May 98 Week 1


May 4
Vivian and Ivan are waiting at Salem Place for the caterer for her party to arrive. The caterer eventually arrives and apologizes for being late. Later, Vivian and Ivan make calls to invite everyone to their party.

Stefano sees his statue in a store window and thinks that Jonsey stole his things and sold them. Stefano goes inside the store and asks the man where he purchased it. The man tells Stefano that all he knows is that a man sold it and claimed he had more treasures to sell. Stefano goes to the townhouse and tells Bart that Jonsey has been stealing from him and selling his treasures. Stefano looks in a safe and is angry that all his cash is missing. Stefano looks in a secret compartment in the fireplace and is relieved that some papers are still there. Stefano orders Bart to do whatever it takes to find Jonsey. Bart leaves and Stefano is relieved that Jonsey hasn't gone into the basement. Meanwhile, Vivian arrives at the front door and begins to search for the key.

Roman comes to see Kate about what she's going to do to get Stefano out of Titan. Kate tells Roman that she's tried to get him out of Titan, but he won't sell his shares. Roman is angry that Stefano is involved with the company where his children work and he wants Stefano out now. Roman tells Kate to watch her back where Stefano is concerned and then he leaves. Kate says that she'd love to get rid of Stefano as well as his hateful daughter. A woman delivers a letter to Kate, which is an invitation to Vivian's party. Kate doesn't know who the invitation is from, but she thinks it's from Stefano.

Marlena comes home and finds something of Roman's, which causes her to remember running into him on her date with John. Marlena then looks at the picture of her children and hopes that Eric will understand. Belle comes downstairs and Marlena gives her a very special gift, a medic alert bracelet. Belle goes into the kitchen to get some cookies and Marlena continues to think about Roman's sacrifice.

John runs into Eric at the Java Cafe. They talk and John tells Eric about Belle because he doesn't know what is going on. John is about to tell him what happened with Roman, but he doesn't feel that is his place. Eric asks what John's done this time, but John says he hasn't done anything. John tells Eric that Roman has stepped out of Marlena's life. Eric doesn't believe John and accuses him of forcing his dad to give up. Eric tells John not to count his dad out just yet. John tells Eric that he feels it's best for everyone that he accept this. Eric refuses that and still believes that his dad was forced into this decision. John tells Eric that he wishes they could be close again, but Eric says that he's just one of Stefano's creations that he can't trust. Eric tells John he'll be keeping an eye on him and then he leaves.

Nicole is looking through her outfits and hoping that today's shoot goes well and she won't let anything get in her way. A man shows up at Nicole's for rent money, but she says that she doesn't have the money yet. Nicole goes to the Java Cafe to get her last paycheck and then she goes to Titan.

Sami is at Titan looking at pictures of herself and Franco and is upset because she finally realizes that she's fallen for Franco. Sami says out loud that no man will ever love her. Franco is standing outside the door and realizes that he has to act quickly in order not to be deported. Franco enters the room and tells her that he's sorry for hurting her and he wants to make up. Sami then tells Franco that she knows he was using her to keep her from telling Hope the truth. Sami tells Franco to get out of her office, but Franco says what he told Kate wasn't true. Franco tells Sami that at first he was only with her because of Kate, but he began to have feelings for her. Franco says he told Kate what he did only to throw her off. Sami doesn't buy it and she tells Franco that she doesn't believe a word he says. Franco tells Sami that he does have feelings for her and if she searches her feelings he knows she has feelings for him as well. Sami asks Franco what his angle is and Franco says that he cares for her. Franco tells Sami that he dumped her because he was jealous that she trusted Vivian more than him. Franco begs Sami for another chance and he kisses her. Franco asks Sami out to dinner, but Sami still has her doubts. Sami tells Franco that she'll think about it. Sami leaves for the photoshoot and Franco vows not to give up until he gets what he needs from her.

Eric goes to Titan and tries to calm himself down. Roman shows up to see Eric and Eric asks him why he gave up on his mom. Roman tells Eric that he realized he was fighting a loosing battle and that deep down he knew that Marlena always wanted John. Eric whines about his family and Roman tells him that they are all big boys and girls and they have to accept it and move on.

