November 97 Week 2


November 10
At the hospital the doctors are working to bring Roman back to life. Shawn and Caroline rush to ICU where Marlena and Eric are already waiting. Dr. Marcus tells them that Roman's body is rejecting the cure and if they can't stabilize him soon they will lose him. They manage to bring Roman back, but they need a drug to counteract the side effects of the cure, and they need it now! A nurse overhears this and calls Stefano.

On the pier Stefano and John are arguing about Roman. Stefano accuses John of wanting Roman to die because he's insecure about Marlena's feelings for him (John). John tells him that is not true, Marlena was only granting Roman his dyeing wish. Stefano says he saw the way Marlena was gazing into Roman's eyes and says it's possible that Marlena has realized she loves Roman instead of him (John). John tells Stefano he's had enough of him for tonight and walks away. Stefano gets the call from the nurse and both Stefano and John go to the hospital.

John and Stefano arrive at the hospital. Eric tells Stefano that his cure didn't work and now Roman is going to die. Doctor Marcus tells the family that it looks like Roman won't make it through the night unless they somehow find the correct dosage and drugs to give Roman. Of course, Stefano knows exactly what drugs Roman needs to survive. Stefano claims he had to use these same drugs to save his life and he writes down the drugs Roman needs. The doctor doesn't want to trust Stefano, but Stefano points out that this is the only way to save Roman's life. Stefano reminds Marlena of her promise to forgive him and asks her to please believe him. Shawn asks why they should believe anything he says, but Caroline wants to try it. A nurse notifies them that Roman's blood pressure is dropping and Marlena says to do it. The doctor refuses to administer the drug so Marlena says she will do it. Marlena prepares the drug and administers it to Roman, and it works! Marlena and John leave the room and decide to get some fresh air. Eric tells Stefano that just because he brought a cure back for his dad that they will forgive him then he's dead wrong. Eric also tells Stefano to stay away from his mother. Stefano says if there is anyone he should protect his mother from it's John! John and Marlena go out to the terrace to talk. John tells Marlena he loves her, but he has to know if she still wants to marry him or is she falling in love with Roman all over again.

At Jonsey's place, Jonsey is chasing Vivian around the house trying to make whoopee to her. Jonsey throws Ivan out so he and Vivian can get down to business. Vivian reminds Jonsey about his will, and how if he doesn't take care of it now she will be distracted tonight. Jonsey tells her to fetch a pen and paper and he'll write the will right now! As Jonsey writes his will Ivan returns and Vivian tells him to go get some champaign, she's going to try and get Jonsey smashed. Jonsey puts the finished will in his shirt and asks Vivian to come and get it. Vivian distracts Jonsey with champaign and Ivan shows up to drink with them. Jonsey tells Ivan he's not welcomed here and throws him out. As Jonsey goes to kiss Vivian she sneezes, which causes Jonsey to sneeze as well. Jonsey continues to chase Vivian around the living room and as they kiss Jonsey falls down, luckily Ivan is there to catch him. Jonsey sleeps on the couch and Vivian decides to figure out what to do about redecorating. Suddenly Ivan tells Vivian that he thinks Jonsey is dead!

At prison T.C. intercepts the note that Jen had sent to Jack. Jack is furious because now he fears Jen will be in even more danger. Herb tells Jack he took a peak at the note, all it said was "lockdown." Jack knows what it means and thanks him. Jack uses his portable PC to break into the warden's computer. In the warden's files Jack finds a list of inmate numbers and decides to track down Travis. Jack learns that the number Travis was using was issued to an inmate over thirty years ago. Jack realizes Travis was a plant and he knows Stefano DiMera planted him in prison. Suddenly it hits Jack that Travis and Trent could be the same person.

At Jennifer's place, Travis' plan to kidnap Jen goes bust when someone knocks at the door. Jen wonders who it could be and Travis tells her not to answer it. It's Alice and Travis says he was just being over protected. Travis says he'll be going and leaves. Jen tells Alice that she sent a message to Jack that could help him get the information he needs to get out. Alice realizes that Jen is alone and asks her to come stay at her house. Jen says she'll be fine and Alice leaves.

