May 02 Week 4


May 27
Belle and Mimi are shopping in Salem Place. Mimi sees a dress that she thinks would look great on Belle for the Last Blast, but Belle says she's not going. Mimi says the invites will be rolling in soon, but Belle refuses to go to her senior prom with just anyone. Mimi knows Belle wants to go with Shawn, but Belle claims she wants to go with Mimi. Mimi wishes she could go, but she can't because of the trouble she and Jan caused last year. Mimi asks if Chloe will be going with Brady? Belle says no, she doubts Chloe is going, and Brady is too cool for a school dance. Mimi reminds her that he went last year, but Belle says as a chaperone, not on a date. Mimi thinks something hot is going on between Brady and Chloe, but Belle says her brother denies it. Meanwhile, Phillip is with Cynthia, and is trying to get information about Jan out of her. However, she claims she and Jan really aren't that great of friends. Cynthia has to jet, but gives Phillip a kiss. Belle sees this and goes ballistic and she can't believe Phillip is dating Cynthia now. Belle yells at him, and storms off. Mimi and Phillip talk, and Phillip says he can't keep dating Cynthia. He says she's not giving up any info on Jan, all she talks about is herself. Phillip says there has to be another way, someone else who might have a clue as to what happened that day. Mimi says the only other person to see Jan after Belle was Bo. Mimi gets an idea, and runs off to play detective. Elsewhere in Salem Place, Brady shops for a gift for someone special, and then runs into Belle. She asks if it is for her, and he says no. She then asks if it is for a girl, and he says he isn't seeing anyone. As they talk about love, they both agree to screen each other's dates in the future to make sure neither of them get their hearts broken.

At Bo and Hope's, Alice has a talk with Shawn. Shawn tells his gran that he messed up big time when he blamed Belle for Jan's miscarriage, but he doesn't know if she'll ever forgive him. Alice tells him to try, explain how he is feeling to Belle. Jan overhears this and vows to never let Shawn and Belle reconcile. Later, Shawn questions Jan about the day of her miscarriage one more time. She asks why they have to go through this again? HE tells her that he thinks they were wrong to blame Belle, but Jan says they weren't. Jan tells Shawn that there is more to the story, something she didn't tell him because she didn't want to hurt him anymore. Jan claims that after Belle pushed her down, she told her that she hated her and hoped both her and the baby died. Jan claims Belle wanted them both dead, but only killed the baby. Shawn says this can't be and runs off. He goes to Salem Place where he finds Belle and demand they talk.

Hope goes to the Brady Pub, where Caroline tells her that both Kim and Melissa are coming home for Zach's christening. Hope is glad, and can't wait until Zach is a real Brady. Later, Jan's mother shows up to meet Hope for lunch. Hope tells her about Jan's miscarriage, and Jan's mom is as cold as ever. She says if those two had been responsible, then this never would have happened in the first place. Hope scolds Mrs. Spears and tells her that children need love and guidance, and from what she has seen, Jan has gotten neither from her. Hope says Jan needs one of her parents more than ever right now, and if she doesn't get what she needs, Hope fears how she will turn out. Mrs. Spears only hears Hope criticizing her, which she doesn't appreciate. Hope tells Mrs. Spears that Jan can't stay with them forever, so she needs to reach out to her daughter now or face losing her forever.

Nancy and Craig come home, and Chloe is waiting for them. She is furious with them and thinks they have ruined not only her career, but her entire life. Craig tells her to wait one minute, and to listen to what they have to say. Nancy and Craig recount their adventures with Cecelia Marin up to the point where Craig kicked Nancy out of the room so he could be alone with Cecelia. We then learned that Craig knew something about Cecelia that Nancy didn't, she was really CiCi Maybell, a small town gal from a farm in Arkansas who was first known for her blue ribbon hog calling voice! Craig and Nancy tell Chloe that Cecelia has agreed to give her an audition in July when she'll be in New York again. Chloe thanks them, but says she'll never be able to keep a straight face while auditioning after their story. Nancy tells her that at least she won't be nervous. Craig says July will be here sooner than she thinks, and he asks her how she is feeling. Chloe says her throat is fine now, the itchiness has passed. Craig checks her out, and when he feels her throat glands, he is visibly worried. Chloe asks Craig what is wrong?


