November 97 Week 1


Today's Summary is by Laney (Dustin will write tomorrows!!!
The show opens at Jonesy's with the alarm blaring and Susan & Celeste in a panic. They make a mad dash for the door. Vivian rips off Susan's sheet and Jonesy rushes up and says "Death, all of our lives are in danger!" They all look at him confused. He turns off the alarm (FINALLY) and scolds them by saying "Curse ye who violates the sanctity of this room. It is the forbidden fruit which sticketh in your throat and choketh you" then collapses to the floor. (Lighten up on the theatrics, Jonesy...methinks you've seen ONE too many Star Trek reruns!) Ivan helps him to the sofa and he falls asleep and Vivian explains he does this all the time. Viv wants to know why S&C are there and Celeste explains her strange dream. Susan says she doesn't understand it all but Celeste had on of her "psycho vibrations" (as she plays with Celeste's purple hair) (LOL) and they came to check it out. Celeste says they were opening the door to find a hiding place...and all are very curious as to what is behind that door. Later we see them munching on left over Halloween candy and Susan announces that this is the best Halloween party ever. Celeste reminds her they did NOT come there to party. Ivan is worried (going back to Celeste's warning about messing with the spirit world), but Vivian poo-poo's the idea. Celeste says she feels the presence of little Elvis' father in the house and asks Ivan if HE is the father and he gives her this "what planet are you from?" look. (ROFL) He denies it (as does Vivian). Celeste looks at Jonesy and Susan says " can just forget THAT!" (ROFLMAO by now). Celeste examines the alarm system and says she has seen one like it before. (Have you figured who's house it is yet?...All bets say it's Stephano's).

Jack is pacing his cell, flashbacking about Jen's getting caught. TC shows up with visions of whipping Jack's butt. He tells him how stupid he and Jen were to do what they did. He calls in another guard (Stanley, who works in the basement) and they inform Jack that they have a party planned for him. TC punches him in the gut and they haul him off to the basement. They inform him they intend to "mess with his head". Jack asks if Peter and/or Stephano are involved. They show him a huge wicked looking machine and tell him it is a machine press and that they are going to put his head in it and mash it until it looks like a squeezed grape (NOT a pretty mental picture so early in the morning) then tell the Warden it was an accident (oh, really?). The next time we see him, Jack is tied down on this machine (so much for looking like an accident) as he cries for Jen. TC says he will allow him one last thought of Jen before he kills him. Jack pleads for his life...his wife and daughter need him, but TC assures him HE'LL take care of them!

On the plane, Carrie is asleep having these alternating dreams. First she is with Austin, then with Mike, Austin, Mike, etc. She awakes yelling for (oops, looks like the big wheel stopped on Mike). Austin and Mike are both

confused, as is Carrie. Over her shoulder you can see Sami with her patented Cheshire cat look. When Austin questions Carrie, she gives him some cock and bull story about how her dad is sick and she was calling for Mike to help him. (Austin swallows it of course). In the bathroom, Sami gloats. Carrie decides she needs to freshen up so she heads to the bathroom as well. Mike and Austin talk about Roman's condition and Mike says with no cure there isn't much hope he'll survive. Sami overhears Carrie talking to stewardess and panics. Getting tired of waiting, Carrie finally knocks on the door and asks the sister if she is okay. About that time they announce the plane will be landing soon, so Carrie heads back to her seat. Next we see of all them, they are in customs (I think). Mike, Carrie & Austin all take off for the hospital, then Sami makes her move. The guard stops her after looking at her passport and says there's nothing on it about her being a nun and that it's against the law to fly internationally in a disguise (huh??) He says he must verify that she is really a nun before letting her pass and has called someone...oh, there she is now. Sami whirls around and (ohmiGod)'s Sister Mary!! (Can't you just feel Sami's butt drawing up?) She heads toward Sami slapping the ruler in her hand.

