May 97 Week 1


April 28
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Franco shows up at Alice's to check up on Hope. Hope is down, and she tells Franco that Billie told her to face reality and move on because Bo belonged to her. Hope doesn't understand Billie's complete turn around and says something is going on with Billie. Hope wonders about that small package she bought at the Snake Pit, and knows Billie is doing drugs. Franco says he thinks Hope is using this to hold a grudge against her because Bo loves Billie now, but Hope knows Bo still loves her. Franco tries to make her understand that Bo doesn't love her when Shawn D comes downstairs. Hope says he must be excited about going back to school, but Shawn D says he's never going back to that school and she can't make him. Hope asks why he doesn't want to go back, and he says as long as drug dealers are around he could get shot again. Hope tells Shawn D she'll make arrangements with his teacher to have his homework sent home for the next few days. Hope is mad as hell, and she is determined to get the supplier tonight at the Snake Pit!

At Roman's grave Bo is in tears as he says goodbye to his brother. Bo tells Roman he wishes he were here because he needs his advice. He knows Roman would want him to see the case through, and Bo promises to tell Hope how much he loves her after her puts King behind bars. Meanwhile Billie is listening in and says she's not giving Bo up that easily. Billie approaches Bo to support him, because Bo thinks he's wasting his time on the case. Billie tells him what he is doing is very important, but Bo just wonders "what if something happens before the case ends?" Billie asks him what Roman would do, and Bo says he'd stick with the case. Bo tells Billie he's going to do what Roman would do, and hopefully the case will end tonight. Bo explains to Billie about the drug shipment when he gets a call from Max to meet King outside the club. Billie wants to go with him, but Bo tells her no, so she follows him anyways.

Bo meets King and asks Bo make sure nobody at the station knows about the shipment, and then to get patrol duty in that area. Suddenly King sees Billie and asks what he's pulling. Bo says he didn't know she'd be here, and King tells Max to take her inside and entertain her while they talk business.

Max takes Billie inside, where Hope and Franco see them together. Hope asks Bo if he's going after the drug supplier, and he just tells her to stay out of his life. Bo walks off and Billie tells Hope to wake up and accept that Bo is with her now. Later Hope overhears Max and another man talking about how Billie Reed could become a real good customer of theirs.

Major Dodd shows up at Carrie's place with a letter for her from Roman (Letter to be posted later). Carrie reads the letter from Roman in which he asks here to please look over Sami and that he loves her. Carrie cries as Lucas hugs her. Carrie says this is perfect timing now that Austin is going to break the truth to Sami. Lucas tells her she needs to ask herself what her father would want her to do.

Over at Austin's place Austin plans to tell Sami the truth about her past. Before Austin can speak Sami tells him she doesn't remember much about the last four years, but she does know she loves him, her heart tells that's true. Austin says he will continue to support her after what he has to tell her, and he knows she will be able to handle it. Sami doesn't like what Austin is setting her up for when the phone rings. IT was only Wendy letting Sami know everything is okay. Sami then senses Austin is upset, and he tells her he's sorry for her about the funeral, and that he has to tell her things about their relationship today. Sami asks him if their relationship was bad before the accident, and Austin tells her it was.

Suddenly Carrie shows up and asks Austin to read the letter from her dad before telling Sami the truth. As Austin reads the letter Sami cries and Carrie comforts her. Sami thinks Austin is going to dump her and she says she doesn't know what she'd do without him. Carrie says she has her family, and Sami says they need to stick together now that Roman is gone. Austin returns and Sami and tells her that she wasn't his one and only love, and says that before them he was with many woman before their marriage. Sami asks what this means, and Carrie says it means nothings changed and everything is fine. Sami is relieved, and says she got so worried over nothing. Sami suggests they got to Hawaii for her rehab, and that they can be together forever.

Kristen is furious after reading Roman's letter to John, and the fact that she wants to move back in. Vivian says Susan must be dealt with now, especially with Marlena coming. Kristen says that she has to lock Susan up now, and when Stefano comes he can take both Susan and Marlena away. Kristen asks the maid where Susan is, and she says Susan is out. When Kristen asks who is watching the baby the maid says she always watches him when Susan is out. Kristen asks the maid where Susan went, and the maid says she went to see a friend at University hospital.

