May 97 Week 3


May 12 Summary by Laney
Well today Mike drops by to see Carrie with Thai food - he figures she hasn't had supper which is right. They talk about Austin and Sami and what it's doing to her and Austin's relationship. Mike tells her not to give up that things will work out. She hopes so and she knows that Austin will keep his promise not to sleep with Sami and Mike agrees. But over at the apt Sami asks Austin again to join her in bed. He says he's not tired and puts her to bed but in a few minutes here he comes to join her thinking to himself that it will help Sami get her memory back. As they lay in bed Sami has some pains and starts screaming which Carrie & Mike hear. So C uses her key to get in only to find Austin in bed with Sami - boy the look she gives him. Mike says she needs an ice pack on her back and since Austin says he doesn't have much he sends them to Carrie's to get some. Austin starts apologizing the minute they get out the door but Carrie is so upset she doesn't want to hear it. She says I bet you would even have sex with her if she asked - ouch!!! Austin says he just wants Sami to get her memory back so they can be together. Carrie knows it's hopeless for now and they need to get the ice to Sami. Returning to the apt with the ice, everything is OK for now and Mike and Carrie leave. Sami mentions what a cute couple they would be (has Lucas already talked to her?) and Austin looks shocked that she would think that. He peaks out the door to see C & M hugging as he is comforting her. When Austin returns to Sami she says what a great catch Mike is and after her was Carrie's first crush (interesting!!!)

At Kate and Victor's, Viv is preparing to leave (and she looks good) and goes into the den to say bye to Vic (who is making a cameo appearance today in the wheelchair ). As she reaches over to hug Vic Kate walks in and wants to know what's going on. Viv says she's leaving and Kate is ecstatic. She hollers for Henderson to come hear the good news and suggest they throw a party. They leave to prepare the party as Viv wonders if she is doing the right thing but she heads upstairs to pack her bags. Lucas comes to visit and get one last piece of advice. He asks her about her opinion (which he also got from Kate earlier) on whether A would let C go if he knew that Lucas was waiting for her and naturally she says of course not. So then Lucas says but what if it were someone like Mike Horton. Viv tells him that how can he be sure that Carrie won't fall in love with Mike and then he'll still lose Carrie. But Lucas says oh no he's smarter than that - he can keep C & M from falling for each other but still manage to get Austin to let her go (don't be so sure of yourself Lucas). He leaves and Viv calls Kristen to invite her to join them on the jet - it's leaving in one hour. But just a little while later when she's trying to figure out where to go she decides no - she's staying in Salem - she can't leave her darling Victor.

At the DiMera mansion, things continue between Marlena and Kristen. Marlena is so excited and can't wait for John to get home. They go back and forth about how evil Kristen is and that she is truly a DiMera. The phone rings and Marlena runs for it thinking it might be John but it's Viv. Marlena says how mean she is and then hands the phone to Kristen. Viv mentions that they almost got away with it - if they had just gotten Susan in the room - things would be fine. All of a sudden you see the light go off for Kristen and she says she knows what she has to do. Kristen tells Malena that she's joining Viv and giving up. Marlena is surprised that Kristen is giving up so easy and even looks like she doubts her but Kristen heads out the front door. As she closes the door she gets smile on her face so you know she's up to no good. In the meantime, Susan wakes up and wonders what Kristen is up to but stays in the room. She has a daydream that Elvis comes to visit again (she' in Kristen drag) - oh he's returned for her. He starts saying more of his song titles and then grabs his sideburn and pulls it off - it's John disguised as Elvis to fool Kristen - and says this is the real John so Susan pulls off her wig and teeth and says well this is the real me and they kiss - too funny. Marlena is pacing waiting for John who got pulled for speeding but got off with a warning. Al of a sudden she hears a noise downstairs and thinks it's John - that he's been home all this time. She rushes downstairs to find him and goes into the wine cellar. Kristen is hiding and sneaks up behind Marlena with a huge tarp (?) and throws it over Marlena. She wrestles with M and pushes her into the room. As she is trying to get the door shut Marlena reaches out and grabs the wall trying to keep K from closing the door. In the meantime Susan heard the noise and comes down to the front door to investigate with bat in hand. She hide behind the door as John comes home. She raises the bat to hit John just as he gets in and manages to stop her. She is scared and heard noises so John wants to go check it out. Susan begs John not to go - there's a dungeon down there. But he picks her up to move her out of the way and places her on the stairs and tells her to go to the nursery. As he approaches K hears the footsteps and bites M's arm to get her to turn loose. She gets the door slammed shut and grabs a bottle of wine just as John opens the door to the cellar. She lies to him and says she was just getting a bottle of wine for them and suggests they head upstairs. John tells her that he ran off the prowler at Jen's and had Abe send someone to watch the place. Kristen asks what else is wrong and he tells her about what Laura said. He asks where Doc is but Kristen says she's not home yet. And as this is going on Marlena can see them and she also realizes this is the dungeon Susan was telling her about. Kristen tells John it's time to go to bed but he wants to wait for Doc and she says OK because she knows that Marlena is locked away. Before heading to bed K checks in on Marlena who realizes what a sophisticated system it is. K talks to M and then turns off the monitor and calls someone to tell Stef that she has what he wants and to come and get it. Credits roll.


