November 01 Week 2


November 12
This is from NBC. Days did not air where I lived, but aired in some places. The show may be repeated around 2:05AM depending on where you live!

Lexie continues to worry about the Barb situation, but Rolf tells her they have bigger problems. He chastises her for bringing Brandon, an outsider, into all of this. Lexie puts on her "lady of the manner" tone and dismisses Rolf as the doorbell rings. It's Brandon. Lexie tells him everything as Rolf listens outside the door. Brandon advises Lexie not to give Barb another penny and to let the chips fall where they may. Lexie says she won't risk her son but Brandon counters with the fact that Barb could get the money and then tell Glen and Hope anyway. Lexie vows that she'll never let that happen, even if she has to kill Barb. Brandon is shocked.

A hysterical Barb heads home and reveals to Glen that she is pregnant with their baby. Glen worries how they will pay for everything because people have been getting laid off at his job. Barb pulls out the $5,000 and informs a shocked Glen that money is no longer an issue.

Meanwhile at the Brady Pub, Bo and JT are visiting with Caroline when an enraged Elizabeth storms in looking for Colin. Bo manages to get Caroline out of the way by saying that JT needs a diaper change, then he gets down to business. Bo invites Elizabeth to have a cup of coffee with him while she waits for Colin. After some verbal sparing, Bo wears Elizabeth down and she agrees to stay. Bo then proceeds to pump Elizabeth for information on Colin and discovers that Colin was involved in some sort of under ground movement in Ireland. Caroline's return with JT is ill-timed, Bo is finally finding some answers and is forced to stop.

Philip runs into Jason at Dot com and is highly offended when Jason tells him that everyone believes that Philip is a whipped wimp. Philip starts to object, but then realizes that Jason is right, Chloe did run the show. Cynthia flirts shamelessly with Philip and Jason remarks that if he did happen to want Chloe back, he should take Cynthia to the movies on Saturday night. Philip considers this.

Belle and Shawn return to the penthouse to find Brady and Chloe doing what they do best, fighting. Belle is relieved to see that some things haven't changed. Shawn remarks to Brady that since he and Belle are now boyfriend and girlfriend, Brady should get a date and double with them sometime. Chloe cuttingly remarks that'll be tough, who would date Brady? Brady says that his idea of a date, Nicole, wouldn't fit in with Belle and Shawn anyway. Belle warns Brady against dating Nicole and suggests that Brady take Chloe to the movies. Brady blows this off and leaves the room. Belle asks Chloe if she would have accepted, had Brady asked her. Chloe hesitates and Brady hovers around the doorway, listening for her answer.


November 13
I missed the first five or so minutes due to news briefs, most of which where not that important AT all!

Lexie continues to talk to Brandon about Barb. Brandon urges her to claim Stefano is on his way back to Salem to scare her away. Lexie doesn't think that will work. Brandon then tells her to claim she has her threats on tape, and threaten to turn them over to Abe, who will arrest her. Brandon tells her to fight back with whatever it takes, but not murder. Brandon leaves, and Rolfe, who was spying, tells Lexie that Brandon is a fool and that Barb must be eliminated! LExie calls Barb's hotel on the turnpike, and learns she checked out. She then calls the Salem Inn and learns she never checked in. Lexie wonders where Barb is, and what she is up to. Rolfe assures her that Barb will be back with a vengeance.

At a hotel somewhere, Barb meets with Glen, who is shirtless as usual. Barb tells him that the money was a gift from Lexie, who feels bad for what she put them through. Glen says it feels like blackmail money, but Barb says it is her way of setting things right. Glen says they could use the money, and the two kiss and talk about having a baby. Glen tells Barb that he says now them having a baby feels right, and he will do anything for her and their baby. Glen picks Barb up and suggests the go to the bedroom. Barb says to hell with the bedroom, throws the money on the floor, and suggests they christen the money! Later, Glen gets a call from his boss, who is furious with Glen for not showing up to work an hour ago like he was supposed to. Glen ends up getting fired! Barb tells Glen not to worry about money, she will go see LExie again, because she owes them! Glen asks if she is sure this is not illegal? Barb says she is, so he tells her to go for it.

