November 98 Week 3


November 16
Taylor shows up at the Kiriakis mansion and is amazed by the house and grounds. Inside, Billie asks Lucas what he's hiding, but he says he just doesn't feel good. However, Billie tells Lucas that she knows what it's like to live with a lie that your future depends on. She tells Lucas that she's hear if he needs her. Billie goes to leave, but Lucas stops her. As he is about to confess the truth to Billie, Kate walks into the room. Kate starts ragging on Sami and says that when Sami goes to prison she'll get what she deserves. Billie tells Kate that she feels sorry for Sami and doesn't believe Sami murdered Franco. Lucas recalls shooting Franco and blurts out "it was self defense!" Billie asks Lucas if he remembered something he didn't tell the police when the doorbell rings. Lucas tells Billie that all he meant was that if Sami shot Franco it must have been in self defense. Henderson announces that Taylor has shown up. Kate tells Lucas that she asked Taylor to take Lucas to his AA meeting. Lucas says that tonight's meeting is about how to stop lying to yourself. Kate introduces Taylor to Billie and Lucas mentions that she is Nicole's sister. Kate tells Lucas to show Taylor around, so he does. Kate notices Billie is still wearing her wedding ring and she tells her to end her marriage. Billie says that is probably a good idea and removes her wedding ring. She tells her mom that she learned the hard way about building a future on lies. Kate tells Billie that she knows how painful that is. Kate promises to help Billie move on with her life. Kate asks Billie about her problems with Roman. Billie hopes that she can get back to the relationship they once had. Kate asks Billie what type of relationship they had? Billie recalls kissing Roman and tells her mom that she isn't getting romantically involved with someone else, especially Bo's brother. Kate tells Billie she's glad of that because she feels it could be a mistake to get involved with someone on the rebound.

Lucas takes Taylor up to her room. They start talking about family and Lucas apologizes to her because he knows she doesn't like talking about her family. Taylor doesn't think his family could be as bad as hers, but Lucas tells her that his family has secrets too and tells her that his mom lied to him about his father. Taylor tells Lucas that she admires him for working to get his son back and says that everyone has done something they regret. Lucas asks Taylor what she's done that she regrets. Taylor tells Lucas that she regrets being talked into keeping a secret that could impact someone else's life. She says the person who deserved to pay walked away scott free and the innocent person was the one who suffered. Lucas thinks about how Kate talked him into keeping their secret and Lucas tells Taylor that he understands completely.

Stefano goes home and talks to Rolfe, who is working on the satellite. Stefano is upset that Greta didn't come back with him. However, he tells Rolfe that he promised Princess Gina that he would watch over Greta, and he intends to do that. Rolfe asks Stefano how he explained everything to them and Stefano replays the scene for him. Stefano fears Hope may try to return to Count Olenska's, which is why he has to turn her back into Princess Gina ASAP. Rolfe says they have to wait for the next lunar eclipse, which will be in a few weeks. Rolfe tells him that as long as John and Hope have the chips in their brains, their pasts are gone for ever and they can't regain their memories unless he replants them. Stefano says he thinks he'll go see Vivian. Rolfe begs him to restrain himself with the remote because he could push Vivian over the edge, or worse.

Roman stops by the townhouse to talk with Vivian about Kate. Vivian apologizes for the way she behaved at the Penthouse Grill and fears she's suffering from dementia. Vivian tells Roman she could be losing her memory, so he should ask questions about Kate while she remembers who the bitch is. Roman asks Vivian about Kate's fast and where she comes from. Vivian tells Roman that she's white trash, she just wears designer dresses. Roman questions her about Kate's relationship with Franco and if she knew Franco was an illegal alien. Vivian asks Roman why he's so interested in Kate's past and he says that they are linked via Will and that his son still works for her. Vivian tells Roman that soon, Eric will be working for her. Roman asks Vivian what secrets she knows about Kate and Vivian says she doesn't know the specifics, but Sami does. Roman asks what she means and Vivian says that she knows Sami has dirt on Kate. Stefano shows up to see Vivian and Ivan tells him she has company, but Stefano could care less and barges in. He apologizes for interrupting and says he only wanted to check on Vivian. Vivian is thrilled that he brought her roses and she decides to put them in a vase. Roman thanks Vivian for her help and decides he needs to get going. Vivian leaves to comb Vivian's hair and Roman questions Stefano. Roman says it's odd that tragedy strikes everyone who hooks up with him. Stefano tells Roman that he is a model citizen and he should be worrying about keeping his daughter out of jail. Vivian returns and tells Roman that Stefano has done nothing but help her and it was Stefano who convinced her to give John power of attorney. Roman leaves and Stefano tells Vivian that he has a wonderful surprised planned for her.

