May 97 Week 4


May 19
At Chez Vous Austin sees Mike and Carrie together, and remembers that Carrie told him she was going to bed, not out to dinner. At their table Mike tells Carrie she has to believe things will work out, but says he will be there to cheer him up. Mike and Carrie remember the old times and Austin just has to know what they are saying, so he goes in closer to hear. Carrie tells Mike that when she was a Candy Striper all the nurses had a crush on him, and that of all the doctors she'd chose him. Unfortunately all Austin heard was "She'd choose him." Later Mike gives Carrie a carnation and then the two dance. Carrie remembers that this song "If you asked me to" was the same one they danced to at a wedding long ago, and Mike tells her he asked them to play it for them. After Austin leaves Mike tells Carrie he hopes the next wedding they dance at is her and Austin's wedding.

At Austin's place Sami keeps wondering why she's having memory flashes of Marlena being angry with her and asks Lucas to tell her. Lucas tells her it's best that she remember on her own, but Sami refuses to quit until she remembers everything that went on with her and Austin. Sami then tells Lucas to be quiet so she can try to remember on her own, and she recalls everyone in Salem yelling at her, Carrie, Marlena, and Caroline, but she doesn't understand a word they are saying to her. Lucas tells her she should just let it go, but Sami says she thinks he does know what is going on, and says she will ask Austin when he comes home to tell her the truth. Once again Lucas tries to convince her not to tell Austin, and Sami says for a best friend he sure isn't helping her. Lucas tries to convince her that her subconscious doesn't want her to remember past mistakes, and Sami says "So I did do something wrong!" Sami says she will asks Austin to tell her what she did unless Lucas fills her in. Lucas says if she asks Austin to tell her what she did she will throw away her chance to be with Austin forever. Suddenly Austin returns and asks them what is going on. Sami remembers Lucas' warning, and tells Austin that nothing is wrong.

Mike takes Carrie home, and runs into a cheery Lucas in the hall. Mike says he doesn't trust his half brother, and gives Carrie a hug before leaving. Later when Austin leaves to get some milk Sami has a feeling Lucas' idea about not asking Austin was the right thing to do. Out in the hall Austin asks Carrie if she's had a good time tonight, and Carrie says she guesses. Sami then calls Austin to come back in and says the waters cold ????

At the Brady Pub Laura shows up to see Caroline, but Lisa the waitress tells her that Caroline is in bed. Laura sits down to have some tea when Lynn shows up. Lynn tries to give her her pills, but Laura refuses to take them. Maggie then shows up to sit with Laura. Maggie sees that Laura is upset about something, and Laura tells Maggie she had a terrible dream about what happened during her disappearance but can't put the pieces together because Lynn gave her a sedative. Maggie suggests Laura have a talk with Marlena, and Laura thinks that is an excellent idea. When Laura can't contact Marlena Lynn tells her that Dr. Evans would prefer she takes her pills. Laura tells Lynn she is a doctor and knows what is good for her, and excuses Lynn. Caroline comes into the pub and then tells Laura and Maggie that Marlena is missing, she was surprised they didn't know. Laura says that she's been trying to tell everyone that Stefano was alive but nobody believed her. As they talk Laura realizes Kristen helped Stefano kidnap Marlena, and she leaves to go see John immediately.

Later Lynn tries to call Stefano, but can't reach him.

At the DiMera Mansion John is on the phone talking to Abe about how he will not give up on finding Doc.

In another part of the house Kristen taunts Marlena with her mini-TV when Susan walks in on her and asks Kris-tan whatcha'doin. Marlena watches them on her TV, and Kristen tells Susan she was just talking to the baby. Susan has on a garlic necklace which Kristen asks her to remove, but Susan says it's to keep her safe from the vampires. Kristen says they aren't vampires, and that if she doesn't keep quiet Stefano will take her away just like Marlena and then burn down Graceland. Susan says oh no I'm so scarred, when John comes in. John asks what she's scarred of, and Kristen says she's just afraid of everything. John says he needs to go join the search party, and when Susan asks what the search party is for he tells her Belle's mother has been kidnapped. Susan thinks Stefano has kidnapped another woman, and when John says I hope you never have to meet Stefano Dimera Susan accidentally blurts out she already has. Kristen says Susan's just confused, and Susan than says she just meant she's met a lot of evil people in Salem. Susan then leaves to fold some laundry, and John says he's going to take off. Kristen then tells him he can't go, it's Brady's party. John is totaly blown away that he forgot about it, Bad Daddy!

