May 99 Week 3


May 17
Ali is smelling the flowers at the hospital and playing he loves me he loves me not with them. She cheats so she can end up on he loves me. Claire shows up and tells Ali that her attorney is ready to sue Mike. Ali tells her mom that she's changed her mind. Claire tells Alison that it's too late. Ali says Mike is sorry for what he's done, but Claire says that an apology is not good enough. Ali says that everything has changed sense Mike returned from Vegas, he's been rejected and she will be the woman who comforts him. Ali tells her mom that she wants her to call Gregory and drop the suit, and draw up a prenuptial agreement. Claire says they are back to square one, and she tells Ali that Mike doesn't love her. Claire tells Ali that she does not love Mike, she is obsessed with him, this is a sickness. Ali tells her mom that she is not insane. Claire says that she cannot stand by and let her chase after the man who drove her to suicide. She tells her that she will never have Mike's love, but if she sues him she will have her dignity and should think about her future. Ali says that her future is with Mike. Claire tells Ali that she will go through with this suit, but Ali tells her mom that it is not her choice. CLaire tells ALi that this obsession will only lead to more heartache. Ali says that Mike is beginning to realize that he loves her, and then she stomps off.

Alice pays Mike a visit and talks to him about Carrie. Mike asks his grandma how she knows about Carrie? Alice tells her that she saw Carrie at the custody hearing today. Alice fills Mike in on the custody hearing and Lucas' new wife. Alice says she could sense the tension between Austin and Carrie, and she knows that he knows what is going on. Mike fills her in and Alice is not pleased by Mike's recent actions. Alice tells Mike that this is not just a moral matter, it is a matter of professionalism. Mike says that he has to keep his promise to love and make Carrie happy, but Alice asks what kind of happiness he and Carrie can have when it is built on Austin's pain? Alice says that this affair could hurt the hospital and the Horton name. She tells Mike that these things have a way of coming out, but Mike doesn't think anyone involved will make this public. Mike says that he loves Carrie and will forever. He tells his grandma that he won't let Carrie down like Austin has.

Ali runs into an upset Mike in the hall. She hopes that she didn't upset him. He tells her that as difficult as it is to believe, he has a life that doesn't involve her. Mike leaves and Claire sees the look on Ali's face.

At the pub, Carrie tells Austin that she doesn't want to be with Mike, she wants to help him. Austin tells her that he doesn't need her help, he needs to be alone. Carrie tells Austin that she still loves him and what only happened happened once. Austin tells her that doesn't matter, nothing will be the same between them. They argue about what Carrie did, Austin tells her that she should have never gone away with Mike when her sister was on trial. Carrie asks Austin if he is going to make her suffer for the rest of her life? Austin refuses to let Carrie play the victim, Will and Sami are the victims here. He tells her that there are people who are suffering a lot more than her because of her! Carrie says that she feels bad about what happened, but she thought he gave up on their marriage. She says that she never stopped loving him. Austin asks if she is going to tell him that she doesn't love Mike? Austin says that she doesn't have to answer, it's written on her face. He tells her that he knows it has been going on for months, and tells her about seeing her and Mike at Tracey's cabin. Austin then tells Carrie about the email he got, someone in Vegas took pictures of her and Mike in Vegas. Austin then tells Carrie that they should end their marriage officially. Carrie tells him not to say that, but he asks why postpone the inevitable? Carrie pulls out Austin's wedding ring and says she was hoping he'd change her mind. Austin says no, it's over. Carrie sets the ring on the tables and leaves. Austin tells himself that he's lost his marriage, and Will, but won't let Sami lose her life. Carrie runs into Mike and tells him that she can't see him right now. Mike tells Carrie that he won't let her do this to them.

Sami is admitted into the prison hospital and overhears the doctor telling the nurses that Sami may need to be sedated when she wakes up. A nurse enters Sami's room to prepare a syringe. Sami listens to the nurses and hears that they go off duty in five minutes. She sneaks out of bed and looks out the window of her room. She sees that an armed guard is outside and sneaks up on her and grabs her from behind. Sami knocks the guard out with the sedative and puts her in her bed. The doctor and nurse return and wonder where the guard is. Sami covers the guard up and hides. The nurse looks in on Sami and finds that someone sedated the patient. Because the guard has long blonde hair, which Sami placed over her face, the doctor and nurse don't notice that she is not Sami. After the nurse and doctor leave, Sami grabs the guard's gun. Sami sneaks off in the guards outfit, but the other guard asks her where in the hell she thinks she's going? He tells her that she has to turn in her gun, and sign out. Sami manages to do both without blowing her cover. She finally makes it out of the ward, and wonders how to get out of the prison. She eventually makes it out, and then says now she just needs to get Will away from Lucas. Unfortunately, a bright light is pointed right at Sami!

