96 Week 2


November 11
Jack returns home with his gun but cleverly hides it before Jen can see it. Jen tells Jack she wants him to move out and as they argue they hear a noise come from Laura's room. They run upstairs to see what has happened and find Laura in tears. They try to console her but she will not talk to either of them about her dream.

Outside the Salem Club John chases Susan, who he thinks is Kristen. The real Kristen is talking with Marlena who found her walking home. Kristen claims that she had come to the club to join the party after all. John finds Kristen and Marlena talking and he asks why she didn't answer him when he called her. Once Kristen realizes John saw Susan she makes up a story about how she had gotten lost in the dark and just didn't hear him, and John buys it (of course). Marlena gets a call from Jennifer and has to leave to see Laura. John and Kristen go back into the club and dance and eventually they return home and sit by the fire. Kristen talks to John about eloping and then starts making arrangements. After she calls the Justice of the Peace she crumples the number up and throws it in the fire, however she doesn't realized she missed the fire.

At Jen's house Marlena talks to Laura about her dreams. Laura tells Marlena that she is terrified about the idea of going back to the sanitarium and she is terrified how easily Peter has revived these memories of being out of control. She tells Marlena she can't stop these feelings and Marlena tells her they will work on it together. Marlena leaves and on her way home she runs into Peter on the docks. She tells him that he is an evil person like his father and if he really loved Jennifer he would leave Salem. Peter tells her he plans to. Once home Marlena is about to go to bed when she notices the crumpled paper lying near the fire. She picks it up and wonders whose number is on it.

Hope has nightmares of being left at the church all alone and Doug comforts her by telling her everything will be all right. Hope can't get back to sleep so she calls the boat and get's the answering machine. She leaves a long message for Bo about tomorrow and how she can't wait to get re-married.

Meanwhile Bo finds Franco hitting Billie and punches him and tells him he's going to jail. Bo accuses Franco of beating up Jill and coming here to kill Billie. Billie tells him that's not what Franco was doing. She explains that Franco was making Cherry Jubilee for dessert and she got to close to the fire and her napkin caught fire. She says Franco was just patting the flames out. Bo says that Franco still beat up Jill and that Jill will swear to it in court. Franco accuses Bo of purposely trying to keep him away from Billie because he still loves her. Bo tells him he's wrong and Franco says if Bo arrests him he will have to go to the arraignment tomorrow instead of his wedding. Billie tries to convince Bo not to arrest Franco and while they talk Franco slips away and cut's Bo's boat free so Billie and Bo are stranded. Bo sleeps outside and the next morning tries to swim around and find his boat with out any luck. Bo returns to the island drenched and Billie takes him back to the cabin and they try and radio for help but the radio is dead.

Hope wakes up and is happier than ever, because she thinks today is her wedding day.

Jen catches Jack with the gun and tells him he has to leave tomorrow. That night she has a nightmare that Jack shoots Peter.


November 12 Short summary because I'm sick
Sami has a nightmare that Austin and Carrie are in a car crash, and when she wakes up they are not home. Eventually they return home and Sami tells them she feared the worst. Carrie tells her to cut the act but neither Carrie or Austin will believe Sami is telling the truth. Carrie decides to go see Marlena and Sami continues to scheme Austin into paying attention to her and will. She somehow believes that their being paired at the wedding will bring them closer.

Marlena finds the number by the fire and notices it's Kristen's handwriting. When Kristen comes downstairs Marlena asks her whose number this is, and Kristen makes up a story about it being a baby clothes store number. Marlena says she's always looking for new clothes for Belle and might give them a call. Kristen tells her that it's a very exclusive store, appointment only and Kristen can call if she likes but Marlena tells her no thank you and pockets the number. As Marlena gets ready for the wedding Kristen attempts to steal the number back but is unable to find it. Downstairs Carrie has arrived and she is talking to Marlena. Marlena tells her about Kristen's odd behavior and the telephone number she found this morning. Carrie suggests she call the number so she does. Right as Marlena dials the number Kristen sees her and fakes pains and makes up a story about having glass in her eye. She manages to keep Marlena from calling but doesn't get the number.

Bo tries franticly to get off the island but can find no way off. He begins to blame Franco for all of this and Billie says it is her fault for coming back from Paris in the first place. Bo tells her not to blame herself, that Franco is using her but she refuses to believe Franco is anything but sweet and innocent. As they are talking they hear a helicopter overhead and try to signal it by making a fire but the helicopter doesn't see the smoke signal. Later Bo removes the battery from the flashlight and plugs it into the radio. There is just enough power to get the radio working and Bo makes contact with someone.

