November 98 Week 3


November 23
At the hospital, Rose is cutting her surprise party cake when Craig tells Ali that a patient is demanding she be the one to change his IV. Some of the doctors comment about how much they admire Ali's dedication to her job. Ali and Craig have a little update conference. The party was Craig's idea and Craig tells her that all the doctors are rooting for her. Ali says she can't wait till she is back with Mike because he is "the best." Ali walks off and Craig says she hasn't had "the best" until she's had him!

Carrie and Mike meet out on the balcony. Carrie says she had to leave the party because of the sugar rush Ali was giving her. Carrie apologizes and Mike tells Carrie that all he's ever wanted is for her to be happy. Carrie tells Mike she wants the same for him. Mike and Carrie go back into the hospital and Carrie tells Mike that she thinks Ali used the surprise party to score points for the head nurse job. Mike and Carrie start to bicker and Mike asks Carrie if there is some other reason she doesn't want him to name Ali as the new head nurse. Carrie says that this decision will affect his reputation and the hospital and she thinks he needs to show everyone that years of service and loyalty will be rewarded. Mike thanks her for her input and honesty because she's given him something to think about. Carrie thanks Mike for finally listening.

Carrie runs into Ali later on and they get into an argument about throwing parties and how Ali took credit for her idea for Mike's birthday long ago. Ali tells her she's worrying too much about something so petty. Carrie tells Ali that she doesn't deserve to be head nurse and Ali asks her who the hell she thinks she is to judge her? Carrie eventually walks off and Ali tells herself that once Mike makes her head nurse, she will tell Carrie exactly what she thinks about her. Meanwhile, Mike tries to figure out what the hell he's going to do about Ali.

Craig tries to locate his wife by calling the courthouse, but he can't get in touch with her. He tells himself to remain calm because Mike and Carrie will be the losers in this game.

Lucas and Taylor show up at Titan and find Roman waiting outside of Kate's office. Roman and Lucas are shocked to see one another. Lucas tells Roman he's trying to get his life on the right track and put his past behind him. Roman says that he wants to give his daughter the same chance, which is why he won't stop until he knows the truth about Franco's murder. Lucas goes into the board room and everyone is happy to see him. He apologizes for his irresponsible behavior. He tells them all he realizes how important his family, at home and at Titan, is important to him. Everyone claps and Kate tells Taylor that she is a miracle worker. Lucas asks Taylor to go to the photo-room and tell Eric and Nicole that he'll be a little late for the photo shoot. Kate says she didn't schedule a photo shoot and Lucas tells his mom that he did, he's taking over the New Faces campaign. Kate asks if this has anything to do with Nicole and Lucas says it does. Lucas says that he needs to find a wife and mother for Will. Kate agrees, but says he wants him to pick a more "suitable woman." Lucas thanks her for her concern, but says he can pick the right woman on his own. Kate says she is just worried about his future and Lucas swears to his mom that he'll never reveal their secret, he knows better than to risk his future for Sami.

In the photo-room, Nicole tells Eric she wishes he could forget her past with Jay. Eric looks at her tattoo and says it's kinda hard. Eric says that her tattoo just reminds him that he can't trust her. Nicole asks why they can't forget about the past and work on the future. Taylor overhears Eric tell Nicole that he won't accept anything but complete honesty from a woman. Nicole asks Taylor why she is here and Taylor tells them she brought Lucas and that he's going to be a little late. Eric leaves and Taylor and Nikki go at it. Taylor thinks Eric is seeing what a liar she really is. Nicole tells Taylor that if she is so truthful then why doesn't she tell Eric about her crush on him? Taylor tells Nikki that sometimes she's down right mean. Nicole says that she's just trying to find some happiness. Lucas shows up as does Eric, and Eric is less than happy that Lucas has taken over the New Faces campaign. Taylor beings fantasizing about having a relationship with Eric. Lucas also begins to fantasize, but about having a relationship with Nicole. While snapping pictures of Nicole, Eric sees her tattoo and runs out of the room. Eric returns and says that the camera jammed, but he thinks they have enough pictures. Nicole asks Eric if they can finish their talk, but Eric says later because he needs to check on Sami. Nicole walks away and Lucas asks her if she's okay. She says she just has something in her eye and needs to go to the ladies room. Taylor follows Nicole and asks her what is wrong. Nicole says she would do anything to escape her past. Nicole cries that she just lost Eric because he can't get past her past with Jay. Taylor says that is because it's such a sorted past. Back in the photo lab, Lucas asks Eric if there is a little trouble in paradise.

