November 96 Week 3


November 18
Outside the house John still has his doubts about keeping the elopement from Marlena but Kristen convinces him it's for the best. As they go inside Marlena is taking down the message the Justice of the Peace is dictating. As soon as Kristen hears the name Smithe she runs and grabs the phone from Marlena and manages to make Marlena believe it is the man who runs the baby clothes store and is calling about an appointment change. John and Kristen both go upstairs to pack. As they pack John says he doesn't understand her attitude, that lately she's acting like a superstitious child. Kristen says with all that's gone wrong she doesn't want to jinx it and John says nothing could ever come between them. As they hug Kristen remembers Marlena's threats. Kristen says if it will make him feel better she will write Marlena a note before they leave telling her where they went and their plans. Kristen then goes into Marlena's room but instead of leaving a note she leaves Marlena a little "herbal" surprise in her tea. Marlena catches Kristen in her room and accuses her of scheming. They get into a fight and Marlena warns Kristen if she finds out Kristen is trying to undermine her happiness she won't wait for Kristen to have her child. Kristen storms out of the room and her and John quietly slip out. As they are on the plane Marlena drinks the spiked tea and passes out.

Bo begs Hope to listen to his story. When she finally agrees to hear what he has to say he tells her everything about the attempted swim back and Billie putting him in front of the fire. Hope doesn't understand why he had to go to the island and Bo says the coast guard wouldn't go and he couldn't find Abe. He honestly thought Franco was going to kill Billie. Hope asks if he was there to stop a murder, or to stop Franco from making love to Billie. Bo says that Franco is dangerous and if she heard Jill's statement she'd believe him. Hope asks if Jill ID'd him and Bo says no. Hope tells him everything he has is circumstantial. Hope tells Bo if he can prove Franco is really this horrible person she will forget what she saw at the cabin and believe him. Bo thanks her and says he will go over to get Jill and have him ID Franco in person. Franco, who is outside the window, overhears this and rushes to Jill's place. She asks what he's doing here and he says they both have to get out of town fast cause Bo is coming over. Little do they know Bo is already there, in fact he's about to knock on the door!

Jack is wandering on the docks trying to decide what to do. He calls Mike and asks him to stay with Jen tonight because he thinks she may need him. Mike says he will go over after his shift ends. Jack breathes a sigh of relief and then runs into Billie. She tells Jack about what really happened and says she didn't try and sabotage the wedding and asks if he believes her. Jack says of course he does and they talk for a bit and Jack asks Billie if Bo and Hope were through would she try and get back with him. Billie just says not even to go there because she is sure Bo and Hope will be back together in no time. She then asks Jack about Peter and Jack says Mike will be with Jen tonight so she will be safe but he knows Peter is up to something but just doesn't know what. An inspiration hits Jack and he tells Billie he has to go. Jack calls the airport and pretends to be Peter and finds out Peter is planning to take off in one hour. Jack franticly races over to Jen's.

Billie goes home and dreams that Bo calls off the wedding and tells Billie he loves her and wants her back. Billie then wakes up crying.

Jen is home and is getting ready to go to bed when Laura comes in. Outside Peter is listening to them talk and overhears Laura say that Marlena gave her a sleeping drug to keep her through the night. As they talk Mike calls and tells Jen Jack wanted him to come over tonight but Jen insists she is fine and if she needs him she will call. Jen and Laura go upstairs to bed and Peter breaks in. As he goes up the stairs Jen comes out of her room because Abby had trouble sleeping. She goes downstairs to get some warm milk but Laura yells that Abby is back to sleep. Jen and Laura return to their rooms. Peter thinks it's safe to go upstairs but Jack is right behind him with a gun. They argue and then wrestle over the gun and a shot goes off.


November 19
Franco tells Jill that they have to get out of the apartment before Bo shows up but Jill says she is to sick to go anywhere. Bo shows up and starts pounding on the door. Jill and Franco stay very still and eventually Bo walks away but Jill accidently knocks over a table. Bo hears it and thinks something is wrong. He breaks down the door but when he gets in nobody is there and the window is open. He looks outside and sees Franco dragging Jill through the rain and jumps out after them. Franco and Jill make it to the docks and she says she can't go anymore. Franco becomes mean but when she refuses to go on he leaves her under the stairs at the docks and tells her he will get a car, but she better be there when he returns. Franco walks off and is caught by Bo who demands to know where Jill is. Meanwhile Jill decides not to wait for Franco any longer and gets up to leave but passes out on the docks.