Belle, Brady, John, and Kristen have a party for Brady, but Belle misses her mom. Downstairs in the basement Marlena is forced to watch the party. Susan comes in with the cake, and Kristen makes Susan take a family picture of them. Belle continues to worry about her mom, and John tells her Marlena is away but will be home soon. Kristen goes to give Marlena some of Brady's birthday cake, and Marlena tells that bitch to let her out (Marlena's words). Kristen then says that she better get used to being away from her family, because soon John's children will be calling her mommy!

Later John asks the maid where Kristen is, and when she says she went down to the cellar John decides to go check on her. Kristen manages to finish her talk with Marlena when John comes in, Kristen claims to be getting some wine for them, but John wants to stay alert. They both leave as Marlena shouts at John that she is down there, but he can't hear her.

Susan wishes there was something she could do to help Marlena.

Down in the foyer Laura shows up to confront Kristen! Laura says she's going to tell John everything, and as Marlena watches she says Laura is her only hope.


May 20
In prison Jen comes to visit Jack. Jen assures him everyone is safe, but Jack says as long as they live in that house they are not safe. Jen says she's fine, and Jack says she's not fine. Jack tells Jen that she needs to get on with her life and have fun, and not spend all her time in the prison with him. Jack says there is no way to get an appeal without new evidence, and then Jen tells Jack that Marlena has been kidnapped, and it may be Stefano, which means Laura's memory flashes could be true. Jen says there is one person who could help him get out of prison, Kristen! Jen thinks that Kristen can help her reduce Jack's sentence, but Jack says it's pointless. Jack says he wants Jen to find another man, and he'll help her. Jen says that she will remain alone if she can't be with him, and believes a miracle will happen to free him. Jack tells her she has to let him go, and then is taken back to his cell by the guard.

Billie goes into work and Bo is upset that she is working so soon after her stabbing. Billie says her night in jail made her realize she must make use of all the time she has. Bo tells her once this charade is over everything can get back to normal, but first he has to find a way to keep everyone safe. Billie asks him how he's going to keep Shawn D and Hope safe, and Bo says he's sent Shawn D. to a Dude Ranch out of state, but will need her help keeping Hope safe. Billie says she'll do anything she can to help Hope, and Bo tells her he knows she will. Kate then comes to see Billie and is relieved that she got off on the charges, but is upset to hear she was stabbed. Billie asks Kate if she caused any damage with the company, but Kate says not to worry about that now that the charges have been dropped. Billie then says she wants to setup a photo shoot for Hope and Franco, far far out of Salem, but it must look like it was Kate's idea. Billie says that she could use the time to try and win Bo over for good, and Kate thinks it's a wonderful idea. Billie says they need to leave town today, and Kate says she'll do everything she can to help her.

Franco tries to make Hope realize Bo and Billie are in love and are getting married, but Hope refuses to believe that and won't give up until she learns the truth. Hope is sure that Bo wanted to tell him something about Billie's arrest, but he didn't. Hope is determined to find out why Bo didn't arrest Max for planting drugs in Billie's purse. Hope decides to have a little talk with her friend Max at the Snake Pit, and when Franco wants to tag along she tells him that this is something she must do alone.

