May 97 Week 2


May 5
At Austin's place Sami suspects something is up when Austin and Carrie rush out together to go see Billie in jail. Lucas tries to convince her they both just care about Billie, but Sami says Austin acted like he needed Carrie. Sami tells Lucas to tell her the truth if something is going on she doesn't know about, but Lucas just continues to make excuses and says Sami just must be nervous about sleeping with Austin tonight. Sami then says she wishes Carrie had a man in her life and can't understand why Carrie wouldn't jump to be with Lucas, unless she was in love with another man. Sami then wonders if Carrie could be in love with a man she can't have, Austin! Lucas says that's ridiculous and manages to convince Sami that Carrie's just around to help her sister. Sami then says she should be comforting her husband and asks Lucas to take her to the station.

At the station Hope informs Austin and Carrie that Billie was arrested for possession of cocaine. Hope explains the situation to Austin and Carrie, but Austin won't believe that Billie is using again until he hears it from her himself.

Bo tells Billie she has to spend the night in jail, and then he comforts her when she blames everything that's gone wrong on herself. Bo tells Billie that another cop in the station is on King's payroll, so they have to be very careful.

Austin asks Abe to let him see Billie and he takes him to her. Billie is hurt that she can't tell Austin the truth. Austin asks her to tell him she's not using again, but Billie says it's complicated and asks him not to pressure her. Austin tells her not to let Curtis drag her down again, and she tells Austin he's the one being dragged down by Curtis, he's so afraid of being like him he's gotten himself mixed up with Sami. The two argue a bit, and Austin asks Billie to look him in the eyes and tell him she's using again. Billie can't do it, and then asks Austin to go along with this. Austin doesn't understand but he says the people who know her will believe she's not using again, like Carrie.

Hope tells Carrie she really does care about Billie, and she can't figure out what is going on with Bo and Billie. Austin comes out and tells Carrie Billie is fine, and the two hug. Suddenly Sami and Lucas show up, and Sami wants to know what's going on. Austin asks what she's doing here, and Sami says she was concerned about Billie. Austin says they were hugging because they were relieved that Billie isn't using. Carrie and Austin then get into an argument, Carrie believes Hope but Austin believes Billie. Hope shows up and they all get into a huge argument about Billie and the drugs when Billie shows up with Bo and asks them not to fight. Sami asks Austin to take her home, and Lucas gives Carrie a ride home. Austin and Sami return home and Sami is upset, so Austin kisses her, which just makes her day.

Later Abe tells Bo that their entire cover was blown tonight and now they have to try to turn the situation to their advantage. Bo calls King and asks to see if he can get the drug shipment brought back in because he needs the money to pay for Billie's defense. King eventually agrees because he thinks Bo will be even more useful now that Bo is shaken up about Billie's arrest.

Hope confronts Hope when he's going to see Billie, and he tells her to stay the hell out of everything because there are other cops around.

Vivian and Ivan are trapped in the secret room and are unable to get out, and Ivan is panicking from his claustrophobia.

Upstairs Marlena and John go to meet the baby nurse, but when Susan isn't in the nursery Kristen thinks Vivian must have locked Susan up. Susan however is in the bathroom taking off her Kristen make-up. Susan hears Kristen and the others in the nursery as Marlena and John go gaa-gaa over the baby. Kristen does everything she can to get Marlena and John to leave, but they refuse to. Meanwhile Susan wants to call Marlena, but realizes her phone is in the nursery! Marlena holds John Jr. and says that he seems to be fine to her, and Kristen says the baby nurse said she thought he had the sniffles. Kristen pretends to be angry and then says she's going to fire her. Marlena says she'd like to meet the nurse first, but Kristen says the nurse must be out. John then sees Susan's purse and says she must be somewhere in the house because her purse is still here. Kristen says perhaps she's in the new playroom, and Marlena and John leave to see if she's there. After they are gone Kristen pulls out her mini Television to check on Susan but is shocked to see Vivian and Ivan in the room!

