November 96 Week 4


November 25
Franco returns to the docks to find Jill and when she is not there he says he must find her and Billie who is behind him asks him who. Franco turns around and makes an excuse that he was looking for her to ask her to dinner. Billie says she can't because she needs to be at the hospital for Jen and Kristen so he asks her to lunch at the hospital cafeteria and she agrees. After Billie leaves Franco decides to call his boss and report the news. Franco agrees to meet his boss in person at Salem Place and is over heard by a cop who reports the news to Bo. Bo and Hope are at the hospital talking to Alice when Bo gets the call and they rush off to Salem Place. Franco is with his boss and when he hears Bo he tells his boss to run off. Bo accuses Franco of meeting with his employer and Franco tells him the only person he is meeting is Billie and walks off. Back at the hospital Billie has been coerced by Mrs Horton to volunteer some time and sit and talk with Jill. Billie talks with Jill twice and every time she leaves Jill starts calling Bo's name.

Peter crashes and a code blue is called but Mike manages to bring him back but fears one more crash and Peter will die. Kristen asks John to say a prayer which he does. Afterwards Kristen blows up at Jack and then decides she needs to be alone and takes a walk.

Jen goes to the hospital chapel to pray and Jack joins her. He explains what happened and tells her that if Peter dies he will go to jail. Jen says No! That can't happen!

As Kristen walks through the halls Stefano grabs her and pulls her into a supply room. He inquires about Peter and when Kristen tells him Peter's condition. Stefano asks her to arrange a short period of time where he can say his last goodbyes. Kristen agrees but then tells Stefano that she is planning on telling John everything. He tells her she is crazy but Kristen says she is being punished for her selfishness. Stefano tries to reason with her but she says if God will spare Peter she will tell John everything. Kristen manages to arrange for Stefano to see Peter. After she has gotten Stefano in the room she takes John aside and tells him she has something to say about them.

In Peter's room Stefano looks at Peter and says that it's the Tony situation all over again but he will not let it end the same way (Hmmmmmmm?). Stefano leaves the room and Peter crashes. Right before Kristen can tells John everything she is grabbed by a nurse. Kristen and Jen both race to the room but when they arrive it's to late, Peter is already gone.

Stefano says that Jack Devereux now has a new enemy, and he will see him burn in hell for what he has done.

Bo and Hope return to the hospital and Mrs. H. tells them that Peter died. Bo hugs Hope and doesn't notice that Jill is being wheeled right by. Bo may not notice Jill, but Franco who just arrived does!


November 26
Franco manages to block Bo's view of Jill long enough so that he does not see her. Billie tells Franco that she can't have lunch because she needs to be there for Jen and Kristen today and Franco suggests that they have a late dinner instead, which Billie agrees to. Hope tells Bo he should learn from Jacks obsession with proving Peter was out to hurt Jen and Abby, but Bo says that it doesn't mean Jack was wrong. Hope tells Bo she's going to the chapel and leaves. After Jill is wheeled away Franco calls his boss to tell him or her that Jill is in the hospital and she could ruin their plans to keep Bo and Hope apart. Just at that moment Hope comes up behind him and calls his name. Franco turns around and he makes an excuse that he was talking to a friend while waiting for Billie. Hope tells Franco that she is on her way to the chapel and just stopped to tell him that she's sorry about all the accusations Bo is claiming against him. Hope gives Franco a kiss on the cheek and walks off. After she is gone Franco decides to find information on Jill but the hospital has nobody under that name.

Hope and Mrs. Horton talk in the church chapel about Bo. Hope tells her grandmother that she doesn't believe that Franco is the monster Bo says he is and that she doubts he will ever find Jill. Alice says that if Jill really can help get them back together Bo will find her.

Bo notices that Franco is gone and he asks Billie where Franco went and she tells him she has no idea. Bo wonders why he was acting so strangely and looking so nervous. A nurse wheels Jill around the hospital and she ends up right next to Bo! She drops Jill's chart and Bo hands it to her but he doesn't notice that the woman on the cart is Jill. The nurse gets called away and Franco looks at Jill's chart and sees they have her listed as Jane Doe. Franco calls his boss and tells him or her that nobody knows who Jill is and they never will after he takes care of her. Franco goes to see Jill and is about to do something to her when Billie shows up for their dinner date. They leave and Franco promises to be back to take care of Jill. After they leave Jill begins calling for Bo again.