At St. Lukes the wedding is proceeding and looks like it may come off without a hitch (NOT!) Kate and Lucas slip in the back door and Kate comments on how she wishes C&A were there. Lucas comments about what Franco told Kate re: Sami's meddling (Kate must've told him....HEY...did she tell him about her & Franco as well??) There are little conversations all around (Abe & Lexie), (Alice & Maggie), (Laura & Jen), (Shawn & Caroline) for everyone's perspective. Abe tells Lexie how ironic it is that he has Steph's pardon in his pocket and it'll never get used. Laura and Kate cut mean looks at each other (as Lucas scolds Kate for this). But she just can't help it...Laura's just ANOTHER thorn in her side. At the hospital chapel, the gang is wondering where everyone is. Kristen gives John the cell phone and says call her house. The phone is dead...John says the battery is corroded by salt water ( worked fine yesterday). He calls on hospital phone and gets answering machine and they all panic. They ask a nurse if she knows anything and she tells them that R&M and a bunch of others left via cars, but doesn't know where they were headed. Kristen suggests he call Abe, but they tell him that Abe is at the hospital, so John pages him. Back at the hospital, Abe gets a page but doesn't recognize the number. Lexie tells him it's the hospital and it may be important. Abe thinks it may be news from John about the cure and Lexie urges him to stop the wedding. He does and Roman says they'll wait. Back at the hospital they are all pacing around the phone waiting for Abe's call. The nurse comes back and tells them that everyone went to St. Lukes, so it's OFF TO THE they head out the door. As soon as the door swings shut...the phone rings (Abe calling) Abe is told there is no way of knowing who placed the call. He tells them it was a false alarm and the wedding resumes. Roman says his "I do's" and then proceeds to have a coughing fit but tells Father Jansen to continue. He gets over it (Marlena urges him to return to the hospital, but he refuses) As they resume, John & Company burst through the doors announcing they have a cure (gasps all around). He looks confused by the scene taking place and Marlena rushes to him, Roman looks confused and Kristen just grins. Roman is upset by the sight of Stephano and begins to yell and collapses with another attack. Later, Laura, Alice, Jen & Maggie inform us that they have all gone to the hospital and Laura points out that if the cure works, Marlena NOW has another problem (No joke). Jen is worried about Jack and decides to call Mickey and see if he can check on him (Will Mickey save the day for "grape head"?) At the hospital, Roman is rushed into ER as Mike, Carrie and Austin also arrive. Carrie rushes in to see her dad as Mike also goes to see if he can help (since he IS the only doctor in Salem). The crowd in the ER files back into the lobby as John says now, they wait. John and Hope explain about all they went through to get the cure as everyone listens amazed at their tale. Stephano strolls in and everyone turns to stare at him. Abe tells him he is going to get what he wanted and reluctantly hands him the pardon (I think I would wait to see if the cure works). Kate and Lucas wonder where Sami is, then Lucas leaves to return to work. John asks Marlena what was going on at St. Lukes but as she begins to explain, Mike comes out and tells them (oh, no!) there is a problem. For the cure to work, they need the blood of someone who has used the serum before. Stephano steps forward and announces he is the only one who can save Roman's life...BUT he has a price...and it is a HIGH one...and the credits roll.


November 4
No time to proof, hope this makes sense
In Rome Billie surprises Bo with a special breakfast, it's his birthday. Billie tries to wake Bo, but he's having a nightmare and calls out Hope. Bo wakes up and senses something is wrong with Billie. Billie tells Bo that he was dreaming and asks if he recalls. Bo says he was dreaming about someone who was in danger, and Billie tells him that he called out Hope's name. Bo tells Billie he loves her now and is married to her. Billie decides to call Salem to see how everyone is.

