May 00 Week 3


May 15
At Dot.Com, Shawn and Phillip are continuing their videogame tournament. Phillip wins again, and says Shawn is going to be taking Chloe to the dance. Shawn says he wouldn't have a problem taking her to the dance, but he's going jet skiing that weekend, so he can't. Besides, Shawn says Phillip is going to be the one taking her. Phillip tells Shawn that there is no way he will loose this bet! Mimi shows up and asks what bet? Phillip says they have a bet for money, but Mimi wonders what he is hiding, because he doesn't need any money. Jason tells Mimi to get lost because they don't like her, so she walks off. Mimi then sees Belle with Chloe, and leaves. She looks in at Shawn and Phillip, begins to cry, and runs off.

Belle and Chloe are also at Dot.Com shopping, there is a craft fair going on today. Chloe decides to buy Nancy a basket, and also buys Craig some of his favorite junk food, which she pretends is a basketball and shoots into the basket. Belle wonders where she's been hiding that hook shot, if coach Martin only knew. Chloe says she doesn't want him to know. Belle tells her that she's just now realizing how much she hides from people. She says that at least she doesn't have to hide that Nancy is her mom anymore, and she can start calling her mom. Chloe says she and Nancy aren't as close as she and her mom are, but Belle thinks that after what Nancy deserves to be called mom considering she risked her marriage for her. Shawn and Phillip come over to talk to Belle, Phillip ignores Chloe. Therefore, Belle and Chloe start asking Phillip if he is "like" the star of "like" all the sports teams at "like" their school? Shawn starts playing along with them, and Belle and CHloe start saying how they've heard that Phil has a thing for girl's with beautiful blue eyes. Phillip says whatever game they are playing he's not taking part in. Belle tells Phillip that his charm must be fading because he has two blue eyed girl's standing in front of him, but they aren't swooning at his feet! Phillip eventually leaves, and is obviously hurt. Belle and CHloe tell Shawn that it was about time someone cut Phillip down to size. Later, Shawn goes to see Phillip and accuses him of having a thing for Chloe, but Jason tells Phillip that Shawn is just trying to get him worked up. Meanwhile, Belle begins to wonder if Chloe might actually feel something for Phillip.

At Brandon's, Sami asks Brandon not to tell Nicole about her plans to nail Lucas and Kate for Franco's murder. Brandon says he understands, and will keep his mouth shut. Sami has to go meet her dad to head to the strip club, and Brandon once again offers to help her out if she hits a snag. As Sami is leaving, Lexie shows up with her housewarming gift. Lexie says she'll see Brandon at the hospital tomorrow, but Sami says she's leaving, so she should stay. Sami leaves, and Brandon gives Lexie a tour of his home. Lexie says it is the home of a man who takes chances and loves adventure, but it is a little empty. Brandon opens Lexie's gift, which is a framed picture that one of his patients drew. Brandon hangs the picture up on his wall, and talks to Lexie. Lexie asks BRandon what his dreams are? Brandon says nobody has asked him that, but he dreams about having someone special in his life. He says he dreams of having a woman in his life who loves life, lives it, and would be willing to give everything she has to create a life together with him. Lexie says she knows exactly what he means, and Brandon says he knows she does. Brandon knows that something happened with Abe to upset her, and he asks her what Abe did this time? Lexie says she really doesn't feel comfortable talking to him about Abe, but Brandon says he wants to be her friend, and Abe's. Brandon asks if she and Lexie got into a fight about him? Lexie says no, it is about something else that she wants but Abe doesn't. Lexie tells Brandon about Marlo's baby, and Brandon tells Lexie that he might feel the same way Abe does. Lexie becomes upset and says that she and Abe have tried conceiving, and it's not working. Brandon tells her that there might be one way to make this work, she should try and charm Abe into agreeing. Lexie says she already tried that, and it didn't work. However, Lexie says there are other reasons Abe is against the adoption, this woman is a distant relative of her fathers. She says that everyone has hostile feelings towards her father, but her father has really changed. Lexie cries and says she's taken up too much of his time, so she'll get going. Brandon tells Lexie that if Abe really loves her then she'll get that kid. Lexie thanks him and gives him a hug. Lexie tells Brandon that she hopes he finds that someone special.

