May 97 Week 5


May 26
At Jen's place everyone is enjoying looking at old pictures and Austin can't seem to get Laura's words that Mike is better for Carrie out of his head. Austin asks Carrie to speak in private with him and he asks her to tell him she loves him. Carrie says of course she does and they hug. Suddenly Mickey returns and tells Laura that Peter's grave can be exhumed at any time, but a cemetery worker strike may stand in the way. Laura says nothing will stop her from proving Peter isn't in that coffin, and says that everything depends on it. Mike and Jen become curious as to what Mickey and their mom are doing, and Mickey sees them looking at them as asks Laura to tell Jen. Laura says Jen can stop this if she learns about this, and says Jen will thank her afterwards. Mickey says it would be nice to see Jen and Jack, and Austin and Carrie back together, but Laura says she thinks Mike is much better for Carrie. Mickey says Carrie only loves Austin, but Laura says that Carrie and Mike are spending so much time together, and they are much more better for one another. Mickey tells her not to jump into this, but Laura wants Mike to be happy, and Mickey also wants him to be happy as well. Laura says there has been such a change in Mike since he's been spending time with Carrie, and says if things between Austin and Carrie don't get better she may give Carrie a little push into Mike's direction. Later when Laura and Austin are alone Laura tells him she's sorry he overheard what she told Jen about him. Austin says she knows how he feels about his mom and dad, and Laura tells him that Mike is much better for Carrie, because Austin has a wife and child to tend to. Austin says he and Carrie were meant to be together, and Laura says even if Mike was out of the picture he still has Sami to deal with. Jen and Carrie come back downstairs and Laura leaves. Outside Mickey talks to Mike about his relationship with Carrie, but Mike says Carrie belongs with Austin and doesn't understand why they are discussing this. Austin leaves and kisses Carrie goodbye, but Carrie wonders if anything is wrong because Austin's kiss felt funny.

Lucas is shocked to learn Sami is back. Lucas asks her what she remembers, and Sami says the last thing she recalls is her warning Austin not to drive his car, and she remembers the accident, but nothing else. Lucas asks her if she remembers Austin, and Sami says it's getting clearer, and she thinks Austin and her are in love and are living together. Lucas asks her if she remembered how she got him, and she said they schemed together, no big deal. Lucas tells her it's a very big deal, she was in a serious accident. Sami says she remembers the hospital, and that she can't walk. Lucas helps her to stand up and get back into the chair. Sami decides to go see Will and Lucas wonders if this will affect his plan to win Carrie. Lucas continues to grill Sami, and she says she remember Austin being so sweet and caring, but she says the apartment seems different. Lucas says Kate redecorated the apartment to look for something she was blackmailing her with, and Sami says she remembers and begins laughing. Lucas asks what she has on his mom, and Sami says it's nothing for him to worry about. Sami says Austin has been so loving towards her, and life is good. Lucas tells her to wake up and tells her that Austin is going to dump her when she gets her memory back. Sami refuses to believe that but Lucas assures her everything is an act. Sami refuses to believe that Austin would do something like that, but she is sure Austin loves her. Lucas tells her she's living in a fantasy world (Hello you are too Lucas) and he's not going to let her ruin his plan. Lucas tells Sami he's paring up Mike and Carrie in hopes that Austin will give up on Carrie, and he can snatch her from Mike. Sami says it sounds like a good plan, but Lucas says she has to keep pretending to have lost her memory. Sami says she doesn't see the point because her life is the way she wants it so she doesn't care what he does with Carrie and Mike. Sami says when Austin comes through that door she will tell Austin everything. As they argue about it Austin comes in and asks what they are fighting about.

At the DiMera Mansion Susan sees Marlena on the mini-tv and thinks she's been abducted by Aliens. Meanwhile Marlena is shouting at Susan to save her, but Susan can't hear Marlena over the mini-tv since the power is off. Susan begins saying how she saw Kristen and Vivian digging up Peter's coffin, and Marlena says she doesn't understand. Marlena tells Susan to call the police, and Susan figures out Marlena wants her to call the police, and Susan goes call them, anonymously. Susan drops the mini-tv on the sofa and goes to call the police, but she forgets. Suddenly John and Abe show up, and John says all he needs is one lead on Marlena to figure everything out, but the most important clue is on the Sofa behind him! Marlena keeps shouting for them to turn around (bright eyes, every now and then I fall apart, and I need you now tonight, and I need you more than ever, sorry broke into a little song and dance). Marlena overhears John tell Abe that he loves Marlena more than anything, and Marlena begins to cry. John and Abe leave, and never see the mini-tv on the couch. Susan returns and finds the tv again and runs off with it. Suddenly John gets a call from Carrie and John tells her that he hasn't heard anything but he will find her.

