May 99 Week 1


May 10
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Gina, who is blowing smoke rings, is preparing to get her compact from Billie to trigger John's memory. Lilly sees Gina smiling and asks what has made her so happy? Gina tells Lilly that she has the compact back, a duplicate actually, and soon she'll be back in Europe to reclaim her life with . . . . Lilly asks who and Gina says with her of course.

John is wandering around Salem Place having doubts about whether he was a priest or not. John is suddenly hit with a migraine. Stefano, who is in Salem Place as well, tells John that he isn't looking well and asks him what is wrong? John says he is just having pains, which are none of his damn business. Stefano tells him that his discomfort is probably due to his search for his past. Stefano asks him if he's trying to remember his time as a priest? John asks Stefano if he really was a priest, or just brainwashed into thinking he was one? Stefano laughs and tells John that he gives him too much credit. Still, John asks what a priest would be doing jetting all over Europe and hanging out with rich aristocrats, like Princess Gina. Stefano tells John he is being ridiculous, but John says he and "Hope" are piecing their pasts together. Stefano asks him what his past has to do with "Hope's?" John says it was "Hope" who put the idea in his brain. John says that he and "Hope" believe that their pasts are connected, and Marlena is helping them recover their pasts. Stefano warns John that he and Marlena may not be able to live with what he finds out. "Hope" shows up and asks what is wrong. Gina turns pale when John tells her that he told Stefano about her theory that he wasn't a priest. Stefano asks "Hope" how she came up with such a ridiculous idea? "Hope" doesn't answer and Stefano suggests that John concentrate on the here and now. John excuses himself to go get Brady some medicine. Stefano asks Gina why the hells she put the idea that John wasn't a priest in his mind? Gina tells him that she's only acting like Hope, but Stefano tells her that her choices could backfire and blow up in her face. Stefano tells Gina that remembering his past will cause John's headaches to worsen, and possible even kill him. He tells Gina that she must convince John to stop the hypnosis. Meanwhile, John continues to have migraines as he tries to see what the gift Gina gave him was.

Eric is talking to Austin about the hearing. He tells Austin that he has to work things out with Carrie if he wants to get custody of Will. Austin refuses, and Eric keeps on insisting he call Carrie.

Carrie is in the park and reflecting back on the events the past few days. Roman approaches her and asks how she is doing. Carrie tells her dad to read her the riot act, but Roman says he won't do that. Carrie tells her dad that she's ruined her marriage and the custody hearing. Carrie says that she wants to be there for both Austin and Sami, but is afraid of making things worse. Roman tells Carrie that she can't be responsible for Austin loosing Will. Carrie tells her dad that he's right, she has to stand by Austin through this. Unfortunately, Carrie says they will have to pretend to be happily married, which isn't true. Roman says that by showing up, she will prove that she's willing to take the first step.

At the hospital, Clair is drilling the law suit facts into Ali's head. Ali gets a call from Craig, who is in LA. Ali asks Claire to go check in with their lawyer so she can talk to Craig. Craig asks her if she has seen Mike yet. Ali thinks he's in LA, but Craig tells her that he's went back to Salem. Ali asks what happened? Craig tells her that Austin showed up in Vegas and found Carrie in bed with Mike. Craig tells her to file the suit now, and leaves when Nancy says he has to give his speech. Claire returns and tells Ali to keep her wrists covered! Ali begins thinking about Mike and wonders if she has a chance with him after all. Austin calls the hospital asking for Carrie, but Ali says she hasn't seen her, but she can check with Mike. Austin is surprised that Mike is in town. Ali ends up rushing off and Claire hopes Alison doesn't loose it now.

At Marlena's place, Austin tells Eric that Carrie isn't at the hospital, and he doubts she's at the courthouse. Eric gives Nicole a call and leaves a message on her answering machine that he will be at the hearing. After they leave, Carrie calls and learns from Chelsea that Austin just left for the hearing.

