October01 Week 2


October 8
I missed a gigantic chunk of the show due to news. Here is the first part I saw . . . .
At the Horton house, Jack tells Alice that they taught those media hounds one hell of a lesson! A drunk Greta says they should celebrate, and should have another thot of sequila! On the island, Jan is walking around outside and thinking of the rape. Back at the hotel, Mimi tells Belle that it is a bummer that they can pray until they are blue in the face, and they never know if God is listening or will answer them. Shawn tells her that it is called faith, and she should have a little. Outside of Phillip's room, Nicole brings Victor some coffee. Victor says there is no change, and he should probably call the states and let Kate know what is going on. When Nicole asks why, Victor says she is Phillip's mother for God sakes! Inside Phillip's room, Chloe asks Phillip to fight to come back to her.

After the news interruptions stopped, here is the rest of what I saw . . . .

In the hospital, a nurse looks at Phillip and tells Chloe that it doesn't mean he's waking up. CHloe says he will, she knows he will. The nurse leaves, and tells Victor that if there is no improvement in Phillip's condition soon, the doctors will be running an EEG to check brain activity.

Meanwhile, Brady questions the kids about Paul and everything they know about him. Belle tells Brady that at one point he thought Paul was planning to rape her. Brady says he's so sorry, and vows to make him pay. Belle says she is fine, she was lucky, it is Phillip who needs their prayers.

The kids all go and visit Phillip and send him all the positive energy that they can. As all the kids talk, Phillip has dreams about the future. Phillip and Chloe are married, as are Belle and Shawn. Belle and Shawn are some dressed in some hip, swanky, futuristic like outfits. Belle looks like she is wearing saran wrap, and Shawn has this whole futuristic biker thing going on. Phillip has on a sporty grey business suit, and Chloe is wearing a pink plastic monstrosity! We later learn that it is 2024, Phillip is a biogenetic engineer, and nobody ever grows old. Back in the real world, Chloe asks Phillip to find his way back to her.

Outside, Paul grabs Jan from behind and tells her to take it easy. Jan begs Paul to let her go, she doesn't want another disease! Paul asks Jan what the doctors said she had? Jan says Gonorrhea. Paul thinks he got it from the hooker he picked up the first night on the island. Jan then tells Paul that they found those kids he tried to kill, so if she was him, she'd get out of here before the cops show up. Jan then tells Paul that she'll make him a deal, if he leaves her alone, she won't tell them that she saw him or what he did to her. Paul thinks that sounds more like a threat, and begins to get rough with her. Jan ends up ripping his shirt, and what she sees causes her to scream. Paul tells her to settle down, and she tells him to cover it up because it is gross! Paul looks down and sees that his gunshot wound is infected. Paul decides to have his wound taken care of by a real doctor, and runs off.

At the Horton house, Jen demands Greta tell her what this big secret is! Greta says "not bloody likely!" However, Greta says that Jack knows what she knows. Jack tells her whatever she knows, keep it to herself! Alice says they are interested in what Greta has to say. After a round of ring around the rosey's, Greta decides to tell them the truth. However, before she can, Greta starts falling over. Jack suggests he take her home to bed, but Greta says he can't take her to bed! Jack picks Greta up and decides to take her straight home. As they leave, Greta hoots. Alice tells Jen that something is going on, and Jen vows to find out exactly what it is. Jack takes Greta out to his car, and she wants to know why he is being so mean to her? Jack says "Duh!" you almost told Jen and Alice the secret! Jack asks Greta to please pretend he is straight from now on. Greta asks Jack if this is part of his so called plan?

Jack drives Greta home and tells her that she needs to pretend he is straight if she is going to pull off being his girlfriend at the business meeting they will be attending. Greta says that he will be her sex-god stud, and she will be his sex-pot chickety, and reaches over and grabs his parking break, if you get what I mean! Jack says "Woah!" and says they need to stop this little dress rehearsal! Later, Greta questions Jack about Jen, and she asks him if she knows he is gay? Jack says of course, he and Jen were married and she knows everything about him.

Back at the Horton house, Jennifer and Alice try to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Jen says that Greta called Jack a homeboy, but Alice says Greta doesn't get down with the gangsta-rap. Jen is shocked and asks since when does she listen to that music? Alice says that SHawn Douglas makes sure she is up on all the new music, and she just loves snoop-doggy dog! Jen vows to find out find out what Jack's secret is, and she says if he has been lying to her, they will never reconcile or remarry!