Eric meets Nicole at Titan to head over to the Blue Note to continue their conversation. Nicole says the Blue Note is a major Titan hangout, so Eric suggests another place.

Roman goes to the strip club, but has to take off when a call comes in. Meanwhile, Nicole and Eric arrive at the strip club, and Nicole wonders how Eric knows about this place? Eric says that Austin and Billie found out about this place, and they have really good ribs. They go inside, and Nicole jokes that the girls must be on break. Eric says he's devastated. The waitress thinks they are uptown yuppies who only drink martinis. Eric says he wants a beer, but Nicole wants a vodka martini. Eric then wants to know how Nicole could give up on him just because she had a poor childhood and her father went to prison? Eric tells her that she is talented, successful, smart, she should be proud of herself. Nicole says she's a real role model, she could have had a guy who loved her but instead she took the money. Eric asks what she means "she took the money?" Eric asks if Lucas paid her to marry him? Nicole says no, she married Lucas because he had money. Eric still doesn't understand, and he asks Nicole to tell him what it is she was afraid of him knowing? Nicole says she might as well tell him because they aren't together anymore, so it doesn't matter. Eric it does matter, and she matters to him. However, he says if it will cause her too much pain, she doesn't have to tell him. Nicole says she thinks she wants to tell him. Eric asks if she ever visited her dad in jail? Nicole says she did once. Eric asks how old was she when he got out? She says she was fifteen. Eric asks Nicole what she meant when she said her dad needed her help when he got out of prison? Nicole says her dad had big dreams to make big money, but he needed her help. Nicole says that her dad's dreams were like a drug to her, she would listen but the dreams would slowly fade away. Eric asks whatever happened between her and her dad? Nicole cries that he shouldn't have made her do it! Eric asks "Do what?" Nicole tells Eric that her father used her. She tells him that men runs things in this world, and women are what they want. Nicole says that her dad made her promises he never kept, and kept making her "do it" over and over. Nicole tells Eric that she feels dirty and nothing can ever make her clean, or forget what she did. Eric tells her that it is not her fault, and whatever her dad made her do, she was just a kid. Nicole says she still knew it was wrong. Eric says he doesn't care what she did, it can't be that bad that she can't forgive herself for. Nicole says it feels good that he sees some good in her. Eric tells her that every little bit of good in her she tries to turn bad.

Roman and Sami finally show up at the strip club, and Sami says the place is gross! The waitress offers Roman a beer and a milkshake for his girlfriend. Sami says she is not his girlfriend, she is his daughter. The waitress says "Yeah, right!" After she leaves, Roman asks Sami to let him ask the questions tonight. The waitress brings them their drinks, and Roman asks where Roberto has been lately? The waitress says he's six feet under, but doesn't know what happened to him. Suddenly a very large man shows up and asks the "cop" why he's asking about Roberto? Roman and the man start arguing, and when Roman threatens to close him down for code violations, the man finally agrees to answer some questions. Roman asks the man if Roberto was here on September 4th, 1998? The man says his brain is not a computer, that was almost two years ago. Roman says if he is legit then he has receipts, but the man says he doesn't have to show him anything! When Roman threatens him once again, the man says he'll go get his files. Unfortunately, the guy has a change of heart and refuses to help. Roman confronts him and threatens to call his boss, so he grabs a phone. The guy says he'll get the files, and gives them to Roman.


May 16
At the strip club, Eric continues to tell Nicole that she can trust him. Nicole tells Eric that her father made her . . . . Meanwhile, Sami is spying on Eric and Nicole and wishes she could hear what they are saying. Nicole tells Eric that she can't tell him right now, she needs to get herself together first. Sami signals to Eric to come meet her, and Nicole decides to go to the ladies room quickly. After she leaves, Eric goes to meet Sami. Sami asks what he is doing here? Eric says he brought her here to talk, but really he wanted to find out about Roberto.

