November 96 Week 1


November 4Summary by Dustin
Kristen accuses Marlena of trying to make her lose the baby and then tells Marlena to wait in the car as she goes into see the doctor. Marlena stays in the car and begins to go over the situation and comes to the conclusion that maybe Kristen really isn't pregnant. Meanwhile Kristen is inside wondering what she will do, to stall for time she goes into the restroom.

At the party Billie puts up a brave front for Bo and Hope but Kate sees through it. Billie tells Kate she has to prove to Bo and Hope and herself that she has accepted the situation. Meanwhile Bo is relieved to hear that Franco has boardered the flight to New York. As soon as Bo's man leaves the airport Franco pops out of the boarding tunnel and makes his way to the party.

Jack is afraid that Peter is going to kidnap Jen. He seeks advice from John and John tells Jack to focus on how Peter will get Jen out of town as fast and as far as he can. Jack knows exactly how Peter will do this and heads for the airport where Peter has already threatened his way into getting the DiMera Jet ready for him at a moments notice, no questions asked. At the airport Stefano gives Peter a sedative to use on Jen and Abby and as they leave Jack sees Peter walking out the door (he misses Stefano). Jack goes into the office he saw Peter leave and finds the papers detailing the DiMera jet to be ready for him.

Peter shows up at the party and Mike wants to throw him out but Jen doesn't want to make a scene and says she will ignore him. Meanwhile John is worried why Kristen and Marlena haven't shown up so he gives Marlena a call. She tells John they are at the doctors office. John comes rushing over there and Marlena explains to him that Kristen skipped her appointment earlier. John wonders why and they decide to go in to find out. Inside Kristen comes out of the restroom prepared to tell the doctor the truth only to find another woman coming out from the exam room who looks exactly like her. The woman explains her name is Susan, and she was offered a lot of money to put on a wig, a mouthpiece, change her voice, and pretend to be Kristen DiMera. Susan tells Kristen she has already seen the doctor and as Kristen takes in the situation she warns Susan that they can never be seen together. Unfortunately John and Marlena are right outside the office and Kristen and Susan hear there voices!.


November 5Summary by Dustin
Kate tells Billie if she doesn't act now she may lose her only chance to spend her life with the only man she's ever loved. Kate tells her if she is honest about her feelings to Bo he will have to face his feelings for her but Billie doesn't want to do that to Hope. Billie tells Kate to respect Bo's decision and to respect hers.

Hope plans to throw her bouquet to Carrie tomorrow, but Carrie still thinks Sami will get between them. Sami and Lucas arrive at the party and Sami tells Carrie she's sorry she'll have to miss the wedding since they can't be at the same place at the same time. Austin says that Sami should be the one who leaves the wedding but she won't. Sami says that she should have Carrie thrown out of the party right now but since she's a kind and caring person and will let is slide this once. Carrie doesn't want to drag Bo and Hope into the argument between her and Sami so Carrie pulls out of the wedding.

Peter is at the party for Bo and Hope and is planning to kidnap Jen. Peter gets the cold shoulder from everyone at the party and he attempts to talk with Jennifer but she doesn't want to her it. She tells him she is a true son of Stefano and always will be. Peter tells her he would do anything for her and she says if he loves her to sign the divorce papers and get out of her life. Later Jen tells Maggie that Peter want's to meet with her later to talk about the divorce but she won't. Jen asks Peter to leave the party but he won't so she says she will. Peter follows her and when Abby sees Peter she runs to him and hugs him. Peter asks Jen to meet him one more time and Jen says she will meet him in one hour, but he must make it quick.

Mike and Mrs. Horton were planning a surprise show for Bo and Hope but they find slides of Bo and Billie among the ones they were going to show and remove them. When Mike and Mrs. Horton leave to watch Bo cut the cake Franco gets in and switches the slides around. As the slides are shown the ones of Bo and Billie come up and the party comes to a halt. Hope brushes it aside and says she is secure about Bo's love for her and the party continues. Kate finds Billie and threatens to tell Bo that she still loves him but Billie says she will never forgive Kate if she does.

