May 00 Week 5


May 29
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At the Green Mountain Lodge, Greta and Eric spot Nicole and Lucas right as Lucas is about to take a drink. Lucas spots them as he lifts the glass to his lips, and panics when he realizes they are about to catch him with a drink. Nicole quickly switches Lucas' drink with an ice tea, and Nicole explains that they are here for pleasure, not business, and they didn't expect to see anyone else here. Eric says this lodge is big enough for all of them, so they leave to find their own table. Eric and Greta get a table, and Greta tells Eric they can leave if he wants to. However, Eric says he is fine with this. Eric thinks about his various conversations with Nicole as Greta talks about Nicole and how she'd love to know what makes her tick. Eric eventually asks Greta to just stop talking about Nicole. She apologizes, and then heads to the bathroom. Meanwhile, Lucas is furious that Eric and Greta have shown up, but he thanks Nicole for saving him with the alcohol problem. Nicole doesn't think Eric seeing him drink would be that bad, it's not like he's breaking the law, and she doubts Sami could take Will away from him for it. Lucas ends up receiving a call from Titan, so he excuses himself to take it. Nicole uses the chance go visit with Eric and see what he and Greta are up to. She asks Eric if this trip means he and Greta are growing closer? Eric says they just wanted to get away for a couple of days, just like she and her husband. Nicole admits that the reason she wanted to come here was because they got too close last night, and she wanted to put some distance between them. Eric apologizes for sounding like a jealous lover, but she wonders why he is sorry? Greta returns, and lays into Nicole for talking to her boyfriend when she is supposed to be spending time with her husband. Nicole apologizes, and leaves, but thinks Eric is here because it is fate's way of telling her that she's going to get him back.Nicole and Lucas then go upstairs and decide to order desert via room service. Greta feels bad about laying into Nicole and wants to apologize, but Eric tells her it is okay, and he is flattered that she is so possessive of him. Eric suggests they go back to their room, so they do.

At Bo and Hope's, Hope's labor pains where a false alarms. Shawn decides to go down to Dot.Com, since he's not needed here. Hope asks if something important is going on? Shawn says no, he and Phillip are just having a little videogame tournament. When Bo asks what they are playing for, Shawn says nothing dangerous, and tells his parents not to worry because he won't lose. After Shawn leaves, Bo asks Hope is something is wrong? She says yes, something is wrong. Hope tells Bo that she's having second thoughts about their wedding. Bo asks "about remarrying me?" Hope says no, about waiting. She isn't sure she wants to wait till after the baby is born because she feels they are setting a bad example for Shawn and for the new baby. Bo tells Hope he has an idea, he's going to bring the truck around, so she should go in and say goodnight to Doug and Julie, and then come back out.

Bo and Hope go to City Hall to get a marriage license, which Hope thinks is sweet. Hope can't believe they are going to get married tonight, and fears she will disappoint their family. Bo says they can still have the big wedding, they can just keep it a secret from them. Hope doubts she can keep it a secret, but Bo says it will be exciting and romantic. Unfortunately, the clerk tells Bo and Hope that he can't give them a marriage license, because she is dead! Hope says she is alive, but the clerk says there is a death certificate online. Bo says he had that death certificate rescinded, but the clerk doesn't see it. The clerk entered Hope Brady into the computer, so Hope suggests he try Hope Williams, which works. He then prints them out a marriage license.

