November 98 Week 1


November 2
At the hospital, Kate tells Nicole that she'd like to talk to her. Nicole says she is very busy, which prompts Kate to ask what is so important. Nicole says she wants to talk to Taylor and Kate asks why. Nicole says that Taylor stocks the dressing room and needs an outfit for a shoot. Kate is surprised that there is a new shoot and Nicole mentions that Sami probably forgot to tell her. Kate says that Sami no longer works at Titan and she is running the "New Faces" campaign. Nicole asks Kate if she's fired, but Kate says no. She tells her that as long as she stays silent, she'll have a job at Titan. Kate tells Nicole that as long as she and Eric work hard and keep their noses clean then there won't be any changes. Kate leaves and Nicole says she needs to make sure not to ever cross Kate. Nicole calls her mom again and learns that Taylor has gone to Titan. Nicole panics and rushes off.

At the Titan photo lab, Eric accuses Taylor of lying to him about being Nicole's sister. Taylor tries to explain, but Eric bites her head off. Eric tells her that he knows she didn't want people to know they were sisters and asked Nicole to lie for her. Taylor tells Eric it's about time he knew the truth about Nicole. Eric refuses to let Taylor speak and starts saying how he never thought she'd lie to him because they were getting so close. Taylor asks Eric why he thinks Nicole decided to tell him the truth about them being sisters now and Eric says Nicole was trying to prove her honesty. Eric tells her not to keep turning this around and blaming Nicole because if she hadn't told him they were sisters, than she (Taylor) would still be standing here lying to him. Taylor says she is not the liar and what Nicole told him is not how it happened at all.

Nicole arrives at Titan and is about to enter the photo lab, but she's stopped by another employee.

Ali and Mike are taking a walk in the park. Mike is very quiet, he's thinking about his argument with Carrie. Ali asked Mike if he's thinking about Carrie, when suddenly the news interrupted for a few minutes about a local shooting, sorry. Ali tells Mike if he's to distracted thinking about his fight with Carrie they can do this another night. Mike says that he does want to be with her tonight. Ali wonders if Mike can concentrate on them and he tells Ali he can, and then he kisses her. Ali tells Mike that he's convinced her.

Carrie goes to the Cheatin' Heart and is thinking about her fight with Mike. Nancy shows up and tells Carrie that she figured this would be a great place to discuss the charity boxing match, Nancy invited her to the bar to talk. Nancy comments to Carrie how a guy keeps hitting on her at the bar, obviously her wedding ring means nothing to him. Nancy suggests to Carrie that they play some pool, but Carrie doesn't feel like playing. However, Nancy coaxes her into a game and questions her about her fight with Mike. Nancy suggests Carrie talk to her because it's not good to keep feelings bottled up. Carrie says she told Mike he shouldn't be dating Ali. Nancy becomes upset and tells Carrie she wishes she hadn't done that. Carrie asks why and Nancy says that she obviously regrets it. Carrie says she did sound like a jealous girlfriend, but then strikes that from the record. Nancy tells Carrie that she knows she's devoted to the hospital and is only worried about its and Mike's reputation. Carrie says that if Ali becomes head nurse, Mike could be accused of favoritism. Nancy slyly mentions that she's already thought about that. Carrie tells Nancy that Mike is more involved with Ali than anyone realizes. Nancy tells Carrie that Mike is too smart to fall for any of Ali's tricks. Still, Carrie still can't stop worrying about Mike. Nancy tells Carrie that she needs to back off and give Mike some space.

Ali and Mike end up outside the Cheatin' Heart and Ali challenges Mike to a game of pool. Before they enter, Mike and Ali lock lips. Inside, Carrie spots Mike and Ali kissing and becomes upset.

In the Horton kitchen, Hope is grating some cheese for Bo's chilli. They talk about Greta and how sad it is that John doesn't remember Greta. Bo tells Hope that he would like to get Greta's scars fixed, but Hope is more concerned for Greta's safety. Little do they know that Wayne and Earl are watching them from the bushes, but they don't see Swamp Girl. Earl suggests maybe Billie could help them, but Wayne thinks that is highly unlikely. Earl mentions that Bo's chilli smells good and they watch Bo and Hope eat it. Hope starts telling Bo about all the fancy food she ate in Europe with Lily. Bo chuckles that if he was with her he would have embarrassed her because he doesn't know which fork to use. As they are about to end up in a food fight, they hear something outside. However, Hope attributes it to Halloween pranksters. Still, Bo can't help but wonder if it could be Wayne and Earl. Bo and Hope begin talking about Princess Gina again and Hope tells Bo that she wants to go back to Europe to find out about Princess Gina. Bo says he'd love to go with her, but they need to make sure Greta is safe first. Bo asks Hope if she minds if they wait awhile before returning to Europe and she doesn't. Bo is happy and says they will find out the information together. Bo mentions all Hope's personality changes when she was playing Gina and hopes she won't revert to them when Lily comes to Salem for a visit and that she won't let Gina take over and prevent them from having a future together. Hope tells Bo that her Gina habits won't take her over, but she's not sure if they can have a future together. Bo says they can reclaim the life they once had, even if they Billie can't let go of her anger. Bo says he wants to ask Billie for a divorce, but he didn't think she could handle this news right after Georgia's death. Hope says that Billie will never get over it and will play the victim till the day she dies. Bo tells Hope that if she can get past her guilt about Georgia's death, they can have a future together.

