May 98 Week 4


May 25
At the boxing ring, one of the amateurs challenges Austin to a fight and torments him about not being able to cut it. Austin apologizes to Darrel because he didn't come her to fight. Austin and he decides to help coach one of the boxers. Darrel reminds Austin that he was once a smart mouth until a pro stepped into the ring with him and knocked him flat. Darrel says that these guys need him to do the same for them.

Sami is daydreaming about Franco and he just happens to drop by the Kiriakis Mansion to hold and feel her. The phone rings and it's Darrel from the boxing ring. Darrel tells Sami that Austin is here and Sami tells Darrel that they'll be down there ASAP and Sami tells Franco that they have to go down to the ring and make sure Carrie finds out. Franco and Sami go down to the ring and Franco asks her why she's still obsessed with Austin. Sami says she's not obsessed with him any longer, she just wants to hurt Carrie the ways she hurt her. Sami assures Franco that she won't try and manipulate her way into Austin's life.

Austin steps back into the ring to fight the smart-mouthed fighter and ends up getting knocked on his ass.

Bo goes to the Kiriakis mansion and learns that Billie went to New Orleans to find him. Bo is confused and Kate tells him that Billie went to New Orleans to tell him that the amnio came back positive. Bo assures Kate that he is going to do right by this baby and Billie. Bo apologizes to Kate if he made Billie worry. Kate lectures Bo that her daughter shouldn't be alone at this point of her life. Once again, Bo apologizes. Bo calls the hotel and leaves a message that he's very happy about the news. Bo goes to the hospital and talks with Dr. Bader, who says if Billie avoids stress and gains weight she should deliver a healthy baby.

Lucas starts drinking in another part of the mansion. Kate tells Lucas that she is worried about his drinking. Lucas says he's just celebrating Sami's downfall and he says that Franco wins the Sami Brady Manipulation Award. Kate tells Lucas he should be worried about Franco because what would happen if he married Sami. Lucas thinks that will never happen, but Kate tells him not to be so sure. Lucas assures his mom that he won't let Franco Kelly become Will's step-father.

Billie asks to hold her baby, but Erlene takes the baby and tells her that it is dead. Billie wants to take her to the hospital because she can't be dead, but Erlene tells her that the baby is stillborn. Billie breaks down and cries why why why. Erlene says she's going to put the baby to rest, but Billie refuses to let her take her baby anywhere. Billie asks to hold her baby and say goodbye, so Erlene hands her to Billie and leaves the room. Billie rocks the baby and then says how much she needs Bo right now.

Meanwhile, Roman shows up at the gas station looking for Billie and runs into Earl and Wayne. Roman says he's here looking for Billie, but Wayne and Earl lie and tell Roman they haven't seen her or any other strangers. Erlene comes out and tells Roman that they haven't seen a pregnant woman, but Roman decides to look around anyways. When Roman comes up empty he decides to leave, but Swamp Girl throws a rock at him as he gets into his car. Roman gets back out and looks around for the source of the rock. Roman eventually returns to the hotel and learns that Billie still hasn't come home.

Back at the gas station, Erlene tells Wayne and Earl that the baby was stillborn. Earl plays Georgia on his guitar and Billie sings along inside the house. Billie decides to name her baby Georgia.


May 26
At the hospital, Carrie overhears Ali talking to Lexie about her relationship with Mike, which startles Carrie. Carrie asks Ali what she means when she says they are an item. Ali says she may be jumping the gun a bit, but who could blame her. Mike returns and tells them all that the board will announce the final two candidates tonight. Mike and Ali go out for coffee and Carrie tells Lexie that she doesn't think Mike and Ali's relationship is a good idea. Carrie and Lexie go to the Java Cafe and Carrie says that she fears Ali may be after Mike because he could be the next chief of staff. Lexie doesn't believe that and Carrie says Lexie's right, but she doesn't know why she's having these negative feelings about Mike and Ali. Carrie sees Mike and Ali and spaces out. Carrie tells Lexie that she has to go to Titan and asks Lexie to call her when the committee reaches a decision. Later at the hospital, Mike learns that the two Chief of Staff finalists have been picked.