May 13
At Salem place Franco reads about Billie's arrest in the paper and talks to Hope about it, Hope then tells Franco about the situation and explains everything to him. When Franco asks how Bo took her arrest, and Hope said he was furious, at her! Franco says it must be over with her and Bo now, but Hope says every time she thinks it's over Bo gives her a reason to think otherwise. Hope plans to go talk to Bo and leaves. After she's gone Franco calls his boss and tells him or her that Bo is giving Hope mixed signals and with Billie in jail Bo and Hope may grow closer.

In Salem place Celeste and Lexie are out spending the day together in Salem Place when they see Hope and Franco together. Lexie says she wishes Celeste could look into her crystal ball and tell her what will happen with Bo and Hope. Celeste says her powers are not laughing matter, they are a curse, and Lexie apologizes for joking about Celeste's gift. As the two of them talk Celeste gets a strange vibe and senses a great shadow overcoming Salem and an evil presence is coming which will bring danger to many lives.

In jail Billie reads the story about herself in the paper and Abe tells Bo and Billie that Billie's stabbing was a warning from King to them not to cross him. Bo goes to see King and tells him if he hurts Billie or his son again he will kill him! King asks Bo what he wants, and Bo says he wants King to leave the people he loves alone, and says that if he doesn't trust him he'll find another crime syndicate to work for! JL tells Bo okay, and Bo leaves. Max plans to off Bo for "dissing" King like that, but King says no, Bo would never have threatened him if he was working undercover, he trusts Bo completely now.

Back in jail Billie daydreams about being with Bo. Hope and Franco learn that Billie was stabbed, and Hope decides to go check on Billie. When Hope goes into the cell it startles Billie who begins to scream, she was dreaming that someone was coming after her. Hope tells Billie she's sorry for what happened, and Billie is sorry for the trouble she got Shawn D into, and the two hug. Hope tells Billie he wants to help her, but Billie says it's to late, with her previous drug record she'll be sent to jail for sure. Hope asks Billie why she would get involved with drugs again, but Billie just walks away from Hope. Hope asks how long Bo has known she's using, but Billie says her relationship with Bo is none of her business. Hope says that since he's Shawn D's father she has a right to know, and she also tells Billie that Bo had something to tell her last night about his relationship with her (Billie) and she will find out what he wanted to say before they were interrupted. Hope then leaves, and Billie prays Bo doesn't tell Hope the truth.

