May 99 Week 1


May 3
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On the way to Chicago, Nicole advises Lucas that she needs "room to breathe" when he presses her to marry him and live a life of luxury. When Lucas threatens to go separately to Chicago, Nicole apologizes and states that she will enjoy his company. Kate calls and urges Nicole to accept her $5 million check before it's to late. Outside the Chicago hotel where they are staying, two men recognize Nicole. Roman's upset when he learns from Eric that he and Nicole are engaged. He argues with his son about his decision but then backs down. John takes Marlena and the kids on a picnic but during the adventure, John suffers another throbbing headache. Greta notices a half-smoked cigarette like her mother used to smoke in the ashtray in Hope's room. Hope denies it's hers and claims it belongs to Lucille. Hope mentions to Greta that John was not a priest and adds that she would like to have the silver compact back in her hands. Hope again claims to Greta that she's afraid she's in love with Bo. Bo asks for Vivian's help in stopping Stefano and offers to help her win Victor's forgiveness. Vivian agrees to do all she can.


May 4
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Taylor guesses to a worried Eric that Nicole left behind her engagement ring on purpose. Claiming that he trusts Nicole, Eric asks her to be happy for him and her sister. The two men outside the hotel remember Nicole from Los Angeles and angrily point out that while they did three years of hard time, she didn't. When they claim she owes them money and try to take her purse, Lucas angrily orders the police to take the men away. Mike learns that Carrie checked out of the hotel. He runs into Nancy and Craig who lovingly boast that they just renewed their marriage vows. When Mike asks him to read his speech at the conference, Craig boasts that he's ready to step into his shoes anytime. Austin lies to Sami and claims that he missed Carrie in Las Vegas. He then informs her that he received permission for her to watch the custody hearing on TV. Carrie surprises Sami with a visit. Greta informs Hope that her mother told her the letter "G" inscribed on the silver compact stood not only for Gina but also for Greta. Hope claims that her entire future depends on that compact. Greta calls Billie and asks to see her. Austin visits Marlena and reveals that he found Carrie in bed with Mike.


May 5
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"Hope" runs into John, who thinks she is keeping something from him. "Hope" says she's not, she's just looking for Greta. John tells her that he needs to talk to her about his past. John says he is determined to remember his past, but Marlena won't hypnotize him anymore. "Hope" tells him that she believes if they can find the gift and he can hold it, his memory will come back to him. "Hope" tells him that the gift could turn up, she did have many of Gina's possessions at Maison Blanche. When she mentions some of her things, John remembers the silver compact. "Hope" says "than you do remember it!" John tells her no, he only remembers her talking about losing it last summer. "Hope" says she is very determined to get it back and says she thinks he gave it to her. She suggests that maybe he and Gina were more than friends, but John says it never could have gone beyond friendship because he was a priest. "Hope" tells John that she has to go, but makes him promise not to give up his search for "their" pasts, which they can do together.

Greta meets Billie in Salem Place to talk about the compact, "Hope" wants it. Greta says she didn't tell her that she has it, but "Hope" is desperate to get her hands on it. They argue about the compact, and how it belonged to Gina. Greta says that "Hope" thinks the compact will trigger her memory, but she suspects "Hope" wants it back for some other reason. Greta says that "Hope" wanted it months ago, but forgot about it, but doesn't understand why she wants it again. When Greta says maybe it is the G for Gina, but Billie insists that the G is for Georgia, the compact is a sign from God. Greta tells Billie that it meant a lot to "Hope," and to her mother. Greta remembers that her mom got it as a gift from a special friend, and she wonders if it Father John. Still, Billie refuses to give up the compact, she says it makes her feel close to Georgia. Greta understands, but hates lying to her good friend "Hope." Billie tells Greta that "Hope" is not worthy of her friendship considering what she's doing to Bo. Later, Gina walks around talking to herself, she knows Greta is lying to her about the compact. She then spots Greta with Billie.