Lexie is surprised to find Mike in his office. Lexie realizes something is wrong and she asks if Carrie came back with him. Mike tells her that he has a lot of paper work to do and hands Lexie her on-call schedule. Lexie looks at it and says that he has Carrie working a shift in the OR. Lexie asks Mike what is wrong with him, the Mike she knows would never back out of a commitment like giving a speech at the medical convention. Mike says that he has other commitments. When Lexie says "like Carrie?," Mike shouts out "YES!" Mike tells her that he can't lose Carrie now. Lexie asks Mike to elaborate, but he tells her not now. As Lexie leaves, Ali shows up to see Mike. He asks her if she had a good time on her short holiday, and she says it was interesting. Mike apologizes for blowing up at her that day in the ER, what he did was inexcusable. Ali tells Mike that he makes it very hard to stay mad at him. Ali tells him that its great to have him back and she hopes they can still work together. Mike says that as long as they understand the boundaries he thinks it will be all right. Mike tells Ali that he's sorry he shut her out, he now knows that kind of pain. Claire spies Ali with Mike and wonders what she is doing with the man. Claire knocks on the door, so Ali excuses herself to talk with her mother. Ali tells her mom that she didn't do anything wrong, she was just being friendly. Claire tells Ali that she is not allowed to play nice-nice with Mike, he is the enemy!

In LA, Craig gives Mike's speech and is offered the chief of staff job at Chicago General, but Craig says he has his eye on another hospital. Later, Craig and Nancy have their pictures taken by reporters.

At the courthouse, Kate and Gregory are worried because Lucas has not arrived. Kate fears Lucas is past out in a gutter somewhere. Lucas suddenly shows up and tells his mom to have a little more faith in him. Gregory briefs Lucas and Kate thanks Alice for being here for Lucas. Micky and the Brady's show up. Mickey feels sorry for Kate due to her situation with her to sons, but Shawn says he refuses to feel sorry for her after what she's done to his family. Gregory tells Lucas that he thought he was a no show, but Lucas says today is the day he gets everything he wants. Gregory tells Lucas not to be so overconfident. Alice wishes Lucas luck, and he thanks her for being here for her. Kate wonders where Austin and Carrie are. Lucas says Carrie won't show, and Austin doesn't have a prayer without his wife. Austin show up at he and Lucas begin bickering. Kate breaks them up and then when she asks if Carrie came with him, Austin tells her to drop the phoney concern because he knows she only cares about Lucas. Lucas then squabbles with Eric over Nicole. Alice learns about Eric's engagement and he tells her that he hopes Nicole will be here soon.

In prison, Sami asks God not to let Lucas gain custody of Will. She says if she has to die, she wants Austin to take care of her little boy. The revered pays a visit to Sami, who tells him that she can't let Lucas get custody of Will, not after everything she's done to keep him away from him. The revered suggests that Sami confess to him because it could make her soul feel better. Sami asks if it is okay to lie to protect someone, but the reverend says that sometimes those lies can boomerang and hurt the person your trying to protect. Roman arrives at the prison with a television set so Sami can watch the trial.

Court is about to begin and Lucas is grinning like a Cheshire cat. The judge notes that Carrie is not with Austin and asks if there has been a change in the custody papers Mr. and Mrs. Reed signed. Austin tells her there has been a big change. Before Austin can say anything, Carrie shows up and apologizes for being late.


May 11
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Stefano and Rolfe are at the townhouse replacing the paintings with the duplicates, Gina only has a few more paintings to duplicate. Stefano is suspicious of Vivian, she seems to have perked up lately. Rolfe thinks it could be because she got the shares, but Stefano says they are useless because Kate has the controlling share. Stefano says that his only concern is the paintings. Rolfe says he will hide the paintings in the secret room, but Stefano says that is too risky. Stefano has a far better place to hide them until he and Gina can return to Europe together. They chat about Vivian some more, Stefano fears Gina won't finish her work before Vivian dies. Stefano calls Gina, and grows angry when she shuts her phone off on him. Rolfe tells him to relax, and then assures Stefano that John won't remember his past, but searching through his subconscious could be dangerous for him. Stefano is positive that Gina will discourage him from searching for his past.

Vivian is feeling great thanks to Dr Wu's herbs, but Celeste tells Vivian that she can't have any of the things she want. She tells her that Victor will never forgive her and she still doesn't have controlling share of Titan. Vivian says she will make things work out, but Celeste fears what will happen when Stefano learns the truth. Vivian says she will make sure Stefano pays for what he's done to her, and it infuriates her that Stefano is more concerned with something in the townhouse than with her health, something that is probably stolen.

