May 2000 Week 4


May 22
I typed the summary after watching the show today, so it is short
Lexie and Abe show up at the hospital. Abe is going to talk to a woman about adopting. Meanwhile, Lexie runs into Brandon, who becomes upset that Abe is here, fearing he may go try and talk to Larry. Lexie wants Abe and Larry to work things out, but Brandon convinces her that she is rushing this make-up reunion. Abe runs into Larry, and attempts to talk to him. However, Larry doesn't want to hear what Abe has to say because he thinks Abe only thinks of him as a poor cripple. Abe eventually leaves when he realizes this is going no where.

At the penthouse, Hope shows up to see John and Marlena. Hope talks about her wedding, and asks Marlena to be her matron of honor. Marlena and Hope discuss the wedding, and eventually take off to a bridal shop to look at dresses. At the shop, Marlena and Hope discuss Hope's past, which Hope claims she is putting behind her.

At the DiMera mansion, Marlo has been brought home and is trying to explain herself, but Stefano doesn't want to hear it. They decide it is best that she be stuck in the secret room, and when Rolfe and Bart drag her off, she begins kicking and screaming. John shows up and hears this, and breaks into the Dimera mansion to see what is going on. Stefano claims that he was just watching WWF on the TV, but John doesn't buy it and threatens to search the secret room. However, he doesn't want to dig up anymore ghosts from the past. Stefano asks John what he wants? John says he needs his help. Meanwhile, Rolfe and Bart throw Marlo in the secret room, and Rolfe warns her that if she doesn't shape up they will kill her after her baby is born, because they really don't need her.

At the station, Bo is worried about the baby. Bo talks to Roman about the baby, and his fears, but he doesn't tell him that the baby is not Hope's. Roman tells him to look on the bright side of things, he's getting married, Roman is going to be his best man, and he's having a baby!


May 23
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Greta and Eric are driving up to Green Mountain Lodge because Nicole took some time off to go away with Lucas. Greta wonders where she got Lucas to take her, and theorizes that it is probably someplace extravagant like Bali. Greta sees a sign for Hazel's diner and begs Eric to take her because she loves diners. Eric doesn't like the look of this particular diner, but Greta is positive that it will be fine. It ends up being a biker bar with very rude waitresses. One of the bikers likes Greta, and makes a move on her right in front of Eric. Eric doesn't like when the biker tries to force Greta to dance with him, so Eric tells Greta that they should leave. The biker calls Eric a chicken, and Eric ends up getting into a fight when they try to grab Eric. The biker pulls a knife on Eric after Eric decks him good. Greta agrees to dance with the guy to keep Eric from getting his purty face cut up, but Greta ends up decking the biker and running for Eric's car.

Nicole and Lucas show up at Green Mountain Lodge, and Nicole is furious because instead of a suite they have two adjoining rooms, which are dumps. The man at the desk says they are all booked up, so Lucas uses his Titan connections to get their room upgraded. The man says he'll find something more suitable for them, so Lucas says they will be waiting in the bar. Lucas wants to talk to Nicole, but all Nicole wants is some booze. Lucas tells Nicole that she could be grateful for once, all she has done the entire way here is bitch and moan. Lucas reminds Nicole that she was the one who wanted to come here, and if she keeps this attitude, they aren't going to have any fun. Nicole tells Lucas to leave, she can have fun on her own. Lucas refuses and is sick and tired of her threatening to leave him every time something displeases her. She tells her to either get her act together, or they are going back to Salem right now and having their marriage annulled. Lucas says it is up to her whether they stay or go, but if they stay, she is going to have to change her attitude. Nicole apologizes for being moody lately, but says she is still just mad because of last night. Nicole says she just wanted to feel a little independent last night, which is why she didn't call him, and it is because he is always making decisions without her. The desk clerk arrives and tells Lucas that their suite is ready. Lucas thanks him, and suggests to Nicole they make a fresh start and act like they just got here. Nicole agrees, and plays along. Nicole and Lucas go to their new room, and find a bottle of champagne waiting for them. Nicole suggests they crack it open and enjoy it. Lucas tells her to drink all she wants, he will just sit back and enjoy her. Nicole tells Lucas to go get a glass of club soda so they can toast to their marriage. Nicole asks Lucas when alcohol started to take over his life? Lucas says he didn't start drinking heavily until . . . Nicole knows it was after he and Sami started having problems. She asks Lucas if it was hard to give up drinking? Lucas says it is only hard when he has to talk about it at an AA meeting, or whenever she brings it up. Nicole tells Lucas that she doesn't believe he is a drunk, he just feels guilty about hurting Will in the car accident, and if he can't face the truth, then it will cause a huge problem in their marriage. Lucas asks why his not drinking will be a problem? Nicole says that sometimes it is just comforting to come home and have a drink and discuss how the day went. Nicole says she can see how he avoids her when she drinks, and she knows that it bothers him deep inside because he has some warped idea that if he drinks he will become a madman. Nicole then asks Lucas to have just one glass.