Hope has a chat with Alice about the situation she's in with Bo and doesn't know what to do. Alice tells her that Bo and her were meant to be together and everything will work out. Alice leaves and as Hope is about to go to bed there is a knock at the door, it's Billie. Billie says Alice let her in because she needed to talk with Hope. Billie tells Hope everything that happened and Hope says that's what Bo told her. Billie asks if she believed him and Hope says she doesn't know. Billie tells Hope that Bo loves her more than anything and almost died trying to keep his promise to marry her. Billie tells Hope if she still loves him to go to him and marry him but Hope says she doesn't know if she can. Hope says that she realizes now that Billie is in Bo's heart as well, and she won't share Bo's heart with anyone. Billie says it's not true and Hope brings up Franco. Billie tells Hope why Franco was there and that Bo came because he thought she was in danger and he wanted to help her as a friend. Hope says that may be true, but that maybe, just maybe Bo was there because he couldn't face the fact that she was over him and was with another man. Hope says she has put up with this Franco dilemma for months now and that she even promised she'd marry Bo if he can prove Franco is this horrible man he believes him to be. Billie asks Hope if she believes Franco could be this person and Hope says no, and that it's over between her and Bo. Just then the phone rings, it's Bo and he tells Hope he is at the station with Franco and tells her to come on down. Hope and Billie go down to the station and meet Bo. He tells them what happened at the apartment and Hope asks if Jill has ID'd Franco or if Franco admitted his guilt. Bo says that he hasn't found Jill yet but it's only a matter of time before Franco admits his guilt. Just then Franco is brought to them by a police officer and he tells them they don't have to wait, he's ready to talk.

Peter and Jack fight over the gun and it goes off. Jen hears the shot and goes to her mothers room. She tells Laura that Abby is fine but she thinks someone is in the house. Before they can do anything Jack comes in and is covered in blood. Jen thinks he's been shot but he says the blood is Peter's, and that he shot him. They go downstairs to check on Peter but he is gone. Jen wants to call the police but Jack says that if Peter is alive he's probably trying to get out of Salem and they have to stop him. Jen accuses Jack of making the whole story up when Laura notices blood all over the floor. The three of them go searching for Peter but have no luck, however Jack and Jennifer eventually find Peter in the park. He has blood on his chest and is soaked from the rain but is still alive.


November 20
Sami shows up at Carries apartment to find Carrie and Austin both there. Sami claims she can't get Will to sleep and she wants Austin to try, however Carrie must leave. Later Kate calls to see how Carrie is doing and Austin tells her about Sami ruining their evening. Kate is annoyed and tells them they can come over to the mansion and use it for the evening. Sami is steamed when she finds this out and she rushes over to talk with Vivian. She convinces Vivian to climb onto the roof and stuff up the chimney. Vivian reluctantly does it and Carrie and Austin's dinner gets ruined by the smoke. Kate thinks she hears someone outside and finds Sami. She drags Sami back in the house and while the three of them yell at her they hear a scream in the other room and find Vivian on her rump covered in suit. Kate accuses Vivian of helping Sami and before anything happens Ivan runs in and not knowing Vivian isn't alone says she shouldn't be risking her life to help Sami. Kate tells Sami she's going to take Sami down and Carrie tells her nobody is ever going to believe Sami when they find out she and Vivian are in cahoots together.

Franco tells Bo, Hope, and Billie that he did go to Jill's but only to talk with her so she knows he wasn't her attacker. Bo says that is such bull and that Franco can go sit in his cell until he's ready to tell the truth. However Abe comes out of his office and says that Bo can't hold Franco without proof and that Franco is free to go. Bo tells Franco that it's not over and that he will take him down. Later Franco comes back into Abe's office to talk with Billie. He says he is going to leave Salem and a note saying he attacked Jill, because it's the only way Bo and Hope will get married. Billie says she can't let him do such an unselfish and noble act when Bo walks in and threatens Franco. Hope comes in and tells Bo to stop it now. SHe was listening in on Franco and Billie and tells him what Franco was planning to do for them. Bo tells them that Franco is just putting on an act. Before Franco leaves Bo tells him when he finds Jill it's over for him. Franco walks out and says he will make sure nobody ever sees Jill again.

Marlena has a dream that she is with John in bed, but then he suddenly disappears. She wakes up and senses something wrong and wants to wake up John but decides not to. Since she can't get back to sleep she decides to go to work. Meanwhile Kristin and John have just taken off and Kristin has an odd feeling about Peter.

