November 99 Week 3


November 15
Eric and Greta go to the Titan photo lab. Eric is puzzled as to why he hasn't heard anything about the job in New York. Nicole walks in and tells him that he did. Eric asks how she has news about his job? Nicole says that the agency called Kate for a reference, and she happened to pick up the phone. Nicole tells Eric that they liked his work, but need to see more sexy lingerie shots. Eric says that he has nothing like that in his portfolio. Nicole tells Eric that she will let him use the facilities and get him a model. Eric says that he doesn't know if he can work with a new model, lingerie shots are tough. Nicole tells Eric that she'll do it. Eric tells her that she is a real piece of work. Nicole tells Eric that he should call the man back about the job if he doesn't believe her. Eric leaves to do just that. He returns later and learns that what Nicole said was true. Nicole asks Eric if he will accept her offer? Eric asks to talk with Greta alone, so she leaves them. He tells Greta that he knows she doesn't like this, and he doesn't either, but this job is his ticket to bigger and better things. He promises her that this is the last time he will work with Nicole. Greta thanks him for thinking of her, and she says she trusts his judgement. Nicole returns and Eric tells her that they will do it. Eric sets the room up, and explains to Greta everything he is doing. As Eric is promising Greta that he won't do anything to jeopardize their relationship, Nicole shows up in some very skimpy white lingerie. Eric begins to take photos of Nicole, and can't stop thinking about making love to her. Greta really doesn't want to be there, so she tells Eric that she has to go to a movie with Alice. Eric wishes she would stay, but she says she trusts him and has to leave. Nicole tells Eric that she could use a break, so they stop shooting. She starts dribbling water all over her chest, and then puts on some romantic music, Tina Turner, to get her in the mood. They start taking photos again, and Nicole takes off the teddy she was wearing. She tells Eric "Let's do it!"

John is walking home via the docks when he runs into "Hope." Gina asks him what he's doing here? John tells her that he, Eric, Bo and Shawn were playing a little basketball. He asks "Hope" how her session went? Gina tells him that she thinks it went well. John tells her that Doc can help her rebuild the life she once had. Gina tells John that she wants him to help her. John asks how? She tells him by example of course. She tells John that she admires that he was able to put his life back together after Stefano tore it apart. John tells her that she can do that by remaining in therapy, she can find happiness again. Gina asks him if he is really happy? John says of course he is, and asks her why? Gina tells him that she doesn't have many memories of him from the old days, but he was a real jet setter, a real James Bond. John says he doesn't remember that man, and he doesn't want to. He tells her that he has settled down and is a family man now. Gina finally gets the gist, yesterday is gone and it is gone forever. John says he has to go, and tells her to take care. Gina walks along the pier sulking because she has no one. She spots Greta and says she should tell her who she really is.

At the nursing home, Vivian is disguised as Dr. Sue Lee and goes to see Dr. Bryce in his office. She tells him that she'd like to talk to him, but Dr. Bryce says he was about to leave. He invites her to dinner to talk, so she accepts. Dr. Bryce takes Dr. Sue Lee out for Chinese food. She says she doesn't really care for Chinese food, which shocks him. She claims she likes more european dishes. Dr. Lee tells him "When in Rome, eat Pizza!" Dr. Bryce tells her that Pizza was invented in Philadelphia, but Dr. Lee says it was invented in Naples! A waiter shows up and Dr. Bryce tells him that the lady will order tonight. Dr. Bryce tells her that he doesn't read a word of Chinese. Neither does Dr. Lee, so she just points to something on the menu and tells Dr. Bryce she's ordered them a surprise. She tells him that she would have thought a wealthy doctor would eat somewhere much more sophisticated. When he asks why she thinks he's wealthy, Dr. Lee tells him that he must make some extra money off of his wealthy patients. Dr. Sue Lee manages to get Dr. Bryce plastered, and the waiter brings them a dish. I'm not exactly what it is, but it looks like a boar's head with a lemon in its mouth! They both eat up, but Vivian can't seem to get a grasp on using chopsticks. Half of everything she picks up goes flying across the room. She decides to get creative and spears her meat! She tells him that it is an old Chinese custom. Dr. Lee starts questioning Dr. Bryce about running a nursing home because she hopes to open her own holistic healing nursing home. He agrees to share some of his secrets with her. Unfortunately, as they are leaving they run into John, who asks Vivian if that is her? Dr. Bryce asks what he just called Dr. Lee? Vivian tells him that she is Dr. Sue Lee, he must have thought she was someone else. John plays along and apologizes, but wonders what his aunt is up to this time.

