October 1
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At Jack and Jen's, Jack comes home drunk, and Jen is insulted. She thinks he has moved on already to Greta, and that disgusts her. Jack says he can't stay single forever, and Greta wants him. As they argue, Jack pulls out an engagement ring and proposes to Jen again. Jen is shocked and doesn't know what to say. Jack says he doesn't want to lose her, and kisses her. Soon the two fall to the couch! At Dot.Com, Collin is listening to music and thinking about Jennifer when Greta shows up. Greta and Collin talk for awhile, about the loves they've lost, and then part ways. On the island, Mimi leads Brady and Chloe to the cliff were the final clue is. As they make there way up, they hear Belle screaming! At the top of the cliff, Paul helps Belle out of the pit, and demands the ruby in return for helping them all out. Shawn throws the ruby up to him, and Paul pushes Belle back into the pit! Unfortunately for Paul, Belle grabs the ruby and takes it back into the pit with her! Suddenly, Brady and the others show up, and Brady fights with Paul, who has pulled out a gun!


October 2
At Jack and Jen's, Jack and Jen are going at in on the couch when Jen asks Jack to stop. He's drunk and doesn't, so she yells stop and pushes him off of her. Jen tells Jack that what they were doing was wrong! Jack says it wasn't wrong, he wanted her and she wanted him. Jack tells Jen that she is hungry for him! Jen says that is not true, and she has made up her mind that she is not marrying him again! Jen then tells Jack that his proposal was pressure, it was in a public setting! Jen also tells Jack that she knows he is just using Greta to make him jealous! Jen says she knows he was pretending to make out with her so she would see! Jen tells Jack that she doesn't want anymore proposals, and anymore surprise kisses, because that is not him! Jack says fine, he'll go back to their tender beginning, and we watch flashbacks of Jack and Jen. Jack reminds Jen of how they used to dance to the radio, so he turns it on and Jack coaxes her into dancing with him. As they dance, a report comes on over the radio that Belle, Shawn, and Phillip have drowned. Jen calls a sitter to watch Abbey so they can go to Bo and Hope's.

At Bo and Hope's, both Bo and Hope are planning romantic evenings for one another in separate rooms, and wonder what is keeping the other. Bo goes into the other room to find Hope feeding JT, who got hungry. As they are feeding him, JT says dada, which pleases both Hope and Bo. Later, Hope puts JT to bed, and Bo teases Hope that he said dada before mama. Bo says he will make it up to her, and offers to take her upstairs for a whole body rub. Hope refuses, because she has been working hard on a wondeful dinner, so she tells him it will just have to wait! Over dinner, Bo and Hope talk about Shawn and Belle. Bo refuses to believe they are really serious, but Hope thinks they might get very serious, very fast. Bo and Hope are about to go upstairs when Jen and Jack show up. Jen and Jack realize Bo and Hope don't know, and they tell them about the news report.

John and Marlena go out to Tuscany, and as Maggie and Marlena chit-chat, John becomes upset as usual and asks if their table is ready? Maggie realizes John is still angry with her, but Marlena says that John is just hungry. Maggie says she understands, and that they must be enjoying the perks of not having the kids around. However, when Maggie mentions they must be relieved about the hurricane, John becomes upset again and asks what hurricane? Maggie says it was on the news, there was a hurricane down where the kids were, but now it is gone. John says not all of them have time to watch the weather channel! John tells Maggie to think before speaking next time, she almost gave him a heart attack! John and Marlena sit down, and John continues talking trash about Maggie, who he calls the town gossip. Marlena and John start talking about John hiring Kate. John says Kate knows Titan inside and out, so she will protect him from anything Victor tries. Still, Marlena is worried that if he and Victor go to war, it will impact the kids. John goes off on how Brady is a man, and Belle is still a little girl who needs her dad. Marlena says Belle is growing up, and closer to Shawn, so she may not need him to protect her for much longer. John refuses to believe Belle is having sex, but Marlena isn't so sure. Marlena says she knows Belle was a virgin when she left, but she didn't promise to be one when she came back. John says he is so not ready for this! Meanwhile, Maggie turns on the news and learns about Belle, Shawn, and Phillip's "deaths." Maggie realizes she has to tell John and Marlena. Maggie tells John and Marlena that the news said Belle, Shawn, and Phillip all drowned.

In Puerto Rico, at the jail, Victor hires a lawyer who tells the detective that he's gone too far this time! The lawyer gets Nicole out of jail, but the lawyer says it will take time for the paper work to be completed. Once they are left alone, Nicole asks if he got rid of the body? Victor says he couldn't, there was no body! Nicole wonders where he went this time? Victor says that doesn't matter, he's learned that a guy and two girls have stolen three jet-skis. Nicole realizes Brady, Mimi, and Chloe have gone to the islands to find the others. Nicole assures Victor that everyone will be okay! Victor and Nicole take a helicopter out to the island, and they see Paul fleeing the island in a boat!