Jack and Jen find Peter and he is barely alive. He is rushed to the hospital where Mike tells Jen that it doesn't look good for him. Marlena tries to call John and Kristin but nobody answers at home and wonders where they are?

Back at the station Bo tells Hope he loves her and will prove Franco's guilt. Hope tells him she knows he loves her but he also loves Billie. Bo says he only cares about Billie as a good friend, he no longer loves her. Billie walks in just as Bo said that and then tells them about Peter. The three of them go over to the hospital to be with Jen. Meanwhile Abe calls John's cell phone and tells him about Peter. They turn the plane around and head to the hospital. When they get there Peter is being wheeled into the OR. Mike says they can't wait for him to stabilize they have to operate now. Kristin asks how this happened and Jack says he shot him, but it was an accident. Jack tries to apologize to Kristin but she yells at him "If Peter dies you are going to wish you were dead too".

Meanwhile nobody realizes that Jill was found on the docks and is at the hospital right around the corner from everyone! At the end of the show Bo turns his back to call the station for any news on Jill and she is wheeled away behind him. Since she is unconscious nobody knows who she is. Franco returns to where he left Jill and finds her missing and says he has to find her before Bo does.


November 21
It's the next morning and Lucas goes down to breakfast and Vivian is there. Lucas asks Vivian why she got involved with Sami and she tells him to stuff it. Henderson serves Vivian breakfast and when she lifts up the dish covers she finds a pile of papers. Kate tells her she has served her with 5 lawsuits and more will follow. Kate says Vivian will be so involved with the lawsuits that she won't have time to scheme with Sami. Vivian looks over the suits and then tries to convince Lucas to help her deal with Kate. Vivian tells him that Carrie and Austin are upstairs making love but he can still have a chance. Lucas tells her he's learned his lesson and Kate walks in with Austin and Carrie and says "Good for you". Unfortunately Sami shows up with Will demanding to see Austin. When Henderson won't let her in she barges her way in claiming to be there to let Will spend time with his family. Kate says Will can spend the day with them but Sami says that Carrie must go. Kate then tells Sami that the order is almost up and she is working on speeding it up. Kate also tells her her lawyer probably can't help her because she won't work for free. Before Austin and Carrie leave Kate gives Carrie a pin that belonged to her mother and welcomes her to her family right in front of Sami! Vivian tells Sami to find out Kate's weak spot if she wants to wound her. Sami then goes upstairs and snoops through Kate's room. Sami eventually finds a box with papers in it and says she hit the jackpot. When Kate returns to her room she finds Sami there and shows Kate the papers she found and Kate says "Oh my god". Sami says "It's payback time"

Stefano wakes up and when the realizes he time he wonders where Peter is and thinks something has gone wrong. One of Stefano's henchman returns and reports that Peter is nowhere to be found and the plane is still at the airport. The henchman goes off and returns to tell Stefano that police are around Jen's house but doesn't know why. Stefano gets says there is something he must do and gets in his car and drives off.

Peter is in the OR and is in serious trouble. Outside in the waiting room Jen comforts Kristen when Mike comes out. He tells them that the surgery is almost over and there was a lot of damage. Mike says they can only take it an hour at a time. Kristen tells Jack if Peter doesn't survive she will spend the rest of the her life making him pay. Suddenly Mike is called back into the OR, Peter is crashing. John takes Kristin for a walk to get some air and Jack asks Jen if he can get her some tea. Jen tells him she doesn't want anything from him. She tells Jack he better pray Peter lives cause his blood is on his hands. Mike comes out of surgery and tells them Peter is alive but is in critical condition. He tells them if Peter makes it through the next 24 hours he'll probably make a full recovery. Abe shows up and learns of the news and Kristen demands that Jack be arrested. Abe tells her he just began the investigation and Kristen gets into an argument. Jack says that Peter was planning to kidnap Jennifer and if they check out all the facts at the airport it will prove his story. Kristen asks John and Abe to go with Jack to the airport and they all go. Kristen tells Jennifer that Peter wouldn't have kidnapped her but she wonders what Peter was doing in her house. Jen leaves to call Hope and Kristen tries to figure out how to tell Stefano about the Peter. At the airport Jack, John, and Abe and search the office around when a man comes into the office. He gives them the logbook and when they look at it the log book says Destination Los Angeles. Stefano is listening in on them and laughs at them then he gets a phone call, it's Kristen. She fills him in on Peter's condition and when she asks about Peter's plans Stefano tells Kristen that Peter wasn't planning on kidnaping Jennifer. Stefano tells her he will disguise himself and get into the hospital. After Kristen hangs up Jennifer who is standing behind her asks who she was talking to. Kristen says that it was the doctor on the phone, she was trying to make an appointment. Kristen asks Jen that when Peter recovers she hopes she will give him a chance to show his love for her. Back at the airport Abe tells Jack that things look bad for him and they need to get some hard evidence or else. Jack recalls that Peter put something in his pocket and John suggests they return to the hospital and check Peter's clothes. Back at the hospital Jen and Kristen visit Peter and Kristen goes to the church to pray. Jen stays and talks with Peter and tells him after everything he's done to her she still cares about him. After Jennifer has left Stefano, disguised in scrubs sneaks in to see Peter. While Stefano is with Peter Abe, Jack, and John return and Jack goes to Peter's room to check for his clothes.


