May 02 Week 2


May 13
Weather/Torndano Alerts interupted the show a lot today

Chloe tells Brady, and her family, that she will not miss the masters audition! As she goes to storm out, she faints into Brady's arms! Chloe comes too, and Craig checks her over. Nancy and Craig ask what the results from Chloe's blood tests were, and he says they were promising. Craig says her blood count has improved since the last test, however, Craig tells her that she can't go to the audition. Chloe says she has to get to the audition, she has to be the best, you can't get sick in this business or someone will be waiting to take your place! Brady suggests if she can sing a scale, she should be allowed to go to the audition. Chloe, however, can't do it, and breaks down. Chloe doesn't know why she is still sick if her blood tests were okay. Craig says she is just in between getting better and a possible relapse. Chloe feels that this is a bad omen, and that she will never make it, her dream will never come true. Nancy wants Chloe to rest, but Chloe begins not to care about anything, so BRady tries to set her straight. He tells her that she is very blessed in so many ways, but her most precious gift is her health. Brady tells her that if she doesn't rest, she's not going to get well. Brady leaves to let her get some rest. Chloe ends up collapsing on the couch into tears, because missing this audition is making her feel worse.

At the station, Jen and Collin return, and there is no news on Isaac. Jen keeps looking for Jack spying on them, but he's not there. Collin asks about her and Jack's breakup, and she ask him why he cares? Suddenly, Mickey shows up. Mickey has custody papers for Isaac, Bo and Hope now have full custody of Isaac. He also has an arrest warrant for Lexie. Roman and Abe leave to find LExie. John is still on his PC tracking a mysterious aircraft. At the landing pad, Bo calls John and tells him that the chopper just took off. John tells Bo he's picking up a radio signal, someone is there radioing the helicopter. As Bo looks for the source, we see Lexie hiding in the bushes with Isaac! In a secret place, Rolfe talks to the chopper and learns that air traffic control is tracking him, so he couldn't pick up Lexie. The chopper claims he is getting out of here, but Rolfe says he's paying him to get Lexie out of the country. Rolfe hears Bo's voice, so he runs and hides. Bo enters a barn, and as he is about to discover the radio equipment, Rolfe knocks him out with a 2x4. Rolfe ties up Bo, and then tells the chopper to pick up Lexie now! "Major Tom" says the police are on their way, so he is leaving! Meanwhile, Isaac begins talking, and Hope hears him. When the chopper returs, Lexie goes out to meet it, but Hope surprises her! Lexie refuses to give Isaac up, but Hope refuses to let her take Isaac away from her. There is a news interuption, and when it returns, Isaac has somehow run off. Lexie and Hope are both searching for him, and Bo appears holding Isaac! After another news interuption, Lexie is in tears as Abe arrests her! Lexie begins screaming Isaac's name, and Abe tells her that she's just making things worse! Lexie ends up collapsing into Abe's arms. Abe holds her for a moment, but then puts her into the car. Hope is also upset for her former friend, but Bo tells her that Isaac belongs with her. Later, Jen, Collin, Marlena, John, and Shawn all show up. Jen tells Hope that she has her baby back, and nothing will seperate them again. Collin checks out Isaac, and John, Roman, and Bo talk about what happened. Bo says someone was helping Lexie, possibly many people. Bo and Roman question John about how he knew about the chopper and his mysterious connections, but he never gets a chance to answer. Hope returns with Isaac and Collin says he is just fine.

Jen and Collin return to the station, and Collin tries to get back into Jen's life. She tells him that she doesn't need anymore friends, and she doesn't need him. He touches her face and says he's not talking about what she needs, he's talking about what she wants. Jen says what she wants is to go to the Spectator, and she leaves. Elsewhere, Abe escourts Lexie to her cell. Lexie breaks down in her cell, and Abe breaks down in his office.

Bo, Hope, and Shawn all take Isaac home. As they are driving, Isaac says Mama. Hope is touched, but soon realizes he is not calling her mama because he doesn't even know her. Bo assures her that they have the rest of his life to get to know him, and vice versa.


May 14
Jen arrives at the Spectator with the exclusive story on Hope getting her baby back. Jen and Jack go to work on the story, but their clumsyness causes them to fall and injure their fingers, so they can't type! They are forced to have Harold type, and he uses the hunt and peck method. Since Jack and Jen still have one good hand each, they decide to sit on one another and type the story together. Unfortunately, Harold learns the Chronicle is about to roll with the story, so Jen puts theirs out as is. Jen is unsure because they haven't proofed it, and could be sued if something is wrong, but Jack says he trusts what they just wrote. They send the story to the presses, and revel in their accomplishment. Harold returns with the paper, and the news that they beat the Chronicle. They have a group hug, which ends up pushing Jen into Jack's arms! Jen says they are finished here, and thanks them both for their hard work. Jen leaves, and Harold tells Jack that he thinks maybe he and Jen do have a chance. JAck vows that someday Jen will be his wife again.