John is looking at the picture of himself he got from Lilly and it triggers more migraines. Bo shows up to see John, who tells him about his headaches. John tells Bo about his run-in with Stefano, and then "Hope" in Salem Place. Bo tells John that something odd is going on with "Hope," she's been acting like she's Billie's best friend lately. JOhn says that is odd. They then talk about John's past, and John says that his life as a priest may have been a front invented by DiMera. Bo asks if "Hope" suggested this? John says yes, and he knows that she is doing it because their pasts may be tied together. John says he and "Hope" have to learn the truth, but they are constantly hitting brick walls. Bo tells John that he knows someone who has agreed to help them, Vivian! John responds with a look of confusion. Bo explains to him that Vivian still loves Victor and has offered to help them if he helps her get close to Victor again. John says that won't be easy, but Bo is positive that he can pull it off. Bo then calls Vivian to get the show on the road. Bo suggests they meet today, so Vivian suggests they meet at the townhouse. Bo tells John that he hopes he feels better and will be in touch. Back at the DiMera mansion, just as Vivian says she is about to get exactly what she wants, Stefano walks into the room.

Gina is at a restaurant waiting for Billie, who is late. Billie shows up and knows that "Hope" wants her compact back, but Billie vows that "Hope" won't get her hands on it. Billie asks "Hope" what she wants from her? "Hope" says that she just wants her friendship back. "Hope" tells Billie about an amazing discovery she has made, and wants to share it with her. "Hope" gets a call, it's from Stefano, so she shuts her phone off to talk with Billie. "Hope" tells Billie that she's found how liberating living on your own is. She then tells Billie that she's glad Roman is in her life. Billie says her heart will always belong to Bo, and she would never push him away like she is doing. "Hope" says she has to discover her past first, but Billie says that sounds like an excuse. "Hope" then starts sobbing about the compact. Billie suggests that she try looking at paintings Gina liked to trigger her memory. "Hope" thanks her and says that is a very clever suggestion. "Hope" then says she'd like to do something to remember Georgia, maybe a small memorial service. "Hope" says that she wants her and Bo to be close again, just so she can be there for Bo if she was ever to leave. Billie asks if she is leaving, and "Hope" says she might go to Europe to search for her past on her own. Later, Billie asks "Hope" once again why she invited her to lunch? "Hope" says she has no hidden agenda, she feels like there is no one in Salem that she can open up to except for her. "Hope" asks Billie if they can put the past behind them and start over? Billie agrees, and then "Hope" suggests they take a walk. Gina has a special surprise for Billie.

In court, Carrie shows up and apologizes to the court for being late. Sami is glad to see, via TV, that Carrie came through. This upsets Lucas, and Kate vows to find Nicole, a thieving bitch in her own words, and make her pay. As they are about to begin, the judge gets a message and has to take a short recess. In prison, Sami senses something is wrong between Austin and Carrie. Back in court, Austin tells Carrie that her support is a little late. Carrie tells Austin that she wants to be there for him and she is here to support him. Austin tells her that she is only here out of guilt. Carrie says if he wants her to leave then she will. However, Austin tells her not to leave in so little words. Meanwhile, Eric brags to Lucas that it looks like he's down and out. Lucas says something might happen to surprise him. Eric tells Lucas that he'll get his own surprise once Nicole returns. Court reconvenes and the judge says that she wants this dispute resolved today. Austin is allowed to speak first, and Kate has to leave when her cell phone starts ringing. Austin is sworn in and is asked why he should be Will's father. Outside, Kate talks with her private investigator and orders him to find Nicole. When she returns she hears Austin speaking about how much he loves Will, and how he is the only father that Will knows. Sami watches from prison and is touched by Austin's words. The judge questions Austin about Carrie and asks if he and Carrie are committed to raising Will. Austin says that he is commitment is to Will. Lucas notices that Austin isn't wearing his wedding ring, so Gregory decides to question him about his marriage. However, smooth talkin Mickey manages to convince the judge that Gregory's line of questioning has no bearing on this hearing. Lucas is called to the stand and tells Lucas that his actions and failure to complete his community service aren't very appealing, and then is asked to tell the court why he wants custody of Will. Lucas tells the court that he was denied the privilege of being Will's father for two years, and that he loves his son with all his heart. Lucas says that Will has made him a better person, but will always live with the guilt of the accident. Lucas tells the judge that he has suffered for his mistake, and thanks God that his son got well. Lucas asks the court to consider how much he has changed in the past few months for Will's sake. The judge says that she realizes he loves Will, but Carrie and Austin can provide a loving and stable home for Will. Lucas says that he can be a good father as well. When the judge says he is still a single parent, Lucas announces that he just got married. When Nicole walks into the room, Lucas introduces her as his wife!