At the penthouse, Austin tells Marlena that he saw Carrie and Mike in bed, and now Carrie has ruined his chances of getting Will. Marlena asks him if he talked to Carrie, but Austin says there was no point, she betrayed their vows. He says he gave her his wedding ring and told her it was over. He even shows her the pictures of Mike and Carrie to convince her of their affair. Marlena asks Austin not to walk away from Carrie, not to make the mistake Roman did. Austin assures her that he won't leave Salem like Roman did, but only because Sami and Will are his family now. Marlena asks Austin if he can tells her that this marriage is honestly over, does he no longer love Carrie? Austin tells Marlena that he will never stop loving Carrie.

Carrie visits Sami in prison, and the first thing she asks is if her love affair with Mike blew up in her face? Sami asks her if she thinks she's getting what she deserves? Carrie tells her that they have all done things they regret, and she still loves her. Carrie tells Sami that she didn't realize how bad things are for her here. Sami tells Carrie that Will's custody hearing is tomorrow, and she knows she thinks Will should be with Lucas. Carrie tells her that she is not taking sides. Sami tells Carrie that the only thing that comforts her is that Austin wants Will, but he will need her help. Sami realizes that Carrie didn't come here out of the goodness of her heart, and she wants to know what is really going on. Sami tells Carrie that she knows what happened that Austin went to Vegas to find her. Carrie tells Sami that she did not come here to argue about Austin, she came here to apologize to her. She apologizes for not being there for her, for being so resentful towards her, and for her testimony. Sami asks Carrie if she will stand by Austin tomorrow at the custody hearing? Carrie assures Sami that she will keep her promise to raise Will. When Sami tells Carrie how lucky she is to have a man like Austin love her, Carrie breaks down. Sami asks what is wrong, and Carrie tells her that she just feels terrible for what she's going through. She assures her that she will help her with Will, it's the only way she can make up for . . . . Sami asks "make up for what?" Carrie says that she's doubted Austin's loyalty, but Sami knows he can get over it. They both say they love one another, and Carrie leaves. Carrie hopes Austin will let her keep her promise to Sami.

At Titan, Kate thinks that Nicole has turned her deal down. Kate gets a call about Nicole, and Eric shows up and asks what she is up to? Kate tells him that she's just making sure things are going smoothly for Nicole. Kate asks Eric if she's talked to Nicole since his proposal? Eric says he talked to her before she left, and she seemed fine. Eric asks if she's told Lucas, but she says no because he's in New York. Eric tells Kate that he wants to be the one to tell him. Kate says Lucas will be shocked, but Eric doesn't think so because he knows he didn't have a chance with her and that Nicole can't be bought. Eric says that the most important thing to Nicole is family and love. Eric assures her that Nicole will only where his engagement ring. Eric leaves and Kate makes another call to George, a banker to ask if her check has been cashed, which it hasn't. After he leaves, Eric says he has another surprise for Nicole when she returns home.

In Chicago, Lucas tells Nicole that if she married him, she'll never have to worry about her past again. Nicole thinks about the money and tells Lucas that she has to be honest with him. Lucas cuts her off and tells her that he knows she loves Eric, but he's willing to look past that. He then starts on his "what if Eric found out" speech again. Lucas tells Nicole that he needs her answer tonight. Suddenly, a special delivery package for Nicole arrives. Nicole opens it and inside is a wedding dress made of French silk encrusted with pearls and diamonds, specially designed for her. Lucas tells her that he knows she doesn't love him the way he loves her, but he thinks her feelings for him can grow into love. Lucas tells her that if she marries him, it will be on her terms, they can take the relationship as slowly as she wants. Lucas asks that they only go to the custody hearing tomorrow as man and wife. Lucas asks Nicole to marry him. He tells her that she doesn't have to answer him now, and says he will give her an hour to think. Nicole begins to review her options. As Lucas makes a call to his mom, Nicole's "friends" order her to come with them.