In court, Eric and Kate argue about Nicole's choice in husbands. Eric asks Nicole what Kate did to make her marry Lucas. Eric orders Nicole to tell him why she married Lucas, but Kate won't let her talk. Kate eventually tells Nicole to speak for herself and tell Eric why she married Lucas. Nicole says she wants to tell him alone, and Kate eventually agrees to leave. Kate leaves and Eric asks Nicole to divorce Lucas. Nicole tells Eric that she is sorry, but Eric says it is okay and holds her. Eric asks Nicole to take off Lucas' ring and put his back on. Nicole can't, and Eric doesn't understand what is wrong. Eric tells her that he's even put a down payment on the house. Nicole says he shouldn't have done that. She tells him that he needs to make a fresh start, without her. Eric asks what about the promises she made, she said she loved him and wanted to marry him? He asks what he did to make her change her mind? Eric says Kate isn't here, she can be honest with him. He asks her if she was forced into this marriage? Nicole tells him that no one forced her to do anything, she wanted to marry Lucas.

Lucas arrives home with Will. Lucas shows Will all the toys he bought him, and he even bought him a pony. Lucas is in an extremely good mood and says only one thing can make the day better, and only his mom can get it for him. Later, Lucas reads Will a book about a prince who moved in with his daddy the king and his new mommy. Lucas says they will live happily ever after. He knows that Nicole doesn't love him, but she does care for him and he can help her. Lucas then starts feeling guilty about what he did to Sami and how it was wrong to frame Sami. He says he can't let Sami be executed because he doesn't know how he would explain it to Will. Kate shows up and Lucas is upset to hear Nicole is with Eric, but then realizes that Nicole is probably just letting Eric down easy. Kate asks Lucas how he changed Nicole's mind? We then see a flashback from Chicago. Nicole returns to the hotel and tells Lucas that she needed time to think about what she wanted from her life. Nicole tells Lucas that he can give her what Eric can't, and she accepts his proposal. She tells him that she wants to feel safe and protected, and he doesn't judge her because of her past. She tells him that she may not love him the same way he loves her, but Lucas says in time she will. The flashback ends and Kate tells Lucas that she doesn't think he should push the total honesty bit. Kate tells Lucas that he shouldn't tell Nicole about what they did to Sami. Lucas tells mom that he has a problem that has to do with Sami. Kate says to forget about Sami, she wants to talk more about Nicole and why she married him. Lucas says that he can offer Nicole the protection and understanding she needs. We then see a flashback to Eric and Nicole's wedding. Later, Lucas tells Kate that he wants to talk about Sami again. He says they can't let Sami be executed. Kate tells Lucas that Sami won't die, the appeals will go on for years. Lucas says that he has everything he wants, except Sami off death row. He refuses to let Sami be punished for a crime he committed.


May 18
Nancy and Craig return to the hospital from LA. They are greeted by Claire, who wonders what her poor Alison will do when they leave this hospital when Craig accepts an offer from another hospital. Nancy assures Claire that they wouldn't abandon Ali, not when she is about to sue Mike. Ali shows up and tells Craig and Nancy that she's not going to sue Mike, she has a real chance with him now that he and Carrie are history. Ali walks off and Nancy wonders if Ali does have a chance with Mike? Craig apologizes to Claire and says that must be the champagne talking. Claire says that she is going to sue Mike anyways, with or without Ali's permission. They talk about what happened in LA between Mike, Austin, and Carrie. Claire says that Mike seems to specialize in unforgivable behavior. Craig tells her that he believes that Mike will fight for Carrie. Claire makes a phone call and then tells Craig and Nancy that Mike is about to be served.

Somewhere in Salem Park, Carrie tells Mike that she doesn't want to see him, but Mike won't let her beat herself up. Carrie says Austin hates her, but not as much as she hates herself. Mike wants to help her, but Carrie says that they have done enough. Mike says that now that everything is out and over, they can be together now. Carrie says that she can't think about the future when she's brought misery to so many people. Mike tells Carrie that she can't blame herself for Austin losing Will. Carrie talks about all the people she has hurt. Mike asks when she gets to think about her own feelings? Carrie says that she lost the right to be happy. She tells Mike that she's not ready for this, but Mike says he is. He tells her that he loves her and knows she loves him, and they can make it through this together. Ali is spying on Mike and Carrie. She says that she won't let Carrie have Mike. Mike tells Carrie that he loves her and won't let her go through this alone. They eventually hug, which boils Ali's blood.