Upstairs Susan watches the mini-tv, and remembers to call the police. Susan calls the police and says some people are at the cemetery digging up the graves, but doesn't give them her name. Downstairs Abe gets a tip about grave robbers in the cemetery. Marlena continues to shout at Susan to turn up the VOLUME, but Susan thinks she's talking about Vampires. Marlena finds as makeup pencil and tries to write on her pillow to turn up the volume. Susan finds the volume and turns it up. Marlena tells Susan to help her get out of the secret room. Susan says she's on her way to the basement to help her out, and Marlena thinks she's finally going to be rescued.

At the cemetery Vivian and Kristen tell Ivan to get Peter's coffin out of the coffin, but he doesn't want to do it, until he's forced to. Ivan loads the coffin onto the truck (all by himself?) when all of the sudden it falls open. Ivan faints, and when he wakes back up Vivian says if he doesn't put what's left of Daniel's body back into the coffin he can find another job (Ivan asks who she'd find crazy enough to fill his position?). Suddenly a cop shows up and asks them what the hell they are doing. Kristen shows him the permit to dig up Peter, and claims that Vivian and Ivan are grave diggers helping her because of the strike. The cop decides to call Abe for verification, and says some people are digging up a grave, but the papers look legitimate. Abe tells him to take care of it himself, and the cop lets them continue on. Kristen says she has to get back to the house, and orders Vivian and Ivan to cremate the body themselves. Kristen returns home, and just misses Susan running downstairs to the cellar.


May 27
Hope and Franco have arrived in Rome and Hope is depressed because she and Bo spent their second honeymoon in Rome in the same hotel they are in. Franco says he's sorry, but promises to show her that there is life after Bo Brady. Things get worse when Hope is given the same room she shared with Bo, Hope then has a fake flashback of spending her honeymoon in Rome with Bo. To try and cheer Hope up Franco takes her out to eat.

Meanwhile Billie and Bo are riding along in a car and Bo tells Billie that they are in Rome for one reason, to pick up King's drugs. Bo becomes quiet, and when Billie asks what's wrong he says he just remembered that it's his 12 year wedding anniversary. Bo becomes even more depressed when he has to stay at the Hotel Doro, the same place he and Hope spent their honeymoon. Billie takes Bo out to eat before they go into the hotel.

Both Bo and Billie and Hope and Franco go to the same restaurant, but don't see each other. Bo's cell phone rings and it's King. King tells Bo to live a little until the shipment comes in, which he will be contacted about.

At Hope and Franco's table Franco tells Hope that he can no longer keep silent, and says he loves her. Hope tells him she cares about him, but as a friend. Franco tells her he doesn't expect her to return his love, but he just wants t make her happy. Hope says she's glad he's been honest, but she can't return his love. Franco says one day when she lets go of Bo she'll find love again, and he hopes it will be with him.

Kristen returns home to find Abe and John in the living room trying to figure out where Marlena could be. Abe says that Stefano has always taunted them with clues in the past, and wonders if someone else took her. Abe even thinks perhaps Marlena never even left the house. Kristen says they searched the house and she wasn't here. John then gets a call from a contact at the airport and they say one unidentified jet left the airport the night Marlena disappeared. John and Abe leave and Kristen searches for her monitor, which the maid found. Kristen checks on Marlena, who seems to be okay, so Kristen decides to take a shower.

Downstairs Susan is searching for the bottle that opens the secret room. Susan finds the intercom and she tells Marlena that she doesn't know if she can find the right wine bottle that opens the door, but Marlena asks her to try.