Lucas and Greta arrive at the lodge, Eric booked to adjoining rooms for them.

Belle and Mimi are shopping in Salem Place. Belle bought some lipstick, which she thinks Chloe should try on. When Belle tries to put it on her, CHloe jokingly yells she's being mugged. However, some guy thinks she is serious and comes to her defense. Chloe says she was just goofing, and after he leaves, she and Belle crack up. Belle sees a sundress she thinks would look great on Chloe, but Chloe doubts it comes in black. Belle tells Chloe that it is about time she started wearing colors. Meanwhile, Phillip and Shawn are tossing the football around (at the mall?) and Chloe manages to intercept it, by accident of course. Meanwhile, Jan runs into Mimi, whose clothes are looking kinda dirty. Jan says she has to talk to her, it is very important. Belle spots Mimi with Jan and goes over to say hello to her, and finds Jason and Jan are making fun of Mimi's dirty clothes and hair. Mimi claims her washing machine is broken, and ends up running off. Belle blasts Jason and Jan for being mean to Mimi, and she runs after Mimi.

Marlena and Hope stop at the Java Cafe for a break. They look at some fabric samples for the wedding, and Hope wishes she could have been there for her wedding. She asks Marlena if she caused problems at her wedding? Marlena tells her that the wedding went off without a hitch. Hope starts asking about the honeymoon, and Marlena says she'll show her the pictures sometime soon. They go over a list of things to do for the wedding, and when they get to wedding gifts, Hope asks what she gave her and John? Marlena says she gave them a portrait of them that she painted. Hope asks if that is how she knew she was princess Gina? Marlena says they found it odd, but they knew she had GIna's talents. Hope wonders how they finally realized she was Gina? Suddenly, Chloe interrupts them to say hello. Hope tells Marlena that Shawn is always talking about how interesting Chloe is. Marlena says Belle likes Chloe too, but she is having a rough time. Hope remembers when she was in high school and how no body dared to dress differently. Marlena says it is a different crowd today, times have changed. Hope is just glad that Shawn is so well-adjusted, and that her baby will grow up in a loving home. Later, Belle runs into Hope and her mom. Marlena asks what is wrong? Belle says she was looking for Mimi, she thinks something is wrong with her. Marlena says they can call her when they get home. Hope has to leave, so Marlena offers Belle a list home. Belle thanks her, but says she has to find Chloe before they leave.

Belle goes looking for Chloe, and finds Shawn and Phillip still playing football. Phillip yells at Chloe to get out of the way to make a catch, so she shoves him in hopes that he won't catch the ball. Unfortunately, Phillip slams into the ground, and the other kids scream that Chloe has killed Phillip.