May 28
At the DiMera mansion, Lexie has nightmares about Rolfe's wicked plan to kill Isaac. Celeste wakes LExie from her dream as she sees her stirring, and Lexie begs her mom not to let them kill her baby! Rolfe shows up and in order to shut Lexie up decides to sedate her, but Celeste warns him to stay away from her daughter! Rolfe leaves, and Lexie continues having panic attacks. When Celeste gives her a glass of water, she thinks it is spiked and smashes it! Lexie goes nuts, and passes out!

At the hospital, JEn and Collin have another run-in, and Collin tells her that he finds it impossible to believe she wants nothing to do with him. Elsewhere, Jack shows up to see Sami. Brandon says she's not here, she's on her break. Jack says thats okay, he has another reason to be here. Jen overhears Jack and asks him what his reason is? JAck says he's investigating the baby switch, and he thinks that even Collin or even Brandon might know something about it! They deny knowing anything, but Jack says he will not stop until he has the story, and races off. Brandon and Jen then discuss their trip to Green Mountain lodge while Collin confirms his reservation for him and Nicole.

Later, Lexie is brought into the hospital by Celeste, who is concerned for Lexie's health. Collin checks her out, and Jack gets an idea on how to further investigate the baby switch. Lexie refuses to have any tests and says she is going out! LExie runs into Jack, who plays sympathetic to her in order to make her vulnerable. HE says it is just too bad she didn't know about the switch from the beginning because then this could have been avoided. Lexie blurts out "of course I knew!" Lexie covers and says she meant that both her and Hope knew the babies looked different after they came back from the nursery, and that is where the switch must have happened. Jack asks if she or her father knew about the switch, and she says no! Lexie runs off, and Brandon chases after her. Jen tells Jack that she hates to say it, but she thinks he was right and there is a story here. Jen agrees to give Jack the story. Meanwhile, Lexie cries to Brandon that she wants her son back. Jack interrupts LExie and Brandon's discussion, and asks her if she holds the hospital responsible for the switch? LExie says she does, and she will sue this hospital so that everyone learns the price of crossing a DiMera!

In Salem Place, Shawn asks Belle to tell him once again what happened the day of Jan's miscarriage. Belle tells the story once again, and Shawn asks if that is it? BElle says that it is obvious he believes Jan over her, a girl the entire school hates. Belle tells Shawn that he has hurt her greatly, or does that not matter? Shawn says he knows he hasn't treated her right. Belle tells SHawn that Jan was fine when she left her, and if he doesn't believe her, then she no longer cares!

Phillip meets up with Cynthia, who catches him staring at Chloe. She accuses him of not being able to let her go. Phillip says if he stares it is because he can't believe they were ever together, they are so wrong for one another. Phillip asks Cynthia to go somewhere more private, but she says later and asks him to wait here while she does some shopping. Elsewhere, Mimi tells Chloe her new plan to get Shawn and Belle together at the last blast. Mimi asks Chloe to invite Shawn to the dance as her date. CHloe doesn't know, and Mimi asks if she was thinking of going with Phillip? Phillip shows up and asks where they are going? Mimi says they are going no where unless he can get some information out of Cynthia. Phillip says he hasn't gotten any info out of her yet. Chloe gets an idea, and tells Phillip to invite Cynthia to the last blast, because that way she'll feel like he really likes her and will open up. Phillip says no way, he wanted to take Chloe. Chloe says she'll already be there, and he has to take Cynthia because he promised! Mimi leaves to do more investigating, and Chloe tells Phillip to go talk to Cynthia. He agrees to ask her if Chloe saves the last dance for him. Meanwhile, Cynthia and Jan meet up and discuss their little schemes and how they are going. Jan hopes the night of the last blast dance, she will go away with Shawn and make love. Cynthia is hoping to take Phillip to the dance, and make love to him. Cynthia goes to see Phillip, Jan to see Shawn, and Belle to see Chloe. CHloe and Belle talk about Chloe's second chance at an audition. CHloe gets a call from Mimi (see below) and questions Belle about Jan's attire the day they had their fight. Belle says her hair was like it always is, and she had on stupid beige sweats. Belle eventually takes off so Chloe can call Mimi back and compare more notes on Jan. MEanwhile, Cynthia flirts with Phillip, and Phillip asks her to go to the last blast with him. She agrees, and says it will be a night he never forgets. Elsewhere, Jan talks to SHawn. As she is about to ask Jan about his plans for the night of the last blast, CHloe interrupts and asks him to take her to the last blast! Shawn agrees, much to Jan's dismay.