May 6
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Kate talks to Lucas on the phone, Lucas tells his mom about Nicole's run in with her old life. Lucas is positive that he made an impression on Nicole. When Kate asks who the men that threatened Nicole, Lucas tells her their names and insinuates that his mom had something to do with this. Gregory shows up to see Kate, and Lucas asks to talk to Gregory. Lucas tells Gregory that he has Alice Horton's support at the custody trial, and when he returns he'll have a wife. Gregory tells him that if he can pull that off, his chances of getting Will will sky rocket. Kate and Gregory talk about the threat that Austin and Carrie could pose. When the topic turns to Nicole, Kate tells Gregory that she has sacrificed far too much to lose now. Gregory asks her what she has sacrificed? Kate tells him that she sacrificed her relationship with her other son, Austin.

Nicole's "friends" drag Nicole off and tell her that they want compensation for time serve. When Nicole threatens to call the cops, one of the guys pulls a knife on her. One of the men convinces the other to put his knives away, and then they blackmail Nicole by telling her they know everything about her, and they will sell what they know to the tabloids. Nicole tells them that she's not a supermodel, she's not making all that much money. The two guys tell her that they can work with her. When two cops asks if anything is going on here? The men tell him that they were just getting Nicole's autograph. One of them recognizes her, and she assures them that she is fine. The two guys have left, and Nicole realizes that there is only one thing she can do.

Lucas meets with a local Bella PR rep, who is desperate to find Nicole and get to the store for a promo gig. Lucas calls Nicole's room, but there is no answer. Lucas assures the guy that he will find Nicole.

Nicole goes to the bank to cash Kate's check. While the banker checks on the check, bank employees ask her to autograph the perfume cards from the department store. The banker returns and asks Nicole to endource the back of the check. Nicole signs the check. BAck in Salem, Kate learns that Nicole has cashed her check in Chicago. Kate looks at a picture of Nicole and says "Aaaagh, the daughter in law from hell!" Kate then gets a call from Lucas, who is very worried. He tells his mom that Nicole has disappeared! Back in Chicago, Nicole looks at a picture of Eric and says she did this for him.

Eric and Roman show up at the hospital to check on Roberto, he's still in a coma. Roman asks Eric why he's not out celebrating his engagement? Eric tells his dad that Nicole is in Chicago, and that he needs a favor. Eric asks to borrow some money for a down payment on a house, which doesn't please Roman. Roman tells Eric that he's getting a little ahead of himself, and that he shouldn't rush into this. Roman suggests that he and Nicole live at her apartment. Eric accuses his dad of not wanting to help him because he doesn't want him to marry Nicole. Roman tells Eric that he wants to help him, but buying a house is a big commitment. Eric tells his dad that he makes Nicole nervous, he's so judgmental. Roman tells Eric that if he holds off marrying Nicole, he will spend time with her to get to know her better. Eric tells his dad no deal, and walks away. Roman chases after him, but Eric won't listen to him. He says that he will marry Nicole and prove him wrong, and when he apologizes to him, then they will talk.

Austin visits Sami in prison, and Sami tells Austin that Carrie is back in Salem. She tells him now he can get custody of Will, but Austin says "don't count on it." Austin tells Sami that he can't count on Carrie to be at the hearing, but Sami says that Carrie promised her that she would be there. Sami tells him that Carrie even apologized to her, and she thinks it is because of what happened between her and Mike. Austin asks if she told her? Sami says no, but she always knew she was in denial about her feelings for Mike. Austin mumbles "not any more." Sami tells Austin that she thinks that he and Carrie really can work things out, and that she was wrong assuming Carrie had an affair with Mike. Still, Sami says if it went farther than the kiss at Green Mountain, can't he forgive her for Will's sake? Sami assures Austin that Carrie won't let him down, but Austin tells her that it's much more complicated.