Hope goes to the Snake Pit to meet Max and says she has some information that could put him away for a very long time. Hope says he saw him selling drugs to Billie, but will overlook it if he gave her his boss' name. Meanwhile Bo has also shown up at the Snake Pit, and manages to distract Hope so that Max can slip away. Hope and Bo argue over the situation, and Bo says he has everything handled, and says he's sending Shawn D to a Dude Ranch. Bo then realizes if Max tells King Hope came after him King may go after Hope so he leaves to try and stall Max. Bo finds him and manages to convince Max to keep what happened between them. Max then says that King wants to offer him and Billie a major deal. Max tells Bo that King wants him and Billie to go to Rome to make sure a drug shipment makes it through customs.

Franco shows up at the Snake Pit, after talking to Kate, and says they've been offered a terrific job. Franco tells Hope about the wonderful campaign in Rome which is to help needy children, and awaits her answer.

Upstairs in the DiMera Mansion John is amazed with the way Susan has with "his" son, and asks if she really loves the baby. Susan says she loves the baby, and John tells her his son is his whole life. John then decides to go downstairs to see who was at the door.

Laura barges into the DiMera Mansion and yells at Kristen that she is going to tell John everything. Laura knows that Stefano and Peter are alive and she helped them kidnap her! Kristen panics and tells Laura to get out, but Laura says she's not leaving until she tells John everything. Laura goes into the living room and Kristen plots to lock Laura up with Marlena when John comes down and asks Kristen who she was talking to. Kristen says Laura is here and is talking nonsense, but John wants to talk to her anyways.

John goes in to see John, who assures her that Marlena's abduction was all his fault, he didn't protect her well enough. Laura tells John that Marlena loves him and wonders if he talked to Marlena about it before she disappeared. John says he didn't so Laura says it's time the truth came out, Laura tells John that Kristen helped Stefano kidnap Marlena. Laura tells John that Kristen helped Stefano and Peter kidnap her and somehow erased her memory. Kristen asks Laura if she's taking her pills, and Laura says no. Laura yells that if John ever wants to see Marlena again he has to force Kristen to tell him the truth. Kristen swears she doesn't know where Marlena is. John is unsure who to believe, but Kristen manages to make him believe her over Laura. (Note: Through this whole Susan was listening in and learns that Kristen is Stefano's adopted daughter and that Marlena is the woman John is looking for, and Marlena is Belle's mother.)

John tells Laura he's sorry, but he believes she's just confused. Lynn then shows up to give Laura her medication, and Kristen says this is why she is upset, she needs her pills (Marlena learns on the spy-cam that Lynn is involved with Kristen). John asks Laura to leave, and she does, but she promises to be back and make Kristen get what she deserves. Afterwards John assures Kristen he believes her and trusts her completely. Outside the mansion Laura confides in Lynn that she's going to dig up Peter.


May 21
Austin is on the couch sleeping and is dreaming of Mike and Carrie having a good time at the harbor club. When he wakes up he sees how late it is and sneaks into bed with Sami after setting the alarm clock to go off. When Austin tries to get out of bed Sami holds onto Austin and says "Wouldn't it be nice to give Will a baby brother or sister. Austin jumps out of bed and says he has to get going, and Sami says they should invite Carrie and Mike over for dinner now that they are going out, and Austin says "Carrie and Mike are NOT a couple." Later Sami talks to Austin about her memory, and says all she remembers are bad ones, and wonders if she even has any happy memories. Austin assures her she has plenty of happy memories, and then suggest they start Sami's exercises, and Sami continues to blab about Carrie and Mike. Austin tells Sami she's wrong, and she asks why he doesn't want Carrie and Mike together. Austin just says that he can see that Carrie isn't interested in Mike, but Sami begs to differ. Austin says that Sami's done enough exorcises, but Sami wants to do more so she can walk again. Austin says he needs to go over to Carrie to check up on her.