On the island, Belle falls back into the pit, taking the ruby with her. The ruby sinks to the bottom, and Paul is furious. Suddenly, Brady, Mimi, and CHloe show up. Paul pulls out a gun, and Brady and Paul rumble! Paul eventually is beaten and runs off, and they look down below to see Belle floating face down in the water. Brady dives down to rescue Belle and the others. Brady rescues Belle, who is just unconscious. Mimi and Chloe throw the rope down, and Shawn pups up. CHloe asks where Phillip is? They don't answer, as Brady and Shawn are concerned about getting Belle out of the pit. Brady goes back down after Shawn, while Belle coughs up the water in her lungs. Chloe asks Shawn where Phillip is? Shawn says he is still down there. Brady jumps back down to look for Phillip as Chloe prays that Brady finds Phillip. Brady finds Phillip, and brings him up. Chloe goes ballistic because he';s not breathing. Brady gets a pulse, but he's not breathing. When Brady says there is a chance he is in a coma, CHloe begs Phillip to come back to her because she loves him. Brady promises Chloe that Phillip won't die. Suddenly, Victor helicopter shows up.


Octber 3
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The chopper lands and Victor and Nicole rush to Philip who is unconscious. Brady loads Philip into the helicopter and head for the hospital. Because there is not enough room, they can only take Phillip, leaving the others behind. Nicole gave them her cellphone to stay in touch. After an eventful ride, they finally make it to the hospital where Victor is informed that his son is in a coma. The doctor needs details about Phillip's accident, but Victor doesn't know. They try to call the kids on the island, but only get static.

Back on the island, Chloe is distraught over Philip's condition. Belle assures her friend that he will be fine. Chloe says she doesn't think so, because life has taught her that nothing works out in her favor. Belle assures Chloe that their faith will help pull him through. Meanwhile, Shawn tells Brady that Paul left them in the cavern to die. Once he realizes that the ruby is down there, Shawn realizes he has to go back for it. Brady asks Shawn to let him do it, but Shawn says only he knows where it fell. Belle tells Shawn he's being stupid, but he won't listen and dives into the cavern and retrieves his Great Gran's ruby. Shawn comes back up, and has something for Chloe. Shawn gives gives Phillip's wallet, which he found down there, to Chloe. She opens it up and and sees a photo of her and Philip at last year's last blast dance. Everyone joins hands and says a prayer for Philip. Later, Mimi tries to call John to tell him about Belle and the others, but the static keeps cutting her off.

At Tuscany, Kate and Roger arrive just as Maggie tells John and Marlena the horrible news. Kate sees the look on John's face as they walk in and is horrified when he tells her the tragic news about Philip. Kate, John, and Marlena decide to head over to Bo and Hope's.

Bo's plans for a romantic evening with his wife are interrupted by Jack and Jennifer, who tell them the tragic news. Jack can't believe that the media was informed before the families of the victims were notified, so he makes some calls. Later, Marlena, John, and Kate arrive. After she spots a picture of Shawn and Belle at the dance, Marlena breaks down. She and John remember when Belle was a baby. While holding JT, Hope thinks about how Shawn promised he would always protect his little brother. Hope doesn't believe Shawn is dead because God would not let Shawn break that promise. Marlena tells John that Brady must be told, but they remember that he has left with Victor. When Kate attempts to locate Victor, Henderson informs her that he doesn't know where he is. Later, Jack learns that the reporter who broke the story hadn't confirmed the story, he just wanted to run with it. John calls the school, and learns the principal has spoken to Mr. Woods, and from what he can tell, it looks like the story may be true. The kids were left behind in the huricane, and a witness said they went down in the storm, but no bodies have been recovered. Hope and Marlena hope this means the kids may have survived. Later, Hope privately tells John that it is their fault. They're being punished for their sins. Hope goes into the living room and announces that she is the reason her son is dead.

At the Horton house, Greta has stopped by to watch some videos with Alice. Greta hears the story about the red ruby and Shawn's desire to find it. The subject turns to Greta's love life. She tells Alice that under the circumstances, she and Jack can only be friends. Alice is suspicious and Greta covers by saying how much Jack loves Jennifer. Their conversation is interrupted by Maggie's arrival. Alice tells Greta about Shawn, and thinks they should tell Alice. Greta suggests they wait until they hear more new, but Maggie says Alice always listens to the news before going to bed, so she'd rather Alice heard the news from her.