John goes to see Marlena and tells her that Eric knows the truth about them. Marlena is further upset when she learns that Eric has a new job and hasn't told her. Marlena feels that her children are pulling away from her. John tells Marlena that Eric and Sami aren't children any longer. John asks Marlena if this is really about Eric and Sami, or is this about something else. Marlena doesn't understand and John asks her if she's having doubts. Marlena tells John no, but she's just been a little unsettled since Roman's speech. John knows what it is about and John tells her that she is upset that Roman took the decision out of her hands. Marlena realizes that John is right. Marlena tells John that she just feels like she has an obligation to Roman, Sami, and Eric. John shows Marlena the watch she gave him and he tells her that he doesn't want to pressure her into making a decision. Marlena tells John that she doesn't need anymore time because she chose him a long time ago. Marlena tells John she wants to spend her life with him and they kiss.

At Titan, Sami shows up and talks with Eric about John and Marlena. Sami tells Eric that they just have to accept it. Eric asks why she is taking this so well and Sami tells him about her new relationship with Franco. Nicole shows up and Sami directs her to the makeup artist. Franco shows up for the photoshoot and tells himself that Sami will make sure he's never thrown out of this country. Meanwhile, Roman goes off to Salem Place and considers taking Shane up on his offer.

Hope arrives at a hospital in New Orleans and a nurse takes one look at her and says "Oh my God!" Hope questions the nurse, but she won't talk to Hope. Later, other nurses have similar reactions to Hope. Hope decides to give Bo a call and tell him what is going on, but Hope is told that Bo is at the hospital with Billie. Hope then tries to ask a nurse why she is staring at her, but the nurse just walks away. Hope eventually confronts the nurse and she tells Hope that they all knew her as Gina, but she didn't look the way she does now when she left. Hope asks for her last name, but before the nurse answers, a doctor comes out of his office and greets "Gina." The doctor tells Hope that he knows something that believes she will be very interested in hearing about.


May 5
At Titan, Sami, Eric, and Nicole are all setting up the photo shoot. Both Eric and Nicole are nervous, but Sami tells them that they'll be great. Franco is outside the photo shoot room and is worrying about being deported and thinking how to woo Sami. Nicole gets her hair and make-up done and goes to get on her wardrobe. Sami consider's putting Franco in some of the shots, but Franco tells Sami that he doesn't belong in this campaign. The shoot begins and Nicole is really nervous. Sami looks at Nicole and tells Franco that Nicole is terrible! Sami tells Nicole that she has to be more relaxed and give her some great shots. Eric tells Sami to back off and he'll talk to Nicole. Eric tells Nicole that she's all right, but Nicole thinks she's blowing it. Eric tells Nicole that to picture those watching her in each others' cloths to ease her tension. It works, Franco looks stunning in a dress. Nicole begins to laugh and Franco tells Sami that whatever Eric said is working. However, Sami still doesn't know if Nicole will be any good or not. The photo shoot concludes and Eric heads to the lab to develop the film. Franco tells Sami that he must talk to her and waits for her outside. Nicole tells Sami that she's sorry about the shoot and will do better next time. Sami tells Nicole that if things don't turn out well there won't be a next time to either one of them. Sami leaves and talks to Franco. Franco tells Sami that the real proof of how it went will be in the photos. Franco tells Sami that they should go out and celebrate because she needs to relax. Sami thanks Franco for believing in her and she apologizes for doubting him. Meanwhile, Eric comforts a crying Nicole. Eric tells her at the end she was great, but Nicole thinks she's failed.

Mike and Jen are at home talking about taking Laura for her psychiatric evaluation. Jen tells Mike that she has Jack to comfort her and that he needs someone to reach out to, someone like Carrie. Jen tells Mike that she knows he's in love with Carrie, but Mike says their entire relationship is based on work. Jen asks Mike about his dinner with Carrie and he tells her why they went out to dinner. Mike tells Jen that he feels guilty about taking up so much of Carrie's time when she has a husband she never sees. Jen tells Mike that perhaps Carrie feels more for him then she is letting on. Mike tells Jen that is not the point, he's running for Chief of Staff and doesn't think Carrie should be spending too much time with him. Jen asks Mike if he likes spending time with Carrie and Mike tells her of course he does. Mike also says that he thinks Carrie might feel something for him, which is why he needs to push her away.