Doug and Julie drop by Bo and Hope's place, but they aren't home. Julie thinks they should go home, but Doug thinks they should wait inside for them because they do have a key. Julie doesn't feel right about this, but Doug thinks Hope won't mind because they do have her favorite ice cream. Doug puts the ice cream in the freezer, and finds Bo's list of things to do around the house. He thinks they should make themselves useful and help Bo out. Julie doesn't think Doug should mess with the pipes, but Doug thinks he can fix anything. Julie suggests they hang pictures instead, but Doug rather fix the leaky pipes. Julia finds her and Doug's wedding picture, and the two of them look at it. Doug then decides to deal with the plumbing, but fails to turn off the water, and soaks Julie and the kitchen. After fixing the leak, Doug and Julie continue with the other tasks on the list. Doug tries to open the flue in the chimney, and poor Julie ends up with a face full of suit. Hope comes home, and asks her dad and Julie what in the world is going on? Hope knows her dad was trying to fix something, and says they better get this place cleaned up before Hope gets home.


May 24
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At the hospital, Brandon tells Abe that he is nothing but a selfish bastard, he doesn't need his apology, or his pity, because he is getting his life back all because of Brandon Walker! Lexie and Sami look at Brandon, and Abe does a "say what?" Brandon quickly says all he did was help Larry get a job. Brenda asks if everything is okay? Lexie says it is, there was just a little disagreement. Brenda asks Sami to take Larry to the cafeteria for a bit, so she does.

In the cafeteria, Larry apologizes to Sami because she knows she cares about Abe, but he had no right to come here and embarrass him at his place of work. When Brandon shows up, Larry tells him that he was so right about that guy. This time Sami does a "say what?" Brandon says he's always sounding off about Abe, and he guesses his bad opinion rubbed off on Larry. Sami says she didn't realize they were so close. Larry says he owes Brandon everything. Brandon tells Larry to take it easy. Larry decides to go back to work, on his own, and prove to Brenda that he is no flake. After he leaves, Sami asks Brandon what is really going on between him and Larry? Brandon says nothing is going on, he and Larry just connected more than he thought they had. Brandon switches the subject and asks what she thinks about his plan? Sami says the more she thinks about it, the more she thinks it won't work. Sami doesn't think she can pull off being a prostitute, but Brandon says she can and he'll help her. Brandon reminds her that this is the only way she can get Will back. Sami agrees to do it, so Brandon says they should start right away. He says by day she will be Samantha Brady, hospital secretary, and by night she will be a woman of mystery and pleasure. Sami fears that someone may recognize her, but Brandon assures her that her own mother won't be able to pick her out of a line-up once he's through with her.

MEanwhile, Abe can't get over what Larry said about Brandon. Lexie thinks Abe is blowing it out of proportion, but Abe doesn't think so. Lexie tells Abe that he is being totally unreasonable and is blaming everyone else for his problems. Lexie tells Abe that he should never have talked to Larry without consulting her first. Abe says he had every intention of talking to her first, but he saw Larry and thought he should have dealt with it then and there. Lexie tells Abe that he thought wrong, and what he did was stupid! Abe can't believe what he is hearing. Lexie apologizes and says she just meant what he did was stupid, he isn't stupid. Abe tries to explain what happened, and Lexie keeps on scolding him. Lexie says he was supposed to be visiting Marlo, not Larry. Abe says he saw Marlo, and she was drunk! Lexie doesn't believe that, but Abe says the woman was bombed and he doubts it was the first time. Lexie thinks he misunderstood the situation, but Abe says he understands that the woman is a lush and he's not adopting her baby. Lexie says he will not be adopting the baby, "they" will. Abe can't believe she is not concerned about this. Lexie says if there was a reason to be concerned then she would be, but when he saw Marlo she was sober. Lexie asks why this is even an issue? Abe says this baby might have problems, is that what she wants? Lexie says she can live with it if the baby has problems because she'll love this child with all her heart. Lexie tells Abe that she just doesn't think she can handle their marriage anymore. Abe asks if she is ready to walk away? Lexie says that she feels God is putting this baby in their arms because it needs them, and they are meant to have it. She tells Abe that life is messy and either you tries to make it a better place, or you gives up. Lexie says she always thought he was the type of man to make the world a better place, but now she's not sure. Abe asks Lexie if she is saying she doesn't love him anymore? Lexie says of course not, she still loves him, she is just mad at him. However, she says that love isn't enough to fix this. Abe finally caves in and agrees to adopt Marlo's baby.