Kristen asks them what the hell they are doing and Vivian and Ivan say that Susan tricked them and she's running amok in the house. Kristen leaves and runs into John and Marlena. Kristen says she wants to go check on the kids, and after John leaves Marlena tells Kristen it's going to be so much fun watching her destroy her marriage to John.

Downstairs Marlena, John, and the kids are reading some books when Susan calls Marlena. Susan says she has to talk to Marlena right away because the Vampires are coming to get her. Marlena tells Susan to meet her in her office immediately.

Meanwhile Kristen rescues Vivian and Ivan and they try to locate Susan. As Susan tries to leave to go see Marlena she hears Kristen and Vivian come up the stairs, conversing about how they have to get Susan. Susan manages to sneak out (she starts skipping and shouting "I'm Free!) and Kristen sees that Susan's purse is missing, so she must have gone out.

At Marlena's office Susan and Marlena meet up, and Marlena notices that Susan doesn't have her glasses on, and her eye's are a different color!


May 6
At the DiMera mansion Kristen is panicked that Susan could return to the mansion at any second. John decides to go check on John Jr., unaware that Vivian and Ivan are planning to whack the first person who comes through the door to the nursery! Kristen asks if she can check on the baby because she it makes her feel better to know he's okay. John says okay, and Kristen goes to the nursery. Ivan grabs her thinking it's Susan but Vivian tells him it's only Kristen. Suddenly Ivan has a panic attack and falls to floor saying he's having a heart attack! Vivian decides to take Ivan to the hospital and as they leave they run into John. Ivan is moaning and groaning and when John asks what's wrong Vivian says he's having allergies and they were just leaving. After they're gone John says even though Vivian is family he's seriously considering banishing her from the house!

At Marlena's office Marlena notices Susan's eyes are a different color. When Susan says she's on a beauty program and got contact lenses, and Marlena can't help but notice how much her eyes look like Kristen's. Marlena asks Susan to explain to her why she feels threatened and Susan says vampires are after her and they are going to lock her in a dungeon. Marlena wants to admit Susan to the hospital but Susan says she can't leave her baby Elvis. Susan begins ranting and raving about how the mean lady (Kristen) can't have a baby so this big ole powerful man that looks like Dracula (Stefano) forced her to give up her baby. She then begins ranting about the weird man who talks strange and claims to be an alien (Ivan) and how he is always hanging around with another wired lady (Vivian) and they are helping the mean ole woman (Kristen) to lock her up. Marlena tells her that aliens and vampires don't exist, and explains to her that being an alien means they are from another country. She then tells Susan she is afraid of being abducted because this woman has already taken her husband and child. Marlena continues to ask questions about Susan's husband and when Susan says he's such a sweet person she tells Susan she should fight for her husband. Marlena then suggests that Susan, her husband, and the other woman should meet face to face tonight. Susan thinks that's a bad idea because she's not supposed to talk to anyone about the situation.

Vivian and Ivan arrive at the hospital and Mike tells Ivan he hasn't had a heart attack he's just suffering from accuse anxiety syndrome. When Ivan asks for tranquilizers he says he can't give him those, he'll need to see someone like Marlena, and then recommends he make an appointment with her. Vivian and Ivan go to see Marlena and interrupt her session with Susan. Marlena asks them what they are doing here (they haven't come into the office, they are at the door) and Marlena closes the door to talk to Ivan in the hallway. Marlena writes the prescription for Ivan's tranquilizers and will drop it off at the pharmacy after her current session is over. Marlena returns to Susan and asks her to let her confront these people and wants Susan to take her to the house now, and Susan agrees! However Susan backs out, and Marlena says she doesn't want her to do anything that will make her uncomfortable. Marlena than says she has something to protect her, and gives her a rock which Marlena says is very special. She tells Susan to take really god care of it and to rub it when ever she is frightened. Marlena tells Susan to come back tomorrow, and Susan then leaves.

Later when Vivian and Ivan are waiting for Ivan's prescription a nurse tells them one of Marlena's patients thinks Elvis is alive and Vampires are chasing her!