In the back room, Roman finds a receipt that indicates Roberto was here the night Franco was murdered, and he wants to take it with him. However, the club manager refuses to let him take it. Roman threatens to close this place down, takes the receipt, and then starts demanding the name of who Roberto was with that night. The guy says he doesn't think he can remember, he knows who it was, so Roman grabs him and orders him to tell him right now! Roman starts smacking the guy around, but he won't talk, so Roman leaves.

Later, Sami distracts Roman from seeing Nicole and Eric together by grabbing her dad and dragging him outside. Sami thinks the strip club is pretty gross, and can't imagine people wanting to go there for fun. Roman says he has to go hit the men's room, so she can wait in the car for him. Sami jumps in front of her dad and says he can't do that! Roman says "I can't go to the bathroom?" Sami says she just doesn't want him to go back in there. Roman goes back inside anyways and sees Eric wiping a tear from Nicole's face. Roman is furious and confronts them. Roman tells Eric that he thought when he didn't marry her he had managed to stay out of the gutter. Nicole tells Eric that her dad has just explained so much better than she ever could why she couldn't marry him. Nicole runs out, and Eric blasts his dad. He tells his dad what he just did sucked! Roman can't believe Eric is cheating on Greta with trash! Eric says he's not cheating on Greta, but Roman tells him not to lie to him, he is obviously here hiding from everyone else. Eric says they are hiding, but his mind is not where his father's obviously is! Eric says he doesn't live at home anymore and doesn't have to explain anything to him. He says that Nicole had a very rough childhood, but Roman tells him to cut the crap, Nicole never loved him! Roman calls Nicole a prostitute, which causes Eric to grab his father and yell at him not to call her that! Roman asks Eric if he's going to hit him? Eric backs off, and Roman leaves. Eric sits down and wonders what is happening to him.

Sami runs after Nicole to make sure she doesn't back out on their plan. She tells her that if she backs out, she can kiss Eric goodbye! Nicole says that she doesn't respond well to threats! Roman returns, and warns her to stay a mile away from his son. He tells Sami that they are leaving, and they do. Nicole considers going back to tell Eric the truth, but decides not to. However, she vows to get him back.

At the DiMera mansion, Rolfe tells Stefano that Marlo is experiencing cramping, and he fears she may be going into labor. Stefano says this can't happen because he assured her that Marlo and Hope will have the same due date! Rolfe says babies do come early, but Stefano wants the baby born at his convenience! Marlo shows up and tells Stefano that he's not the one pushing this kid out, and he should worry about her convenience and comfort. Stefano tells her that cold cash is her comfort, so she should keep her legs crossed because this baby won't see the light of day until he says so! Marlo tells them to calm down, she just had some gas cramps, and suggests they not go into the bathroom for awhile. However, Marlo says when things do start happening down there, mother nature can't be stopped. Stefano informs MArlo that if she wants to see the money then she will do things his way! Marlo calls Stefano a millionaire psycho, and when she does, he grabs her by the wrist and tells her to shut up! Stefano tells her to go back to her room, but Marlo says she doesn't like her accommodations. She backs up, and says she will go, but she wants the servants here to treat her with a little respect! After she leaves, Stefano asks Rolfe to go infiltrate the hospital nursery and find out about the security there. He also wants Rolfe to make sure Hope and Marlo give birth to their babies on the same date.

Lexie returns home and finds Abe cleaning up. She apologizes for what she said earlier, and asks if he's going to say anything? Abe tells her that she walked out on him, what does she want him to say? Lexie says "nothing," and then kisses him. Lexie tells Abe that she loves him and always will, he is her best friend and she needs him in her life. Abe says he's not going anywhere. Lexie apologizes for walking out on him. Abe tells Lexie that he can't be guilted into adopting this baby, and he thinks they both need to see the other person's point of view. Lexie is glad he suggested that, so she asks him to sit down and wait for a second. Lexie runs out of the room and returns with a surprise. She then makes Abe chase her outside, and they go to a mysterious house.