May 12
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At the DiMera mansion, Stefano asks Vivian if she is deceiving him? Vivian begins to feign ill and says she is not deceiving him, she said she meant that she would have everything she wants when she has her family with her when she dies. Stefano says he is her only family, and that John's concern for her is just an act. Vivian says that John is not her only relative. Stefano says that she is not on speaking terms with Lawrence, in fact he despises her for burying Carly alive. Vivian says what she really regrets losing contact with Nikki and would give anything to see him again. Stefano asks why these feelings have come up now? He then asks why Celeste is always here? Celste says that she is Vivian's friend and needs her support. Vivian asks them not to quarrel over her. Stefano and Vivian squabble over the stocks, Vivian wants to throw Kate out on her butt when she gets another 2% share of Titan stocks. Celeste reminds Vivian that she has an appointment with her masseuse, so they leave. Stefano meets with Rolfe and says that Vivian is scheming behind his back and must be stopped. Stefano wonders if Vivian is coniving against her husband and if she if her illness is not fatal, somthing else will be! Rolfe wonders if Vivian learned that he owns the townhouse? Stefano says he will find out soon, and will stop her if need be.

Bo looks arrives at Jonsey's place and decides to take a look around. He impressed by Vivian's collection and realizes that DiMera probably married her to get his hands on this stuff, but there has to be more to it. He tells himself that Stefano changed Hope into Gina for a reason, and wonders if it was to recreate his lover. Bo wonders what Stefano made Hope do for him as Gina. He then begins to remember the good ole days with Hope. He says there will never be another woman for him other than Hope. Vivian and Celeste show up and tries to warn Vivian to reconsider going up against Stefano. Vivian refuses and tells Celeste to go if she won't be supportive. Celeste leaves. Bo asks Vivian if Jonsey was connected to DiMera somehow, and she tells him he was. Vivian says this all belongs to Stefano, and he wants it back, which is why he married her. Bo tells Vivian that he thinks Stefano might be involved in some art thefts in Europe, and that he used Hope to get close to the rich and famous, like Lilly Faversham. Vivian chuckles and says Lilly isn't playing with a full deck. They both realize that there is something in this house that Stefano is protecting. Bo suspects that Stefano is after the paintings for some reason, and has a plan. He tells her to give away the paintings!

Nicholas is walking around the docks, and at the same time, Gina and Billie are on the docks having some lemon ice. Billie asks "Hope" why she is all of the sudden so nice to her? "Hope" once again says she wants to be friends again and have fun. Billie says that the hurt and pain from losing her baby won't go away. "Hope" says she knows that, and she also knows how deeply Bo cares for her and grieves over their child. "Hope" says there has to be a way they can bond again and get back what they lost. Billie says she thought about this was about them? Is she saying that she should get close to Bo again? Suddenly, Nikki recognizes Princess Gina. "Hope" says she doesn't mean she wants her to go after Bo, she just wants them to morn Georgia's loss together. Billie asks "Hope" why she's bringing back these memories? Meanwhile, Nikki says that Gina won't get away from him this time. Meanwhile, as Billie cries, "Hope" gives her a handkerchief with a "G" embroidered on it. "Hope" asks Billie how she came up with the name Georgia? Billie tells her that Earl was playing it when Georgia died. "Hope" says she wishes Billie had something to remind her of Georgia. Suddenly, "Hope" is knocked out by a man and Billie's purse is stolen! Nikki comes to their rescue, and Billie's purse goes plop, right into the Salem River, with the compact!