Hope prepares for her wedding and sets off for the church, believing everything is okay.


November 13
Everyone gathers at the church for Bo and Hope's wedding but Bo has not shown up. When Hope gets word that Bo isn't there yet Julie, Jen ,and Alice calm her down.

As Marlena, John, Kristen, and Carrie leave for the church Kristen grabs Marlena's purse hoping she wouldn't notice so she could recover the number but Marlena catches her. Upon arriving at the church Carrie visits Hope and tells her she plans to stay in the back of the church and hope Sami doesn't see her. Later while Carrie talks with Kate and Austin Sami sees her and threatens to call the police. Kate makes a suggestion that Austin and Carrie head over to Billie's to see what's keeping her and they go over to her apartment but can not find her.

On the Island Bo has decided to swim to Salem but Billie tells him the water is to cold and the undertow is to dangerous but he insists on going. Billie suggests she should swim back and deliver the message because Bo has not slept but he is determined to do it himself. Billie watches Bo through some binoculars and when she see's Bo stop she swims out after him. She tells him to return to the island with her and when she refuses to leave him he returns. When they make it back Bo is hypothermic. Billie takes him into the cabin by the fire and she undresses him and herself and snuggles with him to keep him warm.

Back at the church everyone is in a state of panic that both Bo and Billie are nowhere to be found, but Hope has not been told about the seriousness of the situation. Franco shows up claiming to be there to wish Hope well and when they tell him Bo is not there he acts like he knows something. When Shawn tells him to speak up if he has any information Franco tells them all what happened at the cabin last night. Kristen goes up to Hopes room to tell her everything but before she can Hope hears Franco in the hall talking about Bo. Hope rushes into the hall and asks Franco about Bo. When he tells her what happened they go off to Smith Island together to see if Bo is still there. When they arrive Hope finds Bo and Hope together under a blanket by the fire.


November 14
Stefano warns Peter that he must keep a cool head for his plan to work and that as long as there is opposition something could go wrong. Peter tells Stefano if Jack causes trouble he will take care of him. Stefano warns Peter that once that line is crossed there is no turning back. Peter wonders if he has what it takes to shoot Jack and thinks about it in a daydream type sequence. Stefano asks Peter if he's made a choice and Peter says if it comes down to it he will cross that line to have Abby and Jen. Stefano looks at him and tells him that they are finally "Father and Son" and they now have bond that goes to their very souls.

Jack returns home to find Laura getting ready for the wedding. Laura is sad and she tells him that Jennifer packed all his things up and expects him gone by tonight. Jack is positive Peter will try and kidnap Jen and begs Laura into helping him stay. Laura does not know what she can do and Jack tells her he bought a gun just in case. Laura is shocked and agrees with Jen about the gun.

At the wedding Jack tries to talk Jen into letting her stay but Jen says no. She tells him she will be fine and she doesn't need him. She says if Jack doesn't move out she will, so Jack agrees to leave.

Kristen asks Jen to please forgive Peter but Jen can't. Kristen asks her not to give up totally and Jen agrees to. Kristen then tells Jen that she and John are being married but please not to tell anyone and Marlena will be the first to know. Marlena however walks in the room after Kristen said that and asks what will she be the first to know. Kristen makes up an excuse that she will be the first to know about Hope.

Later when Marlena gives a tissue to a Maggie thejustice's number falls out of her purse and Kristen snatches it up. Later when Marlena realizes it's gone Kristen says it's no problem and gives her another number instead. After Kristen walks off Marlena realizes the number is not the same.

Hope walks into the cabin to find Bo and Billie sleeping together in front of the fire naked and under a blanket. Franco wants Hope to leave but she wants an explanation and wakes Bo up. Bo tells her she looks like an angel and he then notices Billie. He tells her he doesn't know what's going on and Hope says not to make a fool out of her. Hope runs out of the cabin and Bo follows her and finds Franco. Bo tries explain but Hope says Bo threw it all away, and she thought something had happened to him. Billie wakes up and hears them arguing outside. Hope tells Bo he betrayed her and walks off. Bo tells her nothing went on and begs her to return to the church and marry him, but Hope can't forget what she saw. Bo tries to tell her why he came to the island but Hope says he's using Jill as an excuse for what she just saw. Hope asks Franco to take him home and Franco says once they get back to Salem he is turning himself into Commander Carver to prove that Bo's accusation are lies.

Billie tells Bo she is sorry and Bo says that this is Franco's fault and that he will prove it and get Hope back.