At Bo and Hope's, Hope is busy lighting candles, and when Bo comes downstairs, she pulls him onto the couch and begins to kiss him. They cuddle on the couch and talk, and later Lexie and Abe show up with some sparkling cider. Lexie tells Bo and Hope that their house is beautiful. Hope gives them the tour, and shows them the kitchen and the backyard. Abe and Lexie start playing football in the backyard, tackling one another, and accidentally fall into the pool! After they get out, Hope gives them some old sweats to change into, and the break out the cider and make toasts. Lexie then opens her big mouth about Marlo, and how they have to make a decision about her soon. Suddenly, Stefano calls Lexie. Lexie leaves to take the call in private, and Bo and Hope talk to Abe about the adoption. Abe tells Hope and Bo that the baby's mother is a distant relative of Stefano's. They try to convince him that a child is a child, and this one needs a home. Meanwhile, Stefano tells Lexie that he has ordered a baby gift for Bo and Hope, and it has to arrive when the baby is born, so he wonders if she knows when Hope's baby is due, or can find out for him? Lexie is touched that her father is going to all this trouble. Lexie says she'll see what she can find out for him. Lexie returns and finds everyone talking about the baby, and she becomes upset because Abe is still reluctant to adopt.


May 17
Eric goes to see Greta, who is wearing a very tiny robe. Greta is surprised to see him. Eric takes off her robe, tells her they belong together, and begins kissing her. Greta thought he had to work late, and asks if something happened? Eric says he just wants to be with her, and he wants her so bad. Eric and Greta end up falling down on the couch and making out some more. Eric starts to slip her nightgown off, but Greta stops him and says she can't be with him until . . . Eric apologizes for pressuring her. She says it is okay, and wonder why he came over so late? Eric says he just had a hard day at work. Greta learns Eric hasn't eaten, so she decides to fix him something. Eric then starts remembering making love to Nicole. After dinner, Eric decides to go because it is getting pretty late. Eric and Greta kiss again, and then Eric leaves.

Nicole sneaks into her room, but is busted by Lucas. Lucas demands to know what she has been up to? Nicole says she was working late, but Lucas says she left the office 2 hours ago. Nicole asks Lucas who he thinks he is, the marriage police? When Lucas says he has a right to know, Nicole informs him that he has no rights. Nicole says that he'll never trust her, and if that is the case, maybe they should end their marriage. Lucas says she is the one at fault here, so Nicole says she had a flat tire. Lucas doesn't believe her and decides to go look in her trunk to see if there is a flat tire in it. Lucas returns and there was a flat tire in Nicole's trunk, which she planted there. Lucas apologizes to Nicole and asks to make this up to her. Nicole tells Lucas that she is tired of wasting her time with him. She begins to pack her stuff up, and tells Lucas that she is out of here! Lucas begs her not to do this, and claims he just cares about her so much that he imagined all sorts of reasons she didn't come home. Nicole tells Lucas that she is bored, this marriage is a dud, and he doesn't look like he's having a good time. Lucas says he loves her and begs her for another chance. Nicole says okay, and suggests they go up to Green Mountain lodge. Lucas likes that a lot and says they will leave first thing in the morning. However, Nicole refuses to kiss and make up with Lucas, or sleep with him, tonight. Nicole then throws Lucas out of their room.