At the DiMera mansion, John tells Stefano that he needs his help. Stefano says it amazes him how everyone blames him for all the disasters on this planet, yet come to him when they need help. Stefano says he's so tired of being unappreciated. John asks if he's going to help him or not? Stefano asks what he wants him to do? John tells Stefano that he knows what he's talking about, Hope. John says that Hope has decided to give up the search for her past, so he wants him to make sure that Hope never remembers. John tells him that he has to do this, if nothing but for self preservation. Stefano plays innocent, and calls John a hypocrite. He tells John that he doesn't care about Bo and Hope, all he cares about is his own life and his precious doc finding out that Hope is carrying his child. Stefano tells John that if he was connected to the stolen paintings at the castle, all the paintings were destroyed in the fire, so it doesn't matter if Hope remembers! John then uses Lexie as his bargaining chip, and appeals to whatever goodness Lexie sees in him. He begs Stefano to leave Bo and Hope alone and let them be happy. Stefano thinks they can work out some sort of an arrangement. Stefano asks John to try and convince Abe to adopt a baby of a distant cousin of his. John doesn't like it, and says he can't do it. John says he won't be his pawn again, but Stefano says that he was not always his pawn, they cared for one another once. John says he never cared about him, he used him! Stefano says that is not true, if they help one another now, it will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. After John leaves, Stefano says one day soon John will be his best mercenary again. Meanwhile, John asks God to show him a way out of this.

In Salem Place, Chloe knocks Phillip down to keep him out of the way of an oncoming car. Everyone comes running when they hear the car crash into a stand, and Marlena checks out Phillip. Everyone thinks Chloe is a hero, but she doesn't want a big deal made out of it and wants to go home. Marlena says Phillip seems okay, so Chloe runs off, and Belle chases after her. Phillip asks what happen, was Chloe trying to kill him? Shawn tells him not, that did, and points to the wrecked car.

Meanwhile, Chloe is crying when Belle finds her. Belle asks her what is wrong? Chloe says she remembers the accident with her "mom," she could have died and it could have been her fault. Chloe says she wishes she could have done for her mom what she did for Phillip. Belle is glad to hear Chloe calling Nancy her mom instead of Nancy. Belle and Chloe return to the scene of the crime, and everyone applauds Chloe. Phillip doesn't know why everyone is giving her a standing ovation for body slamming him? Shawn asks Phillip if he is brain dead or something? Chloe just pushes him out of the way of an oncoming car and saved his life! Phillip wonders why Chloe would save his life? Jan tells Jason that she thinks Chloe did it because she is in love with Phillip! Marlena tells Phillip that she wants to take him to the hospital to be examined to make sure he doesn't have a concussion, fractures, or bruises. However, Phillip refuses to go anywhere until he talks to Chloe. Marlena says all right, and leaves to get her car. Phillip thanks Chloe in front of everyone, and shakes her hand.


May 25
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Craig comes to see Nancy because she stat paged him. She says she had something very important to tell him, she loves him. Craig says he loves her too, but right now he has surgery. Nancy asks Craig if he had lunch? He says no, which upsets Nancy. Nancy gives him some chocolates, and then starts kissing him. Craig stops her and says he doesn't have time for this! Nancy wants to get it on, but Craig gets paged and has to leave. Before he leaves, Nancy thanks Craig for all he's done for her and Chloe, and if he'd like to wait before they tell everyone about Chloe then she will understand. Craig tells her no, they've put this off long enough and it is time to tell everyone the truth. After Craig leaves, Nancy says she hopes Chloe is ready to have everyone learn the truth.