October 4
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At Bo and Hope's, Hope announces that she is the reason their son is dead, this is her punishment. Bo asks her what she is talking about? Hope says the only way to make it better is to tell him everything. Jen tells Hope that she doesn't know what she is saying and should lay down, but Hope says she doesn't want to lay down. Marlena tells Hope that she needs to rest, but Hope says she is guilty and must confess! Bo tells Hope that the others are right, she is just hysterical right now, and she isn't going to help anything. Bo says the reporter didn't confirm the story before reporting it, so she should stop planning their son's funeral because he is not dead! John says that Bo is right, there kids are strong and will fight. Kate thanks them all for giving her something to hold onto. Suddenly, Jen remembers that Gran watches the news before going to bed, and she doesn't want her to find out about this on the news. Jen and Jack run off, and Bo wants to know what Hope wanted to tell him earlier. Marlena butts in and says that Hope is just reacting like a normal mother, when something happens to one of their own they blame themselves. Marlena tells Hope that she should rest, and leads her away. Marlena then scolds Hope for what she was about to do. Marlena says that God would never punish her by killing innocent children! Marlena tells Hope that not everything is about her! Hope says she is just scared, but Marlena doesn't care. MArlena tells Hope that she is going to walk back into that room and pretend to be strong and hopeful, but she is not going to tell Bo her secret. Marlena says if Hope thinks God wants to punish someone for what she did, then she should fall to her knees and pray that God punishes her and only her, but do not take the rest of them down with her! Marlena goes back inside and makes some tea, and Hope follows and says she has an announcement to make! Hope says she has to thank Marlena for helping her, and she had no right to speak that way. Hope also says that Shawn is an excellent swimmer, and trained in life saving, so they should all have hope. Suddenly, Mimi calls Bo and gets through. Bo asks her where Shawn is. Mimi says that Shawn is fine, as is Belle. Everyone rejoices, but Kate asks what about Phillip? Mimi tells Bo that Phillip got taken to the hospital, he was underwater for awhile and wasn't breathing. Kate grabs the phone from Bo and asks Mimi how Phillip is? Mimi says she really doesn't know, he was under for so long and they couldn't find a pulse. Kate drops the phone and sobs, so Marlena takes the phone. Marlena asks if Shawn or Belle are there? Mimi says no, she had to walk aways in order to get a signal. Marlena tells Mimi to hang up, find the others, and wait for the helicopter to come back. Marlena also asks her to tell Shawn and Belle to call them as soon as possible. Later, everyone says a prayer for Phillip. John then decides to fly down to the islands, and Kate decides to go with him.

At Alice's, ALice asks Greta and Maggie if they are coming? Greta says they'll be right there. Maggie doesn't want to have to break Alice's heart with this news. Alice wonders what they are whispering about, and tells them to tell her what they aren't telling her! Maggie, who is in tears, is about to tell Alice the truth when Jen and Jack burst in. Alice demands to know what is going on, is someone hurt, is someone dead? Maggie says yes, it is Shawn D. Alice refuses to believe this news and says she would have felt it if he died. Later, Hope calls and Greta answers. Hope tells Greta the good news, and Greta tells everyone else the news. ALice thinks they need to celebrate, and breaks out the booze. They end up doing tequila shots, and getting a little drunk. Greta ends up getting a lot drunk! Greta and Jen go outside, and Greta wants to talk to her about Jack's dilemma. She asks "what dilemma?" Greta says you know, is he or isn't he! Jen doesn't know what she is talking about. Greta begins mumbling that she must know it can never be! Jen says that Jack proposed to her tonight! Greta asks what kind of marriage would that be? It would be cold and empty, lacking sexual passion. Jen thinks Greta is saying she isn't sexy enough for Jack. Greta says she's not saying that, she likes her, and she likes Jack to. Greta tells Jen that she feels for her and her situation. Jen asks Greta what in the world she is talking about? Greta says she's going to have to spit it out. Back inside, a drunk Jack begins doing the old Vita Vega Vegamin routine from I Love Lucy. Alice then suggests Jack turn his attention to Jen and Greta, because they are drunk and might be talking about him. Jack realizes Greta could open her mouth, and runs to the window. Outside, Greta says that Jack is a ho, a ho, a hochew! Greta sneezes, and Jen asks her if she just called Jack a ho? Greta keeps trying to blurt it out, but sneezes every time she tries to say homosexual.