At the courthouse, Eric asks Nicole how much money it took for her to say I do? Nicole tells Eric that sooner or later he would feel the same way about her as he does Lucas. Nicole says he doesn't know her, she's done things that Lucas can understand and accept. Eric asks her what this big secret is that has caused her to sentence herself to a life with Lucas? Nicole says that there is no point going over this again and again. Eric asks Nicole how far back do the lies go? Was she lying when she told him that she loved him? Nicole says she did love him and wanted what he promised, but he will thank her for what she's done some day. Eric doubts that because he believed her when he promised to marry him. Nicole says she never officially accepted, she never said yes. Eric asks Nicole if the reason she didn't accept his proposal was because she was holding out for a real rock. He asks if it has been her and Lucas all along? Nicole tells Eric that it wasn't like that, but Eric doesn't know what to believe anymore. He tells her not to bother explaining anything else, he'll figure it all out on his own. Nicole tells Eric that if he wants to know the truth, the truth is that their relationship wouldn't work because he is clean cut and she has done everything wrong under the sun. She tells him that is why she married Lucas, and he should get over it. Nicole runs out and Eric vows to find the truth out, he knows Nicole is lying.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Lucas and Kate argue about Sami's execution. Kate once again tells Lucas that Mickey will file appeals to keep Sami from dying. Lucas says that the appeals will run out, and he'll have to explain the truth to Will. Kate asks Lucas what he wants her to do? Lucas tells her to do whatever it takes to make Sami's sentence go away. Kate tells Lucas to get a handle on his guilt, otherwise he'll be on death row in Sami's place. Lucas tells his mom to get Sami off death row, period. Kate asks if she's supposed to dial 1-800-FREE-SAMI? Lucas tells his mom that she got them into this, she should get them out. Kate tells Lucas that she has done everything for him, and slips up and says he wouldn't even be married if it wasn't for her. Lucas asks her what that is supposed to mean? He doesn't give her a chance to answer, he answers for her and says he made Nicole his wife, not her. Kate says that she just meant it was her that hired Nicole to work at Titan. Kate tells her son that she only wants him to be happy, so Lucas tells her to get the charges against Sami dropped. Lucas decides to go see his son, and so he leaves. Kate calls the hospital and learns that there is no change in Roberto's condition. She says she has to act quickly before Lucas does something disastrous.

Tracey picks Sami up at the prison, it was her headlights which shone on Sami yesterday as the show closed. Tracey tells Sami that she hasn't done anything this exciting since the sixties. Tracey tells Sami that this will hurt her appeal, but Sami says that the system has failed her, she's taking things into her own hands. Sami has a plan, but refuses to tell Tracey because she doesn't want her to get into even more trouble. Tracey refuses to just drop Sami off until she tells her what she is planning. Sami says that she is going to the Kiriakis Mansion to rescue Will.

Sami arrives at the mansion and climbs into Will's room and wakes him up. She tells Will that they need to play the quiet game. As she is about to leave with Will, Sami hears Lucas and Henderson talking outside Will's room.

At the DiMera mansion, Vivian is delighted to see Nikki. Nikki asks if she is really dying, and Vivian tells him not to think of such things. Meanwhile, a snooping Stefano wonders how a dying woman could run into her nephew's arms with such zest. Nikki says that she doesn't look like she is dying, and asks her if she is really dying? Vivian tells Nikki not to think about such morbid thoughts, she just doesn't have the same get-up-and- go. Stefano walks in and tells Vivian that the way she galloped across the room made her appear to be as healthy as a horse. Vivian says that the surprise of seeing her nephew renewed her strength. She then introduces them to one another, but Nikki says that they already met. Stefano says she was jabbering about her party so much that didn't get a chance to tell her. Vivian tells Nikki that she is planning a fabulous goodbye party. Nikki asks who is leaving, and she says she is. She tells him about all her plans, but Stefano changes his mind about allowing her to have her party. Vivian exclaims "I thought you wanted to make me happy!" Stefano says he doesn't see how throwing this party will make her happy, but Vivian says it will. She says she is going to throw this party! Stefano says very well, and then he leaves to take care of business. Nikki tells Vivian that he has to tell her something about Stefano. He says that he has a bad feeling about Stefano, he doesn't have her best interest at heart. Vivian says she forgot how brilliant he is, and decides to tell him the details. Meanwhile, Stefano vows to stop Vivian DEAD, whatever it is she is doing.

