November 01 Week 3


November 19
This is from NBC. My BROTHER smiled when he told me he didn't tape the shows for me. The little . . . . .

Barb demands her money or she'll spread the word about Isaac. Lexie stands firm and informs Barb that she has no intention of paying her a million dollars. Lexie then tries guilt and intimidation. Barb is momentarily thrown off guard, but recovers by asking Lexie what she'd rather part with; Isaac or the money? Lexie's back is against the wall and she knows it. Rolf slips her another five thousand and Lexie gives it to Barb, then orders her to leave. Barb refuses and in a burst of anger, Lexie lunges at her and pushes her down. Frightened, Barb leaves, but not without demanding that Lexie get the one million and soon! Rolf reiterates that Barb needs to be eliminated. Lexie considers it but then tells Rolf to get the million and get it now.

Bo and Hope's plans for a quiet evening at home are thwarted when John calls and demands to see Hope, immediately. He has information for her concerning her time as Gina. Hope tries to slip out of the house, but Bo has a hidden agenda as well. He mentions that Hope should get to know Elizabeth. Hope is suspicious and Bo finally admits that Colin is involved in the feud with Stefano, and that Elizabeth is the key. Hope refuses to help even after Bo, which angers him. Hope becomes upset and storms out.

Meanwhile, John is telling Marlena that Hope can never remember her time as Gina. It will destroy too many lives, including his. Marlena becomes frightened, but John will only say that there are things in his past that he d oesn't want anyone to find out. He is adamant that he needs to remove the chip in Hope's brain before Stefano turns her back into Gina. Marlena is aghast, one slip up and Hope could be brain dead...or worse!

Sami and Brandon run into each other in the hospital. Brandon is dismayed to learn that Sami and Austin went shopping for rings. Sami is equally upset that Brandon is still dating Jennifer. They argue and it's obvious that the green-eyed monster is still alive in Sami.

Jennifer and Jack continue to do what Jennifer and Jack do best, argue. It doesn't help that Abby is starting to get wise to the fact that Mommy and Daddy have so many "friends". Jennifer sends Abby to bed and then begins to get ready for her date, doing her best to ignore Jack. Jack refuses to be ignored and claims that Abby has figured out that Jennifer is going out with her boyfriend. Jennifer denies that Brandon is her boyfriend. Later, Jennifer is trapped between the past and the future when Brandon arrives and Jack refuses to leave.

Barb stops off at a convenience store in a bad part of town. She exits her car and looks around uneasily. Suddenly a mugger grabs her from behind and says, "You never should have come to Salem." A knife is drawn across Barb's throat and her screams are silenced...


November 20
Note: My brother installed Windows XP, and none of our old word processors work with it! I cannot spell to save my life, so this is probably filled with spelling errors! The slow response keyboard is not helping things either! Sorry!

At Jack and Jen's, Jen asks Jack to go, because Brandon is coming. Brandon shows up and she begs Jack to leave, but he refuses. Jen answers the door, and Brandon is standing there with flowers. Brandon is paged and has to call the hospital. Jen warns Jack whatever he is planning, it won't work, he won't ruin her date! Jack says oh yes he will! Jack refuses to leave because he claims he is waiting for Abby's babysitter, but Jen says she can do that and he is just trying to get her so upset that she can't enjoy herself. Brandon shows up and thinks tonight is a bad time, and suggests they do this another night. Jack is pleased, Jen tells Brandon to wait in the car for her, she needs a second to straighten some things out. Brandon leaves, and Jen scolds Jack for doing this to her. Jack accusses Jen of wanting to sleep with Brandon, but she says that is not her intention. Jack says that is his intention. Jen tells Jack that Brandon is mature, sensative, and knows how to treat a woman! Jen leaves, and tells Jack to wait for the baby-sitter to show up! Jack spies on Jen and BRandon through a window. Jen tells Brandon that she is so sorry for what happened in there.