In court, Lucas announces that he is married, and when Nicole walks in he points her out as his wife! Kate asks what the hell is going on, and Eric asks Nicole what is going on? Eric asks Nicole to tell him that Lucas is lying! In jail, Sami and Roman are in shock. Suddenly, Lucas and Eric begin brawling in the middle of court. The fight is broken up and Eric says that Kate and Lucas arranged for this. The judge orders Eric to be removed. Austin says that this marriage is a hoax, but Lucas says Nicole is his wife. Austin asks Nicole if she was blackmailed into marrying Lucas? The judge wants to question Nicole and orders her to take the stand. In prison, both Sami and Roman are furious. Nicole is sworn in and says she was not blackmailed into marrying Lucas. Sami is furious and doesn't understand how Nicole could help Lucas. The judge asks Nicole to elaborate on her relationship with her husband. Nicole says she met Lucas at Titan and they work well together. The judge asks if this marriage is a business arrangement? Nicole says that she married Lucas because she loves him. Nicole says she wants to be a good wife to Lucas and mother to Will. Sami freaks and Roman tries to calm her down. Caroline and Shawn feel bad for Eric, and the judge wants to see the license and prenupt. Lucas has the license, but says he refused a prenupt. Mickey then questions Nicole and asks if she was offered any type of money to marry Lucas? Nicole says she was not paid off to marry Lucas. Roman sees Kate gloating and realizes something is up. Nicole is told to step down and Eric wonders how Nicole could do this. The judge retires to her chambers and says she will return shortly with her decision. Lucas tells Nicole that he's very proud of her and loves her. Carrie says "poor Eric, I can't imagine what he must be feeling." Austin tells her that he can, he's going through it. Caroline asks Alice if she knew about this and she says no. Court reconvenes and the judge says she has made a decision, she is granting custody to Lucas! Lucas turns to the camera and says "Justice Sami!" Roman consoles a tearful Sami.


May 13
On the docks, Nikki wrestles with "Hope" and Billie's mugger and they both watch in horror as the compact, which is in Billie's purse, sinks to the bottom of the river. Nikki helps them up, and "Hope" asks him what he thinks he's doing? Nikki says that he was only trying to help. When Nikki decides to call the police, but "Hope" tells him not to because it would be a waste of time. Nikki tells Gina that she remembers him, doesn't she? "Hope" says she doesn't know him, but Nikki says she is Princess Gina! "Hope" says he is wrong, and goes to help Billie, who wants to go after her purse. "Hope" asks what is so important about her purse? Billie says that she had the one and only reminder of Georgia in that purse. Billie leaves to be alone and Gina tells the mugger that he ruined everything! The mugger asks her who the guy was, he seemed to know her. Gina says that she doesn't know, and warns him to get out of Salem now! Billie goes off to be alone and Gina puts on a diving suit and jumps into the river.

At the townhouse, Bo tells Vivian that she should give away her paintings. Vivian doesn't understand how doing that would force Stefano's hand. Vivian says that this could kill her before her time is up, but Bo says the gamble would be worth it if she got to make up with Victor. Bo assures Vivian that Stefano will stop her from giving the paintings away if they are what he is protecting. Vivian eventually agrees and says she has the perfect way to pull of his plan. Vivian says she will throw a grand party and will give all her paintings away there. She also tells Bo that she wants a guarantee that Victor will be there. Bo can't make that guarantee. Vivian then ups the deal, she wants Kate at the party as well. Bo says he can only promise to do his best. Vivian is pleased and decides to go home so Stefano will stop wondering about her. After she leaves, Bo calls Victor.

Lexie goes to the DiMera mansion because Stefano called her. Stefano tells her that he needs to talk to her about Vivian, he needs to know the truth about her. Stefano says that he needs her to tell him how long Vivian has left. LExie says that she can't make that kind of prediction, so Stefano tells her to examine her again and get the reports from Switzerland. They end up in an argument, Lexie tells Stefano that he is the one who let Vivian suffer needlessly. LExie tells Stefano that it is time he was totally honest with her. Stefano asks if Celeste has turned her against him, but Lexie says she would have to be a fool not to see how he controls people. Stefano says he has tried to prove how honorable he is, which angers Lexie inside. Stefano tells Lexie how much he loves Vivian and refused to believe that she was sick because he loves her so much. However, he has accepted the truth and is willing to move heaven and earth to help her recover. Lexie eventually leaves and Stefano calls Rolfe. He says that Lexie was acting strange, like she was keeping something from him. He orders Rofle to find out what Vivian and Celeste are up to. He has to hang up when someone rings the doorbell. Stefano asks them what the person wants, and Nikki introduces himself as Nicholas Alamain! Nikki says that he knows his aunt is dying and wants to spend time with her. Stefano invites him in and says Vivian is out, but will be back soon. Stefano asks him if he got into a fight or something? He says he ran into some trouble, so Stefano has the maid show Nikki to the guest room. Nikki thanks his "Uncle Stefano" and leaves. Vivian shows up and Stefano tells her that he has something to tell her. Vivian says she has something to tell him to.