Upstairs the DA Pat Hamilton has shown up to prosecute Billie, who will spend a long stretch in prison unless Bo can prove Billie was framed. Franco steps into the conversation and says that he saw someone at the Snake Pit put something into Billie's purse. Bo and Abe manage to convince Pat Hamilton to drop the charges as long as Billie stays clean and Abe cleans up the Snake Pit. After Pat is gone Abe and Bo talk about Bo's meeting with King, and Bo says he still thinks he should tell Hope the truth. Abe leaves when Hope comes to see Bo, and Bo tells Hope that Billie was framed and she's being released. Hope says she can see why Bo loves Billie, especially since she put her life on the line to protect Shawn D, but she (Hope) says that she also knows when Bo looks at her he loves her more. Hope asks Bo if that is what he was going tell her last night on the pier, and Bo says all he wanted to do was to convince her Billie was innocent. Hope says she must have misunderstood and leaves. Bo tells himself if there was another slip up King could kill her. Hope leaves the room and sees Franco, and learns that Franco was the one who cleared Billie. Hope wonders why Bo and Billie are spending so much time at the Snake Pit. Billie is released, and when she goes to see Bo she learns that he didn't tell Hope the truth, so she thinks she can still wins Bo's heart.

At the DiMera mansion John dreams about his conversation with Kristen about whether or not Marlena has feelings for him. When he wakes up John wonders if Marlena really loves him or not.

Upstairs in the DiMera Mansion Susan tells Elvis that they made it through the night, but she wonders if John is okay because he went to the dungeon after hearing noises down there. Susan than tells Elvis they are going to go shopping in Salem Place.

In the secret room Marlena wakes up and is greeted by Kristen on the monitor. Kristen tells her that she can see and hear Marlena any time she wants to, and that Marlena can see or hear anything she wants her to. Kristen also tells Marlena it's her own fault she down there, if she had agreed to keep quiet she wouldn't have had to resort to such measures. Marlena says John will find her, but Kristen assures her he'll never find her before Stefano comes to taker her away!

Kristen goes into the garden and taunts Marlena a little bit more when John comes out to see her and asks Kristen who she's talking to. Kristen says she was just talking to the birds, and John can't get what Laura said to him out of his mind. Marlena thinks Laura may be able to be her ticket out of the room if only she could remember everything and make people believe she was telling the truth. Susan barges into Kristen and John's conversation telling them that she is taking the baby to Salem Place now, and leaves. John asks Kristen why Susan is still around, and Kristen says she's just giving Susan a little time to find other employment before she gets a new nanny. John tells her that Susan is weird, but she has a way with John Jr. John even says that Susan almost clubbed him with a bat last night and told him she thinks Dracula's dungeon is in their basement. John thinks if he proved to her the basement was just a basement maybe she won't be so weirded out, so he decides to take Susan downstairs and show it to her right now! Kristen manages to convince John not to waste his time with Susan sense she's leaving soon, and John tries to call Marlena but she hasn't shown up for work. John decides to take a shower and Kristen uses the time to taunt Marlena a little more.

Kristen forces Marlena to watch John and her share breakfast, and John learns from the maid that Marlena never came home because her bed wasn't slept in. John looks around and finds Marlena's car is still in the garage. John panics and says he has to call Abe, and Marlena tells Kristen that Abe will search this house and she will be found. Marlena also says that John will find her, just like he found her in Paris.

Abe comes over to the DiMera mansion and John thinks Stefano has Marlena, so he won't be checking the house as Kristen puts it. Unfortunately Kristen's wrong, Abe wants to search the house from top to bottom!

Back in Salem Place Lexie goes to get some tea when Susan shows up and meets Lexie. As the two talk Celeste senses a strange vibe, and Celeste asks Susan straight out if John Jr. is Kristen's child or hers! Lexie wonders why she would ask such a question, and Celeste says every time she see Susan she hears Elvis Presley in her head. Susan says she must have the gift and probably knows about the vampires in Salem. Celeste says there are no vampires in Salem, and asks Susan once again whose baby John Jr is. Susan just dodges the question and leaves, claiming she has to go. After Susan is gone Lexie asks Celeste how she could think John Jr. isn't Kristen's child, and Celeste says she just has this feeling and that she must know the truth, and feels they are connected to Stefano!

Meanwhile in another part of Salem Place Susan tells Elvis they have to stay away from the Celeste because she could interfere with Susan's plan to take Kristen's place!