Kristen returns home and tells Peter that Jen won't take him back. Peter tells her it's okay and that he'll be leaving on a trip.

Jack takes his belongings and leaves, unaware that Peter is outside watching him leave.


November 15
Maggie tells Jen that she thinks Abby and Shawn D have the same wish, to see their parents married. Jen tells her that will never happen but Maggie thinks Jen still loves Jack. Jen and Abby come home to find Jack packing the rest of the things in his car and getting ready to go. Before Jack is about to leave Jen says they should talk. Peter who is hiding in the bushes becomes agitated with the delays.

Kristen tries to convince John to leave and get married now when Marlena walks in on them. She comments on how tense they look and asks what they were talking about and Kristen says Bo and Billie. Marlena decides to go home and be with Belle and Kristen convinces John to go home, pack, and fly off and get married. Once they are home Kristen calls the Justice of the Peace about rescheduling and Marlena finds John playing with Belle. Marlena suggests that tomorrow that they all do something fun together and John tells her tomorrow isn't good. When she asks why Kristen comes in and says because they have plans. After Marlena leaves Kristen tells John that everything is set but John has doubts. He says he doesn't think they should be keeping this a secret and Kristen says that they have to because it would be insensitive to Bo and Hope and that she really wants to be married before the baby is born. John caves in and agrees to keep it a secret. Kristen goes upstairs to pack and John remembers his marriage to Marlena but he says that Kristen is his present and future and that is what he must focus on.

Sami confronts Carrie and tells her that she thought her and Austin would be as happy as Bo and Hope and now that their wedding hasn't happened hers won't either. Austin comes in and tells her that Bo and Hope will be married, and so will he and Carrie. Austin and Carrie both leave and Sami says that this is a sure sign she is going to get Austin.

Franco drives Hope home and she is in awe. Back at the cabin Billie explains to Bo why they were together like that and Bo tells Billie he put Hope through hell and that he has to find her and explain that this was a big mistake. Billie says she should have just stayed in Paris and Bo tells her that they have both been manipulated. Billie says "by Franco" and Bo says when this is all over he is going to make that bastard pay. Later Bo asks Billie why she came out to the island and she said to get away. She tells him Franco didn't come with her, that he just surprised her. She says she was planning to go to the wedding and she does want him and Hope to be happy. Bo tells her that he realizes her feelings toward him and that she gave up a lot going to Paris. He tells her he did love her but Billie says "Not the way you loved Hope" and that's why she left. The boat finally arrives and Billie and Bo get back to the mainland.

On the way home Franco tells Hope that he believes Bo has been so angry towards him because he is still in love with Billie. Hope thanks him for his honesty and his friendship. At the wedding everyone begins speculating about Bo and Billie and what could have gone on at the island. Hope arrives at the church with Franco and tells the guests the wedding is off. She then tells them that she found Bo and Billie together at the cabin and then runs off it tears.

Marlena receives a call about the wedding being cancelled and passes the message onto John and Kristen. Kristen leaves to tell Jen the news and Marlena begins to cry and John holds her in his arms. John says he knows something has been bothering Marlena and to tell him what it is, but she says she can't just yet. Later Marlena answers the phone and it's the Justice of the Peace. He leaves a message about the schedule change for tomorrow

Kristen catches Peter outside of Jen's house talking to Stefano on the phone. Kristen asks him what he is doing and he tells her that he is here to say goodbye to Jen before he leaves. Inside Jen tells Jack that she was talking with Maggie about Bo and Hope about how their love had sustained through many hardships but before she can say more Kristen arrives with news about Bo and Hope's wedding. Jen says that obviously love can't survive betrayal and that both Peter and Jack betrayed her and she tells Jack to go.

Bo and Billie arrive at the church to learn Hope has left and called off the wedding. He tells them that they didn't sleep together and must find Hope.

Franco brings Hope back to Alice's house where the reception has been set up. Franco suggests he take her elsewhere but she says she wants to be alone and Franco goes. Hope remembers all the good times she shared with Bo and Shawn D runs in and hugs Hope and says "How could dad do that". Hope tells him she's sorry she broke her promise that nothing would go wrong but Bo comes in and says he broke the promise, not her. Shawn D goes upstairs and Bo says he will explain everything and this whole nightmare will be over and they can get married.

Billie tells Kate that she is going to do everything she can to get Bo and Hope back together, but Kate says that this may be fate and it is the perfect time to get back together with him.

After Jack leaves Peter removes the syringe from his pocket and says that it's time.

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