Meanwhile Jack is rummaging through the airports files in hopes to find what Peter is up to when he is caught by the one of the airport employees. Jack lies his way out of it by saying he was testing his loyalties to Peter. Jack returns to the party and Peter already is outside talking with Jennifer. Peter is about to drug Jen when Jack shows up. He tells Peter in front of all the guests if he doesn't leave Jen and Abby alone he will kill him.

Kristen and Susan have a close call in the doctors office when Marlena and John show up. Susan puts on a sweater and sits in the waiting room hiding her face hoping not to get caught. Kristen tells them she saw the doctor so they can leave but Marlena and John want to speak with the doctor themselves but the doctor is in the middle of a conference call. Kristen tries to talk them into leaving for the party but Marlena says she wants to speak with the doctor. John tells Kristen that they can go to the party and Marlena will fill him in later. Kristen and John leave for the party leaving Susan and Marlena alone in the waiting room. While Marlena talks with the nurse Susan manages to slip out. The doctor tells her that Kristen and the baby are fine but Kristen is not what he was expecting. He says that her pregnancy is doing fine and sees no complications, but Marlena can't understand why Kristen didn't tell him about almost miscarring the baby. Marlena returns to the party and tells them everything is okay but doesn't understand why Kristen didn't mention her almost miscarring the baby. Kristen says she thought he asked if she had ever lost a baby before. Marlena wonders how she could she have been so wrong about Kristen's pregnancy, but when Kristen continues to act suspiciously Marlena thinks perhaps she wasn't wrong.

Kristen calls Susan (who is out of the disguise and has brown hair and an overbite) and tells her to be more careful in the future. After Kristen hangs up Susan says she will keep Kristen's secret as long as she can keep hers. Susan says no one can know who she really is, and how she got pregnant.


November 6Summary by Dustin
Billie is looking through a chest in her apartment when she comes upon all her old wedding mementos and can't help but remember her own wedding. Meanwhile Bo and Hope are busy preparing for their own wedding. Hope goes to her grandmothers where a surprise shower is waiting for her including a complete make-over. Bo is running around town trying to get in last minuet errands. He stops buy a florists to have a bouquet delivered to Hope with a card but Franco switches the envelopes after Bo leaves and the flowers are delivered to Billie. Billie becomes upset and heads out to Salem Place where she overhears Bo tell Abe he loves Hope more now than ever. Mrs. Horton sees Billie and takes her aside. She tells her she knows she still loves Bo and Billie tells her she has tried to forget but she can't. Once the wedding is over she is going back to Paris and throw her life into her work. She asks Mrs. Horton if she could go to Smith Island and Mrs Horton lets her but is hesitant because the phone doesn't work. Franco overhears this and calls his boss about this great opportunity.

Meanwhile Bo tells Abe about Jill and to keep an eye out for her. Earlier Bo called the hotel and Franco has checked in but he has a do not disturb on his phone. Bo think's Billie is safe, but she's not. He also goes over the case file one last time to see if he missed anything.

Sami tells Lucas she is planning to worm her way into Austin's legal life. First she plans to get on his car insurance, then in his will. By the time they make it to court their marriage will look like it's real in legal terms. Sami calls Austin over and asks to borrow his car for the day. Austin thinks she might run off with Will show she says she'll leave Will with Austin. Austin says okay and once Sami is gone he invites Carrie over. Carrie, Austin, and Will have a good time until Sami calls and Carrie picks up the phone. Sami is pissed that Carrie is there and she says she's coming home and Carrie better be gone. As Sami is speeding home ranting on how she's going to have Carrie thrown in jail the steering locks up on the car and she looses control.

Franco finds Jill on the docks and grabs her. He tells her he's not done with her yet.