At the pub, Greta tells Hope that she understands why Bo doesn't trust her, but she swears to Hope she's not working for Stefano. However, Hope says it is hard to get past what they saw. John tells Marlena that he doesn't believe Greta is working for Stefano. Marlena is skeptical and thinks perhaps Greta and Marlena were long lost friends. Marlena says that whatever he find about his past could hurt them. Bo tells his mom and dad about what happened between Greta and Stefano on the mountain. He hates to think she is working for Stefano, but he can't ignore the possibility. He tells them that he really wants to believe Greta, but doesn't want to risk being hurt by Stefano. Greta explains to John, Marlena, Bo, and Hope what really happened on the mountain. She tells them that she was grateful to Stefano for saving her, but she'd rather be dead than see the doubt in Bo's eyes, and then she runs off. Bo thinks he should go after her, but Marlena says that maybe it's for the best she leave. Hope tells Bo that he should go after Greta because he promised to protect her. Bo says his first priority is to protect her (Hope), and he can't ignore the what he saw. Marlena is positive that Greta is a danger to both Bo and Hope and it would be best if she leave Salem. John and Hope refuse because she is too important. Bo tells them that he can't shake the feeling that they are walking into one of Stefano's traps. However, he says that perhaps Stefano did save her life and Hope says Stefano saved her on the Empress Express.

Greta goes upstairs and remembers Bo convincing her to return to Salem. She tells herself that she can't stand seeing the mistrust in Bo's eyes and wishes she had stayed in the bayou where her secrets were safe. Greta recalls the operations on her face and looked at the picture that Hope thought was her. She thanked Stefano and asks how she can thank him. He told her that perhaps one day she can help him.

Greta goes back downstairs and hears everyone talking about why Stefano saved her life. Greta screams that she doesn't know why he did it, but she's grateful he did. Hope asks Greta not to leave and Bo asks her to stay because she is a victim as well. John asks her to stay and help them and she decides to stay. Greta thanks them and says that she's been alone most of her life and she ran away to the bayou to avoid the operations on her face alone. Caroline takes Marlena aside and tells her that she doesn't look very happy. Marlena says she's not because she fears that Bo, Hope, and John are making a terrible mistake. John finds Marlena and tells her that he hopes she lets go of this idea that Greta is working for Stefano. Shawn breaks out the apple cider and they all propose to their futures, and to Greta.


November 17
At the hospital, Ali bumps into Mike and makes sure they are still on for their date tonight. They are. Later, Craig tells Ali not to let the COS slip away. Ali says she isn't going to let the man slip away ether. Ali tells Craig that she plans to get the head nurse job AND Mike. Nancy interrupts them and tells Craig that she has been called to jury duty and can't avoid it. Nancy is furious that this has come up now that her plans are taking off. They both say that all they need to do is get Carrie to realize how close Ali and Mike have gotten and then, KABOOM! Nancy and Craig asks Ali out to dinner, but Ali tells them that she is planning to go out with Mike tonight.

Austin and Sami are still talking. Sami feels that Carrie doesn't believe her about Lucas hitting Will and being a danger to him. Austin tells her that he believes her because she's not the same manipulative person she once was. Suddenly, Roman walks in and tells Sami that he was hoping she could give him some answers regarding the murder. Sami says she's told him everything she knows. Austin leaves them to talk and Roman tells Sami that he talked with Vivian and learned that she (Sami) knows something about Kate's past. Roman says that if it's true, it explains why she gave her the job at Titan, let her live in her home, and threw her the wedding. Sami tries to say that Kate did it for Will, but Roman tells his daughter that he wants the truth. Roman asks her if she has something on Kate which she used to force her to do these things. Sami says that he can't believe Vivian because she isn't in her right mind. Still, Roman suspects that Kate has a lot of secrets that could help her case and he asks Sami to tell him if she knows something. Sami says she doesn't understand how Kate's past can help him. Roman says that Kate could be a crucial witness, so she should tell him if Kate is hiding anything. Sami recalls Kate warning her that Austin would turn on her if the truth that she was blackmailing her came out, so she tells her dad all she knew was that Kate hired Franco. Roman says that Kate is hiding something because he suspects Kate heard the gunshot and may have seen who killed Franco. Roman tells his daughter that if she has something on Kate that gives her a good reason to see her put behind bars, she should tell him. Mickey walks into the room and tells Sami that he just learned that jury selection for her trial starts tomorrow. Mickey tells her how important this jury selection is, especially if they can get jurers with children who would sympathize with her. Roman decides to leave Mickey and Sami alone so they can discuss their case, but asks Sami to call him if she remembers anything that could be of help. After leaving, Roman says it looks like he'll have to find out about Kate on his own.