Roman calls Abe and tells him that he thinks Kate is still hiding something that could help Sami. Roman goes to the station and meets with Abe about Kate's past and some big secret Sami knows, according to Vivian. Abe tells Roman not to trust Vivian's words, she's clearly out of her mind. Abe tells him that Stefano proposed to Vivian last night. Roman is shocked and wonders why Stefano would want to marry her? Roman begins talking about Kate again and tells Abe that he's called a truce with Kate, but only so she will leave her guard down around him.

Jonsey appears to Vivian in a bridal magazine and tells her that she's betraying him by marrying Stefano. Vivian asks him to leave her alone, but Jonsey says he can't do that because if she marries Stefano she won't be happy.

Ivan and Celeste meet with John downstairs to try and figure out how to convince Vivian not to marry Stefano. John says that Stefano wants something of Vivian's. Ivan tells John that Vivian was convinced there was a treasure in the basement, but when they finally got down there, there was just a freezer full of gourmet food. John asks who was down there other than him and Vivian and Ivan says just the guy who cleaned up the toxic gas leak.

Celeste goes up to see Vivian, who introduces Celeste to Jonsey. Celeste is very confuses and worried about Vivian. Celeste tells Vivian that Jonsey wasn't here and what she is hearing a voice inside her head telling her not to marry Stefano!

At the DiMera Mansion, Stefano tells Rolfe that Vivian has decided to marry him. Rolfe tells Stefano that he hates to put a downer on his parade, but at the rate Vivian is going, she doesn't have much longer to live. Stefano is greatly upset and says that once he marries Vivian, he won't used the remote again. Rolfe tells him that it may be too late, he's used the remote too much. Stefano and Rolfe watch John and Ivan on the monitor. They are talking about learning what Stefano wants with Vivian. Stefano laughs that what they seek is under their own nose. Rolfe asks Stefano what he his future plans are. Stefano says he plans to get his art treasures back, with Gina's help. Rolfe tells Stefano that the satellite is almost in position. Stefano turns back to the monitor and becomes upset when John tries to convince Vivian not to marry Stefano. Stefano vows that John will not stop him from marrying Vivian, no matter what! As Stefano watches Vivian and John quarrel, Rolfe starts shouting about how he can see the satellite with his telescope.

Back at Jonsey's place, Vivian assures them all that she is happy with Stefano and wants to marry him. Celeste tells Vivian that Stefano is just manipulating her. Vivian says she was manipulating him at first to get his stock in Titan, so they are meant for one another. John doesn't think Stefano will give her his stock, but Vivian says he will if he wants to marry her! Vivian tells Celeste to get her a pot of coffee because she needs to be alert and awake for all the things she has to do today. Vivian leaves and Celeste tells John that she just remembered something. When Kristen injected her with Jungle Madness, it happened in this townhouse. John wonders what Kristen was doing in Jonsey's townhouse?

In her office at Titan, Kate says she doesn't have to worry about Lucas confessing or Vivian, so now she can concentrate on Titan. Vivian runs into Kate's office and shows her her ring. Back at the DiMera Mansion, Stefano gets ready to go to the annual stock holders meeting at Titan and to tell Kate that he is going to marry Vivian. Back at Titan, Vivian beats Stefano to the punch and tells Kate that she is marrying Stefano! Vivian says that once they are married, she's going to be Mrs. 49% of Titan!


November 24
At the station, Roman tells Abe that there is a missing chapter in Kate's life, the chapter that happened after and before she left Salem years ago. An envelope of Franco's history arrives, he was an orphan in Italy. Abe suggests Roman talk with Roberto, but Roman says he can't seem to find him. They start talking about Roberto and how Kate was the one who suggested they talk to Roberto about the shooting at the Penthouse Grill.