May 14
Todays Summary is by Linda because Dustin has to meet a deadline for another site

Mike stops by to visit Carrie (yippie, he's in a nice blue shirt and lost the geek outfit!). He was on his way to check on Sami and encourages Carrie to keep communication open with Austin. Carrie quietly pleas for Austin not to fall under Sami's spell. Meanwhile, next door Sami and Austin wake up together. Sami tells Austin she slept so well with him there with her. Austin said it feels right and leans over and kisses Sami. Yeah, yeah, it's a Sami dream. Austin wakes up on the couch and quickly moves sheets and pillow off couch before Sami wakes up. He quietly crawls back into bed before she wakes up. Sami wakes up and says it's just like her dream. Austin jumps up to make coffee and when Sami tells them they're out, he tells her he's going next door to Carries for some.

Austin comes over for coffee and Mike hands Carrie a cup of coffee and leaves to go see Sami. Austin asks Carrie to talk it out. She said she would not put up with him sleeping with Sami and he tells her he spent the night on the couch and gives her a hug.

Mike comes back from checking on Sami and Carrie gives him a cup of coffee with milk and honey, just like he likes it. Austin watches, a little jealous. Carrie goes to check on Sami and Sami tells Carrie that she and Austin spent the night together. Carrie wheels Sami out to the living room from the bedroom and Carrie and Austin come in with 2 huge boxes of toys for Will that Grandma dropped off of Belle's and Brady's. Mike tells Sami that he wants to take Sami to the park so he can observe her progress. Austin tells Carrie why Sami said they slept all night together, he was only in Sami's bed for about a minute, but she doesn't know who to believe now. When she asks about Sami saying he kissed her (confusion from her dream), he denies it.

Sami and Mike return with Lucas. She asked Lucas to come help Austin set up all the toys for Will. Gee, guess Carrie couldn't do that? Carrie leaves to get some air and Mike follows her. Arm in arm they walk away just as Austin opens the door and watches. Lucas starts his spiel on Austin that Carrie has a new man in her life, Mike. Arm and arm, Mike and Carrie walk out in the park. Sami looks out their window and sees Mike and Carrie together on park bench with his arm around her (gee, I thought their window over looked an alley? all those times on the patio outside their window in nighties was overlooking the street and park????).


Celeste and Lexie are still shopping. Celeste still has a strong sensation about Susan and Elvis keeps singing in her head (that same song too, he does know others!!). Susan is doing wheelies with Elvis' carriage. She tells Elvis he looks just like the king himself. Celeste, still holding her ears, feels a strong connection between Stephano and Susan.


Viv wakes up with a killer hangover, 1 too many martini's she says. She doesn't even realize that they didn't leave town. Viv's surprised that John hasn't come to arrest them being they're still in Salem. She tells Ivan that John will surely be over and he's as likely to forgive them as become Stephano's best friend. Time to leave town, tuit suite!!! Yeaoww!! What a headache she has. Next scene Viv is dressed in an all white gauzy looking gown with a Celeste type big brimmed white hat. When Ivan asks where they're going, Viv said maybe somewhere tropical. Ivan has a daydream that they'll be on a sunny beach. ROFL They both have flower leis on their heads and he's rubbing lotion on her. Viv gets up and in a grass skirt and floral halter top, starts doing a seductive hula for him. Her skirt has too much grass at first, so Ivan dreams some away. After hearing this, Viv tells Ivan she has her own fantasy and the next scene we see Olga in the same outfit and she comes over and plunks onto Ivan's lap. Ivan tells her she knows how to ruin his fantasy. Viv's in no mood to face the consequences of John's wrath. On the way out, Lucas re-iterates his plot to have Carrie and Mike get together to separate Austin and Carrie, and then he'll move in for the kill. Viv reminds Lucas there's still a chance Carrie might not want him.

Back at Dimansion, just as John and Abe were going to head to the cellar, Kristen tells them she already checked and there's nothing down there. They say ok and head off for somewhere else to search. Kristen rubs all of this in Marlena's face. (why doesn't Marlena just turn off the tv..that way Kristen can't talk or see her and get her curious as to what she's doing? If that didn't work, cover it, make someone come down!)

