November 01 Week 1


November 5
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At the Blue Note, the dates continue. Jen tells Brandon that she is feeling very comfortable with him now, she was so nervous before. Jen tells Brandon that she loves talking with him, and Brandon says he likes talking to her too. As the evening progresses, Jen can't help but look over to see what Jack is doing. Brandon asks her if she wants to leave? She says no, she won't let him ruin her life with his crazy shenanigans. She suggests they go to the bar area where he can't see them. Later, Jen wonders about the guy with Jack and Greta. She thinks he is strange, and he must be involved with one of Jack's hairbrained get rich schemes. Brandon tells her that they are still talking about Jack, and Jen realizes he is right. They change the subject and start talking about movies. Brandon asks Jen to go see a movie with him, and she's shocked that he is asking her out again. Brandon asks her out to a french film festival in Salem Place, and Jen accepts. Jen realizes it is getting late, and she says she needs to get home. Brandon offers to see her home safely, which she is flattered bye. Brandon realizes things could get serious between him and Jen, and Jen realizes that she needs to take this slow.

Elsewhere, Greta invites Harold to sit and have dinner with her and Jack. Harold says he needs to freshen up first, and says he'll be back. Greta asks JAck about Harold, and if he likes him? Jack says he doesn't know, he just met him. Jack does, however, think the guy is a lulu. Greta says he thought they would hit it off. Jack asks what she is talking about? Greta says she has been monopolizing his time, and he hasn't made any new friends, so she thought she would help him out. Jack says with friends quality matters, not quantity. Harold returns, and start making googly eyes at Jack. Jack asks him if he has something in his eye? Harold says he has a twitch, it happens when he gets excited. Jack asks him what he's excited about? Harold says just being around the princess and meeting one of her special friends. Later, when Jen leaves to go to the bar with Brandon, Jack becomes upset because he can't spy on them. Jack wants to get out of here, but Greta says no. HArold ends up being flirted with by the waiter. Later, Harold realizes that he knows Jack. JAck says they can't possibly know one another. Harold tells Jack that he doesn't know him, but he (Harold) knows Jack! Harold knows Jack from his days at the spectator, and also remembers that he worked with Jen, the blond. He remembers the articles they wrote about the homeless, and that they had huge effects in the city of Chicago. Jack and Harold start hitting it off, and begin talking philosophy. Harold thinks that Jack really likes him, and Jack is just happy to meet a guy with intelligence and good taste. Greta thinks this just might work out after all.

At Bo and Hope's, Bo and Hope kiss on the couch, until Shawn comes home. Shawn soon realizes he has interrupted something. Shawn tells his parents about the game, and how Belle is such a great cheerleader. Shawn wants to wind down and watch TV, but Bo asks him if he has gotten caught up on his school work yet? Shawn says he is caught up, and he really wants to watch a movie he picked up. They decide to have a family TV night together. Shawn brings JT downstairs, and he tells his parents how sometimes he brings JT in to his room and they have sleepover and talks about guy things like girls. Hope asks Shawn how Belle is? Shawn says he likes her, and she is popular, she even got hit on by another guy tonight. Shawn says she looked interested, and if she wants to date around, he can't do much about it. Shawn changes the subject to another girl, one he is really worried about. Bo asks Shawn if he is involved with this other girl? SHawn says no, he's not dating her. Shawn says she just went through something bad, and he has been there for her. Hope and Bo don't like what they are hearing. Shawn says he can't divulge what happened, and asks them to just trust him. Shawn says that this girl is relying on him too much, and she won't talk to anyone else. Shawn also admits that he feels partly responsible for what this girl went through, which is why he feels the need to help her out. Hope asks why? Shawn says it doesn't matter, and he shouldn't have brought it up. Hope begins to worry about Shawn and this other girl.