On the top of Austin and Carrie's building, Austin holds Carrie and tells her that he knows she loves him, and he'll always love her. A stunned Mike pockets the engagement ring he bought and walks off. He doesn't know that Austin and Carrie have just ended it for good. Carrie tells Austin that she can't believe he can forgive her. Austin tells her something about Jesus forgiving 7x7, so she has more coming her way. Carrie wonders how she can forgive herself? Austin tells her that God has forgiven her, so she needs to forgive herself. He also tells her that she needs to find happiness, perhaps with Mike. Carrie says that she hasn't heard from Mike. She can't believe that Austin is discussing Mike with him. Austin says he has found peace, which is what Carrie also needs to do. Austin tells Carrie that she is afraid to be alone, so she needs to stand on her own two feet without a man in her life for awhile. Carrie tells Austin that she guesses this is it, this is the end. Austin tells her that there is a time for weeping, a time to laugh, and a time to rejoice, and he thinks her time to rejoice will come again soon. Carrie says she hopes that is true. Austin holds her once again. He tells her that he'll be around and they'll still see each other, but Carrie says it won't be the same. Austin says maybe that is the way it will be. Carrie tells Austin that she wants him to be happy, even if Sami makes him happy. Austin tells Carrie that he wants her to be happy to, with or without Mike. Carrie says that would be without Mike, because she doubts she'll ever see him again. Carrie leaves, and Austin hopes Carrie really can find happiness. He realizes it is time for him to start his life over again.

Mike goes to see Mickey and tells him that he's learned that Carrie and Austin are back together. Mickey tells him that he's sorry. Mike says he plans on leaving town quietly, but Mickey tells him to have a little talk with Craig and Nancy first. Mike asks why he would want to do that? Mickey tells Mike that he had lunch with a friend who represented Claire and Ali, and apparently Ali has said some very interesting things about Craig, Nancy, and him!

Nancy is still walking around the hospital taking voice notes on everyone who does something wrong. She scolds a nurse for wearing her name tag on the left side of her uniform instead of her right! Craig pulls Nancy aside and tells her that she has to stop being so tough, especially with Mike back in Salem. Nancy is furious with Mike for returning and trying to take this hospital away from them! Craig tells Nancy that she needs to take a day off and go shopping, but she refuses. Mike shows up to have a chat with Craig and Nancy. He orders them out to the terrace so they can have a chat. Craig asks what the problem is? Mike tells them that Ali has been saying some very interesting things, such as they used her to get rid of him. Nancy tells Mike that Ali is crazy, he can't believe her. Mike says nothing she's said can be used against them, but his family practically owns this hospital and he is putting them on probation. He also tells him that his grandmother knows everything going on here, and if she or any other Horton sees them doing something that they don't approve of, they are both out on their ears! He then walks away, leaving them stunned.

Carrie goes up to the mountain above Salem and thinks about Mike. Mike, who was thinking about Carrie, shows up on the mountain as well. Mike and Carrie's song, How Do I Live by Leanne Rhimes, begins to play. Carrie remembers the good times she and Mike shared together. Mike, who is playing with the engagement ring, also remembers spending time with Carrie. Mike and Carrie end up running into one another. This summary was written by Dustin Cushman to be used on his web page.


November 16
Sorry this is so late!
Marlena is waiting for John at the Chinese restaurant, but she can't stop thinking about what Gina told her during their session. John shows up laughing about Vivian, but he soon realizes something is bothering Marlena. They sit down and John asks Doc to talk to him. He asks if it is work? Marlena tells him that she can't talk about her sessions. Marlena brings up their wedding day and his meeting with Hope. She asks how that went? John says that she just gave him their wedding gift. Marlena wonders if there was something he might have forgotten, but John says he hasn't. He wonders if Hope said something, but realizes she can't talk about it. John wants to forget about Hope for the night and focus on each other. They end up talking about the kids. John thinks that Eric will have a good future with Greta, who is sweet, unlike Nicole. Marlena says that some relationships are so destructive, and you just have to hope to make a clean break. John realizes they aren't talking about Eric and Nicole anymore. The waiter brings them some fortune cookies and thanks them for coming. John opens his and it reads 'Love from your heart is eternal.' Marlena opens hers, and it reads 'He who denies the past is destined to relive it!'

On the docks, Gina asks Greta if something is wrong, has someone hurt her? Greta tells "Hope" about Eric and his latest photo shoot with Nicole. Gina tells her that is work, not personal. However, Greta says Nicole was wearing a see through negligee and she is so comfortable with her body. Gina tells her that Nicole is pathetic, she's throwing herself at a man who no longer wants her. Greta isn't so sure about that, but GIna tells her that Eric wouldn't want Nicole when he has her. When Greta says she left them alone, Gina thinks that was a bad mistake. Gina tells Greta that the idea of one man and one woman isn't always true, and she thinks that is so with Eric. However, she tells her not to worry, she is young and has time. Still, Greta says she's never had these feelings for anyone, and she thought that's how she (Hope) knew she and Bo belonged together. Gina tells her that she and Bo are soul mates. Greta thinks it is the same way with John and Marlena. She says that she knows her mother loved John, but the love John has for Marlena is so powerful and she can't imagine them not being together forever. As if they were on cue, Marlena and John walk by. They say good night to both "Hope" and Greta and go home to get into bed. Greta tells Gina that she wants that kind of love. Gina responds "yeah." Greta tells GIna that she wishes she could be more like her mother. She tells "Hope" that she remembers watching her mother get ready to go out for the evening. Gina smiles as Greta describes her. When Greta says that she always new she was nothing like her mother, Gina tells her that she wishes she could see her as she does, beautiful, radiant. Greta thanks "Hope" and tells her that whenever she is with her she feels near her mother. Gina smiles at Greta and tells her that her mother is alive.

Marlena and John go home. Marlena lights some candles for mood. John asks her if they are alone? Marlena says they are, Belle is working an extra shift at the hospital, which she needs to talk to him about later.