At the DiMera mansion, Rolfe catches Marlo out of bed. Marlo says the kid inside her is keeping her awake, and she wants to have some fun. Rolfe says she has to follow Stefano's orders if she wants the money, and orders Marlo up to her room. Marlo goes back upstairs, and Rolfe goes to see Stefano. Stefano asks Rolfe to go spy on Hope and Bo and find out when Hope's baby is due. He also asks Rolfe to find out if Abe still disapproves of this adoption. Rolfe doubts Abe will want to adopt a child related to him. Stefano says that is why they may have to change their plan. Rolfe thinks Stefano wants him to kill Abe, but Stefano doesn't want Abe dead. Stefano tells Rolfe to just go spy on them, and stifle any imaginative ideas he might get. After Rolfe leaves, Stefano hopes Abe doesn't get in his way, or he might have to eliminate him. Later, Marlo catches Stefano talking to himself about his plan, and wonders what it is. Stefano tells her to go back to her room, but Marlo wants to have some fun. She sees the chess board, and challenges Stefano to a game. Stefano thinks she is an amateur, until Marlo "checks" him. Stefano laughs and tells her that she is smart. However, in the end, Stefano beats Marlo. Stefano has to leave to look over tomorrow's menu, and after he leaves, Marlo heads for the booze. However, Stefano catches her and once again scolds her and sends her to her room.

Julia and Doug are dragging a bag, which looks like it contains a body, through the woods towards their car. Julie doesn't like this and feels like they are criminals, and if they are caught they will go to jail! Doug says if they are going to get away with this they have to break a few more laws. Unfortunately, they are caught loading the bag into their trunk by a park ranger. The ranger says they are trespassing on park land, and asks to see some ID. They show him their IDs, and then he asks to what they are doing here and that he saw them put something in their trunk. Doug and Julie claim this is the spot they first, well, you know, so they came to reminisce. The ranger asks what this has to do with what is in their trunk? Doug says this is going to sound silly, it is just a blanket, they came up here to recreate the first time they made love. The ranger lets them off with a warning, but tells them not to do this again ever! Doug and Julie get in their car and take off to find the perfect final resting place for their friend.

At Bo's house, Hope tells Abe that Stefano did save her and her baby's life. Lexie asks Abe to accept that Stefano does have a loving side, and she asks him why they can't adopt this baby? Can't he permit her father to allow their dreams to come true? Abe says if he thought this would make their dreams come true then things would be different, but this is Stefano DiMera they are talking about. Lexie says Stefano is her father, so does he have a problem being married to her? Abe says no. Lexie says if Hope can forgive Stefano, why can't he? Lexie asks Hope to tell Abe how caring her father can be. Hope tells Abe that she does understand his point of view, but Stefano was very caring towards her when they were hostage, and he wouldn't let her give up hope, he reminded her why she was named Hope. Abe doesn't understand the story, why was Stefano so concerned about her and her baby? Rolfe shows up and begins spying on everyone at this point. Lexie says the answer to Abe's question is that Stefano has a good heart, but Abe disagrees, and says he still has reservations about adopting this child. Rolfe says that Stefano is wrong and Abe must be eliminated. Lexie says if Hope can forgive Stefano, why can't he? Bo asks Hope if she has forgiven Stefano? Hope says it isn't about forgiving him so much, but she does realize that he has a caring side. Suddenly, Hope spots Rolfe spying on them. Abe thinks they should check things out, but Bo wonders if she really saw something? Hope thinks she must have let her imagination run away. However, they end up something clanging around, but it isn't Rolfe. Bo and Abe go outside to check things out. They end up finding a big hole in the ground, and wonder what is going on. Rolfe pulls out his gun when they hear another suspicious sound. It turns out to be Doug and Julie attempting to plant a tree, but Abe and Bo both sneak up on them and grab them.