At the penthouse, Marlena and John are roasting marshmallows. Belle and Brady come home, and Belle asks Brady what is going on with him and Chloe. Brady claims he didn't go to the game to see Chloe, he went to see her cheer. They soon see John and Marlena on the floor, and wonder what is going on. John says they were just roasting marshmallows. Belle sees Brady's Grey Hulk and asks where it came from? She says she thought he lost it? John remembers when he lost it and how they did everything they could to find it. John asks where he found it after all these years? Brady says Marlena got it for him. John and Belle are shocked. Marlena says she hadn't thought about it much until she saw it at the store, and she remembered how upset Brady was when he lost it. They all sit down and roast marshmallows together and travel down memory lane. Belle remembers when she lost her doll on the beach, and Brady found her. Later, Brady changes the subject to Belle and Shawn, and he wants to know what is going on between the two of them. Belle says that she likes Shawn, but she thinks she likes him more than he likes her. Brady tells Belle that Shawn is crazy about him. John tells Belle that she will also find that a lot of boys will be attracted to her. Brady tells Belle not to settle for one guy so soon, she has plenty of time to find Mr. Right. Belle becomes upset and decides to head up to her room. Brady realizes that this thing with Shawn is more serious than he originally thought. John doesn't think Belle and Shawn will last, and Brady vows to make Shawn sorry if he's playing games with Belle. Meanwhile, Belle gives Shawn a call and asks if she can borrow his history notes. He says he guesses. She asks if they can meet before school so she can look at them, and he says sure. Shawn isn't up on talking to Belle because he has his hands full with JT, and Belle feels like she has blew it and is a bother to Shawn.


November 6
Hope and Bo show up to the Brady Pub for a break, leaving Shawn and JT back at home in front of the TV. As they talk, Collin shows up and is not happy to see cousin Bo. He puts on a cheery face, and talks to Bo and Hope. Hope is startled to see Collin in his hospital outfit, because she thought his last name was Brady, not Murphy, which is what his tag says. Later, Bo wants to know what has Hope so bugged?

Brandon and Jen continue their late night date. Brandon talked Jen into staying out late, and Jen suggests they head over to the Brady Pub for some hot chocolate. They arrive, and see that it is packed. Sami and Austin are having a sunday at the Brady Pub, and Sami is not thrilled to see Jen with Brandon.

Meanwhile, Hope sees Jen come in and invites them to sit with them, but Brandon says they'll get a table of their own. Hope tells Brandon to look for a table while they chit chat in the ladies' room. Hope tells Jen to brace herself for a big shock. Before Hope can warn her, Sami shows up and asks Jen if Jack knows she is out with Brandon, or is this hush hush? Hope tells Sami to pull her claws back in and go back to Austin. Sami warns Jen that she and Brandon are friends, and she knows Jen will make Brandon miserable like she made Jack! Sami hopes Jen comes to her senses before she ruins someone else's life! Sami leaves, and Hope finally tells Jen that Collin is not only here in Salem, he is at the bar with Bo! Jen freaks out when she learns Collin is here, and that he is a Brady! Jen realizes she has to get out of here.

Brandon talks to Austin about Sami. Austin says things are great with him and Sami, but Brandon says Sami doesn't look very happy right now. Austin warns Brandon not to mess with his family. Brandon tells Austin that he better keep Sami away from Nicole, otherwise he won't have a job to support his family! Brandon returns to Jen, and she tells him that they should go outside and drink under the stars, because it is too crowded in here. Brandon feels like they are being rushed out of the pub. Jen says she is sorry, but there is someone in there she can't see right now. Brandon asks if their date is still on for the movie, and Jen says it is.

Hope continues talking to Collin, and questions him about Jen. He tells her that they were friends in Africa. Hope feels horrible because Collin never had feelings for Jen.

Later, Bo decides to have a conversation with Collin. Bo wants to know about the family history in Ireland, but Collin tells him to leave it well enough alone and enjoy his family here. Bo says he does have a wonderful family, which is why he needs to know the truth to protect them. Collin warns Bo that he is just asking for trouble if he goes back to Ireland. Shawn shows up and tells Bo to listen to his cousin Collin!

BAck at the Blue Note, Jack and Harold continue to hit it off, and Greta is feeling proud of herself for bringing them together. Harold tells Jack to forget Salem, come to Chicago and he can use his connections to set him up running a paper there. Greta asks Harold to go find their waiter and order some wine, so she can see how Jack feels about Harold. Greta asks Jack what vibe he is getting from Harold? Jack says that "vibes" is so eighties. Greta tells Jack that Harold is crazy about him, and is hoping he feels the same way. When Jack realizes that Harold is gay, he begins to freak out. Jack wants to run, but Greta refuses to let him run. Greta asks Jack to give Harold a chance, why not have dinner with him? Jack says Harold isn't his type, so Greta asks what is his type? Jack realizes that Greta set him up. He is angry that she set him up, but Greta doesn't want Jack to spend the rest of his life alone! Jack says he has to leave, and takes off. Harold returns and is upset that JAck has gone. GReta tells Harold that JAck likes him, but there was no chemistry. The waiter returns, and continues flirting with Harold. Harold decides he likes Jack, and wants to be what Jack needs in a man. Greta thinks Jack and Harold have what it takes to be good together, and decides to set them up again! Meanwhile, Jack goes home and is upset that Jen is not back yet.