October 9
The news interrupted for a part of the show today.
At the hospital, Chloe continues to beg Phillip to come back. Meanwhile, Phillip continues his odd dream about the future. Mimi and her genius son, one of ten of her kids, show up. Mimi is now Chloe's best friend. Later, in his dreams Phillip begins to feel very odd, like he's floating away.

Meanwhile, Kate, who is on the way to the hospital, talks to Victor about Shawn. John talks to Victor as well about the others, and he learns that Paul, Nicole's father, did this to Phillip, and he doesn't want Kate to know this just yet. John doesn't want his son anywhere near that sick bastard, and wonder what Brady has gotten himself into now.

Kate and John show up at the hospital. Kate goes to see Phillip, and she tells Belle that her dad went to find Brady. Phillip is still dreaming, and is smiling. Kate is glad to see him smiling. Kate talks to Victor and tells him that she appreciates him not bringing Nicole here. Victor says they shouldn't go there, and to just think of their son. Kate tells Victor that he is right, and asks for the doctor's report. Victor tells her that they don't that much yet, but when he comes out of the coma, he may not be able to talk due to water damage in his lungs. Kate asks how this happened? Victor explains that the kids were looking for a stolen treasure, but the thief followed them from Salem and tried to kill them. Kate cries that two of her children have been so badly hurt, what has she done to deserve this? Victor says no child deserves this, and that bad things just happen.

Back in Phillip's room, Phillip's monitors begin to beep rapidly. The nurses and doctors show up, and check out Phillip. After the news interruption is over, Chloe and Mimi bicker about the past and how Mimi teased her from day one. Mimi and Chloe eventually try and put the past behind them, and Mimi tells Chloe that Phillip loves her, and by being here, she is helping him. Chloe goes back to Phillip, and holds his hand. Chloe is shocked when Phillip squeezes his hand! Kate runs to her son, and Phillip eventually comes too.

Brady and Nicole go looking for Nicole's father. Brady shows a photo of Paul around, but gets no leads. Nicole says knowing her father, he's long gone by now. Brady doesn't see how that is possible. John shows up, and can't believe they are going after this maniac on their own! John says he is taking over from now on! Elsewhere, Jan thinks about Paul, and hopes the gangrene kills Paul. Jan goes into the hotel, and Nicole sees her. Nicole sees that Jan isn't okay, and she wants to know what is going on with her. Nicole suspects that Jan just saw her father. Jan admits to them that Paul hurt her, but he can't tell them what happened because he will come after her! John promises to protect her, but Jan is too scared. Brady brings Jan some tea, and Nicole comforts her. John tries to question Jan, but Nicole tells him to back off! Jan eventually admits that she just saw Paul, and she got into a fight with him. Jan says his skin was rotting, and it smelled gross. John thinks he must have gangrene from his gunshot, so he must be looking for an ER. John asks Jan if she has any idea where Paul is, please tell him. Jan says he probably went to the clinic down the road. Brady and John run to check it out, and Nicole stays with Jan. Nicole tells Jan that she is so sorry for whatever her father put her through. Nicole tries to get the truth out of Jan, but Jan swears nothing happened between her and Paul. Nicole asks if she is telling the truth? Jan says she'd never protect that scum. Nicole says she knows her father, and when someone doesn't give him what he wants, he takes it.

At a clinic, Paul is patched up and given some antibiotics. The doctor tries to keep Paul occupied, and later tells the nurse, in Spanish, that this is a gunshot wound and to call the police. Unfortunately, Paul speaks Spanish, and pulls out a gun! He tells them it probably isn't a good idea to call the police just yet! The doctor asks Paul if he's going to kill them? Paul says no, he accidentally shot himself. He claims he is a jeweler, and he was moving some stuff when his gun went off. Paul says if they call the police, he'll have to deal with a lot of useless paperwork. The doctor, who doesn't trust Paul, plays along and helps Paul out. Outside the clinic, John and Brady show up. They see Paul inside, and John orders Brady to go back to the hotel and call the police. Brady does as John says, and John grabs Paul when he comes out of the clinic. John grabs Paul by his neck, and warns him if he makes a move for the gun in his bag he'll snap his neck! John tells Paul to drop the bag, so he does. When John bends down to search the bag, Paul produces his gun and laughs. He tells John to say goodbye! Before Paul blows John away, he wants to know who he is, did Buddy send him? John plays along and says he did. Nicole and Jan show up, and John manages to kick Paul. However, Paul grabs Jan and hold her at gunpoint! John grabs Paul's bag, and Paul demands the bag back. Brady shows up, and saves Jan. I am assuming this as the news interrupted. When the show came back, Paul grabs Nicole this time, and holds a knife to her throat, as the gun got lost in a scuffle. John hands over the bag to Paul, but Paul wants the gun before letting Nicole go. Paul sees Jan is doing something, and he wants to know what she is up to. Jan says nothing, she just wants to get out of here. The gun is behind Jan, and Brady tells her to get it. Jan grabs the gun, and John says "Jan no!" Paul tells her not to do it, but she fires the gun three times!