May 18
Summary by E.S. (Dustin was out of town and hasn't seen the show)
After leaving the strip club, Roman and Sami go to Eric and Sami's apartment looking for Eric. Roman is still upset about Eric being with Nicole in the strip club and is arguing with Sami about whether or not Eric was in the wrong by being there with Nicole. Roman says that he only got angry with Eric and Nicole because he cares about his children, but Sami feels that he shouldn't be so angry. They talk about what their plans are going to be in their investigation into Franco's murder. The conversation turns to the credit card receipt Roman took from the strip club. Roman is convinced that they have come upon something worthwhile with the credit card receipt and they are even more convinced now that they are getting closer to finding Franco's real killer. They talk about a timeline that can be reconstructed with the help of the receipt. The receipt shows it was given at midnight, well beyond the time Franco was killed. Sami notices the high amount of the bill and says that he must have been there a long time to accumulate such a high dollar amount. Roman says, "It is still speculation." Sami reiterates the fact that they need to find the woman he was with. Since the strip club manager did not give them her name, Roman will have to track her down some other way. Sami says the identity of the woman is the key. Disappointed, Sami agrees with Roman that they will just have to keep looking for her. Roman says that he will run it across Abe in the morning to see if there is something they could have missed. Sami suddenly appears sad, and when Roman asks her what is wrong, the conversation turns to the case Larry is bringing against Abe. Sami can't understand how Abe could have shot Larry. Roman tells her it was a terrible accident because Abe was inexperienced at the time, and that Abe has suffered with this for 15 years. Sami hopes things work out for both Abe and Larry. Roman leaves to go to the strip club again, determined that he is going by himself, and promises Sami he will call her in the morning. Sami leaves right behind Roman, saying, "I know exactly what I have to do."

At Brandon's apartment, Brandon continues to try to convince Larry to go forward with the plan to bring Abe down. Brandon tells Larry that he could have anything he wants if he "does the right thing." Brandon reminds Larry of what Abe did to him. Larry is apprehensive about going to court. He fears it will take years to come to a conclusion. Brandon reaffirms how Abe took away his ability to walk, his future, and his happiness. Brandon tells Larry that the courts will get right on this case and that Abe must pay. Sami shows up and Brandon's apartment to find Brandon and Larry there. Sami tells Larry that it must be fate that he is there and she tells him that she knows about what happened with Abe. She tells Larry how good Abe is and "they don't come any better than him." Brandon doesn't like what she is telling them. Sami tells Brandon that Abe feels terrible about what happened. Brandon interjects and reminds Larry that it is time for him to catch the last bus home. Larry leaves, and Brandon tells Sami that they have to talk about Larry and Abe. Sami says she is here for his help and asks Brandon for help to come up with solid evidence she needs. She asks Brandon for his help and Brandon says he will help her. He has a plan and will tell her tomorrow at the hospital.

Rolf returns to Stefano's mansion from spying at Bo and Hope's new house. He has seen something "terrible" there. Someone was doing something they weren't supposed to be doing. Stefano tells Rolf to calm down and tell him what they were doing. Rolf tells him that he saw a couple digging a hole and he never saw them finish. Bo and Abe came out to see what was going on and Rolf escaped to prevent anyone from seeing him. Stefano questions what the "terrible" thing was. Rolf tells him that as he was leaving, he passed the intruders' car. The trunk was open and he thought he saw a body inside. Stefano calls it "bizarre" and assumes that they will be caught. The conversation turns to Marlo and Stefano comments on how important Marlo is right now. Stefano tells Rolf about the chess game he had with Marlo earlier. Stefano is amazed at how well Marlo did at chess, but was concerned when he caught her trying to drink. They assume she is upstairs sleeping. Rolf tells Stefano that he overheard Hope saying that she sees Stefano in an entirely different light. Stefano is happy with the news. Rolf goes on to tell him about some bad news-Abe is still against the adoption. Stefano is still determined to have his way and will do whatever it takes to make the adoption happen. He is willing to bring Abe down if necessary.

Marlo has left the mansion and has shown up at the strip club, declaring that it is her "kind of place." She walks up to the bar and orders a drink. Marlo criticizes the dancers and starts to perform a dance for some customers. One customers says she has put on some weight since her "glory days." Just then, Marlo sees Roman enter the strip club again and approaches him. She says she doesn't want to be alone and asks Roman to have a nightcap with her. Roman declines, saying he has business and tells her to go home and rest since she appears to have had enough to drink. Marlo continues to drink and does another dance on the stage of the strip club. Roman sees her and is disgusted.