Travis and T.C. meet in a back alley. Travis says he doesn't want to kill Jen, but they have to do something. Travis says he's going to kidnap Jen and take her to an isolated place where he'll find a way to pass the time. T.C. also "wants" Jen and Travis says if he plays his cards right he'll get to visit her. Travis returns to Jen's place and deactivates the security system. As he breaks in Jennifer hears something and realizes someone is downstairs. Travis puts some either on a handkerchief and makes his way up the stairs. Upstairs Jen thinks she was just hearing things and goes back to bed. Travis makes his way to Jen's bedroom and struggles with her. As Jen passes out Travis says she's all his.


November 11
Today's Summary is by Tracy (Dustin didn't get home in time for the whole soap)
Travis/Trent is telling Jen that she is all his and he is typing a message on her PC to leave behind - I guess so others won't think her disappearance is odd. Then he hears a noise - it's Laura coming home for the evening. She notices the alarm system is off but thinks that Jen was too tired and forgot to set it. She wants to talk to Jen so she heads up to her room. Trent has left her in the bed and Laura walks in and sees her in the bed and thinks she is just sleeping (then why doesn't she wake up when you call her name Laura?!) She goes off to get ready for bed herself but then the doorbell rings - it's Maggie - seems Abby needs her bunny to go to sleep and while Maggie's there Trent prints a letter from Jen. Laura thinks she hears something but Maggie tells her she doesn't hear anything and with this alarm system no one will get in the house (yea right). Trent hides when Laura comes back upstairs and Jen has had time for the ether to wear off some. She comes to and remembers someone in the room with her and gets up to call 911 (why didn't she call out for Laura?). Trent comes back in the room just in time to stop her and give her some more ether. He places her back on the bed and waits for the coast to clear. When Laura goes to her room he grabs Jen and is heading out the door when his cell phone rings. He hurries back into her room and Laura hears the phone and thinks it's Jen cell phone but when it quits ringing she thinks Jen's answering machine picked it up (can an answering machine pickup a cell phone?). It's Stef calling Travis/Trent telling him to leave town as his work is done. Trent says he was ahead of him and already packing. Trent then gets Jen out of the house and into the trunk of his car. He tells Jen he is sorry it had to happen like this and bids Salem good-bye and drives off. Laura gets down on her knees to pray before going to bed that Jen will be able to help Jack and he will be home soon.

With Jack figuring out that Travis and Trent are probably the same person he is going crazy and hollering for a guard to come. He new cellmate(? he's locked in with Jack) tells Jack to calm down he will get TC suspicious and figure out that Jack is on to him and then Jen could be hurt. Jack finally agrees to wait til the shift change and then try to get the new guard to let him call Jen - he has to warn her he says. TC comes by and says that Jack is waking the other prisoners and to quite down. He threatens Jack with solitary and Jack tells him he knows that he is working for Stef or Peter. Jack is concerned that TC will do a room check and find the computer but TC leaves for now. But hey guess what TC returns and says that he thinks Jack is hiding more than prison issues stuff and starts going through all of Jack's stuff. Jack has hidden the computer in his pillow and he is hoping that TC won't find it.

On the balcony, Marlena and John are discussing their relationship and the whole situation with Roman. He asks her if she still loves him or has she fallen in love with Roman again. She tells him it is no that easy and explains about Roman's dying wish and that he confided in Eric and then Eric told her. She says that it is all so complicated. Kristen comes to the hospital and sees Eric and tells him to look happy that his dad is going to live. He is not a very happy person today as he is worried about his dad and what will happen with Marlena and John. When he leaves Kristen talks to Stef who points out that Marlena and John are on the balcony. She is upset about this but notices that M & J appear to be having a very serious conversation. Stef told her about his conversation with John earlier and that he told John he has lost Marlena to Roman. so Kristen is happy especially when she walks closer to the door and thinks Marlena is telling John it is over for them. Taking Stef's advice she goes off to freshen up and be there when John needs a shoulder to cry on but she also tells Stef she would already be comforting John is they had just been 2 minutes later getting to the church because Marlena and Roman would be married. He just shrugs his shoulders knowing that is true but too late now. Back to Marlena and John he wants to tell Roman the truth as soon as he wakes and they talk some more about whether she has fallen in love with Roman and does not love John anymore. She finally says that she loves John with her whole heart and will always love him. John is relieved to hear this and talks some more about telling Roman the truth as soon as possible - after all he says if it were him he would want to know the truth. Marlena is still not sure but John finally manages to get her to agree and they fall into each other arms and begin to kiss. They are embracing and kissing passionately when Kristen walks up and sees them and hollers out NO as the credits roll. (Eric ran into Stef again and apologized for being so mean to him and thanked him for saving his Dad's life.)