Carrie and Austin are lolling (Carrie's term) around in bed. Suddenly Carrie remembers that Laura's evaluation is today and she jumps out of bed to be there for Mike. Austin tells Carrie that she should be there for Mike and Carrie thanks Austin for being so understanding. Carrie asks Austin to come with her, but Austin says he wants to check on Lucas to see if he really has a drinking problem. Carrie tells Austin that Sami is probably manipulating him again. Austin says that he feels she may be telling the truth because Sami seems concerned about Will's safety. Austin asks Carrie about having their own children and Carrie tells him that she's too busy with work right now. Carrie goes over to Jen's place to be there for Mike, but he tells her it's not necessary. Meanwhile, Austin heads to the Kiriakis mansion to see Lucas.

Vivian is at the front door of Jonsey's townhouse, not knowing that Stefano is inside. Stefano thinks Jonsey is coming home, so he hides to surprise him. Unfortunately, Vivian has lost her keys and Ivan tells her that she locked them in the car. Stefano looks out the window and when he sees nobody, he wonders if someone was trying to break in. Stefano goes to the basement and Vivian manages to get the keys and goes inside. Stefano starts playing the waltz and Vivian and Ivan hear it and become curios. Vivian tells Ivan not to go downstairs because the music may be from the townhouse next door. Downstairs, Stefano is relieved everything is perfectly preserved in the freezer and now he just needs to wait till he can use it. Stefano says what is in the freezer is his future and what is in the closet is Gina's past. Later, Stefano learns from Bart that Jonsey went to England.

At the Kirkiakis Mansion, Bo and Billie are waiting for the results of the amnio. Billie thanks Bo for being there for her and not running off with Hope. Bo tells Billie that she needs to start eating more. Billie says she doesn't have much of an appetite and that's why she..... Bo asks Billie if she's been drinking and she tells him yes. Billie tells Bo that Dr. Bader told her a little glass of wine every now and then won't hurt the baby. Still, Bo doesn't want Billie to drink because of her history. Billie starts talking about Hope and then starts telling Bo how she knows he still loves Hope and that he thinks she's a burden. Bo tells her not to talk that way and he leaves to get her some food. Bo pampers Billie, who loves it.

In New Orleans, Dr. Harper is beeped and he has to leave Hope. Hope is wondering why all the nurses are staring at her funny. Hope knows that somebody is lying here. Hope fears that Stefano may have gotten to Dr. Harper first, or Dr. Harper may report back to Stefano. Dr. Harper returns and he asks Hope what made her call after all this time. Hope says that she wants to know the details of her surgery and if it took four years to do. Dr. Harper tells Hope that he never finished her facial reconstruction. Hope asks why everyone is staring at her and he tells her that she looked different when she was here. Hope asks him why he's not surprised and Dr. Harper says he planned her entire reconstruction. Dr. Harper tells Hope that her facial reconstruction was brilliantly done and he'd love to meet the man who did it. Hope asks how long she was here and he tells her that she was here for a few months and then in and out over a year. Hope asks him if he knew who her benefactor was and Dr. Harper tells her that he doesn't know. Hope asks Dr. Harper if she was badly scarred when she left and he tells her yes. Hope asks for a copy of her records, but the Dr. says her records were lost a few years back. Dr. Harper tells Hope that he did find a part of her records, but he thinks it may be too upsetting to give to her. Hope demands she see what he has and he gives her a picture of what she looked like when she first came in. Hope looks at the picture, gasps, and wishes Bo was here with her. Back in Salem, Stefano looks at a similar picture. The picture is of Hope with the back of her head in bandages and her face looks like it's melting and dripping off.