At Marlena's office Susan has shown up wearing Kristen's pin! Susan comes into the office and sees Laura, and recognizes her from Salem place and says "I met you before!" Laura just looks at her, and Susan says she must have confused her with someone else. Laura wishes Marlena luck in trying to find out what Kristen's secret is, but Marlena just hopes she can handle living under the same roof with Kristen knowing she is with John. Marlena then invites Susan in and Susan just can't wait to tell Marlena about how things are going now that she's back with her husband and baby. Susan says she's been trying to lose weight for her husband, and asks Marlena if it's okay for a woman to change her appearance. Marlena says if she's doing it for herself or to build her self esteem than yes it is okay. Marlena then asks if she's been intimate with her husband yet, and Susan says almost but that bad bad bad bad bad bad girl came home and ruined it all. Eventually Susan's time is up, and she gives Marlena a hug and then leaves, but the pin she was wearing of Kristen's has fallen off of her sweater and is on Marlena's office floor!. Marlena reads over Roman's letter again when she sees Kristen's pin on the floor!.

As Laura leaves she runs into Kristen, and the two go off on each other. Laura walks off and Vivian drags Kristen away to find Susan. Eventually Ivan says he saw Susan leaving the hospital alone, and when they try to leave Marlena confronts Kristen and hands the pin to Kristen. Kristen asks where she found the pin, and Marlena says in her office. Kristen thanks her and goes to leave, and when Marlena asks what she was doing here, but she says it was something unimportant. Marlena tells Kristen she is moving back in very soon, whether she likes it or not!

Back at the mansion Susan realizes she's lost Kristen's pin when Vivian and Kristen arrive home. Susan listens in on them and learns Kristen has the pin.

Back at the hospital Laura says she never saw the pin on the floor when she was with Marlena earlier, and Marlena says the only person in here was Susan.


April 29
In prison Jack is waiting to use the phone to learn if Laura's had any more memories, but Travis and Stefano will see to it she doesn't remember anything. Travis asks him how much phone/computer time Jack's one in the poker game, and he shows Travis he's won a lot of phone/computer time. However, Jack is still hoping he won't need any of it if Peter is still alive. Jack becomes inpatient when the guard keeps telling him it's not his turn to use the phone, he doesn't realize Travis and the guard are plotting against him to keep him from using the phone.

Marlena and Laura wonder if Susan could have dropped the pin her office, but Marlena doesn't understand why Susan would have Kristen's pin.

At Jen's place Jen tells Lynn that Laura is at the pub so she heads to the pub to give her a pill. Outside Lynn calls Stefano who has arranged for Lynn to give Laura some stronger pills. Suddenly Laura and Marlena show up at Jen's, they decided to all go to the pub together. Marlena is expecting Sami to know the truth about the situation, and is expecting her to need comfort. Later Laura asks Jen where Lynn is and when Jen says she went to the pub to give her the pills Laura says that was a wasted trip, she's not going to take her medication anymore. Marlena and Jen advise her not to do that, and Laura agrees to continue to take the medication, but only until she is re-evaluated. Marlena decides to leave to go over to see Sami, and Laura tells her not to wait to long before moving back into the DiMera Mansion. Suddenly Mickie shows up with news on Jack's case. Jen is eager to hear what he has to tell her. Mickie says that Jack's chances of being released are nothing short of a miracle. Mickie says that they have several ideas for some appeals, but he's afraid they will all fail. Mickie encourages Jen to go to the pub, but Jen is still waiting for her call from Jack. Mickie says he'll have Jack call over to the pub, so Jen and Laura leave to go to the pub.

Jack eventually trades laundry duty for a phone call and talks to Mickey. He asks Mickey what has come about with Laura's beliefs that Peter is alive, and Mickie tells him he honestly doesn't think Peter is alive. Jack faces the facts that he's not going to get out of prison and has to make sure Abbey and Jen move on.

At Austin's place Sami is relieved that the news wasn't anything serious, and asks Austin to tell her about the other women in his life. Suddenly Caroline calls and invites them all to go out to dinner because Kim is going back to LA (Booooooo!). Austin goes over to Carrie's to talk while back at Austin's Lucas tells Sami that Austin is madly in love with her and he only wants him to concentrate on their future.