At the Kirkiais mansion, Roman tells Billie that she has to let Bo go just like he let Marlena go. He tells her that if she loves Bo, she should want him to be happy with Hope. Billie laughs and says if she can't have Bo than neither can Hope. Roman tells Billie that this unrequited love she has for Bo has turned into hate for Hope. Roman tells Billie she needs to move on, but Billie screams she can't when she has to relive Georgia's death! Roman asks Billie what in the hell she's talking about. Billie says she just meant every time she sees Hope she remembers the argument with Hope that caused Georgia's death. She then starts telling Roman that Hope is trying to make Bo hate her (Billie) to absolve her own part in Georgia's death. Roman becomes angry and tells Billie that Hope isn't the only one to blame, she didn't force Billie into a car and run her car into a ditch. Roman says Hope does take some responsibility for Georgia's death, which Billie says means her daughter didn't die completely in vein. Roman tells Billie that her hate for Hope is going to eat away at her until there is nothing left. Billie says she'll never stop hating Hope and she'll never stop loving Bo. Roman tells Billie what she needs to do is divorce Bo and move on, her marriage was a sham as is. Billie says it is still a legitimate marriage and if Bo wanted a divorce he would have asked for one by now, so there could be a chance. Roman says Bo would have told her that by now if it were true, but Billie says he's been mesmerized by that witch Hope. Billie says it's been a long night and thanks him. Roman says he was hoping they could have more nights like this, but obviously they can't if she keeps obsessing about Bo. Roman leaves and Billie tells herself that she can't let Bo and Hope learn the truth about Georgia. She realizes she has to bury Georgia's casket and who can help her. On his way out, Roman runs into Kate and he tells her that Billie needs some serious psychiatric help getting over Bo and her hate for Hope. Back inside, Billie places a call to Erlene to ask how she can get in touch with Wayne and Earl. Billie places a call to Wayne and Earl and offers to tell them where Greta is if they perform a service for her.


November 3
At Titan, Nicole is stopped by Marie outside of the photo-lab. Marie tells her that Kate has a new contract for her to sign immediately. They go upstairs and Nicole signs the contract without reading it. Marie tells Nicole that she's never seen such a generous contract for a model at Titan before. Nicole attempts to leave, but Marie says she has four more copies for her to sign.

Inside the lab, Taylor asks Eric why he assumes Nicole is telling him the truth. Eric says that Nicole has no reason to lie to him about this. Eric asks if she lied to him, but Taylor says it's more complicated. Eric explains how Nicole explained that they were close growing up, but she was always jealous of Nicole and didn't want to be compared to her. Eric tells Taylor that she didn't have to hide the truth, he likes her for who she is. Taylor tells Eric that she didn't want to be compared to Nicole, but not because of what Nicole said. Taylor tells Eric that she doesn't want to be compared to Nicole because she doesn't want to be like Nicole. As Taylor is about to tell Eric the truth, Nicole shows up. Eric has to leave to sign some new contracts as well and he asks them not to go anywhere until he returns. Taylor tells Nicole she will tell Eric the truth. Nicole says if she does that, she'll lose her job and she and mom will be back out on the street. Taylor says she doesn't care, they'll be fine without her help. Nicole says that if she tells Eric the truth, she'll tell Eric that she has a crush on him.

Eric is about to sign his new contract, but learns from Kate that Sami was fired. He becomes angry and tells Kate to give Sami a break. Kate asks why she should do that when Sami never gave Lucas a break. Eric refuses to sign his new contract. Kate tells Eric that it would be a shame to let an opportunity like this to pass by. Eric goes back downstairs, we don't know if he signed the contract. Eric asks Taylor what she was going to tell him and Taylor backs up Nicole's story. Eric tells Taylor to just be herself. Taylor rushes out and says she hates Nicole. Nicole asks Eric if he'll hold this against her, which Eric says he won't. Nicole says she was hoping they could get back to their relationship, but Eric says he has some thinking to do first.