John has to drag Kristen out of the room and Mike apologizes to Jen about Peter. Jen tells Mike she knows he did all he could, and that even though the marriage was over she still loved him and never wanted this to happen. Marlena comforts Jack who feels he is a murderer and asks Laura to stay with Jack because she needs to help Kristen. Abe comes into the room and asks Jack if he is okay, and he tells Abe he took a man's life. Later Mike asks Laura how she is doing and she tells him she feels that this is all her fault. Laura says she feels she drove Jen into Peter's arms by having an affair with Jack. Mike tells her that's not true, none of it is her fault.

Kristen tells John she can't take anymore loss in her life. John tells her that she still has him and the baby. Marlena shows up and tells her to think about the baby. Kristen embraces Jennifer and tells her she knows they would have worked things out if they had been given the chance. Marlena tells John she is afraid that this could effect the health of the baby and suggests she sees Dr. Robins again. Kristen talks with Jen privately and tells her she can't take anymore loss, first her mother, then her baby, and now Peter. Jen looks at Kristen and asks what she means by her baby and Kristen but before Kristen can say anything John and Marlena show up. John tells her they think she should see Dr. Robins. Kristen says she doesn't need a doctor she needs her brother. When Kristen sees Jack she blows up and yells to have Jack arrested. Kristen tells Abe that Jack planned to kill Peter and Abe tells her that he's afraid he now has the evidence to arrest Jack. He tells Bo to arrest Jack, and as he is taken away Jack tells Jen he is sorry.

John tells Marlena and Kristen he feels responsible for this because he put the idea into Jack's head that Peter would take Jen and Abby by air if he was going to kidnap them. Kristen flips out and John and Marlena take her home. Kristen goes upstairs, removes her "baby" and lays down on the bed. As she lies on her bed with her "baby" next to her she is unaware that Marlena and John are on their way up to her room with toast and tea. John and Marlena knock on the door and when she doesn't answer they walk in. Kristen is under the covers and her "baby" is out of site. She tells them both she just wants to be alone so they leave. Marlena tells John this stress is not good for her baby and John says he will make an appointment tomorrow.

At the police station Jack tells Bo he doesn't know how frustrating it is that Peter was trying to hurt his family but he has no proof of it. Bo tells Jack he knows exactly how he feels.

Hope comes to comfort Jen and Jen tells her that Jack was arrested. She tells Hope that there is so much she had to say to him (Peter or Jack ???) and that she loved him. Laura becomes upset when Jack is arrested and Mike gives her a pill to take because she forgot to take hers this morning. Jen and Hope return home and Jen tells Hope that now that Jack's in jail she realizes that she no longer has a choice to love him anymore, but she tells Hope she still has a choice with Bo. Abby comes downstairs asking if Jack has called and Jen says she doubts Jack will call tonight. Just then the phone rings and it's Jack calling to talk to Abby. He tells Abby he loves her amd her mother and will see them both as soon as he can.

Stefano throws away the green scrubs and vows revenge on Jack. He returns back to the mansion and looks through some scrap books of Peter. Daniel shows up at the door looking to see Peter because he is out of money again. When nobody answers Daniel walks in and finds Stefano sitting in Peter's room. Daniel tells Stefano he needs to see Peter again and Stefano yells at him and tells him Peter is dead. He tells that Daniel is just as responsible as Jack and that he will pay. Daniel backs up and says he had nothing to do with Peter's death and falls through the window to his death. Stefano looks out the window and says how perfect.