Carrie returns to her apartment and can't get past Austin's anger towards her at the Police Station. Lucas tries to comfort her but Carrie blames herself for not letting Austin tell Sami the truth. Lucas then tries to get Carrie to go out with him for dinner, but Carrie says she just wants to take a walk alone. Lucas asks if he can use the phone before he leaves and she says ok. Carrie leaves and then Lucas makes a call to set something up for "the woman he's going to marry."

At Austin's place Sami is in tears, and when Austin asks what is wrong she says she's just so happy to have a man who cares about her so much. Sami also says she hopes Austin and Carrie can work things out because she really wants them to be friends. Austin tells Sami she is so sweet and is learning more about her every day. Sami says that's an odd thing to say because he's known her for such a long time, but Austin says there's something different about her now. Sami says yeah, she can't walk and she can't remember anything. Austin tells her she will walk again and not to force her memories. Sami says the one good thing about having amnesia is that she can't remember if she's done anything bad. Sami flashes to the memory about her conversation with Lynn, and says that if she has done anything bad Austin has to tell her. Austin asks her what she means and Sami asks him if she has ever taken drugs. Austin tells her no way because he's seen what drugs do and that's why he knows Billie isn't using again. Will begins to cry and he brings him out to the living room and begins to play with Will. Sami comforts Austin about Billie and says she knows that Billie must be innocent if Austin believes she is. She then says she had a way to comfort him, and makes him a candle lightdinner, complete with Brady chowder. Austin and Sami talk about their past, and Sami wonders if she ever did anything awful after learning about the affair John and her mom had. Austin tells her that she was pretty upset and blamed her mom for the affair. Sami then says that she know blames her father for not trying to stay in Salem and work things out for their children's sake.

Out on the pier Mike phones Jeremy to see how he's doing, and hopes that maybe he can come visit him during his vacation. After Mike hangs up Carrie runs into him on the pier and the two begin to talk and comfort each other and Carrie fears Austin will never leave Sami even when she is better, but Mike tells her Austin loves her far to much to let that happen. Carrie tells Mike is such a romantic, and Mike says he just wishes he was a little more lucky in the romance department. Carrie tells him the right girl is out there for him and then Mike walks her home.

Carrie returns home to find a candlelight dinner waiting for her by Lucas. Carrie goes to answer the phone when it rings, and Mike asks Lucas if he's trying to take advantage of Carrie.


May 8
Over at Austin's place Austin tells Sami that he thinks the accident has matured Sami, and when Sami asks if it's a good thing he says it's a very good thing. Suddenly Kate walks right into the apartment, she's angry as hell that she had to learn about Billie off of the radio. Austin tells her nothing can be done about Billie until the morning. When Sami tells Kate she believes Billie is innocent Kate says of course she is, anyone that knows her knows she's innocent. Austin then tells Kate Carrie thinks Billie may be guilty, and Kate becomes upset.

At Carries place Mike asks Lucas if he wants Carrie to be happy, and Lucas says he does, but he doesn't think Austin can make her happy. Lucas serves dinner, and when Carrie asks Mike to stay he says he has to go. On the way out Mike runs into Austin in the hall, and Carrie is at the door. She tells Austin she's sorry about Billie, but he just gives her the cold shoulder and closes the door and walks away (He's trying to find Bo to get help with Kate seeing Billie). Lucas then comforts a depressed Carrie, who can't believe Austin is still mad at her.

At Austin's place Sami wants to get to know Kate better, and says she wishes she could remember what happened. Suddenly Sami has a flash of when Kate confronted her about all her scheming. Kate asks what's wrong, and Sami says she has a feeling that everyone was mad at her for some reason. Kate asks Sami if she is remembering, but Sami recalls her promise to tell Lucas about any new memories first, so she tells Kate she hasn't had any memories. Kate is relived, and then leaves.