Mike talks with Carrie and apologizes for standing up to Austin, he just thought someone should stand up for her after he stood up for Sami. Carrie tells him that it's not the same thing because of their feelings for each other. Mike says he is aware of their feelings. Carrie says that they have to put their feelings aside. Carrie tells Mike that Austin spends all his time with Sami, and if Sami goes to prison, they will remain connected because of Will. Carrie just doesn't understand how Austin could take Sami's side after all she's done. Mike tells Carrie that she has to find a way to deal with it to keep peace in her marriage. Carrie responds by saying that she doesn't know if it is worth it. Mike says that she doesn't mean that, she's just upset. Carrie says she's just hurt that Austin keeps taking Sami's side. Mike tells her that it will be all right and she should just trust him. Carrie says she does, always. Austin walks in and asks Mike if Will can leave the hospital today. Mike says he'll have to talk with Craig. Carrie asks why he wants Will released so soon and Austin says that he thinks it will make Sami feel better. Mike leaves to find Craig and Carrie tries to leave as well, but Austin tells her that he wants to ask her something. Austin would like it if they stop fighting and Carrie agrees, but she doesn't like all the time she is spending with Sami. Austin says that he doesn't get down on her for spending time with Mike. Carrie tells Austin that is different and points out that they work together. Austin says that doesn't matter because he knows Mike has feelings for her Carrie is stunned, but Austin says that Sami just wants to be friends, just like she and Mike are friends. Austin says he needs to go say goodbye to Sami and Will and then he'd like to take her out for a romantic evening. Austin kisses her and then leaves.

Mike finds Craig and asks if Will can be released. Craig asks why and Mike says that Austin wants Will released for Sami's sake. Craig makes a smart comment about Austin spending too time being concerned with his sister-in-law. Later, the board members find Mike and tell him that Rose wants to retire right away, so he needs to make the head nurse decision soon. Ali approaches Mike and asks if he's ready to go out. Mike and Ali leave and Nancy comments to Carrie that she hopes Mike won't pick Ali. Carrie is sure he won't, but she says if he does, she'll wish Ali luck. As Mike and Ali step in the elevator, Carrie and Mike lock eyes as the elevator doors close.

At the townhouse, Vivian tells Stefano that Roman seems very interested in Kate lately. Vivian quickly changes the subject to Titan and how he's going to help her throw Kate out. Stefano says nothing and Vivian asks if he's been misleading her. Stefano tells her that now is not the time because she isn't well and can't run Titan right now. Stefano tells her that he came over to take her out to dinner and give her a big surprise, but Vivian says she's tired and doesn't feel like it. Stefano uses the control, because he says he has no choice, and Vivian's spirit picks up and says she's ready to go out and hopes the evening includes dancing. Vivian returns and Stefano tells her that tonight, she'll get everything she wants. Vivian is thrilled and says he is giving her Titan!

At the Kiriakis mansion, Billie tells her mom she isn't getting involved with Roman. Billie asks her mom why she's so curious. Kate says she was hoping to get inside info on him from her to find out what he's up to. Billie says that he's only trying to protect his daughter and tells her mom she's do the same thing for her children. Billie tells her mom that once everyone learns what she's done, she'll be the town piranha. Kate tells Billie that the same thing happened to her when she had her affair with Bill Horton, but she ran away instead of staying. Billie says that the difference is that she returned as a powerful business woman. Billie asks her mom how she went from nothing to what she is today? Kate says that everything she did in those days she did for Lucas because she thought her and Austin were dead. Kate says that she saw Lucas as a second chance and she wanted to give him a good life. Kate tells Billie that she put her way through college with menial jobs. Billie asks how she got to the top of her field and Kate says she made the right connections with the right people. Kate recalls having "relations" with powerful businessmen. Kate sits down and Billie asks her mom if she is okay. Kate says she is fine, she just doesn't like thinking about the past because it is today that matters. Billie tells her mom that is right because she is a huge success and owns Titan. Kate says that Titan is her children's legacy and she won't let anyone take it from her. Kate tells Billie that she won't let Vivian, Stefano, or Roman take her down. Billie says she doesn't like hearing her talk like Roman that way, but Kate says the man is trying to take her down. Billie says that as long as she is hiding nothing, she has nothing to worry about. Roman calls Billie and invites her to the Blue Note, but she says she is tired and asks to take a rain check. Roman tells her okay and he'll be there in case she changes her mind. Billie says she won't, but hopes he has fun. She tells him that his invite means a lot to him. When Billie turns around, Kate has vanished.