November 27 Today's Summary by Tracy
Carrie and Austin are wondering why the sudden change in Kate's attitude toward Sami, when Kate walks in and says since Sami is the Mother of her first grandchild she feels they should be tolerable of her. Sami is at her (oops Austin's) apt saying what all she's thankful for . She's also dressed very nice - looks like she's been in Kate's closet for more than just snooping. Lucas comes by and wonders why she's so happy but she doesn't let on - he just complains that C & A where "suck face" together at the house. Viv and Ivan are going through all the lawsuits - there's been one added when Kate walks in and orders them out of the house for the day. Viv wishes she had some of the ammo Sami has against Kate. C & A walks around the house wishing Will were there when Sami speaks up that he is. Since she wasn't invited they are surprised. But Sami is sure it just slipped Kate's mind. Kate walks in and C & A are sure she will throw Sami out but she offers for her to stay. Everyone is standing around scratching their heads about this one.

It's dinner for everyone at the Brady pub. Shawn-D hopes Bo will come by but Hope tells him not to get his hopes up. He wants to know why she and Bo can't work things out and they be a family. She explains it's not that easy after he leaves the room. (S-D mentioned that Bo is working today) Cut to the hospital where Bo is looking for Peter's death certificate. Billie shows up to see "Jane Doe" and they talk about him trying to get proof for Hope. Then he can prove to Hope that he was just helping Billie because she is a friend not because he still lov.... oops, sorry. She says it's OK. She explains she's there to see "Jane" but someone's in with her (Franco). After Bo leaves, Billie goes into Jill's room as Franco hides behind a screen. She reads poetry to her and thinks about the past (another fake flashback of her and Bo). After she leaves Franco says hopefully none will find out who she is and maybe one day Billie will have Bo again.

Back at Kate's the doorbell rings and Billie answers the door to find Viv and Ivan - seems they've been invited (earlier Sami asked Kate for a favor this must be it). They all retreat to the den where Victor is there in the wheelchair (I think he actually moved). Viv starts to head to him when Kate announces lunch is ready and Sami says she wants to say something. She says how thankful she is and that she is sorry for Kristen about Peter's death and says she loves Carrie and wants things to be OK. To prove it she tears up the restraining order and asks to sit by her at dinner. C/A/B all know that she's up to something but can't figure out what. In the hallway, Sami says she wants another favor from Kate after all she'd better not say no.

Bo checks his messages and gets the message Hope left the night before their wedding day. So moved he heads over to the pub to be with the family. With everyone at the pier feeding the less fortunate he runs into Hope alone and they head upstairs to talk. He explains he's there because of a message she left him. Confused since she did not leave a message, he plays the tape. They call a truce for the day.

Kristen is still in her room when John and Marlena come to check on her. She puts "lumpy" on and unlocks the door for them. She still wants to go the the pub for the day as planned and says she needs to finish getting ready. As they leave, she turns around to find Stefano standing there. They comfort each other and then Marlena comes back to check on her. Stefano hides in the bathroom as Marlena enters. She acts weird and Stefano comments that she senses his presence - they are connected he says. At the pub everyone is watching TV and being merry. Celeste is back today and she and Lexie talk about Peter. She wants to say goodbye to him so Lexie offers to take her to the morgue. At the morgue, Stefano wanders in (even though the door says restricted access) and finds Peter (sheet is not covering his head) and says he won't let him join the others in there for a night that will not end. Can he bring him back from the dead? Just outside the morgue is Celeste and Lexie and C says something is not right. (does she sense Stefano?) Back at the pub John starts to rub Kristen's tummy when she pulls away. Not missing anything Marlena follows her and asks why she did not want John to touch her. Oh I don't need any psychoanalyzing today says Kristen and walks off. Marlena wonders again what's going on. There's a knock at the pub door and it's Dr. Robbins (M had called earlier re Kristen but also called back and said not to worry about her for now). But he said he was in the neighborhood and decided to drop by anyway. John comes over to greet him and so does Kristen. Why look who's here says John, when Kristen asks if she knows him. Uh-oh!!! John says sure you know him as Kristen says she's never met him in her life!!!! End of show.