Back at Carrie's Austin comforts Carrie and tells her that she's made too many sacrifices, they need to tell her the truth. Carrie doesn't want to go against Roman's wishes, and just hopes Sami will remember on her own. Meanwhile Sami has another memory flash of Austin and her dancing at the reception, but Austin isn't happy. Back at Carrie's Lucas walks in and suggests Austin take his wife to the pub and he'll take Carrie. Lucas' suggestion doesn't sit well with Austin, who picks him up and nearly throws him against the room. Austin warns Lucas to stop messing with him and Carrie when Marlena shows up. Austin leaves to check on Sami, and Lucas heads for the pub. Carrie informs Marlena that they didn't tell Sami because of the letter she got from Roman.

Austin returns to Sami, who is exorcising and still wondering about her wedding dance with Austin. When she goes to ask Austin about their reception she decides against it.

Over at the pub Lynn shows up to give Laura her medication, but Lucas is the only one there. Lucas tries to get rid of Lynn because he fears it will trigger Sami's memory. Unfortunately Marlena, Austin, Carrie, and Sami have already shown up, and Lynn and Sami come face to face, but she doesn't seem to remember her. Austin and Carrie ask her to try hard to remember, and Sami asks if Lynn worked on the 7th floor, but Lynn says she worked on the 5th floor. Suddenly Sami remembers the conversation she had with Lynn about the medication she used to drug Austin.

Laura eventually shows up, and Lynn has already dissolved her medicine into her tea.

King tells Bo he wants the deal to go down without a hitch, and asks Bo what Billie is still doing here. Bo said he told her to go home, but Billie has other plans in mind, she is going to be there when that drug shipment comes in! Later in King's office Bo sees Hope on the TV monitor and begins to fantasize about breaking the truth to Hope and getting back together with her.

In the club Hope overhears Max and another guy talking about Billie and how she's back into the drug scene. Bo eventually shows up and meets Hope, who asks him to talk to Shawn D about going back to school tomorrow. Bo tells her he'll talk to him later because he has something important to do, which ticks Hope off. Hope says she'll give him the time, and Bo and Billie walk off. Outside Bo is angry that he can't see Shawn D. and can't wait till he's back with his family, which hurts Billie. Bo tells her she knows they are together only because of the undercover operation, when suddenly King shows up and asks what they are up to. Luckily King didn't hear them talking, and Billie tries to weasel her way into the sting operation, but Bo tells her no way. Billie says she'll stay with Kate and wait for him to call her when it's over, but she has no intention to sit around.

Back at Alice's place Billie stops by with some ice cream for Shawn D. in hopes to make him feel better. While Billie is rifling through her purse she drops a vial of crack, which rolls under the table. Shawn D. is upset that Billie knows he doesn't want to return to school because he's afraid the other kids will think he went to that alley to score some drugs, but Billie tells him everything will work out. Suddenly Hope shows up and finds Billie with Shawn D. Shawn D says Billie just came by to check on him, and Hope says she doesn't want anyone around Shawn D that could harm him, and when Shawn D leaves to scoop out the ice cream Hope asks her what is going on with her. Suddenly Billie gets a call from Max who says Bo wanted to meet her on pier 9, and she has to leave. Later a cop shows up to talk to Shawn D about the shooting and Hope invites him into the living room. Time goes by, and Shawn D has to go to bed. When the cop is about to leave he finds the vial of crack when he's trying to tie his shoes. The officer thinks it's Shawn D's, but Hope knows who it belongs to, Billie! Hope asks the cop to give her two hours to handle it, and because he's a friend he says he'll give her the time she needs.

Later on the pier Bo calls Shawn D. and tells him everything is going to work out just the way he wanted, and tells him to just be patient. King shows up, and Bo says everything looks clear. King said that's good, because if anything goes wrong people are going to die. Eventually Billie shows up to meet Max, and Hope is also on her way to the pier, with a cop trailing her!