Kristen and Marlena continue to banter over the magic goggles, I mean the tv system.

John tells Abe what happened over at Jen's the night before. John's overwhelmed at the thought of him and Marlena. He feels it's too late for him and Doc as he's married to Kristen and his vows are sacred. He loves Kristen. She's given him a beautiful son. They have to find whoever's responsible for Marlena's disappearance and punish them.

Kristen comes down and throws a bag of food into Marlena saying it's feeding time for the animals. When Marlena asks if it's poisoned, Kristen said no, she's got to keep her fat and sassy til Stephano picks her up. When Marlena calls her hideous, Kristen said she brought it on herself by sticking her nose into her business. She'll be having pillow talk with Stephano soon and she and John will be happy. Marlena keeps reminding Kristen that she's not married to John (gee, how many times do we have to hear that?, Kristen will get the idea to have another wedding outside the hospital soon I bet to make it legit). Marlena dreams about find a magic button to open the door and as soon as she finds it, John comes rushing in. He found out about Kristen. Just as Kristen shuts the peephole, John comes downstairs and asks Kristen what she's doing. He said he came down just to quickly look for any signs of where Doc is. He tells Kristen he needs to talk with her about Susan as she's been acting really wierd by all her talking about Elvis. Kristen sighs, what's next, and follows him upstairs.

Abe had airports and bus stations checked. No signs of Doc. (Yeah, Stephano would take the bus!) John's worried about Marlena, he just can't go on without her and looks surprised at his statement. Ivan said the car is ready, and as much as Viv hates to leave her darling Victor, feels they must leave for now. Kristen calls just in time and tells Viv to get over to her house right away. She doesn't tell Viv anything, just to get over right away. Ivan would rather split the country, but Viv is more worried about the consequences with Stephano involved.

Celeste and Lexie show up at Dimansion. Celeste wants to warn John about Susan. Kristen tells Celeste and Lexie that Marlena is missing and Stephano's probably involved. That may be why Celeste feels that way. Alone with Kristen, Celeste disagrees as to why she feels that way about Stephano. Celeste denies anything to do with Stephano since Paris. Kristen says Celeste's insane to think Stephano and Susan are involved.

Kristen snickers to Marlena and then calls Bart, Stephano's man from the garden. She tells him to have Steph come get his queen of the night out of Salem after the coast is clear. Unfortunately, Bart doesn't know where Steph is and Kristen doesn't like that.

Viv and Ivan walk into Dimansion and overhear John and Abe talking. Still not knowing what's going on. John wants to know what the Hell's going on and Ivan starts saying it's all Kristen's fault, they were just following orders. He's willing to talk if John's easy on them. Kristen signals them from the door to shut up. Kristen comes up and tells them about Marlena being kidnapped. When John asks what Ivan meant, Viv said it was a surprise they were helping Kristen with. John and Abe go back into living room and shut the door. Kristen tells Viv and Ivan to go to Salem Place and get Susan and bring her back there and get her under control, or she'll sick Stephano on THEM.

Back at Salem Place, Susan wishes she had never had anything to do with Stephano. She tells Elvis that Dr. Marlena Evans is going to help her and John be together. She's so glad that Stephano is far away from Salem when she looks up and say, oh Lord in Heaven, it's you.

Lexie and Celeste talk in the garden. Celeste knows something peculiar is happening, she just can't put her finger on it. Viv finds the remote tv transmitter in Kristen's jacket and looks at it saying Marlena as she watches Marlena in the room. Marlena starts shouting for Vivian to help her, but we don't hear it on Viv's end. John goes over to see what Viv means by calling Marlena's name and the credits roll.


May 15
Austin and Sami are watching Carrie and Mike sitting together out on a park bench, and Lucas watches as Austin glares with jealousy. Lucas says they make a nice couple, but Austin assures them that nothing romantic is going on between Mike and Carrie. Sami then says she's so sorry things didn't work out with Lucas and Carrie but tells Lucas not to give up on Carrie. Lucas says that he realizes that Mike and Carrie were meant for each other and all he can be is Carrie's friend. Austin then decides to leave and check up on Will. Austin returns and claims Will has woken up and needs Sami to put him back to sleep, and then Austin accuses Lucas of spreading lies about Mike and Carrie. Lucas says he's finally given up on Carrie and says Mike and Carrie belong together. Austin then says he knows Carrie is better off without Lucas, but he's meant to be with Carrie, but Lucas says that the Horton's are a much better family for Carrie, not the son of Curtis Reed.

