May 02 Week 2


May 20
At the Wesley's, Nancy's dog barks at a sleeping CHloe, but Chloe doesn't move. The phone eventually wakes her up, it is Belle calling about Brady's party. CHloe says she will be there, and hangs up.

At Tuscany, Victor tells Phillip that he is family and he wants him to be at Brady's party. Phillip says he's an adult now, and he can make his own decisions. Phillip then walks out on his dad.

MEanwhile, BRandon finds Sami in tears after her encounter with Victor. Sami sees him about to walk off, but tells him to wait. He says it is none of his business what is bothering her, or why she's even here. Sami accuses him of trying to make her jealous by dancing with Jen. Brandon says he is here with Jen because she is sexy, beautiful, and fun. Sami, however, says Jennifer can't give him what he wants, which is happily ever after. Sami tells Brandon the connection between them still exists, she can feel it, and she knows he can too. She says when he is ready to admit it to give her a call!

Jack talks to Nicole about Jen and her brother, and Nicole assures Jack if Brandon and Jen don't work out, Jen will go after Collin because that man is so hot it hurts! Jack tries to push Nicole to date Collin, and he also says Brandon knows little about Jen and her complicated life. Suddenly, Victor shows up to see Nicole, but Nicole says Jack just invited her to dance and she drags him out onto the floor with him in order to avoid Victor.

In the ladies room, Collin corners Jennifer. He tells her that sending her away in Ireland was the last thing he wanted to do, and he was close to being head over heels in love with her. He also knows she felt something for him, and he wants her to know that she did matter to him. Jen accuses Collin of having the largest ego in the world, so Collin dares her to kiss him and see if there are sparks. Jen tells Collin that he is the most arrogant man she has ever met, and he is the last man she'd ever get involved with! Collin returns to Nicole, who says his beeper has been going off every thirty seconds.

Jen runs into Jack, who badmouths Collin to her. He says Collin is hiding something, and they have to find out what. Jack thinks this could be their next big story, but Jen has had it. She tells him to work on the story she assigned him! Later, Jack overhears Collin on the phone with someone talking about "how to play it out."

Brady goes into his apartment, which is very dark. He looks at a photo of his mother, which is sitting out in the open, and he wonders how it got there. Suddenly, the lights go on and everyone yells "surprise!" Brady's family has planned a surprise 21st birthday bash for him. Brady says he didn't want a fuss, and wonders who even thought this up because it's not like them. Belle says they didn't think to do this, Chloe did! John gives his son a long island ice tea, and Phillip shows up to wish his "nephew" a happy birthday. Brady makes a toast to Belle and Phillip, and their last summer before heading off to New York. There is a knock at the door, and this time it is Chloe! Phillip answers the door thinking it is his dad, and is shocked to see Chloe. Brady, however, is pleased she came. Phillip thought the party was for family, but Belle says the party was Chloe's idea. The presents begin to be opened, and John gives Brady a seat on the board of Basic Black, as well as a million dollar donation to the Toscano foundation in his name. He also gets a jet-ski! Marlena's gift is a piece of venetian glass to remind him of his mom. Victor, who has arrived, gives Brady a very expensive pocket watch. Belle's present is box seat tickets to the cubs game next weekend. Brady finds a mysterious gift left for him, which is a DVD of the sound of music. Phillip laughs and wonders who would give him that, but Brady has a pretty good idea. Later as the cake is being cut, Chloe talks to Phillip about dating Cynthia in order to help her and Mimi find out the truth about Jan. Chloe also says Belle can't know about this. Later, Brady thanks Chloe for the DVD. They joke around, and Phillip is not pleased to see Brady making her laugh. The party eventually ends, and Brady offers to drive Chloe home. Chloe says it is early, she can get home on her own. The dinner for the party was Chinese, and Caprice hands out the fortune cookies. BEfore Chloe leaves she goes to grab one, but Caprice says that one is broken and insists she take another. Chloe takes a different one and then leaves. John asks Caprice what her intuition told her about that cookie she refused to let Chloe have? John reads the fortune, which says "your angels are near!"

At the DiMera mansion, Rolfe shows Lexie a vial and tells her that this is what will help her get Isaac back, but if she wants him back she must kill! LExie asks who will die? Rolfe tells her that she must kill Isaac! Lexie refuses to hurt Isaac. Rolfe says that Isaac will only appear dead, and if everyone thinks he is dead, she and Isaac can flee to Europe and no one will come after her. LExie still doesn't like this plan. Rolfe proves it is safe by spiking Bart's cocktail. Bart essentially appears dead, but he's not really dead. Lexie checks him and realizes he has no pulse and isn't breathing. However, in time, Bart comes back to life. Lexie refuses to do this to Isaac, and tells him to get this idea out of his head or he is fired! Lexie storms out, and Rolfe intends to carry out his plan with or without her consent!