At the DiMera Mansion, Elianna puts Isaac to bed after Lexie and Abe read him a bedtime story. Lexie offers Abe a fine cigar, but he refuses. Abe says this isn't them, she doesn't even put her own son to bed. LExie says she is finally relaxing with her husband, and she realizes now that nobody will take Isaac from them. Abe says he just can't relax in this house,but Lexie says he will once he realizes it is their home.

MEanwhile, Barb heads to town with a plan to blackmail Lexie. Barb calls Glen, from the cell phone she just bought, and says she is on her way to her "uncles" and he will be able to lend them some money. She also warns him not to go to any of his old hangouts where he hungout before her with "those" women. Barb hates lying to Glen, but she says this is the only way they can have their own family.

Barb shows up at the DiMera Mansion to see Lexie, but Eliana refuses to let her in. Barb bursts in, surprising Abe and Lexie. Abe asks what she is doing here? She says she was on the road and decided to drop in and see how Isaac was. Lexie says they'd love to entertain her, but Abe has to go to bed. Barb doesn't want to keep him, because it is Lexie she wants to talk to. Abe asks what Barb wants? Barb pours out a sob story about how her relationship with Glen has changed because of that little lost baby. Lexie gets what is going on, and asks Abe to give her time alone with Barb to comfort her. Abe agrees and goes up to bed. Once he is gone, BArb tells Lexie to close the door, because she has the goods on her! Barb says there are some things they need to get straight. Barb knows Lexie has been lying to her since they first met. Lexie says she has no idea what she is talking about. Barb tells Lexie that she knows what she did, she played with people lives until she gets what she wanted. Lexie threatens to have Barb thrown out, until Barb says she knows the truth! Lexie asks Barb what she wants? Barb says it depends how much she cares about that little boy. Lexie says he is her life, which Barb was counting on. Lexie tells Barb that she doesn't scare him, she can't take her baby away! BArb says she can't take Isaac, but others can. BArb says she knows Glen's real son is living at Bo and Hope's, and she set the whole thing up! Lexie says she is nuts, but Barb says she has proof! Lexie wonders what Barb wants from her? Barb says she will be at the turnpike motel, and they'll talk again tomorrow!


November 7
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A distraught Lexie tells Rolf that Barb is back -- and she knows everything! Rolf is convinced that Barb is going to blackmail Lexie, and therefore, she must be eliminated. Lexie flips out over hearing Rolfe say that. He orders Lexie to pull herself together. She will lose if she loses control. Lexie refuses to allow Rolfe to kill Barb, so he suggests they cause an accident. Lexie says with him that is the same thing, she will not condone or be a party to murder. Lexie vows to find a way to stop Barb. She will not let the truth come out...

Hope meets John to talk about her past as Gina, because she has found some stuff on the net that could seal her fate. She shows John what she found, and is sure she was an art thief for Stefano. She worries that there's evidence out there that could send her to prison, which is why she feels she should know everything about her life as Gina, so she can be prepared. John gets lost in a memory of a passionate post-heist celebration with Gina, and Hope realizes he is remembering the past. Hope doesn't understand John's reluctance to help her uncover her past as Gina. John makes Hope promise to come to him first with anything she finds out or remembers about Gina. Hope can't help but wonders what it is that he's so afraid she'll remember...

At school, Hawk asks Belle to the movies, but before she can answer, Shawn jumps in and does the same. Belle is thrilled, and accepts. Meanwhile, Cynthia focuses on a newly single Philip, even though it's clear that his heart still belongs to Chloe. Philip convinces Chloe that they need to talk and he pours his heart out to her. When he starts talking about fighting for her, Chloe becomes upset and wonders why Nancy didn't fight for her, was she just weak? Phillip doesn't know, but he' begs her for a new start, asking her to the movies on Saturday. She crushes him when she tells him no and runs from the room.

Meanwhile, Susan drops hints to Kevin about going to the movies on Saturday night, but he doesn't pick up on them. Later, Kevin talks to Mimi and Belle. Belle tells Kevin about the movie everyone is seeing Saturday night, and hints that he should ask Mimi. Kevin asks Mimi, and she accepts. Susan sees this and is heartbroken.