Outside on the bench Mike tells Carrie everything will work out if she believes it. Carrie and Mike then share memories about the old Horton Brady picnics, and Carrie says it would do everyone good to revive the tradition. Mike also tells Carrie to be careful with Lucas but Carrie believes Lucas has changed. Mike then tells Carrie if she does get lonely he can count on him because aside from work he has no life (Well, Mike said there is nothing else, but we no what he meant).

In Salem Place Susan runs into "Elvis" and Susan exclaims "You came back for me and our baby!" Elvis tells Susan that her baby is not his son, he doesn't even know her. Susan says he does so know her, he's come to save her from the alien and vampires, but Elvis only tells her that she needs help. Elvis tells her he needs to go but she really needs to call a psychiatrist. As Elvis is going to leave another woman comes up to him and when she hears Susan say "Little Elvis" is his son the woman tells him to spill it, and it better be good!

Celeste and Lexie are talking about Stefano and Marlena, but Celeste doesn't think Stefano has taken Marlena anywhere, though she does feels Stefano's evil presence in Salem. Lexie asks Celeste what vibes she is picking up about Marlena, and Celeste says she is close to being saved, but one mistake and she could be lost forever. Celeste also insists that Susan is the key to finding Marlena, but Lexie just doesn't understand how or why.

Susan tries to make an appointment with Marlena like Elvis told her to, but they tell her Marlena is out. Suddenly Lexie and Celeste approach Susan to ask her about their missing friend, but Susan just hums in hopes Celeste won't read her mind. Susan eventually goes to walk away and Lexie tells her they really need to find Marlena. Suddenly Susan turns around and says "Dr. Marlena Evans is missing?" When Lexie asks if she knows anything about Marlena and Susan says the vampires must have gotten her, and then she walks away. Lexie thinks Susan is nuts, but Celeste says she feels an evil presence growing in Salem, and she doesn't know if it can be stopped.

Marlena begs Kristen not to take her away from her children, unaware that it's Vivian holding the mini-TV monitor. Upstairs John asks what Vivian is holding, and asks to see it! Suddenly Kristen says Vivian is so pale, and grabs the TV monitor from Vivian. Vivian tells Ivan to go to the wine cellar and check it out as Kristen explains that Vivian was watching a TV Newscast on a mini-tv and says Marlena's disappearance must have been leaked to the press. John leaves the room to call Abe and Vivian realizes Kristen is holding Marlena in the secret room. Kristen said she had no choice and appeals to Vivian's hate against Kate and says Stefano will be picking up Marlena soon.

John returns and Kristen tells John he might want to tell Carrie and Sami now that the TV station has learned about Marlena's disappearance. After John is gone Kristen goes to plant an anonymous tip to the TV station and tells Vivian to tell Ivan to keep his mouth shut about everything (Kristen says he's such an idiot he'll blurt the truth out). Vivian then remembers Ivan went to the wine cellar to get her some brandy, and the two rush down there.

Downstairs Ivan is searching through the bottles for some Conak and decides to prove he's not coward by going into the secret room and leaving it. Ivan opens the room and enters and comes face to face with Marlena! Kristen and Vivian make it down in time and Kristen manages to lock Marlena back up. Marlena begs Ivan to help her to escape but Kristen tells them if either of them tell anyone about this they'll have to live on Stefano's island with Marlena for ever. Kristen then says she has to figure out a way to deal with Susan, when Susan walks in the front door. Susan says she knows they beamed Marlena up to the mother ship and she won't let them do it to her and Elvis.