At Salem Hospital Stefano offers his blood to save Roman, for a price. Hope asks what the price is, but John interrupts and says if Stefano's blood doesn't match then their one cure will be lost. Stefano says his blood has been tested in this hospital before, so Mike goes to get the records. Celeste shows up and has a fir, Lexie takes her aside to talk. Abe shows up and Celeste tells them all that Stefano had a reason for bring the cure back. Lexie tells Celeste about Stefano's pardon and Celeste freaks, she says nobody will be safe! Mike returns with Stefano's test, he is a match. Stefano tells everyone that in exchange for his blood he wants Marlena! Everyone gasps and Lexie says "No father, don't do this!" Stefano says they misunderstands, all he wants from Marlena, and all of them is their friendship and forgiveness. Stefano says he was hoping that this would be a new beginning for himself, and for all of them. Stefano then goes on to say his pardon is meaningless unless they accept him, he is tired of living his life on the outside. Stefano says he has decided not to live his life like that anymore, and that he wants to become a productive member of society and live a happy life in Salem. John starts to tell Stefano what he can do with his conditions, but Marlena stops him and agrees to Stefano's condition. Marlena says she doesn't trust him, but she will try to believe that he is a changed man. Stefano tells them even if Marlena did refuse he would have given his blood. Stefano asks Lexie to take his blood and she says she would be glad to. Celeste tells Abe this is what she feared, Stefano is drawing Lexie into his web. Abe assures Celeste that he will NOT let that happen.

Carrie and Austin visit Roman in the hospital. Roman tells Austin and Carrie about his almost marriage, and he says if he does live and marries Marlena he'll have John to thank.

Meanwhile, At the Salem Airport Sister Mary says that Sami is a nun, but after they let her through customs Sister Mary demands to know what is going on. Sami tells Mary that she must get to the hospital, her father is dyeing. Sister Mary threatens to tell Marlena what Sami has been up to and she says no! Mary asks what she is afraid of. Sami goes off about terrible people were trying to kidnap her and to force her to do terrible things. Sami says she was praying for guidance and saw a nun's habit and thought about her (Mary). Sami says she tried the habit on and now she wants to be a nun. Mary says that is like a fox wanting to be a chicken! Sami points out that Mary Magdolin (sp?) was a sinner and changed, she just wants a chance to change to. Sami starts crying and sniffling so Mary tells her she will take her to the hospital, but first she must remove the habit and then do penance.

Jen calls her uncle Mickey to learn how Jack is. Mickey says Jack is okay, but Jen has a terrible feeling that he is in danger. At the prison T.C. has strapped Jack to a printing press and starts the machine before leaving the room. Jack begins to fantasize about how Jen will react to his death and then says he can't give up and tries to break free before he's pressed to death.

Hope and Jen talk as Kate listens in. Hope says perhaps Jack is in danger, she and Bo used to have that connection and that she knows he no longer loves her because Bo never sensed she was in danger, or even asked about her. Caroline thanks both John and Hope for what they did, and Kristen just watches from the background.

Billie calls Kate, who tells Billie and Bo that John brought back a cure for Roman. Bo wants to return home but she tells him to stay, she'll call back if there is any change. Bo asks about Hope and Kate tells Bo that Hope is back from her trip and looks happier than ever, but she says Hope just left to go home. Bo and Billie say goodbye, and Kate vows to make sure Billie remains happy with Bo.

John takes Marlena aside to talk to about what happened at the church, but Mike tells Marlena that Roman is asking for her. Mike tells Marlena that it is vital to Roman's recovery that she go along with whatever Roman wants. John talks to Kim about what he saw, and he says that Marlena was about to promise to marry and love Roman forever, and Marlena never breaks a promise. John asks Kim what was going on and Kim and Caroline tell John that Marlena was going to marry Roman because it was his last wish. Kristen suggests to John that perhaps Marlena is in love with Roman again, but he tells her that he and Marlena will be married!

Sami shows up at the hospital demanding to see her father, and she's taken to his room. Carrie and Austin show up as Sami is visiting Roman. All the children leave and Roman asks Marlena to stay with him for awhile. Roman asks Marlena if he lives, does she still want to marry him? Marlena dodges the question so he asks her once again if she still wants to marry him. Marlena recalls what Mike told her and she tells Roman that she still wants to marry him. John overhears this and gasps, and Kristen smiles.