At the Wesley's, Nancy's fussing over a sleeping Chloe wakes her up. Nancy tells Chloe not to worry about Julliard and the masters class, she will get them to reschedule her audition. Chloe tells her that it doesn't work that way, and that her dream is over. Chloe says she is cursed and has been since the day she was born. Chloe goes upstairs to her room to go to bed. Nancy refuses to let this ruin her daughters dream, and she storms out of the house. Craig runs after her and drags her back in becauses she has no plan. Craig has a better idea, and calls up Julliard. We don't hear what Craig said to Julliard.

At Titan, Victor stuns Sami when he plays the tape Lucas made of her. Victor says he switched the tapes and set her up, he also let her break into his office! Victor tells Sami that judgement day has come for her! Kate asks Victor what he's going to do? Victor tells greedy Kate that not everything is about her. Lucas hopes they are here to make sure Sami loses custody of Will. Victor tells them all to watch and listen! Victor says he will not make the tape public, in return Lucas gets Will for the summer. He also demands the tape in Mickey's safe be turned over, and the statement Lucas signed will also be turned over to be destroyed. Sami tells Victor no way in hell, their tape is nothing compared to hers! She threatens to go to the DA with what she has on them. Victor threatens to call Roman and have Sami charged with contempt of court, lying, blackmail, and she will lose her family's love and trust! Sami agrees and caves to Victor's demands. Victor dismisses Kate, Nicole, and Lucas so he can discuss the rest of their business in private. They leave, and Kate worries because she knows Victor. Back in the office, Victor tells Sami that he cares less about Will and her feud with Lucas, this is about protecting his son from Kate's past. Victor tells Sami that he wants her soul as payback! Sami is confused. Victor says he owns her now, and sometime down the road he will ask her for a favor, and she must grant it! He then makes Sami repeat "I belong to you. I will do anything you ask anytime, anwhere, so help me God." Victor tells Sami he wasn't being overly dramatic to scare her, he owns her and plans to use her when he needs to! Victor throws Sami out into the hall, and Lucas asks how it went. Kate and Lucas both gloat, and a frightened Sami runs. Kate asks Victor what he did to her? Victor tells her that she has nothing more to fear from Sami. Everyone else departs, but Nicole stays to ask why she had to be here? Victor tells her that he wanted her to see how he treats a woman who crosses him! In the stairwell, Sami ends up collapsing into a teary mess.

Almost-Shirtless Brady is moving into his new loft, and thinks about calling Chloe to see how she is. He tells himself that it is too late to call her, and she will be just fine. He puts a picture of his mom beside his bed, and then goes to take a shower. His phone rings, and he runs out in just a towel to answer it, but the person on the other end hangs up. There is then a knock at his door, and it ends up being Chloe! Brady gets dressed, and Chloe came over to bring him a housewarming gift. She brought him a snowglobe of Hollywood, but it was supposed to be Venice. He tells her that it is okay, he knows she's upset. They end up in a warm embrace. Brady thanks her for the gift, and even though it is ugly, it is from her. Chloe tells Brady that if anyone in this world can help her get through this situation, it is him. Brady tells her that this isn't the end for her, she has talent and will go places. Chloe says that is the nicest thing he's ever said about her singing, but is he saying it because she is feeling crushed? Brady says he thought she was feeling better. Chloe eventually returns home, and both she and Brady think of one another. They both drift off to sleep, and both of their mother's watch over them as they sleep!


May 15
From NBC, Dustin has flown the coup for two days and is in the mountains, computerless!
Hope is asleep and has her recurring dream; Bo comes out of the bathroom and she exclaims that she knows what they have to do. Meanwhile, Shawn passes the nursery and sees Isaac, awake, but he doesn't go in to him. Bo tries to cheer Hope up with a belated mother's day gift; he's inserted a picture of Isaac into her locket, next to JT's picture. Hope tells Bo she's convinced that Isaac's paternity is linked to Paris and she wants to go there ASAP. Bo gets a call from Caroline and it's apparent she's planning something. At Salem Place, Marlena asks John about his radar prowess last night, but he's evasive and avoids her questions. When he gets a call on his cell phone, he blows up at the person. Meanwhile, Philip runs into Chloe and carries her books to school. Belle chats with her parents and Mimi overhears Cynthia calling Jan, upset that Philip is with Chloe; she warns Jan to kick it up a notch with Shawn. Later, Chloe tells Philip he can help Shawn and Belle by dating Cynthia. Jack runs into Jennifer, but she's very cool with him. Colin joins them and compliments her great cover story for the paper. Thinking it will make life easier, Jennifer agrees to start thinking of Colin as family, considering how deep the Brady and Horton ties run. Desperate to find out what's going on between them, Jack follows them to the pub. Lexie refuses to talk to Abe as Cameron brings her fresh clothes for the arraignment. Abe begs Lexie to admit what she did was wrong, but she says she'd do it all over again. Abe feels he doesn't know Lexie anymore, she's not the woman he married. After the arraignment, Lexie is released on bail and overhears some cops talking about a party for Isaac at the pub. Bo and Hope arrive at the pub, where their family and friends surprise them with a celebration to welcome Isaac into the Brady family. It's an awkward moment when Victor arrives, but Grandpa Shawn reveals he invited Victor to say thank you for all his help last night. Bo and Hope offer their gratitude to everyone who helped to recover Isaac and then share their news that they plan to go to Paris. Victor offers them the use of the Titan jet, saying they can leave tonight. They're hesitant at first, but agree when Doug and Julie offer to come help take care of Isaac. Alice offers to stay with Shawn, so there's nothing holding them back. Suddenly, Lexie appears, screaming for Isaac, but Roman quickly hustles her out. Grandpa Shawn says they'll baptize Isaac as a Brady and have a huge family reunion when they return. Bo and Hope take off to pack, ready to solve the most important mystery of their lives.