Jen and Brandon leave for their movie date. In the car she smells pizza. Brandon says he dropped off a pizza for a kid at the hospital before picking her up, which she thinks is sweet. Back at Jack and Jen's, Abby learns that mommy has gone out with a friend.

Harold shows up at Greta's place dressed in "straight wear." Greta tells Harold that she is having second thoughts about this whole plan, she feels bad about tricking Jack into this. Harold says she is matchmaking, not tricking! He accuses Greta of only having second thoughts because she wants Jack for herself. Greta admits she likes him, but she is not going to throw herself at another unattainable man. However, she does care about Jack, and she doesn't want to hurt him. Greta calls Jack up to see if they are still on for their movie date. Jack is a little down, but says they are still on. Greta says after the movie they have to stop by her place for a surprise. Jack is intrigued.

At the petnhouse, Shawm calls up Belle, who is trying to find something to wear for her date. Belle thought it was Mimi calling at first, and is shocked to learn it is Shawn. She pretends she knew it was him, caller ID, so Shawn suggests they get ready for their date together. The chit chat, and Shawn tells Belle he can't wait to be holding her again. Belle and Shawn think about the island, and later Shawn tells Belle that he'll pick her up in his dad's truck. Belle says she is not ready yet. Shawn tells her that there is somthing he needs her help with before she hangs up on him to get ready.

Hope and John meet on the docks to talk in secret. John tells Hope that there is something she needs to know. Hope thinks she has hurt someone in her past, but John says it isn't like that. John tells Hope that Stefano has the power to turn her back into Gina, and he thinks it will happen very soon. John tells her about the chip in her head, and that if it isn't removed, she could lose her identity. Hope thinks she can ask Lexie to help her, Lexie can convince her father not to reactivate the chip again. John tells her that Lexie is a DiMera, and she cannot trust her! Hope thinks she can, but John says it is possible that Stefano is controlling Lexie. Hope asks John who she should trust? John asks her to trust him, let him remove the chip. Hope asks why he is so desperate to get rid of this chip now? John remembers killing people for Stefano, and he claims he just wants to protect her. Hope says that isn't it, they both know their love might return if she became Gina again.

Barb is attacked by a thug, has her throat slashed, and purse stolen! Barb manages to call Glen, but she can't speak as her attacker returns. Barbasks Glen for help. Suddenly, a woman shows up and yells at the attacker, who is Rolfe, to get away because she is calling the police! Rolfe gets back into his car and takes off.

Barb is rushed to the hospital, where Glen meets her. Glen asks her who did this to her? Barb explains what happened, she thinks Lexie Carver tried to have her killed. Glen wants to call the cops, but Barb says no, her husband would only protect her. A plastic surgeon shows up to check out Barb's face. He says she'll have a minimal scar, if they take care of this now. Barb tells Glen she has something for him to do, she wants him to call Lexie and say what she tells him to say. Glen makes the call, and Barb is taken to surgery. Before going in, Barb says it is going to cost Lexie 2 mill now!

At the mansion, Lexie wonders if she handled Barb the wrong way? Barb summons Eliana, and asks if she has seen Rolfe. Eliana says he left in the black sedan, which means something bad is going on. Rolfe returns home, and Lexie demands to know what he is doing. Rolfe claims he is just warming himself by the fire. Rolfe asks Eliana to bring Isaac here, so she does and hands him to Rolfe. Rolfe tells Lexie if she wants to remain Isaac's mother, she will do what she has to do. Suddenly, Glen calls Lexie and tells her that Barb was attacked tonight, and he knows it is her doing! Lexie looks at Rolfe, and is not happy. Glen tells Lexie to get to the hospital if she knows what is good for her. Lexie is furious with Rolfe. Rolfe thinks this experience has tought Barb a lesson. Lexie orders Rolfe to make no more moves without talking to her first! Lexie takes Isaac to bed, and Rolfe says next time he will finish Barb off for good.