April 30 Summary by Linda for Today
Show starts with John on the phone with Marlena and her telling him she's moving back in the Dimera Mansion. Kristen asks who it is and John informs her what's going on. Doorbell rings and Susan gallops to the door and voila, it's Viv and Ivan., Kristen spits her woes on Viv and Ivan, and to pay John back for bringing Marlena back in the house, drags Viv and Ivan into the room. John greets them with a cheery, what are you two doing back her again? John threatens to charge rent to Viv and Ivan with all the time they're there. Viv says they're there to see JJ, but Kristen said they're really there as Viv heard about the wonderful wine they had and wanted a bottle. He reminds Kristen they have things to do and she has to nurse the baby, remember?

When Kristen has Viv and Ivan in the secret room in the cellar, they watch John and Susan on the monitor. Too funny, Susan offers to iron John's shirt and flirts a little with him. He tells her how his baby and the baby's mother are the two most important people in his life and Susan blushes and says how he's the most important person in THEIR life too. Kristen goes to leave and while she and Viv walk out the door, Ivan gets locked inside while fluffing the bed pillows. As Kristen's going out the main wine cellar door, Viv realizes Ivan's not with them and goes back to the wine wall. Upstairs Kristen tells Viv how to turn the bottle to open the secret panel and John rushes her out the door again reminding her how she has to rush home and nurse Jonh Jr after they say goodbye to Kim. Viv said Ivan is writing down the interesting vintages in the wine cellar when John notices him missing.

Kristen and John discuss her stopping breast feeding at the front of the pub. She tells John she's exhausted getting up every 4 hours to feed him so John says she knows what's best, mother knows best he says. Susan plans how she's going to hang a picture of Mr. Elvis Presley, king of rock and roll over the mantle. She finds a bottle of wine in the sitting room and talking to the bottle, tells it she's going to take it back to where it belongs. We see Viv touching every bottle without success to open the door. Ivan is gasping as he's claustrophobic and she finally opens the door. He feels sorry for Susan being locked in there.

Laura continues to play cheerleader for Marlena. Kim tells Marlena it's time for her (Marlena) to start thinking of herself and do what will make her happy. Laura tells Marlena she didn't say anything to Kim and Kim said she saw it all on her own. Marlena agrees to do what she can to be happy.

Sami feels like she's seen Lynn somewhere before, just can't place her. At the pub everyone's hawking around Sami waiting for her to recognize Lynn. Carrie is encouraged, as if Sami gets her memory back, she and Austin may be able to be together soon. Sami remembers Lynn, but not from the hospital. Kim comes in to say goodbye to Marlena as she has to head to the airport After getting Sami home, Austin accuses of Lucas to try to prevent Sami from remembering out in the hall. They go back in apt. and Lynn tells Sami she use to be a candy-striper and maybe they met then. (Lynn told Carrie and Austin she wants to help them get back together as she feels responsible for what's all happening being she gave the drug to Sami the night she drugged Austin.) Lynn's starting to feel guilty about working for that brat Kristen putting Stephano's drugs into Laura. In the apt., Sami is remembering her conversation with Lynn about the drug Valadan that her friend used to drug her boyfriend, but doesn't understand what it means, so she's not going to tell anyone.

King and Bo are on the pier. King's nervous he hasn't heard from the Captain of the ship yet. Max has Billie on the pier as insurance should Bo do something. Billie thinks she's still there to just see Bo, but Max discreetly has his hand on his gun should he need it. Meanwhile, Hope is trotting around the pier trying to find Billie with her police friend trailing HER. Max asks Billie if she liked what he put in her purse and when she asks him what he's talking about, he grabs Laney's favorite mega-Gucci and empties it. When he discovers the cocaine is missing, he asks if she used it already. Max brings Billie up to the pier with King and Bo and they both know she's there for insurance now. Max gets a call on his cell phone and tells the boat it's clear to dock. He hangs up and puts in his pocket with another squelch. King notices Hope and a cop on the pier with his binoculars. King orders Max to take out the cop and then Hope when they get close enough. Bo lurches after Max's gun and King hit him on the head with his own gun. Whipping her Gucci in front of her, Billie runs in front of Max and says he'll have to shoot her first and then the cop will hear the gun go off, so don't do it. Bo tries to get to Billie and King hits him again .