Kristen finishes her shower and checks on Marlena and she learns that Susan is down there trying to free Marlena. Kristen rushes downstairs, and leaves the monitor on the chair. Meanwhile Susan has found the correct bottle which opens up the door! Unfortunately Kristen shuts the door before Marlena can get out. Susan says she's going to tell John everything, but Kristen says she will regret that move. Susan says she's not afraid of Kristen anymore, and when she tries to leave Kristen grabs her and they fight. They fight, and Kristen says that Marlena wants to steal John, and if she lets Marlena out Marlena will run to John, and they will get married. Susan doesn't believe Kristen, but Kristen assures her that Marlena loves John, and that if she is set free both of them will be locked in jail while Marlena and John live a happy life. Susan then asks Marlena if she loves John, and Marlena says she loves him very much and the reason Kristen locked her up is to keep her away from John. Marlena tells Susan her and John will help keep her safe from Kristen. Susan has a fantasy about her being with John, but then John dumps Susan and kisses Marlena! Susan refuses to let her fantasy come true, and tells Marlena she can't let her out.

Back upstairs John and Abe return home, the airport was a bad lead. Abe asks John if it's possible that Kristen could be relieved that Marlena is out of the way. John say that is impossible, and Abe says he just hopes Stefano hasn't gotten to Kristen as well. John is disgusted and goes off on Kristen's morals and how she is a good descent person. John then decides to have a Brandy, but there are no bottles left so he has to go to the cellar to get one! But by time John gets down there Susan has rehidden the secret panel. John fetches a bottle of Brandy, and leaves. Upstairs Susan watches Marlena on the monitor and says she can't let John go, and she has big plans for Kristen.

Mike is taking Carrie home and she says that she was so happy to spend some time with Austin and is feeling optimistic about a future with him.

Lucas and Sami are arguing whether Sami will tell Austin the truth when Austin comes home and asks what they are arguing about. Sami says she's so glad Austin is back because the most amazing thing has happened. Austin asks her if she got her memory back, but Sami just shows him she can stand up. Austin is delighted and hugs her. Sami says she has something else to say, and Austin asks her if she is remembering things. Lucas says he seems anxious for her to remember, and Austin says once she remembers their lives will return to normal, which causes Sami to faint.

Mike and Carrie show up just as Sami faints, and he asks what happened. Austin says she was standing when she fainted, and Lucas says earlier she got shocked by the iron. Mike and Austin take Sami to her bed and Carrie asks Lucas if he knows what Sami was about to tell Austin. Austin and Mike return, and they discuss whether Sami's memory has returned, but Lucas says he doesn't know what Sami had to tell them. Austin and Carrie talk in the living room while Sami sleeps. Austin says he hope she hasn't given up on them because he hasn't been around lately, and Carrie says she hasn't given up on him, and has only been with Mike because he's a supportive friend. Meanwhile Mike tells Lucas if he tries to breakup Austin and Carrie he will answer to him! Sami wakes up, and Austin asks her if there was something she wanted to tell him, but Sami claims she doesn't remember. Mike asks her about the electrical shock she gained earlier, and asks if she remembers the time between the shock and her fainting, but she doesn't remember anything, so she says. Later Lucas confronts her about the truth, but she pretends not to remember anything.


May 29
Lucas is surfing the net and is looking up information about electric shocks when Kate walks in and asks what he is doing. Lucas claims he was just surfing the net, but Kate knows he's up to something because he cleared the screen when she came in. Kate asks him if he and Sami are up to something, but Lucas says he's just been spending time with her because she's a friend. Kate says if Sami is faking the amnesia she will shove the annulment right down her throat. Lucas assures her Sami doesn't remember anything, but Kate is sure Austin and Carrie will be together soon. Lucas says he doesn't know, he says Carrie's been very unhappy these days. Kate says that can be fixed and goes to see Austin about his relationship with Carrie.

At Austin's place Sami wakes up and gets into her chair and finds Austin sleeping on the couch. Sami realizes Austin doesn't love her and she vows to never let Austin learn she has her memory back. Sami sneaks back into bed and lets Austin come back in and think he's fooled her. Sami begins to cry and pout and when she wakes up she says she's in a little pain. She then pretends to be so afraid for her mother and Austin says he's there for her.

Kate comes over to see Austin and urges him to spend time with Carrie, but he says all he does is make her unhappy, and thinks she is better off with someone else, like Mike Horton. Kate asks who put this idea in his head, and he says Lucas, and Laura. Austin tells Kate what Laura said, and she says she has business to tend to.

Down on the pier Lucas confronts Austin about how she and Mike are better together, and Austin attacks him. Austin goes off about how he's right for Carrie and they belong to be together.