At the penthouse, Belle is shocked that CHloe would consider dating Brady. However, Chloe thinks it would be a bad idea, because they'd probably fight all evening, plus he hasn't even asked her. Brady shows up, and Belle wants to tell Brady something. Chloe tells Belle to keep her mouth shut, and Shawn, who is also at the penthouse, agrees. Belle and Chloe decide to go out to Dot.Com to eat, and Shawn and Brady decide to play some ball. After the girls leave, Shawn tries to get Brady to admit he is into Chloe. Brady says he really doesn't care what is going on with Chloe or Phillip, and they go out to play basketball. The boys play ball, and Shawn teases Brady about being an "old man" and tries to convince him to ask out Chloe. Brady has this odd daydream about playing ball with homegirl Chloe. Chloe is all tattooed and cornrowed up, and challenges Brady to a game of ball in street slang. Brady and Chloe Iverson/Rodman then play a game of one-on-one. When Brady comes to, Shawn knows he was thinking about Chloe. Shawn tells Brady that if he doesn't make a move, Chloe might get back together with Phillip. Brady says he isn't worried. Shawn has to go meet Belle, and Brady decides to stick around the court for awhile.

At Dot.Com, Cynthia flirts with Phillip, and tells him that she'll see him at the game. Jan shows up to see Jason and Phillip, and asks what Cynthia is doing hanging around them? Jason says she has the hots for Phillip! Jason suggests they all go out on a big double date to the movies. Phillip says no, but Jan tells Phillip that he has to move on with his life. Later, Phillip approaches Cynthia and asks her out to a movie Saturday night. She accepts, and when Jan learns the news, she decides to break the news to Chloe who has shown up with Belle. Belle continues to try and convince Chloe to go out with Brady on a double with her and Shawn. Chloe says it sounds like fun, and Belle says it will be. CHloe tells Belle that Brady still has to ask her out, but Belle thinks that will be a piece of cake. Jan shows up and thanks Belle for being there at the hospital for her. Jan then talks about Saturday night, and how she, Jason, Phillip, and Cynthia are all going to the movies on a double date.

At Greta's, Greta continues to talk to Harold on the phone, and they agree to meet in twenty minutes in Salem Place. She tells him that less is more with Jack. Greta gets Jack and tells him that they are going to Salem Place and if he is a good boy, she will get him a special treat. Jack asks "Jennifer?" and she says no, ice cream.

Jen calls Brandon, who is still at the mansion, and asks if this is a bad time? Brandon says it is. Jen tells him that if he wants to call of their date she understands, she can handle it. Brandon says he hasn't changed his mind, he is just in a meeting. Brandon says he'll call her later.

Greta and Jack go to Salem Place, and Jack sees Jen browsing a store window. Jack goes over to her and says whatever she wants, he'll buy it. Unfortunately, Jack walked right by Harold, who was recognized by neither him nor Greta. Harold has his hair slicked back and is in a suit. Jack and Jen end up chit-chatting, and insult one another about their dates. JAck learns that Jen and Brandon are going out again on Saturday, and Jen tells Jack not to wait up for her. When Jack throws a fit, Jen calls him a drama queen. This makes Jack very upset, and he threatens to just move out and she'll lose him forever! Jen tells Jack that is not what she wants, she doesn't want to lose him. JAck says if she means that, why aren't they at home with Abigail? Jen says she just meant he will always be a part of her life. Jack asks why she is doing this? Jen says she is doing it to explore her options so she will be sure when she makes a decision about them. Brandon shows up, and blows Jack off for him. Jack returns to Greta, and Jen walks with Brandon back to the hospital. Jack goes back to Greta, and hives her a kiss! Greta is shocked.


November 14
Originally summary from NBC, built upon by Dustin

After learning from Jan that Phillip asked Cynthia out, Chloe runs out of Dot Com and Philip moves to follow but Cynthia intercepts him. She tells him not to go after his ex after he just asked her out. Philip, staying true to his plan of using Cynthia to make Chloe jealous, lets Cynthia hang all over him. Chloe sees this from outside and runs off to Salem Place with Belle. They pass Shawn and Brady who become concerned about Chloe when Belle says they don't have time to talk. At Salem Place Chloe breaks down and cries, admitting that she still has feelings for Philip. Belle thought she got over Phillip, but CHloe says she still misses him.

