to make Chloe feel welcome, but Nancy has an overwhelming need to make Chloe feel loved and welcome. Marlena says that is not uncommon. Craig asks Marlena for the secret to making it work. Marlena says there is no secret, you just pick up skills as you go along. Marlena continues to talk to Craig about children, adolescence, and growing up. Marlena says that is a hard time for parents, their children are leaving them, though they don't want them to go.

I did not get to see the end of the show, due to yet another interuption


October 16
Please note: This is shorter than normal due to an insane amount of school work I need to get done before tomorrow! Sorry, but I can't neglect school for the soap!

In Puerto Rico, at the station, the same lawyer who got Nicole out of the slammer shows up to defend Jan. The police are dead set on arresting Jan, but John, Nicole, Brady, and Shawn all defend her. They tell the police that Paul may have killed them all if Jan hadn't shot him. Nicole says her own father was about to kill her and probably would have if it wasn't for Jan, she should be given a medal, not be arrested! The lawyer demands Jan be released, and he produces Paul's criminal record to back up everyone's story, as well as pointing out that they have a boy in the hospital because of Paul as well as the loot he stole and a knife with Paul's fingerprints and his own daughters blood on it! The police finally let Jan go, but they say she is not to leave the island until this matter is settled.

BAck at the hotel, Susan and Kevin wonder what is going on. They find Jan with Shawn, and wonder what is going on with them. Susan knows Jan is hiding something, and they are both shocked to hear Jan tell Shawn that she killed Paul. Mr. Woods finds Kevin and Susan, and tells them that they need to return to their rooms and stay there. They disobey, and continue hanging around the hotel. Meanwhile, Shawn tries to comfort Jan. Jan begs Shawn not to tell anyone about Paul raping her. Shawn doesn't understand why she won't let anyone help her. Jan says if her parents find out, they will only blame her. Shawn doubts that, but Jan tells him to trust her, they will blame her for everything. Later, Belle shows up looking for Shawn, and Kevin and Susan point her to were Shawn is. Belle wonders what is going on when she sees Shawn comforting Jan.

Elsewhere, John talks with Nicole, who is still thinking about her father. She remembers how loving he was when she was little, and what a bastard he turned into later on. John realizes that Paul hurt Nicole very deeply. Nicole says he did, he hurt her horribly and she is positive that he did something horrible to Jan as well.

Meanwhile, CHloe sits on the beach and worries about Phillip and his lack of trust. We are treated to flashbacks of Chloe and Phillip's rocky relationship, and then some of Chloe with Brady. Chloe wishes Brady was here now, because he always knows how to help her. Suddenly, Brady shows up!

Back in Salem, Jack and Jen continue to argue. Jack claims he doesn't really want to marry Greta, he wants to marry her, but she won't have him. Jack says it actually isn't a marriage at all, really it is a business meeting with Oliver, and he needs a beautiful, sexy, trophy woman to play ball with the big boys. Jack starts telling Jen how beautiful and sexy she is, and she wonders who he is. She says he never told her that when they were married! Jack says she never told him that he was beautiful or sexy either! Jen says guys aren't supposed to be, but Jack says they can be! This shocks Jen, and she asks Jack if there is something he has to tell her? Jack says no, and becomes uncomfortable, which Jen can see. Later, Jack tells Jen that it is obvious she doesn't want him, so he is going to move on with his life, and he suggests she do the same and start seeing other people. This shocks Jen.

At the hospital, Collin treats Greta, who has a major hangover. Greta thought she was sick, only to learn she is just drunk. She is humiliated, and decides to take a taxi home. Collin insists on giving her a ride home. On the way home, Greta spills out all her problems to Collin about how all the men she has dated or been interested in have rejected her. Collin doesn't understand why because she is very beautiful, and if he wasn't engaged he would ask her out.


Octber 17
Once again this is from NBC, and because it is my long day. I have added a few additions, but didn't see the entire show due to news on more anthrax cases

Flying back on John's private jet, Belle questions Shawn about Jan. He covers, but Belle feels that there's something that has come between them. Even though it's obvious that Shawn is crazy about Belle, when she brings up the idea of their second date, he puts her off a bit...

Meanwhile, John and Brady talk with Mimi about what happened on the island. John realizes just how close Belle came to being defiled by Paul. He notices that Belle needs a bit of a boost and makes secret plans with Brady to make Belle's homecoming a little more special...