Kate goes over to see Carrie and finds Lucas there. Kate says she doesn't understand how Carrie could believe Billie is on drugs again and Carrie says she's sorry about that. Carrie then decides to go check on Sami, and Kate confronts Lucas about his romantic dinner he planned for Carrie. The two argue and Lucas says he agrees with Carrie and tells Kate Curtis' kids are bad news just like their father! Kate says those children are hers, and she won't let him insult them. She tells Lucas she loves him but he has to give up this idea he will ever have a chance with Carrie, but Lucas thinks the fear of being like Curtis is and will drive him and Carrie apart forever. Kate asks him if he really thinks Austin will let Carrie leave him for Lucas, and Lucas says she's right about that, Austin won't give Carrie up to him.

Carrie goes to see Sami who found a doll that Carrie fixed after Sami broke it. Sami says she wants to fix Carrie and Austin's relationship because she really wants them to be friends. Sami says she's so glad they are such good friends and says see would hate it if they weren't friends.

Austin and Mike are out hunting for Bo but have no luck. Austin confides in Mike that even though he loves Carrie he feels an obligation to Sami and Will. Mike tells him not to give up on Carrie, but Austin says he can't be with Carrie and take care of Sami and Will, he has to let one of them go. Mike says he understands Austin's situation because he's separated from his own son but the love he has with Carrie is rare, and he must hang onto it. Austin says he wants to be with Carrie, but he can't neglect Will.

Austin eventually returns home and tells everyone he couldn't find Bo. Sami and Austin retire to their place, and Lucas leaves as well. Lucas then says that he'll use his brother Mike as a smoke screen to get Carrie.

At the hospital Vivian and Ivan learn from a nurse that Susan was possible seen outside of Marlena's office. Vivian than gets an idea to break into Marlena's office to see if they can find out who Marlena's crazy patient is from Marlena's files. However when they try to break in they get caught by another doctor who wonders what they are doing. Vivian asks if he is a doctor, but he's only an intern. Vivian says that Ivan is a patient of Dr. Evans and he left something in her office and he can't do without it. The intern asks what it is he left in there and Vivian says it's his baby blanket. Suddenly Ivan begins sucking his thumb and screaming he needs to have his blankie! The doctor doesn't know if it's okay, so he says he's going to call Marlena at home and get her okay first. Suddenly Vivian shows him Ivan's medication with Marlena's name on it, so he thinks it will be okay, but he refuses to let them stay in the office alone. Suddenly Ivan begins to cry for his bottle and Vivian says Ivan must have a baby bottle or he will laps into very series delusional world. Ivan begins sucking on Vivian's fingers, and when the intern finally leaves Vivian calls Ivan a pervert! Vivian eventually finds a log book and rips a page out of it when the intern returns with a bottle. Vivian thanks the intern and they quickly make a getaway.

At the DiMera mansion John and Kristen are making whoopee when John hears someone come in downstairs. Kristen wonders if it's Marlena or Susan, surprise Kristen it's both!

Downstairs in the living room Susan is rubbing her rock, and when she gets up to leave she drops her rock on the floor. Suddenly Marlena comes into the foyer wondering if she'll ever find the evidence she needs against Kristen. Susan and Marlena continue to walk in and out of rooms. Eventually John catches up with Marlena in the living room and Marlena tells him she's very worried about her patient. When she goes to call Susan John tells her she's taken a lot of new patients on lately, and Marlena mentions that Ivan came to see her to get a prescription refilled. John becomes angry but is thankful that Kristen has nothing to do with Vivian and Ivan's scheming ways. John decides he should tell Kristen not to let Vivian and Ivan to come over as much as they do, and Marlena continues to worry about Susan. She tells John about the rock she gave to her patient, but she needs medication and therapy. John tells her she spends to much time worrying about others she never thinks about herself. Marlena says she just cares so much about Susan and somehow Susan's fears remind her of the fears she had when she was with Stefano. John says he senses something else is going on, and tells her he's here if she needs to talk. Marlena appreciates John's concern, and when he asks her if something is going on Marlena says she can't tell him just yet, but promises to tell him very soon.