Lexie overhears Celeste and Abe talking about Stefano. Lexie says that Stefano has proven there is good in him.

Austin decides to go to the pub to visit Will, and Carrie asks Mike how her dad is. Mike says that he should be okay and Carrie thanks Mike for helping get the medicine that kept Roman alive long enough to wait for the cure. Sami smiles as she sees Mike with Carrie and Sister Mary wonders what she is up to. Caroline asks Mary if something is wrong, and Mary says she's wondering if a sinner has truly repented.

Mickey calls Jen and says that her that the warden's secretary said Jack is asleep in his cell. Jen says she still can't shake this feeling that Jack is in danger. What they don't know is that T.C. paid the secretary off! Jen approaches Stefano to talk to him. Jen tells him that if he wants to be respected in Salem he will need the Horton's help. Jen tells Stefano that she will put everything aside if he can give her his guarantee that Jack will not be harmed in prison. Stefano says he has no control over what happens to Jack in prison. Jen says she doesn't give a damn about what he says, if he wants to be accepted in Salem he better make damn sure Jack stays alive.

Hope goes home to see Shawn D. and tells him about the cure for Roman. Shawn D. says she's glad she is back because it's dad's birthday. Hope says she completely forgot and Shawn D. wants to call his dad. Shawn D D. asks where his dad is, and Hope says he's in Rome with Billie. Later Hope tells Shawn D. he should get ready for bed, and she kisses him goodnight. Hope goes outside and looks at "their" star and thinks of Bo, wondering if he feels her.

In Rome Bo suddenly gets this strange feeling. Billie tells Bo she's sorry she didn't have a chance to get him a birthday present, but he says she is the best present he could have asked for.


November 5
At the Brady pub Kate, Shawn, and Austin discuss what Stefano did. Lisa (the waitress) brings Philip and Will down to see Kate and Austin. Lisa says that Little Elvis, Belle, and Brady are upstairs sleeping together. Shawn apologizes to Austin for what Sami did to him. Susan comes and when she doesn't see Carrie with Austin she wonders if that mean mean mean mean Sami did anything. Austin tells her no, Sami didn't try anything. Susan goes off on how she wishes she could go to Italy to see the big ole buckets of spaghetti sauce and big ole meatballs. Susan says she's making herself hungry so Shawn gets her a bowl of chowder. Austin talks to Kate about the trip and how wonderful it was. Kate asks how Mike's trip turned out and Austin says it wasn't as good. Austin thought that perhaps Mike would develop a relationship with this girl Debra, but Mike is already in love with a married woman in Salem. Kate asks if they know who this married woman is but Austin says no, but he thinks it might be someone at the hospital. Austin tells Kate that he used to tease Carrie about playing matchmaker for Mike, but now he really wants to help her find a woman for Mike.

At the hospital Sami, Carrie, and Eric all discuss Stefano. Sami says that maybe they should start trusting Stefano and Carrie says "Leave it to you to trust Stefano" and she goes on to say she (Carrie) would trust him as much as she'd trust Sami. When Mike walks by Carrie thinks of him and Sami smiles, she knows Carrie loves Mike and she's just now realizing it. Sami says Carrie looks a little pale, but Carrie says it's jetlag. Eric asks Sami how she knew to come home and to the hospital and Sami claims she just felt the need to return. Eric warns Sami to stay away from Austin and Carrie and Sami says she didn't go anywhere near them. Carrie decides to take a walk, but Sami convinces Carrie to stay with Dad because she wants to go see Will.

Sami calls Franco and tells him she lied to a nun to get home. Franco asks about Carrie and Mike and Sami says that Carrie is realizing she's falling in love with Mike.