Kate goes to the Blue Note and gets a call from Stefano. He tells her that Roman is asking questions about her. Kate tells Roman that she is working to correct the the Roman problem tonight. Stefano is glad and tells her that Vivian will no longer be a problem after tonight. Kate goes in and sees Roman. She sits at the bar and tells the bartender what a horrible day she's had.


November 18
At the hospital, Carrie learns that Austin has canceled their dinner plans because he has to help Sami prepare for her trial. Nancy tells Carrie that word is that Mike has taken Ali into his office to discuss the head nurse position because he has to make a decision soon. Lexie checks in on Carrie and they talk. Carrie tells Lexie that she and Austin agreed to take care of Will if Sami goes to jail. Lexie says that is starting a family the easy way. She also tells Carrie that she and Abe are trying to have a baby the old fashion way. Lexie senses Carrie is troubled and tells her that if she is having doubts about raising Will then she should tell Austin now. Someone congratulates Lexie and Carrie says she forgot that Lexie made surgical resident. Carrie congratulates Lexie as well.

In Mike's office, Ali is trying to convince Mike to spend the night with her. She senses something is wrong and Mike tells her they have to talk about their future. Mike tells her that he has to make the head nurse decision sooner than he planned. Mike tells her that he thinks it is better if they don't see each other until he makes the decision so her reputation isn't compromised. Ali asks if he's dumping her, but he says no. Ali says she will withdraw her name if it means that they can continue their relationship. Mike says that he wants her to have a fair shot at the job, but if people learn they slept together, it will cause problems. Ali recalls knowing she was on the list before sleeping with Mike and says she has to confess something. Ali tells Mike that she dreams of a future for them which includes making University Hospital the best in the country, getting married, and having a child to carry on the Horton tradition. Ali apologizes and Mike tells her that he has dreams to, and then he thinks about Carrie. Mike says he just needs space to make this decision. Ali says she understands and gives him a kiss before leaving.

Nancy tells Carrie that she has to go jury duty tomorrow, so she'll have to make sure Ali doesn't manipulate Mike. Carrie tells Nancy that she's decided to stay out of it. Carrie says that she trust Mike to make the right decision. Nancy works hard to convince Carrie that Ali will manipulate Mike into making the wrong decision. Carrie goes to her office and hears Ali bragging to another nurse outside her door that she got the head nurse job. Ali says she doesn't know for sure, but she is sure she has it and will be working side by side with Mike closer than ever.

Mike meets up with Lexie and congratulates her for making surgical resident. Lexie asks Mike if everything is okay with Ali. Mike tells Lexie that he's decided to cool it with her until he makes the head nurse decision. Lexie says she gets the idea that he was looking for a way out of his relationship with Ali.

At the Blue Note, Kate spots Roman and starts telling the bartender all about her troubles. Kate tells the bartender that the police think she is lying about the Franco Kelly murder. Kate says she didn't hear anything, but if she did she could be forced to testify against Sami and she wouldn't want to be the one who sent her grandson's mother to jail. She says she doesn't love Sami, but she loves her grandson and doesn't want him to grow up without a mother, so she'd do anything to help Sami. Kate tells the bartender that she thinks Sami could have shot Franco in self defense, but there is no way to prove it. Kate turns around and sees Roman and asks him when he'll stop hounding her. Roman says he only came here to unwind. Roman says that he's never seen her here before, but Kate says she used to come here with Victor a lot. Kate says she misses Victor and how she could use his support with her children. Kate says she's very concerned about Billie and Roman says he is too. Kate asks Roman if there is a chance of a future relationship between him and Billie. Roman says he cares for Billie, but right now his main goal is to keep Sami out of jail. Kate tells Roman that she understands that, but she has told him everything she knows about the murder. Roman says that they would both do anything to help their children, but she went over the line when she hired Franco to break up Bo and Hope. Kate says she wanted Billie to be happy and she wanted to make up for the years of misery Billie went through. She goes on to say that all the pain of supposedly losing her children came back when Lucas crashed his car and she thanks God that he survived. Roman tells Kate that he's never seen this side of her before and apologizes for hurting her. Kate thanks Roman and didn't know he had a sensitive side. Roman says that he intends to prove Sami is innocent, but he'd like them to be friends. Kate and Roman shake to seal their truce.