November 22
Carrie and Austin think that they are finally going to be together and Vivian thinks Kate has finally beaten her but little do they no that Sami has found incriminating evidence against Kate. Sami says that the information proves Kate is the most manipulative person in Salem and Sami decides to blackmail her. Kate tells Sami she will never do what Sami threatens and Sami says that if Kate doesn't do as she says she will tell everyone what she knows. Kate tells her to go ahead, she's not worried. She says who will people believe, a respectable wealthy woman or a little tramp. Sami says maybe she doesn't care what the world thinks about her but Lucas, Austin, and Billie would care. Sami says that trying to break up Austin and Carrie is nothing compared to this. She says that Lucas, Austin, and Billie will hate her and she will be alone. Kate tells her to go ahead and Sami leaves and says she'll give Kate time to reconsider.

Kate goes out to the garden to think and Austin and Kate show up. They thank her for her courage and strength against Sami and Vivian and that the are so relieved they don't have to worry about anything. Kate breaks down and hugs Austin saying all she wanted was his happiness. Austin and Kate walk off and Kate thinks some more. Kate goes up to see Victor and talk with him. Kate says if she hadn't gotten so carried away about certain things she wouldn't be in this situation. Kate says if she gives in Austin will loose Carrie, and if she fights she will loose Austin and Billie.

Sami comes downstairs and is so happy and Lucas and Vivian want to know what is going on. Carrie and Austin then come in and asks why Sami and Vivian are still here. Sami tells them that she is planning on moving in and the others look at her as if she were crazy. Carrie asks what's going on and Sami suggests that she ask Kate. Sami then goes off about all her plans and changes when Kate comes in. Austin tells Kate he will kick everyone out for her and Kate says no. Kate says everyone should stay and make an effort to get along for Will's sake. Sami then parades around the place and takes Carrie's broach and puts it on. Carrie tells her to take it off and Sami says she has the right to wear it as Austin's wife and she says "Isn't that right Kate?". Everyone looks at Kate and she says that Sami has the right to where the broach because she is married to Austin.

Abe tells Kristen and Jen that there was no proof at the airport that Peter was going to kidnap Jen. Kristen wants Jack arrested but Abe needs more proof. Abe tells Mike he needs to search Peter's clothes and Kristen becomes upset that they are treating Peter like a criminal. Kristen asks Jen how she can stand that Jack isn't in jail and Jen tells Kristen it may have been an accident. Kristen says she knows Peter wouldn't try and kidnap her and Jen says the only way they'll know what Peter was up to is for him to wake up and tell them.

Stefano promises Peter he will make Jack pay for this and then removes the incriminating evidence from Peter's clothes before Abe gets the chance to search them and then leaves an anniversary gift and a fake note saying how Peter was leaving Salem but was giving her this gift and hope she'd forgive him one day.

After Abe can't find any evidence Kristen says there is no proof to give way to Jack's theories, but Mike interrupts and says there maybe proof and hands over the box in a drawer that one of the nurses found. Jennifer opens th box and reads the note aloud. Everyone gets into a fight about what happened and then Mike yells that Peter is coming to. When he wakes up everyone asks him to tell what happened. When Mike orders them out Peter goes into cardiac arrest.

Stefano tries to get rid of the syringe when a nurse catches him. Stefano claims to be a doctor from Rome and the nurse doesn't believe him and calls security, however when the Code Blue sounds for Peter's room the nurse tells him to stay there and runs off. Stefano says "Oh my god, that's Peter's room."

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