Upstairs Kristen finds Susan, who warns Kristen to stay away from her, if Kristen thinks she and her vampire friends are going to step on her blue suede shoes, then she's got another thing coming! When Kristen tries to approach her Susan says if she comes one step closer she will scream! Kristen tells her not to scream, and tries to explain the misunderstanding about the dungeon room Susan believes she was going to be locked in. Kristen tells her there is nothing to be afraid of and there is no such thing as Vampires. Kristen than says the room in the basement is a bomb shelter and Vivian and Ivan are helping her build it. Susan doesn't know, and then goes to find her rock but she realizes it's gone! Susan becomes upset and distraught over her missing rock, and Kristen thinks she just nuts. Susan goes off to look for her rock when Vivian calls Kristen. Before Vivian can tell Kristen the news Kristen hangs up on her, saying that Vivian let her down. John then comes in to see Kristen and asks her if she could talk to Marlena because she is distraught over one of her patients, and tells Kristen that Marlena gave the patient a pet rock!

Marlena is downstairs pacing the living room when Susan slips out to look for her rock. Suddenly Marlena finds the rock she gave Susan on the floor and wonders what it could be doing here!


May 9 Today's Summary by Tracy
As Billie is being put in a cell, Nan comes in and brings her an extra blanket. As she is leaving Bo & Abe show up and Abe jumps on her saying that Billie is not to get special treatment. Bo joins Billie and tells her to be careful that King has some other cop on the payroll and is watching them. As he leaves her he tells her he will check in as much as he's allowed. In the meanwhile, Max calls Nan and gives her orders from King which she doesn't want to do. But later as 3 rough looking women are brought in she slips a knife in one of them's pocket and they are taken to Billie's cell. Billie just pulls the blanket over her and lies with her back to the women. A little later the cell light goes out and you hear Billie scream and holler NO NO. Abe calls Bo (who was with Hope about the tell her the truth - for the umpteenth time and where else but the pier where all the world can here). He rushes back and joins Billie who is OK but really shaken up. As the ladies were being searched (a little late for that isn't it?) and ushered out of the cell Nan picks up the knife that was used from out of the extra blanket she gave Billie. Bo tells Billie that that was a warning from King and Billie told Bo that if Hope knew King would go after her.

Before Hope got a call from Bo to meet him at the pier she had been over at Jen's and they talked about the men that they loved. Jen says she's not giving up on Jack and she shouldn't give up on Bo. But Hope says Bo has changed but Jen just pointed out that he really had not changed because the Bo Hope knows would be worried about Billie and that's why he's with her. They talk some more and Jen remembered that Kristen forgave Jack the day before he went to jail and that maybe she can help get Jack freed from jail. As Jen calls Kristen, Hope heads home. Kristen answered the phone even though John asked her not to and as they are talking Jen thinks she hears a noise outside. Kristen tells John to call the police and as he is on the cell phone Jen says it's OK it was probably just a tree branch. So John tells the police to forget it put Kristen asks him to go check on Jen to be sure (she wanted him out of the house anyway). Over at Jen's as John is checking things out Jack calls from a cell phone that Travis managed to get (how convenient) and Travis says to himself anytime now as you see someone lurking outside Jen's house. The idea is to scare Jack into thinking that Jen needs a man with her to protect her.