Bo rushes King and Max and grabs a gun. King orders the boat not to dock and he and Max leave saying they're both dead, but rush off before Hope and the cop get there. Officer Tom arrives and Bo tells him the guys were hassling Billie and he stopped them being it's his beat. Hope tells Bo about the cocaine and she feels Billie dropped it as she was the only other person at the house tonight. Tom says it has to be either S.D.'s or Billie's and Billie, not wanting S.D. to get blamed for it, says it was hers. Tom arrests Billie and reads her her rights. Bo can't believe that Hope did this, and gets mad at Hope for what she's done tonight. She said she was preventing S.D. from going to jail. Bo said all he needed was one lousy night and walks off leaving Hope on the pier. King realizes that Bo didn't call anyone on them and Max said maybe Bo's on the level.

At the pub, John and Marlena talk while Kristen eats some dessert. When John tells Marlena they're ready to take her home tonight, Kristen tells herself she has to lock Susan in the room TONIGHT. The next scene we see Viv and Ivan talking about K needing to lock Susan in the room and that monstrous man will come and take her away from the house and her precious little Elvis with Susan overhearing them. When they talk about closing the secret panel, Susan watches to see where it is. Susan rushes upstairs. She panics about being locked up and that monster guy going to come get her. Susan calls Marlena and tells her these weird people were going to lock her up in a secret room. Back at the pub, Marlena is sitting with Laura while John and Kristen are at the bar. Susan tells Marlena about the shot they tried to give her to dry up her milk and how afraid she is. Marlena tells her to call the office and make an appt. for first thing the next day. Susan agrees to call police if any danger comes up. Susan hangs up and said she can't call the police or she'll lose Elvis and she'll have to handle it on her own.

Susan hides in the sitting room when she hears Viv and Ivan come back in the room. Viv tells Ivan Susan's not as stupid as she looks and it's a good thing she doesn't know what's going to happen to her. Susan squints her eyes and says that's what you think Vivian girl with the wine bottle being held like she's going to bop Viv on the head.


May 1
At the pub Kristen is talking to Vivian on the phone and tells her that Vivian has to lock Susan in the secret room tonight! Meanwhile Susan is scared to death and is telling Elvis that Vivian and Ivan are vampires. Susan tries to call Marlena when Vivian and Ivan come in and ask for her help for a surprise for Kristen. Susan grabs a mirror and holds it up in front of Vivian and asks if she is a vampire. Vivian tries to calm her down, but she refuses to go anywhere before she feeds her hungry baby. Vivian and Ivan leave, and Vivian says they have to move on to plan B, as soon as she figures what plan B is.

Back at the pub John is happy that Marlena is moving back in with them, and Kristen pretends to be thrilled at the news as well. John decides to take Marlena to the penthouse to pick up the kids, and Kristen says she'll go home and make sure everything is ready for their guests.

Kristen arrives home and is furious that Susan isn't locked up. Kristen goes to Susan's room and says she bought a swing she'd like her to see. When Susan learns John isn't home she says she has to feed the baby first. After Kristen leaves Susan says she fooled her, she's staying in that room until John gets home.

John and Marlena return to the penthouse, and John recalls the first time he held Belle knowing she was his daughter, and he wonders what their life would be like if things had gone differently.

Kristen calls the penthouse and says the baby has the sniffles and says she doesn't think Brady and Belle shouldn't come over tonight. Marlena asks to talk to Kristen, and assures her that her children are perfectly healthy, and they are on the way over. Before leaving John speaks about Kristen's genuine goodness, but Marlena suspects something is going on at the DiMera mansion that Kristen doesn't want her to find out about.

John and Marlena leave to go to the DiMera mansion, while at the DiMera mansion Kristen and Vivian are going to put there latest plan into effect. Upstairs Susan calls Marlena for help again. Marlena, who is right outside the front door of the DiMera mansion answers her ringing phone!

Carrie is upset that Sami didn't remember anything, and Austin calms her down by kissing her. Carrie stops and says she so afraid Sami will find them together when Lucas knocks on the door. Lucas has brought some reports for Carrie to look at, but Carrie asks Lucas to stay with Sami for awhile so she and Austin can be alone. Lucas leaves, and Austin brings Carrie a rose, then Carrie's her to the bedroom.