Gina is looking at the compact and is positive it will trigger John's memory. John shows up and asks "Hope" what it is that she wanted to show him? Before she can show him the compact, Billie shows up and asks what they are doing out here? "Hope" hides the compact and tells Billie that she didn't know they needed a reason, it's just so beautiful out. Billie says that she didn't expect to see her out late after being mugged. John is shocked and asks if they talked to the police? Billie says she talked to Bo, and he wanst to talk to them both. "Hope" says that it is a waste of time and the tax prayers money. John offers to drive Billie home, since she is so upset about her purse, but Billie says she will be okay. Billie leaves and John asks "Hope" where they were? "Hope" suggests they sit down, but then tells herself that perhaps this isn't the best time to show John the compact. She suggests they go get a cappuccino. Later, Gina remembers one of her and John's missions and how John was shocked when she pulled out his compact to fix her face. John returns with some cappuccino and has a terrible migraine. "Hope" helps him get over it and asks if the headaches are getting worse? John says no, they've just been occurring more frequently. John says that it seems his search for the past is causing these headaches, but he's not going to give up his search for his past. When John jokes that nobody lives forever, "Hope" says "Don't say that, I don't know what I'd do without you!" She then covers and says she means without his help searching for her past. She then remembers Stefano warning her that John could actually die if he keeps searching into his past. When John asks what she wanted to tell him, "Hope" tells him that she just wanted to tell him about a memory she had of them. "Hope" tells John that she better get back home, but she drops her compact and John picks it up and tells her that she dropped something.


May 19
At the hospital, Claire, Nancy, and Craig are waiting for the process server to show up and serve Mike. Unfortunately, Mike and Ali aren't around. Nancy says Ali better not do something stupid. Claire says her daughter is not stupid! Nancy apologizes and says that when it comes to Mike, Ali is a bit irrational. Claire says yes, I'm just glad I got to Vegas in time. Craig asks Claire is something happened in Vegas that they don't know about? Claire just says that Ali was on the verge of making a complete fool of herself. Craig and Nancy say that they have been trying to help Ali realize that Mike doesn't love her, but she won't listen. Claire says they have been good friends to her Ali and she will make sure they are not implicated in the law suit. Nancy says that when Mike is hit with the suit, the hospital might force Mike to resign. Claire says that Mike is going to get exactly what he deserves, the job should have gone to someone like Craig. Craig says that thought never occurred to him, but he is flattered.

In Salem Park, Mike tells Carrie how much he loves her and that together they can get through this. Carrie runs into his arms, which angers Ali. Ali says she won't let Carrie destroy Mike's life like she did Austin. Carrie tells Mike that someone e-mailed Austin photos of them in Vegas. To herself, Ali says that Austin should thank her for showing him what a lying, cheating, slut his wife is. Ali evenutually realizes that Mike has destroyed her life, and he has to pay. She says that Carrie also has to pay for stealing Mike from her. Mike wonders who would want to hurt them like that, but Carrie says it was Austin who was hurt. Mike and Carrie decide to return to the hospital, but Carrie suggests they go in separately.

Mike returns to the hospital and the process server shows up and serves him with the law suit! Craig and Nancy watch as Mike reads the papers. Back in the park, Carrie is walking around talking to herself. She says she can't forgive herself for hurting Austin, but is still in love with Mike. She asks God how she will get through this. Ali says Carrie shouldn't worry about the future, her days are numbered!

At the hospital, Kate runs into Roberto's sister Rosa. She asks about Roberto's condition, and Rosa asks Kate why she is so interested in her brother? Kate lies and says that Roberto's statement is important because it could free the mother of her grandchild. Rosa cries and says that Roberto's coma was the result of foul play. Kate tells Rosa that she knows she is afraid for her and her family's safety, and she doesn't think that Captain Brady can be trusted. Rosa says that if Roberto doesn't testify, nobody will protect them and the Moronis will come for them. Kate tells her that she can give her family money and protection. Kate asks Rosa to call her when Roberto wakes up. She says she only wants to help, and then leaves.