Shawn finds Jan alone in an empty classroom. He urges her to go back to the crisis center for more counseling, but she insists that no one can help her more than Shawn. Shawn tells her about the movie saturday night, and she says perhaps she and Jason will go. When Belle and Mimi spot Shawn and Jan engrossed in an intimate conversation, they vow to find out what's going on. Later, Mimi confronts Jan when she is alone and demands to know what is going on between her and Shawn. Meanwhile, Susan talks to Shawn about Jan, and how he helped her on the island. Shawn skirts around the issue, but urges Susan to pursue a friendship with Jan...


November 8
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Belle and Shawn are walking in Salem Place after school. Belle is shocked that Shawn is hanging out with her instead of Jan. Shawn says he can't go into what is bother Jan, but it isn't anything she needs to worry about. Shawn assures Belle that she is the only girl he thinks about. Belle knows Shawn wouldn't hurt her, but she doesn't like that he and Jan have some secret. Shawn suggests they change the subject to their movie date. Shawn gives Belle a kiss, which shocks her because it came out of no where. Belle decides she wants to shop for their date, but Shawn is not interested in shopping at all. Later they start talking about what happened in Puerto Rico. Belle says sometimes she still has nightmares about it. However, she says she did learn that she can always count on him, and the beach and midnight swims weren't all that bad. Belle says she'd love to go back there sometime with him. Belle tells Shawn how wonderful he is because he was able to make her feel safe on that island, and usually only her family can do that, and that why he is special to her. Shawn and Belle share another kiss.

Elsewhere, Jan is on a bench having stomach pains. She wonders what is wrong with her. Mimi shows up and says she'll tell her what is wrong, she is a first class bitch! Mimi warns Jan, who she calls a bitch again, to stay away from Shawn! Jan tells Mimi to go to hell! Later, Mimi runs into Belle and Shawn, and interrupts their kissing. She thinks this is a bad time, and runs off.

Sami and Alice are out shopping. Sami is looking at diamonds, and she secretly hopes Austin will ask her to marry her soon. Meanwhile, Austin and Nicole finish having lunch with a client. Nicole compliments Austin on a job well done. Austin tells Nicole that if she ever needs to talk to someone about anything, especially her father, he will be there to listen. Sami shows up and is not happy to see Austin with Nicole. Sami says they had a date, and Austin apologizes but a business lunch ran over. Nicole leaves, and Austin yells at Sami for being rude to Nicole. Sami says she is sorry, Nicole just gets to her. She promises to no longer start dumb fights with Nicole because now he has responsibilities. Austin says he doesn't think of her or Will as responsibilities, they are practically a family, and he hopes to expand it one day. When Sami says they won't officially be a family until they are married, Austin tells her not talk about that. Sami didn't know she said something wrong. Austin tells Sami that if she stops trying to make "it" happen, then it might happen sooner than she thinks. Sami is relieved, she though he didn't want to marry her at all. Sami likes that they are building towards a meaningful relationship, and so does Austin. Sami begs Austin for a hint about when "it" might happen, but he says no. Sami changes the subject to work, specifically Nicole. Austin says Nicole is a good person, but Sami says she doesn't trust her and he shouldn't either. Sami warns him that if Nicole is being nice to her, it is because she wants something.

Nicole runs into Jan and tries to help her. Nicole asks Jan to talk to her, tell her what her dad did to her? Nicole asks Jan if her father tried to have sex with her? Did he try and feed her a line about experimenting to see if she can play a sex scene on camera? Jan says Paul promised to make her a star, and she believed him. Jan swears that is all that happen, and she doesn't want to think about him anymore! Nicole tells Jan that she is in a bad place, she was there once, and if she doesn't get help it won't get better. Jan tells Nicole to shut up, this is her life! Jan storms off, and Nicole refuses to let her dad ruin another girl's life. She decides to talk to Shawn Brady about what happened.

MEawnwhile, Alice runs into Shawn and Belle, and says she has a surprise for them. She shows them the ruby, which is back in the necklace where it belongs. Mimi runs into Alice, and gets a look at the ruby as well. When Mimi sees Jan sneaking around, Mimi yells at Jan to stay away from Shawn because he wants nothing to do with a tramp like her! Mimi continues to call Jan a slut and a tramp, and Jan tell Mimi to leave her alone! Jan walks away from Mimi, and into oncoming traffic. A car hits Jan, and Shawn screams "No!" and runs after her.