Jen tells Laura what she told Stefano about keeping Jack safe. Laura says she'll never trust Stefano, but she hopes her talk worked for Jack's sake. Laura tells Jen that if Stefano really wanted to change he would bring Peter back to release Jack, but Jen says that she just wants Jack to be safe for now.

Laura and Jen talk to Carrie, and when Mike makes himself scarce Jen decides to give Mike a pep talk. Laura asks Carrie to make sure Mike gets something to eat later. Jen talks to Mike and Mike says he has to find a way to get over Carrie.

In another part of the hospital Stefano calls Travis and tells him to call T.C. and to make sure nothing happens to Jack. Travis says it's to late and he tells Stefano what happened, and that they had him killed! Stefano sits there with his mouth open and just says "my god!" Stefano asks Travis for T.C.'s number and he quickly calls T.C.. At the prison Stefano calls T.C. and asks when Jack was killed and where is his body. T.C. says that he's in the press room and Stefano calls T.C. an idiot. Stefano tells T.C. to go check on Jack's condition immediately and call him back. Stefano warns T.C. if Jack is dead they are all dead! In the press room Jack manages to break one arm free and tries to pull his head out from under the press. T.C. and the other guard come into the room and see Jack is still alive, but the press is jammed. T.C. and the other guard pull him out just in time. Stefano calls T.C. and demands to hear Jack's voice. When he hears that Jack is okay he tells T.C. to make sure nothing happens to him. Jack asks who was on the phone but T.C. tells him not to worry about that. Jack tells T.C. that he is going to take them down, but T.C. says not to get any bright ideas, he has people who can keep him from talking. Jack is taken back to his cell where he thanks God for saving him. Jack asks God to grant him the strength and courage to to expose the corruption in the prison system, to allow him to prove his innocence, and to keep Jen and Abby safe. Jack asks another inmate, Herb, who it was that Travis was on the phone with, but he doesn't know. He thinks perhaps Travis could help him, if he could only find him. Jack offers 1000$ to Herb if he could help him get a message to Jennifer. Herb accepts and Jack writes a note to Jennifer and gives it to Herb.

Back at the hospital Stefano tells Jen that Jack will be okay. Laura suggests that Stefano should save Jack, and that if he doesn't bring Peter back to Salem and free Jack then everyone will see him as the same evil man he's always been.

Caroline asks Carrie what is troubling her. Carrie says she's not troubled, but Mike has been on her mind a lot. Carrie tells Caroline about the song that was played in Rome that reminded her of Mike. Caroline just says that he's just a friend and Carrie says Caroline is right. Carrie says Mike is a great friend and a great man and he's done so much to help her dad, that's why she's been thinking about him so much. Caroline says yes, that probably is why, but you can tell from her expression she doesn't believe it.

Jen returns home where Maggie is watching Abby. Jen fills Maggie in on the cure and Jack's safety. Maggie says that Stefano has no conscious, but Jen says for some reason she believed him when he told her Jack would be safe. Jen tells her aunt Maggie that she has to find a way to get Jack the password to the warden's computer. Jen thinks she could ask Mickey, but Maggie says that Mickey wouldn't do that because it would jeopardize his integrity as a lawyer. Maggie leaves and Jen wonders how she could get the password to Jack.

Stefano confronts Travis on the docks and tells him that if Jack was killed then all his plans would be destroyed. Travis said he did what he had to do, and if he ends up back in jail because of Jack's expose then he's taking Stefano with him! Stefano punches Travis and tells him never to threaten him again. Travis runs into T.C. and he tells him they can't let Stefano or Jack push them around. Travis goes to Jen's house and watches her from outside. Travis says he needs to start looking out for himself.

Sami goes to the pub and sees Will. Sami says Will is so happy to be with "them" (Sami and Austin). Austin tells her to stop it but Sami tells Austin she really does love him and she will be there for him if things don't turn out with him and Carrie. Austin tells Sami that he will spend his life with Carrie and asks her if she is planning something. Sami says she isn't planning anything, but she will always love him.