In prison, Sami doesn't understand how any of this could be happening. Roman tells Sami that he is so sorry. Sami feels like this is her fault because she underestimated Kate. Roman tells her that beating herself up will do no good. Sami realizes she is right and says that she has to do everything she can to keep Will away from Lucas. Sami asks Roman to call Mickey and change the judge's mind about Lucas and Nicole's marriage, but Roman says they have no proof to back up their claims that Lucas forced Nicole into marrying him. Sami goes berserk and starts trashing the cell. The guard comes and says he is going to have to report this, but Sami doesn't care. Roman begs Sami to pull herself together, but Sami says she can't. She says that this is worse than being on death row. The guard tells Roman that he has to leave now, but Roman refuses. Sami tells her dad that she will be okay. Roman leaves and Sami wonders how she is supposed to protect Will from Lucas now.

In court, Austin warns the judge that she is making a dangerous mistake giving Lucas custody of Will. The judge says that her decision is final and adjourns the hearing. Shawn and Caroline decide to go find Eric. Lucas thanks Nicole for helping him win. Austin comes close to clobbering Lucas, but Mickey holds him back. Austin wants to talk to Lucas, but Carrie says they should leave. Lucas thanks Alice for being there for him today. Alice welcomes Nicole to the family. When Kate apologizes to Austin, he tells her to save her phony sympathy. Austin and Lucas end up arguing, and Austin asks Nicole how much money they paid her to do this to Eric? Kate says that Nicole made this decision on her own. Lucas tells Austin that he and Carrie are the ones who are conning the judge, they don't have a happy marriage. Austin and Carrie refuse to answer questions about their marriage. Nicole suggests they leave, but Lucas says that they have to wait for the custody papers. He warns Austin that Will better be at the Brady Pub when he comes to pick him up, otherwise he will make sure he gets the cell right next to Sami's. Lucas and Nicole walk off and Austin feels like he's let Sami down, and now Nicole has betrayed Eric. Austin tells Carrie that he has to go prepare Will and tell him the truth, and asks Carrie to leave him alone.

Kate confronts Nicole and Lucas about their marriage. Lucas tells them both that he hopes they can make an effort to love and respect one another. Kate welcomes Nicole to the family and Nicole thanks her. Lucas leaves to find Gregory and Nicole spends time with "mom." Kate tells Nicole that it is a damn good thing that she changed her mind about marrying Lucas. Nicole tells Kate not to push her, she married Lucas and she can leave him.

At the courthouse, Eric is sulking and is looking at the engagement ring he gave Nicole. He refuses to believe that Nicole loves Lucas and vows to find out what Lucas did to her. Shawn and Caroline try to comfort Eric and suggest that maybe Roman was right about Nicole. Eric refuses to believe that. He knows Lucas pressured Nicole into marrying him. Alice shows up and tells them that she feels bad about what they are going through. Eric says that Lucas is conning her just like he has conned the court. Alice disagrees and says that Lucas will be able to explain everything, and she asks the Brady's to try and make the best of the situation for Will's sake. Alice leaves and Eric says he feels sorry for Alice because she'll learn about Lucas the hard way. Shawn and Caroline say they should leave, but Eric wants to get the truth from Nicole.

Gregory asks Lucas how he convinced Nicole to marry him? When Lucas says she loves him, Eric tells him that he's dreaming. Eric says that after he talks with Nicole, she will annul this marriage. Meanwhile, Austin arrives at the Brady Pub and Will calls him daddy. Carrie watches from the window as Austin talks with Will.


May 14
At the DiMera Mansion, Vivian tells Stefano that she wants to throw a a party, and she will take care of everything. Stefano asks her if she thinks she's well enough to do that? Vivian says this idea gives her something to look forward to. Stefano says he can see that, he just doesn't want her to overdue it. Stefano asks why she even wants to have a party? Vivian says it is going to be like a goodbye party so she can have some moments with her friends before she leaves them. Stefano says if it means that much to her, she can have the party. Vivian starts working on her party preparations immediately. Later she pretends to overdue it and become lightheaded.

In the guest room, Nicholas wonders if his Auntie Viv has forgotten about him. He decides to get her a gift to make sure she's happy to see him.

Gina emerges from the Salem River with the compact. She remembers John telling her how he could never live without her, and she thinks he won't have to any longer now that she has the compact back.

