May 02 Week 1


May 6
Sami bangs on Kate and Lucas' door and demands they give her Will's backpack back. Lucas and Kate look through it for the tape recorder, but it isn't there. Lucas eventually lets Sami in, and as they argue, he suggests his mom go watch Will. Sami says the door is locked for Will's protection! Sami takes the backpack and leaves. Back at Sami's, Will finds the tape recorder in between the couch cushions. He ends up putting it on his boom-back and decides to record over it! Sami returns and finds Will with the tape recorder about to play with the tape. Sami tells Will that he's allowed to record whatever he wants on that tape. Sami helps Will to record some music over the tape. Later, Sami takes Will over to see Kate and Lucas. In his hand is the tape recorder, and KAte is furious when Sami has will play it for them. Sami tells them that she wins, they lose!

At the Spectator, Jack is stunned when Jen turns out to be the new editor of the Spectator. Jen asks him if he can't even congratulate her on her accomplishment? He congratulates her, and says he just thought he would be getting this job. As they argue about why he didn't get this job, and why she did. Jen tells Jack to find another pavement to pound, because she has no intention of hiring him! Jack says that Oliver has given him his blessing and a job offer here, but Jen says she cannot hire a reporter who doesn't know the meaning of the truth. Jack says he is here whether she likes it or not, so if he doesn't leave, will she? Jen doesn't want to deal with Jack or his pettiness, and she tells him to get out. Jack says she needs him here, but she says she doesn't. Jen says even if Oliver hired him, she is firing him! Jack and Jen then ague over which one of them should be the one to quit, since neither wants to leave. Jack begs her to give him a try for just six months, he'll do whatever she wants him to, even the lowest of the low of the assignments. JAck reminds her how well they have always worked together, and we are treated to flashbacks. Jen eventually hired Jack, and realizes she is going to enjoy bossing him around. Jen then gives Jack his first assignment, which he is not thrilled by. Jen wants him to research pooper scooper laws!

On the road, Rolfe calls Lexie and tells her that she must keep driving until the helicopter arrives. Lexie soon realizes she's being tailed. She doesn't want to shake the tail because Isaac is in the car. Rolfe says he knows what to do. Rolfe gives BArt some orders, and tells Lexie that the plan is in play. Rolfe tells Lexie where to drive, and instructs her to drive right into the side of a mountain! He tells her to trust him, and she does. LExie runs into a bolder, which really isn't there. She ends up in one of Stefano's secret hiding spots.

At the police station, Abe talks to Roman, Bo, and Hope about Lexie, who has run with Isaac. Hope refuses to let Lexie leave with her son! Abe apologizes to Hope, and promises to bring her son back to her. He also says LExie won't put Isaac's safety in jeopardy. Hope says letting Isaac grow up to be a DiMera is hurting him. Roman assures them that if Lexie tries to leave Salem, she will be stopped. The officer tailing her calls and says that Lexie seems to be driving around in circles. The officer says Lexie is headed out of town it seems, and then he says she knows he's tailing her. Roman orders the cop to pull Lexie over when she reaches the city limits. Unfortunately, the cop loses her. The cops finds Lexie once again, and pulls her over. However, it is Bart in Drag! Abe ends up putting an APB out on his wife. Later, Bo realizes Hope is missing! He warns Abe that nothing better happen to Isaac or Hope!

Lexie runs on foot and waits for the chopper, and is eventually confronted by Hope. Hope tells her that she's not going anywhere! Hope demands Lexie hand over her son.


May 7
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At the Spectator, Jennifer is furious when she finds out that Jack tricked her into giving him the job. She tells him that she has talked to Oliver and learned he did not hire him, so she fires him! Jack begs her not to fire him because he doesn't want Abby to think that he's failed. Jennifer is upset that he's dragging Abby into this, but agrees to let him keep the job. She tells him to get to work on the pooper-scooper story.

