November 01 Week 4


November 27
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Greta is admiring Harold's rodeo look, and tells him that he looks great. Harold just wishes the shirt didn't itch so much, but he'll bare the itch if it is what Jack wants and needs to be himself. Greta feels bad about what they are doing, but Harold convinces her that she is helping Jack be himself and find happiness. When Jack rings the doorbell, Harold runs into the bedroom. Greta acts strange, which Jack picks up on. Greta says she is fine, and basically talks a mile a minute until she convinces Jack to get out of the apartment and take her to the movie.

At the theater, Jen and Brandon arrive, and Jen gets a call from Jack. Jen threatens to hang up on Jack, but he begs her not to because this is important. Jack tells Jen that since she is getting serious with Brandon Walker, he has decided to move on with Greta. He tells her not to wait up for him, because he might not be home. Jen says she doesn't care, and hangs up on Jack! Jack thinks he has gotten to Jen, and thinks Jen is all his. Brandon is great about the whole Jack situation, and suggests they switch their plans to just avoid Jack all together, who is coming to the movies with Greta. Jen says no, that is what Jack wants, and she wants to see this movie with him. BRandon is happy that she is taking a stand, and they go into the movie. They learn the movie may be delayed due to technical difficulties, but go into the theater anyways. Brandon and Jen talk about their families, and Brandon opens up about his. He admits he does not feel sorry that his dad is dead, but he does feel sorry for the girl who shot him. Brandon says that girl will need support, and he hopes she gets it. Eventually the the film is canceled, because they only have power for one film. Brandon suggests to Jen that they rent a video and head back to his place, which shocks Jen.

Greta and Jack arrive at the movies, and Greta is unhappy that Jack can't stop talking about Jen. They go into the action movie, thinking Brandon is that kinda film guy, and Jack can't seem to figure out where Brandon and Jen are sitting. Jack begins searching the theater, and realizes where they must be. Jack knows they are seeing the other movie, and he and Greta try to sneak into it. However , the usher refuses to let them in, and says it doesn't matter because the film has been canceled. They wait for Jen and BRandon to come out, but they don't, because they left earlier. Jack and Greta decide to go back to her place.

Chloe and Brady are in their movie theater, which is completely deserted. The movie doesn't start, and they begin to wonder what is going on. They soon end up complimenting one another's clothes, and Chloe says she just bought this outfit in a hurry. Brady tells her to stop, he is onto her, she knows she is hot. They get serious, and begin talking about the connection they seem to share. Chloe doesn't understand why they fight so much when they are so connected, and she admits she doesn't know what she'd do without him. Brady says he doesn't even remember what his life was like before he got to know her, and he says he cares about her too. She thanks him, and then spaces out. Brady asks her what is wrong? She says she is crazy about him, and hugs him. Brady is shocked. Chloe says she was just showing him that she cared, she's sorry if he didn't like it. Because the movie has yet to start, Chloe decides to go get some popcorn.

The action movie, which Shawn and Belle are seeing,is jam packed. Mimi and Kevin show up, as do Jan and Jason. The theater announces they are having technical difficulties, and if they want to leave they can get a refund. Some people choose to leave, but the kids stay. Everyone begins chanting "We want the movie." Phillip and Cynthia show up, and continue making out in front of the whole theater, who continue to chant for the movie to start. Jan continues to look over at Shawn, which annoys Belle.

At the candy counter, Chloe runs into Phillip. Chloe gets her popcorn, but not before revealing to Phillip what movie she is seeing. Chloe tells Phillip that she knows he is here with Cynthia, so he better get back to his date. Cynthia shows up, and Phillip tells her to go back in the theater and wait for him. Cynthia doesn't apprciate Phillip's attitdue, and leaves. Phillip and Chloe begin arguing, and Phillip wants to know who she is with. Chloe says nobody. Phillip says even she isn't that much of a freak to go to the movies alone. Chloe asks if he would like to call her ghoul girl while he's at it? Chloe tells Phillip that he wonders why she doesn't want to be with him. Phillip knows she is with Brady, and he refuses to let her return to him until she admits it. Chloe yells at him to move, and the manager shows up. He asks if there is a problem here? Phillip blows up, yells at the manager, and Chloe in turn yells at Phillip. The manager becomes fed up, and tells them both to get out! Phillip threatens to have him fired, but the manager doesn't care. He tells them to get out or he will press charges, so they leave.