At the Titan photo lab, Eric is still taking pictures of Nicole. Nicole drops her negligee (she still has a bra and panties on) and tells him "Let's do it!" Eric asks what she is doing? Nicole tells Eric that this is what the New York people want. Eric reluctantly gives in and continues taking photographs. Nicole tells Eric to tell him what she wants. She starts caressing him, and he angrily tells her to stop. Nicole tells Eric to go with the anger and show her how he feels. They eventually get back to work, but Nicole won't shut up about the past and how during their last shoot they made love because he got so hot. Nicole tells Eric that she misses him, and asks if he misses her? Eric asks her why she gave up on them? Nicole says she had to, she had secrets that she couldn't tell him. Eric tells her to tell him everything. Nicole says she can't and they should just get back to the session. Eric won't let her dodge the question. He tells her that he never felt what he felt for her for anyone else. Nicole says she felt the same about him. She starts taunting Eric, asking him what he wants? She takes her bra off and asks him if this is what he needs? Nicole asks Eric what she wants her to do? Eric just stands there with his mouth open, but he eventually starts taking more pictures. Nicole blows Eric a kiss and tells him that she is here for him, this is all for him, she wants him to let her be his toy! She takes off her panties and tells Eric to take her. Eric manages to resist her, so she tells him how much she wants him. Eric eventually kisses Nicole, and crafty Nicole manages to take pictures of them using the cord thingy which attaches to the camera to take pictures at a distance (obviously Dustin knows squat about cameras). Eric eventually pushes himself away from Nicole and runs out of the room, hating himself. Nicole tells herself that she knows Eric still wants her, she just proved it!

At the hospital, Belle and Mimi are working as candy stripers. Belle tells Mimi that she plans to ask Brandon to take her to the dance today. Mimi can't believe she (Mimi) has a date, but she (Belle) doesn't. Belle tells Mimi not to get mixed up with Shawn, he is not the kinda guy she needs. Nancy eventually breaks up their powwow and tells them that they are here to spread sunshine, so they better start spreading!

Craig runs into Lexie and Brandon, and he gives Brandon the cold shoulder. After Craig leaves, Lexie tells Brandon that she's proud of him for sticking it out. They start talking about Brandon's anger. Brandon doesn't think he needs therapy, but Lexie says he needs to learn what makes him so angry. BRandon already knows the answer to that. Lexie asks where his anger comes from? Brandon tells her that he didn't grow up in a picture perfect home, and they should leave it at that. Lexie realizes she was lucky to be raised with people who loved her, even if they weren't her biological parents. Brandon tells Lexie that he and Nicole didn't come from a loving home, that's for sure. Abe shows up and tells Brandon that he can't keep blaming his problems on an unhappy childhood. Brandon looks at Abe and says he knows exactly who to blame. Brandon walks off, and Abe tells Lexie that she knows what makes this guy tick, so he'd like her to enlighten him. Lexie tells Abe that she just want to help Brandon, and Abe tells her that she's a mother hen. Abe asks her if they are pregnant yet? Lexie says they aren't, her test came back negative. Abe wishes she had told him so she didn't have to go through that alone. Lexie was with Brandon when she learned the truth. When Lexie suggests they see a fertility expert, Abe says all they need is time alone.

When Belle sees that Brandon is alone, she decides to go for it. She tells him that this could be someone's lucky night, but it depends on how he answers her question. SHe asks him if it's okay to ask a guy out? He says sure, if it was her a guy would be crazy not to say yes. Belle smiles and says she'll see him tomorrow. Mimi asks Belle if she asked Brandon? Belle tells her not yet, but it's in the bag.

Austin returns home to the guest house and finds Sami brushing her hair. He asks Sami if she missed him? Sami claims she didn't even know he was gone. Austin calls her a liar with a smile. She asks him how things went with Carrie, did she come onto him? Austin tells her that he and Carrie agreed to be just friends. Sami asks Austin how he feels about that? Austin tells her that seeing Carrie walk away was hard, but as he was driving home he smiled because he was coming home to her and Will, his family. Austin asks Sami if she still wants to be with him? Sami says of course she does, and the two hug. They start talking about Will's future and their dream home. Sami just wants to be far far away from Lucas. Austin tells Sami that he's glad she came forward with the whole Lucas hitting Will incident, and he is glad that she trusts him enough to be honest with him.

On the hilltop, Mike and Carrie finally run into one another. Mike asks her how things with Austin are? Carrie says they have gotten past everything and are a lot closer. Carrie asks Mike what brought him to Salem? Mike tells her that he came to say goodbye. She said that he came a long way to say goodbye. Mike says he had too much to say to put in a letter or a phone call. Carrie asks him how Israel was? When he says it was a good place to start over, Carrie says she'll be doing that too. Mike tells her at least she has Austin. Carrie asks what he's talking about? Mike tells her not to worry about hurting his feelings, he knows they are back together. Carrie tells him that he's got it wrong, they are over. Mike tells her that she doesn't know how happy that makes him. Carrie realizes that he thought she and Austin were getting back together. Mike tells Carrie says that he's learned two things since he left: he will never lie, cheat, or betray someone again; and he wants to be with her. He tells Carrie that he came to Salem to give her this. He produces the engagement ring and says he loves her, and he hopes she still loves him. Carrie tells Mike that she doesn't want to hear about love, love messed up both of their lives. She tells Mike that she can't share her life with him when she doesn't know what her life is about. She tells Mike that she needs time to clear her mind and find out what she needs to do. She tells Mike that she needs time alone because she married Austin, and fell in love with him, in order to make herself feel complete. Mike tells Carrie that he's asking her to marry him. Carrie tells Mike that she can't be with him right now. Mike says he will wait for her. He tells her that he knows how she feels, he was feeling the same way when he left Salem. He says that is why he will wait, he'll wait as long as it takes.