At the station, Roman is in charge of the search for Lexie/Hope/Isaac; Bart, dressed in drag, is brought in for questioning. BArt claims he was just out enjoying himself, and Roman says he can't hold him and lets him go. Meanwhile, Jack shows up and is interviewing cops at the station about pooper-scooper laws and runs into Bart. He hears Roman release Bart, and he targets Roman, pretending to know more than he really does. Jack puts everything together, and Roman realizes Jack is scaming him and threatens to arrest him. JAck says he can help, so they make a deal. Roman tells Jack he can have the exclusive, but is not to print anything until Hope and the baby are safe. Jack thinks this will impress Jen because not only has he scored a great story, but he's helping find Hope's baby. Bo calls with news, and Roman takes off with Jack right behind him.

Belle is volunteering at the hospital when Shawn approaches. He wants to be with her because he love her, but she goes off telling him that none of any of this is her fault and she's tired of him blaming her. SHawn says he's not here to argue, and he tells her about JT. Belle realizes Shawn is hurting, and he came to her. They hug and it looks hopeful that they may reunite. However, Jan shows up and when Belle sees her, she runs out. Mimi and Chloe witness this and step up their plan to bring Shawn and Belle back together. Chloe tempts Shawn to open up as Mimi "runs into" Jan, noting that her neediness is lessened when Shawn isn't around. CHloe and SHawn get into a huge fight, and eventually Jan returns and asks Shawn to take her home because she has to rest more.

John/Marlena/Caprice help Brady move into the loft. They discuss a mysterious figurine that Brady found that didn't break when he dropped it. It is a Venention glass butteryly, Isabella collected glass pieces. John says it looks like one Isabella had before she died, but she had dropped it and it broke. Caprice tells Brady that perhaps it his destiny to take something fragile and broken and put it back together. When Belle arrives, Brady sees the pain on her face and the family offers their support after she tells them what happened. Belle then tells her family that she will be going to Columbia for school next year. As Brady and Belle end up clowning around, they accidentaly break the butterfly. Later, Roman calls to inform John about Lexie running with Isaac. John/Marlena rush off to help with the search, and Belle wants to go be with Shawn. However, Brady tells her not to, she needs to worry about herself.

BAck at the hsopital, Nicole and Brandon casually talk about their evening plans and Colin overhears. He introduces himself to Nicole and invites her out to dinner, just as Jennifer arrives to hear Colin declaring himself a single man. Jennifer is disturbed when Colin suggests they all go out on a double date. She declines, but Colin tries to explain his breakup with Elizabeth. Jennifer blasts him for leaving Elizabeth as abruptly as he left her in Ireland. She leaves with Brandon, leaving Colin frustrated and angry. Meanwhile, Brandon asks Jen if she wants to talk about Colin. She says no, but she does rant about Jack. Brandon says he has something which might cheer her up, and gives her a box and tells her to open it.


May 8
John and Marlena are on the road talking about what Lexie has done. John thinks that Abe and Lexie's marriage is over, she has betrayed him too many times. John sets up a reward for the return of Isaac, and he and Marlena search some of Stefano's old hideouts but can't find Lexie.

At the station, Roman asks Jack where he thinks he is going? Abe is furious that JAck is here, and has a cop escort him out. Jack says he is family too and just wants to help! The cops drag Jack out of the station, and Bo calls Roman to tell him that he still can't find Hope. JAck returns and begs Roman to let him help somehow. Roman tells Jack to put up some wanted/reward posters everywhere he can. Jack says he'll do it. Meanwhile, Abe wonders if Lexie thought about their marriage, or if she even cared that it couldn't survive this betrayal. Abe realizes that there is something he has to do to save his son. HE says he loves his son too much to let Stefano get his hands on him, he's already lost his wife to that man. Abe tells Roman that they have to get that baby away from Lexie. John and MArlena arrive, and they tell Abe how sorry they are for him.

At the hospital, Brandon tries to cheer JEn up with a gift. Jen opens the box, and is shocked by what she sees inside. Brandon framed the lucky penny she found, and he tells her that she'll always remember the first penny she made as the new editor-in-chief of the Spectator. Jen says she's going to put this on her desk next to her photo of Abby, and she says she doesn't remember when she had such a nice surprise. Brandon says he's only just begun, this will be a night she'll always remember.