In the bathroom, Cynthia catches Jan getting sick. Elsewhere, the other kids hear the commotion in the loby and come to see what is going on. Outside, Chloe calls Phillip a loser for humilating her, and tells him that he and Cytnthia deserve one another! Cytnhia kisses Phillip, calls him baby, and tells him that they should go back to her place. Phllip says that sounds good to him, and they take off.


November 28
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Greta and Jack return to Greta's, and Jack thinks today was a huge waste of time because Jen and Tarzan didn't bother to show up. Jack drops Greta off at her door and decides to head home, but Greta tells him that he can't leave! Greta wants Jack to try her new wine, but he says he'll take a raincheck. Greta orders him to get in her apartment now! JAck asks her why? Greta says she has a surprise for him, and it will make him very happy. Greta gets Jack inside and produces a massage table, which belongs to Harold. Greta asks Jack to help her out, so he opens up the table. Greta then gives Jack a vitamin drink, which she has spiked with booze! After Jack downs the drink, Greta tells him to take off all his clothes! Jack is shocked, but Greta says everyone gets naked for a massage. A drunk Jack is easily convinced to get naked, because he thinks it is for Greta. Jack strips down to his boxers, and gets on the table. Greta tells Jack to stay right there, and turns off the lights. Harold enters, and begins giving Jack a massage and Greta talks to Jack and tells him to keep his head down. Jack tells "Greta" that she is so strong, and so good at this.

At the theater, Jen is shocked by Brandon's suggestion that they go back to his place alone. She says she is not ready for that yet, but Brandon says it wasn't that kind of invitation. Brandon says he was just going to suggest they watch a video. Jen apologizes for jumping to the wrong conclusion. Brandon offers to go somewhere else, but Jen says no, she wants to go to hs place and watch a movie. They go back to BRandon's place, which is in fact the remodled loft Jen used to live in. Jen loves his place, and is impressed by his decorating skills. They attempt to watch a movie, but Brandon's VCR eats the tape! BRandon and Jen think a movie is not in the charts for them, and Jen suddenly gets nervous. Brandon suggests they dance, and a clutsy Jen spills her drink on Brandon. He tells her not to worry, and goes to change his shirt. The sight of Brandon's bod turns Jen on. Jen doesn't like these feelings and thinks she should go. Brandon tells her not to go, the night is young and so are they. Brandon tells Jen that he is a master at giving massages, and gives her one. The massage relaxes Jen,

Elsewhere, Belle tells Brady that Chloe just left with Phillip, which angers him. The movies all end up being canceled, and Shawn asks Belle what is going on? Belle says tonight has turned into a disaster, and it is all her fault.

Mimi and Kevin continue their first date by sneaking back into the theater. Kevin knows the projectionist, and puts on a shadow puppet show for Mimi. He shows her how to do a few, and then they kiss.

Outside, Chloe, Phillip, and Cynthia all argue. Chloe calls Phillip a loser, and Cynthia the slut of Salem. Cynthia says they don't have to take this, and suggests to Phillip that they go back to her place. He says okay, they kiss, and walk off. Phillip begins feeling bad, and considers dropping Cynthia off. Cynthia, however, won't alow it. She invites Phil back to her place for a beer and some fun. Phillip doesn't think he should, but eventually is talked into it by Cynthia.

Brady searches for Chloe, but then realizes she is too much trouble and decides to forget her. Meanwhile, Chloe realizes she needs to get back to BRady, and runs into Belle and Shawn. Belle gives Chloe a piece of her mind for hurting Brady the way she did. Shawn tells Chloe that she is a jerk for blowing Brady off the way she did. Chloe says they don't understand, but Belle and Shawn refuse to allow her to explain and walk off. Meanwhile, a heartbroken Brady thinks that Phillip has won. Elsewhere, CHloe heads to the penthouse, thinking Brady might be there, but ends up in danger when some seedy guys show up in their car and offer to "give Chloe a ride" and they aren't refering to their car.

Shawn and Belle continue their date, and Belle begins to think they are jinxed because Chloe seems to be ruining all their dates. Shawn says they aren't jinxed, they are together and alone, and that is a good thing. Shawn and Belle decide to drive out to a make-out spot where they can be alone.

Cynthia and Phil go back to Cynthia's place. Cynthia gets Phil a beer, and leaves him to freshen up. She returns, and the two begin to get it on.