At the penthouse, Roman pays a visit to Marlena, who has the flu. He tells her how Sami lost it in prison when she heard the verdict. Roman gets a call from the reverend and learns that Sami collapsed and is in the hospital. Roman wants to come see her immediately, but the revered says he can't see her until tomorrow. The reverend promises Roman that he will stay with Sami. Roman relays the news to a worried Marlena. When it gets late, Roman decides to leave. However, Marlena says John is not here and he can stay if he wants. Roman asks if something is wrong? Marlena tells Roman that John is having headaches and she thinks they are due to "Hope" pushing him to remember his past. Roman asks if this worries her? Marlena says that she is concerned about "Hope's" motives in pushing John to remember. Roman tells Marlena not to worry, John loves her very much and always will.

In the park, "Hope" drops her compact and John picks it up and gives it back to her. John asks if it is what she wanted to show her? Is it her missing compact? Gina tells herself that she wants John to see it, but remembering could kill him. John tells "Hope" to give it to him, he wants to see it. "Hope" says it's not the compact, it's a duplicate she had made to try and trigger her memory. John asks if it worked, but she says no. John wants to try, but "Hope" tells him that it is too dangerous and something terrible could happen. John demands that she hand him the compact. She eventually gives it to him and he studies it. Unfortunately, John doesn't remember it, and doesn't think it is what he gave to Gina. She asks if he remembers Gina using it, and he says no. However, he asks her if she does, and she says yes. Gina remembers when she had to use the compact to fix her face because John's kisses smeared her lipstick. "Hope" tells him about the memory, but leaves out the kissing part. John remembers seeing Gina using it to put on lipstick, but he doesn't remember much else. "Hope" asks him what else he remembers about his relationship to her? He has memories of making out with Gina and becomes upset. "Hope" tells John that she thinks he was the love of Gina's life, and he has to feel it too. John is in tears at this point, and Gina wipes them from his face. John studies the compact further, "Hope" tells him to open it and look into the mirror. John does it and "Hope" tells him to see the face of the woman he once loved. John begins to remember more and more about Gina. He looks at "Hope," and sees Gina and remembers kissing her. Gina pulls him in close and kisses him in the present!

At the Dimera mansion, Sami is about to sneak out with Will when she hears Lucas talking to Henderson outside Will's room. Sami hides in the closet and Lucas finds Will standing in the middle of the floor looking at the closet. Lucas asks if he wants something in the closet? Will just says mommy, "I want my mommy". Lucas tells him that he knows he misses his mommy. He puts Will back in bed, and Will continues to say "I want mommy. Lucas promises Will that he will be the best Daddy he can " be, and she has a new Step-Mommy Nicole now. In the closet, Sami says she won't let that lying bitch Nicole near her son. Will continues to say "I want my mommy," and Sami prays that Will doesn't blow it for them. Lucas tells Will that his mommy will be a part of his life someday. He then tells Will that tomorrow they are going to Animal Park.

Kate returns home and tells Lucas that she thinks she has convinced Rosa to side with them over Roman. Lucas asks what she has done to free Sami? Kate says she doesn't know how to save Sami, so Lucas tells her to figure something out. Kate says that Sami won't be executed as long as she behaves herself. Back upstairs, Tracey places a ladder against the mansion and Sami and Will crawl out the window and down the ladder.

At the prison hospital, the reverend asks a nurse if he can sit with Sami until she wakes up. The revered prays to God and asks for Sami's freedom, he believes in her innocence. The reverend eventually sees that the guard is in the bed, and wonders where Sami is? Later, the reverend calls Roman and tells him that Sami has escaped!


May 20
Sorry the summary is so late, I went to see Star Wars. Because I have to get up in about 5 hours, this hasn't been proofed
At the mansion, Roman shows up and to see Will. As Kate and Lucas argue with Roman, Henderson runs downstairs and exclaims "William is gone!" Roman informs Kate and Lucas that Sami has escaped from prison, and probably has Will. Abe shows up and Lucas offers to go on TV. Abe says no, they want a media blackout so Sami thinks she's getting away. Roman calls Marlena and fills her in on what is happening. Abe asks if they know where Austin is, but Roman doesn't. Lucas says Sami couldn't have broken out on her own, but Kate tells Lucas not to even go there. Abe says some jeep tracks have been found in the backyard, and Roman thinks he knows who the owner of the jeep is.