November 17
In France, Hope is better and walks downstairs shouting out "hello, is anybody here?" As she is wandering around, we see a newspaper on a wooden chest which has a photo of Princess GIna in it. In walks Kurt, who has been out chopping wood. He asks her what she is doing out of bed? Hope tells him that she's feeling better, but she still doesn't remember who she is. Kurt tells her to sit down on the couch, and he sits next to her. Kurt tells her that he stayed up all night praying for her recovery, and luckily the fever broke. He says that Claude and Theresa have left for the day and will be gone until this evening. A kettle in the kitchen begins to whistle, so Kurt excuses himself to make tea. He returns with her tea, and Hope tells him that he's treating her like a princess. Kurt tells her that she is a princess to him. Kurt sees she is upset, so he tells her that the past isn't important, what is important is that they still have a future. Hope says they can't have a future if she can't remember who he is. He tells her that they had a wonderful life together and tells her that they used to take long walks to a special hilltop each night. Hope remembers being with Bo on a hilltop, but she's unable to see Bo's face. Kurt is shocked when Hope says that she remembers the hilltop. Kurt tells her that she must be remembering the night he proposed to her. She asks if the moon was out that night? He says it was and every star was shining down upon them. He tells her that he still wants to take care of her and that she has to trust in their love. Hope tells him that she can't give herself to a man she doesn't remember, and she can't trust in a love she doesn't remember. Kurt says he understands and when he sees she is cold, he decides to throw some more wood on the fire. Hope puts her robe on , and then she and notices the picture of GIna in the newspaper sitting on top of the chest.

In Salem, Gina is sleeping on a couch saying "don't cry baby" in her sleep. We see a hand caressing her cheek. She wakes up and finds Bo standing over her. She sits up and displays her new chin-length very red hair-do. When she asks how he got in, Bo says the door was unlocked and she wasn't answering. He tells her that she sounded like she was having a nightmare, she kept saying something about a baby. Gina tells him that she had a nightmare about Shawn crying out to her as a baby, but she couldn't be there for him, just like she can't now. Bo thinks they can solve that problem by walking down the isle together. He sees her new hair-do and tells her that he likes it. Bo admits that he almost did something very stupid out of anger, he was going to have her sign a document of crimes DiMera committed and testify to it in court. He says that DiMera just drove him crazy, but Abe, Mrs. H, and Shawn all reminded him that this is about love, not revenge. Bo tells her that he will give her the life he always promised her. He assures her that he will be very patient with her while she explores her past. Gina seems to become weak, and Bo catches her before she falls. He tells her that he loves her, he always has and always will. As they move in to kiss, Gina quickly turns it into a hug. Gina tells Bo that it has been so long since she's felt such passion. Bo decides to leave, but before he goes he gives her a long and hard kiss.

Abe takes Lexie to work at the hospital, they are both still riding off the high from last night. Abe thinks that they've made a baby finally, but Lexie tells him not to get his hopes up. Lexie asks Abe to go see a fertility specialist with her right now, just for a visit though. Abe asks if they are just going for a visit, or do they have an appointment? Lexie admits they have an appointment, but she didn't think it was a big deal. Abe feels like he's been set up and doesn't think they have a problem. Lexie says they may not have a problem, but if there is one they should find out now so it can be fixed. Abe reluctantly agrees to go see the doctor. Lexie and Abe go to see Dr. Bader, who has reviewed their medical histories. She wants them to undergo four tests: Lexie's hormone levels, Abe's sperm count, a hynzeral progectagram (sp?) for Lexie, and a point coital exam. Abe has heard enough and declares that they don't need this, and then he walks out.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Austin talks with Phillip. Phillip tells Austin that he's contemplated some big changes and plans to score some major cash by the year 2000. Austin asks why he needs money? Phillip whines to Austin that his father won't be giving him anymore free money. Austin thinks it would be good for him to have a job, but Phillip says having no money at this point in his life could cripple him. Phillip tells Austin that he's going to be in money very soon because he made a bet that Belle Black would show up dateless for the dance. Austin tells Phillip that this isn't a very moral idea and gambling can cause you to lose control of your life. Phillip thinks he can handle it, but Austin assures him that gambling can take over your life. Phillip says he only needs a little cash, but Austin tells him that is how it always starts out. He tells Phillip to cancel the bet. Phillip says he will and decides to head off to school. Austin asks if he will be home tonight, he thought that he might like to watch a movie with him and Sami tonight. Phillip still can't believe he is living with Sami after everything she's done to him and practically everyone else in the house. Later, Phillip makes a call to a bookie to place a real bet.