In the ring, Austin has been knocked out. Austin gets back up and the two boxers go at it again. Austin kicks his butt until Darrel calls a time out. The other boxer tells Austin that perhaps he isn't an old timer after all. Franco tells Sami that they should go, but Sami says she wants to wait awhile longer. Darrel tells Austin that he should be back in the ring as a pro boxer, but Austin doesn't know. Darrel tells Austin to throw away his suit and tie for a pair of boxing trunks. Austin says he only came here to give the others some tips, that is all. Austin says he has to go back to his ball-and-chain. Franco tells Sami that it looks like Austin has made his choice, but Sami refuses to stop until his marriage is over.

Franco meets with Roberto again and tells him that he needs a lawyer to help him stay in the country a little while longer. Roberto says a lawyer won't help, he has to marry Sami. Franco tells Roberto that is his plan.

Sami goes back to Titan and runs into Carrie. Sami starts picking on Carrie about how her marriage is in jeopardy because of her feelings for Mike. Sami also tells Carrie that she never knew what Austin wanted or needed. Carrie says that's a lie, and suddenly Austin shows up. Austin asks what they are arguing about, but Carrie says it doesn't matter and then she asks where he's been.

Hope has returned to Salem and she tells Alice that she has to go back to the Bayou to find her compact and the Swamp Girl. Alice was about to suggest she take Bo with her, but Hope cuts her off and says that Bo needs to be with Billie now.

Down in New Orleans, Roman calls Bo and tells him that Billie went to the Bayou and hasn't come back. Bo begins to worry and fears that Billie could be in danger. Roman says he'll go back and look for her, but Bo tells Roman to stay at the hotel and he'll be on the next plane down there. Bo goes out to Salem Place and runs into Hope and he tells her that Billie is missing. They sit down for a minute and when Hope looks at a comb of Gina's, she hears the mysterious waltz in her head again.

Marlena and John are at the hotel in New Orleans and Marlena tells John that Laura's psychiatric evaluation has been postponed. Marlena says she'll stand by Laura just like she'll stand by him in his search for the past. John says that before they go home there is one place he'd like to go. Marlena and John go to the hotel lobby and run into Roman. Marlena senses that he's worried and asks what is wrong. Roman tells John and Marlena about Billie. Roman gets a call from the New Orleans PD and he tells Marlena and John that he has to take this call. John senses that Marlena is worried about Roman. Marlena says she'll always worry about Roman, but she assures John that he is the love of her life. Marlena and John return to what is left of Maison Blanche.

Out at the gas station, Earl is playing Georgia on his guitar and Billie rocks her baby girl. Erlene comes in and says that they have to let the baby go, but Billie wants to hold her longer. Erlene tries to take the baby, but Billie shouts that she won't let Erlene take her baby. Wayne comes in and rips the baby from Billie. Erlene tells Billie that she can come with them to bury the baby, but only if she takes some herbs to help her body recover. The baby is put into a wooden coffin and Swamp Girl watches the funeral from the bushes. Wayne and Earl hum amazing grace as they bury the baby. Billie sees some flowers and she picks some for her daughter. Billie gives her daughter the flowers and Erlene tells Billie that when she goes to heaven she'll see her baby again. Billie decides to name her baby so she'll know her when she sees her and she says her baby's name is Georgia, after the song Earl was playing earlier. Billie is about to leave, but she goes back to the grave for a second. Billie finds the compact of Gina's there, Swamp Girl put it there, and Billie thinks it is a sign that Georgia will live on somewhere. Billie vows to keep the compact with her forever. After everyone leaves the grave-site, Swamp Girl makes a cross on top of the grave with some pebbles from a stream.

Billie goes back to the hotel and Roman sees her and asks her what happened. Billie hugs Roman and the show ends.


May 27
At the hospital, Craig is called over the PA to report to the nurses station. Mike tells Lexie that he's positive that he hasn't made the final cut because he hasn't been paged. Craig shows up and Mrs. Winston and Mr Lewis tell him they have some good news. Mike and Lexie realize that Craig is one of the finalists. Mrs. Winston and Mr. Lewis go over to talk to Mike and tell him he's the other finalist for the Chief of Staff position. Mike is shocked because he thought he was out of the running and thanks them. Craig shows up and congratulates Mike and says he's honored to be in the running with him. After Mr. Lewis and Mrs. Winston leave, Craig tells Mike that he might as well drop out of this race because he's got it in the bag. Craig starts gossiping about Carrie and how she can't wait to spend time with her loverboy. Mike gets angry and grab Craig jacket and hoists him up. Lexie pleads with Mike to let Craig go. Mike does and Lexie tells Mike not to let Craig let him get to him. Craig leaves and Lexie tells Mike to call Carrie and let her know the good news. Mike says perhaps Lexie should do that because he fears that Craig will pick up on his feelings. Lexie says that Carrie is his PR person and deserves to know.