November 12
Sister Mary invited Susan to the convent to show her Sami doing penance for her sins. Mary tells Susan what Sami is done and Susan says that Sami is mean, mean, mean. Susan is positive that her sister can set Sami straight. Mary tells Susan that she too is suffering from delusions and she plans to prove to her once and for all that Elvis Presley is not her baby's father. Mary tells her go on while she deals with Sami. Mary screams at Sami to wake up and asks her if she's learned her lesson. Sami swears she will never try to break up on Sami and Austin. Mary tells her if she does she will have to deal with her again, and the punishment will be even more severe. Sami asks if she can leave but Mary says only after she has served breakfast and washed the dishes.

At Jonsey's place Vivian learns that Jonsey left everything to Flora Dora and not her name, Vivian, this means she is still flat broke. Ivan is horrified that all she cares about is her money but Vivian says she did care for the sweet old man. Vivian says they need to figure out how to dispose of Jonsey's body when Jonsey starts moaning and groaning, but he soon collapses again. Vivian says she has to keep him awake long enough for him to change her name in the will. Vivian suddenly gets an idea and calls Dr. Wu. Dr. Wu arrives and Vivian pays him with some of Jonsey's money. Dr. Wu goes to work on Jonsey and Vivian thinks she's about to be rich once again. Dr. Wu tells Vivian that Jonsey is old and his body is shutting down, that is why he keeps falling asleep. Dr. Wu tells Vivian there is something that can keep him awake, healthy foods, interesting activities, and exercise. Dr. Wu tells her to never call him again and leaves. Jonsey suddenly wakes up and starts drinking tea, Suddenly Susan and Sister Mary show up to speak with Jonsey. Mary tells them all that Susan believes her child is the son of Elvis and that he is attached to this house in some way. Susan asks Jonsey when is the king coming to get her, and Jonsey thinks she means the master. Ivan says what master, and Susan says he must be the king. Jonsey, Susan, and Mary argue over the fact that Elvis is or is not dead. Susan and Mary decide to leave and Mary says they will pray that Susan comes to her senses. Vivian asks Jonsey that he needs to do something for her, he needs to put her correct name in his will. Jonsey says he'd be happy to and then begins to yawn and falls asleep.

At Carrie and Austin's place Carrie is dreaming about Mike and says in her sleep what a good friend he is. Carrie wakes up and finds a note from Austin on the pillow, he woke up early and went to Kate's. Carrie calls Kate and asks if Austin is there. Kate says she just missed him but she'd like to talk to Carrie in person. Carrie says she will get dressed and will be right over. Carrie arrives at the Kiriakis mansion and talks to Kate about what Sami was doing in Rome. Kate tells Carrie that she wants to send her and Austin on a cruise but Carrie has to turn down the offer, she doesn't want to leave her dad. Carrie says she'll keep an eye out for Sami, she can't do anything now. Suddenly Sami shows up and says she shouldn't be to sure about that. Carrie and Sami argue over Austin and Mike, Sami refuses to believe that Austin does not love her. Carrie hopes Sami will get the help she needs one day and leaves. Sami asks Kate what offer she made to Carrie. Kate tells Sami she offered to send them on another honeymoon which Carrie refused. Kate and Sami argue over Carrie's feelings for Mike and Sami says she will not give up until she makes Carrie admit that Mike has feelings for Carrie. Kate tells Sami she has no more allies, but Sami says she has one, and it isn't Franco.

At Jen's place Laura is talking to Mike, who has learned what Jennifer was doing. Laura tells Mike they just have to pray that Jen finds another way to prove Peter is alive. Laura then starts to give Mike a lecture on Carrie, and Mike once again sets her straight. Mike suddenly realizes that Sami arranged for him to go to Rome, and Laura says she's glad she did. Laura tells Mike that she thinks Sami is right, Carrie does love him. Mike says Carrie doesn't love him and he'd do nothing to come between Carrie and Austin. Laura says whatever, but she knows Carrie belongs with him. Mike decides to go to the hospital and Laura says she wants to go with him. Laura says before they leave she wants to wake Jen up. Laura goes upstairs and comes back down and says "Jen isn't in her room!" Laura shows Mike a note that was left in the room and Laura thinks something is strange. The note claims Jen is out checking a lead. Mike says she'll call when she can and they leave for the hospital. At the hospital Laura and Mike continue to bicker about Carrie and Austin's marriage. Laura tells Mike that the real issue is that Carrie does not know that he loves her. Suddenly Mike turns around and finds Carrie standing behind him. Luckily Carrie did not overhear what they were talking about. Dr. Marcus shows up and tells them all that he was just called to Roman Brady's room, so they all decide to go see what is happening.