Chloe and Belle arrive at the hospital, but Belle takes the long way to Nancy's office. Belle is worried about Phillip and wants to check on him. Chloe tells Belle if she wants to she can, but she's going to find her mom to see if she can spend the night at Belle's. Belle hopes Nancy says yes. Suddenly, Phillip starts moaning and groaning. However, Phillip was just faking it to try and get nurse Candy to come back. Phillip and Chloe start arguing again over how this hospital is run, Phillip is upset because he hasn't been discharged yet. A nurse shows up and tells Phillip that the doctor just gave him the okay to go home, so she will draw up the papers right away. Chloe and Belle leave, and Shawn tells Phillip that Chloe did save his life and come to check up on her, so she must care about him. Phillip says he's already thanked Chloe, he's not going to throw her a party or something. Shawn jokes that maybe he can take her to the dance, but Phillip says he is taking Belle to that dance. Phillip thinks they should go to Dot.Com and finish that tournament up right now.

In Lexie's office, Lexie is thrilled that Abe has agreed to adopt Marlo's baby. Lexie says that they will be great parents, and if this baby isn't healthy, it is all the more reason for them to love this baby and take care of it. However, Abe says there could be another problem. Lexie thinks Abe is going to change his mind, but Abe says that isn't what he's saying. Abe says he just thinks they need to talk to Stefano's lawyers. Lexie says of course, and thanks Abe once again and tells him that she loves him. Craig catches them kissing and tells Lexie that while loving children is part of her job, procreation isn't, so unless her husband is having an exam he should keep his pants in the up position! Abe decides to point something out to Craig, but Lexie just comes right out and tells Craig that his zipper is down! Craig turns his back and zips it up, and then Lexie says what goes on in the privacy of their offices is no ones business. Craig says that is not true, he was paged to the ER to consult on a pediatric case because she obviously was to busy to respond. Lexie informs Craig that she was not paged. Abe wonders what is really bother Craig. Craig is upset with Abe for coming into his hospital and causing a scandal with Brandon awhile back, and since then Lexie's attention to detail has plummeted. Lexie asks what he is talking about? Craig says, for example, the fact that the new employee upstairs was shot by Abe years ago, and has been traumatized by Abe twice already! Craig warns Lexie that if she makes one more mistake, she'll be seeking employment elsewhere. Abe tells him that she has no grounds to fire his wife, and if he was afraid of lawsuits before, then he should watch out! Craig says he didn't want to bring this up, but Lexie and Brandon's friendship is scandalous in this hospital, and they have rules of fraternization here. Lexie thinks this goes back to her defending Mike, and that he was the one behind the entire Ali McIntyre scandal. Craig tells Lexie that she will get no special treatment from him, and if she can't cut it, then she is history! Craig leaves, and Lexie tells Abe that Craig is just looking for a reason to fire her. Abe says he can't do that, but Lexie says he can, and he can make sure she never works at a respectable hospital again by giving her an unsatisfactory evaluation on her residency form. Abe says he can't do anything if what he said isn't true, it isn't true is it? Lexie says "you mean about Brandon?" Abe says he wasn't talking about Brandon. Still, Lexie feels she needs to clear up what Craig said. Lexie says she and Brandon are friends, but they haven't crossed any lines. Lexie then changes the subject to the baby they are about to adopt, and asks if they are ready to tell their friends the good news?