Carrie comes to Jen's place to return Mike's beeper when Mickey comes to see Laura. Mickey tells her Peter's body will be exhumed today, and Laura thinks she'll finally prove she is not crazy. Mickey tries to reason with her but Laura knows Peter isn't dead and that Kristen knows where Marlena is. Laura knows Mickey doesn't believe her, but she can prove it now. Mike and Carrie return to the house and Lynn comes in and tries to get Laura to take her medication. Mike says that perhaps she should go back on it because she seems tense, but Laura refuses. Lynn becomes nervous that Stefano will be angry with her for not giving Laura her medicine, so she spikes Laura's tea with a pill, unfortunately Laura then takes a tranquilizer. Mike sees her taking the tranquilizer, and asks her to tell him what is troubling her. Laura promises to tell him everything buy the end of the day. Lynn then brings Laura some more tea with another pill in it!

Kate comes over and confronts Laura about her interfering in her sons life. They get into an argument and Laura says Austin is selfish and has the same lack of morals his mother and father have. Laura says she will never let Austin hurt Carrie like Bill and Kate hurt her.

Kate then goes to see Sami about whether she is remembering anything, and Sami gives her a dose of the old Sami.

Kristen has a nightmare and starts screaming "Don't let Marlena go". John hears her and wakes her up and asks her what she meant. Kristen makes up some lie about John being dangled over a cliff and she was frozen and could help her from falling. John and Kristen get dressed, and John goes to try to contact Shane. Once he's gone Kristen calls Vivian and Ivan to make sure the body has been disposed of. She then says there is one more thing she needs, and tells them to come over.

Downstairs Susan goes to see Marlena and she says she can't let Marlena out, but she has to put her plan into action for Kristen. Marlena warns Susan not to take Kristen on by herself and asks Susan to let her help her by releasing her. Susan assures Marlena she is okay and she has a plan to keep her and Elvis safe. Marlena begs to be let out, but Susan says she has to think about her baby now, and leaves.

Susan goes back to her room and makes an appointment to be made over like Kristen at some beauty parlor, and she thinks by time John realizes the truth he'll be in love with her.

Vivian and Ivan come over, and when Susan runs off Kristen makes Vivian and Ivan follow her. Kristen goes downstairs and taunts Marlena a little more and then gives her food.

Meanwhile Susan goes to the beauty parlor and says she needs to get the same treatments Kristen does, and to die her hair to match Kristen's color and get some extensions. Finally she wants a wig made up which looks like her own hair. Susan is taken to the back room and Ivan and Vivian show up. Vivian and Ivan sign up for some treatment (Ivan has to pretend to be Ivana), and they find Susan in the back room getting the works. As Susan is being given the works she fantasizes about John being dressed up as Elvis and singing to her. When Vivian and Ivan leave they overhear the women say that Susan signed her bill Mrs John Black

Laura and Mickey go to the cemetery and see that the coffin is gone! Meanwhile Kristen gets a call from the crematorium, there are technical problems with cremating Peter/Daniel's body!


May 29
Austin and Lucas are still bickering on the pier about who is best for Carrie as the watch Mike and Carrie hang out together. Carrie and Mike see Lucas and Austin and Mike pulls Lucas away and lets Carrie and Austin hang out. Carrie says he probably needs to get back to Sami, and when she tries to leave Austin stops her. Austin tells her he misses her, and asks her to go to Green Mountain lodge for the evening. Carrie says she'd love to but she doesn't want to get her hopes up because she knows something will happen with Sami to spoil their plans. Austin says she won't get hurt and that he loves her. Austin manages to convince Carrie it's possible for them to go away, and Lucas starts cursing and scheming.

Carrie goes to Salem Place and sees a silver dress and fantasizes about dancing in it with Austin. Mike shows up and sees that Carrie is a good move. Carrie tells Mike that she and Austin are going to spend the afternoon or evening together, unless Sami ruins it.

At Sami's place Kate and Sami argue about the fact that everyone has been deceiving Sami for months into believing she and Austin were happy. Kate tells Sami it's all over for her now because she's going to tell Austin the truth. Kate promises Sami she'll lose everything and when she goes to call Austin Sami stops her and reminds her of the papers she has on her. Kate doesn't think Sami has them anymore, but Sami knows exactly where they are, they are hidden in one of her dolls. Sami retrieves the doll, and Kate searches it, but Sami has already moved them. Kate thinks that she is bluffing and plans to tell Austin everything. Suddenly Austin returns and when Kate tries to tell him about Sami she asks Austin to open a window for her. When Austin leaves for a second Sami pulls the papers out of a magazine, which keeps Kate quiet. Sami leaves the room to get ready for supper, and Kate says her good news was that she is getting Austin a new laptop. Austin then tells Sami that Wendy has invited her and Will over for dinner because he has to go to the office to do some really important work. Austin leaves and Sami and Kate wrestle over the papers. Sami tells her nice try, but they are only copies anyways. Kate leaves and confronts Austin in the hall and is happy that they are going to the Green Mountain Lodge for the evening. Kate tells Austin he should buy something nice for Carrie and have Carrie pick up Will.