Hope is on the docks and has confronted Lexie. She demands Lexie hand over her son. Lexie tells Hope to get away, she'll see her dead before she gets her hands on her son! Hope says she's calling the cops, when suddenly Rolfe chloroforms her! They hear Bo coming, so Lexie, Rolfe, and Isaac run for it. Bo finds Hope passed out, and takes her to the hospital. Jen sees Hope come in and wonders what is going on. Bo tells her what is going on. Brandon is suddenly paged, and it is from LExie! Lexie begs Brandon for help. She says she is outside his loft and needs a place to hide. HE tells her where a key is hidden so she can let herself in, he'll be there ASAP. Brandon tells JEn he has to take a raincheck, and she says its okay because she should be with her cousin. Meanwhile, Hope is released, and they head back to the station. Jen catches Jack at the station snooping, and he explains everything. Jack says he just put posters all over Salem Place, but Jen says there was no posters there. Abe says he thinks he knows what is going on, and sends a cop to bring Rolfe in for questioning. Abe also realizes what he must do to save Isaac. Abe calls a judge and has custody given to Bo and Hope. Hope is touched, and thanks Abe. MArlena asks Abe if he knows anyone LExie might go to for help. ABe gets an idea and runs off. Elsewhere, Jack begs Jen for this story, and she agrees to let him right the story as long as she gets to approve every word he writes. Collin shows up to check on Hope, and he says he is a Brady and wants to help. A fax for John comes in, and it is what he has been waiting for. John gets a map of any and all airstrips in the area, and they leave to search them out. Roman begins assigning people to jobs, and Collin and Jen are assigned to watch the DiMera place. Jack becomes jealous, and decides to follow them.

Lexie hides in Brandon's apartment, and hears from Rolfe. He tells her to hide and stay out of sight until the right time. Brandon shows up, and looks for Isaac. LExie says he's in the bedroom. Lexie says she only has to stay here for a little while, arrangements have been made for her. She begs Brandon to help them. Brandon asks Lexie about Hope's injuries, and Lexie plays innocent. BRandon tells LExie that this is very serious, Hope will not give up until she has her son. LExie says he is HER son, not Hope's! Brandon warns her that she will become more and more like her father if she runs, and does she want Isaac to grow up with Stefano as his role model? Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. Lexie begs Brandon not to give them away, and she runs off to hide. Brandon answers, and it is Abe! Abe asks where his wife is, and he doesn't want to hear that he hasn't seen her!


May 9
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Abe searches Brandon's apartment for Lexie, but Brandon covers and says that he hasn't seen her. They hear a noise from the bedroom, where Lexie is hiding, and find Nicole in there! Meanwhile, Lexie gets away via the fire escape. Abe leaves, but posts cops there to tail Brandon wherever he goes. Back inside, Nicole suspects that Brandon knows where Lexie is, but he's lying for her. Later, Abe checks out a lead and Brandon's furious when he discovers the cop tailing him. Lexie makes it to Salem Place and contacts Rolf; he picks her up and they head out toward the private airstrip... Belle and Brady go to find Shawn to let him know about Isaac. They split up and Belle finds him with Jan, breaking the news. Mimi arrives, sees Jan acting sympathetic, and calls her on it. Later, Cynthia meets up with Jan and vows to get Philip, and Jan's going to get Shawn. Meanwhile, Philip tells Victor that he's decided to go to Columbia and promises to get back together with Chloe. Brady and Philip argue about Chloe as Brady is leaving to see her. After Shawn goes to find Bo/Hope, Belle apologizes to Jan, but Jan is snide and tells Belle that she caused the miscarriage. Philip and Mimi try to comfort Belle, saying she'll reunite with Shawn if it's meant to be... Bo/Hope/Roman spearhead the search for Lexie and speculate about who could be helping her. Bo leaves to check something out and Hope wonders if Lexie could have turned to Brandon. Meanwhile, Bo asks Victor for help; Victor discovers a secret airstrip the police don't know about. Meanwhile, Shawn arrives at the station and comforts Hope. He goes to get her some tea and Bo comes tearing in to get Hope so they can check out the airstrip... Nancy is anxious to leave for Chloe's audition, but Chloe continues to grow weaker by the moment. She calls Brady and he gives her a pep talk before her audition. Meanwhile, Craig goes to get Chloe's test results and he's optimistic because her blood count is increasing. Craig is confident that Chloe will continue to get better. Back at the house, Brady comes to say goodbye to Chloe. As she reaches the bottom of the stairs, she collapses in Brady's arms!