At Carrie's place Mike and Carrie have just come in after a morning run. Carrie calls John to see if there is any news about Marlena but Kristen answers. Kristen says John has gone out with Abe to check on a lead on Stefano. Mike decides to get to the hospital to shower and Carrie says he can shower here after Carrie takes a quick shower. Carrie finishes her shower and then she talks to Mike about Sami's possibility to get her memory back, and Mike says he thinks she will, it's just a matter of when. Mike gets out of the shower and Carrie comments how good he looks. Suddenly Austin shows up and finds Carrie with Mike, who is shirtless. Mike assures her that they just went for a run and forgot a shirt. Austin says he doesn't want to interrupt them and when Carrie asks him to join them for breakfast he declines, but says Mike's sure making himself at home. Carrie wonders why Mike is here so much and Carrie says he's been a supportive friend to her. As they hug Mike comes in an suggests that he eat breakfast at the hospital. Austin asks Mike if it's okay for Sami to increase her exercises and Mike says it's okay. Sami calls Carries place and tells her that Austin's breakfast is ready. Austin leaves and Mike comforts Carrie.

Back at Austin's place Sami is fixing and Iron (we sees that sparks are coming from the cord) and then makes breakfast for Austin. While Ironing Sami decides to try to walk and is able to stand up on her own. Austin returns and Sami says that one day Carrie will realize she's fallen in love with Mike Horton.

Back at Carrie's place Carrie is trying to convince Mike to go on a blind date, but he wont. Carrie then tells him that he should at least do something nice for himself, buy something he's always wanted. Mike says he's always wanted a red 2 seater sports car, and Carrie says he should buy it.

At the Dimera Mansion Kristen, Vivian, and Ivan are watching Marlena on the monitor when a man comes over with some wedding dresses for Kristen to try on, she's planning to marry John ,legagly.

Upstairs Susan is plotting against Kristen and wishes that John would hurry and come home to protect her from the vampires. Susan also wishes she could talk to Dr. Evans and wonders where she is.

At Jen's place Laura is stunned when Jen tells her that Jack asked her to move on with her life. Laura comforts Jen, who says hopefully Kristen's new petition for an appeal on Jack's behalf. Jen goes upstairs to check on Abby and Laura calls Mickey to ask for a secret favor, she wants him to exhume Peter's body. Lynn comes in with some tea and asks if she is really going to have Peter exhumed and Laura says she's very serious. Laura tells Lynn she must keep this a secret and then says that she really doesn't need her services any longer, but she'll give her time to find another job. Lynn thanks her and says she needs to run some errands and leaves. Outside Lynn calls Kristen and tells Kristen that Laura fired her. Kristen tells Lynn they'll handle it and tells her to come over.

Mickey comes over and Laura and Jen bicker over Kristen's good nature. Jen eventually leaves to take a petition to Kristen for her to sign on Jack's behalf. After Jen is gone Mickey and Laura discuss the exhumation of Peter's body.

Back at the Dimera mansion Susan comes downstairs and becomes upset when she learns John and Kristen and John are getting married, and refuses to believe John loves Kristen and not her. Lynn comes over and Kristen and tells her that she has to continue giving Laura the pills whether she likes it or not. Jen then shows up and is shocked to see Lynn there. Kristen says she didn't want to tell her but Laura came over and was acting crazy again, and she asked Lynn to calm Laura down. Jen apologizes and then she is more than happy to sign the petition on Jack's behalf. Jen promises to calm her mom down and then she leaves. Afterwards Lynn tells Kristen that Laura is having Peter's body exhumed, and Kristen screams out "No she's going to ruin my life!" Vivian and Ivan run into the foyer to see what's wrong. Kristen is pacing around screaming about Laura and tells Viv Laura is going to dig up Peter's grave. Kristen tries to contact Stefano but he can't be reached. When Vivian suggest they let Laura exhume Peter Kristen tells them Peter isn't in that coffin (Ivan faints). Kristen says that if Peter's grave is dug up people will ask questions and they will assume that Kristen played a part in arranging Peter's "death", which she didn't. Susan sneaks downstairs and listens to Kristen and Vivian talking about how they can stop Laura from digging up Peter.