Outside the Cheatin' Heart, Ali plants a big kiss on Mike and suggest they go back to her place after they eat and play pool. Inside, Carrie is upset after seeing Mike and Ali kiss and Nancy sees Mike and Ali and knows why Carrie is upset. Nancy realizes that Carrie is in love with Mike and if she'd admit it, Ali would go nuts, there would be a huge scandal, and Mike would be forced to resign. Nancy asks Carrie if there is more to the situation with Ali and Mike than she admitting. Carrie says she doesn't know what she's talking about. When Ali kisses Mike again, Carrie tells Nancy she has to go and walks out.

Carrie goes back to her office and Nancy shows up to talk to her. Nancy tells Carrie that she knows she cares about Mike and that she had a crush on Mike when she was little, Mike told her. Nancy then tells Carrie about how she was engaged to marry another man, but when her first crush came back into her life, she ran off and eloped with him, and she's been happy with Craig ever since. Carrie tells Nancy is such romantic story. Nancy points out that the same doesn't apply here because she outgrew her crush on Mike and married Austin. She also tells Carrie that if she's that upset about her fight with Mike, she should go to the Cheatin' Heart and apologize. Besides, if he sees what a nice girl is like, he may see what a vicious bitch Ali is.

Craig shows up at the Cheatin' Heart to meet Nancy, but she's gone. However, he does run into Mike and Ali. Mike goes to the bar to buy them all another round and Craig asks Ali what is bothering Mike. Ali says she doesn't know and he seems so distracted. Craig tells her that Mike just has a lot of responsibilities, but she can help fix them. Ali excuses herself to go to the bathroom and Craig tells Mike that he thinks Ali is the best candidate for head nurse. Mike thanks him for his input, but he hasn't made his decision and wants to give everyone a fair chance. Mike tells Craig that Carrie is afraid how it will look if he gave Ali the job. Craig says that Carrie is a little over-concerned because he'd never let personal feelings get in the way of doing what is best for the hospital. Later, Ali tells Mike that she's going home because he's been acting strange all night. Mike apologizes and convinces her to stay. Mike even tells her that Craig wants him to appoint her as head nurse. Ali says she's concerned about that and still thinks she should pull out of the race. Mike once again tells Ali not to do that.

Craig calls Nancy and they compare notes about what is going on. Craig doesn't want Carrie to try and break Ali and Mike up, but Nancy says even if she does, it will create another scandal and he'll (Craig) still win.

At the Horton house, Bo tells Hope to stop blaming herself for Georgia's death. Hope says she's trying, but Billie keeps reminding her that it is her fault Georgia is dead. Hope says that Billie still thinks if it wasn't for her, she'd have Georgia and him. Bo tells her that he's made it clear to Billie that he loves her (Hope). Bo tells her to forgive herself, but Hope says she can't because she saw the look on his face when he learned the baby was dead. Hope says she caused Billie to go into labor, but Bo says he is responsible as well because he didn't pay attention to Billie. Still, Hope can't help but wonder what if she and Billie hadn't fought that day, perhaps her, Billie, and Georgia would be together as a family. Bo says that is not true and if it weren't for Stefano and Kate's manipulations, they would be together. Bo says he can't imagine his life without her, and Hope feels the same. Bo asks Hope why are they apart then? Hope tells Bo that it's not just the baby that is standing in the way, it is the fact that he made love and a commitment to Billie. Bo admits he messed up and asks Hope if she'll ever forgive him. Hope tells him that she just doesn't know. Hope leaves and wonders why she can't forgive Bo, or herself.

Wayne and Earl debate whether to go see Billie about the deal she struck with them. Wayne doesn't know if he can believe Billie or not. As they pig out on dinner, they get a call from Stefano. Wayne tells him that they have a lead on Greta and will find her ASAP. Wayne and Earl argue over what to do, Earl wants to trust Billie. He points out that Billie sounded desperate, which Wayne agrees with.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate talks with Billie about her obsession with Bo and hatred of Hope. Billie says she's not obsessed with anyone and is leaving. Kate stops her and tells her this obsession is going to make her sick. Billie tells Kate that she is the one who is obsessed, she's obsessed with Sami and may go to prison for it. Kate asks Billie what she's talking about and Billie says tells her mom that she knows she covered up evidence dealing with Franco's murder. Billie tells her mom that she may be able to clear Sami for the murder, but plans to send her to jail for murder one. Billie warns Kate that she better fess up because Roman will learn the truth. Billie apologizes for accusing her mom, but she's just so upset right now. Kate says she knows that and that is why she has to let Bo be happy with Hope. Billie refuses and says that Hope is the reason Georgia is dead. Kate tells Billie that they both know that isn't the truth and she should tell Hope that she's sorry for blaming her, but she doesn't need to tell Hope how and where the baby died. Billie says she can't do that because Hope ruined her life. Kate asks her to let Bo go, but Billie says if she can't have Bo then she'll make damn sure Hope doesn't have him either. Kate asks Billie to get professional help, but Billie just laughs at the suggestion. The doorbell rings and Billie answers it, it's Wayne and Earl. She tells them to go around back and meet her in the garage. Kate shows up and asks Billie who these men are. Billie says they are men collecting a check she promised for the mayor's charity drive, but says she left her checkbook at the office and she'll see them tomorrow. Billie decides to go out and promises Kate to think about what she said.