Meanwhile, back at Dot Com, Shawn confronts Philip about Cynthia and insists that Philip's making a big mistake. Philip sticks with his plan and shrugs it off. After Shawn goes to speak with Jan, Brady moves in and warns "Uncle Phil" against using Cynthia to make Chloe jealous. Philip is upset when he realizes that Brady has feelings for Chloe. Phillip is angry with Brady, who insists he has no feelings for CHloe. Meanwhile, Shawn and Jan listen to music, and it is obvious that Jan is falling in love with Shawn.

Elsewhere, Belle continues to try and convince CHloe to give a double date with Brady a try, but Chloe says no. Brady catches up with the girls and asks Chloe to the movies on Saturday. As friends. Belle is shocked when Chloe agrees to go, because she just said she didn't want to!

Greta is fighting some strong feelings of her own as Jack kisses her passionately. To Jack's immense disappointment, Jennifer isn't watching. Greta tells Jack that he should be that passionate with a man. He shouldn't deny what he really wants. Jack is adamant, says that's something he'll never do. Jack tries to tell Greta the truth, but chickens out and says he's never been with a man, he has been in denial for a long time. Greta is more determined than ever to get Harold and Jack together and sees the perfect opportunity when Jack invites her to the movies on Saturday. For Jack, it's the chance to spy on Jennifer's date, but for's something else entirely. Later, Harold shows up and is furious with Greta for kissing HIS Jack. Greta tells him to relax, and she says that Jack has admitted to her that he has never been with another man, and has been denying who he is for a long time.

Meanwhile, Jennifer and Brandon are opening up to each other. They are caught up in the newness of their relationship and all the tender feelings that go with it. Jen thinks Brandon doesn't want to see her anymore, but he says she does, and that she is very desirable. Jen is shocked because it has been a long time since she's felt that way. Jack sees this and is seriously perturbed. He covers his feelings, and after Brandon leaves, Jack and Jennifer walk home together, still connected despite their problems...


November 15
At the Wesley's, Chloe is in a bad mood because of Phillip. During breakfast she gets a call, but doesn't want to answer the phone. CHloe tells Nancy that she doesn't want to talk to anyone right now. Nancy tries to talk to Chloe and tell her that she understands what she is going through, that she wants to close herself off from the rest of the world. Nancy admits that when she was her age she went through terrible bouts of depression. Chloe asks Nancy why Phillip is doing this to her, is he trying to hurt her? Nancy feels bad for Chloe, and suggests they have a girls night tonight. Chloe says no thank you, she already has plans. Nancy is a bit shocked. Chloe tells her that she is going out with Brady tonight. Chloe assures her it is as a friend, and that Shawn and Belle are going to, it is a group thing. Nancy says she is happy for her, and Nancy admits to Chloe that she feels Brady has had a positive impact on her. Chloe begins to cry, and Nancy thinks she has upset Chloe. Chloe says she is not upset, it is just hard, because she still loves Phillip. Chloe says she has to go, and leaves.

At the pub, Brady attempts to call CHloe, but she doesn't answer. He then talks to John, who can't believe the expensive shirt Brady has bought. John thinks it is for a date, and asks if the date is with Chloe? Brady insists he is not dating Chloe, they are just friends. John knows Brady likes Chloe, and teases him about it. Brady admits that he and Chloe do connect on a few levels, but she is still stuck up on Phillip. John suggests Brady do something about that. Brady realizes he has to leave, and John tells Brady that he hopes he has a good time with his "friend."

Out in Salem Park, everyone is enjoying the first snowfall. Sami, Austin, and Will are out playing. Austin and Will have a surprise for Sami, and hold it over her head. Will ends up going off with a friend to play, and Austin begins to feel bad that Lucas can't be here for Will. Sami tells Austin that he is lucky to have him in his life, and she hopes they will always be a family. Sami and Austin watch Will ice skating, and a trick Austin taught him is one of the surprises Austin had for Sami. THe other surprise, is that Austin tells Sami that something seems to be missing from one of her fingers. Sami is shocked, and wants to go ring shopping immediately! Austin tells her to calm down, and not to take a add out in the chronicle just yet.