Belle and Chloe are hanging out at Dot.Com listening to CDs. Belle thinks they are going to have fun tonight, but Chloe isn't so sure because she's never done "this" before. Belle can't believe Chloe has never been to a sleepover, but Chloe says foster homes and orphanages aren't inductive to sleepovers. When Belle says that she and Chloe have been having sleepovers since kindergarten, Chloe asks Belle what is up with Mimi? Meanwhile, Mimi looks inside and sees everyone. She wishes they weren't here because she can't do "it" in front of them. Shawn shows up and almost catches Mimi snooping around, so she decides to try somewhere else. Later, Mimi thinks she can get away with "it" without being seen. Back inside, Phillip talks with Jason. Jason thinks Belle is going to lose the queen of the dance title because she is hanging out with ghoul girl a little too much, but Phillip says no way, she is going to be his date to the dance and they will be king and queen. Jason asks what will happen with Shawn? Phillip says he'll be the court jester because he'll have to show up to the dance with "ghoul girl!" Suddenly, Nancy confronts them and informs them that her name is "Chloe!" Phillip and Jason play innocent, but Nancy says she wants them to stop calling her daughter ghoul girl! Jason asks if she and Dr. Wesley adopted Chloe or something? Chloe says she didn't have to adopt Chloe, she has always been hers, she just made the mistake of giving her up for adoption. Chloe pulls Nancy away from Jason and Phillip because Chloe is embarrassed by Nancy. Belle switches the subject to the sleepover, and Nancy tells Chloe she wants her to have fun because she's sorry she has missed out on sleepovers. Chloe says "Great, now your going to start feeling sorry for the both of us" and she walks off. Nancy looks at Belle and asks what she is doing wrong? Belle just shrugs her shoulders. Belle and Nancy have a talk about Chloe and her feelings, and Belle assures Nancy that CHloe knows she loves her. Suddenly, Mimi walks into the joint, and when someone says "Hey Mimi!," Mimi hushes them, which arouses Chloe's suspicions. Mimi sells all her CDs, and CHloe wonders what is going on with Mimi. Meanwhile, Shawn tells Phillip that he thinks this bet they have is wrong and is unfair to Chloe, but Jason and Phillip think he is just trying to get out of the bet cause he is afraid he's going to lose. Shawn is not afraid of losing, and they start playing again.

At the DiMera Mansion, Marlo refuses to go to bed, and suddenly faints. Abe wants to call 911, but Lexie suggests they take her to the hospital themselves because it will be faster. Stefano says he thinks Marlo is going to be fine and she just needs rest. Marlo comes too and says she is fine, she just faints when she gets excited. Lexie is still concerned about Marlo and wants a checkup, and Marlo, sans accent, says "No way in hell!" Abe and Lexie are shocked that Marlo has lost her charming accent, and Abe wants an explanation. Stefano claims Marlo has been working very hard on her english to get rid of her accent, and he is proud of her. Marlo says she watches talk shows for practice, and starts throwing out trashy talk show lines, as well as game show lines like "Is that your final answer?" Marlo assures them that she is okay, and Stefano takes her to her room. After they have left the room, Abe asks Lexie if she believes him now, referring to something odd going on. Stefano scolds Marlo for her accident, but Marlo says she doesn't like being stabbed with a hypodermic and she's getting tired of taking orders. Stefano and Marlo argue for a bit, and Stefano eventually locks he back up in the secret room. Stefano returns and spies on Lexie and Abe, and worries when Lexie begins agreeing with Abe that there is something strange going on with Marlo. Abe and Lexie decide to do a police check on Marlo.


May 30
Kate goes to see Austin and welcome him home from Paris. She brought him dinner, which he thanks her for, but says he has dinner from Tuscany warming up in the oven. Austin is planning to surprise Sami. Kate sees all the candles out and starts complaining, so Austin sets her straight about his relationship with Sami. Kate asks him to take it slow and at least consider dating other woman for the time being. Kate and Austin go next door to check on Will, but he is being babysat by a neighbor. They learn that Sami has gone out with Brandon Walker for the evening. Kate starts insinuating that Sami is sleezing around town with Brandon, but Austin says they are just friends and if she is with him it is probably for a good reason. Austin tells his mom not to make him choose between her and Sami. Kate says one of them is wrong about Sami, and she guesses only time will tell. Kate leaves, and tells herself that Austin is the one who is wrong. Kate decide to see what Sami is up to with Brandon.