Sami, using the alias Dorothy Brown, is on a bus with Will and Tracey. Tracey gives them round trip tickets to Canada, but asks her if she really wants to leave her home and family forever? Sami is positive, so Tracey gives her a friend's address in Ontario. "Dorothy" and Tracey say goodbye, and Sami thinks she is safe. Sami gives her ticket to the conducted, who asks her if she thinks it's that easy to get away? He tells her that if she's trying to escape her problems in the wilds of Canada, she won't, no one ever does.

Carrie is walking down the steps of Salem Park and is thinking about Mike's declaration of love earlier. Meanwhile, Ali, who is in her car, gets a call from her mom about Mike being served. She refuses to come back to the hospital because she says revenge is more important. As Carrie is crossing the street, psycho Ali tries to run her down. A pedestrian saves her at the last minute. Ali tells herself that next time she won't miss.

Mike is in his office and decides to find Ali to straighten things out, but he only finds Austin. Mike suggests they go into his office to talk. Mike tells Austin that he loves Carrie, but Austin tells him not to say they. They argue about Carrie's feelings and where her place should be. Austin threatens to tell the board members about their chief of staffs doings. Mike says he doesn't care what happens to him, Carrie is going through hell. Austin is angry that he has seen Carrie and tells him he's a bastard because he obviously can't keep his hands of his wife. Austin accuses Mike of getting Carrie out of town and seducing her.

Carrie shows up at the hospital and Ali asks her if she had the trip of her lifetime? Carrie says it was fine. Claire introduces herself to Carrie. Carrie tells ALi that if she is going to keep working here than she better learn to keep her relationship with others professional. When Ali and Carrie almost come to blows, Claire tells ALi to cool down. Carrie goes to Mike's office and finds Austin there. Austin asks Carrie if she came for a quickie? Austin tells Carrie that he's leaving town for awhile, and when he returns he wants her stuff out of his apartment.

Austin runs into Ali in the hall, and Austin tells her that she should be grateful Mike dumped her because Mike is a lying, cheating, piece of scum. Back in Mike's office, Carrie asks Mike what Austin said to him? Mike says she probably got the picture. Carrie is worried about Austin and what he might do. Mike gets a call and hands the phone to Carrie, it's Roman. Roman asks if she has seen Austin? She says yes, and he is heading out of town. Roman tells Carrie about Sami and fears that Austin is going on the run with Sami again. Carrie runs out after Austin, but he steps in the elevator and the door closes. Back in his office, Mike decides not to trouble Carrie with the law suit.

Back at the mansion, Lucas vows to make Sami and Austin pay if anything happens to Will. Abe tells Roman that his hunch paid off, they are on Sami's trail. Abe brings Tracey in and Lucas calls her a hippie bitch! Tracey pretends to be shocked that Sami escape, but Roman knows better. He tells her to tell him where her daughter is?

Bo shows up to visit Victor. They talk about "Hope" and Bo says that he needs his help. Bo talks to him about Vivian and asks him if he can forgive Vivian. Victor says never! Victor refuses to make peace with Vivian, she has done the unforgivable. Bo says he needs Vivian's help to save his family. Bo tells Victor that if he wants to be a real father to him, like he's always said he wanted to be, he'll step up to the plate. Victor doesn't understand why he should help Vivian. Bo says that she loves him. Still, Victor refuses. Bo tells him that all Vivian wants is to make peace. however he tells Victor to forget about Vivian and just do it to help him. Victor agrees to help him, but refuses to go near Vivian.

At the townhouse, Stefano is upset to see that Gina hasn't accomplished anymore painting. Rolfe suggests that she might be with John, but Stefano thinks he put a stop to that. Stefano tells John what he told her about John dying if he tries to remember the past. Later the two discuss Vivian and Nikki. Stefano wonders what Nikki is after. Rolfe suggests he came to Salem to get what his aunt is leaving to him in her will, but Stefano says there is something more that Nikki wants.

At the DiMera mansion, Vivian explains to Nikki about her relationship with Jonsey, and Stefano. Nikki asks Vivian if Stefano is the reason he is dying? Vivian tells him not to worry about that. Vivian eventually cracks and tells Nikki her secret, she is not dying. Nikki is happy, but fears for his aunt. Vivian tells him that together they can stop Stefano, and she has another person helping her gain Victor's forgiveness. When she says that it is Bo Brady, Nikki becomes upset. He says that he doesn't trust Bo, but Vivian says it will all work out. Suddenly, Stefano shows up.