NOW to Marlena/Susan/Kristen

As John is telling Kristen about Marlena's patient and the rock K is wondering if it is just a coincidence that Susan lost her rock. She tells John lets go back to bed and then tells him she wants to check on the baby again and for him to wait on her - don't go anywhere. In the nursery Kristen sees that J Jr is still asleep and tires remembering things to see if indeed Susan knows Marlena. She says she has to get Susan in the room immediately or she's going to be as crazy as Susan is. Susan in the meantime is still looking for her rock. She manages to go into the nursery just as Kristen leaves and she talks to Elvis who is awake now. She says she's got to find that rock and if she can't well she'll just call Dr Evans for another one. She leaves the nursery to check the garden to see if she lost the rock there. Kristen finally joined John and then tried to leave again saying she was hungry and was going downstairs to get something to eat but he stopped her and said that what she needed was a good old massage (I'll take one) and made her lay down on the bed - that's what they were doing when Jen called. So with John out of the house for a while Kristen when back to the nursery to think and wait on Susan to return. J Jr is asleep (funny who he's asleep when Kristen goes in and awake when Susan goes in - do you suppose J Jr is avoiding Kristen?!?) Kristen thinks some more about Susan and then remembers the incident at the hospital when Marlena gave her the pin that was in her office. Kristen wonders if Susan is seeing Marlena but then she says no that if she was then Marlena would know everything and would have told John by now. In the meantime Marlena in is the den looking over Susan's files and wondering about the rock too. She starts dictating on a recorder about her patient Susan (is that wise to do outside the office where anyone could be listening in?) Marlela also starts remembering things about Susan and wonders who these people are that Susan is scared of. After remembering some sessions with Susan, Marlena tries to identify the people Susan talks about. She thinks that maybe Viv could be the evil woman and then thinks that the monster is a baby broker. She decides to call Susan and just ask her and Susan's phone is ringing in the nursery where Kristen is and just as she answers it the person calling hangs up (I guess M figured S was out). Susan walks in to see Kristen put the phone down and K tells her whoever it was hung up. Kristen decides to ask Susan about her friend hoping that S will tell her the name and it won't be Marlena. But much to Kristen's fear Susan does tell her the name and says it's Dr Evans - Dr Marlena Evans. Kristen is terrified and grabs a statue and is about to hit Susan but stops and says she is leaving. Downstairs Marlena is still trying to put the pieces together and finally things start clicking and she realizes that Susan the baby nurse and Kristen is the evil woman and remembered that Ivan has an accent. Just about then Kristen walks in and Marlena jumps up and says you Bi**h - you lied about everything and I know the truth. Credits roll!!!


May 9
At Jen's place Lynn tries to give Laura her medication, but she refuses to take anymore medication. Lynn says it's very important, but Laura says it's upsetting her stomach and she just wants to sleep. Laura thinks missing one pill won't hurt, so she leaves. Back in Laura's room Laura is trying to relax and clear her mind in hopes of remembering. Laura sees a blurry image of Kristen saying something to her.

Jen is talking to Jack on the phone telling him how she can't wait for him to return home, and that they can't give up hope. John, who was checking out some odd noises Jen heard, leaves when he thinks everything checks out. Jack tells Jen maybe she should go to Alice's for the night, but she tells him not to worry. Jack tells Jen he doesn't like the idea of her staying at the house tonight, and outside John grabs a thug peeping through Jen's window. John grabs the prowler and asks him what he's doing. Jen hears the commotion and wants to go see what's happening when Laura begins to scream. Jen screams and runs upstairs and outside John hears Laura and runs back into the house, letting the prowler go.

John, Lynn, and Jen run upstairs where Kristen says they must stop Kristen from destroying Marlena's chance to be with John. John doesn't understand and asks her what she means and Laura says there are so many lies between John and Marlena, and says Marlena loves him, she never stopped loving him. Suddenly Lynn gives Laura a shot to sedate her, and John and Jen are angry because Laura was making a breakthrough. Jen wants to call Marlena, and Lynn says she will do it. Out in the hall Lynn wonders how she will get out of calling Marlena. Jen and John talk, and John doesn't know if he can take Laura seriously, but she seems so honest. Jen says she doesn't know what to think with all the strange things her mom's been saying lately. Both John and Jen agree that they'll just have to wait for Marlena to arrive.

Back in prison Jack is forced to give the phone he was using back to the owner, and Jack is in agony because he doesn't know what's going on. Travis says this is why Jack needs to find someone to protect Jennifer. Jack continues to wrack his brain wondering what could have happened to Jen, and realizes Travis may be right, she needs to be with someone to help her. Jack then asks God if he keeps Jen safe that he will find her another man.