At Titan, Vivian tells Kate that she is marrying Stefano, so she should get ready to say ta-ta to Titan. Stefano shows up and Kate asks him if he's lost his mind. Stefano asks Vivian to give him a moment alone with Kate, so Vivian leaves to find a new office for herself. Kate asks Stefano how he could betray her like this? Stefano tells her to calm down because he will have Vivian sign a prenuptial agreement. Kate tells Stefano that she doesn't know if he can trust him any more. Stefano says he has to do this to get his things back. Kate tells Stefano that if she breaks his promise to her, she'll tell Vivian why he's really marrying her. Stefano tells her that he was the one who turned her from a call-girl into a business woman and he rescued her from one said man. Kate says they agreed never to mention that. Stefano tells Kate that her secrets are safe, but Kate says she doesn't think so because Roman is following her around. Stefano asks why and Kate says Roman thinks she knows something about Franco's shooting, but she doesn't. Stefano tells Kate that he will help her with Roman if she stays quiet about his secrets. Kate refuses and offers to buy him out of Titan, but Stefano says he is here to stay. Suddenly, Roman shows up, as well as Vivian. Vivian starts telling Roman how she's going to help Stefano run Titan soon. Stefano and Vivian leave and Kate cries to Roman how she might lose Titan to Vivian. Kate says Vivian has gone too far this time and Roman says she's right. Kate then begins to cry about how she doesn't know what to do. Roman tells her that everything will be fine. Meanwhile, Stefano tells Vivian that they are not going after Kate. Vivian tells Stefano "No Titan, No Wedding!"

At the courthouse, Distract Attorney Palmar talks to the prospective jurors and tells them that he needs twelve people capable of sentencing Sami to death. Sami tells Mickey that she wants to plea-bargain again. Mickey tells her that his is her decision. Austin tells Sami that he wants her to fight to prove she is innocent, so Sami agrees to fight. Nancy is called to the stand to be questioned. He asks her if she has any preconceived notions about this case and she says no. Neither Mickey nor Palmar object to her, little do they know she is planning to use the trial to keep Carrie's family under scandal.

At the hospital, one of the other head-nurse candidates tells Carrie she hopes everything goes well with her sister. Carrie thanks her. Later, Craig tells Carrie that none of the other candidates have a chance at the job with Ali in the running. Carrie says that Mike will consider other doctor's opinions and that the other two nurses have seniority. Craig starts badmouthing Judy, saying that the head nurse responsibilities could be too much for her because is in remission for breast cancer. Carrie asks Craig why he's so high on Ali, did he make a promise to her? Craig says that he is happily married and she should watch her attitude. Carrie apologizes.

Ali goes to see Mike in his office and says that she thinks Carrie is badmouthing her to him. Mike says she isn't, but Ali tells Mike that he hopes he won't let Carrie come between them. Ali tells Mike that she knows why Carrie hates her, it's because she took credit for the surprise party at the Penthouse Grill, which was Carrie's idea. Ali says she should have been honest, but Mike says that is not a big idea. Ali agrees and says it's not like she stole him from Carrie. Ali asks Mike to judge her for her qualifications and Mike says he will make the right decision.

At the pub, Bo is all giddy and tells his Ma and Pop that he knows he and Hope will be together again. Bo tells them that he will make this a terrific Christmas for Hope and Shawn D. Bo says that he's going to make everything up to Hope by helping her find the secrets of her past. Shawn and Caroline don't like that idea and fear that he could end up with his heart broken like Roman. Bo helps his Ma and Pop clean up the pub and says he has to leave to talk with Abe, and then to give Hope a surprise. Caroline tells Bo that she and Alice have decided to have a Horton-Brady Thanksgiving.

Bo goes to the station to see Abe. Abe hopes he was coming to return to work, but Bo says he needs a little more time to help Hope find what happened to her. He tells Abe that he thinks Hope may be the key to nailing Stefano, which Abe says he would love.