Back at Jen's place Laura and Mickey are still discussing exhuming the grave and the legalities about going about it. Jen returns home and Laura says she has something to ask of her. Jen is annoyed that Laura suggests that Peter isn't dead and they get into a huge fight. Jen tells Laura that she needs to find someone who can help her with reality, and Laura tells her that she's in denial because Peter is alive and Kristen kidnapped Marlena. Laura says Kristen is as evil as the rest of her family, but Jen refuses to listen to her mother and goes upstairs to call the prison about Jack. Mickey says without Jen's signature he doesn't know how to get the body exhumed. Laura pleads with Mickey to find a way to get the body exhumed and says he knows her better than anyone and knows when she is or isn't crazy. Mickey tells her she needs to calm down and Laura says she knows he's thinking she's nuts. Laura thought at least he would believe her, but she doesn't care and asks Mickey to do it. Mickey tells her he'll do what he can.


May 22
Bo finds Billie on the pier and tells her she shouldn't go to Rome with him, but Billie says everyone will be safe with Shawn D out of town and Hope and Franco on an assignment. Bo asks her is she knows where they will going, but Billie says she doesn't know. Meanwhile Max tells one of King's men that if Brady messes up in Rome they are to take out his son Shawn Douglas.

Billie goes home to pack and when Austin comes to see Carrie Billie tells him she's out with Mike. Austin begins to worry, and Billie tells him not to worry. Austin asks her if she's going someplace, and she says she's going on a trip with Bo. Austin says at least things are going good for one of them, but Billie says things could be better. Austin asks her if it's Hope, and Billie says yes, but this time she's not stepping aside, she's going to fight for him. Austin doesn't want to hurt Billie, but he asks her if she think she really has a chance with him, or is she fooling herself. Billie asks him what his problem is, and Austin says he's just so upset because Carrie is so unhappy and maybe he's not the right guy for her, maybe Mike is. Billie tells him that he's crazy, Mike and Carrie are just friends, but Austin thinks that Carrie is better with Mike. Billie says they have to believe they will end up with the ones they love.

At the Horton place Franco is telling his boss that he and Hope are going to Rome and she has no idea what he has planned for her. Franco hangs up when Hope comes downstairs, and no matter what Franco says about Bo and Billie, Hope knows part of Bo still loves her.

Bo comes over to the Horton place to see Shawn D. off to the dude ranch, and tells Hope he'll be out of town for a bit. Hope asks if he'll be alone, and he tells her Billie is going with him. Hope then tells Bo she's going out of town with Franco for a photo shoot. Bo hopes she has a good time and Bo tells her when they get back to town everything will be much clearer between them. Bo leaves and Hope wonders what he meant. Franco puts the bags in the car, and sees that Hope is upset. Hope doesn't understand what Bo meant, and then realizes that Bo and Billie are going away to get married, that must be what he meant. Franco says he's afraid she may be right, and tells her she needs to think about her own future. Hope says she knows what she wants, and it's a future with Bo.

Bo meets with Abe for a quick meeting going off to Rome. Meanwhile Kings goon tells Max he can't find Brady's kid, so Max says to try Hope, or someone else in Brady's family. When the guy returns he tells Max that Hope is going to Rome as well, so they can use her as insurance.

At the airport Hope and Franco board the plane for Rome, and after they walk through the gate Bo and Billie show up and board the same plane!

At the prison Jack tells Travis that he asked Jen to get on with her life. Travis says it was the right thing to do, but Jack says he thinks he found a way to make Jennifer not to wait for him.

At Jen's place Mickey makes arrangements to have Peter's body exhumed but says it will be difficult without Jen's signature. Jen comes downstairs and breaks the news that she can no longer go to see Jack because he took her name off the list of visitors. Laura says Jack shouldn't even be in prison, and when Jen looks at her she says she knows they think she's nuts, but she doesn't care. Jen leaves to try and make contact with Jack again and Laura pleads with Mickey to get Peter's body exhumed. Jen comes back downstairs and says Jack won't take her calls, so she's cut off from him for good. Laura says she's still on the list and offers to go in her place. Jen agrees, and gives Laura the news about the petition, but she asks her not to mention her theories about Peter.