Sami and Brandon are at Brandon's place. They just got back from a huge shopping spree, Brandon bought out the entire store. Sami asks what he bought, and when he shows her, she exclaims "Oh my God!" Sami models different looks for Brandon to a Tom Jones tune, and they are pretty awful outfits. They eventually settle on an 80's Laura Branagin type look. Brandon tells her now that she has the look, she needs to be able to walk the walk. Brandon then says they have to prove to people they are a couple, so he puts on some music, and the two dance. However, they soon do more then dance! Brandon pulls Sami into a kiss, and she kisses him back.

Nancy, Chloe, and Belle are on their way to the penthouse, Nancy is driving them over for the sleepover. Marlena also asks Nancy to stop in if she has the time, and Nancy says she'd love to. At the penthouse, Marlena suggests to John that they catch a movie, but John says he has something to do first. Marlena knows he's going to go see Stefano, and John says he is because he needs to call off the deal. Marlena asks why he wants to antagonize Stefano? John says he has to do this, and leaves. Nancy and the girls show up, and Marlena tells Nancy that she's knows Chloe is her daughter, and she is happy for her. Nancy says Chloe might not show it, but she is thrilled to be staying over here, and Chloe is blessed to have a friend like Belle in her life. Marlena realizes now that Nancy was trying to tell her the truth about Chloe awhile ago, and Nancy says she did want to tell her. Marlena says now that the truth is out, why doesn't she tell her the whole story? They talk for a bit, and Nancy thinks that she, Craig, and Chloe can finally be a family, but Chloe doesn't see it that way. Nancy says that Chloe doesn't seem comfortable with her. Nancy cries that all she wants is to be Chloe's mom. Marlena says that is only natural, but maybe she's trying to hard. Marlena suggests she just try and be Chloe's friend. Nancy doesn't know how to do that. Marlena says she has an idea on how she can start tonight.

Chloe and Belle go up to Belle's room, and Chloe sees Belle's doll collection. Chloe says there was one doll she always wanted, a Madam Alexander doll from Saint Petersburg. Belle happens to have it, and she gives it to Chloe. Chloe is tries to refuse, but Belle insists she take it. Chloe finally does, and is touched. Later, Chloe and Belle talk about the last blast dance. Mimi calls Belle up and suggests she come over and spend the night. Belle says Chloe is spending the night tonight, but she can come over too. Mimi cries and tells Belle to forget it and have fun with her new best friend! Belle wonders what bothering Mimi. CHloe says perhaps she is jealous, though she did see Mimi doing something strange today. Chloe tells Belle about how she saw Mimi selling all her CDs. Suddenly, Nancy and Marlena show up in pajamas with pizza to crash the slumber party. Nancy ordered Chloe's favorite pizza, Salvatory's Vegetarian Pizza, and Belle says it is too bad Mimi couldn't be here because this is her favorite Pizza too.

Bo and Hope are driving to get married, but Hope has fallen asleep. Bo thinks they can wait one more day to get married. Hope finally wakes up, and apologizes for falling asleep. They end up going home, and look at the stars from their backyard.

At the DIMera mansion, Stefano overhears Lexie and Abe planning to run a police check on Marlo, and realizes he has to put a stop to it. Stefano goes to Marlo and threatens her that she better convince Abe and Lexie that all is well with her and her child or she will end up in the streets with her screaming brat! Abe and Lexie show up to talk to MArlo, and she wants to talk to them to explain what makes her "tick." Suddenly, John shows up to see Stefano. Stefano tells John that now is not a good time, but John says that is too bad, and barges into Stefano's house. Abe and Lexie are shocked to see him and ask what he's doing here? John says he saw their car passing the house and thought their might be trouble, so he decided to see what was going on. Abe and Lexie explain what is going on, and Stefano instructs Marlo to go spend time with the Carvers while he sees John out. Abe, Lexie, and Marlo go into the living room and talk. Marlo tells them how happy she is that they are taking her baby. Abe asks Marlo why Stefano wants them to adopt her child? What is in it for him? Marlo first apologizes for seeming mean, but says her baby is healthy and she is happy they are taking her baby. Abe once again asks what Stefano is getting out of this? Marlo says that Mr. DiMera promised her that her baby would get a good loving home, and begs them to take her baby.