In Paris, a mime sparks Hope's memories. She remembers Bo dressed up as a mime and performing on the streets. Bo is confused, but Hope says she sees him as a mime. Later she remembers him waiting on Stefano. When Hope sees the mime again, she chases after him. She ends up in a trance, and begins to re-enact Bo-mime's walking into traffic. Bo rushes out into the street to save her. Bo asks her what is up with her? Hope says she knows how to remember everything, and asks him to follow her. Hope and Bo end up on the pier from Hope's dream, and Hope continues to remember more and more. Hope remembers dancing with Bo, and being romantic with him, and she tells him that he is the man in her dreams!


May 21
Hasn't been proofed yet due to late posting time!

At Bo and Hope's, Jan asks Shawn to go to Salem Place with her, and he agrees to take her. Jan goes to get ready, and Alice talks to Shawn about what he wants and need. Shawn says everything he thought he needed is gone. Later, Shawn talks to Hope, and Jan listens in (see below for details). An eavesdropping Jan panics as she realizes her grip on Shawn is beginning to be loosened.

In Salem Place, Mimi calls Chloe and tells her that she was supposed to be here ten minutes ago. Mimi says Phillip is here, and without her he might not go through with this. Chloe says she's coming over now. Chloe shows up, and they all run into Collin. Collin asks CHloe how she is feeling, and she says she is feeling better, but she missed her audition. Phillip offers to get his dad to make some calls, but she says no. Phillip says he still wants to help make her dreams come true. Later, Cynthia shows up, and Chloe tells Phillip that he knows what to do, and he better do a convincing job!

Sami and Belle hang out in Salem Place, and Sami tells her that soon she'll get Shawn back. Belle says she doesn't want Shawn back. Sami says she knows her better, she knows she still loves him. Sami tells BElle that Jan is going after Shawn, and if she doesn't go after him, she will lose him! Jan and Shawn show up, and as Jan puts on a show for Shawn's sympathy, Sami tells Belle how Jan is working the situation because she has played all these games before. Sami tries to get Belle to play games too and talk to Shawn. Belle decides to take Sami's advice and go for it.

Jan talks to Cynthia about how sweet Shawn has been, and how she will be there for him like Belle hasn't been. MEanwhile, Collin talks to SHawn and begins asking questions about Jan and if he got Jan pregnant. Shawn says he didn't hurt Jan on the island, but he did get her pregnant. Collin tells Shawn that Jan needs counseling, but Shawn says she won't go back and he doesn't know how else to help her. Collin says secrets and lies never help, they only cause more trouble. Later, Belle approaches Shawn, but Jan swoops in. Belle refuses to keep letting herself get hurt and says goodbye to SHawn. MEanwhile, Collin talks to Sami, and the two insult one another, and take shots at one another's love life. Later, Belle returns and Sami tells her that she made a mistake walking away. Belle says she can't do this, but Sami says she has a plan. Elsewhere, Phillip approaches Cynthia and she is shocked when he says hello to her. Phillip apologizes for being a jerk to her and asks her out on a date sometime. She says sure, he can buy her a coffee right now! Chloe and Mimi are amazed how easy this is.

At the DiMera mansion, Abe comes to see Lexie and demands to know what in the hell is going on with her. He says he heard she is changing her plea to guilty, and he asks if this means she realizes what she did was wrong? Lexie says the only thing she did wrong was get caught. Lexie says Cameron is working on a deal for her if she pleads guilty. Abe knows she is not defending herself to keep people from digging and uncovering secrets. Lexie says she is guilty and she has to move on with her life. Abe says if that is the way she really feels, then he has a proposition for her. He asks her to turn her back on her father, but she says no. LExie says her father loves her and her son, and he turned her back on both of them! Abe tells her that if it weren't for her father, they wouldn't be going through this pain, and she wouldn't be facing charges! Lexie says she ran because she had no choice, the court ordered her to give up her baby and she wouldn't do that. Abe says the court didn't order her to give up custody until after she ran! Lexie is furious that everyone has betrayed her. Suddenly, Cameron shows up for payment, but Lexie refuses to pay her for ruining her life! She accuses her of setting this whole thing up. Abe questions Cameron, who says the order she got looked official, she had no idea it was bogus. Abe doesn't believe Cameron at all, and he tells Lexie that her father tried to get her to run, so when will she turn her back on him? Abe tells her that until she washes her hands of her father, he's washing his hands of her. Abe tells Lexie that it is over, and walks out. Lexie summons Rolfe, because she knows Rolfe was behind this. Cameron decides to make herself scarce, and Lexie slams Rolfe for what he did to her. Rolfe says he gave her her only option to keep Isaac. Rolfe says all is still not lost, but Lexie refuses to go through with his evil plan to kill Isaac. Outside the DiMera mansion, Abe runs into Cameron and tells her to just fess up and tell the truth, but she says she is bound by attorney-client privilege. She then gloats and tells Abe once Lexie's criminal issues are resolved, she'll be moving onto her divorce!