In Salem Park, Gina kisses John and tells him to go with his heart. John says that his heart is Gina's. Gina tells him that their love doesn't need to stay in the past anymore, they are together again. John puts the compact to his head and sees many flashes of his past, including the gift he gave to Gina. John looks straight at Gina and calls her his Gina. Gina tells him yes, your Gina! She runs into his arms and they both hug each other and laugh. However, John pushes away from her and says this is wrong, it's him and Doc and her and Bo. Gina asks him to give into his feelings, but John says that he loves Marlena and Gina is dead. Gina tells him to look at her mouth, her body, is Princess Gina really dead? John says the mouth and body is the same, but she is not Gina. John says that Gina is dead and not even Stefano DiMera can bring her back. Gina tells him that is exactly what he's done. John says she is not Gina, Gina is dead. "Hope" says of course she is, but she was Gina for four years in every way. "Hope" tells him that she is remembering more about Gina, and she will not give up until she remembers everything she did during her missing years. She tells him that he is the key to unlock both of their pasts. John says he has a commitment to Marlena and the children. "Hope" tells him that Stefano is counting on that, he's counting on the fact that he will give up his search for Marlena. "Hope" begs him not to give up, not to let DiMera win. John tells her that when he looks into her eyes, he can see everything. John tells "Hope" that her obsession with the past will bring her down, and he won't let that happen. John refuses to be drug into the past, his life is with Marlena, not her, "Hope" or Gina, or whoever she thinks she is. John tells her that the past is dead and buried and she should let him go. John walks off, leaving Gina alone with her compact.


May 21
At the hospital, Mike is looking at a picture of his grandfather. He feels like he's let his family down. Craig shows up to show Mike some stuff he picked up at the convention. Craig asks Mike if he is okay, he looks upset. Mike tells Craig that Ali is harboring resentment towards him, and her hostility is being fueled by someone else, her mother. Craig acts shocked and says that something must have happened if he thinks Ali and her mom are out to destroy him. Mike says he will stop this, nobody railroads him.

In the hall, Carrie asks Ali why she is so happy? Ali says it is none of her business, but she'll tell her anyways. Ali says she is filing . . Suddenly, Nancy interrupts them, but Carrie asks Ali to finish her sentence. Ali says she's filing away her winter blues for the eternal race of spirng. Ali leaves and then Carrie accuses Nancy of following her and Mike to Las Vegas. Nancy says she was there to renew her wedding vows to Craig, so if she is accusing her of something spit it out. Carrie tells Nancy that someone emailed photos of her and Mike to Austin. Nancy acts shocked and says she and Craig did not do that, and she is hurt that she thinks she and Craig could be capable of such a thing. Carrie apologizes and says she just jumped to the conclusion. Nancy tells her that someone who wanted to hurt her must have been there, and Carrie realizes it was Ali. She decides to go talk to Ali, but Nancy stops her and says that Ali went away with her mother while she was in Vegas. Carrie wonders who could have done this then.

Later, Craig tells Nancy about Mike, and Nancy tells Craig that Ali emailed photos of Mike and Carrie to Austin! Craig is furious with her. Craig finds her and scolds her for sending the photos to Austin. Nancy tells Ali that she wants her to hand over the photos and the negatives! Ali asks what they are so upset about? Nancy says that they agreed to help her as long as they weren't implicated! Ali tells them that the photos are in her locker, they can help themselves to them. Ali walks off and Nancy tells Craig that they will have to watch Ali because she's a ticking time bomb. Ali sees Carrie and says that she'll let her mom and the lawyer take care of Mike, but the little slut is hers.

Carrie goes to see Mike and sees that he is upset. He tells her everything will be okay, and then he holds Carrie.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Lucas thinks Tracey helped Sami and Austin kidnap Will again. Lucas demands to know what Sami and Austin have done with his son. Tracey says she hasn't seen Austin in weeks, and though Sami was on death row. Abe and Roman tell Lucas to leave, and Kate drags him off. Lucas tells his mom that he's going to hire a PI to find his son. Roman asks Tracey to tell him about her daughter's escape. Tracey says she doesn't know and wants to go home to the commune. Roman decides to let Tracey go, and Roman says that Tracey unwittingly gave them a lead, and he leaves to check it out. Lucas and Kate return and Lucas tells Abe that he's hired his own detectives to find Will. Lucas fears that Roman will let Sami and Will go and he'll never see them again. Abe gets a call from the station and as he talks, Lucas says this should keep Abe busy. Abe gets another call, this one from the DA, who tells Abe that he better find Sami because one citizen has offered a 500,000 dollar reward for Sami's capture. The DA tells Abe to find that girl tonight! Abe tells Lucas that his little stunt could force Sami far underground. Abe leaves and Lucas realizes what he has done.