John comes to see Carrie and Sami and tells them that Marlena is missing again. John promises he will find her and bring her back, and he won't rest until she does. Sami begins to cry, and Carrie tells her everything will be okay. Carrie then asks Mike to walk her back to the apartment, and Austin says if he needs to talk he'll be here. Austin tells Sami she should probably lay down, and Austin says he wants to go over to ask Carrie to stay with them for a bit, he doesn't want her to be alone.

Over at Carrie's place Carrie is furious with Austin for being there for Sami but not her. John comes in and Carrie decides to call work and tell them she won't be in for a few days. Mike tells John he'll be there for her in Austin's place, and when Austin and Lucas are at the door! Lucas tells Austin he told you so, and before he can talk to Carrie about it Sami calls for Austin, she had a horrible nightmare that her mother was angry with her (Flashback).


May 16
Todays Summary is by Linda, sorry to have to bum the summaries off them this week, I've just been soooooooo busy

Austin trys to comfort Sami after her nightmare by asking her to tell him about it. Lucas comes rushing in and telling Austin it's best for Sami not to relive her nightmares. Austin tells him to butt out of their lives after Sami goes to splash water on her face. Lucas tells him he's just angry as Dr. Mike is getting closer with Carrie. They both go to evesdrop on Carrie's door. On the way out, John promises Carrie that he'll find Marlena. Carrie and Mike discuss Austin's methods of getting Sami's memory back and for her to hang in there. (check out all the huge shadows behind everyone in the hallway in this show..tacky tacky).

Sami and Carrie start to talk about things from Sami's past, when Sami remembers Lucas telling her it's best to keep her memories to herself. Sami does ask Carrie if she's ever said anything bad to Marlena in the last few years (oh no, nothing Sami). Carrie said we all say things that hurt others, but not to worry about it.

John goes to St. Lukes to pray for help in getting Marlena back.

Lucas tells Mike that he's going to ask Carrie out for dinner and Mike tells Lucas no he's not. Mike, after hearing Lucas said he was going to take her out to make her feel better, said HE'LL take her out for dinner and rushes in to make reservations at Chez Vous. When Lucas asks Mike about doesn't he have to work, Mike said let him worry about that. Mike doesn't say anything to Carrie about dinner and leaves.

Austin returns to the apt. with milk for Will's bottle and Sami wheels off to prepare it. Austin tells Carrie he's sorry about Marlena and he just wants to put his arms around her. When he asks about Mike, Carrie says she hopes he can spend more time with her. Sami brings Will out after his week long nap. Carrie says good night and heads back to her apt.

Carrie opens the door laterto find Mike is a blue suit and tie (va va voom!!!) telling her he's there to take her to Chez Vous for dinner and will not take no for an answer. Carrie readily accepts and goes to change. Late next door, Lucas shows up with a rubber ducky for Will. Austin takes Will into the bathroom to clean him up (chocolate all over his face) and Sami tells Lucas she had another memory. Lucas tells Sami that she should have more than a vague memory before telling Austin anything when Sami tells him she hates not telling Austin everything. Lucas tells Sami a positive memory about her and Austin, when they use to have romantic dinners at Chez Vous as she loved the pasta there. (knowing Mike and Carrie are going to Chez Vous for dinner). When Austin asks what kind of take out Sami wanted, she said how about Chez Vous? When he asks how she knew about Chez Vous, she said someone mentioned she liked the pasta from there. (good going Lucas). Austin rushes off to Chez Vous.

Sami has more memories about Marlena being mad at her for doing something terrible, but can't remember what. When Lucas tells her he doesn't know why, she said she'll ask Carrie, but remembers she went to bed early. At Chez Vous, Carrie and Mike have a good time remembering the past. Austin arrives at Chez Vous to order take out (he didn't call first??). He hears laughing and goes into the restaurant to find Carrie and Mike laughing. He seems surprised and says Carrie? Credits roll.