At Alice's place, Hope talks with Shawn D. He asks how her date with Dad was and she says it was great. Shawn D. says it would be cool if Dad could move back in for good. Hope knows how much he wants that. She then looks at a handkerchief and begins hearing the mystery waltz. Shawn D. asks his mom what is wrong and she says nothing. Shawn D. tells her that she's been acting strange ever since returning from Europe. Hope says that is because she's just been searching for the missing years of her life. Shawn D. tells his Mom that he knows she loves Dad and wishes they could be a family for Christmas. Hope tells him that would be the best Christmas ever. Later, Alice tells Hope and Shawn D. about her and Caroline's plans to have a Horton-Brady Thanksgiving. Shawn D. has to leave and Alice asks Hope what is going on in her head. Hope tells her Gran about the waltz she's been hearing again how is keeps making her feel like Gina. Hope tells Alice that last night, she had a memory of being Gina and running from danger. Alice asks if this has happened before and Hope says she had some in Europe, but they were never ones about danger. Alice says maybe Greta's fears have just influenced her. Still, Hope has questions and says that her birthmark still hasn't been explained. Alice fears that this search will take her away from her family again, but Hope promises not to let that happen.

Mike drops by Alice's during lunch. Hope has gone out to the backyard to do some thinking. Mike tells Alice that he's still trying to chose the new head nurse and wishes he knew what Grandpa would do. Alice tells him that he'd have a donut and a glass of milk. Mike opens up to his Grandma about Ali and how he doesn't seem to be able to able to make an unbiased decision. Alice starts asking questions about which nurse is the most compassionate towards the patients, because that was what Tom regarded as the top quality in a nurse. Mike thanks Alice for her wise words and he knows what he has to do. Mike leaves to return to the hospital and says hi and bye to Hope on the way out. Hope asks Alice why Mike was here and Alice tells her that he had a business problem. Hope tells Alice that she wants to do something special for Bo, she has a big surprise for him. Hope leaves and runs into Bo in the yard. They both have a surprise for one another.

Austin and Sami return to the hospital and Sami sees Ali in with Will. Sami goes to see Will and Sami thanks Ali for being so nice to Will, but she wishes she could take him home for a birthday party. Ali tells Sami that she'll take with Dr. Wesley and see what she can do. Sami tells Ali that she deserves a promotion. Meanwhile, Carrie tells Austin how shameless Ali is. Austin thinks she's a great nurse and asks her if she's jealous? Carrie says of course not. Austin says it's no secret how close she and Mike are and maybe she is just jealous of Ali for having the inside track. Carrie says that is ridiculous, she just doesn't feel that Ali is right for the job. Carrie asks Austin about Sami's day in court and Austin tells her that she won't believe who got picked for the jury, Nancy! Austin says that Mickey hopes Nancy will be sympathetic, but Carrie says Nancy doesn't always do what you expect. Austin goes into Will's room and Sami tells him about the party she hopes to give Will.

Nancy returns to the hospital and tells Craig the good news. Ali talks to Craig about releasing Will. Mike returns and asks Ali to step into his office with him. He tells her that he's made a decision about who is head nurse and that she should be the first to know. Meanwhile, Carrie asks Nancy what she thinks is going on. Nancy says she thinks Ali is the new head nurse.


November 25
At the hospital, Nancy tells Carrie that she thinks Ali is the new head nurse. Carrie is angry and doesn't know how Mike can't see that Ali is a manipulator. Carrie walks off to think and Nancy tells Craig that Carrie is taking this hard. Nancy says everything is going to work out and she starts dances away singing that she'll be the wife of the chief of staff.

In his office, Mike tells Ali that he's made a decision about the head nurse job and wanted her to know first. Ali says she'll make the best head nurse and hugs him. Mike tells her that she has it all wrong. He says she was highly recommended, but he decided to give it to Judy. Ali says she feels so foolish. Mike says that in the end he had to go with Judy's seniority and experience. Ali says she is disappointed, but won't let this get her down because she still has him. Ali hugs Mike and tells him that they don't have to stop seeing each other, but they will still have to be discreet. Ali says she is looking forward to going away with him this weekend and be alone with him. Mike tells ALi that he better make the announcement.