Billie meets Wayne and Earl in the garage and tells them that she'll tell them were Greta is after they help her bury Georgia. Wayne tells Billie to call a funeral parlor if she wants undertakers. Billie begs them to help her do this and they eventually agree, but only if she tells them where Greta is.

Bo goes to the Kirkiais Mansion to see Billie, but Kate says Billie is out. Bo sees the lights in the garage and decides to check it out. Bo shouts Billie's name, which she hears. Billie panics.


November 4
Mike and Ali are passionately kissing in the Cheatin' Heart. Later, Ali beats Mike at pool and tells him that he has to come home so she can collect. Mike tells Ali that he'd like to take a rain-check and that they can go out tomorrow. Ali realizes she hasn't make Mike forget his problems. However, she says she won't be a pushy and needy girlfriend. Ali tells Mike goodnight and hopes he feels better. After she leaves, Mike tells himself he'll feel better if he can forget about Carrie.

At the hospital, Nancy urges Carrie to go talk to Mike, but she just wants to go home to Austin. Nancy says she can't do that because this is bothering her and she knows if she gives Mike a call she'll feel better. Craig snatches Nancy from Carrie's office and tells her that Ali has raised Mike's spirits. Nancy tells Craig that she just convinced Carrie to make peace with Mike. Nancy says Mike will have to chose one of the two women, and either choice will lead to his downfall. Carrie calls Austin and learns he'll be at the gym for a couple more hours. They say their "I love yous" and hangs up. Craig and Nancy butt in and Craig mentions that he had to call Ali back to work because one of the other nurses got sick. Nancy tells Carrie that is a sign telling her she and Mike were meant to be together tonight.

Austin is training at Daryl's gym for the boxing match. Daryl hopes that after the charity match, Austin will turn back to pro boxing. Austin doesn't think Carrie would go for that, but Daryl says he believes Carrie will not stop him from doing something he loves. Later, Austin tells Daryl not to book him any fights until after Sami's trial. then he tells Daryl that he has to go home and spend some time with Carrie.

Ali returns to the hospital and satisfies Craig's curiosity when she tells him that she and Mike are going out tomorrow night. Austin shows up looking for Carrie and Nancy tells Austin that Carrie went to the Cheatin' Heart to see Mike.

Carrie ends up in the rain near the Cheatin Heart when she runs into Mike. Carrie tells him that she came to see him. Mike says he was looking for her as well. Carrie apologizes to Mike and says he's entitled to have a private life. Mike is glad she understands and says it will be hard to move away from his feelings for her. Carrie tells Mike that she can't stop thinking about him. The two close in and kiss, when Austin shows up and exclaims "Oh my God!"

John goes to see Celeste about Vivian's odd behavior, which he attributes to Stefano. Celeste doesn't understand why he'd send her to the rejuvenation clinic only to make her sicker. John tells Celeste he fears Stefano is trying to make Vivian believe she is crazy so she'll sign over power of attorney.

At Stefano's place, Stefano has the power of attorney papers and tells Rolfe that Vivian has agreed to sign the papers tonight. Stefano asks Rolfe if there will be any permanent scars, but Rolfe says he can't say. However, Rolfe says as of now the prognosses is not good. Up in her room, Vivian sees Jonsey's floating head again. Vivian tells Jonsey she's going to sign power of attorney over to Stefano. Jonsey tells her not to do that and not to trust anyone. Stefano shows up and asks Vivian who she was talking to. She tells Stefano that she saw Jonsey again. Stefano tells her that it is the dementia, but Vivian says Jonsey says she doesn't have dementia. Stefano says that he believes she isn't in control of all her facilities and asks her to sign the legal papers so he can make sure no harm comes to her. He urges her to sign the papers, but Vivian can't ignore Jonsey's warnings. The doorbell rings and Stefano leaves to answer it, but asks Vivian to read over the papers and sign them while he's gone. Upon answering the door, Stefano is greeted by Celeste and John, who barge in. Celeste goes upstairs to check on Vivian and John tells Stefano he doesn't want her signing power of attorney over to him. Stefano tells John he's too late. John calls Stefano a liar and refuses to believe his aunt would sign over power to him. Stefano says that he cares for Vivian and he will help her. John says that he knows his aunt is vulnerable, but he will only make things worse. John grabs Stefano by the neck and demands he tell him what he has in store for his aunt.