Chloe and Belle go to see Nancy. Nancy asks Chloe how her day was? CHloe tells Nancy that it was fine, but Belle tells Chloe not to call her that, use the name she used before! Nancy is shocked at Belle and thinks that she is encouraging Chloe to mock people. Chloe tells "Mah-thar" that Belle is not like that, Belle wanted her to call her mother. Nancy is shocked because she thought Chloe didn't want people to know. Belle says that Chloe told her because she needed someone to talk to. Belle then tells Nancy about Phillip's car accident, and how it made her remember how she almost lost her mom a few months ago. Nancy thanks Belle and says she never thought this day would come, and then hugs Chloe. Nancy thanks Chloe, and once again thank Belle for being such a good friend. Craig returns, and Nancy tells him that it is time. Chloe asks time for what? She realizes what is about to happen, and tries to run, but Craig refuses to let her run. Craig calls everyone to gather around to make an important announcement. First he thanks his staff for the good work they have done. Then he tells them, because they are so amazing, that he has some good news to share with them. He says that the hospital family, as well as their own, has just increased by one. CHloe begs Craig not to do this, but Nancy asks Chloe to let Craig do this. Craig announces to the staff that Chloe is Nancy's biological daughter from a previous relationship. Phillip comments that no wonder Chloe is so weird, her mom is very freaky. Nancy says she is the luckiest woman in the world to have Craig and Chloe in her life, and Craig says he is very proud of both of these ladies. Chloe catches Phillip talking bad about her and Nancy, so she tells him off. Belle tells Chloe not to let Phillip ruin her day, and they leave.

At the Dimera mansion, Bart is guarding MArlo in the secret room. Marlo tells Bart that she is going to die if she is left in here. Marlo thinks the machines down here will radiant her, and she tells Bart that she is claustrophobic and wants out of here. Bart tells her to relax and eat, but the food Bart produces just makes Marlo run to the bathroom and throw up. Later, Marlo pretends to go into labor, and even throws some water on the floor and claims her water has broke. However, when Bart notices her clothes aren't wet, he realizes she is just trying to con him.

Upstairs, Rolfe asks Stefano not to be angry with him. Stefano asks what has happened now? Rolfe says that letting Lexie raise Marlo's child would be a mistake, because she is not going to have a healthy baby. Stefano says that he is confident that a mothers love can cure all ills, but Rolfe is not so sure. He says that these things can't be corrected after birth, and can he give his daughter a sick baby without telling her? Stefano tells Rolfe to shut up and listen to him because he's going to let him in on a secret. Stefano tells Rolfe that he is planning on giving Hope's baby to Lexie, and Marlo's to Hope's! Rolfe doesn't know if that is possible, but Stefano tells him to make it possible! Stefano refuses to have his son raised by a Brady. Rolfe says they don't know if it is his child. Stefano says they would know if it wasn't for his butter fingers, but either way his daughter will have a healthy baby which she will never let go of once she has in her arms. Rolfe asks what Bo and Hope will think if their baby is not healthy? Stefano says that Hope never did have her amnio, so perhaps they will think the ultrasound was inaccurate or something. Suddenly, Rolfe comes up with the perfect plan to switch the babies once they are born. Stefano loves the plan and thinks it is brilliant.