Octber 10
This is from NBC, and because I didn't get in until incredibly late, I have not added my own information to the summary! Sorry!
As Paul holds a knife to Nicole's throat, Jan fires the gun three times. In the commotion, John attempts to take the knife from Paul. Suffering from shell shock, Jan fires the gun again. John falls over Nicole's body, but neither one are hurt. However, Paul has three serious bullet wounds. The doctor and nurse from the clinic rush to Paul. As soon as the surgeon arrives, they will operate. Inside the clinic, John is in full mercenary mode, ordering the nurse on how to tend to the cut on Nicole's throat. Nicole tells John that she believes Paul raped Jan...

Brady tries to comfort Jan. She almost confides in him, but keeps her mouth shut. Jan tells him that Paul roughed her up trying to steal money. Jan hopes that he doesn't die because she is in enough trouble already, doesn't want to add murder to the list. Nicole tells Jan that shooting Paul saved her life. If he dies at least he won't be able to hurt anyone else. Brady informs his father that Paul threatened to rape Belle. John says that if Paul is still alive, he will kill him. Paul regains consciousness and asks to see his daughter. John warns Nicole not to go in there, but she says that she has to see him...

At the hospital, Philip has come out of his coma. Chloe tells him that she's glad he's back, and then slips out of the room. Mimi follows also and confronts Chloe. She tells Chloe that Philip talked nonstop about her all summer. In addition, she was all over him when he was unconscious. Why the sudden change in attitude? Chloe tells her to mind her own business. Mimi threatens Chloe. If she hurts Philip, then Chloe will pay! Later, we get the feeling Chloe truly has missed Philip. Meanwhile, Belle is worried about John and Brady. She remembers the violent actions Paul did on the island. Shawn comforts her with a tender kiss and tells Belle that he is very lucky to have her. Shawn changes the subject to their second date...

The doctor informs Kate and Victor that Philip can't talk because of the damage the salt water did to his lungs. However, he will make a speedy recovery and be able to go home soon. Kate and Victor decide to call a truce. Their main priority right now is Philip...


October 11
The first 15 minutes were interrupted for President Bush's speech at the Pentagon
At the Horton house, Jen tells her grandmother that if Jack can't learn to be what she needs on his own, then it has to be over. Later, a very cheerful Jack returns. However, Jen knows what Jack is doing, he is trying to get her mind off of what Greta said. Jen says she knows there is a secret about him, and she wants to know what it is now! Jack accuses Jen of being jealous of him and Greta. Jen laughs at him, and says she doesn't understand what Greta sees in him! She wants to know what Greta knows, now! Jack admits to Jen that he has been keeping something from her, and it does involve Greta. Jack says he and Greta are going to be taking a trip. Jen says she knew it, and she is positive that this is involves Oliver and one of his great ideas! Jen is angry with Jack for picking one of Oliver's crazy adventures over her and Abby. Alice asks where he and Greta are going? Jack says Las Vegas, they are getting married! Jen spits out her drink, and Alice is shocked.

At the hospital, Marlena and Craig talk about the kids and how they are doing. Craig calls Nancy to give her a report. Marlena talks to Craig about Nancy and Chloe, and if they are getting any closer? Craig says they are getting closer, and they have her son to thank. Marlena says "My son?" Craig says Brady, and she says "Oh my step-son." Craig says right, and that Chloe and Brady's dating has brought Chloe and Nancy closer. Marlena says he must be mistaken, they are only friends. However, Craig says it is more than friendship. Elsewhere, the New Colin tells Elizabeth that if he can get the job at the hospital, their whole lifestyle can change. Colin shows up, and Craig introduces him to Marlena. Colin thinks that means he has the job, which he does. Marlena talks to Colin, and she learns he is related to the Bradys. Marlena says she used to be a Brady as well, she was married to Roman. As they chit-chat, Elizabeth shows up and asks what is going on? Colin tells Elizabeth that he has just been offered a job here. Elizabeth says that is nice, and then says she needs him now! Colin follows, and Craig and Marlena are shocked. Out in the hall, Colin tells Liz that she was very rude back there. Liz says he left her all alone, and he knows how she hates hospitals. Liz tells Colin that she is happy he has a position here, and she is adjusting to Salem life. She tells Colin that he means everything to her. Back in the office, Marlena thinks Liz and Colin are all wrong for one another, but Craig disagrees. Craig wants to bet Marlena one-hundred dollars that they have a happy future, and Marlena agrees to bet him that they won't last six months.