Carrie listens in on some of the nurses talking about the head nurse job. They both think Ali has the job. Carrie has a vision of Ali getting between her and Mike (professionaly) and ordering her to "get lost." Later, Carrie sees Ali crying as she leaves Mike's office. Mike comes out of his office and appoints Judy as the new head nurse. Nancy and Craig are furious! They confront Mike and accuse him of disregarding the other doctor's opinions. Nancy says Ali must be devastated, but Mike says she's fine.

Carrie finds Ali sobbing in the stairwell. Ali tells Carrie that she should be happy with herself, Judy got the job. Carrie tells Ali that nobody told Mike what to do. Carrie says she thinks the other two candidates were more qualified, but Mike always defended her. Ali says it doesn't matter now because she is a failure, and Mike looked at her like he felt sorry for her. Carrie says that one day, but Ali stops her and says she has to succeed NOW! Carrie asks why and Ali says that both her parents are doctors and thought that if she made head nurse, they could finally brag about her. But now she's back to being Ali the failure in their eyes. Carrie tells her that her parents should be proud of her, but Ali says this will just prove to them she's a failure. Carrie tells her that she's a terrific person and the staff and Mike care about her. Ali says that as long as she has Mike she didn't lose everything.

Carrie finds Mike and tells him that Ali is in bad shape. Carrie says that she's never heard Ali sound so defeated and she was making him her life saver. Carrie asks if there is more to their relationship than he's letting on.

Craig comforts Ali and tells her that he's so sorry about what happened. Ali tells Craig she doesn't understand what happened because Mike promised her . . . Craig asks what Mike promised and Ali says that Mike promised her that she'd be head nurse when they were in bed one night (actually, I believe he said she could be HIS head nurse jokingly). Craig tells her that is a crime to tell her that to get her in the sac, but Ali says it wasn't like that at all. Ali leaves and Craig shares this news with Nancy.

At Jonsey's place, Celeste tells John that Kristen injected her with the Jungle Madness here. John thinks Kristen was probably hiding Peter here, but wonders why here? John wonders how Kristen could have known Jonsey and Celeste says that Kristen didn't even know who Jonsey was. John says that Kristen+Peter=Stefano. Celeste tells John that the night she came here, she came here on a psychic hunch. John asks if she has a psychic feeling now, but Celeste says after staying at the convent she decided to give up her psychic powers and the tarot because they got her into nothing but trouble. They begin to wonder why Stefano would lie about knowing Jonsey, if they were connected.

At Titan, Roman comforts Kate in her office and tells her that she'll be just fine. Kate tells Roman that she knows she'll be fine now that she has his trust. Roman says he didn't mean to mislead her, he came here to talk about Franco's murder. Kate accuses Roman of using her. Roman says he wants to be her friend, but he doesn't trust her right now. Kate asks what he wants to know and Roman questions her about Roberto. Kate says that she doesn't even remember him. However, Roman says she was the one who suggested they bring him in to question him about the shooting at Franco's party. He asks her what she knew about him that nobody else seemed to know? Kate remembers Roberto telling her that Franco had a contract out on his life. Kate says that she just thought Roberto may have known that Franco was the real target. Roman says that they are finally getting somewhere. However, Kate says that Roberto didn't know anything, so it doesn't matter. Roman doesn't believe Franco marrying Sami for a Greencard was his sole motivation. Marie tells Kate the shareholders meeting is about to begin, so Roman leaves. However, Roman says they will pick up this conversation later. Kate becomes afraid because Roman is getting closer and closer to the truth.

In the hall, Vivian tells Stefano "No stock, no marriage!" Stefano tells her that he doesn't understand her, but she says there is no negotiating. Stefano feels he has no choice, so he uses the control to put her in an up mood. Stefano introduces Vivian to the stockholders and Kate shows up. However, Kate refuses to let Vivian attend the meeting. Roman runs into Vivian in the hall and asks him if he's learned anything on Kate. He says maybe, but he's not sharing anything with the future Mrs. Stefano DiMera.