Brandon shows up at the guest house to see Sami. When she asks what he wants, he replies "your body!." Sami is shocked that he wants her body Brandon tells her that he said "Bobby," Will's old hand puppet. Brandon says he needs it to use on a new patient. Sami brings him the puppet, which looks like a bell boy. Before he leaves, Sami asks his opinion on a dress. When Brandon asks what the occasion is, Sami says she is taking Austin for his first post-op check-up, and it will be her first time out in public with Austin as a couple. Brandon supposedly turns his back so Sami can slip the dress on in private, she was wearing a nightgown, but he manages to get a look at her. After she's dressed she asks Brandon what is wrong because he was looking at her funny. He says nothing is wrong, he's just not used to seeing her in makeup with her hair fixed as it is. She gives Brandon a bag of old clothes and asks him to throw it out on his way out. Brandon tells her that she looks great in T-shirts and jeans, which are in the bag, but Sami wants to look her best for Austin all the time. As he is leaving, she asks Brandon to wait and help her with her zipper, which is stuck. Brandon zips her up, and she thanks him. He looks at a shirt from Wally's Wild World and can't believe she wants to throw it away. He tells her to keep the shirt as a reminder that she was born to be wild.

Brandon goes to the hospital to work, and Austin shows up for his appointment. Brandon sees that Abe is looking very tense. He tells Abe that he doesn't blame him for being tense, Lexie told him that they were having trouble conceiving. Abe if furious, but Brandon only rubs the salt deeper into his wounds by saying it could be his fault that they haven't conceived. Abe grabs Brandon by the color, lifts him off the ground, and screams at him to shut up! LExie comes running and breaks them up. Abe is angry with Lexie for telling Brandon all about their business. Abe storms off, and Lexie goes after her. Sami saw the little altercation which took place and knows Brandon is up to something.

Carrie and Mike meet outside in Salem at Carrie's request. Mike asks if she's come to a decision, but then apologizes for pressuring her. He tells her that he knows she's confused, and he can be patient and wait. Carrie tells Mike that she doesn't know what she wants right now. Mike asks her to give it a chance, she could know what she wants if she tried. However, Carrie refuses Mike's request. Mike asks her why? Carrie tells Mike that she realizes she has to find herself on her own. She tells him that when she is with him, her instincts are to take care of him first, and if she puts his needs above hers, she will end up in the same place she is now with Austin. Carrie knows she doesn't want to stay in Salem right now, that is for sure. When she says she needs time to grow, Mike tells her that he won't stand in her way. Carrie thanks him for understanding. He tells her that he understands her because he needs to find out who he is aside from his grandfather and father's legacy. Mike tells her that he plans to go back to Israel, and he hopes it won't be alone. He tells Carrie that he wants her to come with him to help with the women over there. Carrie doesn't want Mike to put his own life on hold for her, but he says he will wait because he knows that their love is what makes them complete. Carrie decides that maybe her future is in Israel, perhaps they could find their way back together if she could find herself there. Mike tells Carrie that he really wants to kiss her, and Carrie says they are starting to want the same things already. Mike and Carrie lean in and kiss.


November 18
At the Titan photo lab, Nicole shows up and sees Eric looking at the photos he took of her. Nicole remembers looking through them earlier. She made sure to switch the dull and boring ones with the hot ones, the hot ones being after things got hot between them. Eric sees Nicole smiling at him, and he asks if she was waiting for him to show up? Nicole says she was just waiting to see if the photos are to his liking. When he says they are fine, Nicole tells him that they are hot and he knows it. Eric asks Nicole what it is she wants? Nicole answers "the same thing you want." Eric tells her if she is talking about that kiss, it was a mistake and it won't happen again. Nicole tells Eric that he shouldn't be too sure about that. Eric tells her that she is married, but Nicole says forbidden fruit is sweet, and he wants some. Eric tells her that he doesn't, but she thinks he does, he just doesn't have the guts to admit it. She tells him to close his eyes and give in. Eric pushes her away, and she asks why he is fighting his feelings and desires? She tells him that it is inevitable that he gives in, so he should enjoy it. Eric wants to know why she married Lucas? She says she can't tell him, so he asks her to at least tell him that she lied when she said she married Lucas for love. Nicole cries that if she married for love she would have married him. Nicole walks off, but he goes after her and asks her to tell him why she married Lucas? Nicole tells him that she can't yet.

Mike goes into the kitchen at the Horton house and finds Alice making donuts. Mike tells her that he's come to say goodbye. She asks him where he's going? Mike says that he's going back to Israel, but this time with Carrie. Alice thinks he and Carrie have settled everything, but Mike tells her that Carrie needs some time to find herself before they can get back together. Alice tells him that is the most utter nonsense she's ever heard! Mike tells his Grandma that Carrie is reluctant to be with him right now. Alice tells him to take Carrie straight to the alter of the nearest church. She tells Mike that he has to make Carrie realize that they belong together, all her doubt and confusion will disappear if he asks Carrie to marry him. Mike tells Alice that he doesn't think he can do that. Mike says that Carrie isn't ready to make a commitment and he can't just ask her to marry him. Alice tells him to court Carrie, woo her, has she ever steered him wrong before? Mike tells his grandma that he'll go for it!