Rolfe, Bart, and LExie head over to Bo and Hope's house. Rolfe tells Lexie that she knows what she has to do! LExie goes inside, where Bo, Hope, Abe, and the kids are. They are all planning to play a game of poker and have fun. They start talking about schools for the kids, and Lexie says she wants Issac to go to Lakeview, which is a preppie school. Hope says she was hoping their kids could go to school together, and Hope tells them about this school they found which integrates special need kids with regular kids, so that they learn not to be prejudice. Abe loves this idea, and Lexie starts telling Hope that she is such an inspiration to all mothers, which is why she is excited about this party. Nobody looks thrilled about the idea of a party at the mansion, so she begs them to just think of it as her home now. Abe suggests they change the subject, so Bo asks Lexie if she can help him get in contact with the nurses who were watching the babies the night JT and Issac were born. Hope becomes upset and tells Bo that he is obsessing over this and ruining their evening! Bo apologizes and says they will drop it. Lexie switches the subject to Hope's search for her past. Hope says John has been helping her a lot, which angers Bo. Bo starts yelling about DiMera and how he needs to be put behind bars. Hope scolds Bo, who walks off. Lexie is thrilled because she thinks this is a preview of what will happen when Hope remembers being Gina. She says Bo and Hope will be so consumed with one another, they won't have time to think about the babies! Bo returns, and he tells them that he is sorry he blew up, but he says that just because they are friends he cannot overlook the horrible things DiMera has done to him and his family, and he will not stop until he is put in jail for the rest of his miserable life! Lexie says she was a cop, and if he can find proof that he is guilty of these crimes, then yes he should go to jail. However, her father has shown her nothing but love. Lexie begins to cry and says they all mean so much to her, which is why she wants to give Hope this party. Lexie then proposes a toast to Hope, who she hopes finds out about her past, and to finding out if her father truly is behind the pain they have suffered. As they all drink, Lexie says they will never get the good on her father, because they will be so consumed with picking up the pieces of their own shattered life! Back outside, Rolfe tells Bart that after he turns Hope back into Gina, it will lead to the destruction of John, Marlena, Bo, and Hope!


October 12
Unfortunately this is NBC's summary, as my FAMILY did not tape my soaps for me.
Belle panics when she and Shawn overhear the nurses talking about the shooting. Belle asks for details and freaks when the nurse says Senor Black was involved. Meanwhile, John tries to talk Nicole out of going in to see Paul, but she is determined. Although Paul is seriously injured, he is still up to his old tricks. At first he says he loves his daughter, but then he tells her to use her position with Victor to get the best attorney money can buy. Nicole snaps, and she lets Paul have it. She tells him what a horrible father he was and wills him to die!

Outside Paul's room, Brady makes another attempt to get the truth out of Jan, but all she'll say is that Paul has to live. She couldn't live with herself knowing she took another person's life. John and Brady remain suspicious, but they give Jan some space. Father and son have a bonding moment when John tells his Brady how much he loves him. The moment turns into a family reunion as Belle arrives. She is glad to see that John and Brady are okay. Meanwhile, Jan collapses into Shawn's arms, tells him what happened, and begs for his help. Jan and Shawn hear some commotion from Paul's room and look inside to see what is going on. Nicole is yelling at Paul to die. His monitors start going crazy and nurses begin to rush in. Jan tells Nicole to stop, but it is too late. It looks as if Nicole got her wish...

Elsewhere in the hospital, Victor and Kate have called a truce. Philip asks for Chloe and Victor leaves to find her. The doctor comes in and Kate uses the Kiriakis influence to persuade the doctor to release Philip. Philip asks his mother if she and Victor could get back together? Kate hints that there may be a Christmas wedding. Meanwhile, Victor finds Chloe, and tells her that he's glad she's here for Philip. When he tells her that she can see Philip, Chloe becomes defensive. She reminds him that he's the one that didn't want his son around her. Before it turns ugly, Victor orders her to see Philip. She shocks him by refusing. Victor tells her that Philip can heal his broken heart once his body has healed. As Victor leaves, Chloe decides to see Philip. He's thrilled, and says that he won't rest until he knows that he's her boyfriend again.

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