Back at the hospital Mike shows up and tells Carrie and Caroline that Roman is responding to the cure. Caroline leaves to tell Shawn and Mike asks Carrie what is bothering her. Carrie asks to talk to Mike in private, so they go out to the terrace. Sami returns and rushes to spy on Mike and Carrie, but she's caught by Caroline, who wants to talk to the young lady. Caroline warns Sami that she better walk the straight and narrow, she is not going to let her destroy Austin and Carrie's happiness. Out on the terrace Carrie tells Mike she's been thinking a lot about him lately, but Mike is called away to check on a patient. Meanwhile Sami has positioned herself on another terrace so she can overhear Carrie and Mike's discussion. Mike returns and tells Carrie he's all hers.

Back at the pub Stefano watches Susan and Little Elvis through the window. Stefano says my son, you have my heart and soul, and one day you'll have the world. Susan and Little Elvis leave the pub and Stefano watches them leave. Stefano says he will be there for his son.


November 6
Summary by Tracy (Dustin is going to be out)
The Halloween party is over at Jonesy's and Viv and Ivan are ready to GET OUT. They agree the place is weird and they need to get out while the getting is good. They go to open the front door but it won't open and after some banging on it a panel in the wall falls out to reveal lots of jewels and money. Viv is ecstatic and wants to stay now but Ivan keeps trying to convince her they should leave. She agrees to think about it over champagne and caviar at CheVous and grabs a wad of cash before leaving the house (the door finally opens). At the restaurant they enjoy the food and drink and Viv says that she can't leave all this behind as Ivan keeps reminding her of what Celeste said and that Jonesy keeps repeating death and danger even in his sleep. They return to the house where Jonesy is frantic because he has discovered that some money has been taken (when he tried to open the front door the panel fell open for him too) and he thinks the place has been robbed. Vivian explains that she just took a few jewels and cash for safe keeping. He is glad and goes off to fall asleep in the couch and as Viv and Ivan are chatting in the foyer he is mumbling like he is talking to his boss and saying that he hasn't let anyone in the house.

Abe, Lexie and Celeste have gone to CheVous for supper (everyone goes there today - guess once the props are set they have to use them as much as possible) and Lexie is upset that Abe and Celeste can't accept the fact that Stef has done something good and is trying to change. They both know what Stef is capable of and know that he has an ulterior (sp?) motive. They are discussing this as Stef comes into the restaurant closely followed by two cops trying to arrest him. Lexie ask Abe to do something and he lets the guys know that Stef got a full pardon and is a free man. Stef comes over to see his lovely Alexandra and she is just beaming (bet she won't be beaming when he causes her problems in the future). He asks is he can join them and she is more than happy for that even though Abe and Celeste are none too happy. Then we see Susan come into the restaurant as she is having trouble with her stroller wheel. She sees Stef and hollers vampire but Lexie tells her no he is not a vampire. She comments about the weird feeling she had while walking (Stef was following her in the park) and that she was glad to be inside safe and sound. Stef looks at the baby and comments how cute he is and Susan says that he is Elvis' child. Stef agrees that he is the spitting image of his father as Celeste says to herself - he can't be - indicating that she knows he is Elvis' daddy. While Abe is fixing the wheel for Susan, Stef says his good-byes to Lexie saying he is tired and wants to get a good nights rest and they will catch up on everything tomorrow. With him gone Abe returns and he and Lexie argue about Stef and what he is up too. Lexie says she is not stupid (you are now honey) and knows what Stef has done in the past but he is changing. They talk some more and she tells Abe she doesn't want to discuss it anymore and walks off. Celeste says that the only way Stef can cause problems is to come between him and Lexie and it looks like he has already started to do that.