November 21
This has once again not been spell check because of the lack of a word processor on this PC. Due to the time, and wanting to relax a bit cause I'm on vacation, I have yet to proof it either. Sorry for the mistakes!

At Bo and Hope's, Bo is pacing around worrying about Hope. He remembers the fight he had with Hope earlier, and he wonders why they even had it. Hope had claimed she was going out for ice cream, and he wonders why she has been gone for so long.

On the docks, Hope tells John that they both know what would happen if she became Gina again, she would want him again and wouldn't stop until she had him. John tells Hope that when he and Gina were together there love was intense, to say the least. John says she would want him back again, among other things. Hope tells John to tell her what he is holding back. John tells her that if he doesn't get that chip out, she will remember a hell of a lot more than she wanted to! Hope wonders if Bo was right, maybe she shouldn't be searching into her past, she doesn't want to hurt Bo or the kids. She says whatever she does, her family may suffer. As John comforts a crying Hope, Bo calls her on her cellphone and asks her what is taking her so long. Hope says she was walking and will be home soon. Bo says she sounds upset, and asks what is going on. Hope says she is just upset about their arguement, and she is sorry. Bo says he is sorry to, and asks her to come home. Hope says she needs more time, and hangs up on Bo. Hope agrees to let John do what he needs to do in order to keep Stefano from changing her back into Gina.

Hope eventually returns home, and is lacking ice cream. She tells Bo she didn't get it, so he asks her where she went. Hope just says she loves Bo, and hugs him. She asks him to say he'll never lose her. Bo says their love is forever, and they kiss. Shawn finishes getting ready for his date with Belle, and leaves. Hope worries about Shawn, and if they've talked to him enough about sex and precautions. Bo asks Hope if she thinks Shawn is going to get some girl pregnant? Hope says she doesn't know. Bo says they just have to trust that Shawn will do the right thing.

At the penthouse, Marlena worries about John, who has been gone for awhile. She remembers their discussion earlier about him removing the chip in Hope's head. She wonders when this is going to end. Brady shows up and asks when is what going to end? Marlena says she was talking about Belle getting ready, which never ends. She then tells Brady that he looks spiffy. In Belle's room, Shawn talks to Belle on the phone. He asks her what her favorite color is. Belle asks him why he wants to know? He says it isn't that difficult of a questions. Belle says it depends what they are talking about: clothes, cars, furniture. Shawn says forget it, and that he'll pick her up in five minutes. Belle says she'll never be ready in five minutes, but says he can come over whenever he wants. She then sees the state her room is in, and begins cleaning it up. Belle continues to get ready, and Shawn continues to pester her. Later, after Belle is ready, Marlena is NOT happy with her choice of clothing. Belle is wearing a skimpy little lace Britney Spears like outfit. Marlena thinks it is to sexual, and Belle is ofended. Belle thinks her mom thinks she's planning to do it with Shawn tonight. They begin arguing, and John shows up and says that Belle looks great. Belle thanks her daddy, which does not please Marlena. Belle tries to get her dad to extend her curfew, and he almost does it, but Marlena stop him and tells Belle she is to be back at midnight as usual. Belle goes down to the lobby and waits for Shawn. He tells her that she looks amazing, and she says thanks, but not everyone agrees. Back in the penthouse, Marlena wonders what has gotten into Belle. John thinks Marlena needs to lay off, because she's pushing Belle away. Marlena does not like that comment at all, and asks John where he has been, why was he gone so long, what where he and Hope doing?