In prison Jack asks Herb to get a message to Jen about Trent/Travis. The message is "Danger, Trent is Travis, send Mickey." T.C. returns to Jack's cell and asks him to hand over the laptop computer he has. Jack says he traded his laptop for phone calls awhile back, but T.C. doesn't believe him. Herb asks T.C. to let him leave before he can call his girlfriend, and Herb leaves (with the laptop). T.C. finds a picture of Jennifer and takes it from him while another guard holds Jack back. After T.C. leaves Herb returns with Jack's laptop. Herb also told Stacy to give Jen , but Stacy can't reach Jen, nobody answers her cell phone.

Meanwhile Jen wakes up in a hotel room and remembers what Travis did to her the previous night. Travis warns her if she screams he'll gag her. Jennifer asks why he is doing this, and Travis tells her that his name isn't Trent, it's Travis. Jen figures out that Travis is working for Stefano and Travis tells her she's a little to smart for her own good. Travis explains everything to her and Jen tells Travis that he's too late, Jack knows everything. Travis tells her she's lying and he doesn't like being lied to. Travis then tells Jen that he's no longer working for Stefano, he's working for Peter now! Travis tells Jen that he is going to deliver her to him!


November 13
Today's Summary is by Laney
This show is done a bit differently than some, using mainly Susan and John as the central characters, popping from scene to scene. As they enter the other characters lives, the different stories unfold as it goes. Good use of Salem Place as a gathering point. I liked it...very fast paced and full of information as well as some new twists. Sorry, I know I missed a lot, but there was SO much going on...

Susan is strolling thru Salem Place (hurrah, we have it back!) with little Elvis. She sees Stephano, Kristen and Lexie from a distance at Johnny Angels and decides to head the other way. She runs into Celeste (in her cat-in-the-hat look). Tells Celeste she doesn't want to hurt her feelings but she wants her to stop confusing her and leaves. Celeste sees Steph & Co. and prances up to them and she proceeds to rail out Stephano (as Lexie rolls her eyes). Celeste and Stephano argue over Lexie and Celeste says she knows from experience...she gave years of her life to Stephano as well as her love and look what it got her. Kristen acts like a total bitch during this time. (She whines "Oh,'re making me cry"). Steph tries to assure Celeste that they can SHARE Lexie, but Celeste wants no part of THAT. Steph & Kristen leave and Celeste & Lexie argue over Stephano. Celeste says he will end up hurting her.

Later, Susan runs into Shawn and Caroline (out buying some new clothes for Roman). She talks about Marlena's "pickle" having to choose Roman or John. She says she is rooting for John (then realizes she has put her foot in her mouth) so she says Marlena will win either way...she excuses herself and she and Elvis leave. Susan later runs into John. John plays with the baby as Susan calls him a hero. Watching John and Elvis, Susan is sad and begins to cry. She tells him he is a fine man and is sorry for all of the trouble she caused. John tells her it was all Kristen and Stephano's fault. Kristen is watching this all from a distance and daydreams that it is HER, John and Elvis strolling through Salem Place and that they are all so happy together. She joins them and asks Susan if she can hold the baby. Susan refuses and abruptly leaves. Seeing she is upset, John tells her she must learn there are consequences for all of her actions. She tries to explain which leads to apologizing to begging to crying. Sorry Krissy, none of it is working on John. They rehash all the rotten things she did and John tells her they are finished, over...he loves Marlena. Steph walks up and proclaims that Marlena loves Roman now. John gives him one of those patented "rotten egg smell" looks, tells him it is none of his business and leaves. Back to this story later.