At the hospital Carrie is talking to Mike on the balcony and saying that she as realized how much he means to her. Kate sees them and calls Austin to come back to the hospital to get his wife as she wants to treat them to supper at CheVous and tells him that even though they are home he still needs to remind Carrie how much he loves her and he agrees his is lucky and will make Carrie happy. Carrie tells Mike has been a very good friend through everything (Sami is thinking she is going to admit her love for him as she listens from above) and that she wants to remain their close friendship when they hear a woman scream. They rush in to find Sami being pulled around by the ear by Sister Mary. Seems that Sister came to the hospital to give Sami a rosary because she wants to become a nun and was telling Caroline this when Caroline but two and two together and figured out what Sami was up to on her trip. When Carrie hears that Sami was in Rome she flips out and grabs Sami by the arm and take her out to the balcony. She says she knows what she was up to in Rome - looking at her dairy, trying to get her to think about Mike etc. Sami says that she will have Austin for herself as Carrie calls her a bi*ch. Carrie tells Sami that she has lost but Sami says she won't quit til she has Austin for herself (remember this Carrie). They argue some more and Carrie tells her she won't win and Carrie comes back into the hospital where she tells Austin what was going on (he says that Sami commented at the pub that she would be there in case anything happened to him and Carrie and now he knows why she said it - could it be he's getting a brain - probably not). Kate reminds him of supper plans and they rush off to CheVous. When Sami comes back in she is grabbed by Caroline and Sister Mary who give her he*l for what she has done. Caroline threatens to tell Roman but Sami begs her not too being he is so sick. She agrees but Sister Mary says that she will make her pay for her bad ways and drags her off with her. We then see Carrie and Austin at CheVous saying that Sami will never come between them (we all know better than that but we all want that don't we) and that they know will be together forever. As they kiss Mike walks in (told you everyone is here tonight) and sees them and has that puppy dog look on his face again. Next we see Sami doing some manual labor - washing rags by hand with Sister Mary cracking the whip on her. Sister says that Sami will repent and change her ways but Sami mumbles no way in he*l. Sister says WHAT did you say as Sami says yes you are right and the credits roll.


November 7
Vivian tells Ivan that she is not about to walk away from all these treasures they've discovered at Jonsey's. Vivian tries to wake up Jonsey and asks him to leave everything in his will to her. Ivan returns with some coffee in hopes of waking Jonsey's up. Vivian tells Ivan that she needs to have him leave everything to her in writing, in case he doesn't wake up one day. Jonsey wakes up and tells Flora Dora he was having the most wonderful dream about her. Vivian tells him they can discuss that later, but they need to make things legal. Jonsey says nobody would question him now that she's his fiancee, and he tells her after they marry he will make out his will. Vivian wonders what she will do now. Jonsey says he would never leave his legal possessions to anyone but his wife. Jonsey asks Flora Dora when she wants to marry him, and Vivian says she needs time to get her thoughts together. Jonsey says no problem, and goes back to sleep. Vivian then whispers something into Ivan's ear. Later Vivian is dressed up in some white nightmare of an outfit with feathers and boas. Ivan, dressed as a parson shows up to marry Vivian and Jonsey. Jonsey is thrilled with the aspect of marrying his Flora Dora and he hugs her. Jonsey and Vivian say there vows and Ivan pronounces them man and wife, and they kiss. Vivian asks him to write out his new will, but Jonsey wants to make whoopee first!

In prison Jack asks T.C. who his boss is, Stefano or Peter? And why do they suddenly want to protect him? Jack continues to question T.C. what Peter or Stefano want with him, and then he realizes that they never wanted him to die, they told T.C. NOT to kill him! Jack laughs at T.C., who says he will get his revenge on him, he's going to teach Jennifer a lesson! Later Jack asks Herb if he's heard anything else about who T.C. is working for, but he hasn't. Herb tells Jack that his note will get through to Jennifer, he gave it to his girlfriend who has done numerous favors for him in the past.