At Bo's house, Roman shows up and asks Bo if he and Hope discovered who Zack's father is? Bo says they have a lead, but they don't want to talk about it until they are sure. Bo and Roman begin talking about the christening, and Bo says he and Hope both wanted him to be the godfather, but there is someone else they feel they needs to ask. Bo tells Roman of their choice, and Roman approves. Suddenly, Mimi shows up to see Bo. She begins questioning him about when he found Jan and took her to the hospital. Mimi questions him about Jan's attire, which was a red shirt and black pants, and he says her hair was wet. Mimi then makes a call, after leaving, to CHloe about what she's learned. She asks Chloe to find out from Belle what Jan was wearing during their fight, and what her hair looked like. Later they compare notes, and realize Jan lied about losing the baby. Back at the house, Roman and Bo return to talking about the christening. Roman thinks they needs to have heightened security in case Stefano tries something. Bo agrees, and says nobody will take Zack away from them.


May 29
Sami and Will have lunch in Salem Place where they meet Lucas and Kate. Sami turns Will over to Lucas, and Kate gloats to Sami that this is just of the start of the hell they have planned for her! Brady sees a fight about to happen, so he takes Will to play with some yo-yo's, and Lucas, Sami, and Kate all bicker and argue. Sami vows to get on top again, but Lucas and Kate say that will never happen! Lucas then tells Sami that he's taking Will out of town with him for a weekend, but Sami says no way, he has to be here for Zach's christening and Belle's graduation. Lucas says that is just too bad he'll have to miss all that boring stuff! Lucas says he'll also take WIll away for the entire summer! Sami says if he is taking Will away for the entire summer, why does he have to take him this weekend? Lucas says because he feels like it! Sami ends up telling Kate to stop gloating, because Victor still has those photos of her and he hates her enough to use them to squash her like a bug! Kate says she trusts Victor with those photos a lot more than she does her! Sami still says she will get back on top one day, because she is unbeatable! Sami goes to say goodbye to Will, and then storms off. Later, Lucas and Kate discuss the summer plans, and KAte suggests he take Will away and not come back! Lucas says he can't do that, he won't sink to Sami's level, and he doesn't want Will to resent him later in life.

BRady calls CHloe and asks how things are? Chloe says she has an audition in July. Brady is happy for her, and they agree to meet in Salem Place at the Java Cafe. Chloe gets ready to leave, and gives Craig a hug and thanks him once again. Chloe goes to get her purse, only to trip and get a nasty bruise. Craig gets a call that Lexie is sueing the hospital, and then he worries about CHloe's bruise. He asks Chloe about her energy level, and she finally admits that she's really not feeling stronger, she is still tired. Craig insists she come with him to the hospital for some more tests, so she calls Brady to tell him that she might be a little late.

At Bo and Hope's, Hope, Zack, and Bo are all playing when Abe shows up. Abe says hi to Isaac, and Bo tells him about the name change. Bo and Hope thank Abe for everything he's done for them, and ask him to be Zack's godfather. Abe says it would be and honor and a privilege. Later they talk about Stefano, and they all worry what he will do to try and get Zack back to LExie.