Out in the foyer, John asks Stefano what is going on? Stefano claims that he is helping Lexie and Abe adopt the child of a distant cousin of his, that is all. Stefano then wonders what Jonn is doing here, it must have something to do with him keeping Hope from remember the truth? John says no, he wants him to stay out of Hope's life. John says if Hope is destined to remember what happened in that submarine, then so be it. Stefano wonders what caused the sudden change of heart? John tells him to just leave everyone alone, and if he doesn't, he will hand over that computer file he has compiled on him to Lexie. Stefano tells John that he never hurts anyone who is loyal to him. John remembers Stefano giving him a similar lecture in the past. Stefano tells John, in the present, that Hope is not his enemy, and he has his word that Hope will not remember her times as Princess Gina. Stefano says he won't hurt Hope, and asks John to trust him. Stefano also suggests he not tell Marlena about this. Abe and Lexie enter the foyer on their way out, and Marlo decides to go to bed. John, Lexie, and Abe all leave, and Stefano is pleased how everything is working out for him.


May 31
Had to go out of town again, hopefully for the last time, so I haven't seen the show yet. This is NBC's summary. I'll see if I can watch the show tonight, but can't make any promises.
Brandon and Sami share a kiss. He thinks it will help with their cover. Sami doesn't want to go to the strip club tonight because she needs to get back to Will. After Brandon walks Sami to the elevator, he notices Kate lurking in the hall. Kate trashes Sami while Brandon defends her, insisting they're just friends. When Sami returns home, Austin questions her about Brandon...

Chloe goes to her first sleepover at Belle's. Belle gives her a makeover, which makes Chloe uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Nancy stays to chat with Marlena for a while. Marlena thinks Nancy and Chloe can strengthen their relationship now that everything is out in the open. Later, Nancy catches Mimi trying to break into her car. Nancy wants to know why Mimi is out so late and offers to drive her home, but Mimi bolts...

Stefano discovers a nurse lurking through his house, but is relieved when he realizes it's Rolf dressed in drag. It's all part of the plan to switch the babies...


June 1
Victor and Kate are enjoying a quiet breakfast together. Rex shows up to see Victor, which upsets Kate. Victor is upset with Rex and tells him to either get the rest of his money from Nicole immediately or he will regret it! Rex says to lighten up, he's gotten three million out of her already. Victor asks Kate to excuse them because there are some thing a lady shouldn't hear, so she leaves. Victor then chastises Rex. Victor says he wants Nicole penniless and out of his house! Rex says that he doesn't move as quickly as he does, Nicole thinks she has more money than she's ever had, so there is no need for her to part with the rest. Victor tells Rex to just get the money and do whatever he has to in order to get it. Rex says he'll get right on it. However, before leaving he says he keeps thinking he's seen Nicole somewhere else before, and it could help him get the money faster. Victor tells Rex that he is spending far too much energy on this slut and to just get the money.

Nicholas shows up to speak with Victor. Kate asks what he is doing here? Nicholas says wants to tell Victor the truth, that they are in love. Kate tells Nicholas that this isn't a romantic novel, it is her life. Nicholas and Kate argue about their feelings and their relationship. Kate tries to convince Nicholas that she loves Victor and has chosen him, but Nicholas doesn't believe that she doesn't want him. Nicholas wants her to tell Victor so he can let her go and let him have her. Kate begs him not to do this, but he asks her if she really wants to live the rest of her life without love? Kate says there is more to love than sex, but Nicholas says he is talking about sharing their bodies and souls. Nicholas and Kate share a kiss, and Kate damns him for doing this to her. Kate feels guilty, but Nicholas says she needs him, she needs to be true to herself before she can be true to other people. Nicholas then confesses that Vivian wanted him to keep her busy while she tried to get Victor back. Kate can't believe he used her, but he says he fell in love with her. However, Kate doesn't believe him. Nicholas says he only told her so there weren't any secrets between them so they can get on with the next stage of their relationship. Nicholas says his heart belongs to her, and as soon as they tell Victor, they can be together.