At Jen's place Trent comes in and visits with Jennifer. Trent tells Jennifer that he just worries about her but she tells him she's very safe, and he won't have to worry about her much longer. Trent asks why and Jen says she's very close to getting Jack out of prison. Jen tells Trent that Jack was framed and that if she digs hard enough and deep enough she'll put the pieces of this puzzle together, and now she knows where to look. Jen tells Trent that she will get to Jack somehow, and she's not giving up. Trent wishes Jen luck and rushes out. Jen recalls what T.C. said about someone watching Jen and she wonders who it could be. Outside Travis says he has to stop Jen, fast.

T.C. and Travis meet and discuss what they should do about Jennifer. Back at Jen's place Stacey shows up and gives Jen the note Jack wrote her. It just says to be careful and to try to get him the warden's password. Jen asks Stacey if she can get a note to Jack, his life may depend on it.

Back at the prison Herb tries to pass Jen's note to Jack but is caught by T.C.. Meanwhile Trent returns to Jen's house to see her. Jen turns around to pour some tea for Trent, who pulls out a gun!

At the hospital Marlena is dreaming about marrying John while sleeping next to Roman! Eric comes in and hearing his mom say John over and over. Marlena continues to dream about marrying someone, but the man continues to change from Roman to John. Suddenly Roman and John get into a huge argument over Marlena. Eric wakes his mom up and tells her that she was calling out John's name. Eric scolds his mom for dreaming about John when Roman is barely hanging on. Eric and Marlena argue about Marlena's intentions towards Roman. When a doctor comes in to examine Roman, Marlena and Eric leave. Outside Eric tells his mother he loves her but he loves his dad too. Eric tells her that he wants her to remarry Roman and he wants John out of her life for good! Marlena tells Eric that it's natural for children of divorced parents want their family to reconcile, but this is a very odd situation. Eric and Marlena argue and Eric thinks everyone would be happier if John would butt out. Marlena says no, she loves John and she's sorry if that hurts him, Eric then walks off. Marlena decides to go to the chapel and pray to God. Marlena tells God she feels her life is falling apart and she doesn't know how to keep that from happening. Suddenly Eric shows up and apologizes for snapping at her earlier. Eric tells Marlena he never meant to hurt her and has brought some ice cream for them to share (he had to wake the ice cream man up). Marlena and Eric hug and apologizes for hurting him and Sami. Eric tells her she doesn't have to apologize and tells his mom he loves her. Eric tells his mom that he wishes he could feel the happiness he felt when he was little

Back in Roman's room something has gone wrong, Roman's body is rejecting the cure! Marlena is beeped and when she realizes it's a code blue Eric and Marlena rush to Roman's room. When they arrive Roman has suffered a cardiac arrest!

John is on the pier wondering about what he walked in on at the hospital chapel. Suddenly Stefano shows up on the pier and he tells John they have to put their past behind them and look to the future. John tells Stefano nobody wants him here and suggests he leaves now that he got his pardon. Stefano won't go because now he has Marlena's word that she will welcome him as a friend. Stefano says he has been given a chance to rebuild his life and he intends to do that. John laughs and says nobody will trust him and now he expects the people of Salem to help him build a life in Salem? John says the only life he wants for Stefano is one that sends him straight to hell! Stefano tells John that it is time they made peace with each other, but John can't forget all the pain he caused him and the Brady family. John says he'll never forgive and forget and tells Stefano that if he makes one move towards Marlena then he's a dead man! Stefano says he expected that reaction and he says that they are very much alike, the last breed of warrior philosophers. Stefano points out they have much more in common, except for one thing. Stefano says they have both lost Marlena, he is willing to admit it but John is not. John thinks this is another game, but Stefano says it is not. Stefano tells him that he has faced the fact that Marlena will never return his love and laughs at the time he wasted deluding himself. John doesn't buy it and thinks the reason he wants to live in Salem is to be near Marlena. Stefano says no, the reason he wants to live in Salem is to be near Lexie, and his desire to rehabilitate himself to earn Lexie's love. Stefano then tells John to face the fact that he has lost Marlena's love as well.

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