Mike arrives home and calls the hospital to check in. He asks if Carrie has called in, but she hasn't. Mike then calls Carrie's place, but gets the machine. Mike wonders where Carrie could be. Laura comes home from shopping and asks Mike what he's doing home? Mike said he had to come back. She sees the bruise on his face and asks if he was in an accident? Mike explains what happened with Austin and Carrie. Mike decides to go find Carrie, but Laura tells him that he should stay away from Carrie, he's the last person she needs to see right now. Mike says that she encouraged him to express his feelings for Carrie, but Laura says that she did not encourage him to commit adultery. When Mike says they are in love, Laura says that is what his father told her about his relationship with Kate. Mike tells her that his relationship with Carrie is nothing like his dad and Kate. Mike says that he loves Carrie and Carrie loves him, so he's going to go find her.

Carrie shows up at Marlena's place and realizes that MArlena knows. Carrie cries and says how sorry she is. Marlena tells her that it's Austin's forgiveness she needs, and she asks her how she could do this to him? Carrie says that she never thought she could hurt Austin more than he hurt her. Marlena tells Carrie that she never could lie, especially to herself. Carrie says that she was lying, to herself and Austin about Mike. Carrie tells Marlena that she was right and she wished she had listened to her, but she was so angry with her. Carrie says that she went to Mike's room, she wanted him to make love to her, it is her fault. Marlena asks Carrie if she's sorry because of what happened with Mike, or because Austin walked in on her? Marlena says she's not trying to hurt her, but Carrie says she deserves to be hurt. Carrie tells Marlena that she thought Austin didn't want to talk to her again, she didn't know Austin was on his way to Las Vegas. She also says she now understands why Austin was so cold to her, he saw her and Mike kissing at Green Mountain Lodge. Later, Carrie tells Marlena that she went to visit Sami and apologized to her. Carrie tells Marlena that she wants to be there for Austin, but she doesn't know if she has the courage to face him, or even tell her dad. She then begins to wonder about Mike and his career. Marlena asks if he came back with her, but Carrie says no, and she thinks he probably went on to LA. Marlena says it is getting late, but they will keep talking about this until they are sick of it. Marlena tells Carrie that she has to get to the hospital, but hugs Carrie and tells her that she loves her before leaving.

Marlena shows up at the hospital and overhears Roman moaning about Sami and Eric making bad choices. Marlena decides to tell Roman the news about Mike, Austin, and Carrie. Back at Marlena's place, Mike shows up and Carrie answers the door.


May 7
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In Salem Place, Billie is still begging Greta not to tell "Hope" about the compact. Greta agrees not to tell "Hope," for now. Billie and Greta continue talking about the compact, Billie doesn't understand why "Hope" needs it now, it didn't trigger a memory before. Billie then says that she doesn't know what "Hope" wants anymore, she obviously doesn't want Bo. Billie tells Greta that she's not giving up the compact. Meanwhile, Bo approaches "Hope" and tells her that he's going after Stefano. "Hope" tries to warn him not to go up against Stefano, but Bo won't change his mind. Bo tells "Hope" that he thinks Stefano was behind the art thefts. "Hope" tries to convince him that it is a dead end, but Bo still won't give up his plan. Bo tells her that Stefano used both her and Gina to steal these paintings, he has to prove it. "Hope" asks what this will get them? Bo says that it will get them their future and Lilly might get her paintings back. Bo doesn't understand why "Hope" is so calm about this and asks if this isn't what she wants? "Hope" says that she just thinks his plan has some problems. Bo asks why she seems so distracted, and she says she just noticed Billie and Greta, so they should go say hi. Billie hides her compact from "Hope." "Hope" says that they are all very lucky to have made it through this and stayed friends. "Hope" tells Billie that she wants them to be best friends again, and she thinks about her losing her baby in the Bayou. She suggests that she share her pain as a way to help, but Greta says that Billie just needs time. "Hope" asks Greta if time helped her get over the loss of her mother? Greta says she will never get over it, but time healed her. "Hope" claims that she can't get over her missing years, but once she does she hopes to start working towards a new future. Bo tells her that things won't always be this way. "Hope" starts crying about the other life she lived and how she has nothing from it to hold on to. Bo asks if she's talking about the compact, and "Hope" says yes. She claims that she feels like she lostapart of herself when she lost it. Billie says she has to go and rushes off, so "Hope" says she has to go meet Lilly and takes off. Greta asks Bo if he's all right? Bo says he is, but is down about the compact thing. "Hope" follows Billie and apologizes if she made her feel uncomfortable. Billie says she didn't upset her, she just has to go to work. "Hope" invites her to lunch tomorrow, and Billie agrees. After Billie leaves, Gina tells herself that she'll have the compact back before Billie knows what hit her.