Over at Austin's Sami recalls Lynn telling her about Valadan, but doesn't know what it means. Lucas comes over to Austin's place to sit with Sami, and reveals to him she had a memory about talking to Lynn about a drug. Lucas makes an excuse that she was probably just asking for some information on a drug, but Sami decides to go tell Austin that her memory is returning.

Back at Carries place Austin and Carrie are in bed when Sami is wheeling her way to the door. Luckily Lucas stops her and tells her perhaps she should wait before telling him. Austin and Carrie, now dressed, return to the apartment and asks what is going on. Austin asks if she's upset that she didn't remember anything, and tells her that she shouldn't push herself, one day her memory return. Carrie and Lucas leave, and Sami plans to do her exorcises before going to bed.

Carrie and Lucas decide to take a walk, but Lucas' jacket is at Austin. Over at Austin's Sami asks Austin to sleep with her, just as Carrie and Lucas open the door.

At the station Bo asks Billie what she's doing with cocaine. Billie says she's not using and only said the cocaine was hers because she didn't want to get Shawn D. in trouble. She tells Bo she bought coke from Max to try and get inside information for him, and she's sorry. Bo asks if Hope knows about this, and Billie says she thinks Hope suspects her of using drugs again. Tony comes to book Billie, and calls her a junky no better than the scum on the street. Bo gets angry and pushes Tony, and before a fight can break out another officer breaks it up. Bo gets his time with Billie and decides to try and call Abe to get Billie off the hook, despite the fact it may blow his cover, but Billie stops him from doing it.

Meanwhile Nan is on the phone with King, who is pissed that his shipment got screwed up. King says if this is a setup Brady and his women will be sorry. Nan tells King that Billie was arrested, but Hope's nowhere in sight. Nan hangs up, and when she turns around she's confronted by Hope, who asks if she just called her name. Nan says she was just taking to Webster about how long it's been since she's seen you.

Later Nan calls King and says it doesn't seem it was a set-up, and King tells Nan if it was he'll make sure Brady's son gets hooked on drugs.

Jen shows up after getting a tip from her station that Billie was arrested, and Hope tells her Billie was arrested for possession of Cocaine. Hope calls the commissioner to ask that Billie's arrest be kept under wrap for tonight because her family hasn't been notified yet. The commissioner agrees, which pleases Jen and Hope.

After Billie is booked and taken away Hope and Bo come face to face, but Mickey arrives and Bo says he'll talk with her later. Bo wants Billie arraigned, and says the coke was planted on her. Mickey says he'll do what he can, but he has to know the whole truth. Billie says she was framed, but she can't say by who. After Mickey leaves Hope sees Bo holding Billie, and becomes upset. Mickey returns with bad news, nobody is available to arraign her tonight.

When nothing is said on the news about Billie King calls Nan and asks her to leak the news about the arrest.


May 2
At Austin's place Carrie opens the door and hears Sami ask Austin to sleep with her. Austin asks her what she means, and she just wants him to sleep in the same bed with her. Austin says he's such a restless sleeper, but Sami says that she's not sleeping well alone, and perhaps it will help her regain her memory. Austin agrees to sleep with her, and a pissed off Carrie storms back to her apartment.

Sami tells Austin she's looking forward to sleeping in the same bed with him, and says she hopes soon they can be together in every way. Austin suddenly realizes they are out of ice and has to go over to Carrie's to get some. After he leaves Sami asks herself what she said wrong.

At Carrie's place Carrie is furious, and Lucas tries to make Austin look bad, but only hurts Carrie. Lucas apologizes and hugs her and tells her it's almost like Austin enjoys hurting Carrie. Austin just happened to hear that and Austin punches Lucas when Lucas says "I thought you'd be under the covers with Sami by now." Carrie yells at Austin for hitting Lucas and says he's not the one sleeping with Sami. Lucas leaves to let them talk, and Carrie's furious he agreed to sleep with Sami. Austin says that nothing else is going to happen, but Carrie says even though Sami can't make love she can still hold and kiss him. Carrie tells Austin that if Sami doesn't get her memory back she's going to lose him.