Upstairs, Celeste finds Vivian with the power of attorney papers. Celeste tells her that she is here with John, who cares about her deeply. Vivian tells Celeste that she thinks Stefano is in love with her. She also tells Celeste that she's been seeing visions of Jonsey. Vivian says she doesn't know what to do, so she plays enny-meeny-minny-moe to come up with her answer, she's going to trust Stefano. Vivian looks for a pen to sign the papers. Celeste looks for a pen in Stefano's jacket pocket and they come across his controlling device.

Hope is in the Horton kitchen still thinking about how Billie blames her for killing Georgia. Greta comes in and asks where Bo is. Hope says he went out, probably to see Billie. Greta asks Hope is that bothers her and Hope says that she knows Billie still loves him. Hope talks to Georgia about how Billie will never forgive her for the death of the baby. Greta tells Hope not to blame herself because arguments don't cause babies to die, something else must have gone wrong. Hope thanks Greta for being sweet. Hope curiously asks Greta if Billie tried to get her to leave Salem. Greta says that Billie is just worried about her safety, but Hope assures her that Bo will protect her because he cares about her.

Bo shows up at the Kiriakis garage, but Kate stops him from going in. Kate tells Bo that Billie is in a very emotional state about Georgia's death. Bo tells Kate that any pain Billie is going through is her (Kate's) fault. Bo opens the door to the garage, but Kate stops him once again and says they need to talk. Bo says there is nothing to talk about, her manipulations ruined numerous people's lies. Kate says hiring Franco may have been a mistake, but he (Bo) was the one who got Billie pregnant and ruined her life. Bo finally enters the garage, but it's empty. Kate and Bo continue to argue about the fact that he hasn't left Billie. Bo tells "mommy dearest" that non of them are blameless, including Billie, who keeps blaming Hope for Georgia's death. Bo wonders where Billie is and suggests that she's at Georgia's grave, the only place she can find peace now-a-days. Bo becomes curious about what is really going on, referring to the crate, and leaves to find out what is going on.

Billie, Wayne, and Earl sneak out of the garage through the back door and go to the graveyard to bury Georgia. It begins to rain and Billie asks them to hurry up. Wayne tells Billie that unless she tells them where Greta is now, she can bury her baby on her own. Billie makes a call to the Horton house to appologize to Hope for the way she acted earlier. Hope apologizes to Billie for accusing her of lying about Wayne and Earl. Hope eventually admits that Greta is with her at the Horton House. Billie tells Wayne and Earl that she knows where Greta is, she's at the Horton house. Wayne and Earl bury Georgia and leave. Billie tells Georgia she hopes she is at peace now. She tells Georgia that her mommy and daddy will always love her. Billie pulls out the compact and looks at the compact when Bo shows up and asks what is going on.

Back at the Horton house, Hope tells Greta that she feels so much better now that she apologized to Billie. Greta tells Hope that she's feeling better about staying in Salem now that she's been re-united with Father John. Greta tells Hope that he is such a wonderful man. She also tells Hope she wishes she could remember her mother more and why Stefano would make her (Hope) believe she was the real Princess Gina. Greta says she wishes she had some mementos of her mom, which prompts Hope to get the things Stefano gave to her. Greta recognize them and Hope tells her that she had a compact, but lost it in the bayou. Hope realizes that Greta took the compact.


November 4
At the hospital, Craig is upset that Nancy sent Austin to the Cheatin' Heart while Mike and Carrie were still there. Nancy tells Craig that this will stir up enough trouble to get Mike out of the COS office.