Nicholas barges in on Victor, who is furious with him, and kicks him out. Victor then orders Rex to call Nicole and set up their final meetings. Meanwhile, Kate sees Nicholas out. Nicholas assures Kate that he's still going to tell Victor the truth. He then asks Kate to let him make love to her.

At the lodge, Lucas has a package delivered to him, something he thinks will get his marriage back on track. In the dining room, Eric and Greta are enjoying feeding each other breakfast, and kissing. Lucas walks in and trips, and someone thinks someone has started drinking a little early. Eric wonders if it is possible? Lucas feels stupid about his stumble, and assures Eric that he isn't drinking. A waiter apologizes to Lucas and says he is the third person who has tripped on the carpet, so tonight stay is on the house. Eric finds it odd that he and Greta didn't trip on the carpet, and asks Lucas if he's sure he's not doing something he shouldn't be? Lucas says the only thing he's doing is having a wonderful time with his wife. Lucas leaves, and Eric asks Greta is they can cut their trip short and go back home. Greta loves the idea, because she is not happy running into Lucas and Nicole all the time. They decide to try and squeeze in one more trail tide before heading back home. Greta decides to go let the lodge now that they are leaving.

Nicole wakes up and finds a note from Lucas. Lucas' note says he decided to let her sleep in after last night, and he'll be back soon. Nicole smiles and says it is only a matter of time before she gets Lucas plastered again. Nicole sets breakfast for her and Lucas, with a ton of champagne. Lucas goes up to his room, and surprises Nicole. Lucas tells her that he knows this marriage has been a disappointment so far, but once he shows her what he has in this bag, she'll be a lot happier with him. Lucas produces the most gorgeous piece of jewelry that Nicole has ever seen. Lucas tells Nicole that the reason he thinks they fell in love is because they both grew up poor and know what it is like to have to fight to survive. Lucas says this is his way of showing her how lucky he feels to be married to her, and he feels they belong together, just like Greta and Eric do. That upsets Nicole, and when she learns they are in the dining room, Nicole suddenly remembers she has some business to take care of and runs off.

Nicole goes downstairs and finds Eric alone. She sits down next to him and apologizes for being so rude last night. Nicole says she and Lucas came here to be alone, so Eric says that won't be a problem anymore because he and Greta are leaving. Greta returns and asks Nicole what in the hell is with her, every time she turns her back she finds her way to Eric? GReta tells her to get the hell out of here, so she leaves. Later, Greta wonders if she should sleep with Eric, thinking that will keep the threat of Nicole away.

Nicole gets a call from Rex and sets up an appointment with him. She promises him her final two million dollars, and she'll be back in Salem by the end of the day. Nicole returns to her room and catches Lucas holding the champagne bottle. She yells at Lucas to put that bottle down! Lucas doesn't understand because he thought she wanted to have a drink with him, but she says that she has to go back to town because of work, so they are leaving. Lucas thanks Nicole for stopping him from drinking, and Nicole just ignores him.

Chloe and Belle go to school and are sleep deprived from their sleepover. Belle tries to talk Chloe into going to the Last Blast Dance. Chloe thinks Belle is obsessing over this, but Belle thinks Chloe can show up everyone if she gets glammed up for the dance. Chloe doesn't think she should have to pretend to be someone she's not to make friends. Chloe then sees the poster for the King and Queen crowning at the dance.