Eric meets up with Austin in Salem Place, Austin has Will with him. Eric asks Austin if he found Carrie in Vegas and patched things up? Austin tells him that he found Carrie, but didn't work things out. Eric tells Austin about his engagement to Nicole, and Austin tells him that is great. Austin remembers proposing to Carrie, and Eric tells him that he and Carrie will work things out. Austin tells Eric that he doesn't think Carrie will be at Will's hearing tomorrow. Eric tells Austin that he should go to Carrie and do whatever it takes to convince her to show up in court tomorrow.

Mike shows up at the penthouse and Carrie answers the door. He tells her that he couldn't go to the convention after what happened last night. Mike tells her that he drove all night to get here. When he tries to comfort her, Carrie stops him and tells him "don't!" Carrie tells Mike that she doesn't want to see him. Carrie tells him that she didn't mean it like that, she meant that he should be at the convention giving his speech. Mike says Craig will cover for him, he ran into Craig and Nancy at the hotel. Carrie asks if they know, but Mike says the don't. However, he says that they did run into Austin. Carrie begins feeling guilty about breaking Austin's heart. She says that what they did makes her sick, and she doesn't know how to face her family. Mike tells Carrie that she is the woman he loves, and that they belong together. Carrie tells Mike that she doesn't want this, but Mike says that he knows she feels the same way. Carrie doesn't know how she will make up everything to Austin. Mike starts telling Carrie romantic words about what last night meant to him. Carrie still can't get over what she did to Austin, so Mike says "what about what Austin did to you?" Carrie says that she now knows that Austin was only trying to help Sami. Mike tells Carrie that for months they have thought about everyone but themselves, but last night they thought about themselves for once. Carrie tells Mike that too much is riding on this, Austin not only feels like he's lost her, but he might lose Will too. Carrie says that she should have been thinking about the others instead of herself and she has to make things up to the others. Mike asks if she's going to stand by Austin tomorrow and act like nothing has happened? Carrie says she has to and he has no right to ask her to do otherwise. Mike apologizes and says of course she has a right to do what she wants, even being there for Austin. However, Mike tells Carrie that he'll never leave her because they belong together, that is all that matters. Carrie tells Mike "No! That isn't all that matters, I can't be around you." Carrie tells Mike to leave, and when he realizes she means it, he leaves.

Lucas is talking with Kate on the phone, he's afraid something might have happened to Nicole. Kate tells Lucas that Nicole is a big girl and can take care of herself. Lucas decides to go searching for Nicole, and Kate tells herself that that tramp better show up. SHe then calls Victor and tells him that Nicole has run off with her money, and she will make her pay.

In Chicago, Lucas asks the PR guy to postpone the event for two hours, he promises to get Nicole there. Lucas searches for Nicole, but still can't find her. Kate calls Lucas and suggests that he come home, Will's hearing is tomorrow. Kate tells Lucas that she will deal with Nicole.

Nicole is in tears and telling herself what she is doing is to protect Eric. She cries that a girl who has done the things she has doesn't deserve to live happily ever after. She says that she's not good enough for him, and never will be. She realizes this will hurt Eric, but says he will get over her. Unfortunately, she says that she will never get over him. Nicole hails a cab and asks the driver to take her to the airport.

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