Carrie meets with Roman and Marlena at the Java Cafe to tell them that she and Mike are going to Israel to start their new lives. Marlena asks if she means their new lives together? Carrie says no, not yet. As she tells them she will call them once she gets there, Roman tells her that he has to say something. He tells her that she hasn't put a whole lot of thought into this. Carrie says that somethings you don't have to think about, and she knows this is right. Roman and Marlena both give her their blessings and hugs. Carrie says she has to go say goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa, Bo and Hope, who is she leaving out? Roman tells her that she's standing right behind her. Carrie turns around and finds Sami standing there. Sami tells her sister goodbye and good riddens! Marlena is shocked. Sami says that the sooner Carrie is gone, the happier she and Austin will be. Carrie asks her sister "So now your speaking for Austin?" Sami tells her fine, she'll be happy. Roman tells Sami to sit down, and he gives her a lecture. Roman tells Sami that the separation that will occur when Carrie leaves will make her realize that she does love and need her sister. He asks them both to make peace with one another. Carrie says that Sami doesn't want to make peace. Sami tells Carrie that she tried to make peace with her last night, but she blew her off and made a play for Austin. MArlena stops them from bickering once again and tells them that Carrie is leaving tomorrow and they don't know when they'll see each other again. Marlena has to go to a session, but before leaving she says goodbye to Carrie once more and wishes her well. Carrie says she should get going too, but Roman refuses to let her leave before straightening everything out. Roman shows him a picture of them when they were young, they were so close and such good buddies. Roman wants it to be that way again. Roman reminds Sami how she cried herself to sleep every night when Carrie was in the hospital having her tonsils removed because she was sure her sister was going to die. Roman tells Carrie that he saw the look on her face when Sami almost died as well. He asks her if she can tell him her heart wasn't breaking when she thought she was going to lose her sister? Carrie tells him no. Roman tells Carrie and Sami that he wants to know when he is gone to know they will be okay without him. He tells them both if they want to give up on their relationship that they should stand up and go their separate ways, but if they do that they will break his heart, and most likely theirs in the long run. They both begin to cry and say I'm sorry and I love you. Carrie tells Sami that she wants her to be happy, and Sami says she wants the same for her. They both hug one another and cry.

Shawn is walking around Salem Place thinking about his arguments with his dad. He realizes that he owes it to his mom to at least try and work things out.

Bo and Gina kiss passionately. Gina is moved by the kiss and realizes that Bo loves Hope as much as John loved her. Bo realizes that something was different about the kiss, "Hope" isn't herself yet. Bo asks her if she is okay? Gina says she is, she just felt like a teenager after her first kiss. Gina realizes she has a session with Marlena and has to leave. Bo asks her if she thinks she's making any progress? She says she is. As Gina is leaving, she runs into Shawn, who came to see her. She tells Shawn that she can't talk right now, she has an appointment, but she'll see him later. Shawn tells his dad that he got the feeling his mom didn't have a whole lot of time for him. Bo tells him to come in and sit down so they can have a talk about his mom. Shawn thinks this is just going to be a waste of time. Bo tells him that his mom is trying to be the woman they know and love, but Shawn says he can't fool him. Bo tells Shawn that his mom had to leave for therapy, which is helping her. He tells Shawn that if he loves his mom unconditionally, she will love him back. SHawn says that all this love will make everything all right stuff is a bunch of crap! Bo thinks that Shawn doesn't want his mom to come back to them. Shawn says that's not true, he just doesn't want his hopes shot down again. Bo tells him that he has to be tough and make her see how important she is to him. Shawn says he will try to help mom any way he can.

Gina goes to MArlena's office and waits for Marlena to show up. The Princess Gina reflection tells Gina not to let Bo's love distract her from her goal, Bo will never compare to John. She tells her that MArlena only wants to take everything from her. Marlena shows up and asks "Hope" if she's ready to begin? Gina says she is, and she thinks they will have a breakthrough today! They start the session, and Gina says she sees herself on a boat. MArlena asks if she is on the Fancyface with Bo? Gina says no, she's someplace else, and she's with John. She starts laughing once again and tells John that she can't believe she's gotten away from his wife on his honeymoon! She calls him a naughty naughty boy. Marlena decides to bring "Hope" back. Gina sits up and asks what she said? MArlena says she talked about Gina, but wasn't clear. She asks "Hope" how she feels about Gina? Gina says she doesn't her very much, but she knows she loved her daughter and John very much. Marlena asks why Gina would expose her daughter to Stefano if she loved her? Or a man like John, who was a mercenary for Stefano. Gina tells Marlena that she is wrong, she did everything she possible could to protect her daughter! Marlena asks "Your daughter, who are you?" Gina pretends to be shaken up and can't believe she referred to Greta as her daughter. She hopes Gina is not possessing her again. Marlena tells her that her mind has been toyed with by a madman, she is bound to have some residual affect. Marlena assures her that she won't give up on her. Gina tells MArlena she is the only one she can trust, and gives her a hug.