On the train, when the conductor asks Will where he is headed, he says far away. Sami says that her son doesn't understand geography, so she told him it was some place far away. Sami thinks about Austin and says her dreams of being a family with him are over. Later, Sami tells Will that they are going to live in Canada with Tracey's friend in a place called the commune. The border patrol guard comes around to collect tickets and IDs. He asks Sami if she has the child's father's permission to take him out of the country? Sami wonders if Tracey knew about this and finds that she has supplied her with a letter. Sami thinks they've made it, but then Roman sits down next to her!

At the home, Victor refuses to go to Vivian's dinner. Bo tells Victor that all he wants him to do is be polite to her for one evening. Victor still refuses and tells Bo that he has made a deal with the devil. Bo tells him that Vivian is dying and just wants to make amends, and helping him with this will help him get "Hope" back. Bo explains the entire Princess Gina story to Victor, including Stefano's passion for Gina. Bo says that he's losing "Hope" and will do anything to get her back. Bo asks Victor to just find it in his heart to forgive Vivian. Victor asks how long Vivian has to live? Bo says he doesn't know, but it can't be much longer. Victor agrees to go to the dinner with Kate, but that is all he can promise.

At the DiMera Mansion, Stefano walks in on Vivian and Nikki as they are talking about Bo. Nikki says he was just asking how Bo was. Stefano then informs Vivian that her party has been cancelled, but Nikki says that is not his decision to make. Stefano tells Nikki that he has no say in this, he only has Vivian's best interests at heart. Nikki tells him to let her enjoy her final days then. Stefano says he will make the arrangements for her then, but Vivian refuses because she wants to have the party at the townhouse. Stefano exclaims "NO!" Nikki asks why not, it is her townhouse? Stefano says "fine, do as you want." Stefano asks her if she has taken her medication? Vivian says no, so Stefano asks Nikki to go to the kitchen and fetch her medication and some tea. Stefano asks Vivian how long Nikki will stay, and Vivian says till the end. Stefano is sorry to hear that because he wanted to yacht around the world with her. Nikki returns with her medication and says the tea is brewing. Nikki says he would like to go check out the townhouse, but Stefano says he wanted him to join them for dinner. Nikki agrees to stay. Bo calls to speak to Vivian and Nikki answers. Nikki tells Vivian it is the caterer. Stefano leaves to get Vivian's menu and she talks with Bo. Bo tells her that Victor and Kate will come to her party, the rest is up to her. Vivian asks what he wants her to do. Meanwhile, Stefano questions Nikki as to why he came to Salem, what is he after? Nikki says he just wants to spend time with his aunt, but Stefano says "to little to late." He refuses to let him be a part of his aunt's life.

At the townhouse, Gina is heartbroken that John ran away from her. Rolfe sneaks up on her and scares her. He says she seems sad, and she says she is because she is painting the final painting. Gina tells Rolfe that she wants John back. Gina asks Rolfe if it is true that John trying to remember his past could kill him? Rolfe says yes. Gina asks if he stops searching for the past, will the headaches stop? Rolfe says not entirely, they will always be there until the chip in his brain is deactivated. Gina asks what will happen then? Rolfe tells her that John will revert to the man he was when Stefano controlled him. Gina coyly says "the man who was my partner . . . ." Gina asks how the deactivation works? Rolfe tells her not to even think about that, it would mean crossing Stefano. He tells her to focus on the painting, that is what is important. Gina has a memory in which she tells John how afraid she is of losing him if Stefano found out. John tells her that Stefano won't be a problem. Gina tells him that she wants to settle down with him and Greta, and John promises her that they will have the life they dream of. Gina fades back into the present and says she has to make their dream happen, and she knows exactly how to do it.

John returns home to the penthouse and Marlena tells John about Sami and Will. Marlena asks where he has been? John says he was with "Hope." Marlena ask John what "Hope" is doing to him? John tells her that it doesn't matter, he's done with the past. John says that he made it clear to "Hope" that he wants to focus on the present and the future. John tells Marlena that he doesn't want to talk about "Hope," he wants to focus on her and Sami. Marlena tells John that his love is what keeps her strong, and then the two kiss. As John hugs Marlena, he remembers dancing and kissing Gina.

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