November 28
From NBC, Dustin Was Out Of Town John, Marlena, Bo and Hope are able to put the past behind them and enjoy an evening together at Tuscany. John is in an especially emotional mood after Marlena's impassioned speech declaring her undying love and trust for him. Mickey and Maggie, who are celebrating Mickey's legal expertise, join the foursome. Mickey is using his earnings to take Maggie on a trip to Mexico. Mickey and Maggie's enthusiasm is catching and they all top off the evening with a Mexican Hat Dance. Cynthia and Philip are heating things up as well. They are poised to go all the way until Philip remembers his promise to Chloe about her being his first. Much to Cynthia's chagrin, Philip pulls himself together and leaves. Belle and Shawn are enjoying themselves at Lookout Point, but ultimately Belle's feelings get in the way. She admits to Shawn that she's worried about Brady, but Shawn doesn't believe that's the only thing on her mind. Belle, after a tickle attack, admits that insecurity was the reason she pushed for sex on the island. Shawn rushes to assure her but Belle reveals that she's more secure about his feelings for her, and she isn't ready for sex. Shawn takes this all in stride and their romantic evening continues. Things are decidedly not romantic in other parts of town. Chloe is about to be taken away by the two men until Brady comes to the rescue. A vicious fight ensues, with Brady victorious. He and Chloe end up at a playground where Chloe reveals to Brady that he's her best friend and she would never walk out on him with Philip. Brady is touched but tries to cover his feelings. Chloe asks Brady to show her how to sing and he agrees. Lexie informs Rolf that she will be going ahead with the plan to turn Hope into Gina. She admits that she heard Bo threaten to bring down Stefano. Rolf uses this to his advantage and outlines the plan for the party. Lexie asks about the risk to Hope's life and Rolf lies, saying that the risk is minimal. Lexie also asks point blank if Rolf was Barb's attacker, and Rolf lies once again.


November 29
From NBC, Dustin Was Out Of Town Shawn and Belle struggle to resist the urge to make love. They both agree that they aren't ready to take the next step. Besides, they are enjoying this time together. Then Belle notices the time and freaks out. She's going to miss her curfew and her mom will kill her! She calls Marlena's cell when she gets no answer at the penthouse, and Marlena invites them to Tuscany. When Belle and Shawn arrive they are shocked at how carefree their parents are acting... dancing and having a great time. In fact, Bo and Hope, John and Marlena, and Mickey and Maggie just had a "serious" discussion on who is Salem's super couple (complete with flashbacks)... Things take on a more serious tone when Belle opens up to Marlena; Shawn bonds with Bo; and John stresses to Hope the urgency of removing the chip. Meanwhile at Greta's, Jack is enjoying his vigorous massage. His enjoyment, however, is short lived when Greta reveals that it is Harold with the magic fingers. Jack is absolutely apoplectic and declares that he will never date a man, ever! He later agrees to forgive Greta (he needs her and her friendship) if she promises to NEVER set him up with a MAN again. Jack's not the only one who's on the receiving end of a massage; Brandon is still working away on Jennifer. Brandon and Jennifer's lips come close but never meet. The massage has relaxed Jennifer so much that she completely opens up to Brandon regarding her feelings about dating. She says that she respects Brandon and doesn't want to play games with him. She just has no idea what lies ahead. Brandon is cool with this. Later, while getting a massage from Jennifer, Brandon tells her that he did worry that he might not be good enough for her. Jennifer assures him that he is and the date ends with the promise of more to come...


November 30
From NBC, Dustin Was Out Of Town Cynthia wastes no time in informing Salem High about her date with Philip. Shawn overhears and tells Philip that this is not the way to get Chloe back. Philip then asks Cynthia not to tell anyone about Saturday night. Cynthia agrees, on the condition that Philip goes out with her again so they can finish what they started. Chloe and Belle make up at school. Chloe is unhappy to hear that Belle believes that Brady thinks of Chloe as just a friend. Belle then convinces Chloe to give Philip the benefit of the doubt. That is, until Chloe sees Philip and Cynthia together! Abe overhears a conversation between Lexie and Rolf regarding Isaac and demands to know what's going on. Rolf covers in such a way that Abe ends up apologizing. Elsewhere in Salem, the main topic of conversation is Lexie's party. Nancy, Craig and Colin get invitations and debate whether or not they'll attend. Hope convinces Jennifer to come with her and Bo. Barb and Glen read about the party in the society pages and Barb decides to crash it. She calls Lexie and informs her of her decision. Barb demands another fifty thousand or she'll make sure it will be a party that no one will ever forget. Rolf is thrilled when Lexie finally gives him permission to "handle" Barb.
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