In France, Kurt is tending the fire and Hope sees the newspaper with the photo of her in it. Kurt asks her if something is wrong? Before she can answer, Claude and Theresa walk in with groceries. They are glad to see that Hope is all right. Claude picks up the paper and decides to go and read it outside. As Hope looks at Kurt tending the fire, she begins to have memory flashes of Bo doing the same, but she still can't see his face. Outside, Claude reads the paper, whose head story reads "Princess Gina Von Amburg Wanted in Questioning for Art Theft!" Theresa gives Kurt some wine and tells him to go share it with Claude while she and his wife prepare supper. Kurt goes to see Claude, who shows Kurt the newspaper with his wife's photo in it. Kurt says the resemblance is amazing, but that is not his wife. Claude accuses him of lying. Kurt asks Claude if his wife looks or acts like a princess? Claude says no, so Kurt says if his wife was Gina VonAmburg, the authorities would have come after her. Kurt asks if he's told anyone else that they are staying here? Claude says he's told other fisherman and asks why? Kurt says no reason, he has nothing to hide. Back in the kitchen, Hope remembers helping Alice make donuts. Theresa tells her that American's love donuts, and her accent is American as well. Hope wonders how she got here in France? Theresa tells her to speak to her husband about her past. Hope doesn't know because she doesn't know if she can trust him.

At the lab, Stefano, who is still bandaged, is reading the paper with the article about Gina. The Harriman's have discovered their painting is a forgery, and they've reported it to the authorities. Rolfe tells Stefano not to worry, the only one who can connect him to the theft is Hope, and she doesn't remember anything. Stefano says only if the transformation was successful. Stefano says they don't know that, and that Gina's body was never found. He says that there are too many loose ends. Rolfe is positive that the transformation took place, and the real Gina died. Still, Stefano says his men has not found Gina's body. He says that Gina was an accomplished diver and excellent swimmer. He says if Gina survived, she will wish she was dead. The same goes for Hope if she remembers any part of her life as Gina. Later, Stefano receives a call from Bart. Bart tells Stefano that he found her. Stefano asks who, Hope or Princess Gina?


November 19
In France, Stefano asks Bart where he is and who he's found? Bart says he's in Salem, and "Hope" is here. Stefano asks is she Hope? Bart says he will find out as much as he can. Stefano thinks he's in the clear because Hope may not have any memories to implicate him. However, he is troubled to learn that Hope is not living on the boat, she is living in the Salem Inn. Stefano tells Rolfe that they must go back to Salem immediately.

At the cabin, Theresa asks Kurt and Claude if there is a problem? Claude shows her the paper, and Theresa exclaims "Monde Deu this is your wife!" Kurt says that is not his wife, but Claude says she is the princess. Hope walks in and wonders what they are talking about. She asks if she may see the paper. When she looks at it, Hope asks Kurt if she is a princess? Kurt tells her no, that woman just looks like her. Hope reads the story and when the oven timer goes off, she remembers the time she made donuts and shouted to her Gran that they were ready. Kurt tells Hope that they should leave for home, because only then will her memory return. Hope cries and asks God to give her back her memory.

Rolfe and Stefano board his jet and fly back to Salem. Stefano is upset about Hope, but Rolfe says she's probably just recovering from her trauma because she has lost another year of her life. Stefano hopes he is right, but if there are any remaining memories of Princess GIna left in Hope, then she will disappear for good. Later, Steafno gets a call from Bart, who tells him that he just spotted "Hope" with John. When Stefano starts screaming, Rolfe tries to calm him down and tells him this is bad for his recovery. Stefano says "Never mind my recovery," and then yells at his doctor to cut the bandages off of him because they're driving him crazy. The doctor removes his bandages, and Rolfe turns away from him. Stefano asks Rolfe what is the matter?

In Salem, John runs into Bo at Salem place and shows him one of his international newspapers, it is the one with Gina/Hope on the cover with the headline "Princess Gina Von Amburg sought for questioning in art theft." Bo is shocked and says that Hope didn't steal the painting, DiMera must have stolen it somehow. John tells Bo that Hope could have lied to him. Bo begins to worry, but John tells him that Hope can't be responsible for anything she did as Gina. He also says that the ISA will be working on this investigation and probably won't find anything.

In Marlena's office, Gina thinks she is a burden on Marlena, but Marlena assures her that she's not. Marlena tells her that she'll get over her insecurities in time. Gina tells MArlena that she wants to focus on the man she loves and her child, even though she's not a child anymore. MArlena points out she's not a girl either, and asks who she's talking about? Gina once again pretends like she is upset that she's not making any progress. Marlena tells her that recognizing her fears is progress, and she shouldn't be so tough on herself. GIna has to go, but they have another session planned for tomorrow. The reflection of Princess Gina in Marlena's door's window tells Gina not to panic and that John's love will pull her through this. Gina tells her reflection that there is one problem, John wants nothing to do with her. The Princess tells her that will change once she makes him want to know his past. She also tells Gina to continue making Doc doubt John's love. Back inside, Marlena continues to worry about John. She tries to convince herself that she is being silly because John wouldn't betray her.