Mimi tells Brady that even though they shared a "moment" on the jet ski, she's nuts about Kevin. Brady thinks Mimi is delusional, and John agrees, although he thinks that things with Chloe are much more real with Brady and more serious. Brady thinks Chloe is going back to Salem with Philip, and he tries to pretend that he's okay with this, but it's clear that he's not...

Later, Brady and John ask Mimi what is going on with Shawn and Jan? Mimi is unsure, but she has noticed Jan and Jason aren't getting along, and she thinks she'll kick him to the curb in no time. She also tells them how Jason was drinking a lot on the island, which displeases John. However, Mimi says Jason was the only one drinking, and the teachers didn't know.

The rest of the kids are delayed at the airport because Jan got tied up in red tape. To give herself some space from both Philip and Brady, Chloe opts to go back with the kids. While waiting, Jan gets into a fight with Jason. Jason tells Jan whatever is bugging her she can just get her parents to send her to a doctor to give her drugs and make her forget whatever is bugging her. Jan becomes furious and walks away from him.

Chloe obviously isn't enjoying herself and gets into a fight with Jan. Chloe ends up telling Jan off, and she tells her not to play victim because whatever she got she deserved for slutting it up. Susan hears this and chastises Chloe for calling Jan names. Chlow is shocked that Susan is defending Jan. Susan says that something horrible happened to Jan on that island that they don't understand, and that they all became closer.

Meanwhile, Kevin tries to console Jan, but she's still too traumatized. While everyone thinks it's because of the shooting, it's really because of the rape. Jan tells Kevin that she is not okay, and she will never be okay again.

Philip has been released from the hospital and given the go ahead to return home, although he's still a little weak. Philip begs Victor to reconcile with Kate...

Kate and Nicole have a heated argument. Kate calls Nicole a slut, and Nicole tells Kate that she's just jealous cause it has been ages since she got any. Kate predicts she'll get Victor back. Nicole can't stand the thought of losing her protector and screams at Kate to keep away from Victor. Victor arrives tells Nicole to stop this now! Kate leaves, and Victor tells Nicole that she is making a spectacle of herself! Nicole tells Victor that she is afraid he is going to go back to Kate, she can see them getting closer. Victor assures Nicole that he'll take care of her.

Meanwhile, Kate works her charms on Philip, recruiting him to do even more work on Victor to try to get him to reunite their family...


October 18
This hasn't been proofed, and I hope it makes sense. I'm sick today :(
Mimi, Belle, and Shawn are all in the car with Brady and Shawn. They are heading towards the pub, where John has a surprise waiting for Belle and the others. John calls Marlena at the pub to make sure everything is ready to go. Marlena says they need some more time, so Brady convinces Belle, Shawn, and Mimi to stop at fast food joint for a bite to eat to buy the others some time. Later, Belle notices something is up, and John admits they are going to a party at the pub!

At the pub, Sami, Will and Austin are all helping. Austin has a new hairdo, his hair is buzzed really short. Sami tells Austin not to worry about the party, she knows things are busy at Titan so it is okay if he goes to work. Austin thanks her for understanding, and runs. Later, Marlena talks to Sami, who tells her mom that she and Austin are getting very close. MArlena is glad her daughter is happy, and she is so proud of her and how she has grown up.

Elsewhere, Bo and Hope help get ready, as do Nancy and Craig. Nancy can't believe people actually hang signs and blow up balloons themselves! Craig says not everyone hires party decorators. Collin and Elizabeth show up and the pub and find it is closed for a private party. They decide to leave, but Shawn sees him and says they are both welcomed here. Collin accepts the party invitation, even though Elizabeth really doesn't want to attend the local's party. When Bo and Collin meet, things are tense between the two. Bo introduces Collin and Liz to Hope, and Collin and Liz take off to say hello to Caroline. Elizabeth asks Collin why he has a problem with Bo? Collin says Bo is giving Uncle Shawn some trouble about Ireland.

Meanwhile, Marlena talks with Nancy and tells her that Chloe's plane should touch down soon, and she'll let her know when it does. Nancy thanks Marlena, and then to her back tells Craig that Chloe is going to hate this party! Craig scolds Nancy for holding some grudge against Marlena, who he praises. Later Collin shows up to talk to them, and Nancy is thrilled to see her James Bond, and gives him a European kiss on the cheek! A ticked off Elizabeth kisses Craig when she greets him, to get back at Nancy. Elizabeth leaves and decides to flirt with Bo some more.