Austin finds Carrie in Salem place, she's just bought her dress. Austin asks Carrie to pick up Will for him because he has a quick errand to run. Austin goes out and buys Carrie a bracelet and a toy horse for Will. Meanwhile Carrie is taking Will over to Wendy's when a crate falls on her on the pier. A man comes to Carrie's aid, but Will walks off and falls of the pier.

Lucas catches up with Kate in Salem place and she accuses him of knowing that Sami's memory is back. Lucas claims he doesn't know what Sami has on her and she warns him to watch his back with her. Lucas comes by to see Sami and learns her memory never left. Lucas then tells Sami he doesn't want his mother hurt and asks what he has on her. Sami says she's not going to show anyone, she just wants to keep her quiet. Sami promises not to hurt Kate, and then she begins to plan and scheme.

Susan comes home and checks on Elvis and then tells her Lisa Marie doll about her deluxe beauty treatment.

Downstairs Kristen is angry that Peter/Daniel's body hasn't been cremated. Suddenly Vivian and Ivan come in and Kristen lets them have it for not making sure the body was cremated. As they argue Vivian tries to tell Kristen Susan has gone luney but all Kristen can think about is Daniel's body.

At the cemetery Laura can't believe that Peter's body is gone from the grave. A police officer shows up and tells Laura that Mickey wants her to go home and rest. Laura then realizes Kristen must have had Peter's coffin moved, and she decides to pay her a little visit.

At the DiMera Mansion a delivery person drops off more pills from Doctor Kay to keep Laura confused when Laura shows up. Laura calls Kristen a bitch and then says she's not going to get away with this. Laura accuses Kristen of digging up Peter's coffin and Kristen dismisses Vivian and Ivan. Laura tells her once the body is found the whole world know she's a true Dimera, lying, selfish, and evil. Kristen tells Laura to go home but Laura refuses to leave. Laura starts getting all hyper, and Kristen spikes some Brandy with a pill and gives it to Laura (Marlena who is watching says that's to dangerous!). Like a dummy Laura drinks the drink while Marlena yells from the basement not to do it. Laura continues to throw accusations against Kristen and Kristen just laughs. Suddenly Laura starts to feel dizzy and becomes confused, and begins to fall apart. Laura calls Mickey's office too see what the status on the body is. Laura starts to laugh at Kristen and starts tormenting her. Suddenly Vivian and Ivan show up with Daniel's ashes, and Kristen starts shaking them in Laura's face. Laura starts ranting and raving but Kristen says it was Peter's last wishes to be cremated. Suddenly Laura starts howling and wailing and Kristen just smiles.


May 30
Lucas and Sami are at Austin's place and they are plotting away. Sami wants to use Will to hold on to Austin, and she says the more they are together the more frustrated Carrie will become with Austin. Sami says that getting Mike and Carrie together is brilliant and Kate is just going to sit and watch Austin and Carrie break up. Lucas says he doesn't want to see his mom get hurt and Sami says she won't tell anyone anything as long as she gets what she wants.

Meanwhile Austin is admiring a bracelet he bought Carrie when Kate shows up. He shows Kate the bracelet he bought and she says it's beautiful. Austin tells Kate he hopes everything works out, because if Sami doesn't remember soon he may have to let Carrie go. Kate says no, and she says there is something difficult she needs to tell him, but she never does because they go for a walk, to the pier.

Will falls into the river and Carrie dives in after him. The police show up and he jumps in after them. When Austin shows up with Kate and learns it's Will and Carrie in the river Austin goes in as well. Austin gets Will and Carrie out of the river, and Kate calls Sami to tell her Carrie and Will went into the river. They are both breathing, but they are unconscious.