Glen is in bed and gets a call from Barb to wake him up for work. Glen asks when she is coming home from her uncle's? Barb tells Glen that she lied to him about being at her uncle's because she didn't want him to worry. Barb says she is in Salem. Glen asks what she is doing in Salem? Barb says she's figured out a way to get them some money, which she can't go into right now, but she says he will be proud of her. Glen says he doesn't care about money, he wants her to come home. Barb says no, they need money to have a kid, especially if he gets canned. Glen doesn't like Salem, because Marlo never came back from that place, so he wants her to leave! Barb tells him not to worry about her and hangs up on Glen.

At the mansion, Lexie is fretting over Barb. Rolfe tells Lexie to be brave and strong, or she will lose this battle. Lexie asks Rolfe what her father would do? Rolfe says that Stefano's power lies in the threat of violence, so she needs to find a way to silence BArb, permanently! Barb shows up at the mansion to see Lexie, and continues to tell Lexie that she knows Hope and Bo have Marlo and Glen's kid. Lexie doesn't know where Barb got this silly idea from. Barb says if it is such a silly idea, why did JT's DNA match Glen's? Lexie tells Barb that there are things she doesn't know about Hope, when she got pregnant, she had amnesia and was sleeping around, so she could have slept with Glen. Lexie tells Barb that if she does tell Hope the truth, Glen and Hope might shack up and marry one another. Barb refuses to fall for her scare tactics, she knows that baby is Marlo and Glen's. Lexie says speaking of Marlo, it is sad how she just disappeared, and that no one will ever find her body! Barb calls Lexie evil, and refuses to be scared out of what she wants. She says if the cops find another dead body in this house, they will track it back to her, and she will be in big trouble. Barb says there is also an evidence with all the evidence in it to prove what she is saying, and Glen has instructions to take it to the cops if anything should happen to her! BArb also says if this was a lie, Lexie would have thrown her out and not listened to her. LExie asks BArb what it will cost her to get rid of her? BArb says she wants it all, the fancy furniture, the fancy clothes, a big house, and money, a lot of money. Barb says she'll take the first installment now! Barb demands Lexie fork over five thousand now, and later they will talk about what is next. Lexie says she doesn't have it, so Barb tells her to get it, because she's not leaving Salem without getting what she wants! Rolfe brings Lexie the money, which Lexie gives to Barb. Lexie says this is only the beginning, she wants a full million! Lexie says she doesn't have a million dollars, but Barb says her father has half of the money in the world! Barb says she'll be at the Salem Inn, and she doesn't want to be kept waiting! After Barb leaves, Rolfe tells Lexie that she can either let that floozy ruin her life, or she can stop her for good! Lexie thinks she should cancel the party, but Rolfe says no. Rolfe says the party must go on, and that Barb must be eliminated as soon as possible. Rolfe tells Lexie that they are to call Stefano later this evening to get instructions from him.

Barb calls up Glen to tell him that everything is going well, and they are on their way to getting everything they ever wanted!


November 9 At Greta's, Greta is taking care of, who is upset about Jen's date with Brandon last night. Jack is chugging pepto bizmal, and says he hasn't felt this bad since morning sickness. Greta is confused, so Jack tells her the story about how he had sympathy morning sickness when Jen was pregnant. Greta tells Jack that she didn't know her father, which is why she admires him for wanting to keep Abby's family together, but he needs to think about his own happiness as well. Jack says he can't deal with this anymore! Greta hopes that means Jack is going to come out of the closet, but Jack says that isn't what he means. Jack says he doesn't know how to keep Jen away from other men, he's beginning to run out of ideas. Greta tells Jack that he is just willing himself to fail, and it is because he is not being true to his true self. Suddenly, Greta's phone rings, and Jack thinks it might be Oliver Wentworth calling with a job. However it is Harold, who is pumping iron and telling Greta that the make-over is complete! Next to HArold is a nice suit, which is part of his makeover. HArold tells Greta that he thinks he and Jack need some alone time together, which Greta thinks she can arrange.

In Salem Place, Jan runs out into the street, and is hit by a car. Mimi thinks it is her fault, but Jan is okay. The car didn't hit Jan, it stopped in time, she just passed out. Jan says she just feels sick, that is all. The woman wants to take her to the hospital, but Jan says no. Alice assures the woman that they will get her to the hospital. Shawn helps Jan up, and when he says he's taking her to the ER, Mimi exclaims "no way!" Alice says that Jan needs to be checked out, and Shawn agrees. Jan says if Shawn thinks she should be checked out, then she'll go to the hospital. Shawn takes Jan to the hospital, and Belle assures Mimi that she has talked with Shawn about the whole Jan thing, and everything is okay. Belle tells Mimi that she doesn't need to be worried anymore. Mimi says okay, and suggests they head over to the hospital. Belle says okay, and that she'll see how wrong she is when they get there.