Gina walks through Salem Place and runs into John. Her Princess Gina reflection tells her to use this opportunity to place some doubts in John's mind. Gina ask John how he was able to put his past behind him? John says he just accepted that he was a creation of Stefano's and therefore that part of his life over. Gina tells John how he doesn't know that Princess Gina isn't the woman he's truly destined to love? John tells her that he knows what she's doing, she's questioning where she belongs in this world. John tells her that he realized he belonged with MArlena, and she will realizes she is destined to live with Bo. They talk about Princess Gina, and John says she must have had some good in her otherwise Greta wouldn't have loved her, and he wouldn't have loved her. However, he thinks he would have turned away from Gina in the end because of her dark side. He tells her that she is not like Gina, that is why she was able to defeat Gina's dark side. He tells her to forget about the past because the farther away from his past he is, the happier he is. John tells her to trust in Bo's love, it will give her the strength she needs. John has to run, but tells her that they'll talk later. He gives her a kiss on the forehead and takes off. Gina sits down and begins smoking a cigarette as she cries. She realizes that she's lost John for good. She looks in her compact, and the Princess Gina reflection tells her that she cannot give up on John! Gina tells her that she's lost John to Marlena, and she knows what she has to do now.

Bo shows up at Marlena's office and gives her the paper that John gave him. He asks Marlena if she thinks "Hope" could handle being questioned by the ISA? Marlena tells him not now because "Hope" is pretty fragile right now. Bo decides to call Shane to see if he can protect "Hope." Marlena asks him how he and "Hope" are doing. Bo remembers kissing her earlier and tells Marlena that he gets the feeling she's not really Hope. Marlena asks Bo to be more specific? Bo sits down and tells Marlena that he just gets the feeling that nothing will be same between them again. Marlena says that things will get better, they'll learn what is really important. She tells him that her and John fighting for their lives together mades it more valuable. Bo tells her that is easy for her to say, they don't have anything in their past causing them problems. MArlena remembers what Gina told her, and Bo asks if she is okay? She doesn't have any ghosts in her past haunting her does she? Marlena tells Bo that she and John have a love so strong that can overcome anything. Bo says he wants his happy ending with Hope.

At the hospital, Craig and Nancy do a happy dance when Craig receives Carrie's letter of resignation. Winston and Lewis show up to talk with Nancy and Craig. They tell Craig and Nancy that they've asked Mike to return to the hospital as COS and they are waiting for his decision. They tell Craig that they want him to stay on staff because he is an excellent decision. Winston and Lewis walk off, and Nancy freaks out. Craig tells Nancy not to worry because he isn't about to give up without a fight. Later, Nancy gets a call which upsets her. Nancy tells them that they have the wrong Mrs. Wesley, and hangs up. Nancy overhears that Mike has called Winston. When they see Winston and Lewis in the hall, Nancy runs up to them screaming "You know, you know!" Nancy asks them what Mike's decision is? They tell them that Mike has a more pressing obligation at the time, but he did talk about Craig. They say that Mike is worried about his ability to inspire loyalty in the staff. Winston and Lewis feel the same, so they tell him to follow Mike as an example. After they leave, Nancy and Craig celebrate and plan to party tonight. Craig leaves, and Nancy receives another disturbing call. She tells whoever is on the phone never to call her again! She wonders why this is happening now.

Carrie is busy packing up her apartment when Mike shows up with flowers for Carrie. Mike tells her that he's got some surprises lined up for her today. Carrie says she thinks she knows one of them, Louis called and the hospital offered him his job back. She asks him if he's going to take it? Mike tells her that depends. Mike and Carrie go driving to Dizzy's drive through diner. Carrie asks Mike if he really wants to go to Israel, it will mean giving up a lot. Mike tells her that being in Israel made him realize the only thing he needs to feel complete is her. Mike and Carrie's song comes on over the radio, so they get out of the car and dance. As they dance, we are treated to flashbacks of their romance. When they look around, they notice other couples are dancing. Carrie suggests they start a new trend, so Mike kisses her. Everyone around them begins to applaud, so they take their bows. The waitress brings them their order, and they win a prize for ordering the 2000th burger since their grand reopening. It is a pin which says "Celebrate 2000." Mike pins it on Carrie, who says she will never take it off. Mike opens his burger, and it has a fortune inside which says their is a rainbow waiting to take them away to happiness. Carrie tells Mike that he wrote that. Mike asks Carrie to chase the rainbow with him. He tells her that he knows he said he'd give her time, but they are wasting time and are finally free to love one another. Carrie tells Mike that she never forgot their love, and the two kiss again.

Carrie goes home to finish packing. She comes across her wedding photo and looks at it for awhile. She remembers the happy times she and Austin spent together. She thanks Austin for forgiving her, because she can finally forgive herself. She puts the photo into a desk drawer and closes it.

Mike calls someone on his phone and tells them that he's made a decision about his future, and he needs to ask a favor from them. Later, we see a black limo driving along a country road. It pulls over, and out steps Carrie. She doesn't understand why she has been brought here? The driver tells her that Doctor Horton wants her to wait here for him. Mike shows up riding a white horse. Mike gets off the horse, and Carrie wonders what he is up to. Mike tells her that it doesn't look like a rainbow will be showing up today, so he's opted for plan B. Mike tells Carrie that he loves her and asks her to be his wife. He gets down on his knee and asks her to marry him. She tells him a thousand times yes, so he slips a ring on his finger and they kiss. He tells her that they will have an incredible life together. They hop on their horse and ride into the sunset together.

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