John returns home to the penthouse looking very down. He is greeted by a cheerful Marlena, who wants to spend the last day of her vacation with him. She asks how his morning was? He says it was fine, and Marlena tells him all about her morning with Hope, and what happened to Phillip. Marlena soon realizes something is bothering John. John tells her that he can't keep this from her, he's about to make a deal with the devil! Marlena knows John went to Stefano, and asks why, what does he want? John says he went to see Stefano to try and make sure Hope doesn't remember the past year of her life. Marlena can't believe John would suggest that Stefano play with Hope's mind again? She asks John what is so awful that she might remember? John says he is just trying to protect Hope, but Marlena says this isn't protecting her, and she thinks that Hope could handle knowing Stefano might be the father. However, Marlena knows there is something John still isn't telling her. John says the idea of Hope sleeping with DiMera is bad enough. Still, Marlena thinks there may not be anything to worry about. Suddenly, Marlena thinks she knows what is going on. She says that both he and Hope were mind controlled by Stefano, and they have this unending bond. John tells Marlena that she doesn't have any idea what is actually going on. Marlena tells John that she does understand, she went to Stefano when Sami was going to be executed to try and save her life. Marlena asks John what Stefano wants from him? John tells her that he wants him to convince Abe to adopt a baby Stefano found for Lexie. John says it isn't a criminal act, so what the hell. Marlena asks how he can rationalize this, is DiMera controlling him still? John becomes angry and tells Marlena never to suggest that again, DiMera will never control him again! Marlena apologizes to John, but says when he does things like this without talking to her it upsets her. John can understand that, but tells Marlena that there are certain things going on that she doesn't know about. Marlena asks John what things? Johns says as much as he'd like to share things with her, it won't help either of them. Suddenly, Lexie calls Marlena to tell her and John the good news, she and Abe are adopting! Marlena says that John will be thrilled to hear this news. Marlena tells John the news, and he realizes he doesn't have to go through with his deal with DiMera.


May 26
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At the lodge, Lucas is fast asleep in bed, and Nicole toasts to her success. Lucas wakes up and wonders what Nicole is talking about. Nicole brushes him off, and once again starts in on trying to get him to drink. Nicole is upset because Lucas got what he want, sex, and then rolled over and fell asleep. She says that it is always about what he wants and not what she wants. Lucas says he thought she liked it! Nicole says he just rolled over and went to sleep before acting what she wanted to do. Lucas asks what she wants to do? Nicole says she'd like to have dinner, so he says they can go downstairs and have a beautiful candlelight dinner.

Eric and Greta are dining in the restaurant, and Greta tells Eric that she only got trashed once in her life on a dare, and she never wants to be that sick again, which probably makes her a goody tushues. Eric tells her that he likes everything about her. Greta asks Eric what it about men and beer, which he's drinking. Eric says it gives you a little buzz, kind of like wine. Greta's never had beer, and asks Eric if she can have a taste. He tells her sure, but doubts she'll like it. She tastes it, and obviously doesn't like it. Later, Greta starts getting serious and talks about her mother. She confesses to Eric that before her mother died, she told her who her father was. She says she's not ready to tell him just yet, because as they know her mother wasn't the most honest person, and she wants to make sure what she told her was the truth. Eric is glad she opened up to him, and asks her to just relax tonight and put herself in his hands. Later, Eric and Greta take to the dance floor, and they tell one another about their fantasies about being together. Eric asks Greta, when she imagines them together, if it makes her happy? She says yes, but she also doesn't want Eric to think of her as a tease. She says she loves being here with him, but she's not ready for anything else. Eric understands and says he did not bring her here to seduce her. He says he does want to make love to her, but not until she is ready for it.

Nicole and Lucas show up at the restaurant for dinner, and Lucas is still reluctant to drink. Nicole tries to tell Lucas that he is not an alcoholic. Lucas suggests she come to his next AA meeting and tell that to everyone there. Nicole asks Lucas if it is hard for him not to drink? Lucas says no, and she says that she rests her case. Nicole says she is thirsty, so Lucas calls over a waiter. Lucas orders Nicole a Martini, and orders himself a club soda. However, he decides to change his mind. However, he just orders an ice tea. Nicole gives him a powty look, and Lucas starts saying how he misses drinking with his steak. When the waiter returns, Lucas decides to order a bottle of wine, with two glasses, which pleases Nicole. The waiter brings the wine, and Nicole tastes it to make sure it is good. She then proposes a toast to them, and as Lucas raises the glass to his lips, a shocked Greta and Eric stare and Greta says "I don't believe it!"