Earlier in the show, John wakes up in bed next to Marlena. She was so exhausted, she fell asleep as soon as she hit the bed. He tells her he was going to sleep on sofa, but wanted to wake up with her. He tells her he wants to get married ASAP and they share a long kiss. He tells her they must tell Roman the truth soon, because neither of them want to hurt him anymore. He reminds her of the letters Roman wrote forgiving them. They also talk briefly about the jungle adventure. He gets out of bed (fully dressed) to go take a shower. (I assume they are at the penthouse?) Eric shows up and Marlena decides to go with him to the hospital and John is going to the police station to see Abe (something about Stephano's pardon). Eric is upset at John and Marlena being together and they argue. She tells Eric she cannot live a lie, even though a part of her will always love Roman, she is in love with John. Eric is afraid the truth will kill Roman. Their argument gets a bit heated and she basically tells Eric that it is none of his business...she, John and Roman will deal with it. He says not to count on his support and leaves. Later, Marlena and Eric are at the hospital. As she watches Roman, Marlena has (faked) flashbacks of the good times with Roman. She remembers how they first met (him protecting her) and his (first) proposal and her acceptance. She steps outside, where she and Kim talk. M tells her what is going on and how she is torn. Kim ends up telling her to follow her heart. John shows up and M fills him on Roman and he says when he awakes, they will tell him the truth.

Sami is getting ready to go see her dad then to work (Sami works???) Kate tells her she has a birthday party planned for Will, but Sami says she is way ahead of her and has already made plans. They get in a little argument and Kate tells her she needs to concentrate on helping her dad, not breaking up C&A. Earlier in the show, Carrie and Mike rush to Roman's room (joined by Austin). Eric, Shawn, Caroline, Abe and Kim (along with a bunch of Dr.'s and nurses) are all there celebrating his recovery. Roman asks where Doc is. Abe tells him she was exhausted and is at home getting some well deserved rest. R asks about Stephano and Abe explains about the cure. Roman questions further, but Mike interrupts and tells them all he needs his rest. Sami shows up to see Roman and tells Mike she'll be in for work in a few minutes. Don't bother Sami...Mike fires her on the spot. He says he doesn't trust her and leaves. She goes into see Roman and invites him to Will's party. He can't but she promises to bring Will by later. He tells her that he and Marlena are getting married soon (as everyone rolls their eyes). Later, Sami is getting ready for Will's party and Austin is there. She keeps referring to Austin as Will's daddy and takes pictures of them. Finally, Austin has had enough and rakes her butt over the coals. She tells him that she isn't worried, cause his marriage will self-destruct and she'll be there for him. Lucas shows up (Sami refers to Austin as Will's daddy again and this doesn't set well with Lucas). Lucas jumps her as Will calls him "daddy" and Sami winces. Lucas asks Austin to take Will to the nanny and he and Sami argue. He tells her to "shut up and listen to him". He says he is leaving and taking Will with him. Sami panics and Lucas says he MEANT to the park (I think they planted a seed here). He threatens (no, he GUARANTEES) he will take Will away from her if she doesn't straighten up soon. Later in the show, Carrie and Mike meet at a restaurant...seems Austin called them both to meet him there. Austin shows up with a gift for Mike from him and Carrie. It's a pocket watch (Mike says just like the one Dr. Tom had). They offer it as a gift for all he has done for Roman. They talk about Sami, then Austin and Carrie sit and kiss in front of him (how rude!)

Near the end of the show, Celeste is wandering the pier and runs into Abe. She is upset over Lexie and begins to cry. She says that Lexie years for Stephano's love and approval and she is worried about her. He assures her that Stephano's true nature will emerge soon. Abe comments that the Stephano/Lexie situation is not unlike the Marlena/Sami situation, as all parents and children seek the good in the other. But he is afraid that neither Stephano or Sami will EVER change from their evil ways. Later, Celeste goes to see Susan and to warn her that the baby's father is coming soon. Celeste is terrified, but Susan starts rejoicing, dancing, singing and slinging Celeste around.

Kristen asks Stephano how to get John to love her again. He basically says "It's your problem" and leaves her. He gets out his cell phone and talks to someone about preparations for "the child". Kristen (eavesdropping) says she will NOT let her take Susan's child. She says that by saving the baby from him, she can make John love her again and starts to leave. Stephano grabs her by the arm and stops her. He says she will tell NO ONE anything...and the credits roll.


November 14
In prison Jack is pacing his cell ranting about Jen and how Stacy needs to get her the message. T.C. shows up and starts taunting Jack by saying he's going to pay Jen a visit real soon.

At the motel room, Jen asks Travis to please let her go, her daughter needs her. Travis says all she cares about is Jack and that her future is with Peter now. Travis says he won't to jail for anyone! Jen tells Travis that Mickey can get him a deal to stay out of jail but Travis says no deal. Jen starts saying that her family will come for her and she won't help Travis if he doesn't help her, so he jumps her and knocks her out with either.