At the hospital, Lexie shouts that she plans to sue the hospital to teach everyone the price one pays for crossing a DiMera! As Jack gets Lexie to fess up things, Jen realizes just how good of a reporter Jack is. Collin, however, is sick of this and makes calls to get this publicity nightmare stopped. Collin tells Jack to stop his line of questioning now, and he says that Lexie is in no condition to be questioned. Jack says he will find out what is going on here and nothing will stop him! Jack and Collin end up in a personal fight about Jennifer. Meanwhile, Celeste scolds her daughter for her behavior with her guilty plea still out there and her sentencing yet to be handed down. She tells her daughter to drop this lawsuit and pray she doesn't go to jail! Later, Brandon informs Lexie that he will not testify if this lawsuit goes to court, because he knows too much about her that could bury her. Craig shows up and tells Jack to get the hell out of here! He then talks to Collin about Chloe's bruised leg. They decide to run more bloodwork on Chloe. Later, Craig confronts LExie and tells her not to even point her finger at this hospital, and points the finger at her and her father! Craig promises her that one day she will be exposed, and if she takes this to court she will end up a bigger loser than she already is!

Sami meets Jack at the hospital, and she and Jack think of ways to break up Jen and Brandon. Brandon and Jen discuss their trip to Green Mountain, as Nurse Brenda talks to Collin about his own secret trip to the lodge. Sami talks to Brandon later on and tries to find out why he's not on call this weekend? Brandon refuses to say anything because it is personal. Sami says she knows he's going away with Jen, it's not that hard to figure out. Sami does more snooping around, and learns from Brenda that Collin is going away too. Sami says she must find out where Brandon and Collin are going, and who with.

Chloe eventually meets up with BRady in Salem Place. CHloe tells Brady the story about Craig blackmailing Cecelia Marin into giving her another audition. Elsewhere in Salem Place, Abe meets with Celeste. Celeste tells him about Lexie's lawsuit, and Abe says he's sure Lexie knew about the switch long before anyone else did. Elsewhere, JEn runs into Bo, Hope and Zach, and Lexie spies on them. She is not happy to hear they changed his name to Zach. Bo and Hope ask Jen to be his godmother, and they say they've asked Abe to be his godfather. Lexie refuses to let that ever come to be!


May 30
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At the DIMera mansion, Celeste and Lexie continue to argue about the baby switch. Lexie blurts out that she was afraid someone would take her baby right from the beginning. Celeste realizes Lexie has known about the switch all along, and Lexie finally admits that she did. Lexie asks her mom what happened to her psychic powers, it took her long enough to figure out! Celeste says she didn't want to believe it. Lexie says she did it, and tells Celeste to call Craig and tell him, or maybe call Abe and have her arrested! Celeste asks what kind of game she is playing? LExie claims she was just testing her, and she failed. Lexie says she was just as surprised when the news on the switch came out, and she says Stefano denied having anything to do with it. Celeste says she is a fool if she believed him. LExie does not believe her father would lie to her, but Celeste says he would lie to God if he met him! LExie goes off and says she will get her baby back one day, she will find a way and won't give up until she does! Celeste calls Abe because she is afraid of what Lexie might try and do. Abe goes in to see Lexie, who tells Abe to get out! She tells him that she hates him for letting this happen! She beats on his chest, and says she'll never forgive him for taking her son away! Abe tries to reason with her, but Lexie tells him to get out of her house and her life. Lexie then throws a fit and says no one will take her baby from her!

Rolfe and Bart continue with their plan to kill Isaac. Rolfe tries to get Stefano's okay, but he can't get in contact with them. BArt asks if there is a chance Isaac could really die? Rolfe says the chance is slim, but they can't be 100% sure. Later, Rolfe puts on a priest disguise and heads to the church!

At the Brady Pub, a now platinum blonde Kim arrives. Kim says her kids are in England with Shane, and Stephanie, Kayla's daughter, is busy studying for finals. The Brady family all mingle, and Roman and Abe both agree that they need to be on their guard at the church today. Nobody knows where Stefano is, and that always means trouble. MEanwhile, Sami continues to snoop into Brandon's plans. Sami says she needs to have a number to reach him at in case something happens, but Brandon knows she is just being nosey. HE says one of the nurses knows where to reach him. Later, the Brady's head to the church for the christening.