November 7Summary by Dustin
Carrie leaves to avoid an ugly scene with Sami later on. Sami narrowly avoids a crash when Austin's cars steering locks up. When she gets back she accuses Austin of deliberately violating the restraining order and calls the police to have her arrested. Austin hangs up the phone and tells her that if she calls the police he won't stop until he has sole custody of Will. Austin asks for his keys because he and Carrie are going out. Sami tells him he can't because the cars steering locked up but he thinks it's another one of her lies.

Bo leaves the station to pick up his gift for Hope and heads over to Mrs. Horton's house. In Salem Place Jack meets up with Bo and back at the boat Jack tells Bo he fears Peter will kidnap Jen. Bo tells him if he finds something out about Peter to call him because it could be dangerous. Bo leaves and Mrs. Horton calls the boat but Jack answers. She asks him to call out to the island on Bo's radio to make sure she is all right.

Peter continues to plan on kidnaping Jennifer and Abby. While talking on the phone with Stefano Peter sees Jack spying on him. Peter gets away from Jack and meets Stefano in person. Stefano is not feeling well and tells Stefano that he will be coming with Peter so he has time to recuperate, but he will be back to finish unfinished business. Peter decides to abduct Jen and Abby tomorrow at Bo and Hope's wedding.

Laura and Jen come over to see Hope and Julie (who now has short blond hair) and Doug arrive home as a surprise. Laura continues to act peculiar, but she claims to just be tired. Both Jen and Mike are concerned about Laura. Julie's recommends she goes to see Marlena but Laura insists she is fine. Jen and Mike take Laura home and get her to talk about her feelings. She breaks down and talks about her fears about relapsing and being sent back to the sanitarium but Mike tells her there is nothing is wrong with her, but she is still afraid. Jen assures her Peter is out of their lives and she has nothing to be afraid of.

Mrs. Horton gives Hope her mother's earrings which Hope wore on her first wedding day in London, which Bo returned to her when he believed Hope was dead. Out back Shawn D has prepared a special dinner for Hope and Bo and they toast each other and their lives together. Bo gives Hope her present, a music box that plays "Embraceable" (No clue if that is the songs title or who sings it). After they dance Bo leaves her until tomorrow.

Billie is at the Horton cabin and continue's to watch the old tapes of her and Bo. On the docks Franco has beat up Jill and as she is lying unconscious on the docks. Franco makes his way to Smith Island where Billie is. Jack radio's Billie on the Island and she says she will be okay once the wedding is over and she can leave Salem. Outside the cabin Franco finds a knife in the dirt and picks it up. Billies leaves to go on a walk and Franco enters the cabin and turns the radio on in hope of running the battery out.

Jack tells Abe he feels that Peter will kidnap Jen, but Abe says there is nothing he can do. Jack asks for a gun permit and Abe gives it to him, unfortunately there is a five day waiting period and asks Abe to wave it. Abe won't and he says he will have to find another way to protect Jen and Abby. Jack meets up with a guy on the docks and buys a gun.

On his way home Bo runs into Jill on the docks and she's been beat up. He asks her to look at some pictures of his prime suspect but she is too frightened and runs away. Bo returns to the station and calls the hotel in New York but he still has a do not disturb on his phone but they tell him he is in the room and has ordered room service.

Billie returns to the Cabin and lies down to sleep on the couch and Franco steps out of the closet.