At the Wesley's, Craig is eating and talking to Nancy about Barb's attack, while Nancy is reliving an attack from her past. Nancy eventually yells at Craig to stop it, she doesn't want to hear anymore about it! Craig tells Nancy about ER cases all the time, why has this one gotten to her? Nancy insists she is fine. Brady shows up to pick up Chloe, and Nancy is cold to him. Nancy tells Brady that Chloe has a curfew, so she is expected home early, and if he ever wants to take her out again, he will respect her. Upstairs, Chloe thinks about Brady. However, when "I need you" comes on her radio, her thougts shift to Phillip. She wonders why she can't forget about him. When she thinks about him dating Cynthia, she shatters the picture of them together. She says she knew he wouldn't fight for her, he said he loved her but it was a lie! Chloe goes downstairs and hears Nancy's lecture to Brady. She tells Nancy to shut her mouth, she will come home when she feels like it! Chloe says she is not a baby, she can take care of herself. Chloe and Brady eventually leave, and Brady asks her what she has planned for an encore? Chloe says that wasn't a performance, and she's sorry that he had to witness that. Brady says it is okay, she has witnessed enough between him and Marlena, and he's less than adorable at times. Chloe tells Brady that he is so cool, he is the only person in this world that understands her. Chloe says she just lost it in there because she was thinking of Phillip earlier. Chloe says she hates him and wishes he didn't exist. Back inside, Craig realizes something is really bothering Nancy, and he asks her to tell him. Nancy claims she's just worried about Chloe because she's so young and vulnerable.

Phillip is in his car and vows never to lose Chloe, he will have her back after tonight. Phil picks up Cynthia, who is wearing some low-riders and a belly shirt. Cynthia tells Phillip that her parents are out of town this weekend, so she invites Phillip in to have some fun. Phillip says they should probably get going, so they leave. Phillip begins thinking about Chloe, and smiles. When Cynthia sees Phillip is in a good mood, she suggests they just forget about the movie. Phillip says he wants to go to the movies, he wants everyone to see them together. When Cynthia asks why, Phillip says just because. They head out to the movies, and Phillip loses his concentration because Cynthia has hot pants in the car. Phillip ends up slamming on the breaks, and Cynthia screams. They survive, and Phillip is just a little shocked by her actions. Cynthia says think of it as what is to come.


November 23
Still no spell check on this computer at home, and my spelling sucks

Phillip and Cynthia are still on their way to the movies. Cynthia says she would love a soda, so Phillip says he'll stop and buy them some drinks. Phillip says that Henderson bought their tickets in advance, so they don't have to wait in line. Phillip picks up some beers (yes he's underage) and he and Cynthia begin to get it on. Cynthia says it is getting warm, and begins to take her clothes off! Unfortunately, things cool down when "I need you" comes on the radio. Phillip quickly turns the radio off, and Cynthia knows why. She tells him not to pretend with her, she knows Chloe is on his mind. Cynthia suggests they go to the movie, relax, and have some fun. They decide to walk to the movie, and Phillip tells Cynthia that she is being so much more mature about this. Phillip says he is glad he asked her out. Cynthia says she is too, but before they get out, she needs him to rehook her bra!

The kids begin gathering at Salem Place for their big movie date. Unforutnately, the line seems to strech on for miles. Belle thinks they should come back to the movie another time, because they'll never get in with this line. Chloe and Brady arrive, and Brady is disappointed that Chloe is looking for Phillip. Chloe says she is not looking for Phillip, she is looking for Shawn and Belle! Chloe and Brady meet up with Shawn and Belle. Brady managed to get tickets ahead of time for Shawn and Belle, but he and Chloe are going to go see the French film. Brady goes to pick up the tickets, and Chloe asks if they have seen Phillip? Shawn says they haven't. Brady returns, and asks who CHloe is looking for? Shawn tries to cover and says they were wondering where Mimi and Kevin are, but Chloe says it is okay, Brady is her friend. Brady knows she was looking for Phillip, and asks if she's afraid he will make a scene? Chloe says she doesn't know. Shawn and Belle decide to go to get the tickets, and Brady accuses Chloe of wanting Phillip to see them together. Chloe tells Brady that he is so wrong! Chloe and Brady begin argueing, and Chloe is fed up with Brady thinking he knows everything about how she feels when the truth is that he is just as clueless as other guys! Brady tells her that Phillip is coming, so does she or does she not want him to see them together? Chloe says she just wants to see Phillip and if he is really interested in Cynthia. Brady asks how he will know he likes her? Chloe says she will know by the way he looks at Cynthia, which she knows can't be how he looked at her. Brady says if he looks at her the same way, what will it tell her? Chloe says that what they had between them was not real at all. Brady and CHloe go into the movie together just as Cynthia and Phillip show up. Phillip thinks he sees Chloe, but he's not sure. Everyone goes into the movies. The action movie is totally packed, and the theater with the French film is empty.