Marlena and Hope end up talking about Belle and Shawn and their relationship. Suddenly, the kids show up. Everyone hides, and they yell surprise as the kids come in. MArlena is happy to see Belle, and just hopes she hasn't done something she might regret. Everyone is reunited, and Marlena gives Brady a hug and tells him that she loves him. Brady is shocked. Belle wonders where Chloe is, and Marlena says her plane was delayed. She also says that Phillip is home, but Victor is insisting her rest. Brady thinks about CHloe, and John tells him that he's sure Chloe will be here very soon. Later, everyone sings Happy Birthday to Marlena. Afterwards, Shawn and Belle say goodbye to everyone, and take off.

Meanwhile, Craig makes a call and learns Chloe's plane landed awhile ago, so he and Nancy wonder where Chloe could be.

Later, Collin talks with Bo. Bo starts questioning Collin about the name DiMera, which bothers Collin. Collin says he doesn't know the name, which Bo knows is a lie. Bo wants to know what he knows that he's not telling him. Bo says he wants to know what happened between the Bradys and Dimeras, he deserves to know! Hope sees what is going on, and steps in to stop the argument.

At Titan, Nicole tells the secretary that Victor won't be coming in, and she does not want to be disturbed. Nicole goes into her office and attempts to get back to work. However, she can't stop thinking about her sleezeball of a father. Meanwhile, Austin shows up for work, and visits Nicole. Austin isn't happy with Nicole for just taking off and leaving him to do her job while she frolicked in the tropics with Victor. Nicole becomes upset and tells him that what she does with Victor is none of his business! However, she'll be happy to tell him that she watched her father die on this trip! Austin is shocked, and even more so when Nicole tells him that she willed her father to die right after he tried to kill her. Austin wants to talk about this, but Nicole doesn't and changes the topic to work, which she orders Austin to get back to. Nicole then asks Marie to call her mom and Brandon and tell them not to leave her mom's place until she gets there. Nicole leaves, and Austin wonders what is going on with Nicole. Austin talks to Marie, and learns that one of the kids supposedly shot and killed Nicole's father.


October 19
Typed while on a lot of cold/flu medication! Hope it makes sense!
At the airport, the kids flight finally gets in, and Chloe receives a message. The message says to meet Nancy and Craig at the Brady Pub. Chloe says yeah right, and crumples the message up. When Susan tells Chloe that sitting on the runway for an hour because a lever broke wasn't much fun, Chloe says she didn't think she noticed since she was busy talking to her new best friend Jan! Susan tells Chloe that she owes both her and Jan an apology! Chloe says she won't apologize to her or Jan, and the fact is is that Jan is a first class bitch! Chloe says that Jan ruined the dance and cost her her boyfriend. Susan says that maybe Jan did her a favor, what kind of boyfriend doesn't trust you? Chloe says that doesn't excuse the fact that Jan did something mean and horrible to her! Jan shows up, and Chloe tells Susan there is her new best friend now, maybe then can hold hands and ride home together! SUsan tells Chloe that she really has changed, and if this is what being popular does to people, she is happy being the way that she is! Suddenly, Jan's prim and proper mother shows up, calls Jan a slut in front of everyone, and slaps her! Jan's mother thinks Jan did this to embarrass her and get back at her for divorcing her father. She calls Jan an ungrateful little tramp, and tells her to wait until she gets home because then she will learn what a real punishment is! Jan's mother wonders what people will say when they learn she is a murderer! Jan says that is not what happened, she saved someone's life! Jan's mom says she read the police report, she knows she was hanging out with Paul, she was screwing him wasn't she! Jan's mother tells her that she deserves what she gets, and drags her off! Chloe is shocked, and wonders why Jan would take that kind of abuse? Susan says maybe she doesn't have a choice. Chloe says you always have a choice, and she would rather go back to the orphanage than live with a monster like that.

At the Horton House, Shawn and Belle show up and Julie answers the door. She is glad to see them home safe and sound. Shawn says that they have come to give Alice, who has a bit of a cold, a surprise. Before going to see Alice, Shawn tells Belle how special she is. They have a conversation about their relationship and how long it took Shawn to ask her out when she was sending him so many signals. They soon start making out on Alice's sofa, and Julie has to interrupt them. Julie then takes them to see Alice, who is in bed wearing a Santa Hat! Alice says the hat is Julie's fault, she needed to keep her head covered and this was all that Julie could find. Shawn then surprises Alice with her ruby. Alice is shocked and can't believe it. She asks Shawn how he ever found it? Shawn explains what happened, and ALice scolds him and tells him that he never should have gotten involved! However, Alice forgives him, and they all talk about the jewel and what led them to it.