Carrie and Will are taken to the hospital and Lucas takes Sami there as well. Dr. Lexie is on call and is taking care of Will and Carrie. Sami starts crying and Austin comforts her and says Will will be okay. Sami wants to know what happened but Austin says he'll tell her later. When Kate tells Lucas what really happened Austin says it's all Austin's fault, he's just like Curtis. Kate then says she was going to tell him the truth about Sami's amnesia when they learned about the accident. Will is safe and Austin and Sami go to see him. When Austin wants to go check on Carrie Sami looks at him and says "You can't be serious?" Sami says that she thought nothing was more important than his son and lays a guilt trip on him.

At the DiMera mansion Laura is falling to pieces while Kristen shakes the urn of ashes in her face. Ivan tries to help Laura but she snaps at him. Laura gets up and starts accuse Laura of doing something with Marlena. Kristen goes to call the hospital and Laura says never again and grabs a letter opener, and threatens to kill Kristen. Kristen says nobody is trying to do anything to her, and Laura says "Dear God, what am I doing." Suddenly Jennifer and Mike show up, and Laura asks Mike to help her. (Susan listens in and thinks the Vampires are getting another victim and she says she has to do it for Elvis and for Graceland. Susan calls Graceland to warn them that she's gonna stop the head vampire from burning it down.) Laura begins screaming that Kristen wants to take her away, and she says something that I have no clue what she's babbling about. Mike manages convince Laura to put the letter opener down. Jen and Mike tell Laura they'll take care of her and Laura cries not to put her away. When Jen asks what she is doing here she says Kristen had Peter's body cremated so nobody would learn he was alive. Kristen says she found papers that Peter wanted to be cremated, so she followed his wishes. Mike asks Lynn if Laura has had any medication, and bitchy Lynn and says no because Kristen stares at her. Mike then gives her a pill as Marlena screams no from her dungeon room. Mike wants to take Laura to the hospital to get some rest and Laura starts crying that they don't believe their own mother. Laura and her family leave and Kristen thanks Viv for calling Mike and Jen over to see their mother deranged. Kristen then tells Vivian, Ivan, and Lynn to all go to the hospital to watch Laura.

Downstairs Marlena vows to make Kristen pay for hurting Laura. Kristen checks in on her and Marlena tells her she is evil and should go to jail forever for what she did to Laura. Kristen says Laura threatened her marriage so she brought it upon herself, but Marlena reminds her she doesn't have a marriage to John. Marlena vows to get revenge on her when she gets out, and she says she's going to chisel a whole through the wall to scream through, and says she's already making progress. Kristen tells her she's bluffing, but Marlena assures her she's not bluffing.

Kristen goes down to the basement and is paranoid that Marlena might really be digging a hole through the wall. Kristen looks into the room, but can't see Marlena. Kristen looks at the TV monitor and sees Marlena drop the metal tool on the bed and disappear. Kristen goes into the room to get it, think Marlena is in the shower. Suddenly Susan shows up in the cellar and slams the door shut! Marlena shows up and says it appears they are stuck in there together. Kristen starts screaming but Marlena tells her she can scream her head off and it will do no good. Kristen says once she gets out she'll kill Susan, but Marlena says she's going to kill her before she gets out! Upstairs Susan has plopped herself into John's bed and calls for John when she hear's him come in.

Laura is taken to the hospital and Mike orders a full blood screen. Outside her room Ivan and Vivian are feeling bad for Laura but Vivian says she'll be okay in a few weeks. Inside her room Jen and Mike discuss their mothers mental stability and worry about her. Vivian tells Lynn that Kristen has ordered that Laura be kept sedated until she is transferred to a sanitarium. Lynn wonders how she will get to Laura with Mike hovering around, and magically Mike is called away to help with Carrie and Will. Jen sits by Laura's side and tells her mom that they all need her and she wants her to be around to see Mike fall in love again, and to watch her grandchildren grow up. Laura can hear her and in her mind she says she loves her, and she realizes everything Kristen has done. Lynn and Vivian come in, and Vivian offers to by Jen a cup of tea and Lynn says she'll watch Laura. Once they are gone Lynn gives Laura another sedative just as Laura is coming too.

Mike goes to check on Carrie and is there when she wakes up. Mike tells her Will is okay, and she's going to be fine to. Carrie asks about Austin and Mike leaves to tell her she's awake. Mike finds Austin and he tells Sami he has to check on Sami, but Sami keeps laying on the guilt. Mike returns and tells Carrie Austin is relived she's okay and should be here to see her soon, but Sami is still laying on the guilt. Kate can't take it anymore, and says she has something to say to him.

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