May 6
John takes Marlena onto his jet where he has a romantic lunch set up. John pours some champaign and toasts a toast, which he stole from Shawn. Marlena asks John for hints as to where they are going. John agrees to give her a major clue and shows her some masks. Marlena thinks they are going to Paris and hugs John. John tells her that is a good guess, but wrong. Marlena and John kiss and Marlena tells John that she hasn't been this relaxed since they were planning their wedding. Marlena asks for another hint as to where they are going and John gives her a statue of a saint, which prompts Marlena to guess Venice. John tells her no, but where they go is full of romance. Marlena asks him for one more clue and he shows her a steamboat, which prompts her to select Steamboat, Colorado. Once again, John tells her that she's wrong. John gives Marlena her final clue and gives her a glass pelican. Marlena realizes that they are going to New Orleans and John tells her she's correct. John puts on some Dixie music and they dance as the plane lands.

Carrie shows up at Jen's place to be there for Mike at Laura's evaluation, but Mike tells her that he doesn't want her to go. Jen excuses herself so Mike and Carrie can talk. Carrie tells Mike she'd like to be there for moral support as well as to deal with the media. Mike thanks Carrie for her concern, but he tells her that he feels like he should deal with the media if needed. Mike then tells Carrie that he thinks the time she spends with him may be causing problems in her marriage, but Carrie says that Austin fully supports her. Carrie realizing something and tells Mike that now she knows what is wrong. Carrie says that she's been so insensitive and didn't realize the feelings he must be reliving now that Laura is going back to an institution. Mike tells her that she has been wonderful towards him and his family and is very grateful to her, but he thinks she needs some time for herself. However, Carrie tells Mike she can still be there for him and have time for herself. Jen returns and Mike steps out for a moment. Jen thanks Carrie for all her support and Carrie speaks to her about what a great guy Mike is and how she loves working for him. Jen and Mike get ready to go and Carrie asks Mike to tells her mom that she's routing for her. Carrie leaves and Jen tells Mike that she's so sorry that he had to push her away. However, Jen tells Mike that she is positive that Carrie is in love with him, and now he has to decide what he's going to do.

Austin can't help but think about Sami's words about Lucas and he wonders if Sami is just manipulating him like Carrie said. Austin tells himself that he's not Will's father and has no business getting involved. Still, Austin still cares about Will and decides to check up on Lucas.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Kate is reading the invitation to Vivian's party, but she thinks it's from Stefano and she has to attend. Lucas sees how upset his mom is and eventually realizes that it's Stefano that has her upset. Kate tells Lucas that she's not afraid of Stefano and Lucas says that perhaps they could use Stefano to their advantage. Kate tells him that she does not want that man in their lives. Kate says that Stefano could have hidden interests in their family and she doesn't want to become the next Brady Clan. Kate asks Lucas if he saw Sami's shoot and he tells no, but he hopes it bombed.

At Titan, Franco has arranged for a great evening for Sami, but Sami learns from one of the photographers that the first two roles of film are horrible. Sami hopes that Hope will come back for one last shoot and tries to call her. However, Franco grabs Sami's phone and tells her that Hope won't be coming back because he talked to her. Sami becomes upset and accuses Franco of still loving Hope. Sami cancels their dinner plans and runs off. Franco followers her and he tells her that his meeting with Hope was random and begs her to come to dinner with him. Sami caves in and agrees and then she leaves to work on some computer software that just came in.

Sami goes to see Eric and tells him that if the other roles of film don't turn out, Kate will make her the laughing stock on the company. Nicole shows up and hears Eric and Sami arguing as to whether Nicole is good enough to be a top-model. Sami thinks she should find another model, but Eric convinces her not to judge her until the final prints are developed. Eric goes to check the film and Nicole once again apologizes to Sami. Nicole tells Sami that she'll practice at getting better and Sami tells Nicole that she's waiting for the last set of pictures before making up her mind about her. Sami also warns Nicole not to hurt her brother, which Nicole says she'll never do. Later, Eric shows Nicole the last set of pictures and she tells her they are fantastic.