In Salem Place, John sees a picture which triggers a memory about the gift he gave Gina, which triggers another headache. John thinks about "Hope" massaging his temples and wonders how she knew how to do that. John then remembers how Gina was the only one who could make his headaches go away. "Hope" finds John and tells him that she has something important to show him, but it has to be somewhere private. John gives her a look and "Hope" asks if he's afraid to be alone with her? He says no, he just has a lot on her mind. He says he's been thinking about the gift he gave Gina lately. He says that Gina and John were very good friends, and that the gift must have been just a token of their friendship. "Hope" says what if it wasn't? What if it was something special, something unique? "Hope" spaces off for a bit and John gets a call from a business associate. He excuses himself to talk and Gina looks at the compact and says John has to remember. John tells "Hope" that he has to take care of something, and he can meet her here in one hour.

Nicholas goes to Salem Place and wonders why Princess Gina is in Salem. He sees her with John and wonders what she is up to. Nicholas returns to the DiMera mansion and Vivian is overjoyed to see him.

At the courthouse, Eric tells Lucas that Nicole will annul their marriage. Lucas tells Eric that he's in denial, reality bites! Eric asks Lucas how he forced Nicole into this marriage? Lucas says he didn't force her, she married him because of what he can offer her. Eric refuses to believe that Nicole wasn't forced into this marriage. Lucas tells Eric that he has to face it, he's a loser. They end up in a fight, but Gregory breaks it up. Lucas and Gregory eventually leave, and Eric vows to find out what Lucas did to make Nicole marry him.

Meanwhile, Nicole tells Kate that she can end this marriage, she doesn't own her. Kate tells Nicole that the moment she cashed the 5 mil she became her property and will do exactly what she orders! Kate asks Nicole where she disappeared to in Chicago? Why did she change her mind and come back instead of continuing to run? Nicole says that she had her reasons. Kate thinks that she knew she couldn't escape her. Nicole tells Kate that she gives herself too much credit. Kate warns Nicole that she is never to tell Lucas why she really married him, and she will remain happily married to Lucas. Nicole says that Lucas deserves better, and Kate says she's got that right. As they are arguing, Eric shows up and says "I knew it, you blackmailed her!" Eric tells Kate that she can't buy Nicole, she's not for sale at any price!

At the pub, Will gives Austin a picture he made of the two of them. Carrie watches from the outside and says she is so sorry. When Austin takes Will on a walk, Carrie goes inside and talks to her grandma. Carrie says everything is her fault, but Caroline doesn't believe that. Carrie tells her grandma that she broke her wedding vows, she was unfaithful. Caroline says she has been in her shoes. Caroline says that she realized that she still loved her husband when she had an affair with Victor, and she didn't want what she had done to destroy her husband and children. Caroline says that Shawn eventually forgave her, and they worked at rebuilding their marriage. Carrie doesn't think Austin will forgive her, but Caroline tells her that he will if she fights for it.

Austin and Will go to the park to play and talk. Austin tells Will that he has to go live with Daddy Lucas. Will asks why? Austin tells him that he'll have a good time, live in a big house, and have a ton of stuff to play with. Austin tells him that Lucas will make sure that he has everything he can dream of. Austin tells Will that he will have fun with Lucas, and he will visit him often. Will tells Austin okay, and then they go get ice cream.

Austin and Will return to the pub and Austin asks Carrie what she is doing here? Suddenly, Lucas shows up to pick up Will, and has a ton of toys for him. Lucas also tells Will about his new mommy Nicole. Austin tells Will that he will come see him later, but Lucas refuses to allow that. Lucas tells Carrie to take care of Will for a sec so he can talk with Austin. Lucas tells Austin that the judge has forbidden him from visiting Will for the next sixty days! Austin tells Lucas that he won't get away with this, but Lucas says this is a done deal. Lucas takes Will and they leave. When Carrie tries to comfort Austin, he tells her to get the hell away from him and go be with Mike. Meanwhile, Lucas says that he has everything but one thing, and only his mother can give him that.

In prison, Sami is haunted by the judge's decision and refuses to let Lucas take Will from her. She ends up hysterical and beating the tar out of her pillow. The reverend shows up to help Sami, but she says he can't help her, it's over. Sami says that she has lost her son forever. She feels like she has let Will down. Sami continues to cry and sob. When the reverend tells her to be strong, she screams at him because nothing matters any more. Suddenly, Sami collapses. Sami is taken to the hospital and when she's left alone, she decides to find a way out.

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