Shawn and Belle take a walk in the snow, and Shawn tells Belle that she looks so beautiful. Belle tells Shawn he is sweet, which makes him blush. The two begin a snowball fight, and Shawn accidentally nails Belle in the head. She yells out in pain, and he apologizes for hurting her. Shawn buys them some hot chocolate to warm them up. Later, Chloe shows up and runs into Belle and Shawn. Belle tells Chloe that she wanted to call her, and she asks her if she is ready for her date with Brady tonight? Chloe says it isn't a date, they are just friends. Chloe says she has to go and leaves. Belle and Shawn discuss Chloe, and how sometimes she can be so moody. Later, Belle realizes it is getting late, and she has to go coordinate her outfit for tonight.

Chloe takes a walk by herself, and thinks about Phillip. She tells herself it wasn't meant to be, and she has to accept that. Brady shows up, and Chloe tells him that she cannot go out with him tonight.

Bo finds Liz at the bar, and she begins flirting with him. Bo and Liz talk about Ireland and the conflict going on between the Irish and the English. Bo eases his way into talking about Stefano, and by the expression on Liz's face, Bo realizes she knows something. Liz admits she does know who DiMera is, and that he owns a factory outside of London. Liz says that she thinks the meetings Collin used to attend had to do with that factory, and that worried her. When Bo asks her about the factory, Liz realizes she is being pumped for information and is not happy. She gets up and storms out of the pub. Bo then goes over to John to try and clear things up between them. He wants John's help in nailing Stefano once and for all, and hopefully that will convince Hope to stop researching her involvement with both DiMera and him. John says he's been trying to dissuade Hope from learning about the past, but she doesn't get it. Bo asks John to tell him what happened, but John doesn't want to relive it. John remembers his mercenary days, and how he was a killer for Stefano. Bo asks John if he will help him or not? John says he will do whatever it takes to keep their families safe.

Glen and Barb check into an average motel, but Barb wants to stay in a four star hotel. Glen tells her that they can't afford to spend all their money on a fancy room. Barb assures Glen that there is more money in their future. Glen tells Barb that he knows she wants to live a certain lifestyle, but family, not money is important to him. Barb knows, and says family is important to her to, and that is why she wants their family to be able to live comfortably. Barb gives Glen a kiss, and says she'll be back soon.

At the DiMera mansion, Abe is talking to Lexie, but she is spacing out. She can't stop think about Barb, and Abe wants to know what is bothering Lexie. He thinks it has to do with Barb, and he wants to know what is going on. Abe asks what Barb wanted? Lexie says she doesn't know, and that Barb is crazy. Abe realizes he's not going to get a straight answer, and decides to head to work. Lexie apologizes, and assures him that things will get easier for them if he would try to relax and think of this as their home. Abe does not think of this as his home, and doesn't understand why she feels protected here. Lexie says this house is financial security, but Abe says his job is their security. Later, Eliana shows up to ask Lexie about some of the party plans, which angers Abe. Abe wants to have the party elsewhere, which angers Lexie. Lexie says he is the only one who isn't comfortable in this house, and she's sick of his complaining. Suddenly, Barb shows up, and Abe wonders what she is doing here again. Barb says she has some news, big news. Abe asks what news? Barb says they are very rude to their house guests, and places a drink order with Eliana. BArb announces that she is pregnant. Abe demands Lexie tell him what is going on? Barb says she can explain, Lexie is helping her learn how to be a good parent. She also says that she and Glen are moving to Salem! Abe is called into the station on an emergency, but he doesn't want to leave. Lexie demands Abe just go. Abe is furious and tells Lexie not to order him around like a servant! Lexie claims Barb just gives her the creeps, and she will be fine. Lexie tells Abe to have a good day at work, and maybe she and Isaac will drop by later for a visit. Abe leaves, and Lexie orders Barb to get out! Barb realizes Abe doesn't know about the baby switch, and she says she won't leave until she gets her million.