Outside the Cheatin' Heart in the rain, Mike and Carrie kiss hard and long when Austin shows up and says "Oh my God!" However, he's reacting to a hurt little boy in the alley. Mike and Carrie break away from one another and Carrie says "what have I done!" Carrie runs off and Mike follows. Carrie tells him she promised herself not to let this happen again, and this time they can't push their feelings aside. Mike and Carrie go into the Cheatin' Heart to talk about what happened. Carrie tells him she doesn't know what to do about her feelings for him. Mike tells her to look at her feelings objectively. Carrie says she feels guilty because she loves Austin and doesn't want to hurt him, but she has feelings for him (Mike) too. Mike says he has feelings for her too, but they have to put them aside because they weren't meant to be. Carrie tells Mike she knows he's had feelings for her ever since he tried to stop her from marrying Austin. Mike says he didn't mention it because she loved Austin and did the right thing by marrying him, but Carrie asks Mike did she. Mike tells her she did, but Carrie doesn't understand why she's having these feelings for him. Mike tells her they are just going through some rough times. Carrie says that isn't the problem. Carrie wonders if she should quit her job, but she says loves it and doesn't know how she'd explain it to Austin. Mike tells her that he doesn't want her to quit and he doesn't want to lose her friendship. Mike tells her that they can do this and that he wants his relationship with Ali to work. Mike and Carrie make a pact to put their feelings aside and respect one another and let them live a normal life. Carrie tells Mike that she hopes they can do this.

Austin takes the boy to the hospital, he tells them that he thinks he was hit by a car. Nancy tells Austin that the little boy was lucky he was there. She then tries to convince him to go back to the Cheatin' Heart to find Carrie, but he refuses to leave the little boy. Austin learns that the little boy is fine and the boys parents show up. Nancy tells Austin that he's a hero and Carrie will be so proud. She then starts wondering why Carrie hasn't come back already. Carrie and Mike return to the hospital and Carrie learns what Austin did for the little boy. Mike leaves them and runs into Ali. Both are surprised to see one another. Austin asks Carrie what she and Mike were doing at the Cheatin' Heart and she says they had something to talk about. Austin asks if they can go home and Carrie says yes. Nancy and Craig both know that something happened between Mike and Carrie and plan what to do next.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano breaks away from John's death grip and they start yelling. Stefano tells John he is taking care of Vivian, but John doesn't think he gives a damn about his aunt. Stefano tells John that he should thank him for not keeping Marlena for himself. That does it and John jumps Stefano. Upstairs, Celeste finds the remote control device and starts pushing all the buttons. Vivian starts going through mood swings and headaches. She tells Celeste that she has to sign over power of attorney to Stefano now. But before she can, she hears something shatter downstairs. Vivian and Celeste run downstairs and break-up the fight. Stefano tells Vivian that he cares for her and just wants to take care of her. Vivian says she's so confused. When Vivian says she hasn't signed the papers yet, John laughs and thanks God he got here in time. John tells Vivian that he knows they were never close because he doesn't remember being an Alamain, but he wants to find out about the past and he wants to be a real nephew to her and he really cares about her. Vivian tells John that he doesn't know how much that means to her. John promises her that he can count on him. Stefano warns Vivian not to trust John, because this is the nephew who let her be arrested in Franco and didn't lift one finger when she had to turn her fortune over to the police. John says they weren't close then, but he wants things to change. Stefano tells Vivian that John is only doing this out of his hatred for him. Vivian asks if that is true and John says some of it, but he wants to make up for being a not-so-perfect nephew. Stefano asks John when the last time he told his aunt that he cared for her. John stays silent and Stefano reminds Vivian that he has told her he's cared for her for months and has supported her. He tells her that he'll protect her, all she has to do is sign the papers. Stefano leaves to get them and Celeste asks her what she's going to do. Stefano brings the papers down and Vivian says she will sign the papers. John tells her that he's sorry she has to trust Stefano, but he's partly to blame. Vivian signs and Stefano asks Celeste to sign as a witness. Celeste asks Vivian if this is what she wants and Vivian says it is.

At the Horton house, Hope knows Greta took the compact, but she says she's not angry about it. Greta remembers Hope as Gina with red streaks in her hair looking in the compact, and Greta tells Hope that she had it when she came to Maison Blanche. Hope asks if it was her mother's, but Greta says she doesn't know. Hope wonders if Stefano gave it to the real Gina, or to her. Hope tells Greta that the compact could answer many questions, and she asks if she brought it to Salem. Suddenly, the lights go out and Hope leaves to check a fuse. Wayne and Earl see Hope leave and run into the house and grab Greta. When Hope sees the wires have been cut, she runs back into the house. Hope kicks some major ass with Wayne and Alice Horton smashes a vase over Earl's head and tells them to get out! They run off and Hope tries to tail them, but they get into a car and speed off. Hope wonders how they knew Greta was here. Hope goes back inside and explains to Alice why Wayne and Earl want Greta.