Phillip, Jan, and Jason show up at school, and run into Shawn. Shawn is having reservations about the tournament and thinks they should call it off, but Phillip won't let him do that. They all run into Chloe and Belle, and start talking about the dance. Meanwhile, a grubby Mimi shows up and wishes everyone would go to class so she can get to the gym and take a shower. Phillip wants to tell Chloe about the bet, but Shawn prevents him and warns him not to because he'll hurt Chloe's feelings. Phillip says he won't, because she doesn't have feelings.

Class starts, and Mimi shows up late, with wet hair. Everyone laughs at her, and wonders what is up with her. Later, Jason gets sent to the principals office for bringing a laser pointer to class and shining it on the teacher's forehead, and he blames Mimi for ratting on him. As class continues, Phillip is called on to answer a question, but he can't, so Chloe answers it and shows him up.

Belle runs into Mimi and allows her to borrow her make-up, since she left the house with a bare face. Meanwhile, Shawn tells Phillip that he and Chloe really should make up, since they'll be going to the dance together. Phillip says he wouldn't go near that smug bitch if he paid him! Later, Mimi and Belle end up getting into a fight about Chloe. Chloe begins to worry about Mimi, and she thinks she is in trouble.


June 2
Sami, Austin, and Will go for a family outing in Salem Place. Will runs off to play with a friend, and Austin yells and Sami for badmouthing Lucas. Austin lectures Sami about how Lucas is being generous right now, and the best possible outcome that can happen is she will win joint custody. Austin asks her not to make a scene when Lucas shows up, because perhaps he will give her more visitations if she's nice. Sami says Austin is right, she doesn't want to blow it when she's so close. Austin asks what that is supposed to mean? Sami says that she told her dad about Henderson's confession, and he's looking into things. Austin tells Sami that he is not going to keep her secrets for her. Austin says that if Roman discredits Roberto's confession, his mother can go to jail. Sami says that really breaks her heart, NOT. She asks Austin not to say anything because it will blow the investigation, so he agrees not to say anything. Sami says she hates it when they fight, so they make up.

Eric runs into Nicole at Salem Place and is stunned that she is back. Eric is angry because he and Greta could have stayed up at the lodge a few more days if he had known she and Lucas were leaving. They bicker for a bit, and Eric eventually apologizes and says it isn't her fault they ended up at the same lodge. Eric asks why she is all dressed up? Nicole says she has an appointment. Eric realizes Lucas doesn't know about this appointment, and wonders when she is going to stop keeping secrets. Nicole says not that it is any of his business, but she is seeing a doctor. Eric asks if she is all right? Suddenly, Sami and Austin run into Nicole and Eric. Sami is angry that Nicole is back, because their deal was they'd be gone for two days. Eric asks "What deal?" Sami says the deal was she would have Will for two days, so is Lucas going to come take Will away from her? Nicole says she doesn't know. Sami drags Nicole off, and asks if she got Lucas to drink? She says no, which upsets Sami. Nicole says he came very close to drinking, but something came up and they had to return to town. Sami tells Nicole not to mess with her or she will regret it! Nicole says she will get Lucas drunk just as soon as she takes care of a personal problem. Meanwhile, Austin lectures Eric for looking at Nicole's body. Austin is concerned about Greta, and Eric hurting her. Eric says he and Nicole are history, he is just worried about Sami. Eric approaches them as Sami is telling Nicole that she doesn't care about her personal problems. Eric warns Sami to leave Nicole alone. Sami tells Eric to chill, she and Nicole understand one another, and appreciate one another. Nicole tells Eric that he doesn't have to defend her, but she is touched. Nicole says she really is trying to help Sami. Eric says he knows that, and it means a lot to both her and him. Eric eventually has to leave, and Nicole swears she will get Eric back. Meanwhile, Sami vows to destroy Nicole if she tries to screw with him.