At Victor's place, Victor and Kate stay by Phillip's bed. Phillip is coughing, which worries Victor, so Henderson brings Phillip some hot tea. Phillip says his throat is just a little dry, that is all. Phillip is anxious to go see Chloe, which worries Kate and Victor. Phillip says he has to thank Chloe for coming to see him in the hospital, and it was thinking about Chloe that brought him back. VIctor insists Phillip rest, so Phillip says he at least has to call her. He calls over there, only to get Nancy. Nancy tells Phillip that he can't speak with her, and hangs up. Later, Victor and Kate insist Phillip get some rest. He's glad to see his parents are no longer fighting, and decides to get some sleep. Kate decides to leave, but Phillip asks his dad if Kate can stay the night. Victor tells Phillip that he just wants him to get some rest, and they leave. Phillip wonders how things got so screwed up with them? He vows not to let it happen to him and Chloe, and thinks about how badly he's treated her. Phillip says he needs to go see Chloe, and gets out of bed. He decides to go serenade her like he did before.

Meanwhile, Victor warns Kate to be careful about what she says around Phillip. Kate knows and says she won't give him any false hope about them getting back together. However, she does say that Phillip has forgiven her for the whole Vincent Maroni thing because he understands that people make mistakes. Victor tells her not to expect him to understand, but Kate knows she can make him understand. Kate tells Victor if she works hard to prove how much she still loves him, and how well they work together, then he'll forgive her too. Victor doubts that will ever happen. Kate decides to leave, because she doesn't want to upset him by taking Phillip up on his invitation to stay.

At the Wesley's, Craig tells Nancy to stop pacing around because she's going to wear out the carpet. Nancy is worried about Chloe and why she isn't home yet. The doorbell rings, and Nancy thinks it is Chloe. Unfortunately, it is Brady. Brady asks if Chloe is home, but Nancy says no, she was hoping she was with him! The phone rings, and it is Phillip. Nancy hangs up on him, and Brady guesses she isn't with Phillip. Nancy and Craig ask Brady why she would be with Phillip, they broke up? Craig tells Brady that they were under the impression that they were dating now. Brady says that is not so. Nancy begins to worry about Chloe and fears something may have happened to her. Nancy says that Chloe may not love her, but she wishes she wouldn't punish her the way she does. Craig tells Nancy to calm down, and decides to take her downstairs to make her some tea. They went to CHloe's room to check her messages. Meanwhile, Phillip shows up with his guitar to serenade Chloe outside her bedroom window. He throws rocks at her window, which a lagging behind Brady hears. He heads over to the window and looks out. Phillip is shocked, and asks what in the hell he is doing in his girlfriend's bedroom?

Nicole goes over to her mother's place to meet with her and Brandon. Brandon asks Nicole what is up, she looks a little shook up. Nicole says she is lucky to be alive, and tells her mother that because she let that bastard back into their lives, he tried to kill her! Nicole explains how Paul followed the kids to the island to find a treasure, and tried to kill three kids. She says when she tried to stop him, he almost killed her! Faye refuses to believe Paul would do that. Faye defends Paul, but Brandon says that Paul was a low-life two-bit criminal who used his family to scam. Faye says that he only stole and scam to get money for his family. Brandon says he wasn't Robin Hood, he was an animal! Brandon can't believe his mom is defending him. Nicole tells Brandon that Faye will always defend him and that will never changed. Faye says that no matter what he did she knows Paul loved her. Nicole tells Brandon not to worry about dear old daddy anymore, because they'll never see him again! Faye asks if Paul is in jail? Nicole says no, he is in hell! Nicole says that a young girl ended up shooting Paul, and in the hospital, she (Nicole) went to visit him and finish him off! Brandon asks Nicole if she is making this up? Nicole says it is all true. Faye can't believe that Nicole killed her father. Nicole says she wished she had, she only stood over him and told him to die! Nicole shows them the knife cut, and Faye says this can't be true. Nicole says he is dead, she willed him to die! Faye breaks into tears. Brandon tells Faye that they are better off without him. Faye says in his heart Paul was good and never meant to hurt them, he loved them both. Brandon tells his mom that she is making him sick, she shouldn't be crying over that monster! Brandon takes off, and Nicole tells her mom that she hopes she is in pain for a long time for exposing her children to that bastard! Nicole goes outside and tells Brandon that it has always been the two of them, and she's sorry that he had to see their mother this way. Nicole says she will always side with him, and all they will ever have is each other.

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