Jen meets up with Hope in Salem Place, and Jen tells Hope all about her odd night last night. Jen is worried about running into Collin, and asks Hope to fill her in on him. Jen wonders what Collin is doing here, and why didn't he tell her that he was a Brady? Hope says she doesn't know that much about him, only that he is working at the hospital, and is Bo's cousin. Hope says that Collin told her about their acquaintance. Jen is heartbroken, she thinks Collin doesn't even want to be friends, and that their relationship is just an aquaintance to him. She says that she doesn't want to run into him, ever! Later, Alice runs into Jen and Hope. Alice tells Jen that she heard she went out on a date with Brandon Walker! Jen says that she was on a date, and Brandon was a perfect gentlemen. Alice doesn't approve, but Jen tells her not to worry and that she knows she is doing the right thing. Alice takes off, and Hope tells Jen that she was great. Jen says she wishes Alice would stop making her feel guilty about her marriage to Jack failing. Hope tells Jen that she tried, and that is the best she can do. Hope also tells Jen that she is lucky to have three men after her, but Jen says that none of them really count. Hope then remembers that there is something she hasn't told her about Collin. Hope tells Jen that Collin is engaged. Jen asks if she met her? Hope says she has, and she is very fat, ugly, tails and horns. Jen knows she is beautiful, and she says she is happy for Collin.

At the hospital, Craig and Marlena see Collin and Elizabeth kissing, and Craig tells Marlena that is she wants to up their bet? Collin and Liz run off to get some tea, and Marlena feels horrible for making a bet about others relationships! They soon start talking about Chloe and Phillip. Craig thinks Phillip is bad news, but he won't tell Chloe that. Marlena says that Chloe just doesn't know how to have a real relationship, and is learning how to set proper boundaries. Craig thanks her for the free advice. Later, Collin returns to work and talks to Marlena about Jennifer Horton. Collin tells Marlena that he lied to her earlier, he does know Jennifer, and he doesn't really know why he lied to her about it.

Shawn brings Jan to the hospital, and she thanks him for taking care of her. Shawn holds Jan, and Marlena sees this and is not happy. Jan goes to see the doctor, and Shawn explains everything to MArlena. MArlena tells Shawn that he is very responsible. Marlena and Shawn chit chat, and Marlena asks Shawn if he has ever thought about applying for a sports scholarship? Shawn says he hasn't thought about it. Shawn admits that he isn't sure about college yet. MArlena says that Belle has a stack of applications on her desk. MArlena hopes Shawn doesn't feel like she is interrogating him. He says no, and that she is like family. Marlena senses that Shawn is worried about Jan, and he says he is. He says he doesn't know what is wrong with her, and he hopes she'll be okay. Meanwhile, Collin checks out Jan, and thinks that the symptoms Jan is having are psychological in origin. Jan refuses to talk to the counselor again, and says she wants to go home. Jan leaves, and Collin tells Shawn and Marlena that as far as he can tell, Jan seems to be physically fine. Belle and Mimi show up, and Belle and Shawn take off, as does Mimi. MArlena talks to Jan, and tells her that if she wants to talk she is here for her. Jan thinks Collin told her, but he says he didn't. Marlena tells Jan that if she is in trouble, they want to help her. Jan says she is not in trouble, she just wants to go home. Jan takes off, and Marlena asks Collin what that was about? Collin says he can't tell her, but thanks her for trying. Mimi shows back up, she was spying on them the whole time. Mimi tells MArlena that the only person Jan wants help from is Shawn. Marlena asks if Shawn is interested in Jan? Mimi says no, but if Jan wants Shawn, she will get him. Elsewhere, Jan runs into the woman's room and looks like she is going to be sick.

At Titan, Nicole, who is wearing some trampy fishnet outfit, scolds Austin for leaving her some cryptic message that she can't decipher. Austin says the client wants to treat the two of them to a weekend on his yacht. She asks Austin what he told the client about them, because she is certainly not going! Austin tells Nicole to calm down, their client assumed they were a couple, but he straightened it out. Nicole says oh, and pours herself a drink. Austin knows something is bothering Nicole, and he asks her if she wants to talk about it? Nicole says she'll talk, if it will get Austin off her back. Nicole says she is worried that her father hurt someone before she died, that is it.

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