Franco is panicking because time is running out. Franco says that he must convince Sami to marry him, but she could be dangerous if she finds out the truth. Lucas shows up and congratulates Franco him for taking care of Sami. Franco warns Lucas to stop trashing Sami or else. Lucas begins to wonder if Franco really would marry Sami, but he thinks nobody is that crazy.

At Titan, Austin is surprised that Carrie isn't at the hospital with Mike. Carrie says that Mike will call her when he finds out and she asks him where he's been. Austin tells Carrie they need some privacy, so Sami leaves tells them to use her office. Austin tells Carrie that he spent the day at the boxing gym. Sami overhears this and becomes angry at Austin for being so honest. Austin tells Carrie that he only went there to help out Darrel and he assures her that his boxing career is in the past. Austin tells Carrie that she should go over to the hospital to check up on Mike, so Carrie leaves and Austin breaths a sigh of relief.

Meanwhile Lucas shows up at Titan and asks Sami whose life she's planning on ruining now. Sami tells him to shut the hell up and walks off. Suddenly, Sami is grabbed by Franco, yanked into a closet, and kissed. Franco starts seducing Sami in the closet and Lucas hears them in there and is shocked. Austin shows up and they both listen as Sami moans "Oh Franco!" Lucas says it is discussing that they are doing that in a closet, but Austin reminds him that he did it with Sami in the photo lab.

Carrie and Mike run into each other in Salem Park, both were on the way to find the other.

Billie comes back to the hotel and Roman tells her that he's been so worried about her. Roman asks her if she is all right and she tells Roman that she's not. Billie says that nothing happened, she just didn't find Bo. Roman tells Billie that Bo went home and is planning on flying down here to find her. Billie says no, she has to go back to Salem now. Roman decides to call Bo, Billie refuses to talk to him because she says she has to pack. Roman calls Bo, who is still in Salem Place with Hope. Roman tells Bo that Billie is fine and they are both coming home. Roman tells Bo that Billie is very special to him and he hopes Bo will take care of her. Bo and Roman board their plane home. Roman asks Billie what is wrong and she almost tells him, but the flight attendant interrupts and tells the passengers that they will be landing in Salem. Roman tells Billie that he will always be there for her because they are life-long friends.

Back in Salem. Hope tells Bo that she plans to find the compact she lost and figure out what this waltz she keeps hearing is. However, Hope tells Bo that she wants to help him pick up a gift to give to Billie when she comes home to make her feel more secure. They go to a little shop and Hope is mistaken as the pregnant one. They correct the clerk and then buy a baby book. Bo thanks Hope and says he will do right by Billie and the baby, but Hope will always be first in his heart.

Bo goes back to the Kiriakis mansion and asks Henderson to have the cook prepare a special dinner for Billie, who will be home soon.

Hope is still walking around Salem Place wondering what triggers her to hear the waltz in her head. Roman and Billie are also in Salem Place and Roman leaves to get Billie some ice cream. Roman brings her the ice cream and she tells Roman that he can go on home, she has a few things to take care of. Hope spots Billie and goes to approach her.

Marlena and John have arrived at the rubble of what once was Maison Blanche. John gets angry and kicks some of the rubble and exclaims "Oh my God!" John has found the chains that Stefano used to shackle him in the dungeon. John walks around the rubble and finds a picture and says "Good lord, what is this?"


May 28
Austin is at the gym boxing and is thinking about being in the ring earlier that day. Darrel shows up and offers to set up another fight for Austin. Austin says that he doesn't want to return to boxing because of his wife and Darrel tells Austin that he sounds whipped. Austin tells Darrel that HE decided not to get back into boxing. Austin leaves, but Darrel knows he'll see him around.