Meanwhile, Kate finds Franco standing in the hall and she tells him that she wants him out of Titan. Franco asks Kate why she wants him to leave and Kate tells her that if he's no longer with Sami, he's no use to he. Franco tells Kate that he's changed her mind and he's once again going after Sami, and this time he means business. Kate tells Franco that she doesn't approve of this game he's playing with Sami and she warns him to stay away from Sami. Franco tells Kate that he won't give up on Sami and he can't. Kate goes home and an immigration officer shows up to see Kate.

Austin shows up at the Kiriakis Mansion and talks with Kate about Lucas' drinking. Kate tells Austin that Sami prompted Lucas. Kate leaves and Lucas shows up. Austin asks Lucas why he's home all the time instead of at Titan. Lucas says that he's just staying home with Will to attempt to bond with him. Austin apologizes and thinks that Sami was lying to him. Will suddenly runs into the room and jumps on Austin and calls him Daddy. Lucas is hurt, but tries to coverup his pain. Lucas tries to have Will show Austin a trick, but Will clings to Austin and keeps calling him Daddy. Austin takes Will up to his room and he plays with Will and tells him that soon he may have a cousin. Downstairs, Lucas pours himself a glass on wine. Sami shows up and tells Lucas that she doesn't want her son around a drunk and she doesn't think a judge would either.

In New Orleans, Hope puts the picture down on the counter and walks away. A mysterious woman shows up and looks at the picture and says "It is you, I remember you." Hope returns and gets the picture and then asks Dr. Harper if he has other photos. Dr. Harper says that he lost them with her other records. Dr. Harper looks at Hope and asks her if she's lost weight or changed her hair color. Hope admits to losing weight, but she says she hasn't changed her hair color. Dr. Harper comments that is funny because he doesn't remember it being this color, he recalls it being darker. Dr. Harper is beeped and has to leave. Hope recalls talking with Celeste about her surgeries and wonders if Celeste was telling her the truth. Hope recalls going to the compound and wonders if Dr. Rolfe completed her surgeries and perhaps she was kept at the compound before going to Maison Blanche. Hope really wants to call Bo, but she convinces herself to try and do this on her own.


May 7
John and Marlena arrive in New Orleans and John leads her to their hotel room blindfolded. John takes it off and the hotel room is decorated in an old-time fashion. Marlena and John are sipping champagne as a band serenades them outside. John has a romantic dinner brought up. John looks at it and says something is missing, so he leaves the room. He returns with the engagement ring and proposes to Marlena, who accepts. John then gives Marlena a final surprise, a charm bracelet with a tree on it. John says that when they get back to Salem he will plant some trees to symbolize their new life together. Marlena tells John that one day she will give it to Belle, who will give it to her own daughter. They kiss and John carries her off to bed.

Sami and Lucas are yelling at each other at the Kiriakis mansion. Sami is upset that Lucas is drinking while taking care of Will. Austin shows up and asks them what is wrong. Austin has Will with him and he gives Will to Lucas and Lucas takes Will and give him a bath. Sami tries to make Austin believe that Lucas is a drunk, but he tells Sami that Lucas looks fine to him. Austin tells Sami that he doesn't want to be manipulated by Sami. Sami asks Austin to check on Lucas before leaving, which he agrees. Lucas comes downstairs and he and Sami start fighting again. Sami walks out of the room and Lucas continues drinking.

At Titan, Franco sees an immigration agent show up and asks to speak with Kate. Franco butts in and talks to the agent. Franco pretends like he hasn't received any deportation notice, but the agent tells him to cut the bull. The agent tells Franco that his Greencard is fake and Franco pretends to be shocked. He tells Franco that working without a Greencard is grounds for immediate deportation. The agent gives the secretary his card and to have Kate call him. After the agent leaves, Franco takes the card and tells Marie that he'll talk to Kate about it. Kate leaves in a hurry and Marie doesn't have time to tell her what happened.

Vivian and Ivan are setting up for their dinner party and she can;t wait to see the look on Kate's face when she shows up at a party for Stefano. Vivian calls Roman and invites him to her party. Roman has no plans, so he agrees to come.