May 16
Just got home from 2 days in the woods for a vacation. Haven't seen the shows, but will be back writing the summaries starting tomorrow. This is from NBC!

As the party at the Brady Pub starts to wind down, Belle and Shawn reach out to each other, only to be interrupted by Jan. Chloe and Mimi convince Philip that he can get information about Jan's plan from Cynthia if he dates her. Philip doesn't like the idea, but Mimi and Chloe think it's the only way to get Shawn and Belle back together. Colin is concerned when he sees Chloe and she admits she's still not feeling better. Later, Belle is upset to see Jan and Shawn so close together. Jan is ecstatic when she learns that Bo and Hope are going to Europe with the baby, but she's less than thrilled to hear that Alice will be staying with them. Brandon and Nicole have lunch together and Nicole can sense how upset he is over Lexie's arrest. Brandon doesn't mention that he's helped Lexie, but he does admit he warned her that something like this could happen. Nicole tells him about Sami's demise and she fears that Brandon will rush off to comfort her. He assures Nicole that his relationship with Sami is over, but Nicole isn't so sure when Brandon gets a call and goes running off. Colin and Jennifer are bonding at the pub until Brandon shows up. Nicole follows him there, relieved to see that he isn't meeting Sami. In fact, he brushes right past Sami and goes to Jennifer. He invites Jennifer out to dinner to celebrate her new job. Colin overhears and asks Nicole out to dinner as well. Jack realizes what Colin is up to and comes up with a plan of his own. He makes a reservation for two at Tuscany.


May 17
Typed after I saw the show, so shorter than normal. Also, annoying weather alerts interrupted the show a lot today!

At the DiMera mansion, Lexie comes downstairs and lashes out at her mother for being a traiter. Celeste tells Lexie that she can throw fits and scream all she wants, but the only person she has to blame for the loss of her son is herself! Cameron Reese shows up to see Lexie, and Celeste does not like that. Lexie tells her mom if she isn't going to help then to get out. Celeste refuses to let her daughter make more bad choices, and she says if she continues to disobey the judges orders, she will end up losing Isaac's love forever. Celeste leaves, and Lexie asks Cameron what the plan of attack is. Cameron says there isn't one. Rolfe shows up and orders Lexie to plead guilty, and Cameron will argue that she did what she did out of love, and will manage to get her a reduced sentence and no jail time. Lexie says she cannot live without her son. Rolfe tells her that she won't have to!

At Tuscany, it is a day of "make the one you love jealous." Brandon and Jen are shocked when Jack arrives with his date, Sami. Jen notices how Brandon is upset to see Sami out with another man. Later, Colin shows up with Nicole, and Brandon realizes Jack isn't the only competition he has for Jen's heart. Meanwhile, Colin tells Nicole that he wants her, but he realizes she is using him to make Victor jealous. Victor is at Tuscany with Phillip doing some celebrating. Victor got Phillip into Yale, but Phillip refuses and says he's going to Columbia, he won't be kept away from Chloe. Kate, who is there celebrating with Lucas, congratulates Phillip for sticking to his choice. The couples all end up breaking up for a moment. Jen goes to the bathroom to pull herself together, only to be surprised by Colin. Colin left Nicole when his beeper went off, but then followed Jen. Colin tells Jen that they need to talk about Ireland. He tells her that he didn't want to push her away, and that he was close to falling head over heels in love with her. Meanwhile, Nicole surprises Jack and asks what he is up to? Jack claims he is up to nothing, but Nicole doesn't believe him. Elsewhere, Victor corners Sami and tells her that he still owns her, and wants her to treat him with the respect he deserves. He also demands her tape and the photos of Kate by the close of business tomorrow. Victor walks off, leaving Sami in tears. Brandon then stumbles on the devastated Sami.

In Paris, Bo tries to help Hope remember what she is blocking out. He thinks that perhaps Gina is keeping Hope from remembering the truth. He says even though she was Gina when they were last in Paris, it was still Hope's body and he managed to get through to Hope. Bo tries to recreate 1999 by having them play their song, which he and Gina danced to. This sparks a memory for Hope, and she is positive that Isaac's father is somewhere in Paris, and he is the man in her dream. Later he gives her chocolates from her favorite candy shop, the black cat. These don't help her, and she becomes upset. However, when she hears the bells of Notre Dame, she remembers that she was with him at midnight in Paris, and that she desperately wanted to kiss him, or at least Gina did. Suddenly, a mime shows up, and they watch him and laugh. However, Hope begins to flashback and see Bo as a mime, and she tells Bo it is him!

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