In Paris, Doug and Julie have breakfast with Bo, Hope, and Isaac. Julie asks Hope if she is any closer to finding out who the father is? Hope says nothing, and Julie knows Hope has found out something. Hope tells them what she remembered. Bo says they are planning to check out Gina's townhouse today and they hope to find more answers there. BEfore heading out, Hope and Bo decide to call home and talk to SHawn. They call home and talk to SHawn. Hope asks about Jan, and Shawn says she is doing better. Hope is glad she is getting better, because they need to talk about the situation with her living with them. Shawn says they don't have to get into this now do they? Hope says they will talk about it when they get home, but Jan can't live with them forever. Shawn asks about his dad and grandma and grandpa, but not Isaac. This hurts Hope, so she tells him that Isaac would like to say hello to him. Shawn says that this call is probably costing them a fortune and says he'll see Isaac when they get home. Hope hopes that in time Shawn will come around. Later, Bo and Hope head to GIna's house. Bo tells Hope how Gina drugged him here, and when he came too, she was taking care of him. He says whatever DiMera wanted her to do to him, she couldn't do it. Hope begins to have more memories, and she remembers the drug she was supposed to give Bo to turn him into a pawn. Hope tells him Stefano's plan for him, and then she remembers cleaning the mime make-up off of Bo and making love to him!


May 2
I'm building off of NBC's summary for today due to an ear infection which has left me VERY hard of hearing (I just can't keep up with the show fast enough to type everything, as I rely more on listening than watching)

In Paris, Hope remembers making love to Bo when he had been drugged with a mind control potion and was a mime. Bo is unsure, but Hope says she remembers, his love saved her. She says for a time she was no longer Gina, and he was himself and not under the influence of Stefano's drug. As she remembers, it also dawns on both of them that Bo could possibly be Isaac's father. They are thrilled about this, but Bo is wary, not sure if the memory is legitimate. Hope says it makes sense, and that is why he had odd flashes when he held Isaac, his subconscious was trying to tell him that he was holding his son. Hope then realizes as long as they continue to use the name Lexie gave him, he is still partly hers. They decide to rename him Zach. Bo is still unsure about Hope's memory, so she decides to jog his. As they begin to make love in the townhouse, Bo remembers. The two make passionate love to celebrate the revelation.

In Salem Place, Jan continues to try and worm her way into Shawn's heart, but it's obvious that he only has eyes for Belle. When he wants to go talk to Belle, Jan flips out. Jan apologizes and says that he and his family are just so important to her, and she has only been a burden. Jan tries to buy some more time to live at the house, but Shawn can only promise that he won't kick her out right away. He suggests she try and patch things up with her own family.

Meanwhile, Sami tells Belle that she should make love to SHawn to hold onto him, but she refuses. Sami then moves onto her backup plan, and convinces Belle to buy some suggestive clothes to get Shawn's attention. Guys totally go gaga when they see Belle, and she's mortified by reactions from Mimi and CHloe to her outfit so she goes to change. Later, Belle's furious when she sees Philip cozying up to Cynthia and wonders if Chloe is equally as enraged. Mimi and Chloe can't tell Belle that they've enlisted Philip's help and that he's spying on Cynthia to get the goods on Jan. Shawn is about to move in to talk to Belle, but the sight of Mimi talking to her stops him. He overhears Belle admit she didn't mean to hurt Jan's baby and how terrible she feels about it. Shawn is affected and realizes that he's been too harsh on Belle. In the meantime, Phillip makes inroads with Cynthia and convinces her that CHloe isn't for him, she is. She tells him to call her, sooner rather than later! As the two cuddle, Brady is sickened. Later, Brady yells at Philip for hanging out with Cynthia and hurting Chloe again.