May 10
At Titan, Nicole comes in to see Victor to check in on him. She asks him why he is here so late. He says it is personal, and none of her business. Nicole knows he's worried about Bo and Hope, and she just wants to tell him how sorry she is for him and them. Victor, however, tells her to get out because he has work to do. Later, as Nicole makes the announcement that she is leaving, Victor asks her to stay because he's arranged a meeting she should be here for.

Sami is shopping in Salem Place and celebrating her victory. Also in Salem Place, Lucas is sulking, but Kate tells him not to be negative, be optomistic. KAte says they can still try and get Austin to write a letter to the court, and convince Sami that the court will consider it as hard evidence. Sami shows up to gloat. After she's done hurting Lucas, she takes off. Kate then gets a mysterious call and tells Lucas that they have to go. After Kate's call, Victor calls Sami and tells her to come to Titan or suffer the consequences!

Back at Titan, Sami shows up and wonders what this is about. Sami is way too smug for her own good, telling Victor that she has all this information on Kate, which she can use to hurt Philli, and he has nothing on her. She says nobody beats Sami Brady. As Sami goes to leave, she ends up running into Kate, Lucas, and Nicole. Victor then plays the tape of Sami's little confession, and tells Sami that he's got her!

Jack trails Jen and Collin around town. Collin insist he help Jen, because Hope is family too. Jen doesn't want to hear it right now. Collin says he was just trying to protect her, and he would tell her if he could. Jen says fine, and asks why he didn't marry Elizabeth? He says it is difficult to explain, it just didn't work out. Jen, who is hanging posters, can't believe he is so brazen about it just not working out. Suddenly she falls, and Collin catches her. Jack becomes infurtiated, and shows up and demands he unhand her! Collin accuses Jack of following them. Jen tells Jack to get back to the office now, or she will fire him! Jack is not happy at all, but leaves.

At the station, Roman does background searches on Rolfe. Shawn shows up and is upset that his parents left without him to search for Lexie. Roman gives him a job, which is to fax information to all the police stations in the area. Later, Shawn asks Abe why he couldn't stop his wife from hurting his mother like this. Abe says he loved Lexie, and thought she would do the right thing, but she no longer knows what that is anymore. Shawn knows this is hard on him and Lexie, and though he knows it is wrong, he understands why Lexie is doing this. Later, Roman talks to Shawn, who claims this really isn't affecting him because Isaac is not his brother. Roman tells Shanw that pushing Isaac away won't make JT come back, and just because Hope loves Isaac doesn't mean she loves JT any less. Roman tells Shawn that the same goes for him, opening up ones heart is always a good thing.

John and Marlena arrive, and John has a mysterious black bag which will help them. Abe asks him what is in the bag that will help them? John says it is a laptop, and he hooks into the web. John uses hi-tech gadgets and military connections to find any helicopters or planes coming into the area. Roman shows up and starts asking John some questions about what he's doing, and he snaps and says he's trying to concentrate! Marlena asks John the same questions, and thinks Stefano has taught him how to do this. John gets what he needs, and makes a call to a military friend and tells him to stop the aircraft coming into Salem.

Rolfe and Lexie are fleeing, and Lexie is wearing a blonde wig to disguise herself. Lexie is worried they will be followed, but Rolfe assures her this route is unkown. Meanwhile, Bo and Hope are headed to a secret airstrip Victor told them about. They see a mysterious car takling an odd route, and decide to follow it because it could be Lexie. Rolfe realizes they are being followed, so he attempts to lose them. The road is rough, as it is an old abandoned road, and a rough and dangerous chase ensues. Lexie realizes Bo and Hope are trailing them, and Rolfe manages to shake them and send their car off the road. Bo and Hope are forced to try and to make it to the airstrip in time on foot. Bo and Hope rush to the airstrip, where Lexie, Rolfe, and Isaac are waiting for the helicopter. Rolfe leaves to park the car, and the helicopter arrives to pick up Lexie and Isaac. As Bo and Hope arrive, the chopper is taking off!

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