Bo and Hope take Greta back to Alice's house. Greta thanks them for letting her stay here. She tells them that she feels Marlena doesn't trust her and Bo and Hope explain how much Stefano has hurt her and the ones she loves. Greta thanks them for trusting her and she says she won't let them down. She decides that they need some time alone, so she'll take a walk. After she leaves, Bo tells Hope that he wants to prove to her that there is nothing keeping them apart now. Hope still is hurt by his betrayal with Billie. Bo tells Hope that he will never doubt her love again and will prove that she can trust in his love.

Marlena and John are walking and talking. John tells Marlena that as long as they are together, Stefano can't hurt them. Marlena tells John that she wishes he'd give up this search for his past. John says that he can't do that and he thinks that once she gets to know Greta she will see that she is a good and honest person.

Greta spots a falling star and wishes that Bo and Hope have a good night. Greta calls John and thanks him for believing in her. John says that he was just talking with Marlena about her. Greta says she hopes to get to know her better because she must be a wonderful person. Greta suggests that he invite Bo and Hope out to dinner because they deserve a night out. John suggests she come, but Greta says she would be a fifth wheel and she has plans. John asks her what her plans are and Greta says she wants to do something she needs to do.

John gives Bo a call and invites him and Hope to join them. Bo says they will and tells Hope that this can be their first date. Hope goes upstairs to change and Greta returns. Greta hopes Bo has a wonderful evening with Hope tonight. Bo gets dressed up and asks Greta what she is going to do. Greta says she's going to get out and see Salem now that she doesn't have to hide from Stefano. Hope comes downstairs and Bo tells Hope she looks like a princess. Bo asks where she got her dress and Hope tells him that Ms. Faversham gave it to her. Greta becomes teary-eyed and says she looks so much like her mother. Hope says that when she wears these gowns she feels like a real princess. Bo and Hope leave and Greta tells herself that Bo belongs with his Fancyface.

Greta goes out to see Salem at orders a cappuccino at the Javaweb. She tries to hide her face from everyone. A group of boys sit at the table next to her and they tell her that Halloween is over so she should take off her mask. They comment that she was the star of that movie "The Face from Hell." Greta becomes upset and runs off.

At Jonsey's town house, Stefano tells Vivian he is taking her somewhere for a surprise. They go to the Penthouse Grill and Stefano bribes the manager to let Vivian in. Vivian wants to dance, but Stefano suggest they order food first. Vivian tells Stefano that she's anxious to try some new stand-up material, but Stefano says perhaps later. He then orders some very expensive wine. Vivian thinks that Stefano's surprise is for them to go downstairs and kick Kate's butt. She then hops up and starts doing a poor imitation of the Karate Kid. Stefano normalizes her so she sits down. John and Marlena show up and talk with Vivian for a bit. Stefano tells Marlena that she looks lovely and Marlena wishes he wasn't so devious with Greta. John tells Stefano to stay out of Greta's life and they take their seats. Vivian starts to complain that she's tired and wants to go home, so Stefano puts her in an up mood.

Bo and Hope meet up with John and Marlena and John tells them that it was Greta's idea that they join them. Hope hears the waltz that reminds her of Princess Gina and she tells them all that for a moment, she felt like Princess Gina again. Hope tells Bo she is hearing the waltz again and doesn't understand why. Hope mentions that Stefano warned her not to go searching for her past and Marlena says maybe she should have listened. John says that they will beat Stefano and they all toast to their future. Bo and Hope dance and Stefano tells himself that Hope won't be Hope for much longer. Bo tells Hope that dancing with her feels so right and he's dreamed of this for a long time. The show ends with Bo and Hope about to kiss.