Kate calls the meeting to order and they all praise and support Kate. Kate thanks them all and says she won't let ANYONE jeopardize this company. Suddenly, Vivian storms into the meeting. Kate tells her to leave, but Vivian refuses. Kate calls security, but Vivian says she bought two shares of Titan stock today, so she has a right to sit here. Vivian sits down and starts the Vivian Springer show. Stefano calls Celeste and tells her that Vivian needs her, she's had another attack. Vivian works all the stock holders into a frenzy and they end up in a huge fight. John and Celeste show up and Stefano puts Vivian into a down mood. Vivian thinks she's dying and she asks them to take her home.

Roman finds Roberto and tells him that if he wants to stay out of jail, he'll tell her why Franco wanted to marry Sami.

Bo and Hope run into each other in Alice's yard and both have a surprise for the other. Bo tells her that he wants them to have a Brady-Horton Thanksgiving and Hope is thrilled about the idea as well. Hope says it will be nice to have a family holiday together. Bo tells her that he thanks God for bringing them back together again. Bo says he has something to tell her, but not here. He asks her to follow him. Bo takes her to the playground where they fell in love. Bo and Hope swing and remember how they swung here with kids (yes they made this up, Bo and Hope never knew each other as kids). Bo tells her that she's always wearing fancy cloths and a fancy face. Hope tells him that he's saying she's pretty, but Bo says that's not what he's saying at all. Bo and Hope almost kiss, but end up hugging instead. Hope tells Bo that she found something in Alice's attic, a scribble note she wrote in 6th grade which says "Hope Williams and Bo Brady Forever." Hope asks what her surprise is. Bo makes her close her eyes and reminds her of a day long when he gave her his St. Christopher Medal as a sign that they were going steady, but some kid grabbed it and ran off. Hope tells Bo she was sorry that she didn't get to wear the medal. Bo pulls out the medal and asks Hope to go steady with him. Hope accepts and Bo puts the medal around her neck. They walk off hand in hand.


No Show


November 27
Craig talks with Ali and asks her if he's given any thought to what he said earlier about suing Mike and the hospital for sexual harassment. Ali just walks off and Austin shows up to ask Craig if Will can leave. Austin wants to make today a day that he and Sami will never forget. Later, Ali tells Craig that she has no plans to sue Mike or the hospital because she cares about him and would never want to hurt him.

Nicole shows up at the hospital and brings Will a birthday present. Sami tells Nicole that she is so sweet and Eric is lucky to have her in his life. Nicole tells Sami that Eric doesn't want her anymore. Sami tells Nicole to find a way to be happy with Eric and Nicole agrees to try. Nicole leaves and Sami tells Will she hopes to make this the best birthday because it may be the last she is with him.

Sami goes to see Craig about Will and Craig says that Will can go home. Sami thanks Craig, but Sami says that Craig is the one who she should thank. Sami and Austin go into see Will and tell him that he's going home. Will asks about Kate, but Sami says that they are going to be living with Marlena and will have the party there. Will asks about his daddy, but Sami says he can't come. Sami is upset and says Lucas obviously scored points with Will when he came to visit him.

In his office, Carrie asks Mike if there is more to his relationship with Ali than he is letting on. Mike says he doesn't want to discuss that with her and Carrie apologizes. Austin knocks on the door and tells Carrie about the party for Will. Carrie says she'll be there. Mike tells Carrie to go spend time with Austin, but Carrie tells Mike that she's more concerned with him right now. Mike tells Carrie that they have gotten too close lately, but Carrie says that he has helped her see that she needs to remain committed to Austin. Carrie tells Mike that she hopes they can at least stay friends. Later, they talk about the press release they will issue about Judy being the new head nurse. Mike tells Carrie that he hopes Ali doesn't think their relationship had anything to do with his decision about the head nurse. Carrie thanks Mike for giving her this job and Mike goes to embrace Carrie when Ali opens the door and sees them.

Sami takes Will home to Marlena's place and Caroline has a huge surprise party waiting for him. Shawn appears as Shawnzo the clown to entertain the kids. Sami asks Austin how she can thank him and he tells her that her smile is all the thanks he needs. Later, Will opens his present and Sami tells him that he'll be living with Uncle Austin and Aunt Carrie soon. Caroline and Shawn take Will away to play and Austin comforts Sami and tells her that everything will be okay. Austin tells her to stay positive. Later, he begins to wonder where Carrie is.