At Bo and Hope's new house, Bo, Hope, Abe, Lexie, and park rangers have discovered people in their backyard doing something they shouldn't be doing. It turns out that it is Doug and Julie digging in the yard. Hope runs out and asks what they are doing. Julie says, "It is not what you are thinking." Everyone is curious. Doug explains that the answer is in the trunk. Hope looks at the contents of the trunk and asks, "Daddy what is going on? It can't be^^." Abe takes a closer look and sees that there is a tree in the trunk of the car. Doug and Julie say that it is "Not just any tree." It is The Brady Tree of Life," so named in honor of Hope's baby. They wanted to plant it in their new backyard as a sign of love so that it can grow up tall and beautiful just like their baby will. Julie says that, with the care and devotion Bo and Hope will give the tree, "it will grow strong and deeply rooted, able to withstand all storms, giving beauty, shade, comfort and love, just like life does at its best." Bo and Hope thank them with hugs. Abe and Lexie watch, and Lexie tells Abe that she wants a tree just like it. Lexie asks Abe again to adopt Marlo's baby. Doug plants the tree while the rest go back to talk about the Carver's potential adoption. Lexie tells Julie that if all goes well, Hope won't be the only one carrying a baby. Lexie excuses herself. Hope is positive that Abe will change his mind about adoption. Abe and Bo discuss Abe's feelings and Abe is still hesitant. Abe says he still has issues and brings up the incident with Larry. Abe tells Bo the story of Larry's shooting. Abe tells Bo that Larry is working at the hospital and Bo says that it is one heck of a coincidence. Abe agrees, but says he has to make things right by apologizing and putting things to rest once and for all. Bo confides in Abe that unexpected babies aren't always exciting, but he has come to think that bringing a child into the world is important, and tells Abe that just because Stefano is involved with the potential adoption he shouldn't pass it up. Lexie comes in and the Carvers decide to leave. In private, Abe tells Lexie that he has come to a decision. He will not make promises, but will meet with Marlo. Lexie is very happy with Abe's decision. Meanwhile, the tree is planted, and Doug and Julie leave. Bo and Hope dream of a positive future with their new baby.


May 19
NBC's Summary (Dustin hasn't seen the show due to his trip)
Nicole calls Eric and apologizes for burdening him with her problems from the past. Eric says he's glad she opened up to him. in fact, he's the one who's sorry. His dad was pretty harsh with her last night at the strip club. Eric doesn't care what his dad thinks of Nicole, he wants her in his life. Moments later, Greta drops by unannounced. After hearing Eric's side of the conversation, she asks if he was on the phone with Nicole. Eric admits he was, but before Greta jumps to any conclusions, he tells her it was a business call. Nicole just gave him a few days off and Eric would like to take Greta away on a mini vacation... to green mountain lodge... Lucas and Kate start the day at odds regarding Nicole. Lucas blames himself for their failing marriage, but is determined to make things right when he takes her up to the lodg. Later, Kate gets a call from Maggie, who is concerned that Lucas might slip off the wagon. Kate insists everything is fine, but just to be safe, she calls the lodge and has them remove all alcohol from Lucas and Nicole's suite... Sami asks Brandon what his big plan is. She'll do anything she can to get her son back. Brandon throws out his idea... he wants Sami to pose as a hooker, and he'll be her pimp. Going to that strip club incognito is the only way to get the needed info. Later, Brandon panics when Sami and Lexie tell him that Abe is going have a talk with Larry... Lexie convinces Abe to go to the DiMera mansion to meet with Marlo. While he's doing this, Lexie heads to the hospital and asks Larry if he'll see Abe. Larry is reluctant, but eventually gives in. He'll talk to Abe... but only if it's on his turf. Meanwhile, Abe arrives at Stefano's and finds a drunken Marlo on the front steps. She throws up right in front of Abe. Stefano moves up and insists it's morning sickness, but Abe doesn't buy it. Later, Stefano tells Abe that if he really loved Lexie, he'd make this sacrifice for her and adopt the baby...
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