At the hospital, Barb is fully bandaged, and can't believe this surgery has cost her 10,000 dollars. Lexie shows up to see Barb, but Collin tells her that she can't see Barb right now, she'll have to wait. Lexie says she will not wait! Lexie apologizes and says she used to be a doctor here, and she's not used to being told she can't check on a patient, especially when they are a friend of hers. Collin fears that the man who slashed her was not a random mugger, but a serial slasher. Elizabeth shows up to see Collin, and Lexie goes to see Barb. Barb tells Lexie that she has made the biggest mistake of her life! Glen says they both know what she has done, and she won't get away with it! Lexie says she didn't know anything happened to her until Glen called, and she doesn't understand why they think she would do this to her? Glen says he isn't stupid, he knows what she has done. Barb tells Lexie that she has told him about the money, and makes sure Lexie knows that Glen doesn't know the truth about the babies. Lexie tells Barb and Glen that she had nothing to do with blowing up the DNA lab, and she did not have Barb attacked. Lexie says muggings do happen, and maybe her attacker saw her with the five thousand dollars she had just given her. Glen can't believe she got another five thousand dollars and didn't tell him. Lexie says it is no wonder they don't trust her, they don't trust one another. This angers Glen. Barb tells Glen that it will be okay, and she suggests he go get her a drink. Glen leaves, and Barb and Lexie talk. Lexie tells Barb that if Glen finds out the truth, that she has been keeping his son from him, he will hate her! Barb says he will love the 2 million she is going to give them. Lexie is shocked that the price has gone up. Barb says the attack has doubled the price! Barb also tells Lexie that the longer she drags this out, the tougher this will be on her. Barb says she could tell Glen the truth, and then they would sue the hospital and get the money to take care of that sick baby, either way, she wins! Lexie says she'll have to get in touch with her father to get that money. Barb tells her to do it, and to bring her another 10,000 tomorrow to replace the money she spent on this surgery! Lexie leaves, and breaks down. Glen returns and tells Barb they should forget this and go home, but Barb refuses! Barb tells Glen that they need a money, so it is time for him to be a man!

Later, Lexie runs into Elizabeth and Collin, and she offers to show Elizabeth around. She also invites them to her party, which they thank her for. Lexie then talks to Elizabeth about her problems with Bo. Lexie asks Liz if Bo is right, does she know anything about this Mr. DiMera? Before she can answer, Collin returns, and they both leave. Lexie is not pleased that Bo is still looking for dirt on her father, but he won't have time to do that anymore once she turns Hope back into Gina. Lexie says that Bo will be too busy keeping Hope away from John!

At the penthouse, Marlena asks John what happened between him and Hope? John talks to Marlena and tells her what happened, and how he has to get the chip out of her head. Marlena asks why not Lexie? John says that Lexie is a damn liar! Marlena says Lexie is their friend, but John says she is a DiMera, and he feels that he can't trust anyone but Marlena right now. Marlena trusts him to, and that she knows he'll take care of Hope. John admits to Marlena that he is begining to remember things, things he doesn't want others to know. John says that if Hope remembers the past, and certain secrets come out . . . . . Marlena asks him what he is afraid of? She says she wants to be there for him. John tells Marlena that she is glad JT doesn't know he is his father, because he needs a father he can be proud of. Marlena tells John that there is nothing he can say that will make her think less of him. John tells Marlena that he is a cold blooded killer!


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