On the island, Chloe looks at the picture of her and Phillip in Phillip's wallet, and she says he can't leave her. Chloe says that nobody will ever love her the way he did. Belle wants to help Chloe, but Brady tells Belle to let him handle this. Belle tells Brady that he doesn't know what CHloe needs, but Brady says he knows exactly what Chloe needs. Belle asks her brother if something is going on between him and Chloe? Brady tells them that sometimes emergencies just bring two people together, and he says he's going to talk to Chloe. Belle tells Shawn that she hopes Brady knows what to say to Chloe. Shawn doesn't think words are what CHloe needs right now. Meanwhile, Brady approaches Chloe to try and comfort her. He tells her for whatever it is worth, he'll be there for her. Brady decides to leave, but she stops him, and cries on his shoulder. Brady assures Chloe that Phillip is strong, he will pull through this. Mimi returns, and thinks to herself that Phillip is almost dead and Chloe is scamming on someone else already. As they all chitchat, the chopper returns to pick them up.

At the hospital, Victor asks if his son is going to recover? The doctor says that his son was unconscious for ten minutes, and that survival rates aren't high for someone out that long. Victor goes to see Phillip, who lies in a hospital bed, and begs him to come back. Victor wishes he hadn't been so hard on Phillip, and tells him that he is the light of his life. Meanwhile, Nicole asks a doctor for the truth about Phillip, will he survive? We never hear what the doctor tells her. Nicole returns to the room, and tells Phillip that she hopes he is aware that he is loved by his father, something she never was. Nicole goes to Victor, and he tells her that he never realized until this moment how much he needs her. Nicole comforts Victor.


October 5
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At the Horton house, Alice tells Jack that Jen and Greta are outside with a bottle of booze talking about him. Jack doesn't mind, until Alice asks him if there might be anything he might now want them talking about? Does he have any secrets he is hiding? Jack runs to the door, just as Greta is about to tell Jen that Jack is a homosexual. Jack shows up and tells them both that Alice wants to play pictionary, so they should go inside. However, Jen says Greta was just about to tell her something about him! Greta realize she was about to make a mistake, and tells Jen that Jack is a homeboy. Jen says Jack is not a homeboy, but Greta says she means he needs to get out of the house more. Suddenly, a bunch of reporters pull up and want a story. Jack and Jen device a game, and Jack runs in to warn Alice. The reporters are invited inside to interview Alice. As they get ready to interview Alice, one reporter tells Greta if she doesn't stop hiccuping she's going to have to get out of the shot. A drunk Greta is offended. The interview starts with the question "How are you feeling?" ALice asks them how they would feel if reporters showed up to interview them after learning a loved one had died. She and Jack give them a piece of their minds. Suddenly one of the reporters gets the news that the kids aren't dead, and they have been had. One reporter tells Alice "Shame on you for pulling one over on us!" Alice says she was just teaching them a lesson, and tells them to get out of her house. One reporter recognizes Greta and takes a picture of her drunk, but Jack grabs his film and ruins it. The reporters leave, and Greta notices how good Jack and Jen are together and thinks it should be Jack and Jen forever.

At the Brady's, John continues talking to his pilot Mike about taking off for Puerto Rico ASAP. Meanwhile, Bo helps Kate deal with what she is feeling as Marlena continues to lecture Hope. She tells Hope that this is not about them anymore, it is about their kids. Hope realizes she can't tell Bo the truth now. Later, Shawn calls and Hope talks to him. Shawn assures her that they are fine, and she should stay up there with JT who needs her. Hope asks about Phillip, and Shawn tells her that he is still in a coma. This upsets Kate. Belle talks to Marlena, who wants to come down there. However, Belle says she should stay at home, she's okay and is a woman now, she's no longer a little girl. Belle basically tells her mom goodbye, and hangs up on Marlena. John gets word that his jet is ready, so he and Kate take off. John promises Kate that Phillip will be fine, and her face will be the first one he sees when he wakes up. Meanwhile, Marlena wonders what Belle's comment about her being a woman now means. Later, after everyone has left, Bo and Hope head up to bed, and Hope realizes that Bo can never learn the truth about JT.

In Puerto Rico, the kids show up at the hospital to see Phillip. Nicole tells them that he is in a coma. Brady and Chloe stand by the window and watch him while the others leave to make the call home. Phillip begins to have memories of attacking and being attacked by Paul, and he starts to have convulsions. A nurse comes and says the reaction is normal. Later, however, the nurse talks with the doctor and says Phillip still hasn't woken up. The doctor says if Phillip doesn't regain consciousness soon they will have to do an EEG, and it is possible that the young man has no brain activity at all. Meanwhile, most of the kids head to the chapel to pray for Phillip, and Chloe asks Victor if she can see Phillip? He allows it, and she sits in Phillip's room with him. She cries and tells him that she has so much she needs to tell him.

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