At Jen's place, Mickey, Alice, and Maggie are wondering why they haven't heard from Jen yet. Suddenly Travis shows up at the door! Travis tells them all that he saw Jen at the airport and asked him to come tell her family she had to chase down a lead. Alice asks if she said where she is going but Travis says she didn't. Travis tells them he has to go and Mickey thanks him for coming by. A Mrs. Saunders show up and takes Abbey to her dance recital. Stacy finally shows up and says she has to give Jen a message. Mickey says they can give the message to Jen but Stacy says she was told only to give it to Jen. Alice and Maggie try to convince Stacy to give them the message, they will make sure Jen gets it. When Stacy learns that Mickey is there she says he is in the message. She looks for the message but she lost it! All she can remember is "Danger . . . Send Mickey." Mickey thanks her and says he will check it out.

Mickey goes to the prison to see Jack but T.C. tells him that Jack is in lockdown. Mickey tells him that he has permission and T.C. lets him by, but listens in on the conversation. Mickey tells Jack that Jen is safe and she's checking out a new lead. Jack tells Mickey that Jen has to know about Travis and Mickey asks who Travis is? Jack says it was explained in the message but Mickey tells him Stacy lost the note. Jack tells Mickey that Jen's neighbor is really his old cell mate Travis, he was working for Stefano! Mickey says that it was Trent that told them that Jen is okay. Jack realizes Travis has kidnapped Jen.

Back at the motel a tied and gagged Jen tries to free herself. When Jen finally gets free, Travis returns and stops her from leaving. Travis tells Jen that he told her family that she is safe and is checking out a lead.

At Marlena's place, Susan is telling Celeste that the King is coming for his baby tonight. Sister Mary shows up and learns that Celeste had a premonition that the King was coming back for his baby tonight. Sister Mary scolds Celeste, but Celeste said she only had a premonition the baby's father was coming, not that he was Elvis. Susan and Mary argue and Mary says that Elvis is dead dead dead! Susan goes upstairs to freshen up and says if Elvis shows up they are not to tell him he's dead, it would hurt his feelings. Susan comes down in this awful dress and Mary tells her it's interesting, Celeste says she's stunned. Susan says all of the sudden she gets a tingly feeling all over. Susan tells them that she is going to fix a couple peanut butter and banana sandwiches for Mr. Elvis Presley. Mary says she will make the sandwiches and Mary and Celeste leave.

In Salem place Kristen tells Stefano that she will tell John of his plans to kidnap Elvis. Stefano says she will do no such thing but Kristen thinks that saving Elvis from him may redeem herself in John's eyes. Kristen paints this lovely little picture of how John will love her and they will raise little Elvis, and says she has a right to the child. Stefano laughs and tells her he has the most rights to the child, because he's the father! Kristen thinks Stefano is joking but he says it is not a joke. Stefano tells Kristen that he had to masquerade as Elvis to get Susan's cooperation. Stefano says he wants the baby eventually, but not now. He wants to see the baby tonight but needs Kristen's help. Stefano says he can't take the baby now because he has made a pledge to be good, when the time is right then he will take him. Kristen argues with Stefano to let her raise the baby because she is a better mother than Susan. Stefano tells her he believes she would be a better mother but he can't make his move now. Kristen tells Stefano she will help him, but only if he agrees to help her later, which Stefano agrees to. Stefano gives Kristen a peanut butter and banana sandwich to give to Susan, it's drugged and she will go to sleep. Kristen doesn't think Susan will trust her but Stefano says she can't refuse this sandwich.

Kristen goes to the penthouse to see Susan. Kristen tells Susan she wants to make amends and to be friends. Kristen tells Susan she brought her a sandwich. Susan says she was going to make one of these but Dr. Evans was all out of peanut butter. Susan sits down and eats her "delicious sandwich." Susan says they can try to be friends, but only if she's just not mean mean mean to her again. Susan offers Kristen half of the sandwich but Kristen says no so Susan continues to eat the sandwich. Kristen picks up Elvis and says he's gotten so big. Susan starts to become hot and sleepy but she can't go to sleep because big Elvis is coming real soon. Kristen tells Susan she'll wake her up when Elvis gets here so Susan leaves to take a nap. Kristen tells Elvis that his daddy is coming to see him.

Celeste has a premonition that something big is about to happen, something involving Susan and the father of her baby. Back at the penthouse Stefano comes to see little Elvis. Stefano tells the baby that he is going to have a wonderful future. Stefano cuts off a lock of his hair when Susan wakes up and screams you!

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