At the cemetery, Bo asks Billie why she's here and why someone has been digging around in their daughter's grave. Billie tells Bo that she learned about some kids Halloween vandals and came here and found Georgia's grave had been dug up. She points to a headstone which had been spray painted, so Bo believes her. Bo asks Billie why she's still standing here and Billie says she needs to be with their daughter. Billie cries and asks Bo why she had to die. Bo tells Billie that he didn't realize she was still in so much pain and holds her. Bo tries to persuade Billie to leave with him later, but she says she wants to stay a little longer. Bo tells Billie he's glad he came because he didn't know he needed to feel this close to his daughter. Bo leaves and Billie stays behind. Billie kneels at Georgia's grave and tells her that she knows her daddy still cares about her and she knows they can have a future together, as long as she can get Hope out of the picture and Greta out of Salem.

Bo goes back to the Horton house and learns that Wayne and Earl tried to kidnap Greta. Bo wonders how they knew she was here and Hope recalls telling Billie about Greta. Hope asks Bo if he's seen Billie and Bo tells her that he saw her at the cemetery. Hope asks Bo to stay with Greta, she has something to take care of. Greta tells Bo that she was really worried Wayne and Earl would take her away and she'd never see him or Father John again.

Wayne and Earl show up at the cemetery and tell Billie that Hope and an old lady stopped them. Little do they know that Hope is behind the bushes listening to everything.


November 6
At her place, Nicole considers calling Eric, but changes her mind. She realizes she has to let Eric come to her. The doorman buzzes Nicole to tell her she has a visitor. She thinks it is Eric, only to find out it's Taylor. Taylor marches in and tells her sister that she's not going to disappear like she wants. Nicole says she didn't have a choice about what she told Eric, but Taylor tells her she did, but she lied to Eric just like always. Nicole says that if she let Eric learn the truth, she would have lost her job, and couldn't help her and mom. Taylor tells Nicole to save it because she doesn't give a damn about them. Taylor tells Nicole if she did, she wouldn't have ruined the best friendship she ever had. Nicole says that just because Eric is nice to her it doesn't mean he is her best friend. She doubts Eric would want to spend time hanging out with a college girl. Taylor tells her sister that she hopes Eric finds out how mean and selfish she is. Taylor tells Nicole that she can pretend to be nice all she wants, but she is nothing but a liar and a screw-up. She even points out that Jay was a good guy before getting involved with her, so she's glad Eric didn't make a commitment to her. Nicole tells Taylor that is enough. Taylor says fine and hands her sister something she came to give to her. Inside the envelope is a wad of cash. Nicole asks Taylor if this is a joke and Taylor tells her that she and mom don't want any more of her money. Taylor tells her sister that she's helping mom now that she's got a job working for Kate Roberts' son. Nicole asks how she manages to get that job and Taylor tells her that some people can make it by being honest and working hard. Taylor tells Nicole that Eric is the type of guy who likes people for who they are, and if she keeps lying, she'll end up all alone.

Austin and Carrie run into Eric on their way back to their apartment. They tell him they are sorry about Nicole. Eric tells them that it's refreshing to see them because they don't keep secrets from one another. Austin and Carrie invite Eric in and he tells them how he wants to have a relationship based on honesty like they do, which makes Carrie feel guilty. Carrie tells Eric that he's lucky he found out about Nicole before making a commitment to her. Austin then adds that if he hadn't found out about Sami's lies, he could be married to her now and Carrie could have ended up with Mike. Eric wonders if keeping a secret that big could be justified, but Austin says not if you love the person. Eric also tells them that Nicole also lied about Taylor being her sister, but she said it was Taylor's wish. Austin asks Eric how he really feels about Nicole. Eric says he misses her, but he doesn't know if he can trust her. Austin tells him that if her feelings for him are real, than what they have is worth fighting for. Eric thanks them for the advice and leaves. Carrie feels guilty about lying to Austin and remembers her vows to him and decides that she can't lie to him any longer. Austin and Carrie get ready for bed and Carrie tells him they have to talk about something important. Carrie tells Austin that she is ready to start a family. Austin tells her this makes him happy and she tells Austin that she's glad. Carrie wants to start now, but Austin says they should wait till tomorrow because this decision deserves a special beginning.

Back at Nicole's place, Eric shows up. Nicole pulls him inside and kisses him. She failed to shut the door and Taylor, who returned for her scarf, sees them.

At Stefano's, Celeste signs the power of attorney papers and Stefano rubs it in John's face. Stefano looks at the papers and then asks what they hell is going on. Vivian smiles like a Cheshire cat and Stefano asks her if she really means this. John asks what is going on and Stefano hands John the contract. John is shocked to learn that his Aunt gave him power of attorney. Stefano tells Vivian that he hopes her nephew doesn't let her down. John tells Vivian that perhaps she should go home to rest, and Celeste agrees. They leave, but not before John hands Stefano a piece from his chessboard and says "check." After they leave, Stefano vows to not let John get away with this.