At Titan, Lucas asks Eric if there is trouble in paradise with Nicole. Eric tells Lucas that is none of his business. They end up arguing about Sami and how Kate was wrong to fire her. Lucas eventually says none of this would have happened if Sami didn't lie about him hitting Will. Eric says this wouldn't have happened if he hadn't gotten drunk and kidnapped Will. Lucas tells Eric that he's paid for his mistake, but Sami hasn't paid at all. However, all that is going to change soon! Later, Eric looks at a picture of Nicole and wishes she had been honest with him from the beginning. Nicole shows up to see Eric and says she's glad he hasn't left. Nicole tells Eric that she knows he's upset with her and hopes he'll give her another chance. Eric doesn't know if he can trust her. Nicole tells Eric that she's going to show him just how she feels about him and shows him that she had her tattoo removed. Nicole tells him that she wants no more reminders about Jay and asks her if he'll take her back.

Lucas and Taylor go to the hospital to give Will some presents, but Ali tells Lucas that Will was released and Sami took him home. Lucas is devastated and tells Taylor that Sami will make sure he never sees his son again.

In the board room at Titan, everyone agrees that Vivian needs to be committed. Later, they question Kate about what Lucas did and its affect on the company's reputation. Kate defends Lucas. After the meeting, Stefano tells Kate that defending Lucas was wrong because he was irresponsible and has a long way to go. He tells her that he's learned from experience what protecting your child can lead to. Kate tells Stefano that she will continue to defend Lucas because he has learned from his mistakes. She also tells Stefano that he is the one who is being irresponsible by marrying Vivian. Kate tells him that he needs to get his head check if all he wants is to get his hands on her ASSets. Kate eventually realizes that Stefano is behind Vivian's mood swings and ask how he did it. Stefano says he is just taking advantage of Vivian's situation. Stefano assures her that Vivian is not competent to run a corporation. Kate asks if he's having her committed. Stefano says that he will marry her to be next of kin. Stefano tells her to worry about her own problems and leave him to worry about his.

John and Celeste take Vivian home, who is mortified by the way she acted. Vivian thinks she has to marry Stefano before she gets worse, but John tells her not to even think about marrying Stefano if she wants to survive. John tells his aunt that he believes Stefano is after her estate. He tells Vivian that he wants her to see a doctor and not marry Stefano. Vivian tells John that she loves Stefano, trusts him, and will marry him. Vivian leaves the room and John asks Celeste for help trying to find out what Stefano wants in this townhouse. They start searching the place when Vivian catches them and threatens to call the police. Celeste says they were just looking for the name of the rejuvenation clinic Stefano sent her to awhile ago. John tells his aunt that they just want to see her get the best medical care possible. Vivian agrees to get some help John tells Celeste that he has what he needs and is going to get Vivian some help. John says goodbye to Vivian and asks Celeste to watch over Vivian. John calls Abe and gives him a number on Jonsey's taxes. Stefano shows up and asks John if he's having problems. John says he's being audited. John tells Stefano that he is going to make sure Vivian gets some help because that is what she wants. Stefano tells himself that is not what he wants. John leaves and calls Abe back and asks for all the information he can find on Jonsey. Back inside, Stefano sits with Vivian. Vivian tells Stefano that he wants to marry her tonight. Stefano tells her he'll do anything she wants.

Roman finds Roberto at the strip joint and tells him that he has a few questions. Roman asks Roberto what his relationship with Kate Roberts is. Roberto tries to dodge Roman's questions, but Roman gets rough with him and tells him that he knows the police questioned him about the attempt on Sami's life at the Penthouse Grill. Roman wants to know what he told Kate about that night. Roman says he believes Franco was the one who was supposed to have been shot, but doesn't know why. Roberto tells Roman that he knows nothing. Roman throws him against the wall and threatens to make his life hell if he doesn't start talking. Roberto tells Roman that he had nothing to do with the hit. Roman lets him go, but tells him not to leave town. Roman realizes that Kate must have used whatever she had on Franco and wonders if she had a chance to confront him. Later, Roman goes to Titan and invites Kate out to dinner.

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