November 19
In Salem Place, as Greta is about to take off, one of the kids grabs her and starts harassing her. Billie rescues Greta and dumps a milkshake on one of the kids' heads. Greta thanks Billie. Billie says she doesn't have to thank her because she know she hates her. Greta says that she doesn't hate her, but she hates how she betrayed Bo and Hope. Greta says she is also guilty because she didn't come clean with Bo and Hope from the beginning about Georgia. Billie says that it was all Hope's fault that her baby died! Greta says she's told herself that a million times, but it's not true. She tells Billie if she doesn't move on she may find herself more alone than she (Greta) ever was in the bayou. Billie accuses Hope of getting to Greta. GReta says her feelings are based on what she did to her, how can she ever trust her again? Greta says she owes Bo for giving her back her life. Billie asks what she'll do when Bo and Hope get back together? Greta says that all she can ever be is Bo's friend. Billie warns Greta that the closer Bo becomes to her, the more Hope will turn him against her. Billie says she knows this from experience and he will break all his promises to her.

At the DiMera mansion, Rolfe is working to put all Gina's memories in the databank so he can beam them up to the satellite, which will beam them down into the chip in Hope's brain, transforming her back into Gina. However, he is unsure if Stefano will be able to control Gina again. Something happens to Rolfe's computers and he screams "We're loosing the information, something has gone wrong!" Rolfe manages to save Gina's memories from being wiped, but he says Hope may remember something when he beams Gina's memories up to the satellite.

At the Blue note, Roman and Kate seal their truce with a handshake. Kate buys Roman a drink and Roman tells Kate that he can't figure out who she is. They both talk about their pasts and how they were both taken from their families. Roman tells Kate that he is impressed that she raised Lucas on her own. Roman asks how she handled having Lucas out of wedlock and Kate says she lived a lie for years. Roman asks what she means and Kate says that she just had to start at the bottom and slowly work her way up, she started as a secretary and pretended she knew nothing about business. Roman ask Kate when her relationship with Stefano started. Kate recalls when she first met Stefano when she was still a callgirl. However, Kate tells him that she met him when Kristian left all her shares of Titan to Stefano. However, Kate says Stefano won't be in her company much longer. Kate changes the topic and tells Roman that she wishes she could help Sami, but she just can't. Roman says that he will continue searching for the truth and won't stop till he clears Sami. Kate suggest that they work together from here on out and Roman says he'd like that. Roman takes Kate home and Kate tells Billie how she ran into him at the Blue Note. Roman calls his buddy and tells him that he is convinced that Kate has even more secrets than he originally thought.

At the hospital, Lexie tells Mike that she thinks he broke up with Ali because of Carrie. Mike says Ali is a great lady, but he realizes last night nothing could happen because he kissed Carrie. Mike tells Lexie about the fight he had with Carrie and then how they kissed at the Cheatin' Heart. Lexie tells Mike that it is obvious Carrie loves him and he think there is a chance for him and Carrie, which is why he dumped Ali. Mike says that he'll start dating Ali after he makes the head nurse decision. Lexie warns Mike not to date Ali to get over Carrie, because Ali will learn the truth eventually.

Carrie eavesdrops on Ali as she brags to a co-worker that she is going to get the head nurse job. Carrie confronts Ali about her claim that she is going to be the new head nurse. Ali tells Carrie that she said she had a shot at it. Ali realizes that Carrie thinks her dating Mike will cause a scandal, so she tells Carrie that Mike broke up with her, so she doesn't need to worry. However, she informs Carrie that after Mike makes the head nurse decision, they will pick up where they left off. Carrie asks just how close she is with Mike, and Ali tells Carrie that is none of her business, but she plans to keep Mike. Carrie accuses her of using Mike to get the promotion, but Ali says that she offered to bow out, but Mike told her not to. She says if she gets the head nurse position then she'll have to deal with it. Ali informs Carrie that she may have a say over Mike's professional life, but his personal life is none of her business. Ali tells Carrie to stay out of both of their lives and then walks away.

Nancy and Craig scheme to get Ali promoted and push her into Mike's arms, which will drive Carrie crazy. Later, Nancy catches Ali and Carrie fighting. Nancy asks what it was about and Carrie fills Nancy in. Carrie decides to go talk to Mike about this. However, Nancy tells Carrie that last time she did that, she and Mike got into a huge fight. Nancy says she just needs to learn to live with Ali as a possible head nurse, but Carrie refuses and says she's going to stop Mike from making a terrible decision. Meanwhile, Craig tells ALi that if she wants the head nurse job she should work with as many surgeon she can to get support. Craig's advice impresses Mike and the other surgeons. One of the surgeons tells Mike that his vote for head nurse is Ali.