November 8 Summary by Dustin This is a long one
Kristen and John are home enjoying a game of cards and John comments that ever since Kristen's appointment with Dr. Robins she has been so relaxed. Marlena walks in to get her car keys when the phone rings. Kristen answers it and it is Stefano, he wants to see her now. She tells him it's not possible but Stefano says meet him on the pier in one hour because her future with John depends on it. Marlena comments that Kristen seems tense and asks who was on the phone. Kristen claims it was a dressmaker who was making some new dresses for her for the holiday's and Marlena tells her she is so lucky because she hasn't gained weight anywhere else but her tummy. Marlena leaves to see Carrie and pick up some clothes but John won't leave. Just then Abe, Lexie, Jonah, and Wendy drop by to see if they want to celebrate the day Abe proposed to Lexie. Kristen says she is to tired but that she really wants John to go and have a good time. While out John tells everyone how he is looking forward to being there when Kristen has her baby because it creates such a bond. Jonah comments on how he feels that bond with Ben and how he feels like a father figure to him and Wendy comments under her breath he's the only one he'll have. Marlena shows up at the club after hearing Abe and Lexie's message on her machine. John and Marlena talk a bit and when one of there favorite songs plays they dance to it. John and Marlena leave for home because John is worried about Kristen. John goes out to get the car and sees Susan across the street and thinks it's Kristen. However Marlena sees the real Kristen outside of the Salem club as well.

Meanwhile Kristen meets with Stefano on the pier and Susan is there with him. Kristen comments on how much she looks like her Stefano comments that it is the magic of makeup which makes them look alike. Stefano tells Kristen that Susan is an unwed mother and is willing to give up the baby to Kristen for her and John to raise. Kristen tells Stefano that John will want to be in the delivery room and Stefano says that after the delivery they will switch places and nobody will ever know. Kristen thanks Susan for doing this and Susan says that she had already decided to give up her baby and that now she knows it will go to a good home.

Shawn D is nervous about the wedding and tells Hope he is afraid something may ruin it. Hope tells Shawn D that they are going to be married tomorrow. She tells him it's understandable why he has these doubts but nothing will go wrong. Later Doug gives Hope a talk about how he hopes she'll be happy with Bo. They talk about Billie for a little bit and Hope tells him that she really respects Billie for giving up the man she loves so her and Bo can be happy. She also says that she realizes Bo and Billie have a past but that she truly believes Billie is out of his heart now. Before going to bed Julie wishes Hope well and how she wishes her grandfather could be here to see the wedding. Mrs. Horton drops in to check on Hope while she is sleeping and prays that the wedding goes smoothly.

Bo calls Jill and tells her he must speak with her tonight about her attacker. Jill is afraid to ID her attacker but Bo promises her they will catch this guy and then she can live without fear. Jill agrees to meet him at his boat so he hurry's over there, but before leaving the station he calls Franco's room one more time with no luck. At the boat Jill tells Bo that this attack was worse than the others and this time he talked. She says he had a European accent and that he said that there is another woman he met far away who had recently came to Salem but that no matter what he did she would not love him. Bo says "it's Billie" and Jill tells him if he knows this woman that he should warn her because he said that he said he was going to make her pay. Bo asks her what else he said and Jill says that he told her the woman was vulnerable tonight because she would be alone in a secluded place. Bo calls her place like Jill suggests but gets no answer. He calls around and learns from Jack that Billie went to the Smith Island. Bo tries every way possible to get somebody to check up on Billie but nobody can go unless he's positive it's an emergency. Jill tells him he has time to go out and he tells her that he won't get any sleep if he doesn't check on Billie so he decides to go out to the island.

Billie wakes up to find Franco standing over her and jumps. Franco tells her that he forgot his Italian passport and needed to come back to pick it up because it would have taken a few days to get a new one. He says he stopped by her apartment but the super told him Billie was out on the island so he rented a boat to come out and see her. Billie asks why he went to all this trouble just to see her and he says it's because he knows the wedding is tomorrow and she is hurting. Billie thanks him for caring but that she can't offer him anything more than her friendship right now. Billie wants to go back to Salem but Franco encourages her to stay so he can cook her his world famous Parmesan chicken and Billie agrees to stay until after dinner. As they go to eat dinner Billie recalls having dinner with Bo out at the cabin. Franco continues to stall Billie but she really wants to go back to Salem. He tells her he needs to be with her tonight and begins to kiss her. Billie stops him and he stares at her evilly.

As Bo arrives on the Island he hears Billie scream.

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