No Show


November 29
Bo plays the tape Hope left on his answering machine the night before the wedding for Hope. He then asks her to forget about the island for one day and spend the day together with Shawn D as a family. Hope is hesitant to do so and Bo tells her to consider this, and then kisses her. As they kiss Shawn D. comes into the room and assumes that they are back together. When Bo and Hope tell him they don't have everything worked out yet he becomes upset and blames himself for their breakup. He thinks that because he threw rice the night before the wedding he jinxed it. Shawn D. walks off and sits in a chair. Bo and Hope decide to spend Thanksgiving together for Shawn D.'s sake. Bo promises Shawn D. that they will be a family before Christmas.

While Stefano is in the morgue Celeste and Lexie show up. Celeste wants to say goodbye to Peter but she senses something. Lexie goes to enter the morgue but Celeste stops her. When Lexie asks what's wrong Celeste says she senses danger inside. Determined to prove to Celeste nothing is wrong Lexie goes into the morgue. When they get inside Stefano is gone, he is actually hiding under a white sheet on a table. The entire time Celeste keeps saying she senses someone's spirit. Lexie tells Celeste that she's probably sensing Peter's spirit but then Celeste realizes it's Stefano she is sensing. Lexie tells Celeste she is being foolish and to hurry up and say her goodbye's to Peter so they can go to dinner. After they leave Stefano gets up and pulls Peter's body out of the drawer. He comments on how he has much to do and so little time to do it. He vows revenge on all the DiMera enemies in a way they will never expect.

Dr. Robins shows up at the pub to see Kristen but when John calls Kristen over Kristen says she's never seen this man in her life. John tells her that this is Dr. Robins, the one who examined her the other night. Kristen then makes an excuse that she didn't recognize him without his lab coat on. Kristen tells Dr. Robins he shouldn't be working today, he should be with his family. When Dr. Robins mentions he's alone for the holidays Marlena invites him to stay with them at the pub for dinner and he accepts. Marlena talks with Dr. Robins and he tells him about the Curby Becket Card he gave to Kristen at their appointment. When Marlena tells him John is a huge card collector he talks with John and when Kristen shows up Marlena asks about Curby Becket. Again Kristen says she has no clue what Marlena is talking about and Dr. Robins tells her Kirby Puckett is the baseball card he gave her. John gets ecstatic and asks her to fork over the card but Kristen claims to have dropped it in a puddle and then had to throw it out. Kristen then walks away and Dr. Robins tells Marlena that Kristen is a totally different person then who he examined the other day. When Marlena asks what he means he tells her her personality has done a 360, it's almost as if he examined an entirely different person. Dr. Robins later reminds Kristen she has an appointment coming up and he has scheduled a sonogram.

When Vivian shows up at the Kiriakis mansion for Thanksgiving everyone is stunned that it was Kate who invited her. Carrie, Austin, Billie, and Lucas are all wondering what is going on. Meanwhile in the other room Sami is ready to make her latest demand from Kate. Kate tells Sami she isn't going to do anything else for Sami, she's through being blackmailed, but when Sami calls her bluff Kate is forced to give in. Kate and Sami both go into the next room and Kate tells everyone she has a very important announcement to make. Kate then says that Carrie has been promoted to the position of Vice President of Acquisitions. Everyone is thrilled and then Billie asks Kate won't it mean a lot of traveling. Kate then says Carrie will be on the road for the first six months, and then off and on afterwards. Carrie tells Kate she's flattered but has to turn the job down, she can't be apart from Austin that long. Austin the suggests that he go on the road with her and Kate then gives Sami a smile and everyone is happy, everyone but Sami. Sami storms out into the other room and Vivian follows her. Vivian tells Sami she can help her keep Austin in Salem if she tells her how she is manipulating Kate. Sami tells Vivian she has no idea what she is talking about. Vivian smirks and tells Sami that sooner or later she will need her help, but in the meantime if she wants Austin to stay in Salem she'll need to use another more powerful voice. Sami returns to the parlor to see Austin playing with Will. Sami tells Austin that this is such an important time in Will's life and it's a shame he will miss out on it being on the road with Carrie. When Austin tells Sami he is planning to take will part of the time Sami tells him no way. She says he has to make a choice between staying and being with Will or leaving and being with Carrie.

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