Later the prison guard returns and tells Travis he was almost caught by John Black, but Travis said the plan worked, Jack's petrified of what could have happened to Jen tonight. Back in his cell Jack continues to run through thoughts about what could have happened to Jen.

At the DiMera Mansion, upstairs in the baby nursery Susan tells Elvis she's going to be her mother soon, but nobody can ever know who her father is. Susan soon falls asleep and dreams that Elvis is holding Elvis Jr. in the nursery.

Marlena tells Kristen she's a bitch and only Stefano's daughter could do such an evil, vile thing. Marlena says she's going to tell John everything, but first she's going to make Kristen pay! Marlena grabs Kristen by the hair and starts slapping her around! Marlena stops and says she won't stoop to Kristen's level (she should have kept stoopingg), and screams for John to come downstairs. Kristen tells Marlena John isn't home, so Marlena says she can wait and will watch Kristen squirm until he gets back. Marlena tells Kristen she knows that Stefano helped her hire Susan to pass her baby off as John Jr. Kristen tells Marlena to give it up, but Marlena says she has Susan Banks on her side, and a simple doctors examination will prove the truth. Marlena tries to call John but Kristen stops her and admits that Marlena's won and she's lost everything. Kristen asks Marlena not to tell John when Vivian and Ivan show up. Marlena says Kristen must have lost the baby back in Paris, but never would have expected she would lie to everyone all this time. Marlena says John's heart will break when he finds out the truth, and he'll come to her, leaving Kristen all alone. Kristen then tells Marlena she knows what she did was wrong but she couldn't bare to lose John, for she loves him so much. Kristen then begs Marlena not to take away his love from her and swears if she can keep silent she will be the most caring mother and wife she can. Marlena tells her no way, her days of compassion for Kristen are over! Kristen begins to scream that John loves her and she loves him, but Marlena says John's love will diminish once he hears the truth. Marlena realizes that Susan was was impersonating Kristen so many times, and then it comes to her, Susan married John, not Kristen! Marlena wonders where Kristen was, and Ivan blurts out she was dressed up as a nurse (Ivan constantly keeps making it worse for Kristen by saying she wore padding, Susan fooled Vivian and him, etc..) Marlena says that Kristen's marriage to John was a fraud, and know he's free to be with her. Vivian and Ivan try to make a getaway, but Marlena tells them not so fast. Marlena realizes Vivian was blackmailing Kristen to keep her place in Titan. Marlena then wonders if John isn't really home, so she decides to go search for him.

The phone begins to ring, and Kristen answers. It's Lynn, who tells Kristen all hell has broken loose because Laura told John that Kristen has been lying to him and standing in the way of him and Marlena's future. Kristen tells Lynn to tell John Marlena is out, and then she asks Vivian and Ivan to try and help her get out of this mess she's in.

Upstairs Marlena goes to see the baby and sees Susan sleeping in the rocking chair. Marlena tells her that she and John will take care of her and make sure she's safe. Marlena then finds the wig, dentures, and make up in one of the drawers.

Marlena goes back to the living room and tells Kristen she realizes Stefano is alive and then says Laura's been telling the truth all the time. Marlena tells Kristen that she's been a horrible friend to Jennifer, but Kristen says Stefano wanted to kidnap Laura and she made him erase her memory with a laser. Marlena wonders what they were so desperate to hide, and says "Oh my God Peter's alive!" When Marlena asks how she could let Jack go to prison for life she says she had no choice. Vivian and Ivan decide to leave, but Marlena tells them John will pay them a visit. After they leave Marlena decides to call Laura. Lynn answers and asks to speak with Laura. Lynn tells Marlena everyone asleep and she can't put Laura on because she's been medicated. Marlena then asks to speak to Jen, and Lynn says Jen isn't home, then hangs up.

At Jen's place Jen asks Lynn who was on the phone with and Lynn just says it was for her, and then goes to bed. John tells Jen he better get going, and Jen thanks him for coming over.

Back at the DiMera Mansion Kristen tells Marlena no matter what happens John loves her. Marlena says once John walks through the door he's hers, and there is nothing Kristen can do!

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