At Bo and Hope's, the Hortons welcome home Melissa. Shawn still isn't accepting Zach, as he is filthy because he was changing the oil in the truck instead of getting ready for the christening. Hope orders Shawn to go get ready NOW. Suddenly, a phone call comes in, and it shocks Bo. It's Kimberly on the phone, and she's calling to say hello. Kim knows something is going on, but Bo stands his ground and says he can't talk about it. Shawn comes downstairs, all cleaned up and ready for the Christening. As the family continues to get reacquainted and play catchup, Bo calls the lab for news on the paternity test. The test results are back, but they have to re-run the test because of a problem. Bo asks them to call him as soon as they know. Later, Shawn overhears Hope talking about her meeting with Jan's mom and he's furious. He thinks they are trying to run his life, but Hope says Jan can't live with them forever. Shawn tells his parents everything is about making their lives easier, and he runs off. Maggie talks to Shawn, and tells him that Zach is his brother too, and he needs his love just as much as JT does. Melissa notices Bo and Hope are nervous, and Hope says she is just hoping a surprise guest shows up for the christening. Bo, Hope, and the gang leave, and right after they all exit, the phone rings! On the way out, Hope tries to talk to Shawn. Shawn says he'll get through this, but honestly this day doesn't mean much to him. Hope is hurt, and he apologizes. Bo tells his son that he knows it is hard to love Zach when JT isn't with them, but maybe something important will happen today that will make it easier. suddenly, Melissa realizes their phone is ringing, so Bo races inside to answer it.


May 31
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Rolfe heads to the church, disguised as a priest, and puts some drops of his potion into the baptismal water. However, he ends up distracted by people coming in, and puts too many in! He's unsure what the effect will be. Later, Bart calls Rolfe about his plan, and Lexie overhears Bart talking to Rolfe. Lexie realizes Rolfe is going through with his plan and heads to the church.

Bo is unable to catch the phone at his house in time, so everyone heads to the church. Everyone begins arriving, and Abe tells his men that no one is allowed in without an invitation, and if his wife comes she is to be turned away. Abe says if Lexie resists, they are to arrest her.

Meanwhile, Bo and Hope try to get the results of the paternity test, but the technician is out to lunch. People can see they are nervous, and Hope just tells them that they are waiting on the special guest to arrive. Jack arrives with Abby, and people wonder if he is the guest. Jen says he is not, that he wasn't even invited. Jack says that Hope did invite him, as did Abby. Jack stays and plays with Abby, who almost sticks her hand in the holy water to make sure it isn't too cold for JT. Rolfe flinches, but Jack stops her from putting her hand in. Elsewhere, Kim talks to Shawn about his problems with Belle, and then to Marlena. Marlena assures her that she and John are doing well as a couple, but she is concerned about John's obsession with Stefano.

The baptism is ready to get underway, and the priest needs to talk to Bo and Hope. He tells Caroline that because the baby has already been baptized, he need not be sprinkled with the holy water again. A still spying Rolfe flips, and Caroline says they'll leave that choice up to Bo and Hope. Bo, Hope, Shawn, and Zack finally appear from where they have been hiding, and before the ceremony begins they make an announcement. Hope announces that Zack's father is here, and that it is Bo. Everyone is shocked, and Bo and Hope simply explain that when they were together in Paris last summer, they were really together, but neither one could remember until just recently. Julie asks why they didn't say anything sooner, and Bo says they wanted to be sure. Shawn then makes a speech about how rotten he's been about all of this, and promises to be the best brother he can be to Zach.

Lexie, disguised as a cop, sneaks into the church and runs into Rolfe. She hides in a confessional with him, and he tells her that Isaac is Bo and Hope's biological son, and they will do everything they can to erase her from his life, so she needs to make a choice. Does she go through with his plan, or stop it? Meanwhile, the baptism begins, and Hope decides to name the baby Beau regard Isaac Theo Brady. As the priest is about to pour the water on Zack's head, Lexie looks on and doesn't know what to do.

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