Mike and Carrie run into one another in the park and Mike tells Carrie that he made the cut. Carrie is thrilled and Mike thanks her for all her hard work. However, Carrie is unhappy that Craig is the other finalist and she tells Mike that she's going into overtime to make sure Mike wins. Mike tells Carrie okay, but she should take the rest of the day off. Carrie agrees and they sit down and Mike gives her a little pop quiz. Carrie tells Mike that when she was little everyone teased her for having a crush on him and she can't believe that now that she's grown up they are so close. Mike tells her that she grew up to be an intelligent, funny, and beautiful woman. Mike has a little fantasy about telling Carrie that he loves her and that she loves him back. Carrie snaps him out of it and they talk. Carrie starts planning meetings and dinners and Mike says she could bring Austin and he can bring Ali. Carrie asks Mike why he doesn't want to be alone with her. Mike tells her that he just wants her to spend time with her husband. Mike tells Carrie that he has to go back to work and leaves. Carrie says she had the strangest feeling that Mike wanted to kiss her.

Nicole is at home and is relishing the money she got from one pay check. Nicole thinks her new job could take off, but it could all be ruined if Sami finds out about her past. Nicole looks at a piece of paper says that "this" isn't fair and why she has to be stuck with "this." Nicole puts the "this" in an envelope and decides to mail it when she gets to Titan. Nicole receives a collect call from LA and she tells the operator that she won't accept the call and tells them to never call again. Nicole hangs up and says she'll have to change the number when she gets back.

At the Titan photo lab, Eric gets a memo and he has to go see Sami about it. Sami and Franco are still going at it in a closet at Titan. Eric shows up looking for Sami and Lucas, still listening at the closet, tells Eric that he hasn't seen Sami. Eric hears something in the closet, but Lucas distracts him and later he locks the closet. Lucas and Eric go into his office and Lucas tells Eric that Sami and Franco have been sleeping together. Lucas than says he is happy that Franco is with Sami now. Eric asks Lucas about the memo he got and Lucas tells Eric that he'll explain later.

Nicole shows up at the photo-shoot room and finds Lucas and Eric going through boxes of the clothes she will wear at the shoot. Lucas wishes them well and leaves. When Eric talks about how Lucas and Sami lost their friendship because of their fling, Nicole says friends should NEVER begin a romantic relationship. Later, Eric tells Nicole that the shoot has been moved from Miami to LA. Nicole freaks and says she can not go to LA.

Back up in the closet, Franco learns that they are locked in the closet. Sami panics because she's claustrophobic. Lucas slips a note under the door with a lot of condoms to "get them through the night." Lucas tells them to have fun and Sami becomes enraged. Franco tells her that Lucas wants them to be found, so they have to find another way out. Franco suggests they climb through the air ducts. Lucas returns to his office to drink and Austin shows up and asks him what he's doing.

Bo is at the Kiriakis mansion and is so relieved that Billie came back from the Bayou okay, but he wonders why she isn't home yet. Bo calls Roman and learns that Billie is at Salem Place, so he's going to go look for her. However, Henderson manages to convince Bo to wait here for her.

In Salem Place, Hope sees Billie and wonders why she isn't with Bo. Hope approaches Billie and says "my God!" Hope knows that Billie has been crying and she tells her that Bo felt badly that he couldn't be with her to get the amnio results. Billie comments that the amnio results don't matter now, which prompts Hope to ask Billie what is wrong. Billie is really snotty to Hope, and Hope starts arguing with her. Hope tells off poor little Billie, always the victim. Billie tells Hope that she's tired of playing second to Bo's precious Fancyface. Hope tells Billie that she'll always loved Bo, but she has accepted that she can't be with Bo. Hope goes on to say that Bo's place is with her now, but Billie says if Bo knew that then he would have gone to New Orleans to find her (Hope) and she (Billie) wouldn't have chased after him and lost..... Hope asks Billie what she lost and Billie says she wouldn't have lost the chance to tell Bo about the amnio in person. Hope tells Billie that she's sorry about that, but they have to move on. Billie insinuates that Hope slept with Bo, but Hope assures Billie that she didn't. Hope tells Billie that she didn't ask Bo to come with her, but she's glad he did because they were attacked by some locals. Hope also says something valuable was stolen from her and Billie says she also lost something valuable, her trust in Bo. Bilie then accuses Hope of planning all this to tear Bo away from her. Hope laughs and says she is the manipulator. Hope tells Billie that she's had it with her games and she'll never let her get away with anything again. Hope tells Billie that she needs to stop worrying because as long as she has this baby, she has Bo and that she'll stay out of their lives. Billie says she can't take listening to Hope anymore and Billie starts breathing heavy and acting like she's in pain, but Hope thinks she's pulling something. Billie tells Hope that she's not pulling anything, she just wants to get the hell away from her. Hope calls Bo and tells him that she and Billie fought, so he should be supportive when she comes home. Meanwhile, Billie realizes that she can't go home and tell Bo about the baby, not this way.