November 16
Please note: Due to illness, and time constraints, I have not proofed this!
At Victor's, Victor and Nicole decide to go take a walk in the snow. Phillip shows up, and is not pleased that his dad is going to spend the weekend with Nicole, she isn't part of this family. Victor asks what is going on with him? Suddenly, Kate shows up, and Victor asks her what in the hell she is doing here? Kate says their son invited her. Phillip says he wants to talk to the both of them, but Victor says he already has plans! Phillip grabs Nicole and tells her that he needs time alone with his parents. Phillip says he's trying to put his family back together, and she is in the way. Victor scolds Phillip, and whispers something to Nicole, a place where she can meet him later. As Nicole is leaving, Kate tells her not to be a sore loser. Nicole tells Kate that this is just round one. Phillip brings his parents together and wants them to begin acting like a family. Kate says she has no problem with that, but Victor doesn't want to hear this. Phillip was hoping things would be different since Puerto Rico, but things haven't changed. Phillip wants them to be a family again, because his life is really screwed up right now. Phillip feels that the separation between them all is getting wider, and that he can't come to either of them anymore. Phillip wants Nicole out of here, and his mom back in. Victor thinks that Kate has put Phillip up to this, and he tells her that this is unforgivable! Phillip says that this was all his idea, he thought that he could make things better between them. Victor tells Phillip that he is no longer a child, he has to accept that their family is the way it is, and he has to get used to having Nicole here. Victor says he has given into Phillip's wishes time and time again, but his relationship with Kate is over! Kate uses the opportunity to guilt Victor out of some more money. Phillip tells his mom that he's sorry thing couldn't work out, but she tells him not to worry, and that she is always here for him. Victor gives Kate her money, and leaves in a huff. Kate tells Phillip that she appreciates what he tried to do today,m and feels that they are both making progress with Victor. Kate tells Phillip to keep working at his father, his father's love for him will make him kick Nicole out and take her back. Kate changes the subject to CHloe, and offers to try and help Phillip out. Kate tells Phillip to go out with Cynthia and show her a good time, and this will also show Chloe that he is getting on with his life. Kate says if he wants to win back Chloe, he needs to show her that he can live without her. Phillip says he knows what he has to do.

At Salem Place, Sami, Austin, and Will go for some hot chocolate to get warmed up. Sami wants to go ring shopping, since they are near the jewelers. Sami picks out a ring she likes in the window, but it seems too expensive. Will says that maybe Santa will bring it. Austin decides to check on the price of the ring, and Sami tells him that she loves him. Austin goes shopping, and Nicole shows up. She has decided to do some shopping of her own, and can't believe Austin is buying Sami an engagement ring. She warns Austin to put the ring down, and get out of here before it is too late. Nicole leaves the store, and sees Sami with Will. Nicole refuses to allow Sami to marry Austin, and she says she knows how to scare Sami and make her doubt Austin's loyalty, and then it will be bye-bye wedding bells! Back inside, Austin purchases the ring Sami wanted, and he sets up a payment plan with the store. The ring is 9000 dollars, and Austin can't believe Sami has such expensive taste. Austin realizes that he can't afford to lose his job now. Austin returns to Sami, who wants to know if he bought anything special?

Victor finally shows up to meet Nicole, and she tries to get him to buy her some diamond earrings as an apology, but he refuses. Victor is sick of people hitting him up for money and gifts, and Nicole is angry at Victor for taking his anger for Kate out on her. Victor apologizes, and says he shouldn't let Kate get to him that way. Nicole can't help but wonder if he and Kate will get back together, but Victor says that won't happen. Nicole isn't so sure, Kate has Phillip as a trumph card and could play it to get him back. Victor decides to prove to Nicole that he is committed to her, and not Kate, and tells her to follow him. Victor buys Nicole the diamond earrings she was eyeing earlier to show her how much she means to him.

In the park, Belle tells Shawn that she has to go get ready for their date, but Shawn says she is perfect and wants her to stay. Belle says she has to look perfect for him, but he says she already is. Shawn convinces Belle to stay with him, and they make out in the middle of the park.

Elsewhere, Chloe tells Brady that she has to break their date for tonight. Chloe claims there is just too much pressure, and wants to just take a drive in his jeep. Brady thinks Chloe doesn't want Phillip to see them out together. Chloe says that Phillip has nothing to do with her changing their plans, but Brady thinks it does. Brady and Chloe begin to argue. Brady tells Chloe that what she is saying to him is that she doesn't want to be seen in public with him, and that is insulting. Chloe says she would never want to hurt or insult him, and they eventually agree to go out to the movies. Later, Brady and CHloe engage in a snowball fight. When Chloe screams at Brady to stop throwing snow at her, Shawn and Belle run, because they think she is in trouble. When they arrive, they find Chloe tackling Brady in the snow. Brady and Chloe then begin pelting Shawn and Belle with snowballs. After their fight ends, they all leave to get ready for their date.

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