At the station, Roman is staring at a picture of him and Marlena and he tells himself that he has to move on. Billie shows up and she tells him she wants to see him. Billie tells Roman that Bo's been a lot more attentive since he had a talk with Bo. Billie changed the subject and says she came here to see how he is doing. Roman tells Billie about his call from Shane. Billie tells Roman that she knows it hurts to see the person you love with someone else, but he can't take that assignment. Billie begs Roman not to put himself in danger. Roman changes the subject to the amnio and Billie tells him that she won't know her test results for a couple of days. Roman tells Billie that he will be there for her and that he's going to help keep Stefano out of Titan. Billie points out that if Roman goes off to Paris, he won't be around to nail Stefano. Billie changes the conversation and she whines to Roman about how Hope is trying to break her and Bo apart. Roman tells Billie that Hope is a victim in Stefano's plan and he wants to find out what it is. Roman then apologizes to Billie for talking about Hope and he says that sometimes he wishes he'd never come back from Paris.

Stefano gets a call from Bart, who has gone to England to find Jonsey. Bart has traced Jonsey to Violet's pub and Stefano tells Bart to find him and make him pay. Celeste runs into Stefano and he drops his picture of "Kristen" and the baby. Celeste picks it up and asks him what he's doing with this picture. Stefano tells her that Susan has been gracious enough to send him a picture every now and then. Celeste asks Stefano if she plans on kidnapping Elvis, but Stefano tells her that he has far to much to do in Salem with Titan. Celeste tells Stefano that he won't be happy with 49%, he will only settle for full control. Stefano gets a call from Vivian and Celeste tells Stefano that she, Lexie, and Abe are also attending the party. Celeste leaves to get ready for the party. Celeste, who is now wearing a black wig, suddenly has premonitions about Vivian.

Kate bumps into Stefano in Salem Place and learns from him that the party is Vivian's, to which he's invited. Kate becomes angry, but Stefano tells her that he wants her to come to the party with him. Stefano doesn't even give Kate a chance to answer, he just tells her that she's coming with him.

Kate returns and talks with Lucas, who is chugging down the drinks. Kate tells Lucas about how she has to go to a party of Vivian's tonight. Kate goes upstairs to get dressed

Back in England, Edmund is tending his mom's pub when Bart comes in. Bart talks to Violet about Jonsey. He claims he's looking for Jonsey because he's a relative and Jonsey is the only match for a bone marrow transplant. Edmund fears it could be a trick and asks Violet to call and warn Susan not to come. Violet leaves and Edmund asks Bart if Stefano sent him. Bart pretends to play innocent, so Edmund tells Bart where he can find Jonsey. Bart rushes out and ends up at Jonsey's grave. Back at the pub, Edmund calls Vivian and tells her that a man named Bart Jones showed up looking for Jonsey. Vivian thanks Edmund for the info and begins to worry. Ivan tells Vivian that someone is going to show up and try to contest the will.

Back in England, Bart calls Stefano and tells him that Jonsey is dead!


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Kate remembers her days as a blond hooker. When Sami accuses Kate of selling herself for the rich businessmen as she did years ago, Kate slaps her. Stefano reveals to Bart that his townhouse holds his future plans for the residents of Salem. He vows to make anyone who gets in his way pay the big price. Stefano also mentions that while Jonesy had possession of all the unique treasures in the house, the man's will leaves everything to Stefano. Edmund rushes Bart out of the pub so he won't run into Susan. Vivian thinks to herself that tonight will be a night that no one will forget. Picking her up for the party, Stefano compliments Kate and mentions that they are paired together one more time. Though Sami is upset to see Stefano as Kate's date, Lucas is impressed with the scene. When they arrive, Vivian welcomes them to "her" house though Stefano angrily thinks to himself that she is dead wrong if she thinks she can take his house from him. Abe warns Roman about leaving town to help the ISA. Marlena and John kiss passionately as they talk about their upcoming marriage plans. Carrie is jealous to find Mike has dinner plans with Ali. Sami takes her son away from playing with Lucas for fear that his drinking may hurt her son.

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