At Dimansion, Susan is home with bags of garlic and puts a bag under each window sill in the nursery. Downstairs, Kristen, Viv and Ivan watch Marlena pace on the remote tv, while trying to figure out what to do with Susan. Kristen came up with an idea. While Viv is trying to tell Marlena she is innocent of abducting her, Marlena says all three of them will pay when she gets out. Kristen clicks the remote off after telling Marlena that she's the only one going anywhere. The trio head up to the nursery and find Susan wearing a garlic lei. She's holding a mirror up to them telling them vampires don't like garlic and mirrors. Viv said nonsense, she's not a vampire,and holds the mirror and saying she looks horrible. Kristen tells Susan that John will have her committed if he sees all that garlic around. Susan said Kristen and her vampire friends took Dr. Evans away. Kristen said no, it's all her fault that Stephano came and took Dr. Evans away. When Susan asks why, Kristen said it's because she was bad. Stephano found out that she was going to tell John all her secrets and instead of punishing Susan, took Dr. Evans away instead. When Susan asks if there's a way to get her back, Kristen said maybe she can talk Stephano into letting Marlena come back if Susan promises not to tell John or anyone anything about John Jr. Also, she will torch Graceland. That really upsets Susan. When Kristen comes out of the room, Ivan approaches her worried if she'll really burn down Graceland. Kristen looks at Ivan like she'll do anything to keep John type of look.

In her room, Marlena tells herself to keep thinking about her future, her children and John. Enter a dream sequence with Marlena and John dressed up in tux and gown. Marlena finds a ring in her champagne glass and John pulls the ring out and tells her if she puts that ring on her finger, she'll have to marry him. They stand up and kiss. (her hair is pulled up in back like it's longer). Marlena prays that her dream comes true and to help John find the way. John says the same words in church. (we ALL are saying it God..please help John find Marlena so we don't have to endure it any longer either!).

Marlena remembers that Susan knew about the secret room (dungeon) and maybe she'll come down and find her. Upstairs, Susan tells Elvis that Kristen is threatening to burn down his Daddy's house, cuz she's mean, mean, mean. Kristen is trying to focus as to why Stephano picked Susan and not someone more sane and where is Stephano. Viv tells Kristen to have a back up plan by telling John that Stephano brainwashed her to do all these things. Kristen agreed that it was a great idea, but first she has to legally marry John as Marlena knows they aren't married. John walks in hearing Kristen say Marlena knows something and questions her. Viv covers by saying Marlena knows that Stephano would never let her go and must be terrified. John goes upstairs to call Shane and the ISA for a lead. Kristen rubs it into Marlena that Stephano can't be found and bets her that Stephano will come take her away before John finds her.

Susan tells herself that Kristen Blake Black crossed the line by threatening to burn down the King's house, so now she'll have to speed up her plans to get rid of her. Next couple of scenes we see Susan in her sweatsuit trying to do situps. ROFL Viv tells John that she thinks John and Kristen should have a beautiful marriage at St. Luke's being they were married in the delivery room. John said it's a nice thought, but he can't even think of doing anything while Marlena is missing. Kristen makes sure Marlena hears that.

Alone with John, Viv continues to work on John about a wedding. When Kristen and Ivan return with the tea, they play into the conversation about how wonderful it would be if. At first Kristen goes on about how wonderful Marlena is and always thinking of everyone else first, yadda yadda yadda. Kristen says maybe with Marlena missing it would bring everyones spirits up, and John finally agrees that they should plan a big church wedding. Kristen said no, it should be here at the house, because it'll be easier on Marlena after just returning (gag me). John said to make the arrangements. After John leaves, Kristen does the victory arm tug a couple of times and rubs the wedding into Marlena's face. (man, are we getting to hate her or WHAT?) John heads upstairs to read material that may help him find Doc, while Kristen verbally dreams to Marlena where she and John will go for their honeymoon. Marlena tells Kristen to enjoy her dreams, as that's all she'll have in prison.

BLOOPER ALERT While John and Kristen are in bed in her dream kissing and holding each other, you head a man saying CLEAR and then both Drake and Eileen stop and look up. Listen for it.

Susan tells Elvis that maybe they'll go to Hawaii as she won't need to wear as many clothes after she's skinny like Kristen. Susan has her own daydream where she and John are in bed and she pulls off her wig and the dentures. John tells her it's really her, not Kristen that he loves and they start kissing (but you can see there smiling doing it) ROFL.

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