Shawn arrives at the Horton house and finds Alice waiting outside for him. He asks if he is late for dinner? Alice says there has been a change of plans, and dinner is off. At Bo and Hope's, Hope, Julie, and Doug have finished cleaning and fixing the mess Doug and Julie made. Bo, who is on his way home, calls Hope and suggests she call out for dinner so that they can have a romantic dinner for two tonight. Hope says it sounds great, and will see him when he gets here. Bo arrives to have a romantic dinner with his soon to be wife. However, Shawn and Alice suddenly arrive for dinner! Alice sees all the candles and realizes they are interrupting, and suggests they go to a fast food place. Bo tells them not to do that, and Hope says they can join them for dinner. Doug and Julie are still around, they ordered a whole lot of food, and Bo says there is enough food for them all. Julie thought they wanted to have a romantic dinner? Dinner arrives, and they all sit down for dinner. The baby starts to kick Hope, and Bo asks Hope if she is all right? Hope says the little one is just letting them know he or she is here. Hope then says it must be fate that they are all here, because she has some favors to ask of them. She turns to Alice and asks her to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. Alice exclaims "You have to be kidding!" Hope asks her to please stand up for her, and Alice agrees. She also asks Julie to be a bridesmaid, which touches Julie, who agrees. Bo then asks Shawn to be a groomsman. Later, Hope goes out for some fresh air, and appears to be hit with a labor pain. Hope returns and tells Bo that she thinks it is time to go to the hospital!

Lexie and Abe are on their way to Stefano's to see Marlo. Lexie calls Stefano to tell him that they are coming over to see her because Abe said she wasn't feeling very well. Stefano says Marlo is feeling fine, and they should come right over. After he hangs up, Stefano thinks everything is going right. However, Rolfe tells him that there is a problem, Marlo! Rolfe says that Marlo is suffering from alcohol withdrawal, so they are bound to notice. Stefano thinks that she can be presentable for five minutes, but Rolfe isn't so sure. Stefano calls Bart, and learns that Marlo is seriously sick. Rolfe says there is a drug he can give Marlo to suppress the sickness, but it could cause problems for the baby, and it could cause Marlo to go into labor. However, Rolfe thinks another drug could stop the labor.

Meanwhile, back in Abe and Lexie's car, Abe tells Lexie that if Marlo is seriously ill, or a drunk, then he insists . . . Lexie tells Abe that he is her husband, not her commander. Abe says that he is just saying if what he suspects is right, can they have Marlo checked out by an OB? Lexie agrees, but thinks that Marlo is very healthy.

Abe and Lexie arrive at the DiMera mansion. Lexie asks if they can see Marlo, but Stefano says soon because she is taking a nap right now. Stefano offers them something to drink, but Abe says there has been enough drinking in this house. Stefano laughs at Abe for thinking Marlo was inebriated, and tells Lexie to talk some sense into her husband. Lexie says she's been trying to do that. Abe becomes upset and says if Marlo won't come down to see them, then they will go up to see her. Meanwhile, in the secret room, Rolfe shows up and gives Marlo a shot. Unfortunately, Marlo ends up passing out. Stefano comes downstairs and is furious when he sees Marlo out cold. He orders Rolfe and Bart to wake Marlo up and get her upstairs! Stefano leaves, and Marlo comes to. Bart and Rolfe then carry her upstairs.

Back upstairs, Lexie is finally beginning to become suspicious of Marlo, and her father, as well. Suddenly, Marlo shows up. Marlo once again starts begging her, in her fake accent, to take their baby. Abe thinks she looks very sick. Marlo says her baby is healthy, but she is sick. Marlo says Stefano is good to her and the woman rubs her all day with alcohol, but still she is sick. Lexie and Abe decide to leave, but suddenly, Marlo gets a burst of energy and begs them to stay. Stefano becomes worried, and a hidden Rolfe tells Stefano that the medicine he gave Marlo has gone into overdrive. Suddenly, Marlo faints!

In the secret room, Bart is taking care of Marlo, who as Bart puts it, puked up a storm. Bart compares her to the exorcist, which causes Marlo to once again run for the bathroom.

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