At the Penthouse Grill, Bo and Hope are about to kiss on the dance floor, but Hope stops him and says she's hearing the waltz again. However, Hope says she wants to think about the present tonight and not the past.

John is concerned about Vivian and tells Marlena that he'd like her to run some tests on her at the hospital. Vivian is tired and wants to leave, but Stefano convinces her to stay. She gets up to go to the bathroom. Abe, Celeste and Ivan show up and plan to celebrate Lexie's appointment as surgical residence. Vivian leaves the bathroom and can't recall who she came with. John and Marlena asks if she is okay and Vivian says she just couldn't find her table. Stefano comes to get her, but John says that he wants to take Vivian to the hospital. Stefano tells John that Vivian is fine and he takes her back to the table.

Lexie shows up and everyone celebrate's Lexie's appointment as surgical resident and Abe calls his wife "Dr. Carver." As he is about to give Lexie a present, Stefano interrupts everyone and uses the microphone to announce Lexie's appointment. He also one ups Abe by giving her a new Mercedes. Lexie is speechless and moved to tears. She thanks Stefano and hugs him. Abe then gives her his gift, a locket. She tells him that it's beautiful and asks him to put it on for her. John tells Abe that the locket he gave Lexie will be passed down from generation to generation, while the car will end up in a used car-lot one day.

Stefano goes back to his table to give Vivian her surprise. Two policemen show up and Vivian thinks Stefano is going to have her committed. Stefano calms her down and tells her that the officers have brought her the emerald necklace the Duchess wore on the train. Shortly after, some flowers are delivered to Vivian, which includes a specially made engagement ring. Stefano asks her to marry him. John and Marlena overhear this and John is not happy at all. Celeste is stunned and Ivan gets into a fight with Stefano. Stefano apologizes to Vivian for these interruptions and Vivian agrees to marry Stefano. They then celebrate on the dance floor. John is more convinced than ever that Stefano is up to something.

Bo and Hope are still dancing when Hope suddenly gets memories of being Gina!


November 20
Austin is at home having a cup of coffee when he reads that jury selection for Sami's trial begins today. Carrie comes out and talks with Austin. He says she was late coming home and Carrie says she had to work late because Mike has to make the head nurse decision sooner than expected. Austin says if he had to chose he'd pick Ali. Carrie asks why he's an Ali fan and Austin says that Ali is just good at what she does. Carrie starts saying that Ali is not experienced as the others, plus she's dating Mike. Austin feels that Mike can put his feelings aside and make the right decision. Carrie switches the subject and asks if he's worked out a training schedule. Austin says between Will and Sami, the only time he has to train is at night. Carrie realizes they won't have a lot of time together and says that bothers her. Austin says sometimes he thinks she enjoys being at the hospital more than being at home with him. Austin brings up how she let Lucas see Will. Carrie says that Lucas is Will's father and Will knows that his dad never hit him. They begin arguing about Sami again. Austin is positive that Sami didn't lie about Lucas hitting Will. Austin says that he doesn't want to argue with her and walks out.

Rose comes in to Mike's office and tells him that she's leaving today. She gives Mike a list of 3 women that she feels is qualified to be head nurse. Ali comes to see Mike and Rose leaves. Mike asks what she wanted to see him about and she grabs and kisses Mike. Mike stops her and Ali says that after he makes his decision, she wants him back. They start kissing again.

Nancy has to go to the courthouse for jury duty and she is livid that she has to leave now. Craig tries to calm her down and says there plan is working.

Carrie shows up and Mike says he's ready to announce the three finalists for the head nurse position. Mike tells everyone that Rose has chosen Judy Sandman, Bett Andrews, and Ali McCintyre as the three finalists. Nancy doesn't waste anytime getting to Carrie. Carrie says she is positive that Mike will chose Bett or Judy, but Nancy tells her not to be so sure. Craig talks with Ali and tells her that he knows a way to beat out Bett and Judy.

Mike talks with Carrie and asks if Austin is still angry with them. Carrie says he is and that she foresees her spending more time apart from Austin than with him. Mike asks how she feels about that and Carrie tells him that lately they seem further apart when they are together. Carrie says she doesn't know why this is happening because she thought she belonged with Austin. Mike tells her that despite what his heart tells him sometimes, she has a marriage worth saving and he'll keep on reminding her that. Mike says he has to go to a meeting and Carrie says she'll be fine. Ali starts bragging to Carrie about being a finalist. Ali tells Carrie that even though she'd like to be head nurse, she'd rather be Mike's wife.