Rolfe learns what happened and Stefano tells him that he is still in control of Vivian's moods. Rolfe tells Stefano that he was not supposed to use the device for this long and now each push of the button could be the one that kills Vivian. Stefano says if only he could change Hope into Gina now. Rolfe says he's been working on the program, but the satellite isn't in place yet (????). Stefano tells Rolfe that he has no choice but to move onto plan B for Vivian. Rolfe asks what plan B is and Stefano writes it down and lets Rolfe read it. Rolfe laughs and says it's brilliant.

Stefano watches Vivian and John on the monitor as they argue about Stefano. Vivian becomes exhausted and Stefano fears she may die. Vivian excuses herself and leaves. John looks around the place and says Jonsey had an amazing collection. Stefano swears that he'll never let John get his hands on the townhouse or his treasures. As he listens to John and Celeste discuss Vivian, Stefano tells them that he has a big plan for Vivian. Upstairs at the townhouse, Vivian sees Jonsey again and tells him that she thinks Stefano is falling for her. Jonsey becomes angry and tells her that she will be sorry.

At the Horton house, Bo tells Greta that Abe has put out an APB on Wayne and Earl. Greta tells Bo that she's lucky Hope and Mrs. Horton were here to save her. Bo says he wishes he could have seen Mrs. H crack a lamp over Wayne's head. Greta asks Bo where he went and he tells her that he went to see Billie about a divorce, but never got to talk to her about it because Billie was at their daughter's grave, which confuses Greta. She tells him that Billie is stronger than he thinks, but Bo doesn't agree. He tells her that tonight was the first time he and Billie grieved for their daughter and he couldn't make her suffer the loss of their marriage. Greta tells Bo that he can't put his life on hold for Billie. Bo feels it's a small price to pay because if he had been there for Billie, he could have saved them both from this pain and suffering. Greta tells Bo that it wasn't his fault he wasn't with Billie when she lost their daughter. Bo asks what she means and Greta says that things happen they have no control over. Still, Bo still feels guilty, as does Hope. Bo says seeing Billie tonight freed him of some of his guilt, he just wishes Hope would get over her guilt. Bo says he can't change the past, but Greta says she can help him change the future. Bo tells her that there is no way she can help. Greta says that it seems if Billie can't have a future with him, she's going to make sure Hope doesn't have one with him either. Bo doubts Billie is that mean. Greta tells Bo that she has to tell him something she should have a long time ago. Billie tells Bo that she only lied because Billie had been her friend. She tells Bo that Billie lost the baby in the bayou. She tells Bo that the grave they stumbled on down there was Georgia.

At the cemetery, Hope listens in as Wayne and Earl tell Billie that they lost Greta thanks to Alice and Hope. Billie says she can't risk Greta exposing her secret about Georgia. As they talk, Hope realizes that Billie lost the baby in the bayou. Wayne tells her that things will be better for her now that Georgia is close to her mom. Wayne and Earl leave and Hope steps out. Hope stands behind Billie as she kneels and prays to God to find a way to bring her and Bo together again. She says that by Erlene sending Georgia to Salem, she gained a way to get Bo back in her life. She also says that she's more sure than ever Bo will never forgive Hope because she's the reason she lost her child. Hope turns Billie around and tells her "like hell I am!" Hope tells Billie that she's heard enough of lies and can't believe she put Bo through hell. They end up in a huge argument about Bo and who he really loves. Billie says that if Bo really loved her than he wouldn't have let Franco come between them and he wouldn't have pledged his love to her (Billie). Hope tells Billie that when Bo learns what she did he'll want nothing to do with her. Billie thinks Hope is talking about sending Wayne and Earl after Greta and she tells Hope that Bo still won't want to have anything to do with her because she killed their baby. Hope laughs and says she knows she lost her baby in the bayou. A look of terror washes over Billie's face. Billie tells Hope that she is still responsible because she went to New Orleans to tell Bo about the amnio only to find him out in the bayou with her. Billie says she was lucky she went to labor near Erlene because she could have died, but she probably would have liked that. Hope says that is the difference between them, she doesn't want a relationship based on other people's pain. Hope also realizes that Greta must know the truth. Hope tells Billie that she's lost Bo this time and she has nobody to blame but herself. Billie asks Hope what she's going to do and Hope slaps her. Billie calls Hope a bitch and Hope tells her that is nothing compared to the pain she's put her, Bo, and Greta through. Hope tells Billie she doesn't give a damn about her anymore and when she gets finished telling Bo, he won't give a damn about her either. The show ends with Billie groveling at Georgia's grave realizing she's lost Bo.

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