At Titan, Nicholas gives Kate another stuffed dog. A note is included, apologizes for coming on too strong, and asking Kate to meet him at the townhouse after work. At the townhouse, Nicholas is working out to try and get Kate off his mind. He tells himself that he and Kate have to be together tonight. Nicholas orders some things, and then calls Kate. He asks Kate to come over, and she says she'll be over soon. Back at Titan, Kate changes, and thinks she's going to end this entire thing with Nicholas tonight. Kate shows up at the townhouse, but refuses to dance with him because she says she might want to kiss him, and she doesn't know if she'd be able to stop. However, Nicholas manages to persuade Kate to dance with him, and the clothes start to come off. They begin to kiss, and Nicholas pushes her down onto the sofa. He tells her that he wants her to ask him to make love to her.

Abe and Lexie are coming home from a baby shopping spree. They also picked up something for Marlo, which they want to give her now. At the mansion, Bart is once again guarding Marlo in the secret room. They argue over the game of scrabble they just played, and Bart is convinced she cheated. Bart eventually falls asleep, because Marlo keeps yawning, and when he goes out, Marlo takes the key and escapes. Upstairs, Nurse Rolfina, Rolfe in drag, returns home and discusses the baby swap with Stefano. Marlo, who is drinking, spies on them and can't believe her uncle is a drag queen. Rolfe tells Stefano that he knows how to switch the babies at birth, and then brags about how all the male doctors tried to pick him up. Stefano tells Rolfe that he did not send him to the hospital to experiment in alternative lifestyles. Stefano and Rolfe see Marlo spying on them, and run after her. They grab the bottle of gin from her, and Rolfe ends up knocking the bottle to the floor. Suddenly, Lexie calls and tells Stefano that she and Abe are stopping by to give Marlo a gift they bought her. Stefano tries to put it off till another day, but Lexie won't take no for an answer. Stefano tells Marlo what is going on, but she refuses to do another show. Stefano tells her that if she knows what is good for her she will put on the performance of a lifetime. Abe and Lexie ring the doorbell, and Stefano tells Rolfe to get his bosoms out of here. Rolfe leaves, and Eliana takes the broken booze bottle away. Stefano answers the door, and Lexie and Abe present Marlo with some earrings. Abe notices the smell of gin, and asks Stefano if Marlo has had another alcohol incident? Stefano says of course not, he is taking good care of Marlo. They all sit down to lunch, and Stefano starts questioning Lexie about Hope, who isn't supposed to go into labor for a few more weeks. Abe wonders why Stefano is so curious? Stefano says he was the first one to know about Hope's pregnancy, so he's just been concerned about her. Later, Marlo ends up with the hicips, and suddenly goes into labor!

Rolfe goes down to the secret room and yells at Bart for falling asleep, but Bart just hits on Rolfe. Rolfe tells Bart that he has a disguise for him to, and together they will switch Hope and Marlo's babies at the hospital.

At Bo and Hope's house, Bo and Hope are planning to run off and get married. Shawn comes downstairs and wonders what his parents are all dressed up for. Hope tells Shawn that there is something she and his dad need to tell him. Hope tells Shawn that they want to be married before the baby is born. Shawn jokes that they better do it tonight, and then he realizes that is what they are planning on doing. Bo and Hope tell Shawn that they are going to have a small private wedding tonight, and the bigger wedding later on. Shawn tells them any way they want to do it is fine with him. Hope asks Shawn to go upstairs and get dressed, so he does. Unfortunately, Alice, Doug, and Julie show up, and wonder where they are going all dressed up without them? Julie says they look like they are going to a wedding! Hope says they are just going out to eat, so Alice invites them out to eat with them. Julie says they are a bit overdressed for the burger barn. Bo says they are doing the family thing tonight, and Doug hints that they are family. Suddenly, Shawn walks down the steps yelling "Whose ready to tie the not?" Alice looks at Bo and Hope and asks the dears if they have something to tell them? Bo just says that their kid still can't tie a tie. Alice thinks something is up, and Doug agrees. Suddenly, Hope goes into labor!

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