Elsewhere in Salem PLace, Sami runs into Victor and is forced to hand over the blackmail pictures of Kate, as well as the Kate and Roberto hospital confession. When she asks for the tape from Las Vegas, Victor says no. Sami is frustrated, but Victor insists on keeping it to make sure no copies of the pictures of Kate or the other tape ever surface. He doesn't trust Sami and she is stuck and very displeased.

At the Wesley's, Nancy and Craig try to find out where Cecelia Marin is staying in New York. Craig manages to fake out the school by claiming he is her personal physician and must treat her throat so she can be in top voice, so they give him her hotel address. The two pack and get ready to head off to try and convince her to give Chloe another chance to audition for the master class. Chloe comes home, and Nancy claims they are going on a romantic trip. However, after they leave, Chloe gets a call about a limo rental in New York, and sees Cecela's address written on a piece of paper. When she realizes what is going on she says she's going to kill Nancy!


May 23
At the Wesley's, Brady arrives because Chloe called him and because she's furious with Nancy. Chloe says Nancy is going to ruin everything! She tells him what Nancy and Craig are trying to do, and Brady doesn't see what the problem is. Chloe says the problem is Nancy always screws things up, even if she doesn't mean to. Chloe thinks her dream is over, but Brady says they will offer more master classes. Chloe says she just can't stand not knowing what is going on, so Brady tells her to call them. CHloe says she's tried, but they aren't answering their cell phones or her voicemail messages. Brady decides to take her mind off of this, and tells her to grab her purse because they are leaving. Brady takes her out for ice cream, but CHloe is still a gloomy-guss about her future as a singer. Brady lectures her, and she apologizes for being so mean to him when he's been so supportive of her.

In New York, Craig and Nancy arrive at Cecelia's suite, and hear her inside throwing a fit. They hear Cecelia yelling at someone that if they don't get a masseur here in 20 minutes, she is leaving this hotel and will never stay here again! Nancy gets an idea, and Craig says no way! NAncy talks Craig into posing as a masseur with her. Cecelia is a diva with a tude, a bad one. Nancy sets up some music and warms the oils while Cecelia changes into a robe. Nancy does NOT like Cecelia at all. Craig works his magic on Cecelia, which ends up making Nancy jealous. Cecelia invites Craig on to be her tour masseur, and he remembers why they are here and asks Nancy to turn on the music. Nancy puts on a tape of Chloe singing, and Cecelia criticizes the singer and says she has no idea what she is doing. Nancy goes nuts and says that is her daughter, she sings like an angel, and they came here to try and get her an audition for her masters class! Cecelia realizes she has been set up, and Craig has to hold Nancy back. Cecelia begins screaming at them to get out, and screams for help, only to lose her voice. Craig reveals he is a doctor, and helps Cecelia get her voice back. Cecelia and Nancy try to patch things up, and Cecelia realizes how much Nancy loves her daughter. She says if they had only written to her and told her that her daughter was sick, they could have avoided all of this. Nancy thinks they have gotten Chloe an audition, but Cecelia says she said she would have rescheduled IF they had written her, but she won't now after what they have done!

Jack and Jen read the paper in Salem Place over coffee, and Jen orders Jack to stick to his latest story, which is on shoplifting. Jack invites Jen to have lunch with him, but she says she already has a lunch date. Jack leaves to get to work, and Jen meets Brandon in the park for their lunch date. Brandon has brought take out from Lady Vi's restaurant. As they eat, Brandon and Jen talk about their childhoods, and the problems each had to deal with. Later they discuss a romantic weekend getaway. After discussing their trip, they discuss Jack and Sami. Jen doesn't think Sami will give up on him, and Brandon says he doesn't think Jack will give up on her. Jen thinks they should make a vow not to let Jack and Sami get to them or keep them from spending time together. BRandon agrees with her, and later they leave because Jen says she has a hunger that needs satisfying.

Meanwhile, Jack finds Collin spying on Jen and Brandon. JAck realizes that they both have something in common, they don't want her with Brandon. The two end up arguing about what happened in Africa. Jack accuses Collin of putting the moves on his wife, but Collin says they were only friends. The two continue to argue about Jen, and Jack eventually leaves. Collin then makes a mysterious phone call asking someone to meet him.

At the penthouse, John comes home because he heard Marlena needed him. He is shocked to find Marlena has turned their penthouse into a romantic love nest. John and Marlena share some wine and romance, and a little afternoon delight! Later, Marlena watches John as he sleeps, not realizing that John is having dreams about being locked up in Aremid by Stefano. He begins mumbling in his sleep, and as he talks about death, Marlena worries. John begins to talk about stooping Lexie and stopping DiMera. When Marlena tries to wake him, he grabs her wrist and shakes her!