Kate meets with Stefano in Salem Place and tells him that Vivian is trying to steal two authors from Titan to sign to her company. Stefano tells Kate to do whatever she can to hang on to those two authors. Kate, however, was hoping that he would come up with a way to eliminate Vivian from their lives, business wise. Kate tells Stefano that one by one, Vivian is stealing their authors. Stefano doesn't know how he can help her, but Kate says that he owns the townhouse and artworks, the artworks that Vivian are selling for money. Stefano says he can't reveal that those things are his. Kate asks why nobody must know about the townhouse, but Stefano tells her to just trust him.

Vivian meets with one of the authors for lunch and afterwards she believes that she has already signed him. Vivian goes back to the house and sees that there is still a danger sign on her door. Vivian is fed-up and decides to go inside anyways. Bart once again tells her to leave, but Vivian warns him that if he doesn't get out she will call the newspapers and TV news to expose him and his company. Bart tells Vivian to open some windows and then he leaves. After Bart is gone, Vivian calls an alarm specialist to open the door to the basement.

Bart calls Stefano from the basement of the townhouse (got back in through a secret door) and tells him that Vivian is desperate to get into the basement. Stefano asks Kate to meet him for dinner tomorrow night and leaves. Bart and Stefano works from one side of the basement door while an alarm specialist works on the other side. Stefano tells Bart to continue unloading the freezer. Meanwhile, the alarm man breaks through the alarm system. Vivian goes down the stairs and is shocked that it is empty. Stefano is hiding behind the stairs as Vivian is about to open the freezer.

Kate goes back to Titan and tries to change Claudia and George's minds about leaving Titan to go to Vivian's company.

Down in the photo-shoot room, Nicole panics because the photo-shoot has been moved to LA. Nicole tells Eric that she's not going to LA. Eric asks why and Nicole says that she's just afraid she'll blow this shoot. Eric tells Nicole that he is scared as well, but he is looking at the trip as something positive. Eric tells Nicole that they are going first class all the way and it could turn her into a star. A woman comes in to pick up some mail and Eric notices the letter Nicole is mailing out is to someone in LA. Eric says while they're out there maybe they can meet up and have dinner with them, but Nicole says no! Nicole comes up with a lame excuse that this person is an old friend and she doesn't want her to go overboard with room service bills.

Lucas is drinking and Austin tells him that every time he sees him he's drinking. Lucas tells Austin he has a Sami problem, not a drinking problem. The two of them start to argue about Will's safety with Lucas. Lucas warns Austin that Sami will turn on him eventually.

Sami is panicking in the closet and Franco tells her to breath into a bag to get over her claustrophobia attack. Franco manages to convince Sami that the only way they will get out is through the ventilation ducts. Lucas returns to the closet and when he sees that they have escaped through the AC he makes a call and has it turned on. The air-conditioner eventually goes back off and Sami and Franco overhear two women trashing Sami. Suddenly, Sami slips down a chute. Franco manages to save Sami, but she's even more panicked than before.

Back in the board room, Eric and Nicole have met Claudia and George. Claudia comments about how Sami's "New Faces" campaign was such a great idea and how she can't wait to meet her. Suddenly, Sami falls through the air conditioning vent in the ceiling!

Hope goes over to the Kiriakis mansion to see if Billie made it home okay. However, she's not home. Hope tells Bo about the fight she had with Billie earlier. Hope also tells him that there are times when she thinks Billie would do anything to get back at her. Hope then begins to wonder if Billie hasn't come home to make Bo worry.

Billie is driving around wondering how to tell Bo that their baby is dead. Billie takes a drive through the countryside and Willie Nelson's version of Georgia is playing on the radio. Billie becomes angry with Hope again and then crashes her car. Billie doesn't seem to be seriously injured, but she can't get her car to restart. Billie climbs out and begins walking around. Billie eventually comes to a house and begins banging on the door. An elderly man answers and Billie asks him to help her. The man leads Billie into his house. The man, Dr. Appleby, calls Hope and Bo at the Kiriakis Mansion and gives them his address. Bo and Hope run off to the house because Billie is in bad shape.

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