Laura goes to see Jack and she asks him to please let Jen come to see him, but he refuses. Laura assures Jack he will get out of jail eventually, and tells him that Kristen has signed papers for a new appeal. Jack asks her to thank Kristen, but the appeal won't work without new evidence. Laura disobey's Jen's orders and tries to convince Jack that Peter is alive. She tells him she is exhuming Peter's body, and then the truth will come out. Jack says if it is true he will owe his life to her, and she tells him she just wants him to be happy. Jack says he wants her to be happy as well, and when he tries to bring up their affair Laura says they should just leave that in the past. The guard tells Jack his time is up, and Laura tells him not to give up hope.

Jack returns to his cell and tells Travis he may be getting out if Laura's plan works. When Travis hears Laura is having Peter's body dug up he says Stefano won't like that at all. Later Travis gives a message to the crooked guard and asks him to contact Stefano.

At the DiMera mansion Kristen is ranting and raving about what she has to do to stop Laura, and when Ivan and Vivian try to get out of helping her she tells them they are in it with her till the end. Kristen talks to John on the phone for a bit, he's still out searching for Marlena, who is downstairs taking a shower. Lynn calls Kristen and informs her that Laura has Mickey Horton trying to get an exhumation order to dig up Peter's coffin. Vivian says if Stefano disguised the body maybe nobody will now, but Kristen says that Stefano removed the mask before they buried him. As they are scheming the florist comes to plan the wedding and she snaps at her to leave. Kristen starts chugging brandies and then figures out exactly what they have to do. Kristen says it's easy, they'll cremate Daniel's body! Vivian tells her that is hard to do with him 6 feet underground, but Kristen says she just found out that Peter really wanted to be cremated, so they should follow through with his last wishes. Vivian doesn't know, but Kristen says it will work and asks them to get busy making the preparations.

Back at Jen's place Jen tells her uncle Mickey she fears about her mothers sanity. Kristen comes over to see Mickey and says she's worried about Laura and her accusations. Jen comes downstairs and tells her she's so sorry about Laura's accusation, and she says it's okay. Kristen then mentions she came across some legal papers of Peter's and she needs to have some things taken care of. Mickey says he could do it for her, but she says no, she can handle it.

Kristen returns home and Vivian says that due to a cemetery strike they can't dig up Peter's grave.

Back at Jen's Laura returns home and Mickey tells her that Peter's body will be exhumed tomorrow. As Laura squeals with delight Lynn lurks in the shadows. Lynn then comes into the living room and tells them she's going out for a job interview and will be back soon. Outside Lynn warns Kristen that Peter is being dug up tomorrow, so Kristen says they are going to go dig up Peter's grave themselves (Ivan faints).


May 23
Mike comes over to Carrie's place to return a shirt he borrowed and shows Carrie the front page of the paper which features a picture of Carrie and Mike with the caption "unidentified young lovers." Mike surprises Carrie with a new car he bought and wants to show Carrie, but she says that she has so much work to do. Lucas tells Carrie he can finish it up and tells her to go out and have fun. After they leave Lucas says Mike's playing right into his plan, and once Mike has taken Carrie from Austin he'll take Carrie from Mike.

At Austin's place Sami shows Austin the paper with Mike and Carrie on the front, and Sami says she sees love written all over Carrie's face. Austin refuses to believe Mike and Carrie are a couple and Sami doesn't understand why Austin doesn't want to see Carrie happy. Lucas knocks on the door to borrow Austin's printer to print up the Countess Willimenia report. Austin says he'd like to speak with Carrie before printing the report up, but Lucas says Mike and Carrie went out for a drive in his new car. Everyone goes to the window and they see Mike and Carrie outside at Mike's new car.

Outside Mike thanks Carrie for teaching him to enjoy life more, and they both hug each other and drive off.