May 24
Everyone under the sun called me when the show was on, I missed a few things! Sorry! Also, this has NOT been proofed as I have to leave for the weekend.

Brandon and Jen go to the pub for some coffee, not realizing Collin is there with Nicole, and Sami is also there. Nicole realizes they are here because Jen is here with Brandon. Jen is beeped and has to go call the office, leaving Brandon alone for Sami to move in on. Brandon tells her to basically get lost. Meanwhile, Collin tries to put the moves on Jen, but she tells him to get over himself! Jen returns to Brandon, and Sami is forced to run off back to her seat at the bar. Sami ends up calling Jack to tell him about an emergency that has just come up. MEanwhile, Jen and Brandon decide to go to Green Mountain Lodge for their trip, and share a room! Collin overhears this, and asks Nicole to go away on a little trip with him! Nicole isn't sure, and she asks him what is up with him and Jen? Collin says as far as Jen is concerned, he is evil incarnate. Nicole agrees to think about going away, so he makes a reservation. Nicole is planning on going anyways, and she tells herself that Collin will forget all about Jen after a weekend with her. Brandon and Jen take off, and Sami follows them while talking to Jack.

At the penthouse, Marlena is frightened when John wakes from his dream and violently shakes her. She tells him it is over now, but he says it won't be until a DiMera still stands, so he must bring them all down. John says he has to wipe out the entire DiMera legacy to make-up for the hell he put others through. John tells Marlena about his nightmares and how he was brainwashed by DiMera. Suddenly, Bo calls John and asks him for his help. MArlena asks what is going on? John says Bo is just concerned that Hope may be hurt by the DiMera's again. John tells Marlena how he surrendered himself to Stefano completely, and he became lost to evil, but when he was able to escape Stefano clutches for brief periods of time, he made a promise to destroy Stefano and all of his evil forever. John says he has to keep that promise.

At the DiMera mansion, Abe shows up to see Lexie. Celeste tells him that Lexie is not in good shape. LExie is upstairs in the nursery getting everything ready for Isaac's return. Celeste brings Lexie downstairs, and is not happy to see Abe. Abe tells Lexie that she needs help, she doesn't know what is real and what isn't anymore. Celeste tells Lexie that she is frightened for her. LExie tells ABe she will take no more abuse from him, slaps him, and tells him to get out! Rolfe shows up, and ABe and Rolfe get into it. Abe knows Rolfe set LExie up, and his plan failed. He says if Stefano finds out he failed his daughter, he will end up dead and in a landfill! LExie tells Abe to stop talking about her father like that! Abe begs Lexie to leave this house and get away from her father, but she says she is proud to be a DiMera! Abe walks out, and Celeste begs him to stop, but he doesn't. Later, Lexie and Rolfe go at it over ROlfe's plan. Lexie tells him to drop this plan or else, and she tells Rolfe that Isaac will be coming home to her soon, without the help of his plan! Rolfe begins to think he may have to kill both Isaac and Lexie! Later, BArt calls Rolfe to tell him about Bo and Hope's plans to christen Isaac. Rolfe decides to use the christening to kill Isaac. Rolfe goes to the nursery where Lexie is in a chair rocking a blanket and humming as if she is rocking Isaac. Rolfe tells her about Isaac's christening, and tries one last time to get her to go along with his plan. LExie, however, tells Rolfe to be quiet or he's going to wake the baby. She looks into the empty crib and says she didn't get much sleep last night the way Isaac was fussing. Rolfe leaves, and says with LExie in never-never land, he will be able to pull of his plan with very little interference from her.

Hope and Bo fly home with Zach. Bo is still doubting that he is Zach's father, and says they should be prepared for a letdown. Julie and Doug hear this and ask if there is something about Isaac that they should know? Hope says there is, but Bo butts in and tells them that they have changed Isaac's name to Zach. Still, Julie is suspicious that they are leaving Paris so fast, and she thinks Hope finally figured out who the father of Zach is. Hope says they did learn something, but Bo says they don't want to say what until they know for sure. Later, Hope becomes sad when Zach calls out for his mom, and he's not calling it to her. She says no matter what, Lexie is still mother to him. Bo calls up John to ask him for his help making sure DiMera doesn't try anything else to get Isaac back. Later, as they arrive in Salem, Hope announces that she wants to have Zach christened. A spying Bart hears this and decides to give Rolfe the news. Bo and Hope head to the hospital for a DNA test on Zach and Bo. Both Bo and Hope hope that Zach is Bo's, and when Bo holds him, he calls him daddy. Bo is shocked, and then he calls Hope mama.

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