Ali plans a huge goodbye party for Rose and then makes a speech about how they all love and respect her. As Mike speaks, Carrie hears the nurses calling Ali a suck-up and if she gets the job they'll know how she got it.

In Salem Place, Sami and Eric are talking about the trial. Sami tells Eric that she's glad Kate didn't fire him and she wants him to stay at Titan and make a name for himself. Sami's hands start shaking and Eric tells her everything will be okay. Two women see Sami and start saying how they shouldn't waste time on a trial because she's going away for good. Eric tells Sami not to listen to them, but Sami doesn't think there is an impartial jury in Salem that will give her a fair shot. Eric tells her that she has her friends and family. Sami says Austin has been such a big help and she says she doesn't know what she'd do without him. Eric reminds Sami that Will's birthday is coming up and Sami says she wants to make it special because it could be the last birthday she has with Will. Eric tells her not to think that way and tells her to stay positive. Sami switches the topic to Nicole. They talk about her and Eric says he doesn't know if he can believe Nicole's story. Sami tells Eric that he shouldn't give up on Nicole for one mistake and if he loves her then he should forgive her and be with her. Sami tells Eric she knows how short life is and she regrets a lot of the things she's done. She urges her brother to forgive Nicole and be with her. Sami starts talking about how she may only have little freedom left and what she knows is she won't be spending it with a man who loves her. Austin shows up and tells Sami that isn't true. Austin assures her that she won't be convicted and Mickey will make sure of that. Sami goes off to buy something and Eric tells Austin that he is the only thing helping Sami through this. Eric says he hopes it isn't causing problems with Carrie and Austin says it is, but he thinks the real problem is coming from something else. Austin tells him what Carrie and Mike did and why it was wrong. Sami returns and Austin says they should go to the courthouse. Eric gets a call about a photo-shoot today and Sami tells her brother to go be with Nicole. Eric leaves and Sami says there is no justice in a world that would convict her, yet let Lucas go scott free for what he did. Austin assures Sami that Lucas will get what is coming to him.

Taylor is in Salem Place and a waitress points out Taylor's friend, Eric. Taylor remembers how Eric was so angry to her for "lying" to him. Taylor wishes he only knew the truth about Nicole.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Lucas reads the paper about Sami and begins to feel guilty, but he knows he has to stick to Kate's story. Nicole shows up to see Taylor. Henderson tells she went out early this morning. Lucas hears Nicole and jumps to the conclusion that she came to see him. Lucas invites her in and asks her to sit down. Lucas starts flirting with her and says seeing her makes his day. Lucas tells Nicole that Taylor is working him hard, and Nicole says that is good for him. Nicole sees the plaque she gave him and Lucas says he uses it for motivation, among other things. Lucas asks Nicole how things are going with Eric. Nicole says she thinks they are getting back together, but she's not sure he's over their disagreement. Lucas tells her that it's Eric's loss and he doesn't understand why she's so worried about Eric. Nicole says that Eric did bring her to Titan and made her a success. Lucas tells Nicole that it's the other way around, she's the star. Lucas starts praising her when Taylor comes in and hears them talking. Taylor walks into the room and Lucas assures Taylor that he's done his exercises. Lucas tells Taylor that he's going to Titan to get to work on the New Faces Campaign. Taylor tries to tell him "but your mom," but Lucas says no buts, he's going to work. He tells Nicole she should come too because he's organizing a new photo shoot for her. Lucas tells Nicole to trust him, and she says he is the boss. Lucas arranges everything and asks Taylor to bring the car around and give him his crutches. Taylor doesn't think he's ready, but he manages to walk with them. Taylor tells Lucas that she's so proud of him and then leaves to get the car.

At Titan, Nicole is changing for her photo-shoot when Eric comes in. Nicole thinks he's Marie and asks her to zip it up, and Eric says he can.

Sami gets mobbed going into the courthouse, but makes it. Mickey tells Sami that she needs to remain calm and collective because she has to give Mickey her opinions about the jurors. Sami asks Mickey who the man across the room is and Mickey says his name is Carson Palmer, he was picked by the DA to be the prosecution. Judge Wells takes the stand and the prospective jurors are brought in. Palmer gets up and tells the jurors that he is looking for twelve people who can make the decision to put Sami to death!

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