Back at Austin's place Lucas says "What a couple they make" and Austin calls him a bastard. Austin assures him that once Sami remembers everything he and Carrie will be back together. They fight a bit and Austin decides to take a walk to cool off. Once Austin is gone Sami shows Lucas a neat surprise and stands up. Lucas asks how long she's been able to do this, and she says he learned about it just this morning. Sami says she's going to show Austin when he gets back, but Lucas doesn't think she should tell Austin about this right now. Sami says that over the last couple of days it seems like he doesn't want her to get better, and this news is important to her. Lucas says that maybe she should wait till she can take a few steps, and she says that if she doesn't tell Austin she'll feel deceptive, and that's not natural to her. Sami does say it seems natural to Lucas, and asks if Carrie doesn't want to be with him because he is manipulative. Lucas just says he's an analyzer and analyzes the situation and says what he sees. Sami apologizes and says she didn't mean to attack him, and Lucas says he just believes that timing is everything and she needs to trust him. Sami says she's think about and when Sami plugs the iron in. Suddenly she screams and her hair flies up! Sami comes to and she thinks it's back in December! She's BACK!

On his walk Austin can't seem to get the image of Mike and Carrie out of his head.

At Jen's place Laura thanks Mickey for helping her even though he thinks she's off the deep end. Jen comes downstairs and asks Mickey about the new petition for Jack, but Mickey says a favorable ruling maybe a long shot. Laura blurts out once everyone knows Peter is alive Jack will be set free. Jen tries to reason with Laura, but she says she'll have proof tomorrow. Jen looks at Laura and asks her what kind of proof will she have? Laura says she just hopes to have proof from a very good source, and Jen says she's getting her hopes up over nothing because Kristen is just such a good person. Laura leaves and Jen asks Mickey if he's encouraging her mothers delusional fantasies. Mickey just says he hopes that she will realize Peter is dead and she'll seek the counseling she needs.

Mike shows up at Jen's place and everyone goes to see the new car. Laura comments how nice Carrie and Mike look together, but Jen says Carrie's in love with Austin. Jen and Carrie take the car out for a test drive and Mickey goes home. Later Jen tells Carrie she seems to have been a very good influence on her brother. Laura and Mike go out for a test drive, and Mike says it's so good to see her smiling again. They return home, and Laura says Carrie seems to make him very happy. Mike says they are just good friends, but Laura begs to differ.

Jen and Carrie are talking about planing a Brady/Horton picnic when Jen says Kristen and John are going to renew their vows. Jen goes to find some old family albums and Carrie wishes she could tell Jen what a rotten person Kristen really is. Mike and Laura return and Carrie and Laura talk about Kristen and her evil ways. Laura tells Carrie to have faith and everything will work out. Later Laura and Jen talk about Mike and Carrie (outside), and Laura says Mike and Carrie are much better together because they come from good families, unlike Austin. Unfortunately Austin happened to be there and overhears everything Laura said to Jen. Austin comes into the house and when he sees Carrie and Mike remembering about the past he wonders about their relationship.

At the DiMera mansion Susan is studying up on vampires with some books she checked out. The book says that there are no real vampires, but Susan is confident that Vivian and Ivan are vampires and they've beemed Marlena up to the mothership. The maid comes in and says she picked up a movie about vampires for Susan, so she decides to watch it. When they get to the part in the movie where they raise the sleeping dead from the coffin Susan screams. The made tells her there is no such thing as vampires, and suggests she take a walk and she'll watch the baby.

Downstairs Kristen tells Ivan and Vivian that they will help her dig up Peter's grave because they are all in this together. Vivian refuses to dig up anyone and Kristen reminds her it was only a few years ago she buried Carly Manning alive. John calls to update Kristen on the search for Marlena, and Kristen tells him to take all the time he needs. Kristen walks out to the patio and says how she hates daylight savings time because they can't start digging until after dark.

Once it's dusk Vivian, Ivan, and Kristen head out to the cemetery and begin digging up Peter's grave. While out on her walk Susan sees Vivian, Ivan, and Kristen digging up Peter's grave and is convinced they are all vampires. They eventually reach the coffin and go to load it up onto the truck.

Susan runs home screaming for John but he's not home. Susan decides she needs and drink and then she finds the little TV monitor by the brandy. Susan thinks the monitor is a little TV, and when she turns it on she sees Marlena!

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