Lucas goes over to Austin's to see Sami, who is upset because she thinks Austin doesn't want to sleep with her. Sami asks Lucas if she should have asked him to sleep with her, and Lucas says of course she should have, he's her husband. Sami wonders if she should tell Austin about the conversation with Lynn, but Lucas tells her not to burden him with that. Suddenly a news report comes over the radio that Billie has been arrested!

Lucas wheels Sami over to Carrie's place to tell them Billie has been arrested. Austin and Carrie run off to the station, and Lucas tells Sami that it's good he didn't message the drugs since she saw Austin's reaction to Billie being arrested for drugs. Lucas also makes Sami promise to tell him if she has any memories first.

Bo explains to Abe what happened on the pier, and how Billie was arrested. Bo tells them how Billie saved Hope and the cops lives, and that she took the wrap for the drugs because she didn't want Shawn D to be blamed. Bo feels this is all his fault, but he vows to get King somehow. Abe says he needs to go check on Billie, and when Bo asks to give her her own cell Abe says giving her special treatment could look bad.

Hope can't believe Billie is doing drugs again, and is upset that Bo is furious with him. Jen tells Hope she saw the way Bo looked at her, his feelings haven't changed. Hope says what about his engagement to Billie, and Jen suggests that he may be with Billie to help her through her drug problem.

Abe leaves his office and Hope goes in to talk to Bo. Hope says she didn't mean for this to happen, she only wanted to help Shawn D. Bo sees the pain in Hope's eyes, and wants to tell her the truth. When Bo goes to tell her the truth King calls and tells Bo he's going to have to persuade him he had nothing to do with the screw up, or he and his family are going to pay dearly. King hangs up, and Hope asks Bo what it was he wanted to tell her. Bo envisions that King has killed Hope, so he tells her that Billie's drug use is Billie's business. Hope asks him how he can be so cruel, and Bo tells her to just keep out of their lives. Hope tells him she's out of his life forever, and walks off. Abe returns to the office and tells Bo he did the right thing. Abe also tells Bo that there is another cop on Kings' payroll, so he did the right thing about not telling her.

Nan calls King and reports to him nothing new has happened, but King says if Bo turns on him Bo's son will pay.

Jen tells Hope that Billie's arrest is on all the stations, and when Bo hears it he decides to go talk to Billie.

Outside the DiMera Mansion Susan calls Marlena for help, but has to hang up when Kristen, Vivian, and Ivan break into Susan's room. Marlena is concerned about Susan, and doesn't know what to think about the call. Marlena and John go inside with the kids

Upstairs Kristen tells Susan to get out of her life and her sons life now. Susan holds up her mirror and yells at "them vampires" to get out. Suddenly John's voices carries through the house and Kristen runs downstairs while Vivian and Ivan try to get Susan to the secret room. John wants to check on John Jr. and also wants Marlena to meet the baby nurse, but Kristen stops them and says "no, you don't want to go up there!" Marlena asks why, and Kristen says she planned a surprise welcome back party with for everyone. Marlena keeps silent, but thinks something is up. Kristen goes back upstairs to check on the baby, and Marlena attempts to call Susan back.

Upstairs Susan answers her phone and claims that some vampires are going to fly her away to Transylvania, because the man vampire talks like he's from Transylvania. Marlena asks Susan to meet her at the hospital now, but Susan has to hang up when Kristen, Vivian, and Ivan the vampire come to get her.

Marlena returns to the main room and talks to John, who thinks Vivian has taken enough of his wife's time tonight, and decides to go get her. Upstairs Vivian says Ivan can knock Susan out, roll her up in a rug, and take her to the secret room! Susan however, hears the plan and refuses to become a human enchilada for Mr and Mrs Vampire. Vivian tries to talk her way into the room by Saying Kristen and Ivan are gone, and Susan tells Vivian to come on in. Vivian walks in, and Susan smashes her over the head with a chair! Vivian passes out, and Susan formulates her own plan. Susan dresses up as Kristen and wraps Vivian in the rug. When Ivan drags Vivian into the room Susan shuts them both in there! Eventually Vivian wakes up, and they realize they are shut in the secret room!

Downstairs Kristen continues to delay Marlena or John from going upstairs, but she can't delay them forever. John and Marlena decide to go up to see the baby and Kristen follows. Marlena and John go to enter the nursery, unaware Susan is in there in the Kristen disguise!

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